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corrupción i poder (es)

Barcelona, 08.11.2005 18:07

¿¿Civismo o Cinismo??

El verdadero incivismo ::: El Ayuntamiento redentor y la nueva normativa “Cívica”:::más civismo=masivismo ::: según para que civismo, según para que parece que no les hace falta---ley de "vagos y maleantes"? ::: La Barcelona del civismo y sus gobernantes ::: +civismo?: contenedores bajo el balcón ::: El "pogrom" contra "los alternativos" ::: lo que les molesta no es la miseria o la marginación sinó tener que verla ::: Incivismo: local y global ::: Barcelona 2005: El fracaso de un modelo ::: dia sin coches, y el dia sin Clos cuando? ::: el desorden

[martes 8 nov] pça Sant Jaume, 19h Concentración contra la ordenanza municipal para el "civismo"

notícias relacionadas: l@s trabajador@s sexuales no estamos de acuerdo con la ordenanza municipal ::: Un proyecto artístico vetado por no ser el momento político ::: BCN prohibe vender fotos de grafittis en un mercadillo ::: La Associación de Víctimas del Civismo también convoca contra el Barcelona Meeting Point ::: las mentiras de Ricard Martínez ::: El Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, de espaldas a la enseñanza ::: Comunicado de los vecinos Verdi 28 ante la sentencia judicial ::: Estos ruidos molestos que vienen del sótano: Suburbios franceses y capitalismo global

chabolear barcelona?

+info:: >>>corrupción y poder

CW5 re-Trial Collapsed Today - court report + full details

Ireland, 08.11.2005 17:37

Probable Public Perception of Biased Judge, AGAIN The CW5's 2 main statutory defences to the charges were ruled out as 'inadmissible' this morning by Judge Donagh McDonagh, who was then rather suddenly forced to 'pull the plug' and send the jury home after his relationship with a certain Mr. Bush was revealed to the Court by defence counsel. "The CW5's 2 main statutory defences to the charges were ruled out as 'inadmissible' this morning by Judge Donagh McDonagh, who was then rather suddenly forced to 'pull the plug' and send the jury home after his relationship with a certain Mr. Bush was revealed to the Court by defence counsel." With these words the Anon Court Reporter starts this, the 9th and last for this round, court report. Since it seems the judge forgot to order that the reasons for the collapse of the case were kept out of the media (as was done with the first collapse) all the gory details are brought to you. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Days 6 & 7 Day 8 report The CW5's 2 main statutory defences to the charges were ruled out as 'inadmissible' this morning by Judge Donagh McDonagh, who was then rather suddenly forced to 'pull the plug' and send the jury home after his relationship with a certain Mr. Bush was revealed to the Court by defence counsel. Last Friday was the ninth day of this trial, and the DPP had made an application that the CW5’s whole main defence of ‘Lawful Excuse’ under the Criminal Damage Act 1991 (as amended in 1997) be ruled inadmissible and denied to the jury. [This is the legal clause (section 6.2.c) which makes the action justifiable if done with the honest belief that one is acting to save life or property, even if the belief is mistaken] First thing this morning (at 10:30am) Judge Donagh McDonagh gave his ruling on this: saying that their intent was clearly to cause damage, there was no question of recklessness, that the language in the applicable section is substantially similar to UK legislation, on which several authorities had been opened. But that while everyone in court accepted that they had acted with an honest belief (subjective), the objective test, i.e. whether they have a LAWFUL excuse, that is a question of LAW for the Judge to decide. Judge McDonagh said the key question is “Was it done to protect others?” He said that Mr. Oxley, the RAF military expert witness called by the defence last week, had given no evidence SPECIFICALLY indicating that the CW5 action had saved / protected any PARTICULAR life or property (Mr. Oxley actually said that this would be completely impossible to know, due to the complex and miasmic nature of war, but that nevertheless, in purely military terms, an attack on such a supply plane of the aggressor would be legitimate and useful from the point of view of a defending force). McDonagh continued to say that therefore the connection implied was “too tenuous, nebulous and remote when viewed objectively” – and therefore he had decided it was not a LAWFUL excuse and the defence would not be available to be put to the jury. The Judge further stated he would “not direct the jury to enter a verdict of guilty”. McDonagh then went further to make a ruling on the 2nd statutory defence, i.e. Justifiable use of Force to Prevent Crime or a Breach of the Peace, or to protect property. This is contained in section 18 of the Non-Fatal Offences against the Person Act, 1997. Neither party to the case had asked for a ruling on this matter, and the prosecution had seemed to concede its applicability, particularly in the light of the very frank testimony of Mr. Jimmy Massey, a former US Marine Sgt. who confessed under oath last week in the witness box to complicity in breaches of the Geneva Conventions for the protection of Citizens in time of War (by his 45-man platoon implementing shoot-to-kill orders against civilians, resulting in the shooting dead of 30 Iraqi civilians during a 3-month tour starting at the time of the land invasion in March 2003) and the fact that most of the CW5 defendants had in their own testimony steadfastly proclaimed their intention to prevent just such crimes, which they had foreseen. It had also been clearly established with Garda witnesses that such crimes are in fact triable before this very same Circuit Court, by virtue of the (Irish) Geneva Conventions Act, 1962, which brings prosecution of offences committed anywhere, anytime, by anyone, against this instrument of international law firmly within the jurisdiction of domestic law enforcement in this country. These uncomfortable legal facts the Judge now proceeded to eliminate on the grounds that, reading the whole act in context, since it deals with non-fatal assault, threatening people with syringes, etc., the crime referred to be prevented has to be one of those mentioned in the other sections of the same act, and has to be territorial, (no reason was given for this, and much cogent argument had been presented to the contrary) and to read it any other way “would be to do violence to the act”. Therefore, it was very strongly implied (although not explicitly stated as such) that this defence was also to be denied them and not go to the jury either. Apparently, the legalistic logic of Judge McDonagh seemed to imply that if Massey and his men had used a syringe instead of a M-16 on the Iraqi civilians, or maybe only assaulted as opposed to murdered them, then the Catholic Workers would be allowed to put this legal defence, of trying to prevent that crime, to the jury in Dublin. There was then a short recess for the defence to digest this unpalatable news, an effective ‘tabula rasa’ of the defences by the Judge. There then followed a very vigorous defence application to recall Mr. Oxley to fill in the gap the judge had found in his evidence and used in ruling out the defence of Lawful Excuse. In making this application phrases such as, “outrageous attack on justice”, “very unfair”, and "putting procedure before the interests of justice” etc., were directed to the Judge by the defence. The DPP opposed this application and the Judge deferred his decision, arranging for closing speeches to follow and ordering that the court break for lunch. However, just before that point, Mr. Michael O’Higgins, SC for Deirdre Clancy and Nuin Dunlop, addressed the judge to inform him that, “A matter has been brought to our attention this morning and there may be an issue arise afterwards which will affect the course of the trial. I am awaiting further instructions.” Judge McDonagh replied “I await with baited breath!” and left for his lunch on the strength of this bon mot. At 14:30 the court reconvened in the absence of the jury, who had not appeared in the morning at all. Defence senior counsel Mr. Rod O’Hanlon, for Ciaron O’Reilly and Damien Moran, now proceeded to broach the mysterious “issue” mentioned earlier – telling Judge McDonagh that it had come to the attention of the defence that he, Judge McDonagh, had attended the Bush inauguration in 2001 and been invited back in 2004, and that if this was the case there may be an application that he disqualify himself. At this point Judge McDonagh laughed aloud, and alone. Mr. O’Higgins then addressed him to ask for confirmation of the details supplied to the defence, namely that he (McDonagh) had attended, while a barrister, at a photocall in Heuston, Texas, in or around 1995 and been photographed posing beside the then-governor of Texas, George W. Bush, and had then subsequently been invited to and had indeed attended the Bush inauguration in 2001, and been further invited to the 2004 re-inauguration by Mr. Tom DeLay, but had been unable to attend due to a schedule conflict. Judge McDonagh confirmed all this, saying, “You are absolutely correct”. The defence then proceeded to make application that the Judge discharge the jury, due to the potential for a public perception of bias on his behalf against the accused – given the fact that, in a certain sense, Mr. Bush, with whom the Judge would appear to be on friendly personal terms, is implicated at least indirectly in this case. It was further pointed out that if this were the position of a juror serving on the panel, that person would in all likelihood be excluded ‘for cause shown’ if such information came to light at the time of jury selection. The prosecution did not oppose this application, but did open to the Judge two authorities. Firstly, the House of Lords ruling in the Pinochet case, where the decision to extradite was overturned due to one Judge having an indirect connection to Amnesty International, who had joined to the proceedings for the purpose of making submissions, although not a party strictly speaking (Amicus Curiae brief). – The other case was the Dublin Well-Woman Centre v. SPUC. The senior counsel for the DPP, Mr. Conor Devally suggested that these cases indicated it would not be necessary for the Judge in this case to either recuse himself or discharge the jury. Judge McDonagh then took a short recess to consider his position, before returning at 15:05 and abruptly calling down the jury to dismiss them, thus collapsing the trial. Tempests were very clearly written on McDonagh’s face at this time and he did not offer the jury any explanation for this strange result, despite their obvious disappointment at having to endure 14 days of stress for no reason. As the jury trooped out with much grumbling and shrugs of the shoulders, McDonagh very rapidly adjourned the case, the defendants to continue under the same bail to appear before him again on Friday at court number 8, and he then practically ran out of Court - the echos of defence counsel intoning “Very good, milord” bouncing off his back. NB: This factual report is based on contemporaneous notes and observations made personally by the author in Circuit Court #23 today. Transmission Ends.


LA, 08.11.2005 17:08


spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 08.11.2005 17:07

Barcelona Mafi-Punkto 25an-30an okt

[29an okt] Manifestacio kontraŭ BCN-Mafipunkto

Agolisto kontraŭ la urbanisma kaj spekulada perforto

[26an okt]Gazetar-konferenco antaŭ la Barcelona Mafi-Punkto {sondosiero mp3} ··· Ĉi-matene ago kontraŭ Barcelona Renkontiĝ-Punkto
Atelieroj kontraŭ la urbanisma kaj spekulada perforto: 1a sesio + 2a sesio + 3a sesio + La 4a sesio okazonta sabaton la 5an de novembro je la 17a ĉe Espai Obert str. Violant d’Hongria, 71 (Metro Plaça de Sants).
Artikoloj... Teditaj pro la spekulada premado ··· Ĉiuj kontraŭ la Barcelona Mafi-Punkto ··· Alvoko de la Asocio de Viktimoj de la Ĝentileco ··· La nova terenoleĝo de la eŭska registaro ebligas la ekspropietigon de vakaj domoj ··· Nadal (ministro pri publikaj kostruaĵoj) opinias, ke estas pli grave agi pri la nekonstruitaj terenoj ol pri la neuzataj domoj ··· La kataluna polico arestas kvar homojn pro planado de murdo kontraŭ la urbestro de Torrelles de Foix ··· okazo Verdi 28 >>> okazo de premado por elhejmigi ĉe Verdi 28 ··· La justico taksas pravaj la najbarojn ··· Dankoj de la najbaroj ··· Komunikaĵo de la najbaroj de la strato Verdi 28 pro la verdikto
Okazintaĵoj: (re)pensi Barcelonon - (re)akiri la urbon ··· Festomarŝado "Ni malkaŝu la spekuladon"

+infoj : >>>spekulado kaj okupado ::: retejo de la Barcelona Mafi-punkto

@rtivismo (eo)

Barcelona, 08.11.2005 17:07

arkivo barcelona imc-banner
septembro 2003 - aŭgosto 2005

barcelona bg-city-banner 2005-08-29

videoaktivismo + neniu ekskludo en la popolaj festoj + kontrolu vian estulon: vomu menson + viktimoj de la korporacia milito + torturado

+infoj :: >>>@rtivismo

indymedia (eo)

Barcelona, 08.11.2005 17:07

Indymedia Valencio fariĝis realaĵo

Aktivulojn de valencilandaj sociaj movadoj regule minacas la grupo España 2000 en ilia interreta forumo. Oni afiŝas personajn datumojn kaj instigas al perforto. Ĝuste tio okazis kun homoj el, imc-alacant kaj imc-valència. Pro tio estis eldonita ĉi tiu komuniko, al kiu ni invitas vin aliĝi (ca) - (es). Komencas alveni ankaŭ al kelkaj ĵurnaloj la eĥo de tiu publika denunco.

Barcelona Indymedia Ràdio: ekde la 7a de novembro, ĉiun lundon de la 19:30

aliaj indymedia-novaĵoj :: Nova ligilo por aldoni kunvokilojn + ni, mastrumantoj, ankaŭ eraras: iom da pacienco kaj konfido + Indymedia Barcelono en Google + Projekto: Nova indymedia en Maestrat (norda Valencilando) + Kio okazas kun ACP/IMC Madrid? + Propono por forigi la faŝistojn el indy + Revigante Climate Indymedia (Indymedia Klimato) + Intervenoj de ADECAF en Indymedia + Renkontiĝo indyestrecho (indy-markolo) en Barcelono+ Barcelona centrismo en Indymedia + La usona registaro malkaŝas dokumentojn pri la sekvestro de la servilo+ Viva espanya manque pierda bildoj: [re]evolucio de la [indy]media-oj + Pri la partopreno + graffitean imc-bcn

+infoj:: >>>indymedia

Ministro do STJ concede Habeas Corpus a um dos sem-teto presos

Brasil, 08.11.2005 16:37


Himc move out

Houston, 08.11.2005 16:37

End of an era: Houston IMC is moving...


Croatia, 08.11.2005 15:37

Pariz gori: Rasizam i represija eksplodirali u Tjednu ustanaka

stop the eviction of the 'welcome home' kitchen in new orleans!

Portland, 08.11.2005 14:39

The only kitchen serving fresh, nutritious meals to the people of New Orleans east of Canal St. is being threatened with closure by city officials. The loose-knit coalition of groups known as 'the Rainbow Family of Living Light', best known for their yearly 4th of July Rainbow Gatherings at rotating locations throughout the country, have been instrumental in the relief effort following Hurricane Katrina. The mobile kitchen they founded in Waveland, Mississippi, the area hardest hit by the storm, has been consistently serving 2,000 people a day since its inception in early September.

The "Welcome Home Kitchen", as the Rainbow Family's Kitchen is known, has been serving well over 700 people each day for three meals a day, as well as providing free medical care, a distribution center of clothing and supplies, a community bulletin board and information table, and a sense of camaraderie that has brought smiles and hugs from people in the most desperate of circumstances.

But now the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of the New Orleans Emergency Operations Center, Ms. Cynthia Lear, has declared that the city will unilaterally shut the kitchen down on Wednesday, providing no alternative and no resources for the underserved in New Orleans. Ms. Lear has stated that there is no appeals process for this decision, even though community members at the Fauberg-Marigny neighborhood council meeting on Monday gave virtually unanimous support to the ongoing work of the kitchen.

Please call ms. cynthia sylvan lear, the deputy chief administrative officer of the new orleans emergency operations center at 504-658-2180 and Mayor Nagin at (504) 658-4924, Fax: (504) 658-4938 to express your dismay that such a resource would be unilaterally dismantled by the government while it is providing such an important resource for the community.

Related: | The Forming of the New Waveland Cafe | Ongoing reports from Waveland | After The Flood, There Were Rainbows | Pics of the Cafe in NOLA | /a> | compilation of onsite reports from both kitchens

france immigrant riots

Cleveland, 08.11.2005 14:07

Protest against Freeway Expansion

Melbourne, 08.11.2005 13:09

Protest against Freeway Expansion

Is RagingBull Lycos profiting from illegal penny stock scams,money laundering ?

Maine, 08.11.2005 08:07

Lycos began as a search engine at Carnegie Mellon and paradoxically its that provides message boards that censor or delete critics or defrauded investors from posting and allow known penny stock frauds to continue and insiders to the scams to promote known penny stocks frauds is itself like a dark alley of the internet where search engines don't go.

Overdose Deaths in San Francisco Decline

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.11.2005 07:37

Recent reports state that drug overdoses have increased statewide in California, but fewer addicts are dying in San Francisco since the city adopted a harm reduction approach to overdose prevention. Health clinics and jail and treatment centers are giving IV drug users tools for saving their own lives, and those of people around them. Many opiate users are now taught how to use mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate an overdose victim. Class participants are given needles that contain naloxone, a drug that can revive a person who is overdosing. Many users have reported saving others with the treatment. The City also has an outreach program that suggests that people have a partner nearby when they are using, and tells them about the risks of overdosing. Other cities are using similar programs and are reportedly experiencing a drop in overdose deaths. The San Francisco Needle Exchange website includes overdose prevention tips.

Read more in a report from Join Together

Operation Ceasefire Screening

DC, 08.11.2005 05:12

Arlington Independent Media Presents the Premiere of “Operation Ceasefire” Tuesday, November 8; doors open at 6:30pm and showtime is at 7:30pm. at the Arlington Cinema N’ Drafthouse, 2903 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA

Environmentalists take it to the next level in fight against Plum Creek

Maine, 08.11.2005 04:07

Environmental vandals possibly affiliated with the Earth Liberation Front targeted the Seattle-based Plum Creek Timber Company, vandalizing homes and offices in four towns all on the same night.

Chiquinha Gonzaga sem luz há 40 dias

Brasil, 08.11.2005 03:07


Chico Protests War and Arnold

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.11.2005 03:07

On November 2nd, a peaceful, non-violent, and legal anti-war march in Chico brought a huge responese by Chico PD. A diverse group of about 80 activists marched thru downtown Chico, (on the sidewalks). The well organized and peaceful group was video taped by police. No less then 5 police vehicles followed the group as they did a 4 mile march to Congressman Wally Hergers Office. His office closed early, because of the protests. Report and pictures here.

Also, on Nov 7, over 300 Chico citizens showed up to protest when govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger pulled into town for some pre-election publicity. He visited the Cozy Dinner on Mangrove Ave, and apparently the only people that would wear a pro-Arnold sticker were allowed to be in the dinner. Hundreds chanted, "Go home Arnold!", as he arrived and quickly hid in the dinner. The audience also chanted "no 73, no 74, no 75, no 76, no 77". Very few pro-Arnold supporters were there. Report and pictures here.


Maine, 08.11.2005 03:07

Anti-access legislation in Washington to be considered this week WITHOUT input from access community!

Religiously Organized Tooled for Brave New World Order

Maine, 08.11.2005 03:07

Was reading Bill Moyers' article ( about this stuff that Bush II has been supporting, and as I read, knowing what I know about statecraft, I couldn't help but to see how, as usual, people are being hyped-up and divided for interests that they're not aware of.

Elecciones Especiales en California el 8 de Noviembre

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.11.2005 02:37

Las elecciones especiales en California de 2005 serán celebradas el 8 de Noviembre, 2005 luego de haber sido anunciadas por el Gobernador Arnold Schwarzenegger el 13 de Junio pasado. Personas registradas a votar en California votaran sobre ocho proposiciones.
Las medidas incluyen:
Prop. 73: Crearía un periodo de espera y la obligación de notificar a los padres antes de que un menor se halla realizado un aborto.
Prop. 74: Haría que nuevos maestros deban esperar cinco anios antes de tener un estado permanente, y haría que despedir maestros permanentes sea mas facil.
Prop. 75: Haría que los sindicatos de organismos públicos necesiten tener permiso escrito cada anio de cada miembro antes de poder gastar dinero en actividades relacionadas con política.
Prop. 76: Daria al gobernador poderes especiales para reducir el presupuesto publico. Dejaría sin vigencia la Proposición 98, votada y aprobada en la otra elección, que garantiza fondos mínimos para la educación.
Prop. 77: Coloca la responsabilidad de redefinir los distritos en manos de un panel de jueces retirados, en vez de la legislatura estatal.
Prop. 78: Iniciativa de prescripción de drogas escrita por grandes companias farmacéuticas. Companias farmacéuticas podrían entrar un programa voluntario de descuento en prescripción de drogas.
Prop. 79: Iniciativa de la coordinadora por acceso a la saludo (Health Access coalition), crearía un programa de descuentos a las drogas que requeriría la participación de los que fabrican las drogas si ellos quisieran vender medicinas a través del programa del estado Medi-Cal.

Las próximas elecciones serán las mas caras en toda la historia de California.

Leer Mas En la Pagina sobre Elecciones y Gobierno de Indybay.

Gay Shame Plans &quot;Welcome&quot; for Creating Change Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.11.2005 01:37

The National Gay Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) is coming to the Bay Area for its annual Creating Change conference, which is scheduled to take place in Oakland from November 9th through 13th. The NGLTF calls the event the "premier national grassroots organizing and skills building LGBT conference." Gay Shame calls the conference "a spectacle of liberalism in defense of being one of the intitials in either their name or the entire LGBTF panaroma of identities."

Gay Shame plans to give Creating Change its own special welcome. Gay Shame will meet at 11:00am Friday, October 11th at 16th St BART station to go to Oakland and hand out its new zine, which will share "insights into the beautific vision of revolution," at the Creating Change Conference. They plan to return on Sunday to "share with (our) favorite liberal queer advocates again," meeting at 11:00am at 16th Street BART. Read more

Gay Shame continues to hold weekly meetings, and is planning to acknowledge "new yuppie neighbors in the Polk neighborhood" whom it says "are kicking out queer people to make room for more white straight yuppies."

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force | Gay Shame

Capitola Police Violate Protester's Freedom of Speech Saturday

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.11.2005 01:08

Activists taking part in the Victoria's Dirty Little Secret campaign were denied entrance to the Capitola Mall on Saturday. (call to action). The U.S. Supreme Court's Pruneyard Decision in 1980 guarantees the right to free speech in privately-owned public areas such as shopping malls.

The mall security and two capitola cops denied the activists entry to the mall. The manager of security said the protesters needed a permit to even stand at the entrance to the mall. The protesters retreated to the streetside sidewalk in front of the mall.

This is directly opposed to a 1980 Supreme Court decision based on a very similar conflict that happened not far from here. The Pruneyard Shopping Center in Campbell.

In short, Capitola police and security guards violated your constitutional rights.

Photos: Activists in Capitola Expose Victoria's Dirty Secret of Boreal Forest Destruction

More info about Pruneyard: Wikipedia || Community Rights Counsel || Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins 447 U.S. 74 (1980)

More info about the Victoria's Secret demo: Victoria’s Dirty Secret || Forest Ethics

Reports from a few of the more than 300 demonstrations that took place across North America: New York City || Portland || San Francisco (.mov)

Rossport meets Nottingham

United Kingdom, 08.11.2005 00:38

The Rossport Solidarity Camp in Mayo, Ireland was set up as local residents oppose of Shell's plan to build an unprecedented high pressure gas pipeline through the hamlet of Rossport, on the wild rugged coastline of north-west Mayo, Ireland. Five of these local activists, aka The Rossport Five, were subsequently imprisoned for refusing to obey a court order forbidding them from preventing contractors hired by Shell access to their farms and those of their neighbours. After 3 months in prison, they were released when Shell asked that the court order be lifted. The struggle has won significant victories in securing their release, and in preventing Shell building the development this year, as they had planned to do, but the battle is far from over...

Two participants in Rossport Solidarity Camp will be on a speaking tour of Britain in November and will speak in Nottingham at the International Community Centre, 61b Mansfield Road on the 10th November. The talk starts at 7pm and is free.

Links: Justice for the Rossport 5 | Shell to Sea network | Indymedia Ireland | personal report with pictures from the Rossport Camp, by Dean | Rossport Solidarity Camp speaking tour dates

Paris yanıyor

Istanbul, 08.11.2005 00:08

Paris yanıyor: Irkçılık ve baskı isyana dönüştü

The Fall 2005 Free Press is Out!

San Diego, 08.11.2005 00:08

The San Diego Free Press for Fall 2005 is out! Including stories and photos from all of the Anti-Minutemen, Anti-Border actions all summer as well as stories in Homelessness in San Diego, interviews with local activists, interviews with survivors of Katrina and more! En espanol tambien! We will be having a meeting this week so that folks can come by and pick them up and help us distribute them.

Read it online here!

Immigration Films

Houston, 07.11.2005 23:07

Nov 15th: Immigration and Immigrant Rights

Polonya: DeCentrum squat

Istanbul, 07.11.2005 22:38

DeCentrum işgal evi tahliye edildi

SchülerInnen demonstrieren österreichweit

Austria, 07.11.2005 22:07

In Wien, Linz, Wels und Dornbirn beteiligten sich am Mittwoch, 19. Okt 2005, tausende SchülerInnen an einem Streik und an Demonstrationen für freien Bildungszugang. Dazu aufgerufen hatten Aktionskomitees an den Schulen und diverse SchülerInnen- und StudentInnenorganisationen. Die Forderungen der SchülerInnen/organisationen wurden unter anderem auch in zwei Resolutionen (1 u. 2) formuliert, die den Bildungsabbau in einen gesamtgesellschaftlichen Zusammenhang stellen. Zusätzlich wurde auch Kritik am System Schule als Machtmittel seitens des Staates geübt. Demoberichte: Wien (mit Fotos) | Linz | Dornbirn Links: derFunke | revolution | Gehrer stoppen! | Jugend kämpft | KinderGartenAnarchistInnen

Bela Vista (Setúbal) e Ameixoeira (Lisboa): dois bairros sociais votados ao abandono

Portugal, 07.11.2005 21:07

Bela Vista (Setúbal) e Ameixoeira (Lisboa): dois bairros sociais votados ao abandono

Παρίσι: η οργή των αποκλεισμένων ξεσπάει

Athens, 07.11.2005 19:07

"Θα μπορούσε να έχει ξεκινήσει από το οτιδήποτε. Όταν είσαι μετανάστης εδώ, είσαι παγιδευμένος στα σκατά. Μα πραγματικά σας εκπλήσσει το ότι γίνονται όλα ανάλωμα του πυρός;"

- Momo, 26 χρόνων, Aulnay-sous-Bois

Πάνω από 4,5 εκατομύρια κοινωνικά αποκλεισμένοι (κυρίως άνεργοι και μετανάστες 1ης και 2ης γενιάς), ζουν στα γκετοποιημένα προάστια των Γαλλικών πόλεων. Το γαλλικό κράτος αποκαλεί τις πολιτείες αυτές "Ευαίσθητες Αστικές Ζώνες" και έχει αναλάβει να διασφαλίσει την επιβίωση αλλά και τον αποκλεισμό των κατοίκων τους.

Ο υπουργός εσωτερικών Σαρκοζύ, επικαλούμενος την "ασφάλεια" των πολιτών και την "απειλή της τρομοκρατίας", κυνηγάει εδώ και μήνες αυτούς που αποκαλεί "μιάσματα" (μετανάστες χωρίς χαρτιά, νέοι των προαστείων, μαύροι, άραβες). Αργά ή γρήγορα, τα "μιάσματα" θα αντιδρούσαν και τα προάστια θα έπαιρναν φωτιά.

Η σπίθα άναψε την Πέμπτη 27 Οκτώβρη: δέκα μαθητές έπαιζαν ποδόσφαιρο στο προάστιο του Clichy-sous-Bois. Ξαφνικά εμφανίστηκαν αστυνομικοί για να κάνουν ελέγχους χαρτιών. Τα παιδιά έφυγαν τρέχοντας καθώς μερικά δεν είχαν χαρτιά. Τρία από αυτά κρύφτηκαν σε ένα υποσταθμό υψηλής τάσης κι έπαθαν ηλεκτροπληξία. Οι Ziad Benn (17) και Banou Traoré (15) πέθαναν, ενώ ο Metin (21) τραυματίστηκε σοβαρά.

Από εκείνο το βράδυ το Clichy-sous-Bois φλέγεται. Ομάδες ατόμων επιτίθενται σε αστυνομικούς, ενώ πυρπολούν αυτοκίνητα και καταστήματα. Η αστυνομία προσπαθεί να καταστείλει τα επεισόδια προχωρώντας σε εκατοντάδες συλλήψεις τις τελευταίες μόνο ημέρες. Την ίδια ώρα ο Σαρκοζύ ξεκαθαρίζει πως θα συνεχίσει την πολιτική μηδενικής ανοχής. Μέσα στις δέκα πρώτες μέρες του "Γαλλικού Νοέμβρη" η εξέγερση έχει εξαπλωθεί σε εννιά προάστια, πολλές περιοχές της χώρας αλλά και στην ίδια την πόλη του Παρισιού.

Φωτογραφίες [ 1 | 2 ] και βίντεο

Ενημέρωση: 6/11 (1 | 2) | 5/11 | 4/11 (1 | 2 | 3) | 2/11 | 1/11 | 30/10 | 28/10 | χρονικό από τη wikipedia (αγγλικά)

The Suburbs Are Ticking... Why The Nihilism Of The Paris Riots Is Not A Political &quot;Insurrection&quot;

Ireland, 07.11.2005 18:37

Re-branding of rioting by leftists solves nothing . An attempt to look at the Paris riots, with more questions than answers. The last seven days have been interesting. Here at home there was a large gathering of union workers protesting against the casualisation of labour at Irish Ferries, who plan to lay off Irish workers and employ Eastern Europeans at lower wage rates in their place. In Argentina, demonstrators opposed to the exploitation of Latin America by multinationals clashed with riot cops at the FTAA summit, providing the now familiar unwelcome mat for Dubya. Undoubtedly the focus was on Paris however, as it entered its second week of rioting after two teenagers were electrocuted to death fleeing from police. Already there is revisionism happening in left circles regarding the events of the last eleven days in the banlieues of Paris (and now further afield). Several commentators and newspapers in France have been drawing comparisons between the rioting in depressed districts of the city with the student and general strike in May/June 1968, while others sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and speaking up in favour of rights for Islamic communities in the aftermath of the War in Afghanistan have been calling it "the French Intifada". Both of these paralells are flawed. The soixante-huitards may have been involved in street clashes with the CRS, but these clashes had an explicit political dimension and statement behind them; and even the tactics used differ markedly from those on the streets of Paris now. Nobody is denying either that the situation of the mostly Black and Arab families is grim, but to suggest that it is equivalent to the oppression suffered by the people in the West Bank or the Gaza Strip is complete hyperbole. What is happening at the moment in Paris is part of a continuum of mass urban riots, as opposed to organised political insurrections or direct actions, that have been a feature of Western city life for the past 50 years (and further beyond into the past, although the development of consumer society and the spread of the car as the main mode of transport mean that the rioters have different targets and tools to light up their fires with). Take your pick from a long list of urban meltdowns, from Watts 1965, Newark '67, Tampa '80, Brixton/Toxteth '81, Broadwater Farm '85, Los Angeles '92, Cincinnati 2001 - and these are just the ones that I can remember off the top of my head, and only in the English speaking world. Paris 2005 will become part of this timeline. Regrettably in these urban riots, there is little hope or central message behind them, only decentralised nihilism and unfocused property damage committed by disenfranchised young (mostly male) people. In the wake of the Rodney King riots in 1992, similar revisionism was taking place, referring to the riots as a multiracial insurrection. The assault on Reginald Denny at the beginning of these riots was as brutal and racist as that of the four cops on King. Likewise in Paris it is hard to justify or defend the burning of public transport and local amenities such as a community centre or gym, or explain the political reasoning behind an elderly woman being splashed with petrol and set alight as she attempted to disembark a hijacked bus. However, in the words of the Situationists (who were defending the looting and arson in Watts) "Let the sociologists bemoan the absurdity and intoxication of this rebellion. The role of a revolutionary publication is not only to justify the Los Angeles insurgents, but to help elucidate their perspectives, to explain theoretically the truth for which such practical action expresses the search." Perhaps these days it is the role of Indymedia articles and peer review to try and explain the actions of the Paris rioters in a radical, accurate, and passionate telling of truth. One origin of this (and most) Western urban rioting is colonialism. Rich, imperialist, white countries happily preached about liberty, equality, land and brotherhood while going to town on their African pals, taking them for everything they were worth, practicing a level of violence much more intense than any burning of cars or bins. Post WWII when it wasnt so p.c. to be occupying other countries, eventually (after much political pressure from the people of the oppressed states themselves, rather than just collective guilt on the part of the Allies for mirroring the Nazis Lebenstraum policy) this resulted in the "Scramble to Get Out of Africa". Ghana became the first independent Black state in Africa in 1957, while the predominantly Arab nations of Morocco and Tunisia freed themselves from the yoke of French rule a year previously in 1956. Algeria followed suit in 1962 after a civil war. Rather than repair the damage, imperial nations chose to indulge in neo-colonialism by holding on to strategic economic resources through private companies. So although the new independent African nations had political independence, their financial means to stabilise were removed, leading to the breakdown and corruption often associated with the continent today. Many of the colonial "subjects" had work and travel rights in their imperial parent, so they ended up there as economic refugees/migrants, possibly with a healthy measure of antipathy towards their hosts. The generation rioting on the streets are the children of the colonised. Rather than accept these people as equals, apologise for and acknowledge enormous past mistakes during imperial terror campaigns, and legislate for the positive emancipation and "affirmative action" of integration into the host society, life continues much the same as before, as if nothing had happened. So, the colonial subjects will always be looked down on, ignored, or treated as an "other", outside the realm of "normal" life and society. This goes on for years and the separation continues. Whether its Africans in the USA, Pakistanis in the UK, Algerians in France, or the Aboriginals in Australia (who still have to suffer the indignation of being the other in their own country), the tension builds for years and years until one little spark sets it all off in an explosive orgy of anger, violence, and frustration. The refusal or denial to reach peaceful and meaningful resolution with the legacy of colonialism will come back and erupt in urban districts populated by the communities affected by it, regardless of which generation is dealing with the exclusion. Another origin of the rioting is the trickle down effect of free market capitalism and globalisation. The fabric of the labour market has changed almost beyond recognition in most European countries since 1968. There are very few manufacturing and primary industry jobs remaining, many of which have relocated to the far East where labour is cheap, unregulated, and non-unionised. Rather than protect jobs with legislation, and work in tandem with the economies of the far east, successive states have allowed multinationals to up and leave at a whim. The effect of this move is felt on both sides of the world - in the richer West, whole communities built up around factories are instantly destroyed, while in the poorer East, workers are exploited to the point of death and the multinationals do not have to comply with environmental standards, polluting the immediate surroundings and beyond far more than previously. These skilled manual labour jobs were traditionally occupied by French workers, but there was also space for the North African immigrants, as well as in auxiliary openings related to large scale production plants, such as catering, maintenance, transport, etc. With the disappearance of these jobs and the slide towards a service industry (which people with even slight language difficulties find it impossible to find a job in), it has slowly resulted in a scenario where large swathes of the population cannot and most likely will not find employment in the forseeable future. This bleak outlook builds up over time, and slides once strong family-based communities into drug abuse, petty theft, and other antisocial activity. The self-immolation happening in Paris communities is a reflection of this despair and complete disbelief in the future. People simply dont care any more. When you have a job that values you as a person, and a family that cares for you and your friends, you generally dont gamble on it for a night of rioting with the risk of injury, arrest, or even death. This complete detachment from the concept of society is visible in the targets of the rioters. Left wing opportunist commentators can defend some of the targets such as police stations, car dealerships, and banks; but schools, local shops, buses and community centres which local residents associations doubtlessly fought long and hard for have also gone up in smoke and rubble. This type of anti-community vandalism regrettably is commonplace in poor districts of major cities - which the state is happy to let happen to a degree. When it spills into the more affluent suburbs, it is only then that the crackdown begins. The fire that burns within the heart of the rioters will probably only be extinguished by a long spell of cold rain and winds. The government in France has made the repeated blinkered mistake of a law and order response, further fanning the flames of anger. Based on previous examples of such urban rioting, there will be state committees set up to investigate the causes behind it, but nothing will really change. The rioters arrested will not be shown any leniency, and in five years time when they are released from prison, their rage will burn just as brightly as before. They will not be able to secure employment due to a criminal conviction, and their children will learn of this heady time in exalted tones, as something to look up to, to garner respect from. The cycle continues. The net result of the Paris riots will not be some mass proletarian consciousness awakening and sudden crystallisation into a political movement - because "the left" is for the most part fractured in urban areas and simply not present on the ground. The nihilism of the rioting is born of hate and desperation, and into the eye of the storm (or the calm after) steps political movements which seek to exploit and benefit from this deep emotion. This can range from both the extreme and mainstream right wing, promising protection to the scared white neighbourhoods, to religious fundamentalism, which elevates a social struggle into a completely different, celestial battle - only offering a way out through the misery of further violent conflict or even complete self-destruction with the promise of salvation and pleasure in "the next world". In the context of current global geopolitics, this seems the inevitable next step in France for the immigrant communities, sadly drawing in young people into the trenches of the War on Terror. Religious fundamentalism (of any stripe) ultimately is destined to repeat centuries-old disharmony with its dogma and chronic monolithic view of the world. What can progressive movements do during and after these riots? One (perhaps foolhardy) option is to organise and jump in at the deep end, engaging in the confrontations and aiming the destruction at more 'legitimate' targets of capital, such as those attacked during large summit mobilisations - and issuing communiques afterwards explaining your actions. This is not opportunistic, rather an action that lies in the roots of the belief that revolution can happen at any time, so now is as good as any to make it your own. Another, perhaps more palatable and less dangerous action is to organise solidarity marches with and in the communities perpetrating and affected by the violence - not afterwards when it cools down, but now. This means talking with people on the ground, engaging in a long and difficult time of community work, organising prisoner and legal support, and exploring long, hard answers that stretch beyond the usual realms of sloganeering/rhetoric and cliched "activism" within a closed circle. Whatever the outcomes of the rioting, let us not try to re-label it as some sort of serious conscious political uprising, or manipulate the destruction of working class areas and amenities as being a positive development. Mature and responsible questions and actions will hopefully lead to long term, intelligent answers, rather than perpetuating the misery and despondency of huge sections of French society. The pressure has been building up for years, and now that it has all exploded in a juissance of fire, a magical solution isnt going to materialise overnight in amongst the debris of cars and bins.

Rosario : despedidas de Telecom

Argentina, 07.11.2005 18:07

“Nos usaron como un trapo de piso”

Continuam protestos na França

Brasil, 07.11.2005 17:38


Mar del Plata estuvo en las calles

Argentina, 07.11.2005 17:38

Lunes 7 de noviembre de 2005 | Se realizaron dos marchas convocadas contra Bush.
Mar del Plata estuvo en las calles


Peru, 07.11.2005 17:09


Report: Action against Sun Peaks Resort

Portland, 07.11.2005 16:38

On Saturday, October 22, No One is Illegal members in an unannounced action went to the Vancouver Snow Show to protest the occupation of Sun Peaks Ski resort on Secwepemc territories, land which has never been ceded, released, nor surrendered.

Sun peaks resort is located near Kamloops, British Columbia and is owned by Nippon Cable. Despite the fact that the United Nations has repeatedly condemned Canada for violating International Human Rights of Indigenous communities, Sun Peaks Ski Resort continues to abuse the rights of the Secwepemc people through the continuous expansion of its overpriced bed units and hotel chains such as Delta Hotels on the Secwepemc Territories. Sun Peaks Resorts has forced the arrests of 54 Secwepemc Elders, youth and land-users.

We struggle for the right for our communities to maintain their livelihoods and resist war, occupation and displacement, while building alliances and supporting indigenous sisters and brothers also fighting theft of land and displacement.

The Clock on the Slaughter Starts

Portland, 07.11.2005 16:38

The Canadian government may let us know this week how many seal pups they will allow to be legally slaughtered—it could be as high as 350,000!

As early as Tuesday, November 8, the Canadian government could issue the quota for how many seal pups can be legally bludgeoned to death in this seasons annual seal "hunt." It is unclear why such a practice is referred to as a hunt as the animals are completely defenseless and have no way to flee. The facts are shocking. Last season, almost 320,000 seal pups, only days and weeks old, were killed just for their fur, which is illegal in most countries including the U.S. A veterinary panel concluded as many as 42% were skinned alive while conscious. As many as 120,000 were killed in two days!

Salvage Logging Bill Introduced

Portland, 07.11.2005 16:38

Salvage Logging Legislation Introduced in the House of Representatives: On Thursday November 3rd, Representative Greg Walden (R-OR) and Brian Baird (D-WA) introduced a bill that will sweep aside protections for old growth reserves, roadless areas, fish and wildlife in order to rush logging after fires and natural disturbances. The bill eliminates meaningful environmental review and public involvement.

The Walden-Baird bill is an extreme example of what happens when money from the logging industry influences politicians that are entrusted with protecting America's natural heritage.

Representative Tom Udall (D-NM) has introduced an alternative bill called the "National Forests Rehabilitation and Recovery Act" (H.R. 3973).

Related: | Fall Creek "Salvage" Sale Timber Auction--On the Inside Looking Out | < a href=""Oly Ecology Center Week in the Trees Int'l Forest News | Rogue IMC Forest Defense Page | Oxygen Collective Biscuit Defense & New Orleans Relief Efforts | O2 Collective Biscuit Movie: Keep Towing That Line

Meia Intermunicipal rumo ao Passe Livre!

Brasil, 07.11.2005 15:38


Revolte in Frankreich

Germany, 07.11.2005 15:37

Die in Paris lebenden Afrikaner wurden in ghettoisierte Vororte von Paris verdrängt (banlieue), wo der Staat Ausbildung, Gesundheitssystem und andere Dienste abbaut und einschränkt, während die Polizeipräsenz, Polizeikontrollen, Überfälle auf "Papierlose" (sans-papiers) und das Niveaus der Unterdrückung in den letzten Wochen stark zugenommen hat (Feature vom Oktober). Nach dem Tod zweier Jugendlicher sind letzte Woche die Vororte explodiert.

Update: In der 11.Nacht der Unruhen ist das erste Todesopfer zu beklagen. Allein in dieser Nacht brannten 1400 Autos aus und mehr als 200 Orte sind betroffen. In Berlin, Bremen und Brüssel gab es Nachahmungstaten.

[Bericht über Polizeigewalt als Auslöser: Zu den Ausschreitungen in Clichy-sous-Bois
Artikel bei: Wikipedia und Telepolis Berichte von Indymedia Paris (fr): 1 2 3 4 ] [ Augenzeugenbericht in Englisch: IMC UK kersplebedeb ]

HCAP Meets Halifax Council

Maritimes, 07.11.2005 14:08

HCAP to appear before Halifax City Council

Free Speech

Sydney, 07.11.2005 13:38

Free speech under threat - Green Left needs your support

from global - Paris is burning

Melbourne, 07.11.2005 11:08

Racism and Repression Explode in Paris

Lof Casiano

Argentina, 07.11.2005 10:37

Creative Acitvism Raises Issues at Denton's Investiture Friday

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.11.2005 08:08

Activists at Chancellor Denton's Investiture passed out fake programs informing audience about UC's failure to enforce its code of conduct prohibiting the use of sweatshops to make univeristy apparel, and urging Denton to support to proposed changes that will make the document more comprehensive and effective. On Friday, two "ushers" greeted the suits and ties arriving for Chancellor Denton's investiture outside the UCSC music center. They guided the auidience to the proper lines and passed out programs with smiles. However, when the programs were opened, instead of containing the schedual for the investiture, they outlined the problems with the UC Code of Conduct and the proposed changes to them that Comercio Justo and the Student Worker Justice Coalition are spearheading, in an effort to make the campus and UC system Sweatfree.

International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners on December 3rd

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.11.2005 07:37

December 3rd will be the first International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners. There will be a number of events in the Bay Area and internationally during the week before and including that date. Filipino political prisoner Donato Continente suggested initiating an International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War as a way to challenge the globalization of repression. People in countries around the world including Palestine, the Philippines, Haiti, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, England, India, and the U.S. will mark December 3rd with rallies, marches, and other forms of resistance.

There are tens of thousands of political prisoners held in prisons and jails around the world. The governments that incarcerate and criminalize them hope that the world outside will never know their names or learn why they really are in prison. The United States has some of the longest-held political prisoners in the world – women and men who were part of the American Indian Movement (AIM), the Black Panther Party, MOVE, the Puerto Rican Independence movement and the white anti-imperialist movement, who were fighting for self-determination and social justice in the sixties and seventies. Many were targets of the FBI’s COINTELPRO program which used assassination, disinformation, and frame-ups to crush people’s liberation movements and social dissent. CAPS points out that the same system that has kept these people in prison for over three decades criminalizes and incarcerates over 2 million people in the United States today.

The “Political Convictions: Liberating Political Prisoners” film festival will take place on Monday, November 28th and Tuesday, November 29th at the New College of California Cultural Center in San Francisco. The film festival will also be held on Wednesday, November 30th and Thursday, December 1st at Laney Community College in Oakland. Films shown on the different evenings will include "Behind the Walls," excerpts from "All Power to the People," "Women in Struggle," and more.

There will be a Day of Action on Friday, December 2nd at the Oakland Federal Building from 12pm to 2 pm. A Day of Solidarity will take place on Saturday, December 3rd at the First Unitarian Church in Oakland. This latter event will include Kathleen Cleaver (former Black Panther) and Alicia Rodriguez (former Puerto Rican Political Prisoner.) There will be other speakers as well as drumming and dance performances.

The week is being sponsored by California Anarchist Prisoner Solidarity, the National Coalition to Free the Cuban Five, Club Knowledge - Laney College, and New College’s Activism and Social Change Program.

Read more about political prisoners and the International Day of Solidarity | California Anarchist Prisoner Solidarity | Bay Area Jericho Movement Statement

WIN: Special Election Feature

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.11.2005 07:08

California voters will soon decide the fate of a slew of ballot measures in the most expensive election in state history. Called for by Governor Schwarzenegger in mid-June, the measures had early support, but according to several recent opinion polls, opposition is growing, and many of them appear to be headed for defeat on November 8. WIN reporter Vinny Lombardo examines what's at stake in this election for unions in California.

Audio: Download the mp3

see also: FRSC: No On Prop 73 Interview with Cynthia Mathews || Proposition 73 would create a "hit list" of California judges || California Voter Recommendations || (Freedom Socialist Party) California Voter Recommendations || Cabrillo College Voter Rally (11/8)

Read more about the November 8th Special Election on Indybay's Government page

Trial Started for State Agent Indicted on Voluntary Manslaughter

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.11.2005 07:08

Finally, 2 years after the murder of Rudy Cardenas, state agent Michael Walker is going to court for the charges of voluntary manslaughter. The defense claims that Walker shot in self-defense, thinking that Rudy had a gun. No weapons were found at the scene, but a mysterious knife turned up from Rudy’s pants pockets while in the custody of the state. Defense attorney, Craig Brown, works for the law firm Harry Stern, the same law firm that represented the Oakland Riders, a gang of police notorious for planting evidence and murdering innocent people in Oakland, California. Walker plans to take the stand, probably towards the end of the trial. It has come out that Walker did not follow standard procedures and basically took the law into his own hands, execution style.

Questions Still Remain: What exchanged happened between Rudy and Walker to make Walker gun down an innocent man? Why was Walker training other police and state agents at the Central Coast Gang Investigator Association conference after being indicted on voluntary manslaughter? And since Walker’s indictment, why have all the other half-dozen police-murders in San Jose had closed-grand jury hearings?

see also: Michael Walker, Killer of Rudy Cardenas, Goes to Trial (Indybay)

Tosco 30 años

Argentina, 07.11.2005 06:38

Lunes 7 de noviembre 2005 | 30 AÑOS DE SU MUERTE
Tosco vive, la lucha sigue

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