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Argentina, 15.11.2005 21:08

Students Unite Against the UC Regents Nov 16 and 17th

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.11.2005 20:08

Make Yourself Seen and Heard to the UC Regents!

The UC Regents will be meeting at UC Berkeley Wednesday Nov 16th and Thursday Nov 17th. Wednesday the Regents will be voting to raise students fee another 8% ($492). Thursday they will be voting to cut financial aid. The regents meeting agenda is here.

There will be carpools from Santa Cruz up to Berkeley on Wednesday and Thursday and a reportback rally at 3pm on Thursday in the Baytree Plaza. On Sunday Nov 20th there will be a “UCSC Student Inter-Org Coalition” meeting at 4pm in the Redwood Building near Baytree Plaza. There will be a reportback and feedback session on the Regents Meeting.

see also: University of California Students Association || || 2005 Disorientation Guide (.pdf)


Argentina, 15.11.2005 20:08


Argentina, 15.11.2005 20:08

Students Unite Against the UC Regents November 16th and 17th

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.11.2005 20:07

Make Yourself Seen and Heard to the UC Regents!

The UC Regents will be meeting at UC Berkeley's Clark Kerr Campus on Wednesday and Thursday, Nov 16th-17th. Wednesday the Regents will be voting to raise student fees another 8% ($492). Thursday they will be voting to cut financial aid. The regents meeting agenda is here.

On Thursday, November 17th, there will be a March to Stop the Fee Hike! People will meet in UC Berkeley's Upper Sproul at 9am.

There will be carpools from Santa Cruz up to Berkeley on Wednesday and Thursday.

see also: Graduate Assembly of UC Berkeley || University of California Students Association || || 2005 UCSC Disorientation Guide (.pdf)

Anibal Verón

Argentina, 15.11.2005 19:38

educació (ca)

Barcelona, 15.11.2005 19:07

Jornada de lluita Estudiantil Europea

Manifest de la Plataforma Mobilitzadora en Defensa de la Universitat Pública 17N +++ Cartell jornada 17N

[17nov] Manifestació 12h pça Universitat

Documents Proclama davant del procés de Bolonya +++ Manifest de les Jornades del 18 de maig de 2005 contra el procés de Bolonya i el Fòrum Europeu de l'Educació de Bergen +++ Manifest de professors i investigadors universitaris
Articles: L'Espai Europeu d'Educació Superior +++ altres aspectes de la convergènica europea+++ L'educació a Europa: el neoliberalisme contraataca +++ Carta-Manifest de l'assemblea de professors i estudiants de la facultat d'Història de l'Art de la UB. +++ Punts mínims davant la LOU +++ Noves tecnologies, educació a distància i la mercantilizació de la formació. Manuel Area Moreira +++ Secundària LOE: L'educació pública en perill

+info : >>>ensenyament + pmdup + CEPC + Alternativa Estel + AEP

education (en)

Barcelona, 15.11.2005 19:07

European Students Fight Jorney

Manifest of the Mobilizator Plataform in Defense of Public University (PMDUP)17N +++ Poster of the 17N Journey

[17nov] Demonstration 12h Universitat square

Documents Proclam against the Bologna proces +++ Manifest of the may journeys against the Bologna Proces and the Bergen Education Meeting +++ Manifest of the university profesors and investigators
Articles: The European Higher Education Area +++ More EHEA+++ The education in Europe: the neoliberalism attacks +++ Manifiest of the profesors and students asembly of the History of Art Faculty of Barcelona University. +++ Summary LOU +++ New technologies, distance education and the trade of the formation. Manuel Area Moreira +++ Secundary LOE: The public education in danger

+info : >>>education + pmdup + CEPC + Alternativa Estel + AEP

educación (es)

Barcelona, 15.11.2005 19:07

Jornada de lucha Estudiantil Europea

Manifiesto de la Plataforma Mobilitzadora en Defensa de la Universdad Pública 17N +++ Cartel jornada 17N

[17nov] Manifestación 12h pza Universitat

Documentos Proclama enfrente del proceso de Bolonya +++ Manifiesto de las Jornadas del 18 de mayo de 2005 contra el proceso de Bolonya y el Fórum Europeo de la Educación de Bergen +++ Manifiesto de profesores y investigadores universitarios
Articles: El Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior +++ otros aspectos de la convergencia europea+++ La educación en Europa: el neoliberalismo contraataca +++ Carta-Manifiesto de la asamblea de profesores i estudiantes de la facultat d'Història de l'Art de la UB. +++ Puntos mínimos ante la LOU +++ Nuevas tecnologias, educación a distancia y la mercantilizacion de la formacion. Manuel Area Moreira +++ Secundaria LOE: La educación pública en pelirgo

+info : >>>educación + pmdup + CEPC + Alternativa Estel + AEP

ON MY DAY OF REST - A Veterans Day Weekend Ends - Bush Be Honored, Soldiers Just Die

Oklahoma, 15.11.2005 19:07

op-ed by local OKC veteran I did not want to get out of bed today, depressed and angry, I did not want to do anything. I can check all major media top stories from one web site, and all of them have a piece that defends Bush in his decision to involve us in the death and destruction of Iraq, for we're guessing oil, but nobody really knows and Bush aint saying and the media aint asking, Democracy is dead in America by Diebold and a chicken coward bought media.

Manifestantes acampam em frente a Caixa Econômica Federal

Brasil, 15.11.2005 18:38


Tell Your Member of Congress to Support the McCain Amendment to Stop Torture

Miami, 15.11.2005 18:37

Tell Your Member of Congress to Support the McCain Amendment to Stop Torture

Aprendiendo a aprender: visiones sobre la lucha contra el discrimen de género

Puerto Rico, 15.11.2005 18:09

Aprendiendo a aprender: visiones sobre la lucha contra el discrimen de género

Bolivarian Youth Counter-Recruitment!

Miami, 15.11.2005 18:07

Bolivarian Youth Counter-Recruitment!

Human Rights Activists Discuss Torture at Amnesty International Conference

Boston, 15.11.2005 17:08

Human rights activists came together at Amnesty International's Northeast Regional Conference at Boston University this weekend. Dr Nazli Kibria of Boston University (photo) was a guest speaker. The issue of torture was a key discussion at this year’s Amnesty International Northeast Conference held at Boston University this weekend. The Bush Administration criticized Amnesty’s annual report earlier this year which quoted Irene Khan, Secretary General of the human rights organization, as saying that the treatment of detainees at Guantanamo was “the gulag of our time.”

Lewiston's Visible Community Protests Against Gentrification

Maine, 15.11.2005 17:07

The Visible Community, a downtown neighborhood association started to defend itself against grossly inexcusable city council economic development plans that is rooted in kicking out the poor, is protesting the demolition of the Ritz on Thursday the 17th of November at noon in Lewiston.

Cross-Canada Haiti Solidarity Week

Maritimes, 15.11.2005 16:08

Pan-Canadian Haiti Solidarity Week Kicks Off

what is the federal reserve?

Maine, 15.11.2005 16:07



Maine, 15.11.2005 16:07

Earlier this month, a delegation of labor, peace, and human rights activists from Maine visited Bangor's Sister City of Carasque in northeastern El Salvador and found evidence that a Canadian mining company has been searching for gold without the community's permission. This Wednesday, November 16, at noon, members of the delegation will gather at the Bangor post office to return one piece of that evidence -- a metal survey tag -- to its "sender," Robin Dow, the CEO of Ottawa-based Au Martinique Silver Inc. (TSX Venture Exchange: AAX) along with a clear message that people in Bangor support Salvadorans' struggle to protect their land and their way of life. They'll be joined by others from the community sending similar symbolic messages to companies and officials who are taking money and resources out of Maine without communities' consent.

Demonstration im Gedenken an die Opfer der Unmenschlickeit

Austria, 15.11.2005 13:07

Am 9.11.1938 nahm der Schrecken namens Hitlerfaschismus mit der Novemberpogrome seinen vorläufigen Höhepunkt. Es wurden jüdische Einrichtungen niedergebrannt, Menschen gedemütigt, verschleppt, gefoltert, deportiert oder hingerichtet. Die industrielle Vernichtung richtete sich gegen alles, was den Wahnsinn des Konstruktes einer "deutschen Nation und Herrenrasse" ideologisch bzw. "biologisch" beschmutzen würde. Millionen von Menschen, die als Andersdenkende, MigrantInnen, Homosexuelle oder Behinderte stigmatisiert wurden, verloren dabei ihr Leben. In Vorarlberg kam es in den letzten Jahren bei Demonstrationen im Gedenken an die Opfer der Unmenschlichkeit zu Angrifffen von Neo-Nazis und der bürgerlichen Presse. Trotz dieser Einschüchterungsversuche wird auch dieses Jahr wieder zu einer Demonstration gegen NS-Verherrlichung, Rassismus und Antisemitismus aufgerufen: Treffpunkt: 19.11.2005 15:00 Uhr, Dornbirn Bahnhof >>> Aufruf | pdf download | | antifanews vs. vlbg" ältere Features zu Antifa in Vorarlberg: Nazis in Bregenz gestört!" | Antifa Demo in Bludenz | Demonstration gegen Faschismus in Dornbirn

Επειδή το Πολυτεχνείο δεν ήταν και δεν είναι γιορτή....

Athens, 15.11.2005 12:07

20 χρόνια από τη δολοφονία του Μ. Καλτεζά

Η δολοφονία του Καλτεζά είναι το αποκορύφωμα μίας χρονιάς που σημαδεύτηκε από καταλήψεις (Νομική, Χημείο, Θεολογική Θεσ/κης) και συγκρούσεις σε καθημερινή βάση. Άγριες επιθέσεις των κατασταλτικών δυνάμεων στην πλατεία Εξαρχείων.

Κατά την διάρκεια της πορείας του Πολυτεχνείου 1985, δέχονται επιθέσεις οι Ν.Αφρικανικές αερογραμμές και το ξενοδοχείο Hilton. Το βράδυ στα Εξάρχεια, γίνεται επίθεση σε κλούβα των ΜΑΤ στη συμβολή των οδών Στουρνάρη και Μπόταση. Ο Μελίστας, μπάτσος των ΜΑΤ, δολοφονεί με το υπηρεσιακό του περίστροφο τον 15χρονο Μιχάλη Καλτεζά σκοπεύοντας και πυροβολώντάς τον πισώπλατα στο κεφάλι. Σχεδόν αμέσως γίνεται κατάληψη του Χημείου κι εκκένωση του το επόμενο πρωί. Συλαμβάνονται 37 άτομα, τα οποία προφυλακίζονται και μετά από πολυήμερη απεργεία πείνας αφήνονται ελεύθεροι. Στις 18ης Νοέμβρη πραγματοποιείται αυθόρμητη πορεία αναρχικών στο κέντρο της Αθήνας. Δεκάδες τράπεζες καταστρέφονται και τα επεισόδια γενικεύονται.

10 χρόνια από την κατάλυση του ασύλου το ’95

Το Νοέμβριο του ’95 γίνεται εξέγερση στις φυλακές Κορυδαλλού, ενώ ταυτόχρονα ο αναρχικός Κ. Καλαρέμας βρίσκεται σε απεργία πείνας. Σε ένδειξη αλληλεγγύης στα παραπάνω, στις 17 Νοέμβρη, καταλαμβάνεται το Πολυτεχνείο. Γίνονται γενικευμένα επεισόδια και το πρωί της επόμενης ημέρας το άσυλο αίρεται και οι κατασταλτικές δυνάμεις εισβάλλουν και συλλαμβάνουν 500 άτομα. Η συνέχεια δίνεται στις δικαστικές αίθουσες με μαζικές δίκες των συλληφθέντων. Ανάμεσα τους και 90 ανήλικοι.

Διήμερο εκδηλώσεων στο Πολυτεχνείο

Συγκέντρωση για τα 20 χρόνια από τη δολοφονία του Μιχάλη Καλτεζά | Αθώωση Μελίστα το '90 - Κατάληψη Πολυτεχνείου | περισσότερο υλικό στην βιβλιοθήκη

Worker Solidarity Rallies Across Australia

Melbourne, 15.11.2005 11:38

Workers on the Streets Across Australia

The Betrayal of a nation

Maine, 15.11.2005 11:07

betrayl my follow up to insanity

New, taller La Bahia conference hotel proposed

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.11.2005 10:08

Get educated about these new plans to replace the historic La Bahia. Attend city council meeting and MAKE COMMENTS, or tune in to Community TV channel 25, 11.15.05, 7pm, and email council with comments.

This project went under the community's "radar" the first time, prior to when the Coast Hotel project became known, when plans were approved for a boutique hotel preserving much of the historic La Bahia. Now, following the collapse of the fast-tracked Coast Conference Hotel project, Barry Swenson Builders and Mr. Canfield want to build a bigger hotel (an investiminium) with conference center at the site, and recently compared it to being "the" conference hotel intended for the beachfront area so it can be no less than 120 rooms (and therefore 5 to 7 stories)! These proposed new plans are going before the city council tomorrow. Its very important that the greater community get to weigh in on the fact that these builders now want to exceed zoning height regulations by 2 to 4 stories on our environmentally sensitive beachfront, along with other environmental impacts, and the public deserves better notice and coverage about the project in order to do so.

a commenter writes: "Santa Cruz needs to stop the knee-jerk RE-activism against all new construction and start embracing responsible Smart Building designs like this one. These projects which RESPONSIBLE architects are offering to us, are designed using the very best of cutting-edge green building design and could help lead the way to a sustainable future and Santa Cruz would be the perfect flagship community for this with its established tradition of environmental stewardship."

Desnutrición en Rosario

Argentina, 15.11.2005 09:08


Argentina, 15.11.2005 09:08

Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20th

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.11.2005 08:07

Sunday, November 20th will be the 7th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, and it will be observed in over 250 locations worldwide, over 80% of which events will be held in the United States. These events bring to light the violence against transgendered people that occurs every day. Gwen Smith, who founded the event, points out that the trans community is not small or powerless. In the last two years, GLSEN and the Gay-Straight Alliance Network have worked with the Remembering Our Dead project over the last two years. As a result of this collaboration, over one hundred of the events will be held at high schools across the US. The Remembering Our Dead Project exists to honor individuals murdered as a result of anti-transgender hatred and prejudice, and draw attention to the issue of anti-transgender violence. Remembering Our Dead is a project of Gender Education and Advocacy, Inc. Press Release

Some local events:
UC Berkeley: A commemoration of the lives lost due to transphobia will take place on November 17th at noon on Sproul Plaza’s Mario Savio steps.
UC Davis: Trans Action Week starts on November 15th, with events to educate people about transgender legal issues, gender policing in public restrooms and general problems within the transgender community. The Transgender Day of Remembrance Memorial will conclude the series on Friday at 7 p.m. in MU II. LGBT Resource Center
San Francisco: The event on Sunday will start at the San Francisco LGBT Center, 1800 Market Street, at 6:30 pm, with a march up Market Street, through the Castro, and ending at the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy. A memorial event featuring speakers and performers will be held at the Academy beginning at 7:30 p.m.
The South Bay Transgender Day of Remembrance will be held on Sunday, November 20th at 3:00 p.m. at the Billy DeFrank Center. The event will include activists from the trans community, a member of Gwen Araujo's family, a slideshow called "Transfigurations: The Making of a Man," and a dance presentation. Read more

There will also be events in San Diego, Los Angeles, and many other cities


DC, 15.11.2005 05:13

A bill modeled on the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act would require the U.S. National Archives to establish a "Tupac Amaru Shakur Records Collection." The bill, introduced by Rep. Cynthia McKinney, is based on the premise that "all Government records related to the life and death of Tupac Amaru Shakur should be preserved for historical and governmental purposes."

&quot;the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion.&quot;

DC, 15.11.2005 05:13

Documents were opened at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA on November 14, 2005 in response to a request by the United States Senate, regarding Samuel A Alito, Jr. "I am particularly proud of my contributions in recent cases in which the government has argued in the Supreme Court that racial and ethnic quotas should not be allowed and that the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion."

Labor Activists Gear Up for a Wal-Mart Week of Action

Philadelphia, 15.11.2005 04:38

I speak my mind; I used to not. A typical day, you work yourself to death, get tired, go home tired, come back tired... I’ve been here five years. They’re not even meeting the cost of living. Five years. I’m not even making nine dollars an hour yet. I have no heat in my house right now. My gas was shut off. Don’t have a telephone. Couldn’t keep that up. I had a car when I first started. I don’t have a car no more. Life ain’t great.

--Donna X, an employee at Wal-Mart's South Philadelphia outlet.

A 3 años de su muerte

santiago, 15.11.2005 03:39

Alex Lemun Weichafe Mapuche Presente

Şemdinli: Government terror

Istanbul, 15.11.2005 03:38

Government terror was caught red handed in Şemdinli

Reminder: Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project Mock Funeral Procession

Richmond, 15.11.2005 03:08

This upcoming Monday, November 14th, starting at 5:00 at Broad and Belvidere there will be a mock funeral procession and ceremony representative in memoriam of people who have died due to lack of access to safe and legal abortions. 200 people die every day because lack of access to safe and legal abortions forces them to turn to unsafe alternatives. Access is limited by restrictions like parental consent laws which target minors. It is limited by the Hyde amendment, which prohibits Medicaid and other federal funding for abortions. This targets poor people, Native American people who get services through Indian Health Services, and people of color who are statistically more likely to receive healthcare through federal programs. It is limited by societal stigma and misinformation which uses shame and fear to control. The U.S. also exports these tactics abroad in the form of the global gag rule, which takes funding away from all programs when any organization performs, advocates for, or makes references for abortion, showing a reckless disregard for the health of people in other countries. Someone dies every six minutes as a result of these restrictions.

&quot;What the giddiness over the Democrat's victory in Virginia signifies&quot;

Richmond, 15.11.2005 03:08

A week ago, a religiously conservative candidate won the Virginia Governor's race. He was a self-described pro-life moderate for "common sense restrictions on abortion." He said he was personally opposed to the death penalty, but he promised his oposition would not stop him from signing death warrants if given the power. And he was pro corporate globalization: keeping Virginia moving forward. But instead of being outraged, Democrats are excited that he won because they nominated and funded him. How far to the right do Democrats have to turn before progressives defect for good? And just as importantly, what does the giddines from national Democrats over this victory mean?

Massive Rally against Anti-Worker Laws

Melbourne, 15.11.2005 02:38

Massive IR Rally Brings Melbourne to a Standstill

My account of the encounter at Wyden's office today

Portland, 15.11.2005 00:38

A group of citizens came out to Ron Wyden's office this afternoon to give him hell for presuming to nullify the Habeas Corpus rights of individuals taken prisoner by federal officials. A representative from Wyden's office, came out to address the group.

Use it or loose it

United Kingdom, 15.11.2005 00:37

Notts Indymedia is urgently looking for people to help out with various tasks. Some tasks only take a few minutes a day... Please come along to the meeting to find out how you can help out. A permanent volunteer of the project is moving away, and will be unable to continue to work on this local news resource.

The meeting has been set for November 28th, 7.30pm, at the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone St, Forest Fields, Nottingham. Please try and come if you can.

For more information please email:

France: Racism and Repression Explode in Weeks of Uprisings

United Kingdom, 15.11.2005 00:37

Those who do not understand today the causes of the riots are amnesiacs, blind or both. It has in fact been 30 years that the suburbs have struggled for justice. 25 years that the revolts, the riots, the demonstrations, the marches the public meetings, the cries of anger with precise demands have been formulated." (MIB, Mouvement de l’immigration et des banlieues)

Paris. On Thursday 27 October 2005 two teenagers allegedly ran and hid when police officers arrived to conduct immigration-ID checks. Bouna Traore, a 15-year-old of Malian background, and Zyed Benna, a 17-year-old of Tunisian origin died from electrocution in the electrical relay substation where they tried to hide.

Riots began in Clichy-sous-Bois on 27 October, and spread throughout Seine-Saint-Denis and beyond to other parts of the Île-de-France region during the following five days. On 31 October provocation turned into outrage as the women's prayer room at de Bousquets mosque was teargassed by police. As people stumbled out gasping for air, the policemen called the women "whores", "bitches" and other insults. On 3 November, first arson attacks were reported from beyond the Île-de-France, in Dijon and Rouen.

On 11 November the French government declared "state of emergency" for the first time since 1968, using an anti-colonial law from 1955, last used during the Algerian uprising. Since the riots began, more than 8,500 cars have burned and police have arrested more than 2650 people. The French government announced that they are going to deport all foreigners involved in the riots, whatever immigration status they have (fr) [1] | [2].

Links: Reports from Paris IMC (fr) [1] | [2] | [3] | [4] | Timeline and Overview (en) on Wikipedia | Eyewitness accounts (en) [1] | [2] | Video evidence of police brutality: rubber bullets | explanation | beating | Demonstration in Calais (en) | Incidents in other cities around Europe

Indymedia Groups in France: Nantes | Nice | Marseille | Grenoble | Toulouse | Paris | Lille

Statements: from MIB [en] | [fr] | Anarchist Federation [en] | [fr] | FSE | RAS

Opinion: (en) | (fr)

ΑΣΟΕΕ: Καταπάτηση του πανεπιστημιακού ασύλου (η 4η φορά σε 6 μήνες)

Athens, 15.11.2005 00:07

Εξαιτίας του πρόωρου κλεισίματος της ΑΣΟΕΕ από τον πρύτανη, φοιτητές και φοιτήτριες εισέβαλαν το μεσημέρι στο κτίριο της σχολής με σκοπό να την κρατήσουν ανοικτή. Οι παρακείμενοι ΜΑΤατζήδες επιτέθηκαν χτυπώντας τους φοιτητές και ορισμένα "όργανα" καταστρατήγησαν ακόμη και το άσυλο εισβάλλοντας και ξυλοκοπώντας εντός του πανεπιστημιακού χώρου.

Συγκέντρωση, Τρίτη 15 Νοέμβρη, 11 π.μ., Α.Σ.Ο.Ε.Ε.Μερικές ώρες αργότερα τα ΜΑΤ επιτέθηκαν ξανά εναντίον ατόμων που είχαν συγκεντρωθεί έξω από τη σχολή, ενώ το βράδυ, έπειτα από ανοιχτό κάλεσμα προσέλευσης όσο το δυνατόν περισσοτέρων ατόμων στο χώρο προκειμένου να συναποφασισθεί η συνέχεια, πραγματοποιήθηκε συνέλευση. Η συνέλευση αποφάσισε να κρατηθεί η κατάληψη μέχρι το πρωί οπότε και θα γίνει νέα συνέλευση.

Ανακοίνωση της κατάληψης ΑΣΟΕΕ

Polícia intensifica repressão contra indígenas na Colômbia

Brasil, 14.11.2005 23:37


Council Motion to Oppose ID Cards

Bristol, 14.11.2005 23:07

The Government's Information Commissioner: "[we are] sleepwalking into a surveillance state." The Government's Information Commissioner: "[we are] sleepwalking into a surveillance state." Dave Gould writes; On 22nd November, Bristol City Council will be voting on a motion designed to hinder the Government's controversial ID Cards Bill. Experts believe that the plan to collate all Government databases into the biggest database on citizens in the world may lead to a surveillance state similar to that of George Orwell's 1984. Bristol West Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Williams voted against the ID Cards Bill in the House of Commons. He said: "ID cards are an unneccesary intrusion into our liberty. The database that will support the card will ultimately be used to build a detailed profile of all our private lives. The cost will be astronomical. The money would be better spent on extra police officers and other law enforcement officers." Demonstration outside Council House 22nd Nov, 1.30-6pm Full Article. | No2ID Action | Council Motion to Oppose ID Cards: 22nd Nov | The west to get a 'super constabulary'? | |

Photos from the &quot;Spoken Word&quot; Event at The Wallflower Gallery

Miami, 14.11.2005 23:07

Photos from the "Spoken Word" Event at The Wallflower Gallery

xarxa i llibertat (ca)

Barcelona, 14.11.2005 22:08

Que no t'engayin, compartir és bo

A Bilbo dilluns 7Nov: OPERACIÓ TEDDY: Compartir NO és Delicte == Ho hem fet! I ningú ens ha detingut == Ara la xarxa actua == == imc-euskalherria

+ notícies == La còpia de videojocs i pel·lícules sense afany de lucre no és delicte - Llistat pel·lis i documentals socials - webs de música lliure - P2P . Copiat per la cara - 12 mesos 12 causes: campanya contra la "pirateria" a Telecinco - Cimera Internet Mundial Mafiosa - Internet com a república popular de la cultura - El Govern espanyol aproba el seu "Pla Antipirateria" - Promusicae i SGAE aplaudeixen les mesures per erradicar la pirateria a internet que contempla el Pla del Govern - La SGAE defensa que s'implanti una llicencia para accedir a Internet - Exigeixen pagar drets d'autor per cantar "La Internacional" - La SGAE i el delme - David Bravo: el empollón molón - "Conviden" a Jorge Cortell a que deixi d'impartir classes - ¿Copia aquest llibre o Censura aquest llibre? - La SGAE censura '' - La Plataforma per la Lliure Difusió convoca Concentració contra la SGAE - Ens estan enganyant - Defensa P2P - Una festa popular guanya el judici a la SGAE - A voltes amb la LSSI ... una altra vegada! - N3RD F1L35 >>> Dimarts >>> 19:23pm >>>

+info:: >>>xarxes i llibertat - - Judicis contra el canon - david bravo - - - - kriptopolis -

red y libertad (es)

Barcelona, 14.11.2005 22:08

Que no te engañen, compartir es bueno

En Bilbo lunes 7Nov: OPERACIÓN TEDDY: Compartir NO es Delito == Lo hemos hecho! Y nadie nos ha detenido == Ahora la red actúa == == imc-euskalherria

+ noticias == La copia de videojuegos y películas sin ánimo de lucro no es delito - Listado Pelis y Documentales sociales - webs de musica libre - P2P . Copiado por la cara - 12 meses 12 causas: campaña contra la "piratería" en Telecinco - Cumbre Internet Mundial Mafiosa - Internet como república popular de la cultura - El Gobierno español aprueba su "Plan Antipiratería" - Promusicae y SGAE aplauden las medidas para erradicar la pirateria en internet que contempla el Plan del Gobierno - La SGAE aboga por que se implante una licencia para acceder a Internet - Exigen pagar derechos de autor por cantar "La Internacional" - La SGAE y el diezmo - David Bravo: el empollón molón - "Invitan" a Jorge Cortell a que deje de impartir clases - ¿Copia éste libro o Censura éste libro? - La SGAE censura '' - La Plataforma por la Libre Difusion convoca Concentración contra la SGAE - Nos están engañando - Defiende el P2P - Una fiesta popular gana el juicio a la SGAE - A vueltas con la LSSI ... !otra vez! - N3RD F1L35 >>> Martes >>> 19:23pm >>>

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Judge orders $1 fine to Wausau Tank sitter.

Madison, 14.11.2005 21:39

Vietnam Vet Wayne Olson who was arrested in Wausau for sitting on Tank with peace signs this summer is ordered to pay $1 fine for trespassing.


Miami, 14.11.2005 21:37


Fur Is Not Sexy

Portland, 14.11.2005 19:38

Here's the rest of your fur coat.Fur is not sexy! Fur is not sensual! Fur is not beautiful once it is removed from its original owner! At least two local television stations, KATU 2 and KGW 8 are carrying advertisements for Schumacher Furs. Please, take a few minutes, call their sales department and let them know how offensive these commercials are to the average viewer and then encourage them to call Matt at In Defense of Animals, (503)249 9996, to learn the real horrors behind the fur trade. The calls will only take a few minutes but could mean the difference between death and freedom for the animals involved and I guarantee the animals will thank you for it. You, I, we, together, CAN make a difference in helping to eliminate the senseless pain and suffering of all animals.

Channels 2 and 8 are televising commercials for Schumacher Furs. Please, let these stations know that this is not acceptable.
KATU: (503) 231 4222
KGW: (503) 226 5111

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Earth Defense

Manila, 14.11.2005 17:09

A Journalist Looks Back at Masinloc Incident

Ward Churchill at Evergreen State College

Portland, 14.11.2005 17:08

Ward came to TESC in Olympia, WA with an aggressive attitude.
On November 7, I witnessed one of the least respectful speakers to have been hired by Evergreen student groups. Ward Churchill spoke for three hours, and I would respectfully suggest that he should not be a paid speaker at Evergreen again, not because of his politics, but because of his lack of ethics and professionalism.

Ward has been accused of plagiarism multiple times by many writers. On Monday night, he spent about half an hour talking about other people in the literature world who have plagiarized work without being criticized, as if this legitimizes any of his poorly-referenced scholarship. Ward also criticized people who fabricate Native identities to get their views more publicity.

Cascadia Discussion Forum

Portland, 14.11.2005 17:08

I've created an online forum for Cascadians to discuss and imagine the future of our bioregion and the possibility of our independence from the United States. The forum will be lightly moderated - spam and some troll posts will be removed. Please come and add your ideas, energy, and input. Thank you.

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