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Nationally Lauded Investigative Paper Returns to the Streets

Bristol, 04.11.2005 13:07

THE BRISTOLIAN RETURNS! THE BRISTOLIAN RETURNS! Dorothy Hazzard writes: 'The Bristolian' will be back on the streets - well Corn street anyway - on October 26th in a Special Limited edition souvenir award winning issue. Yes Bristol's award winning newspaper - Paul Foot award runner up for investigative and campaigning journalism 2005 - is back on sale on October 26th. If you would like to write for us/ send us some juicy gossip/ have shockingly newsy story ideas/subscribe/advertise/ wish to overthrow society as it is today/ hang out with Ian Hislop and Michael Crick/ gloat at the non-award winning Evening Pisspoor/t stock the Bristolian in your pub/cafe/shop/ then get in touch!Full article. | THE BRISTOLIAN RETURNS! | Bristolian Gets Runner Up Award | And then there were six... | What's afoot at The Bristolian? | |

Bristol Indymedia News Update

Bristol, 04.11.2005 13:07

Legal situation & film night news Legal situation & film night news Latest update: Equipment has been returned. October 2005: The arrested volunteer has answered bail early October and has yet to be charged. The case is currently with the Crown Prosecution Service, and Bristol Indymedia are currently fundraising for legal fees. Three months after the server that hosted Bristol Indymedia, nor any of the other equipment taken, has been returned by the police. A request has been made through legal channels for the return of the equipment, for which we are still waiting for a final outcome. Discussions continue with legal advisors as to what action to take next. Bristol Indymedia wishes to thank all those who have both given and offered support and issued statements of solidarity. Full article. Bristol Indymedia Film Night - Terrorism featuring 'The Battle of Algiers' - Monday 7th Novemeber @ Cube Cinema £2/3 though nobody turned away for lack of funds. Doors open 7.30pm, films start at 8pm. Banned in France upon its release, this the full un-cut version of a cinematic masterpiece. This film looks at battle between the Algerian independence movement and the French colonialists in the 1950s. It is a powerful human drama shot in a documentary style that never flinches from showing the reality of both sides of the terrorism/freedom-fighter coin. Full Article. | Imc Bristol: Seized Server still not returned! | Bristol Indymedia Film Night - 'Terrorism' | Other Local Indy Media News - It's Back! The Bristolian 108 | New Independent Newspaper For bristol? | Bristol Indymedia Equipment Returned |

Its a Radical Halloween Weekend!

Bristol, 04.11.2005 13:07

Let the ghosts and spirits rise! Let the ghosts and spirits rise! On Thursday 27th October (6.30 - 9.30pm) there is an opportunity to raise Nestle malpractice! As No Nestle in Bristol writes: We are concerned that Nestle has been invited to speak at the Trade Justice Rally. This is not billed as a debate where Nestle is being put on the spot and we are concerned that Nestle will suggest it is working for Trade Justice, when in reality it is part of the problem. Full article (and comments) On Friday 28th October Its the Halloween Critical Mass in Bristol! Bristol Cyclist writes: A bunch of Bristol campaigners concerned about issues such as climate change, pollution, transport policy, wars & peace, and the current crackdown on civil liberties and expressions of dissent....have decided to call for a one-off solidarity & celebratory critical mass ride in Bristol...Full Article. On Sunday 30th october its time to break out the flaming brands and tallow torches! Bristol Radical Book Club write: Celebrate the 174th anniversary of the Queen Square Riot on Sunday October 30th 4-6pm in Queen Square. Speeches, books, alcohol, wild bachinaalia, statue climbing, flag waving, rabble rousing. Full Article. | Bristol Make Poverty History Invite Nestle to Talk | Halloween Solidarity Ride in Bristol | Queen Square Riot Commemoration | |Critical Mass Flyer |

Saving the Earth, South of the City

Bristol, 04.11.2005 13:07

Eco message comes from, and to South Bristol Eco message comes from, and to South Bristol A 3 minute short film by Ell of the highlights of the opening weekend of this years Local Food Week in Southville, Ashton and Bedminster, Bristol, UK. The week ran from the 22nd - 30th October 2005. Ell writes: This short is a 'taster' of an aprox 15 minute film about the food week that will be available online next spring. Announcements will be made on Bristol Indymedia and through the Southville Centre. Full articleAlso taking a tour south of the river was the Halloween critical mass, Cyclista writes: Around 200 cyclists and others answered the callout for a Halloween ride in Bristol on Friday night The ride was held in solidarity with the reported clampdown on the 12 year-old monthly London critical mass ride, and to celebrate the sustainable culture & economics of cycling. The callout was issued by an ad hoc collection of individuals involved in peace, transport, climate change and anti-capitalist campaigns. The Bristol ride assembled from 5pm on College Green in central Bristol, on a lovely autumnal evening. A number of participants came in Halloween or other fancy dress, and there were at least 3 mobile sound systems (lots of people had cameras - anyone got any good pictures???). The ride was good natured, but very slow! Riders worked well to ensure motorists didn't drive into the mass, and motorists were generally well behaved. It proceeded from College Green around St Augustines Parade, where it was held right up by traffic jams, down south along Redcliffe Way & Redcliffe Hill, over Bedminster bridge, and along York Rd to Temple Meads. It went north along Temple Gate, temple Way and Bond Street, before proceeding up Stokes Croft. It then ended on City Road at about 7.30pm, where a Halloween lantern procession was beginning....This world is not ours to ruin. Full article| Local Food Week, Southville Ashton and Bedminster 2005 | Video (on UK Indymedia) | Big turnout for Halloween critical mass | Halloween Solidarity Ride in Bristol | Challenge Bristol Airport's masterplan! | The growth imperative | |

A New McCarthyism? Campaigners for Social Change Face Legal Repression

Bristol, 04.11.2005 13:07

Ideologically motivated legal rulings? Ideologically motivated legal rulings? Liz writes: News of the verdict from Yate Magistrates Court where 5 Sainsburys milk blockaders recieved harsh sentences, regarded as indicating an increasing clampdown on civil disobedience. Five people were found guilty of aggravated trespass yesterday after they blockaded a Sainsbury’s distribution centre in attempt to protect the public from the supermarkets GM fed milk. Four of the five were first time offenders, and yet they were given 50 hours community service, and ordered to pay £150 costs each. The punishment is regarded as being an extreme and disproportionate response, and it would appear was meted out specifically because their actions were ideologically motivated. Full article While Legal Vol writes: "Drop the G8 charges" - Demands Defendants Solidarity group. The July 2005 Solidarity Group, a support group for people arrested at the G8, has denounced the police publication of "Wanted" photos of anti G8 demonstrators. The Group states that they will support all facing charges arising from the G8 demonstrations, and calls for all charges to be dropped. Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC), a grass-roots organisation campaigning against the "anti-terrorism" laws, is supporting the stand of the July 2005 Solidarity Group. Full articleBenefit! adds a note: For those busted at G8 protests: Incident 137, This Saturday, 10pm to 5am, a fiver B4 midnight, a sixer after, at Lakota club, just off Stokes Croft, Bristol BS2. 3 sound sytems, many DJ's - techno, trance, breaks and more. An explosive night!| Judge threatens first time peaceful GM protesters with ASBOS and electronic tagging. | "Drop the G8 charges" - Demands Defendants Solidarity group | Fears of a Bristol Police State as Sainbury's Five Trial Begins | | attachments/nov2005/pig.jpg

BTL:Campaign to Close U.S. Army School of the Americas Attracts...

Maine, 04.11.2005 13:07

...Bipartisan Support ~ Interview with Christy Pardew, communications coordinator of the School of the Americas Watch, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

Υπουργείο εναντίον Πανεπιστημιακού Ασύλου

Athens, 04.11.2005 12:37

Τη Δευτέρα 31 Οκτωβρίου ξεκινάει η λειτουργία του νέου υπουργείου τύπου ακριβώς δίπλα στο Πάντειο πανεπιστήμιο (γωνία Αλ.Πάντου και Φρακούδη). Το κτίριο αυτό (κτίριο Σαρίδη) το διεκδικούσε η Πάντειος για χρόνια, καθώς το πρόβλημα στέγασης των αναγκών της σε αίθουσες είναι μεγάλο, ενώ ταυτόχρονα δεν υπάρχει εστία.

Η κοινότητα που δραστηριοποιείται στο χώρο του πανεπιστημίου ήταν εξαρχής εχθρικά διακείμενη στο νέο αυτό «γείτονα», ενώ από την αρχή της φετινής (φοιτητικής) χρονιάς πραγματοποιούνται κινήσεις εναντίον του υπουργείου (φωτογραφίες από συνθήματα και μπογιές στο κτίριο του υπουργείου).

Με την έναρξη της λειτουργίας του υπουργείου οι κινητοποιήσεις κλιμακώνονται, όπως ομοίως και η καταστολή. Διμοιρίες, κάμερες και δεκάδες ασφαλίτες κάνουν την γύρω περιοχή απροσπέλαστη, θέλοντας από την πρώτη μέρα να δείξουν και να επιβάλλουν την νέα πραγματικότητα.

Από το πρωί της Δευτέρας γίνεται αποκλεισμός από τους φοιτητές της μιας πλευράς του υπουργείου, ενώ οι εργαζόμενοι στο υπουργείο καθώς και μερίδα δημοσιογράφων τίθενται αλληλέγγυοι στις διαδηλώσεις των φοιτητών. Πραγματοποιούνται και συγκρούσεις ανάμεσα σε αναρχικούς και κάποιες από τις διμοιρίες που το φυλάνε.

Προκήρυξη από το Στέκι Παντείου|Aφίσα: Η δημοκρατία στρατοπεδεύει στο Πάντειο|Ενημέρωση Τύπου από τον Ρουσόπουλο ενώ η περιοχή είναι αποκλεισμένη από διμοιρίες. | Φωτογραφίες: 1|2

A New McCarthyism? Campaigners for Social Change Face Legal Repression

Bristol, 04.11.2005 12:37

Ideologically motivated legal rulings? Ideologically motivated legal rulings? Liz writes: News of the verdict from Yate Magistrates Court where 5 Sainsburys milk blockaders recieved harsh sentences, regarded as indicating an increasing clampdown on civil disobedience. Five people were found guilty of aggravated trespass yesterday after they blockaded a Sainsbury’s distribution centre in attempt to protect the public from the supermarkets GM fed milk. Four of the five were first time offenders, and yet they were given 50 hours community service, and ordered to pay £150 costs each. The punishment is regarded as being an extreme and disproportionate response, and it would appear was meted out specifically because their actions were ideologically motivated. Full article While Legal Vol writes: "Drop the G8 charges" - Demands Defendants Solidarity group. The July 2005 Solidarity Group, a support group for people arrested at the G8, has denounced the police publication of "Wanted" photos of anti G8 demonstrators. The Group states that they will support all facing charges arising from the G8 demonstrations, and calls for all charges to be dropped. Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC), a grass-roots organisation campaigning against the "anti-terrorism" laws, is supporting the stand of the July 2005 Solidarity Group. Full articleBenefit! adds a note: For those busted at G8 protests: Incident 137, This Saturday, 10pm to 5am, a fiver B4 midnight, a sixer after, at Lakota club, just off Stokes Croft, Bristol BS2. 3 sound sytems, many DJ's - techno, trance, breaks and more. An explosive night!| Judge threatens first time peaceful GM protesters with ASBOS and electronic tagging. | "Drop the G8 charges" - Demands Defendants Solidarity group | Fears of a Bristol Police State as Sainbury's Five Trial Begins | |

Caravana Européia Contra a Cerca: Ninguém é Ilegal

Portugal, 04.11.2005 11:37

Caravana Européia Contra a Cerca: Ninguém é Ilegal

Reportback: Midwifery on Trial

Portland, 04.11.2005 10:38

Just a quick update on Shaheeda Pierce's trial...

Myself and three other student midwives (including Shaheeda's apprentice) left Portland early Tuesday morning for Tacoma. The testimony began at 9am and continued all day. We had many wonderful witnesses on our side, all of whom spoke eloquently and intelligently on the subject of breech birth. At one point early in the day, Shaheeda's lawyer presented a set of statistics on out of hospital breech births for WA state. The Department of Health's Attourney objected to them, because it wasn't clear to her where they were from and therefore not reliable or accurate. Well, it turns out that the stats were compiled by Patricia Starszec, who works for the Department of Health's Center for Health Statistics!

goa toch weg

Oost-Vlaanderen, 04.11.2005 10:37

you gotta fight .....

There may be an NY caravan to New Orleans-please help us out!

Maine, 04.11.2005 09:07

Possible Caravan to Nola


Rogue Valley, 04.11.2005 08:11

November 2, 2005

Few can forget the sad anniversary we marked this Wednesday in Medford, Portland,Eugene,Hood River and at over 180 places across the nation. In Medford we stood and marched to DRIVE OUT BUSH and pounded drums to DRUM OUT BUSH: THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT UNTIL 2008!

Foothill Anti-Capitalist Action Committee Shuts Down Military Recruiters by Default

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.11.2005 07:08

The Foothill Anti-Capitalist Action Committee spread the word of a protest on November 1, 2005 against the military recruiters who table in the quad every Tuesday at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California. However on this Tuesday, the military recruiters failed to show up. It looks like the military learned about the protest and thought it would be a better idea to stay away from it, rather than be the focus of the demonstration.

About 15 people marched from the Smithwick Theater plaza to the quad where people eat lunch and take breaks between classes. A lot of people were very supportive of the demonstration, which included a mobile sound system.

Audio (mp3s): [ Who's In Charge? Nobody's In Charge || Interview with a student at Foothill College || Shut Em Down! Why Military Recruiters are Opposed || Interview with a worker at Foothill College || Interview with James, Greg and Megan ]

Teach-ins, Day of Action Planned to Demand Clemency for Stanley &quot;Tookie&quot; Williams

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.11.2005 07:07

Stanley "Tookie" Williams has been sentenced by the state to die on Tuesday, December 13th at San Quentin State Prison. He has been nominated several times for Nobel Prizes in Peace & Literature -- for his anti-violence, anti-gang work and nearly a dozen intervention books about gang life. The film "Redemption" stars Jamie Foxx as Mr. Williams. At the premiere for his most recent film, Foxx was asked his reaction to the execution date. December 13 is Foxx's birthday. He is reportedly asking the Governor for a present: clemency for Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Supporters of Williams are asking people to write letters to the governor to request that he grant clemency and save Stanley "Tookie" Williams' life.

Death Penalty Focus is calling for November 14th through 21st to be a Stanley Tookie Williams "Teach-In Week" for teachers, youth organizers, and youth ministries. Topics that could be discussed during the teach-in week include: gangs, drugs, peer pressure, redemption, civic responsibility, forgiveness, rehabilitation and the death penalty. DPF has developed materials to assist you with the "Teach-in" including: a short biography of Stanley Williams, Stanley's protocol for peace, his apology for co-founding the Crips, his letters to youth, excerpts from his books and sample lesson plans on the death penalty. "Teach-in" materials Read more

Wednesday, November 30th will be "Cities Against the Death Penalty and Global Day of Action." Throughout the world, more than 100 cities will illuminate a symbolic monument as a demonstration of their opposition to the death penalty, including Santa Cruz, CA. Protests against the scheduled execution of Stanley Williams are being organized to coincide with this global day-of-action. Cities will include: Rome, Tokyo, Lyon, Brussels, Barcelona, Florence, Venice, Buenos Aires, Austin, Madrid, Dallas, Antwerp, Vienna, Naples, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Reggio Emilia, Bogotà, Santiago de Chile and more than 100 others. More information on how to involve other cities | More upcoming anti-death penalty events

Campaign to End the Death Penalty's November 30th Organizing tips |

California Special Election Nov. 8th

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.11.2005 06:37

The California special election of 2005 will be held on November 8, 2005 after being called by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on June 13. California voters will vote on eight ballot propositions.
The measures include:
Prop. 73: Would create a waiting period and parental notification before termination of a minor’s pregnancy.
Prop. 74: Would make new teachers wait five years before achieving permanent status, and would make firing permanent teachers easier.
Prop. 75: Would require public workers unions to get written permission yearly from each member before their dues money could be used for political activities.
Prop. 76: Gives the governor significant unilateral powers to cut the budget. Overturns voter-approved Prop. 98 to guarantee minimum funding for education.
Prop. 77: Places responsibility for redistricting in the hands of a panel of retired judges, instead of the state Legislature.
Prop. 78: Prescription drug initiative written by big pharmaceutical companies. Drug companies could enter a voluntary prescription drug discount program. Fewer people would be served by Prop. 78 than by Prop. 79.
Prop. 79: Initiated by the broad Health Access coalition, it would create a drug discount program requiring participation by drug manufacturers if they wish to sell drugs through the state’s Medi-Cal program.

The upcoming election is set to be the most expensive in California history.

Read More On Indybay's Government & Elections Page

Day of the Dead in O.P.P

New Orleans, 04.11.2005 05:13

Day of the Dead in O.P.P

Northern Territory Nuke Waste Dump

Melbourne, 04.11.2005 05:13

Nelson Steamrolls Territory on Nuclear Waste Dump

Images - Fort Lauderdale 'We Can't Wait' Protest

Miami, 04.11.2005 05:11

Images - Fort Lauderdale 'We Can't Wait' Protest

John Timoney's son arrested for trying to buy 400 lbs of Pot

Miami, 04.11.2005 03:37

John Timoney's son arrested for trying to buy 400 lbs of Pot

Bush Visits Argentina for FTAA Summit

San Diego, 04.11.2005 02:38

From Argentina Indymedia

As was planned, at 2:30 today, actions against Lockheed Martin began. There was a march and rally where various organizations spoke including The Antiimperialist Movement for World Peace, Anti-Imperialist Call of Cordoba Against Bush, The Third Summit of Communities, United Left, MTR Cuba, Unidhos and independent people who were present.

Approximately some 250 people cut the Carlos Paz-Cordoba route and expressed their rejection of Lockheed Martin and Bush with songs, burning flags and tires.

Como estaba previsto hoy se realizó desde las 14.30 el repudio y escrache a la empresa Loockeed Martin. Fue convocado y estuvieron presentes varias organizaciones sociales y políticas entre las que se encuentran el Movimiento Antiimperialista y Por la Paz Mundial (MAP), Convocatoria Antiimperialista de Córdoba por el NO a Bush, III Cumbre de los Pueblos, Izquierda Unida, MTRCuba, Unidhos y gente independiente que se sumó en el lugar.

Aproximadamente unas 250 personas cortaron la ruta Carlos Paz-Córdoba a la altura del Barrio Aeronático y expresaron su repudio con cantos, quemas de banderas yankis y entrega de volantes.

Marcha contra Bush en Sgo

Argentina, 04.11.2005 02:07

Populist #15

Maine, 04.11.2005 01:07

Deficiencies of Our Current Federal System, continued

SIPTU protest against Irish Ferries outsourcing draws thousands

Ireland, 04.11.2005 00:37

No to Slave Ships (Dublin, Ireland Nov 3rd 2005). A protest march called by SIPTU (Services Industrial Professional & Technical Union) to protest the decision of financially profitable Irish Ferries to replace current workers with underpaid, outsourced replacements drew between 8,000 to 10,000 participants. SIPTU called a protest against the decision by Irish Ferries to attempt to force current employees to accept a "voluntary redundancy package" with the aim of replacing them with outsourced workers earning approximately €3.50 an hour (less than half the minimum Irish wage). The Nov 3rd 2005 protest in Dublin attracted a turnout of between 8,000 to 10,000 people and included members of French unions. According to SIPTU's Justice for Seafarers campaign this is providing us with a glimpse of the future labour market if neo-liberal zealots succeed in pushing through their Services Directive in Europe Link to original Event Notice with discussion of protest:here

Keynotes from the 3rd Annual Practical Activism Conference at UC Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.11.2005 22:08

The 3rd Annual Practical Activism Conference, Tools for Local and Global Change, was a day-long conference which took place at the University of California at Santa Cruz. It offered a series of workshops addressing activism and change in the local and global context, as well as keynote speeches from Daniel "Nane" Alejandrez and Nzingha Dugas.

Daniel "Nane" Alejandrez is recognized for his commitment to developing alternatives to youth violence, his work in the End the Barrio Warfare Movement and building family and community responses to violence in urban city streets. He co-founded the Kansas City Peace Summit, where urban gangs have met to discuss peace proposals, and is co-founder of the National Coalition of Barrios Unidos.

Audio: Nane - Download the mp3 (22:54 minutes / 10.5 MB)

Nzingha Dugas is a 13 year staff member of UC Berkeley in the area of student leadership and development, outreach, rercruitment, retention, and cross cultural student coalition building. She has been active in supporting the student voice for 20 years and has been the keynote for student leadership programs as well as doing trainings, seminars and workshops focusing on leadership development.

Audio: Nzingha Dugas - Download the mp3 (24:22 minutes / 11.2 MB)

[ 3rd Annual Practical Activism Conference ]

Student Vigil Honors Rosa Parks' Legacy

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.11.2005 22:08

Last week, Rosa Parks, the legendary figure from the Civil Rights Movement, passed away at the age of 92.

Moved by hear death, students held a somber vigil last night in honor of her life and legacy. Organized by UC Santa Cruz's African/Black Student Alliance (A/BSA), the late-night vigil featured song, prayer, a moment of silence, and speeches on Parks' life.

See Also: Rosa Parks, Misremembered (Portland IMC)

Casa Grande Anti-Recruitment Protests

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.11.2005 22:07

From The Newswire:

On October 7th and 20th of this school year military recruiters showed up on the Casa Grande Campus in Petaluma. The first time the date of the protest was spread by word of mouth, the second time Nate passed out fliers to get the word around. We chanted, made signs, danced, made peace sign armbands, and talked to the recruiters. Both times we have had a great turn-out! If there is a next time, we will be bigger.


The California Union Paycheck Initiative

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.11.2005 22:07

On November 8, California voters will go to the polls to cast a ballot on the “Union Paycheck Initiative” (Proposition 75). If passed, Proposition 75 will require public employee unions to secure the annual written consent of each member prior to using any portion of that member’s dues money or fees to support political campaigns.
It will also mandate that the unions keep a record of every member’s decision as to which political campaigns he or she is willing to support. If asked, the unions will be obligated to turn over those records to the Fair Political Practices Commission, the state government body that oversees campaign financing.
Proposition 75 is one of eight initiatives being voted on as part of the Special Election called by Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger earlier this year.
The Union Paycheck Initiative is backed by the California Republican Party, far-right anti-tax groups, large sections of big business in California, the US Chamber of Commerce, and most recently, Governor Schwarzenegger. Through an umbrella organization known as the Alliance for a Better California (ABC), the Democrats and the public employee unions are waging a $40 million media campaign against Proposition 75.
The most recent polls, which were released in mid-October, reported that an even percentage of voters, 46 percent, supported and opposed the measure.
Read More

The Ehrlich Report

Baltimore, 03.11.2005 21:08

The Ehrlich Report is a monthly column of sociopolitical analysis.

medios cumbre

Uruguay, 03.11.2005 21:07

listado coberturas cumbre americas


Uruguay, 03.11.2005 21:07

¡Que lindo que es estar en Mar del Plata!

Cumbre de Los Pueblos::

Colombia, 03.11.2005 20:38


Report Back on Memphis Gandhian Conference on Non-Violence 2005

Tennessee, 03.11.2005 20:09

#media_3668;left# Believe it or not, Memphis, Tennessee is the home of Arun Gandhi, the oldest grandson of Mohandas K. Gandhi. About 15 years ago he opened the MK Gandhi Center for Nonviolence ( and began having a conference on nonviolence in 2004. This year’s conference was held on October 14th (at Christian Brothers University) and 15th (at Rhodes College). The Conference was divided into 4 major sessions (two on Friday afternoon and two on Saturday), with about 10 breakouts per session. Of course it was impossible to attend all the breakout sessions, so I decided to pick three choices for each session. Each workshop/lecture lasted about one hour and fifteen minutes. After the opening remarks by Arnu Gandhi, it was off to my first session.

Estudiantes toman el ARMY ROTC en el RUM

Puerto Rico, 03.11.2005 18:39

Estudiantes toman el ARMY ROTC en el RUM

Dealing with the nightmare: how inner city communities organised in the 90's to stop drug dealing

Ireland, 03.11.2005 17:37

A book review sheds light on Dublin's recent past. Walk five minutes from O’Connell St, Dublin’s main thoroughfare, or five minutes from Christ Church Cathedral, an important tourist attraction, and you will find yourself in a very different world from that depicted in the tourist brochures. Pushers Out tells the story of how people living in the North Inner City and the South Inner City (and later the suburbs, and some small towns) organised to save their communities from heroin. The campaigns began with meetings in local area called by residents concerned about the open dealing of heroin and all that came with that - hallways and greens were littered with dirty syringes, and those who overdosed lay where they fell. A review of "Pushers Out: The inside story of Dublin’s anti-drugs movement" by Andre Lyder. Andree Lyder, the author, lived in the south of the city. A member of a small socialist party and interested in community politics, he joined the anti-drug group COCAD in 1992, and soon became a committee member. His account of the Dublin anti-drug movement doesn’t pretend to be objective and is all the better for it. He describes the complexity and tensions within both of the campaigns, and while I would not agree with all his conclusions he has done a great service in dealing with many difficult issues in a clear and frank manner. There were two campaigns against drug use in Dublin. The first known as the ‘Concerned Parents against Drugs’ began in1983. It was superseded in many parts of Dublin in 1996 by COCAD. The Irish ruling class showed utter contempt for the poor inner city areas of Dublin. Charles Haughey, the corrupt Taoiseach (prime-mister) famously bought shirts worth five grand each and stole cobblestones from Dublin streets to pave the drive at his home, Meanwhile areas of the city were suffering over 80% unemployment. An epidemic was ravaging certain parts of the city, destroying lives, families and communities and the ruling elite were happy to ignore it. Lyder argues these areas always had a tradition of using alcohol as an escape from grinding poverty, such that the way was paved for heroin. He quotes one local “I used to drink cider on the streets with the gangs I grew up with. We would buy a few flagons, sit down and have cider. At that stage they were called cider parties by the newspapers. Now that would have been around ’77. And then hash became what people started smoking. And all of a sudden hash turned to heroin you know…. it happened overnight but no one noticed it happen… I remember it being given out for free.. but at that stage I was lucky enough to go into pubs so it didn’t bother us….but the generation that came directly after me … drugs took over from cider. So drugs was the big out. (p30)”. The campaigns began with meetings in local area called by residents concerned about the open dealing of heroin and all that came with that – hallways and greens were littered with dirty syringes, and those who overdosed lay where they fell. A spectrum of strategies were adopted by the Concerned Parents and COCAD to deal with the problem; mass meetings would march to a suspected dealers house and tell him or her to get out of the area. Meetings would forcefully evict suspected dealers, making a line of people to remove the furniture so that no one person could be charged with any offence. Smaller groups of people (often from other areas to limit the possibility of revenge attacks) would call to the houses of suspected dealers and tell them they would have to leave. Posters with the photographs and addresses of dealers would be posted around the area locally. The communities would mount permanent vigil at the entry to their estates, preventing any suspected dealer or addict from outside the area from entry. These pickets were manned day and night and became a permanent fixture of inner city street life. Lyder also addresses two of the most contentious features of the anti-drug campaigns, namely the extent to which the IRA was involved and the extent to which physical violence was an aspect of the campaigns. Heroin is big business, and those standing in the way of that business can be putting themselves in considerable danger. Des Whelan, an anti drug activist was stabbed to death as was the fourteen year old son of another activist, others were shot at but survived. Lyder argued that while there were Sinn Fein members in the campaign, sometimes in prominent positions, they did not (as the media argued) control it or use it as a front. Their presence did, however, allow the anti-drugs activists to imply that they were under the protection of the IRA, and it seems, in the very early days they were ‘Throughout the ‘80s and to a lesser degree for the COCAD campaign [a deterrent had] been provided by the notion that the IRA and the anti-drugs campaign were intrinsically connected and if one attacked the anti-drugs campaign one was effectively attacking the IRA. Within COCAD we referred to this as the ‘big bluff’. It was a bluff in the sense that no such intrinsic relationship existed, we had no guarantees from the IRA about anything and no reason the IRA would necessarily to feel obliged to respond to any particular threat to the anti-drugs campaign. Some sort of commitment was made in the early ‘80s to the emerging Concerned Parents and the IRA did respond to the shootings in St Teresas’s Gardens in 1983. This did not however, assure future response”(290) However he also suggests that while officially the IRA were not involved, IRA volunteers on the ground, un-officially and at times against the command of the IRA, were involved in killings and attempted killings of drug dealers. In addition he describes a campaign that operated in parallel to COCAD (and was never discussed at COCAD meetings). Known as the ‘military campaign’ this was made up of groups of men who had access to weapons and were willing to respond, like with like, to attacks made by drug dealers. If a drug dealer parked a fancy car in an estate, it would more than likely be burnt out. Few people would have problems with this, however Lyder also outlines the complications that arise when you have small groups acting independently of a mass campaign. In one instance a local man cynically used his association with the campaign to pressurise a businessman from involvement in a local taxi company. The businessman lost his money and once he departed the local man took over control of the company himself. Lyder argues that such out and out corruption was exceptional. A much more difficult case to deal with is the death in May 1996, at the hands of anti-drugs activists, of heroin user and small time dealer Josie Dwyer. Josie Dwyer died from a blow to his spleen following an encounter with drugs activists on the evening of May the fourteenth. Lyder attended an anti-drugs meeting on the night and describes the chaos that ensued, as a proposed mass march on a drugs dealers home, fractured into small groups of people confronting suspected dealers. After his death, the media reported that Dwyer had been the victim of a frenzied attack that included the use of Iron bars and lump hammers. Lyder argues that in court the coroner did not find this to be the case. Josie Dwyer was a sick man his spleen was abnormally enlarged, Lyder argues that the blow that killed Josie Dwyer would not have been fatal to a healthy person. Thus he describes Josie Dwyer’s death as ‘tragic, if unintentional’ but his sympathy remains squarely with the activists who were subsequently tried and with those who were convicted. While I understand his perspective, I have difficulty with this, and no doubt for this he would consider me a liberal. However, to put it bluntly if the strategy you adopt includes beating up junkies with aids, it shouldn’t be a surprise if one of them dies. It is inevitable. In addition a criticism made frequently about the Concerned Parents (and less so with COCAD) was that in reality there is little distinction between being a junkie and a small time dealer and the Josie Dwyer case seems to provide evidence of this. Nobody argues that Josie Dwyer was a main player in Dublin Drugs cartels. The police were always highly hostile to the anti-drugs campaigners, many of whom faced serious intimidation; they were stopped in the street, they were brought in for questioning, their houses were raided, they were beaten. It was widely suspected that some police were very close to major dealers, it is not mentioned in the book, but there were rumours that heroin appeared on the streets in police evidence bags. Lyder argues that with Josie Dwyer’s death the police went into overdrive. They were determined to break the anti-drugs campaign by incarcerating as many activists as possible (p 138)’. Thirteen were eventually arrested of which six were convicted and given twenty-month sentences. It has often been said that the Josie Dwyer’s death caused the anti-drugs campaign to fracture; Lyder argues that this was only true in the South Inner City. 1996 was also to see an explosion of anti-drug campaigns though out the city, this time mostly organised under the COCAD banner. The vigil began with renewed vigour and there were a number of large anti-drugs marches in the centre of Dublin. The political climate, changed slightly, with the defeat of ruling party Fianna Fail and the election of a coalition government that included the labour party and the greens. This was the era of social partnership and Lyder is particularly scathing about the incorporation of community resistance by ‘professional’ community workers. Neglect now has a benign face. The end of the book details the turn towards electoralism (Lyder stood unsuccessfully in one general election and Sinn Fein made significant gains in terms of electoral politics) and the winding down of the campaign. Strangely (to my anarchist eyes anyway) no link is made between the two processes . What was the end result? Lyder argues that the anti-drugs campaigned stabilised the extent of heroin users in the city, they moved drugs up the agenda, secured funding for treatment services, youth facilities and lead to a growth of local pride and sense of community. The drug problem wasn’t ‘solved’ but it was contained (and in this respect, Lyder is critical of government responses which rely on methadone maintenance rather than support for detoxification and rehabilitation). There is an entire history of the city in this book, a history that without it would remain mostly hidden. Indeed one of the most interesting aspects of the campaigns is mentioned just as a brief aside ‘women were the backbone of the campaign, overwhelming filling the meetings and marches’ (p. 234). Interestingly he also adds, that despite this women were rarely members of the executive committees. He touches on many other issues in the book- the media attacks, the farcical reality of the district courts and the various approaches to rehabilitation. The story told here is far from simple, the dilemmas faced difficult. This is a book that raises as many questions as it answers, indeed it highlights that many of these questions that don’t have easy answers. Yet as these are questions that continue to be important to those of us who hope to build a better world, Lyder has done us a great service in documenting an important moment of in working class history, a moment when the people of Dublin organised themselves and took back control of their communities.

immigració (ca)

Barcelona, 03.11.2005 17:07

trenquem l'europa_fortalesa des de dins_i_fora

[4-6nov] Caravana europea contra la tanca : cap persona és il·legal
[5nov] BCN 12h_Mani: seguim sense papers __ Miles : kafeta-centre de medis-amb la caravana

info eixida caravana contra la tanca [madrid] __ Terrassa: Concentració unitària en defensa dels drets dels immigrants (Esmorzar Ramadán) + Fotos + Manifest!! __ Mobilització europea el 29 d'octubre en suport als immigrants de Ceuta i Melilla __ Onze immigrants moren en un incendi a un centre de detenció de l'aeroport d'Amsterdam __ Màlaga; Dissabte 29, Manifestació PROU de morts a la frontera ... __ No a la tanca. Per la llibertat de moviment __ No hi ha mala consciència respecte als pobres! __ kafeta i vídeos contra les fronteres el 27 en Metges __ Migrants africans abandonats en el desert - entrevista __ Carta d'un immigrant africà des de la frontera sud europea __ Vídeo "La Valla de la vergueza" __ Encara queden molts migrants subsaharians perduts en el desert __ Que la por canvie de camp (octaveta repartida a la mani del 16-O) __ Pateixen fam 852 milions de persones en el món: FAO __ París:la resistència al control policial i a les expulsions creix, motí al carrer __ 2º congrés de la migració africana i comunitats negres d'Espanya

+info:: >>>immigració + imc-estrecho

inmigración (es)

Barcelona, 03.11.2005 17:07

rompamos la europa_fortaleza desde dentro_y_fuera

[4-6nov] Caravana europea contra la valla : ninguna persona es ilegal
[5nov] BCN 12h_Mani: seguimos sin papeles __ Miles : kafeta-centro de medios con la caravana

info salida caravana contra la valla [madrid] __ Terrassa: Concentración unitaria en defensa de los derechos de los inmigrantes (Desayuno Ramadán) + Fotos + Manifiesto!! __ Mobilización europea el 29 de octubre en apoyo a l*s inmigrantes de Ceuta y Melilla __ Once inmigrantes mueren en un incendio en un centro de detención del aeropuerto de Amsterdam __ Málaga; Sábado 29, Manifestación NO mas muertes en la frontera ... __ No a la valla. Por la libertad de movimiento __ No hay mala conciencia respecto a l*s pobres! __ kafeta y videos contra las fronteras el 27 en Metges __ Migrantes africanos abandonados en el desierto - entrevista __ Carta de un inmigrante africano desde la frontera sur europea __ Video "La Valla de la vergueza" __ Aún quedan muchos migrantes subsaharianos perdidos en el desierto __ Que el miedo cambie de campo (octavilla repartida en la mani del 16-O) __ Padecen hambre 852 millones de personas en el mundo: FAO __ París:la resistencia al control policial y a las expulsiones crece, motín calle __ 2º congreso de la migración de áfrica y comunidades negras de españa

+info:: >>>immigración + imc-estrecho

Beth Stroud de-frocking confirmed

Philadelphia, 03.11.2005 16:38

Beth Stroud was formally defrocked on October 31st, making her permanently a layperson.

Atraso na Reforma Agrária gera conflito e causa morte de sem-terra em Buritis-MG

Brasil, 03.11.2005 16:38


SD City Council Guilty of Negligent Homicide

San Diego, 03.11.2005 15:38

San Diego Renters Union charges city officials with conspiracy to violate human rights, obstruction of justice and negligent homicide over treatment of homeless.

From the Newswire

Perth, 03.11.2005 15:09

Remembering Comrade Siohban.

2005 Human Rights Watch Traveling Film Festival - Portland

Maine, 03.11.2005 15:07

November 13-20th. A week-long series of films and discussions exploring issues confronting human rights and dignity.

BTL:Indictment of Vice President's Former Chief of Staff Prompts Demand to...

Maine, 03.11.2005 14:07

...Investigate White House Role in Misrepresenting Rationale for Iraq War ~ Interview with John Nichols, Washington correspondent for The Nation magazine, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

rio III actividades contra Bush

Argentina, 03.11.2005 13:08

Discriminação homofóbica no acesso à Procriação Medicamente Assistida em Portugal

Portugal, 03.11.2005 12:37

Discriminação homofóbica no acesso à Procriação Medicamente Assistida em Portugal

Cumbre de los Pueblos de Am�rica frente a la Cumbre de las Am�ricas

Euskal Herria, 03.11.2005 11:37

Iru�ea salgai-Pamplona se rebaja

Euskal Herria, 03.11.2005 10:37

Actividades contra Bush en Rosario

Argentina, 03.11.2005 09:37

Firsthand accounts of November 2 events in Portland

Portland, 03.11.2005 08:38

Nov 2 Today's March My perspective This is the demo, in a nutshell, as I saw it. First, I'm fairly new to this town, this was my second march - the first one being against the Primate torturers meeting at OHS a while back. Everyone met in Pioneer Square at noon and some peeps talked. Then we took to the streets, er, sidewalk. This is extremely fucked for me. There were two or three hundred people (but I'm not good with numbers) all having to stop at the red lights, on the sidewalks. This was not a permitted march. It was just really unbelievable to me tho. The town I'm from has "illegal" demos all the time and we are not easily forced onto the sidewalk and we sure don't stop at red lights. This caused the march to be segrigated (sp?) At the very beginning of the march a guy in front of me got a ticket. For walking. There were a handfull of us that had crossed and were just making our way up onto the next curb and a cop targeted him because he was a young, not white, and was with a young punk kid. I think he said the ticket was like $92. Insane. [ read more ]

Very quick report Likely someone with more time than I have right now will do a better reportback. But for now, here is my impression. At the beginning, people mostly just chanted and talked about how they oppose the Bush administration, but some people openly recognized that the problem goes much deeper than one political administration. It was a very diverse crowd, at least in terms of what I was expecting. Anarchists and high school kids and little old ladies all marched in solidarity. Several former soldiers were present, one carrying a sign that said he served, he supports the troops, but he does not support this war. I saw numerous arrests, and at least four unarrests -- plus an unarrested megaphone. (And then there was a partial unarrest. It was actually such a pathetic attempt at arrest that it likely doesn't count. An officer standing along the curb pointed at a kid in the crowd and said, "You. You're under arrest." Then he made this silly motion with his hand and said, "C'mon." The kid declined to go with him, and the situation resolved without incident.) [ read more ]

The Nov. 2nd Protest Hello everyone. There is a lot of controversy on what happened today and being one of the organizers, I can tell you first hand what happened. I organized a walk out in my school which basically included everyone there. My school has about 50 people in it and we are extremely close to pioneer square so it all worked out. When walking down to the square, we would often take the streets and go back on the sidewalk when the max came around. When we arrived, there was a huge amount of people. We thought there would be about 300 people there but there was at least 700 people. A lot of people did some really awesome speeches. A musician played a calm song as the rally began to rage. I got up, did a speech about how the youth is being censored and kicked off the rally. [ read more ]

N2 At 12pm the walkout began. We left school in a group of 15 or so kids. We had a banner, we had a plastic-can-drum, and we had our (soon to be infamous) megaphone. We walked down to Pioneer square to find the rally underway. There was a tent set up in the middle of the square where a microphone was standing. the sound was okay up to a certain point, above the steps in the bowl of the square it was almost impossible to hear. A few news guys were around as well as some police, standing in two main groups (at the corner of Nordstroms where there is a coffee bar as well as at the corner where there is a US bank, they are opposite corners) as well as a few amoung the outskirts of the square. My friend bEn was the last speaker, and after he was done me moved to the corner of the square to go march. At this point I would estimate 700 people. [ read more ]

November 2nd participants go to David Wu's office, DeMoCracy ensues! After we sat down on the steps of the justice center to show solidarity with those that had been arrested by the police some more people addressed the crowd and there were some moving words and twice a moment of silence was called for those who had lost their lives in this insane ruling class war in Iraq. Eventually some of us decided to pay a visit to Congressional representative David Wu's office (620 SW Main Street, room 606) and try and ascertain exactly how it was the will and interests of the people are being misrepresented. Only about 6 or 7 of us were allowed up the elevator, but it was a fittingly diverse bunch I think. [ read more ]

updates: [ 700 marching south on broadway - police now giving tickets | nov 2 right now: two arrests, cops on horses, crowd trapped at 4th and morrison | NOV 2 demo: if you have a ticket or are injured please call 503-295-6400 FOURTH ARREST | what to expect if your friends were arrested today | for those who got tickets at NOV 2 demo ]

related: [ if you want Portland to see what is going on I suggest a news station takeover next time | Report on Today's March? | Regime Change! Please Be Polite to the Police?! | target your audience better. SIdewalk marching yelling at cops doesnt work | The World Will Have to Wait -- Nov 2 ]

A Step Closer To Freedom For Mike D

Portland, 03.11.2005 07:40

Mike D had his hearing today in Clackamas County for an additional charge which stemmed from a Disorderly Conduct allegation he was hit with while protecting the forests. Judge Robert Herndon gave him 10 days in jail with credit for time served - actually Mike has spent so much time locked up on these totally ludicrous accusations that they should give him a "get out of jail free card" for future use. This should mark the end of this ordeal - he will not have to perform any community service. They were to send him back to Multnomah County but for some unexplained reason he was not transported today. Hopefully - he will be back with us and on the streets again soon.

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