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Evidence Of Torture In Iraqi Jails

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.11.2005 03:37

On November 13th repeated enquiries by parents of a missing teenager, resulted in US forces raiding a building in Baghdad that turned out top be a secret jail run by Iraqi security forces. Witnesses said many of the 169 men and youths found inside were emaciated and looked like "Holocaust survivors". Some had suffered beatings so severe that their skin had peeled off, "because of the appalling overcrowding, some of the most badly treated were squashed on to floors and their skins got stuck to the floor." Three men had been kept locked in a cupboard where they could not move while the rest were packed, blindfolded, into three rooms nine feet long and 11 feet wide. Instruments of torture and beating were found hidden in a false ceiling.
Leading Sunni politicians are demanding an international inquiry. They claim such abuse was regularly carried out by paramilitaries connected to the government and accuse US forces of giving it "the green light". " "According to our knowledge, regrettably, all the detainees were Sunnis," Mohsen Abdul-Hamid, head of the Iraqi Islamic Party, told the Associated Press news agency. "In order to search for a terrorist, they used to detain hundreds of innocent people and torture them brutally." "We insist on having an international investigation," Islamic Party spokesman Alaa Makki told AFP. "There have been similar cases in the past and investigations into them led to nothing," said another party spokesman, Ayad Samarrai.
State denial adds insult to torture victims’ injuries | Juan Cole | Stirring memories of a bygone era

The use of torture in Iraq has not been limited to Iraqi militia members. A former U.S. Army interrogator recently described to Democracy Now his use of harsh interrogation techniques on prisoners including dogs, sleep deprivation, prolonged isolation and dietary manipulation. The US Army is also investigating whether U.S. soldiers put Iraqis in a lion cage to scare them into giving information. While Bush recently claimed that "We don’t torture", Cheney hs been trying to pressure senators into exempting the CIA from a proposed amendment that would ban “cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment” of prisoners in US custody. Proof that US soliders have engaged in torture was made clear in 2004 when photos were leaked of abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison.
Cheney's Torture Policy | Can The CIA Legally Kill a Prisoner?
Past Coverage Of Torture In Iraq: US Charged With War Crimes | Pictures Emerge Of US And UK Torture Of Prisoners


Miami, 18.11.2005 03:37

arts & politics page

US Admits To having Used White Phosophorus In Fallujah

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.11.2005 02:37

The U.S. government has now admitted its troops used white phosphorous as an incendiary weapon against Iraqis during the assault on Fallujah a year ago. Chemical weapons experts say such attacks are in violation of international law banning the use of chemical weapons. Democracy Now Report

The Pentagon says the use of incendiary weapons against military targets is not prohibited. But the article two, protocol III of the 1980 UN Convention on Certain Weapons bans their use against civilians. "The few foreign journalists who managed to get into Falluja in 2004 said that US forces used chemical weapons there. Hundreds of photographs coming out showing bodies burned in a manner consistent with the use of chemical agents raised questions about US denials. Then a US trooper who participated in the attack spoke out. Marine serviceman Jeff Englehart told the Italian network RAI TV that US forces used lethal white phosphorus in Falluja. He said he saw the charred bodies of women and children, adding that white phosphorus burns flesh clean to the bones." Read More

Incendiary weapons: The big white lie | Phosphorus ‘may have killed’ in Iraq | Weapons of Mass Destruction Employed by US to Imolate Falluja | Past Indybay Coverage of Fallujah

Filipinler: Hacienda Luisita

Istanbul, 18.11.2005 02:08

Filipinler: Hacienda Luisita sendika lideri vurularak öldürüldü

Anarchists and the Caracas ASF/January 2006

Maine, 18.11.2005 02:07

* The Venezuelan anarchist movement invites you to participate in the Alternative Social Forum at Caracas in January 2006, a gathering of anti-establishment social movements, in response to the bureaucratic World Social Forum promoted by the Venezuelan government.

Populist #16

Maine, 18.11.2005 02:07

On Defects in our System of Elections

Minister For Defense To Clean 'Radicals' Off The Streets?

Ireland, 18.11.2005 01:37

'Jaysus' sez Wag 'Don't mention the war sez Willie Bickle - especially if you're a 'Radical'' . Meeting with the Irish Rangers - the elite wing of the Irish army, discussed in strange detail here on the newswire - the Minister with the 'tache promised to protect Ireland from that free speech disease. Willie O'Dea pointed a gun at camera and said (around the same period of time to an Indo journalist) "You can't have absolute freedom of speech. There has to be some balance ...". He told "radicals like" Mr Choudary that pointing out that Ireland might be a potential target for a terror attack or implying that Ireland was anything but neutral and holy or saying the massive US military use of Shannon Airport was anything unusual was (like limerick and his photo perhaps) "beyond the pale".Meanwhile the hiberno-blogosphere choked up in amusement with a plethora of images of Minister O'Dea as Charles Bronson, Groucho Marxman and Dirty Harry as everyone tried to nail down the perfect caption. It just goes to show that Fianna Fail in its headlong upward endless quest for the supreme heights of the grotesque, bizarre etc. is always guaranteed to consistently supply Ireland and the World with a unique twist on the political cowboy genre. The Indy Newswire coughed up a Taxi Driver classic. Something special in the eyes? Or just another Limerick bhoy with oily mitts sexed up on easy money and the power of the gun? "Listen . Here's a man who would not take it anymore. Who would not let...Listen you fuckers, you screwheads. Here's a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stood up against the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit, here is someone who stood up. HERE IS" PREVIOUSLY ON INDYMEDIA IRELAND The Where's Willy Competition

Justice vs Revenge: the failure of the CJS

United Kingdom, 18.11.2005 00:38

Last week the driver of a bus which killed 5 people from Nottingham and Leicester was sentenced to 5 years in prison. The driver was quilty of no more than being human and the judge's verdict fails leaves us all vulnerable.

Nottm Community Print Resources are Go

United Kingdom, 18.11.2005 00:38

Following an earlier Indymedia appeal for storage, a location for Nottingham's Community Print Resource has been found at the Asbo Community Centre at 33-35 Burns Street, 1 Wildman Street, Arboretum. There is now an urgent call out for help in setting up the facilities, starting (during the ASBO open day) on Saturday 19th November.

Please call by from 2pm (til possibly 7pm) to check it out.

Links: Print resources - A call out | CPR to the Rescue: Nottm Alternative News article.

Last Largest Unprotected Ancient Redwood Forest In the World Now Being Logged

Portland, 18.11.2005 00:08

Nanning Creek Grove, one mile east of the logging town of Scotia, is the last, largest unprotected stand of primeval redwood forest in the world. It contains old-growth trees up to 15 feet in diameter standing over 300 ft tall, likely to be thousands of years old. Of the two million acres of original Redwood forests that existed when California gained statehood in 1850, less than three percent remain today.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently gave the Pacific Lumber Company the go-ahead to log this old-growth grove. Loggers began falling the giant redwoods in Nanning Creek on Friday, November 11, 2005.

Activists have set up a treesit in the grove and a basecamp is being held at Grizzly Creek State Park.

PL starts cut in ancient redwoods and endangered species habitat

Report back from Saturday 11/12 Fur Protest

Portland, 18.11.2005 00:08

On Saturday November 12 about 10 protestors gathered in front of Schumacher Furs (811 SW Morrison) for an anti-cruelty protest. Protestors handed out fliers about the fur industry ( ) while letting the store and its customers know that, at least for a few hours in downtown Portland, wearing the fur of tortured animals would not readily be tolerated.

Schumacher employees and proprietors were clearly annoyed by the protest, and seemed to be thinking of ways to try to irritate the protestors and get them into "trouble." For example, one employee dared protestors to step over the line onto Schumacher property, apparently so he could call police over to discipline them. Another employee came out of the store, started pointing at protestors, and maniacally screamed, "I love you! I love you! I love you!" I guess thinking that she would rattle them with some Ghandian display of tolerance or affection. But her behavior was so odd that she was ignored.

New Sustainability Committee (team) forming in Humboldt Neighborhood

Portland, 18.11.2005 00:08

If you're a concerned activist and want to see this planet avert total disaster thanks to the extremely dangerous direction this country is taking, then get active in your neighborhood! For it is in our neighborhoods, where we live, where we behave in ways that either heal or damage the earth and other people. Living sustainably and becoming politically strong in our individual neighborhoods is how we stop the governmental and corporate abuse that is ravaging this planet and generating so much war and human misery. And the one significant political body through which your voice can be heard and you can actively make a difference not only locally but globally, is your Portland neighborhood association.

Bordered to the west and east by the Boise-Eliot and King neighborhoods in NE Portland is the Humboldt neighborhood, where residents face many of the same challenges regarding ecological, social and economic sustainability. To address these, the Humboldt Neighborhood Association is forming a Sustainability Committee. If you live and/or work in the Humboldt neighborhood, you are warmly invited to become part of this new committee.


Colombia, 18.11.2005 00:08

Ejercito bombardea zona humanitaria en San Josè de Apartado

Katherine Jashinski Makes Public Statement Against War

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.11.2005 00:07

November 17th, 2005: Courage to Resist reports that as thousands gathered at Fort Benning in Georgia today to call for the closure of the notorious School of the Americas (SOA/ WHINSEC), Army National Guard Specialist Katherine Jashinski publicly announced her refusal to be deployed to the Middle East. She said that she had come to a point where she felt that she was being forced to choose between her "legal obligation to the Army and (her) deepest moral values." She chose to honor her beliefs. She said that as a result of her travels and experiences in the military, she came to believe that taking human life was wrong and war was no exception. She said that while she goes through an appeal of the rejection of her application for conscientious objector (CO) status, she will continue to follow orders that do not conflict with her conscience.

Jashinski, who is 22 years old, is the first woman in the military to publicly declare resistance to participation in the war. Many people in the anti-war movement have taken inspiration from soldiers, veterans and military families who oppose Bush's war on Iraq. Read more, including Katherine Jashinski's statement from November 17th

Courage to Resist School of the Americas Watch

Another Leaked Document as &quot;Higher Expectations Weeks&quot; Kicks off

Miami, 18.11.2005 00:07

Another Leaked Document as "Higher Expectations Weeks" Kicks off

espekulació i okupació (ca)

Barcelona, 17.11.2005 22:37

L'assemblea fa la força

-- -- [18Nov] --Assemblea del Taller contra la Violència Immobiliària i Urbanística -- -- [19Nov] -- Assemblea general del Caufec -- L'Assemblea de Barri de Sants convoca a sortir en processó "RIP x Sants" -- Vermuts a Can Ricart -- -- [cap d setmana] -- VIIIè aniversari de kan kadena -- 'made in can ricart' -- --

-- -- notícies relaciones -- -- Del BAC a Can Ricart -- {17Nov]: Entrevista en directe amb els creadors del home mobile house -- [caufec] querella als mossos per detenció -- -- CSO La Gàbia -- -- Comunicat per la roda de premsa del CSO La Gàbia (Lleida) -- Comunicat en relació a les detencions durant la manifestació de solidaritat -- Comunicat d'Alternativa Estel detinguts Lleida -- Més sobre les tres persones detingudes -- Tres detingudes (de moment) durant la manifestació del CSO La Gàbia a Lleida -- L’EMU manté la denúncia. Les mobilitzacions continuen -- -- activitats a cso -- --La lluita del Horta a Valencia (xerrada a Tarragona) -- 3 cicle de cinema de la Coordinadora contra la especulació del Raval -- cicle italià a la fera -- AUTOAPRENENTATGE a la Vall de Can Masdeu --Musica marroquina a la Jam del diumenge -- Sopadors Populars per l'Ass. Okupes de Korneyà -- Tardes de cinema [Novembre] al C.S.O. La Banka Rota -- Activitats Dels Centres Socials de Korneyà -- -- altres noticies -- -- contaminació electromagnètica en el forat -- El PSC força que es tire endavant el Quart Cinturó -- "Coletazos" al cas Raval -- [Sant Andreu] Rebuig al desallotjament dels carrers Segre i Servet -- Casal Les Vies; inauguració -- 13Nov - Manifestació contra l'especulació a Sant Andreu! -- [Vilafranca] Torna l’esperit de Can Cellerot -- 26Nov - Xabologem Barcelona -- Dona de menjar a la teva Hipoteca -- Nota de premsa de l'Associació Cerdanyola Via Verda -- Campanya "les arrels no neixen del ciment" -- nova agresió policial i represió al moviment okupa al CARMEL -- nous habitants a les corts -- Borda, cutre i bèstia manipulació del """periòdic""" QUÉ sobre "okupas" -- --

+info == >>>especulació i okupació -- -- -- -- --

espekulación y okupación (es)

Barcelona, 17.11.2005 22:37

La asamblea hace la fuerza

-- -- [18Nov] --Asamblea del Taller contra la Violencia Inmobiliaria y Urbanística -- -- [19Nov] -- Asamblea general del Caufec -- La Asamblea de Barrio de Sants convoca a salir en procesión "RIP x Sants" -- Vermuts en Can Ricart -- -- [fin d semana] -- VIII aniversario de kan kadena -- 'made in can ricart' -- --

-- -- noticias relacionadas -- -- Del BAC a Can Ricart -- {17Nov]: Entrevista en directo con los creadores del home mobile house -- [caufec] querella a lps mossos por detención ilegal -- -- CSO La Gàbia -- -- Comunicado para la rueda de prensa del CSO La Gàbia (Lleida) -- Comunicado en relación a las detenciones durante la manifestación de solidaridad -- Comunicad de Alternativa Estel detenidos Lleida -- Mas sobre las tres personas detenidas -- Tres detenidas (de momento) durante la manifestación del CSO La Gàbia a Lleida -- El EMU mantiene la denuncia. Las mobilitaciones continuan -- -- actividades en cso -- --La lucha del Horta en Valencia (charla en Tarragona) -- 3 ciclo de cine de la Coordinadora contra la especulación del Raval -- cicle italiano en la fera -- AUTOAPRENDIZAGE en el Vall de Can Masdeu --Musica marroqui en la Jam del domingo -- Cenadores Populares para la Ass. Okupas de Korneyà -- Tardes de cine [Noviembre] en el C.S.O. La Banka Rota -- Actividades De los Centros Sociales de Korneyà -- -- otras noticias -- -- contaminación electromagnética en el forat -- El PSC fuerza que se continue el Quart Cinturó -- Coletazos del caso Raval -- [Sant Andreu] Rechazo al desalojo de las calles Segre y Servet -- Casal Les Vies; inauguración -- 13Nov - Manifestación contra la especulación en Sant Andreu! -- [Vilafranca] Vuelve el espíritu de Can Cellerot -- 26Nov - Chaboleemos Barcelona -- Dele de comer a su Hipoteca -- Nota de premsa de l'Associació Cerdanyola Via Verda -- Campaña "las raices no nacen del cemento" -- nueva agresion policial y represion al movimiento okupa en el CARMEL -- nuevos habitantes en les corts -- Burda cutre y bestia manipulación del """periódico""" QUÉ sobre "okupas" -- --

+info == >>>especulación y okupación -- -- -- -- --

net and freedom (en)

Barcelona, 17.11.2005 22:37

Don't be fooled, to share is good

Monday Nov 7 in Bilbao: OPERATION TEDDY: To share is NO crime == We've done it! And nobody has detained us == Now the net acts == == imc-euskalherria

+ news == The copy of video games and films with no profit intention is not a crimeList of social films and documentarieswebsites of free music - P2P . Copy for nothing - 12 months 12 causes: campaign against “piracy” at Telecinco - Internet Global Mafia Summit - Internet as popular culture republicSpanish Government passes his “Anti piracy plan” - Promusicae & SGAE applaud the measures to erradicate piracy from Internet included in the government's plan - SGAE defends that a license to access the Internet should be introducedRoyalties demanded to sing "La Internacional" (The Internationale) - SGAE & the “diezmo” (tenth) - David Bravo: the pretty swot - Jorge Cortell is “invited” to stop giving classes - Copy this book or Censor this book? - SGAE censors '' - Plataforma per la Lliure Difusió (Platform for Free Circulation) calls for a gathering against SGAEThey're fooling us - P2P DefenseA Cultural festival wins lawsuit against SGAE - LSSI is back... again! - N3RD F1L35 >>> Tuesdays >>> 19:23pm >>>

+info:: >>>net & freedom - compartiresbueno.netLawsuits against the toll - david bravo - - - - kriptopolis -

7th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance-Nov. 20

Miami, 17.11.2005 21:37

7th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance-Nov. 20

GAO Report CONFIRMS Stolen 2004 Presidential Election

Maine, 17.11.2005 21:07

The latest critical confirmation of key indicators that the election of 2004 was stolen comes in an extremely powerful, penetrating report from the Government Accountability Office that has gotten virtually no mainstream media coverage. The GAO findings are particularly damning when set in the context of an election run in Ohio by a Secretary of State simultaneously working as co-chair of the Bush-Cheney campaign. Far from what election theft skeptics have long asserted, the GAO findings confirm that the electronic network on which 800,000 Ohio votes were cast was vulnerable enough to allow a a tiny handful of operatives -- or less -- to turn the whole vote count using personal computers operating on relatively simple software.

Gentrification in Montrose

Houston, 17.11.2005 20:37

Gentrification in Montrose: Skyrise across from Fiesta

Pacific Lumber Begins Cut in Old-Growth Redwood Forest

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.11.2005 20:37

A group of concerned local citizens and environmental groups have written to Pacific Lumber asking the company to suspend logging in an ancient forest until the community can raise the funds to buy a grove they consider priceless.

Nanning Creek Grove, one mile east of the logging town of Scotia, is the last, largest unprotected stand of primeval redwood forest in the world. It contains old-growth trees up to 15 feet in diameter standing over 300 ft tall, likely to be thousands of years old. Of the two million acres of original Redwood forests that existed when California gained statehood in 1850, less than three percent remain today.

Activist Julia Butterfly Hill said, "I risked my life every day for over two years to protect Luna and three acres around it. There are hundreds of trees as big or bigger than Luna in this forest. Every one of them should be protected."

Cindy Allsbrooks, whose son David Chain was killed while trying to protect ancient trees in 1998 said, "It is disheartening to hear about plans for more old growth to be chopped down. I sincerely hope that negotiations can take place to discuss a financial agreement to purchase the grove before it is too late. I believe we are obligated to at least try."

Background on the "Bonanza" Logging Plan:1 I 2 I 3

Frosty off Campus

Houston, 17.11.2005 20:07

Xenophobic speaker Frosty Wooldridge confronted at University of Houston

Andy Stern, president of SEIU, descends on Wal-Mart in Philly

Philadelphia, 17.11.2005 18:38

Yesterday, Andy Stern, along with over 200 labor activists and youth and community leaders in Philly marched on Wal-Mart, presenting a list of demands to the general manager of the store on Columbus Ave

get on the bus

Houston, 17.11.2005 18:37

Last Chance to Get on the Bus to School of The Americas Protest


Colombia, 17.11.2005 18:08

Jornadas libertarias

edukado (eo)

Barcelona, 17.11.2005 18:07

Eŭropa Studenta Agotago

Manifesto de la Mobiliza Platformo por la Defendo de la Publika Universitato 17N +++ Afiŝo de la 17N-a agotago

[17an nov] Manifestacio je la 12a h. ĉe Pl. Universitat

Dokumentoj Proklamo antaŭ la procezo en Bulåggna +++ Manifesto de la Kunsidoj de la 18a de majo 2005 kontraŭ la procezo de Bulåggna kaj la Eŭropa Forumo pri Edukado en Bergen +++ Manifesto de universitataj instruistoj kaj esploristoj
Artikoloj: La Eŭropa Spaco por Supera Instruado +++ Aliaj aspektoj de la eŭropa konverĝo +++ Instruado en Eŭropo: la novliberalismo kontraŭatakas +++ Manifesto-letero de la Asembleo de instruistoj kaj studentoj de la Fako pri Arthistorio ĉe la Universitato de Barcelono +++ Nemalhaveblaj aspektoj antaŭ la Leĝo pri Universitatoj (LOU) +++ Novaj teĥnologioj, neĉeesta instruado kaj merkatigo de la instruado. Manuel Area Moreira +++ Mezlerneja Instruado Leĝo pri Edukado (LOE): La publika instruado en danĝero

+infoj : >>>edukado + Mobiliza Platformo por la Defendo de la Publika Universitato (PMDUP) + Kunordiga Komitato de Studentoj de la Kataluna Landaro (CEPC) + Alternativa Estel + Asocio de Progresemaj Studentoj (AEP)


Maine, 17.11.2005 18:07

skip to the part where antonio mercurio denies the press story he knew alleged AA11 alleged victim anna allison and then read the rest

Report Back From New Orleans

Rogue Valley, 17.11.2005 17:08

Slideshow Presentation and Eyewitness Report of the Post-Hurricane Disaster Relief Effort
November 21st, 7:00 pm
Southern Oregon University, Stevenson Union, Room 330

LIVE FROM DEATH ROW: Mumia Abu-Jamal film showing

Miami, 17.11.2005 16:37

LIVE FROM DEATH ROW: Mumia Abu-Jamal film showing

ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Black Panther Party Film

Miami, 17.11.2005 16:37

ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Black Panther Party Film

Solidarity week for Peter Young

San Diego, 17.11.2005 16:08

Activists gathered today from LA, Orange, and San Diego Counties to show support for and stand in solidarity with Peter Young, who was sentenced on November 8, 2005 to 2 years in prison under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

Pentagon Admits to using Banned WMD's

San Diego, 17.11.2005 16:08

Pentagon Admits White Phosphorus Use in Iraq

After initial denials, the Pentagon is now admitting it used white phosphorus as an offensive weapon in the attack on Fallujah last November.

See for more details.

Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price

San Diego, 17.11.2005 16:08

The San Diego IMC is happy to host three screening of Robert Greenwald’s new film Walmart: the High Cost of Low Price. Friday, November 18 at 8pm and Sunday, November 20 at 4pm and 7pm at Voz Alta, 1544 Broadway, Downtown San Diego.

November 13th through 19th is "Higher Expectations Week," with events planned in over 1200 locations to hold Wal-Mart accountable for its negative impacts on communities. A major complaint that many people have is that Wal-Mart's growth has been thus far nearly unchecked. This past weekend, in hundreds of churches, mosques and synagogues across the country, congregations heard messages of economic justice, respect for community and fair labor practices. Robert Greenwald's new documentary "Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price" has been shown in thousands of homes and public places all over the US. Search for more screenings

A leaked internal document recently detailed the company's plans to open or expand 484 stores next year alone. The document lists 100 more expansion sites than Wal-Mart had previously disclosed. Another recently-leaked memo reveals the disregard with which Wal-Mart's executives view their more than 1.3 million employees in the U.S. It confirms facts that Wal-Mart has long denied, including that 46% of the children of Wal-Mart's U.S. employees are uninsured or on Medicaid. This memo lays out plans to remedy Wal-Mart's healthcare crisis, the memo lays out plans to cut spousal benefits, hire more part-time employees and encourage faster turnover, and discourage older and unhealthy people from working at Wal-Mart by requiring more jobs to require physically challenging tasks. Read more

Some are calling for Buy Nothing Day protests to target Wal-Mart on the day after Thanksgiving.

WalMartWatch's Full list of events | WalMartWatch's report from the beginning of Higher Expectations Week | WSWS Report: US Labor Department and Wal-Mart’s secret agreement on child labor | Sprawl Busters

Check out Philly IMC, Binghamton IMC, Indybay for more info, and,

Students Arrested at Powell Protest Accuse Police of Targetting Muslims

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.11.2005 16:07

Colin Powell spoke at De Anza College from November 9th through November 11th. A peace camp and various civil disobedience actions took place throughout the three days, sponsored by a wide range of students and Bay Area anti-war organizations.

On Friday November 11th, protests started in front of the Flint Center before Powell’s third appearance. One protester got inside and was arrested and while others tried to push their way through the police line outside. While the majority of those who engaged in confrontation were white, most of the people arrested were people of color. Out of seven of the protesters who were arrested outside of the Flint Center, six were Muslims of Arabic and African descent.

"They couldn't stand that we were dressed in Palestinian and Arabic clothes...They wanted revenge so they chased down, every one of us who were Muslim, until they could beat and arrest us, that's what they were waiting for " said De Anza student Hanni Zaki, 22, who was hospitalized for receiving injury to the head from police who stepped on his face and beat him with their batons.

Brian Helmle, was the first to be arrested inside the Flint Center earlier that night, during Powell's speech and was charged for Disturbing the Peace and Resisting Arrest. Helmle, who is 27, stood up while Powell was speaking about the virtues of American kindness and yelled out "Liar - liar, murderer – murderer," and blew his whistle until officers carried him across the stands to arrest him.

Helmle, who later met with other arrestees, was shocked to find that they were treated with such harshness and brutality and that he was the only Caucasian to be arrested that night. "I think that this is all about white privilege," said Helmle. "I wasn't treated in any harshness whatsoever by the police. The fact is that the eyes of the white crowd were on a white male doing strange things inside. What happened to those outside in the protest is ridiculous and racist. All they were trying to do was leave and get to their cars. I was intentionally trying to get arrested."

Police released Helmle by 1 a.m. that same night without taking him into custody. The seven others who were arrested outside the Flint Center were taken into custody, including the minor Eltilib, and detained overnight in harsh conditions. Al-Hayiek is the only one to still be in custody awaiting an arraignment for bond.

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11
Minorities Beat by Police at Powell Protest | Students Arrested at Powell Speech Protest Accuse Police of Racial Profiling

Event Announcement | Freak Radio PSA

Colin Powell De Anza College Resistance Blog

Boston Direct Action Project Releases “Guide To Alternatives to the Military” for Local Youth

Boston, 17.11.2005 15:08

(Boston, MA October 31, 2005) Boston Direct Action Project has recently published a booklet entitled “Guide To Alternatives to the Military,” with information about education, jobs, and opportunities for youth in the greater Boston area. "We created this "Military Alternatives" booklet because we understand its not enough to simply explain the reasons not to join the military. We believe it is equally important to suggest realistic alternatives," said Jonathan McIntosh, a designer of the booklet.

Ocupação Quilombo das Guerreiras no Rio de Janeiro

Brasil, 17.11.2005 15:08


Kolonbia, Paris, Melilla eta Euskal Herrria. Planetan ez dago inor soberan.

Euskal Herria, 17.11.2005 15:07

fallo inexplicable

Argentina, 17.11.2005 14:08

Jueves 17 de noviembre de 2005 |Inexplicable fallo de la justicia cordobesa
La vida de una mujer no vale nada

Anti-war protests target Rumsfeld in Adelaide

Melbourne, 17.11.2005 12:38

Adelaide Hosts US War Criminal

&quot;The Last Great Civil Rights Debate&quot;

Ireland, 17.11.2005 12:08

An interview with Fergus Finlay Once the Political and Communications Director of the Labour Party and now Chief Executive Officer of Barnardos in Ireland, Fergus Finlay speaks about the current situation with regard to the rights of people with disability in Ireland. Once the Political and Communications Director of the Labour Party and now Chief Executive Officer of Barnardos in Ireland, Fergus Finlay spoke with a regular contributor on disability issues to Indymedia about the current situation with regard to the rights of people with disability in Ireland. Extract: Finlay also agrees that part of the problem is that too many people are docile about arguing their corner or protesting about the situation. “People are still affected by shyness and shame about having disability in their families. A lifetime of being endlessly patronised and talked down to has resulted in a constituency of people who have ended up absorbing the attitudes which they meet and applying them to themselves. I once made the observation to the Irish Association of Psychiatrists that there is something in their training which causes them all to think that parents of people with disability are probably ‘not all there’, either. While it’s not the case that there are no services – there is some provision, of course, and some people do manage to find adequate services - but the bottom line in all of this is that families and individuals are mostly like square pegs trying to find the occasional square hole into which they can fit.” He continues “there is an antediluvian perception of disability based on the medical model - provision is not based on the principle of responding to the need – the culture with disability is still a culture of charity. It does not start with the idea that there is a right and of course there is the common experience of a lot of people which is that if you raise your voice you will be threatened - look at the treatment meted out to the O'Hara family, for instance.” Complete Article As Submitted to Indymedia ireland In his compelling memoir (Snakes & Ladders, New Island Books, 1998) of his time as a Labour party aide and right-hand man to former Tanaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Dick Spring, Fergus Finlay depicts the realities of life in government with striking candour. Referring to the wrangling that took place within the Irish Labour Party during the 1980s between Emmett Stagg (traditionalist) and Spring (moderniser) Finlay has this to say: ‘It was, pure and simple, a struggle for power within the party’. We are not spared details of the viciousness of the fight and the lengths to which both sides were prepared to go - including manipulating internal party voting procedures to ensure the desired outcome. Ultimately, as we all now know, it was a struggle won by the modernisers, and the current Labour party continues ineluctably in the same direction having propelled the once Democratic Left Pat Rabbitte into what must surely for him, at one time, have been an unthinkable electoral alliance with Enda Kenny’s Fine Gael. Finlay was of course one, if not chief, of the original architects of the tendency which has since evolved into what might now be called Pragmatic Labour. For those who are depressed by the apparent morphing of Labour and Fine Gael (and watch too what’s happening to Sinn Fein in the run up to the election) into versions of Fianna Fail, the spectacle of the Labour party’s handling of issues like the Declan Bree affair is not reassuring. Aside altogether from a distinct absence of political judgment over the issue, principles appear to be an expendable commodity for Labour at times and one wonders, for instance, where they are really intending to go with more pressing social issues, such as disability, if they succeed at the election. Current compromises in respect of ideology in order to gain power might create some degree of personal struggle for Fergus Finlay where the subject of disability is concerned - as a necessarily pragmatist member of the Labour/Fianna Fail and Rainbow coalitions in his earlier political career - and given the latest electoral pact that has now been struck between Labour and Fine Gael. Fine Gael have stated categorically that they are preparing to work with the much reviled disability legislation that Fianna Fail have passed, while the Labour position is somewhat ambiguous. A clear and thorough statement of Labour’s intentions in this regard, though much needed, is outstanding. As the father of a child with a disability Finlay has been an eloquent and ardent supporter of rights for people with disabilities and his work in this area has been significant. He describes the issue as ‘the last great civil rights debate’ and this is a conviction shared throughout the gigantic disability lobby. In response to the suggestion that the Disability Legislation Consultation Group (established, theoretically, to ensure that the Disability Bill would reflect the wishes of people with disability) should have seen the writing on the wall much sooner than they did, Finlay says ‘where the recent bill was concerned, the structures that were put in place during the legislative process were always weighted against us’. This is of course true in that it is now clear that Fianna Fail and the PDs never had the slightest intention of giving the lobby the sort of legislation it so badly needs. But that was obvious to many people well before the first draft appeared and the suspicion remains in some minds that it was, at best, extraordinarily naïve for so many members of the DLCG to continue to place so much trust in a political party which had already ruthlessly demonstrated its true motives towards this issue. It is even more difficult to understand considering the DLCG had a whopping clue given to them about what was in store in the shape of the equally reviled Education of Persons with Special Needs Act, which Noel Dempsey (then Minister for Education) had specifically stated was to be a ‘taste of the main bill itself’. The EPSN Act 2004 had been pushed through before the first draft of the Disability Bill itself had appeared and all the evidence was there, plain as day: every so-called right (a word used with cynical liberality by the drafters of both bills) strangled even at birth by restricting everything to the principles of ministerial discretion and allocated resource. So what of the Labour Party’s alignment with Fine Gael in these circumstances? Does Finlay not see that there is now, effectively, a four-party alliance against progressing this issue in the way that so many of us are clamouring for? The same might be said, of course, about a whole range of social and environmental issues – from Rossport to Ringaskiddy. It’s as if the entire political establishment has set itself up in opposition to the wishes and needs of the electorate. Finlay agrees that the lining up of the four main parties is regrettable but he attributes the responsibility for it to the success of the Fianna Fail party machine. He also says the difficulty in this instance is as much that the ‘disability lobby itself has failed to make its case or to make an effective challenge’ to the status quo. While this might appear to let the political establishment off the hook, anyone close to the lobby would have to admit there is an awful lot of truth in it. We are hopelessly disparate and fragmented. In addition to gaps in provision, there are countless organisations and groups many of whose functions overlap significantly – if not completely in some cases but also with varying degrees of authority and influence. For a parent with a newborn child with disability or a person suddenly incapacitated the additional burden of this quagmire can be extremely distressing and humiliating. Finlay agrees that accountability within the sector is virtually non-existent from the users’ perspective. “The legislation which finally set up the National Disability Authority effectively pulled all its teeth before it even started – it does have some useful function as a research body and standard setter but it has no power to make a real difference. The commission’s recommendations for the NDA were that it was supposed to function as a sort of independent ombudsman – to provide some form of redress and that it should be able to report independently to the Oireachtas but in fact it has always reported to a Junior Minister, so far as I know, for most of its life. It has never been able to achieve what it was intended to and it’s a great pity. The disability sector is now mostly made up of large organisations all in competition with each other for resources. This results in waste, excessive bureaucracy and the lack of accountability.” As with the NDA, so too with the newly established National Council for Special Education (NCSE) which is similarly constrained and unlikely ever to deliver any real or significant improvements in the education of children with special needs. Like the NDA before it, it too has a certain amount of independence in relation to research and proposing standards but that is all. Finlay also agrees that part of the problem is that too many people are docile about arguing their corner or protesting about the situation. “People are still affected by shyness and shame about having disability in their families. A lifetime of being endlessly patronised and talked down to has resulted in a constituency of people who have ended up absorbing the attitudes which they meet and applying them to themselves. I once made the observation to the Irish Association of Psychiatrists that there is something in their training which causes them all to think that parents of people with disability are probably ‘not all there’, either. While it’s not the case that there are no services – there is some provision, of course, and some people do manage to find adequate services - but the bottom line is that families and individuals are mostly like square pegs trying to find the occasional square hole into which they can fit.” He continues “there is an antediluvian perception of disability based on the medical model - provision is not based on the principle of responding to the need – the culture with disability is still a culture of charity. It does not start with the idea that there is a right and of course there is the common experience of a lot of people which is that if you raise your voice you will be threatened - look at the treatment meted out to the O Hara family, for instance.”* So, where does Fergus Finlay think we should go from here? “It’s true that the lobbyists are demoralised and need to pick themselves up, dust themselves down and carry on. What I believe is really needed first and foremost, though, is a strong representation from people themselves. The DLCG was made up of service providers – not people with disabilities. This needs to change. We are all waiting to see if the multi annual funding will work but the bill itself in any case won’t work and this will be more and more obvious as time goes on – it’s an absurd and anti-disability piece of legislation.” Tackling the issue of why some people object to rights-based legislation, Finlay says “perspectives from within the lobby vary: some are insistent on rights-based legislation while others say that if the level of provision was adequate it wouldn’t matter about rights. Opposition to rights based-legislation has always been centred around two basic arguments: firstly the ‘floodgates’ argument – if we fund guarantees for disabled people, the thinking goes, then we’ll have to do it for sick people too. Most people don’t realise that as a cancer patient, for example, there is no actual right to treatment even though it’s commonly thought there is. But the floodgates argument is as nonsensical as it is absurd. All the same arguments were wheeled out when we were arguing for equal pay for women and for the dropping of the marriage bar. But what happened? The heavens did not, in fact, fall down and if anyone seriously suggested reintroducing the marriage bar now, economists would go pale and start shaking, such would be the anticipated effect on the economy. The other canard which is frequently argued is that rights-based legislation will only end up as a gold mine for lawyers. And underlying all these ‘objections’ is the pernicious and unstated idea that people with disability will always be there and that there is really nothing to be done about it.” Most of us know that this particular prejudice exists just below the surface but in a week in which we have read reports heralding the availability of ultrasound scans that can detect Down syndrome during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, we have to start wondering about the ‘solutions’ to disability that some people are toying with, with increasing boldness. Another observation that might go someway to helping people out of their prejudiced attitude towards disability, is the clear evidence we have that wherever rights of any kind have been established, they have been almost universally accompanied by improvements in living standards, by the creation of economic, social and other opportunities and by a general increase in the success of that society as a whole. As has been pointed out elsewhere, an example of the shocking waste of potential is the statistic that while 80% of people with Down syndrome are capable of living independent lives, only 20% actually have them, for lack of supportive assistance at critical times in their lives. How can we persuade people to see the value of these lives, to know the benefits and interest they bring from an alternative and brilliantly illuminating perspective? There are whole worlds of valuable and rich philosophy, psychology, sociology, art, culture and talent which are so far going almost completely untapped because of the visceral opposition to recognising that those with disability are not ‘them’ but are an intrinsic part of all of us. How can we fire people up to feel the same indignation and sense of outrage that was felt about equal rights of every other kind when they were being fought for? Asked what he thinks the disability lobby could usefully do, he says “I’d first of all like to see a commitment to a fundamental review of the disability bill in every political party’s manifesto and a specific programme for government. But for the lobby itself I think there are three clear objectives to focus on in the run up to the election: first we need a coherent umbrella group to gather people (not service providers) together. Secondly, we need clear and focused objectives. For example, one fundamental flaw with the bill is what happens after assessment. It specifies that provision must be restricted by affordability and practicability. If there was an onus on the state to develop a plan within a reasonable time frame, this would be a very significant shift. A planned approach to getting a clause like this into the bill is very important. What we need, in essence, is a progressive realisation of real rights. I believe this objective would be a good counter to the traditional objections. Finally, whatever argument is put forward, it needs to be a well-expressed and coherent campaign.” Is anybody ready to take up the challenge? *The O Hara's are a Co Meath family four of whose autistic children were recently taken into care following their parents appeal in the media for adequate services. One of the grounds for their release a week later was that the parents should have no further contact with the media about the matter.

Inexplicable fallo

Argentina, 17.11.2005 10:38

Jueves 17 de noviembre de 2005 |Inexplicable fallo de la justicia cordobesa
La Vida de una mujer no vale Nada


Argentina, 17.11.2005 10:38

A tres años de la muerte de Alex Lemún

Protestors hit Wal-mart in Alexandria, School privatization in DC

DC, 17.11.2005 10:08

This has been a busy weekend for opponents of IMF/World Bank style economics. Sunday in Alexandria, protestors asked people not to return to Wal Mart due to their anti-union policies, GMO foods, and abuse of immigrant workers.

Howard University v. The Washington Post

DC, 17.11.2005 09:09

Courtland Milloy Causes a Stir on Howard's Campus

Leonard Peltier Holiday Gift Drive for the Children of Pine Ridge, SD

DC, 17.11.2005 09:09

This winter, Indigenous Political Prisoner, Leonard Peltier, has organized his annual gift drive for the children of the Pine Ridge Lakota Nation in South Dakota. Pine Ridge is one of the most impoverished areas in the United States: unemployment is in the 80th and 90th percentiles and poverty and food/health insecurity is prevalent.

Video on the Fallujah�s massacre

Maine, 17.11.2005 09:07

WK77 and �Willy Pete� over Fallujah


Maine, 17.11.2005 09:07

They're coming in for the kill...

How to use this site: Indymedia workshop held in Fredericksburg

Richmond, 17.11.2005 07:08

Tonight, at 9pm, a group of people gathered at the University of Mary Washington to discuss the global independent media movement in general as well as how the Richmond Indymedia site in particular works. This article was written live during that workshop.

Oppose Bush's third occupation

Urbana-Champaign, 17.11.2005 06:08

Ever since a US-backed coup in 2004 overthrew the elected government in Haiti for the second time, violence and repression have been rampant there. Grassoots Haitian activists are calling for international solidarity, and a new local group is forming to help.

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