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CASE CLOSED: Oregon Veterinarian Susan Matlock Goes Free

Portland, 29.10.2005 18:38

CASE CLOSED: Oregon Veterinarian Goes Free
Published 09-24-04 (Banks, Oregon)

A Washington County, Ore., veterinarian who had been charged with six counts of animal neglect following forfeiture of six of her horses who were so severely malnourished that it was nearly impossible to guess their ages, will not stand trial afterall.

Military Recruiters Unwelcome in Santa Cruz

Portland, 29.10.2005 18:38

On October 18, military recruiters returned to UC Santa Cruz for the first time since they were rallied off campus by Students Against War on April 5, 2005. Students Against War organized a protest and hundreds of people rallied and marched to the College 9/10 Dining Hall. The Military and UC held the career fair on the second story of the building and had numerous police officers and administrators guarding the stairs and entrance to the career fair. At least one uniformed police officer was video tapping demonstrators.

Video From Anti War Vigil

Portland, 29.10.2005 18:38

A 12 minute video of Wedneday evenings anti war Vigil, honoring and remembering those who have lost their lives due to United States imperialism.

Video features Michelle DeFord, who lost her son in the Occupation, and a selection of people reading off names of those killed, American service personnel and Iraqis, mostly children. Music taken from the song, "Operation Iraqi Liberation," by David Rovics, whom I taped earlier in the week here in Portland.

DSL/CABLE Stream Not One More Death | 56 K Stream
Not One More Death

Murals! Audio Interview with Nelson Santana and others

Portland, 29.10.2005 18:38

Murals, corporate control, politics, and freedom. We talk about it all, from Venezuela to Portland and back. [a href="">Audio Link]

Here is the link to listen to Tuesday night's audio interview with Nelson Santana, mural artist activist from Venezuela and Alex Taylor from Metro Murals, a Portland based grassroots mural advocacy group. Nelson is visiting us from Venezuela until Nov 3rd, giving talks, skill sharing in our public schools and working on murals at Reed College and the PCASC office. Here is a complete list of his activities during his stay in Portland.

Alex from Metro Murals talk about Clear Channel and the lawsuit they have filed against the City of Portland. We also talk about the mural situation in Portland. Here is the website which also has photos and locations of murals all around Portland.

If you are interested in art, politics, Venezuela and Portland...if you want to hear us trashtalk clear channel and corporate control, this is the show for you!

Critical Masquarade: Hundreds Ride for Halloween Critical Mass

Philadelphia, 29.10.2005 16:37

Hundreds of riders turned out for the Halloween edition of Critical Mass, celebrating the right to ride in the city. Click 'read more' for photos from the event. Critical Mass rides every last Friday of the month starting at City Hall in Philly.

Silencing the Violence of War

Urbana-Champaign, 29.10.2005 16:07

Mainstream media have blood on their hands. That is one lesson we can draw from official apologies for pre-Iraq War coverage, beginning with the New York Times’s public confession in May 2004. Typically, these “media culpas” confessed being overly credulous in accepting the Bush administration’s rationale for war. They attributed mistakes to good-intentioned professionalism and innocent oversight, but not systemic or individual failures. (To their increasing embarrassment, the Times’s apology conveniently failed to note Judith Miller’s byline on four of the six articles singled out as seriously flawed). Perhaps media elites assumed that tepid apologies and strategic ambiguity would inoculate them against further scrutiny. As passive consumers of news, we’d accept that there’s nothing to see here; better to move along, keep quiet and go shopping. Media have apologized and we can rest assured that now they’re getting it right. Of course, this doesn’t stand up to a nanosecond of scrutiny. There is now little doubt that media helped sell an illegal war –– for which they have yet to come clean –– but ongoing coverage continues to normalize and even glorify barbaric aspects of war by daily serving up an antiseptic version of events in Iraq.

CASE CLOSED: Oregon Veterinarian Susan Matlock Goes Free

Portland, 29.10.2005 16:07

CASE CLOSED: Oregon Veterinarian Goes Free
Published 09-24-04 (Banks, Oregon)

A Washington County, Ore., veterinarian who had been charged with six counts of animal neglect following forfeiture of six of her horses who were so severely malnourished that it was nearly impossible to guess their ages, will not stand trial afterall.

Military Recruiters Unwelcome in Santa Cruz

Portland, 29.10.2005 16:07

On October 18, military recruiters returned to UC Santa Cruz for the first time since they were rallied off campus by Students Against War on April 5, 2005. Students Against War organized a protest and hundreds of people rallied and marched to the College 9/10 Dining Hall. The Military and UC held the career fair on the second story of the building and had numerous police officers and administrators guarding the stairs and entrance to the career fair. At least one uniformed police officer was video tapping demonstrators.
SANTA CRUZ,CA (IMC 10-18-05)Students wanting to enter and document the career fair were greeted by the bodies of three police officers who blocked the path of student journalists and other members of the press.


Portland, 29.10.2005 16:07

This article will start off assuming that the Reader (you) is already subject to MARTIAL LAW; that is, the "suspension" of the Constitution. Curfews, rationing of basic goods, enforced relocations, confiscation of firearms and supplies, and summary arrest/execution by soldiers, paramilitary police and other jack booted chumps in black wielding assault rifles. Basic survival tips will be followed by more detailed ideals on how to counter this coup against the American People.

The remainder will apply IF you're reading this before MARTIAL LAW is imposed by the current corrupt government. IF you are reading this while you still nominally under Constitutional Law, it's urgent you read from the beginning to end so as to appreciate the opportunities you currently have to not only protect yourself and yours, but to attempt to stop a coup.

Venezuelan ambassador speaking in Portland Saturday October 29th!

Portland, 29.10.2005 15:07

Bernardo Alvarez, Venezuela's ambassador to the United States, will be speaking at Portland State University this Saturday, October 29, on alternatives to "free trade" in Latin America, the political changes that have taken place under Hugo Chavez, and Venezuela's relations with the United States.

Since Hugo Chavez took power in 1998, his government has faced consistent hostility from the United States, which culminated in a US-sponsored coup attempt in 2002. Chavez, who identifies as a socialist, has been the most outspoken critic of "free trade" of any leader in the Western Hemisphere, except perhaps Fidel Castro. This, and Venezuela's oil wealth, make him a serious threat to US dominance in the Americas.

Week 28/10/2005

Antwerpen, 29.10.2005 07:37

Krant is op pensioen

Local Peace Activist Challenges Bush

Richmond, 29.10.2005 03:07

Local peace activist, Tom Palumbo, was present at the speaking event today at Norfolk's Chrysler Hall when President Bush arrived to a packed house of "dyed in the wool Republicans" eager to hear an outdated "war on terrorism" missive. Although a minority of one, Tom courageously spoke for an increasingly shifting wave of local consciousness; people who are FED UP with the deceit, racist posturing and murderous activities of the current imperialist regime. Tom vocally exercised his free speech rights which included a tee shirt with a powerful message, prior to being forcefully removed from Chrysler Hall by security personnel.

Howard Students Protest Bush Administration

DC, 29.10.2005 01:08

Richmond Food Not Bombs Radical Art Show to raise money for a new FNB van!

Richmond, 29.10.2005 01:08

This Sunday, October 30th from 7-10pm at ADA gallery (228 W. Broad Street) Richmond Food Not Bombs Radical Art Show to raise money for a new FNB van!

Indymedia giant DeeDee Halleck visits C'ville Sunday, Oct. 30

Richmond, 29.10.2005 01:08

Free Indymedia Forum as part of Virginia Film Fest THE STRUGGLE FOR MEDIA JUSTICE: DO IT YOURSELF MEDIA INFRASTRUCTURES-- FROM DEMOCRACY NOW! TO FLICKER 7:00 pm @ Light House Studios, Charlottesville VA (123 East Water St., free)

RVA IMC needs new editors, radio and tech help

Richmond, 29.10.2005 01:08

RVA IMC needs new volunteer editors, radio-hosts, and site programmers (techies). Please email us at if you are interested.

Norfolk protest greets Bush's visit

Richmond, 29.10.2005 01:08

President Bush's speaking engagement in downtown Norfolk greeted by spirited protest.

Massive Critical Mass Defies SOCPA Exclusion Zone

United Kingdom, 29.10.2005 00:07

"'s a friday night, it's like a fucking party, it's like an RTS on bikes!" (cyclist from Birmingham)

Friday, Oct 28. Almost 1000 cyclists soon growing to a mass of an estimated minimum of 1500 are cycling on a Critical Mass through London. The initial meeting point was inside the restricted SOCA zone in front of the national film theatre, the crowd soon grew to more than 1000 bikes.

This is the first London Critical Mass ride after participants were informed about possible arrests at future Critical Mass rides. The Metropolitan Police demanded that the 'organisers' give notice of the route at least six days in advance [report].

Solidarity rides are taking place simultaneously in Bristol and Brighton We are collecting updates from the London streets in a timeline.

peoples and cultures vs power and states (en)

Barcelona, 28.10.2005 19:07

(anti)terrorist law: Xirinacs imprisoned

They've jailed Xirinacs!
He's been moved from Model to Can Brians ::: rotary shifts of hunger strike until the release

[19h]gatherings on town halls of towns and cities + Balcony protest

Audiència Nacional forces Xirinacs entry to prison ::: Forced entry without paying attention to humanitarian reasons ::: Xirinacs' statement on last Summer University ::: Lluís Ma.Xirinacs friends ::: Catalonia government delegate says... ::: resignation to Rangel, liberty to Xirinacs!

solidarity:Solidarity calls everywhere + Xirinacs' liberty manifest after his imprisonment ::: Solidarity communiqueés to Xirinacs + Members of Col·legi d'Advocats (Bar Association) and the associació pro-drets humans(Human Rights Association) ask for Xirinacs release + First shift: Gràcia + Xirinacs' liberty poster

+info : >>>cultures + >>>criminalization ++ alerta solidària


Colombia, 28.10.2005 16:37

Este gobierno impulsa sembrar palma aceitera sobre los cuerpos de las comunidades


Colombia, 28.10.2005 16:37


UPR: ¿Inacción ante la tragedia de l@s estudiantes?

Puerto Rico, 28.10.2005 16:08

UPR: ¿Inacción ante la tragedia de l@s estudiantes?

IUE-CWA Local 201 members ratify agreement with GE

Boston, 28.10.2005 16:07

Lynn, MA – Union members ratified a new agreement that will upgrade nearly 300 jobs and help bring new work to Lynn’s River Works. It also creates new opportunities for workers in GE’s Assembly and Test departments to upgrade their skills and improve their pay. The agreement was approved by a 79 percent majority vote at meetings held on October 25 and 26.

Jerusalem Women Speak in Philly

Philadelphia, 28.10.2005 13:37

Three women of three different religious backgrounds came to Temple University to deplore the occupation of Palestine and speak about its effect on their daily lives.

Rally to Stop the Minutemen in Sacramento

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.10.2005 13:37

The Bay Area Coalition to Fight the Minutemen has called for an action to oppose the Minutemen Project's rally to gather public support for their attempts to harass poor, undocumented border-crossers and to announce their support of a new initiative that would establish a state border police in addition to the existing federal border patrol.

There will be a rally on the West Capitol steps in Sacramento on Saturday October 29th from 10am to 12:30pm. It will feature the founder of the Minutemen Project, Jim Gilchrist, and the legislative sponsors of the California Border Police Initiative, amongst others. Governor Schwarzenegger has also been invited to speak. The action against the Minutemen will gather at 15th & N Streets in Sacramento from 10:00am to 2:00pm. This protest will say, No to Fascism & Racism! Human Rights for All! No Human Being Is Illegal! The demonstration is being sponsored by the Bay Area Coalition to Fight the Minutemen, the “Deport the Migra” Coalition, the Zapatista Solidarity Coalition, the Mexican American Political Association, the Brown Syndicate, and other groups statewide. Read more

Volante en Español | Flyer in English

Read more on Indybay's Immigrant Rights News Page and Indybay's Central Valley News Page

Entre la euforia y el escepticismo

Argentina, 28.10.2005 11:07

Entre la euforia y el escepticismo

Announcing Indymedia On Campus

San Diego, 28.10.2005 09:07

San Diego Indymedia is starting a new project called Indymedia On Campus to provide more coverage of Campus issues and activism and also to encourage more university participation in Indymedia. San Diego Indymedia is a grassroots organization committed to using media production and distribution as a tool for promoting social and economic justice in San Diego County.

There are lots of hot stories going on at UCSD, SDSU, USD and City College. At SDSU campus activists are protesting military recruiters and fighting oppression by campus cops. Students in all parts of the county face higher fees and the loss of quality programs. At UCSD SPECFLIC happens tomorrow and SRTV is in danger of being shut down. We'll be doing coverage of SPECFLIC and radioActive sanDiego will be broadcasting it live.

The Battle for Algiers

Rogue Valley, 28.10.2005 06:40

Slideshow Presentation and Eyewitness Report of the Post-Hurricane Disaster Relief Effort
Saturday, November 5th at 6:30 pm
Ashland Public Library Gresham Room

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Little Applegate resident and local educator Peter O'Connell traveled to the region to work with the Common Ground Collective in the neighborhood of Algiers on the West Bank of New Orleans to provide assistance to the affected communities.

Arroyo Regime Watch

Manila, 28.10.2005 04:12

Hacienda Luisita Union Leader Shot Dead, Dissidents Condemn Killings


Sydney, 28.10.2005 03:38

Blowin' in the Wind

Halloween Critical Mass is gonna rock ... only if you show up!

Portland, 28.10.2005 03:38

So what is in store for this ride you may ask ... along with educating Portland motorist that these things called bicycles legally share the road with them ... we plan to ride to a party where there will be costume making material for those who forgot ... plus the Phermons ( female biker Ramones cover band ) will play a set. After about an hour we will ride for across town in the traditional critical mass fashion as a costume party on wheels to ... are you kids ready for this ...

The end destination is a larger party that will be protected from the rain, DJ Jasun and Sean will be playing kick ass 80's dance music for you to get your groove on, another local favorite band called 'The Bugs of Lightening' will play a set, a huge Halloween scary garden is set up for you to get lost in, cauldrons of food (though if you wanna bring something that is way cool), fun ... you know the things that make Portland the great city we create! [ read more

Bike Event Friday Morning on the Hawthorne Bridge Hawthorne Bridge Event Encourages Drivers to Share the Road Friday, October 28th, 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Hawthorne Bridge, north sidewalk. Auto, pedestrian and bicycle commuters on the Hawthorne Bridge Friday morning will be greeted with handmade signs educating motorists on state traffic laws that require motorists to share the road with cyclists and encouraging them to give cycling a try. [ read more ]

Friday Super Hero Breakfast on the Bridges Want a Super way to start your Hallowe'ekend? Get your Super Hero on, and come on down to the Bridges! Friday morning (7'ish til 9'ish) on the Broadway and Hawthorne Bridges. Coffee and pastries to nourish you for feats of incredible bike strength. Wear a costume, get a hand-colored, one-of-a-kind Breakfast on the Bridges Super Hero Trading Card. 15 designs, each made unique by the work of anonymous artists. [ read more ]

queer radicals

Perth, 28.10.2005 03:08


2,000 Crosses

Worcester, 28.10.2005 02:38

2,000 U.S. Soldiers Killed ~ Worcester’s Anti-War Response

Anti-war vigils across LA area mark 2000th US Death

LA, 28.10.2005 02:37

Anti-war Vigils Across LA area Mark 2000th US Death

Neo-colonialism ratified at Pacific Islands Forum

Aotearoa, 28.10.2005 01:08

Today Pacific Island nations at the Pacific Island Forums have welcomed and endorsed the Pacific Plan, a blueprint for neo-colonialism in the south Pacific.

The Governments of Australia, the Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Vanuatu, and representatives of Palau and Tonga. New Caledonia, French Polynesia Timor-Leste and Tokelau endorsed the Pacific Plan which is mainly based around implementing a number of trade liberalisation agreements notably Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA), the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) and the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER).

Particularly concerning was the news that Pacific leaders have adopted a roadmap that paves the way for, “Expansion of market for trade in goods under the South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement (SPARTECA), the Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA), the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER), and through trade arrangements with non-Forum members.
• Integration of trade in services, including temporary movement of labour, into the Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA) and the Economic Partnerships Agreement (EPA).” A clear reference to WTO GATT and GATS agreements.

The recent round of talks this week has angered some NGOs concerned at the speed with which these trade agreements are taking place. Greenpeace Oceans Campaigner, Lagi Toribau said in a press release at the end of the conference that "Despite the rhetoric about security in the Plan, it currently fails to deliver true security for Pacific Island communities, such as health, food and real energy security”.

&quot;Miers Withdrawal Shows Extremist Control of White House&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.10.2005 01:07

Harriet Miers has withdrawn as a nominee to the US Supreme Court.

Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese made the following statement as Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination to the Supreme Court.
"This was an extremist veto of Miers' nomination. Her withdrawal today demonstrates that the President is beholden to extremist groups rather than to the American people. There is still time to listen to the American people while selecting a nominee. We urge the President to find a nominee who shares the values of the American people. We join Republicans and Democrats alike in calling on President Bush to nominate a justice who will keep the court balanced."
Read More

Speak Out For The Lompico Creek Headwaters Area - Nov. 2nd

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.10.2005 23:08

Public Hearing on the Lompico Headwaters Timber Harvest Plan

The Lompico Watershed Conservancy needs your help to stop a potentially devastating Timber Harvest Plan. The plan would involve cutting old growth trees on the lands in and around the watershed. This would not only cause disruption of the environment and habitat destruction, it would also signficantly destabilize the land, creating erosion and potential landslide risks.

The Public Hearing for this logging plan is tentatively scheduled for November 2nd, 7:00 PM at the Zayante Fire House on 7700 E. Zayante Rd. across from the Trout Farm Inn in the Zayante area of Felton.

Please attend this hearing. The hearing in 2001 was attended by over 200 area residents and was a remarkable event. Having a strong presence at this meeting can have a considerable effect on the outcome. We stopped the last Headwaters THP. Now we will have to do it again.

Resources: Earth First! Santa Cruz || Lompico Watershed Conservancy

Related Stories: Feb. 2005, Big Basin Logging || July 2004, History of EF! (includes info. on Redwood Empire Company) || Sept. 2002, Tree Sitters Threatened By Redwood Empire Co.

Not One More Death, Not One More Dollar Vigil

Portland, 27.10.2005 22:38

Late this afternoon and into the early evening voices were raised in Portland Oregon memorializing the 2000 U.S. soldiers and countless Iraqis who have died in Iraq during the invasion and occupation. After a few brief comments by Kelly Campbell of the American Friends Service Committee, people lined up and took turns reading off the names of the dead, the soldiers, the Iraqi civilians, the children.

The litany of outrage and sorrow continued for what seemed a lifetime, a prayer and a gong rang out for lives cut short and offered on the altar of greed and indifference. The greed and avarice of a powerful few and the apathy and indifference of the majority of Americans who are content to sit idly by while their government forcibly occupies a sovereign nation, daily murdering its people.

[ see photos and read more ]

Vancouver Vigil

Den Mark: We had about 130 at our Vancouver vigil. Lots of lights, some hard-to-hear words, a few songs, "Taps" on a live trumpet. A good event. It was interrupted a couple times by the screeching of jets over the Columbia from the Portland base. I wonder if they did that intentionally.

gk: The rain held off in the dark, cool air as about 115 people gathered in a large circle. After opening readings and description of a solemn ceremony, some people broke out with peace songs, and a half dozen people spoke through a microphone. Another asked for veterans, and then veteran families to step into the circle. Some clapped for them.

[ read more ]

2000th U.S. soldier killed vigil Photo essay from naming of dead and river front candle lit vigil that followed. Both U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians who had been killed in the current Iraq war were named. As the pictures show the vigil took place on both sides of the river. [ more ]

Cindy Sheehan: Is Iraq War Another Vietnam? On a sidewalk in front of the White House, on Oct. 26, 2005, anti-war activists, Cindy Sheehan, John Bruhns and Juan M. Torres, Sr., and others from groups, like "Veterans for Peace," gathered at a Vigil to protest the conflict. [ more ]

A Few More Photogs My intentions are to edit together a video and play it Friday evening on "A Growing Concern." Hopefully, I can make the time to do this project. But, check out the program on Friday, channel 11 at 7:00 for some coverage of this event. [ more ]

Cindy Sheehan: Is Iraq War another Vietnam?

DC, 27.10.2005 22:08

On a sidewalk in front of the White House, on Oct. 26, 2005, anti-war activists, Cindy Sheehan, John Bruhns and Juan M. Torres, Sr., and others from groups, like “Veterans for Peace,” gathered at a Vigil to protest the conflict. The toll of U.S. military dead had just reached the grim 2,000 mark. Sheehan predicted the war will be another Vietnam, unless the people can bring it to an end.

A PPB Patrol car over a bicycle

Portland, 27.10.2005 22:08

As I was riding home on my bicycle from PSU tonight I was riding down on 4th toward Burnside. It is a ride I do all the time and have the traffic lights really timed ... almost too good . For the PPB patrol car behind me noticed. It took him a few blocks to catch up to pull me over. As I pulled my bicycle to the side of the road knowing that I was in gray legally, which means a ticket was coming forthwith.

the rats are leaving the sinking ship, miers out

Portland, 27.10.2005 22:08

miers' nomination was doomed from the start, with no judicial experience and the only thing in her favor being bush's assurances that he knows and trusts his buddy well [which is an immediate liability to most]. but miers is probably the lucky one, to disassociate herself from the media spotlight quickly before the impending bush cabal implosion. as the approval polls show [and keep in mind that these polls are taken from "mainstream" americans and these numbers are FAR lower with the rest of us], there is a steady slide into the abyss of history for this administration. too bad the neocon foreign policy dillusions turned out to be colossal fuckups.

Halloween Action Planned for October 28th to Unmask Hateful Talk Radio

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.10.2005 22:07

On Friday, October 28th, a month after Bill Bennett aired a racist remark about aborting black babies, Bay Area protesters will conduct a Halloween-themed direct action to revoke the broadcast license of host station 910 am KNEW.

Bennett is not the only KNEW talk show host to make hateful comments- Michael Savage routinely calls immigrants “vermin” who are “raping, stealing, murdering and defecating on our lawns”. Protesters say this content is grounds for revoking KNEW’s broadcast license. “We’ve petitioned the FCC to revoke KNEW’s license because Clear Channel should not be given a license to hate,” says Taishi Duchicela, an organizer for the Youth Media Council.

The direct action against KNEW will take place on Friday from 4:30pm to 6:00pm at Clear Channel Headquarters, at 340 Townsend Street between 4th and 5th Streets in San Francisco. Protesters will be wearing Halloween masks, doing a street theater piece to expose the hateful content on 910AM KNEW, and taking direct action to deliver a legal petition to deny Clear Channel’s license to broadcast KNEW as well as 106.1 KMEL, WILD 94.9, and 92.3 KSJO in San Jose.

Read more on Indybay's Indymedia News Page

Launch of SPECFLIC 1.0

San Diego, 27.10.2005 19:08

SPECFLIC 1.0 * Speculative Distributed Cinema
Public Launch October 28th, 2005
Pre-show 8pm, main event 9pm-midnight
Calit2 Courtyard, UCSD Campus

Set in 2030, SPECFLIC's story is not just told, but experienced.
Based on cutting edge science and engineering research, SPECFLIC 1.0 reflects the social costs and benefits of accelerated progress.

What type of future do you envision? Come be part of the public launch of this ongoing performative media project!

Listen to an interview with Adriene Jenik on radioActive sanDiego:

Watch the event at
Listen live on

Weltsozialforum 2006

Germany, 27.10.2005 18:37

Im kommenden Januar wird zum sechsten Mal das Weltsozialforum stattfinden. Zum ersten Mal wird es allerdings nicht ein zentrales Forum geben, sondern drei "Teilforen" in verschiedenen Kontinenten. Vom 24. bis zum 29. Januar findet ein Treffen in Bamako (Mali/Afrika) statt, eines in Karachi (Pakistan/Asien) und das dritte in Caracas (Venezuela/Amerika). Die Vorbereitungen laufen auf Hochtouren, werden doch in den Städten jeweils zehntausende Aktivistinnen und Aktivisten aus den verschiedensten Teilen der sozialen Bewegungen erwartet. TeilnehmerInnen, Organisationen, HelferInnen und JournalistInnen werden aufgefordert, sich für Aktivitäten zu registrieren.

WSF 2006 | Sozialforum in Bamako | Sozialforum in Karachi | Sozialforum in Caracas | | Wikipedia | Registrierung

Οι παρελάσεις υπό αμφισβήτηση

Athens, 27.10.2005 18:37

Κορυφώνεται κι εν' όψει της "εθνικής επετείου" η έντονη αμφισβήτηση του θεσμού της παρέλασης, θέτοντας μάλιστα άμεσο αίτημα κατάργησης των μαθητικών παρελάσεων. Οι παρελάσεις, κατάλοιπο της μεταξικής δικτατορίας κι εφαρμογή ιδεών του Χίτλερ, εμπεδώνουν στρατιωτικές αγκυλώσεις σε μικρούς μαθητές, καλλιεργούν ανοχή σε πολιτικές ιεραρχίας, διακρίσεων και (σαφέστατου) εθνικισμού.

Οι πρώτες αντιδράσεις άρχισαν να φαίνονται με το μαζικό αίτημα εκπαιδευτικών για την κατάργηση των μαθητικών παρελάσεων, την άρνηση αριστούχου μαθήτριας να γίνει σημαιοφόρος σε παρέλαση και τη συγκέντρωση κατά τη διάρκεια της μαθητικής παρέλασης.


Colombia, 27.10.2005 18:08

Se vino la reelección

especulació (ca)

Barcelona, 27.10.2005 16:07

Barcelona Mafia's Point 25-30 oct

[29 oct] Manifestació contra el BCN Mafia's Point roda de premsa en mp3

Carta de mesures contra la violència immobiliària i urbanística

[26 oct] Roda de premsa davant del Barcelona Mafia's Point
Tallers contra la Violència Immobiliària i Urbanística: 1ª sessió + 2ª sessió + 3ª sessió + La 4ª sessió es farà el dissabte 5 de novembre de 2005 a les 17 h a l’Espai Obert C/Violant d’Hongria, 71 (Metro Plaça de Sants).
Articles... Farts de l'assetjament immobiliari ··· Tots contra el Barcelona Màfias Point ··· Convocatòria de L'Associació de Víctimes del Civisme ··· La nova llei basca del sòl preveu l'expropiació dels habitatges buits ··· Cas Verdi 28 >>> Cas de mobbing al Verdi 28 ··· La justícia dóna la raó als veïns ··· Agraïments dels veïns ··· Comunicat dels veïns Verdi 28 davant la sentència judicial
Accions passades: REpensar Barcelona - REcuperar la Ciutat ··· Cercavila "Desenmascarem l'especulació"

+info : >>>especulació i okupació ::: web del Barcelona mafia´s point

especulación (es)

Barcelona, 27.10.2005 16:07

Barcelona Mafia's Point 25-30 oct

[29 oct] Manifestación contra el BCN Mafia's Point

Carta de medidas contra la violencia immobiliaria y urbanística

[26 oct] Rueda de prensa ante el Barcelona Mafia's Point
Talleres contra la Violencia Immobiliaria y Urbanística: 1ª sesión + 2ª sesión + 3ª sssión + La 4ª sesión: se hará el sábado 5 de noviembre de 2005 a las 17 h en el Espai Obert C/Violant d’Hongria, 71 (Metro Plaça de Sants).
Artículos... Hartos de acoso inmobiliario ··· Todos contra el Barcelona Mafias Point ··· Convocatoria de L'Associació de Víctimes del Civisme ··· La nueva ley vasca del suelo prevee la expropiación de los pisos vacíos ··· Caso Verdi 28 >>> Caso de mobbing en el Verdi 28 ··· La justícia da la razón a los vecinos ··· Agradecimientos de los vecinos ··· Comunicado de los vecinos de Verdi 28 ante la sentencia judicial
Acciones pasadas: REpensar Barcelona - REcuperar la Ciudad ··· "Desenmascaremos la especulación"

+info : >>>especulación y okupación ::: web del Barcelona mafia´s point

Encuentros antifascistas en Kukutza

Euskal Herria, 27.10.2005 15:07

ecology (en)

Barcelona, 27.10.2005 15:07

For a new energy culture NO TO MAT(Very High Voltage link) !!

[Oct 15_5:00PM] Demonstrationin Barcelona Passeig de Gràcia / Aragó St. {pictures}

Bike block in the demonstration + October 15 > NO to MAT + Serrallonga against the MAT

++llobregat Manifest in defense of the river and the Llobregat's delta. (adhesions) + First anniversary feature of the Llobregat divert ++caufec Oct 15: dinner-show on can oliveres + NOW! Open can oliveres park + Oct 8: finish the repairs!! ++patraix Patraix's (Valencia) substation: protest against the collaborating neighbors association + juridical sentence + Patraix's festival ++climate change Five rules to survive the coming collapse + Houston on the days before Rita hurricane + Life after oil collapse + Theplanet has entered the most accelerated climate change in history ++car alternatives The freedom of the stroller +Say goodbye to the car and think about getting a good bike + Critical Mass pictures and next call October 7 + Budapest Critical Mass with up to 30,000 people ++another struggles More trains , «no» to PEIT + Zaragoza anti-bullfighting demonstration! + March on defense of the Serralada Litoral (coastal mountain range)


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