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10.05.2004 18:05

No to the extradition of Sinan Bozkurt

US Torture Exposed, The People Respond

lotus, 08.05.2004 06:56

In response to a report of prisoner torture and murder inside prisons across Iraq, which was leaked to the media recently, people are standing up across the globe to decry the US and UK's use of torture. The graphic images have been shown on media outlets across the country, but some are still claiming that they're being censored.

As the evidence of torture grows, many are calling for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation. In a senate hearing where Rumsfeld was questioned today, a group of concerned people stood up and chanted "Fire Rumsfeld" while holding a banner saying the same.

Independent contractors have been implicated in the toture as well, creating a growing discussion fo the private war going on in Iraq. A demonstration of around 100 people was held in front of one of the contractor's, Titan Corporation's, headquarters, as well as a press conference. More demonstrations are planned.

Amid all this, there is still very little discussion in the media about the fact that this type of behaviour is taught, expected, and awarded in the military; and that this kind of torture has been going on in Guantanamo Bay for years. As in Guantanamo, a recent Democracy Now show discussed how in Iraqi prisions "there was no process for determining who was innocent".

DC Indymedia | UK Indymedia | ZMag on War Crimes | Counterpunch: Abu Ghraib as My Lai?

San Diego Based Titan Corporation Tortures Iraqis

sdimc, 07.05.2004 18:18

UPDATE:: 5/7/04 - PROTEST THIS SATURDAY at the corner of Imperial Ave. and Euclid at 1pm

UPDATE:: 5/6/2004 - Nearly 100 demonstrators take their message to Titan's doorstep


San Diego based Titan Corporation participates in the detention and torture of Iraqis, as reported in this article from the Manchester Guardian.

Graphic photographs showing the torture and sexual abuse of Iraqi prisoners in a US-run prison outside Baghdad emerged yesterday from a military inquiry which has left six soldiers facing a possible court martial and a general under investigation.

The scandal has also brought to light the growing and largely unregulated role of private contractors in the interrogation of detainees.

Read more of original posting.

Another San Diego Connection - CACI Near the La Jolla Glider Port - Read Comments

Timber Pimp Rey Chased Out of Ashland

oso, 07.05.2004 14:08

Following a private closed-door meeting with the Society of American Foresters at Southern Oregon University this morning, Undersecretary of Agriculture Mark Rey was chased out of Ashland by a boisterous crowd of protesters on hand to draw attention to the extreme environmental policies of the US Forest Service and the Bush administration.

As Rey was leaving the building, the protesters attempted to surround his vehicle and block his exit. They were violently pushed back by undercover security forces wielding clubs and mace. Many protesters were assaulted and shoved to the ground by the overly aggressive security force. One person was pepper-sprayed in the back of the head.

County of San Diego VIOLATES US Constitution!

concerned freethinker, 06.05.2004 20:30

County Board of Supervisors, as led by Bill Horn, has endorsed a "National Day of Prayer", as sponsored by the Bush Administration. It will be used to inject Nationalism and pro-war fervour into the populace of San Diego County. OPPOSE this now by emailing Bill Horn:

Ashland Tree-Sitters Oppose Big Timber

oso, 06.05.2004 09:14

Forest Defenders Take Action At Society of American Foresters Meeting at SOU

Early this morning, students and community members set two tree-sits high in the branches of a tree near the Stevenson Union at Southern Oregon University. The action serves as a symbol of opposition to the rhetoric of old-growth logging put forth at the Society of American Foresters Annual Meeting underway on campus.

With a banner proclaiming "Save the Wild Siskiyou!" strung between the tree-tops, the action sends a strong message to the timber puppets arriving in Ashland this week.

A Xunta e as el��ctricas acaban co pa��s dos dez mil r��os

05.05.2004 15:02

A Xunta e as el��ctricas acaban co pa��s dos dez mil r��os

Foresters Blockaded at Biscuit

Living Deadtree, 05.05.2004 09:00

The Ashland meeting of the Society of American Foresters was supposed to begin with a tour of the Biscuit Burn, site of the largest logging proposal in US history. They never made it to their destination.

[pl] [en] [fr] Border repression: please send reports

04.05.2004 22:41

Represje na granicach
R��pression frontali��re: nous cherchons des t��moignages
[en] [fr]

Polska redakcja Indymedi��w postanowi��a zgromadzi�� wszelkie informacje dotycz��ce zatrzyma�� na granicach przed i w czasie Antyszczytu. Dlatego zwracamy si�� z ogromn�� pro��b�� do wszystkich os��b, kt��rym uniemo��liwiono wjazd do Polski we wspomnianym czasie, o przesy��anie nam szczeg����owych danych na temat represji na granicach. Potrzebne nam s�� nastepuj��ce informacje:

  • kiedy dosz��o do incydentu,
  • po kt��rej stronie granicy, na jakim przej��ciu granicznym,
  • jakie by��y przyczyny odm��wienia prawa wjazdu do Polski podane przez stra�� graniczn��.
Uwa��amy, i�� zebranie informacji nie jest to��same z antyrepresyjnymi dzia��aniami. A o to tylko apelujemy.
Prosimy o przesy��anie informacji na adres: (prywatny) oraz (UWAGA: imc-pl-wawa ma publiczne archiwum; je��li nie chcesz, by tw��j e-meil zosta�� upubliczniony, wysy��aj informacje tylko na


imc volunteer, 04.05.2004 12:45

Next week, the Bush Administration's key logging proponents - Mark Rey, U.S. Forest Service officials and the timber industry - will convene at the annual meeting of the Society of American Foresters in Ashland, Oregon, May 5-7. This is a tremendous opportunity to influence how the public will react to Bush's old-growth logging program and the Biscuit logging project-the latter being the largest proposed timber sale in the modern history of the national forest system.


Join us for a colorful rally in defense of wild forests!
FRIDAY MAY 7th, 8:30AM at the Stevenson Union, Southern Oregon University

Mark Rey comes to speak in Ashland Friday May 7.
Sorry Mark, but we've heard enough out of you.

Things to bring: pots and pans with large spoons (not for cooking, but for noise making), signs of your choice, any other spontaneous tricks, 50 of your closest friends and a good attitude.

A.N.S.W.E.R. Rally Protests Iraqi War

Jim Moreno, 04.05.2004 05:09

Iraqi War and Occupation protestors gathered at noon in Southwest San Diego���s Memorial Park on the corner of 30th and Ocean View Boulevard on Saturday, April 3, 2004. Protestors outlined themes that the current inept administration continues to mishandle.

FRSD 96.9FM Increases Power Output

DJ SpicedHam, 03.05.2004 14:19

The pirates have once again pumped their signal up nice and loud.

:: Humanity Before Nationality ::

03.05.2004 09:47

Flotillas of Hope to sail from Brisbane, 23 May

MAYDAY w Europie

02.05.2004 22:41

Wczoraj na ca��ym ��wiecie odbywa��y si�� demonstracje z okazji pierwszego maja. W Dublinie odby��a si�� demonstracja pod has��em Inna Europa jest mo��liwa, nawi��zuj��ca do poszerzenia Unii Europejskiej, polityki granicznej UE i budowania globalnej fortecy - Europy. W nielegalnym marszu ���Bring the Noise��� do Farmleigh wzi����o udzia�� od 3 do 5 tys. os��b. Demonstracja przebiega��a z pocz��tku w pokojowej i karnawa��owej atmosferze, mimo obecno��ci w t��umie wielu policjant��w po cywilu.

Konferencja prasowa Wa29

30.04.2004 22:41

Dzi�� o godzinie 14.00 odby��a si�� konferencja prasowa Koalicji Grup Wolno��ciowych Wa29. Koalicj�� reprezentowali Anna Nied��wiedzka, Rafa�� G��rski i Marek Kurzyniec z Federacji Anarchistycznej.

Police raid house of Warsaw anti-repression activist

29.04.2004 22:41

PL [A] - DE - EN - ES - FR

Rewizja w mieszkaniu aktywistki

Do mieszkania jednej z dzia��aczek grupy antyrepresyjnej Koalicji Grup Wolno��ciowych Wa29 wesz��a dzi�� policja. Funkcjonariusze rozpocz��li rewizj�� tu�� przed 22.00 dzisiaj, w ��rod�� 28.04. Pod mieszkanie aktywistki w Milan��wku podjecha��y 4 radiowozy, w mieszkaniu by��o wtedy 11 os��b. W okolicy domu widziano 6 - 7 du��ych samochod��w . Policjanci mieli ze sob�� psy, niewykluczone, ��e chcieli narkotyk��w.

[en] [es] [el] [fr] [it] [pl] Demonstration against EFE

29.04.2004 22:41

Wraz z rozwojem wydarze�� informacje b��d�� aktualizowane!
[en] As events happen we will update this report.
[fr] Pendant que les ��v��nements se d��roulent, nous allons mettre �� jour cette page.

godzina 10:50

Na kilka minut przed planowanym pocz��tkiem demonstracji na Rondzie Rados��awa jest oko��o 500 os��b. Widoczne s�� grupy wolno��ciowe, Attac, lewica. Od strony ul. Pow��zkowskiej ustawi��a si�� ma��a grupa nacjonalist��w. Obecno��c policji na razie nie jest nachalna. W t��umie wyr����niaj�� si�� tajniacy. Nad zgromadzonymi kr������ dwa helikoptery. Wed��ug niepotwierdzinych informacji grupy pseudokibic��w ustawiaj�� si�� z ty��u formuj��cego si�� pochodu i planuj�� atakowanie os��b, kt��re od����cz�� si�� od reszty.

[it] Qualche minuta prima dell`inizio della dimostrazione, alla rotonda di Radoslaw ci sono verso 500 persone. Si vedono le persone dell`Attac, della sinistra e delle gruppe liberali. Vicino alla via Powazkowska si e` messo un piccolo gruppo dei nazionalisti. La presenza della polizia non disturba tanto. Sopra la gente volano due elicotteri. Secondo alcune notizie, in dietro della manifestazione si formano i gruppi delli pseudo - tifosi, che vogliono provocare i danni a questi che si staccano dalla dimostrazione.

Relacje na bie����co pod spodem - naci��nij "przeczytaj wi��cej"

The antisummit continues 30.04-01.05 (pl) (en) (nl)

29.04.2004 22:41

Anty-szczyt trwa 30.04-01.05

(pl) Anty-szczyt trwa - pi��tek 30.04 b��dzia mia��a miejsce kolejna cz������ Alternatywnego Forum Ekonomicznego, warsztaty i spotkania rozpoczn�� si�� o 12 . Opr��cz tego grupy feministyczne organizuj�� Noc Walpurgii 2004. W pi��tek i sobot�� odb��d�� si�� tak��e Dni Antykapitalizmu. W sob. 01.05 z Placu Zamkowego wyruszy parada Million Marijuana March.

(en) The anti-summit continues - On Fri. 30.04 there's the next part of the Alternative Economic Forum. Workshops and meetings are going to start at 12.00 midday . Walpurgia Night is also going to take place, organised by feminist groups. On Friday and Saturday there are also Anticapitalism Days. On Sat. 01.05 the Million Marijuana March will take place.
It starts from pl. Zamkowy.

Relation from Warsaw streets 28.04.2004

28.04.2004 22:41


Relacja z ulic Warszawy 28-04-2004

11:40 W sk��adzie fotograf i redaktor polskich indymedi��w wysiadamy na ulicy Marsza��kowskiej przy granicy strefy zero, przy parku Saskim. Jak mo��na si�� by��o spodziewa�� - silna obstawa policyjna, za podw��jn�� barierka, funkcjonariusze jedynie w ubraniach ochronnych nie uzbrojeni, wspierani z ty��u oko��o trzydziestoma radiowozami typu van oraz armatk�� wodn��. Nie mieli��my problemu z robieniem zdj����, aczkolwiek ��aden z policjant��w nie chcia�� z nami rozmawia��, jeste��my odsy��ani do rzecznika prasowego w Komendzie G����wnej Policji. Sytuacja spokojna, na niebie helikoptery policyjne.


27.04.2004 23:04

"The Olympics' culture isn't ours"

[pl] [fr] [en] Dzie�� przed szczytem

27.04.2004 22:41

[pl] - [fr] - [en]

W ��rod�� w Warszawie rozpocznie si�� Europejskie Forum Ekonomiczne (regionalne spotkanie ��wiatowego Forum Ekonomicznego - WEF, kt��re co roku obraduje w Davos). Podczas gdy politycy i biznesmeni przygotowuj�� si�� do Forum Ekonomicznego, alterglobali��ci czyni�� przygotowania do Antyszczytu: organizuj�� alternatywne konferencje, wyk��ady, wsp��ln�� demonstracj�� przeciwko WEF i neoliberalizmowi etc. Tymczasem w��adze miasta i policja nastawiaj�� si�� na starcia z manifestantami. Wi��kszo���� og��lnodost��pnych medi��w kreuje wizerunek alterglobalist��w jako zadymiarzy np. [1], [2], [3].

Report from the surrounded city

27.04.2004 22:41


Raport z obl����onego miasta

Do Warszawy powoli zje��d��aj�� si�� alterglobali��ci. Autokarami przyje��d��aj�� policjanci, kt��rych ilo���� na sto��ecznych drogach wzros��a dziesi��ciokrotnie. Powoli przyje��d��aj�� te�� osoby z r����nych kolektyw��w indymedi��w z Polski i zagranicy. Mamy nadziej��, ��e niebawem siedziba redakcji b��dzie gotowa na oprzyj��cie wi��kszej ilo��ci dziennikarzy, fotograf��w, filmowc��w. Mamy nadziej��, ��e nie padnie nam sie�� ani morale......

���������������� �������������� �������� ������������������

27.04.2004 19:01

�� "��������������������" ������ �������������������� ������ ���������� o ���������� ������

March For Women's Lives

NOLA Indymedia, 23.04.2004 20:24

March For Women's Lives

Radio marathon 24 April

23.04.2004 20:00

50th birthday Mumia Abu Jamal, still on Death Row

Police against activists

22.04.2004 22:41

(pl)(en)(fr) (es)Policja przeciw aktywistom
Police contre activistes
Polic��as contra activistas
(po polsku) - (English) - (français) - (Castellano)

Nasilaj�� si�� policyjne represje wobec grup oraz os��b zaanga��owanych w przygotowania do Alternatywnego Forum Ekonomicznego w Warszawie. Ludzie kojarzeni pzez policj�� jako aktywi��ci s�� wzywani na komisariaty albo odwiedzani w domach. Cz��sto s�� to osoby postronne, kt��re tak jak na przyk��ad we Wroc��awiu, zosta��y spisane podczas Mas Krytycznych i ze zbli��aj��cymi si�� wydarzeniami nie maj�� nic wsp��lnego.

Zastraszani s�� tak��e w��a��ciciele lokali maj��cych jakikolwiek zwi��zek z Antyszczytem. W Warszawie po rutynowej kontroli policji w kinie Praha (w kt��rym mia��y si�� odbywa�� Alternatywne Konferencje) dyrekcja wycofa��a si�� z wynajmu pomieszczenia Koalicji Grup Wolno��ciowych. We Wroc��awiu przy pomocy gr����b nie dopuszczono do organizacji w Centrum Reanimacji Kultury spotkania informacyjnego na temat Antyszczytu. Innym razem nieumundurowani policjanci za����dali od aktywist��w, opiekuj��cych si�� tym miejscem, deklaracji, ��e nie b��d�� oni go��ci�� ��adnych przyjezdnych jad��cych do lub z Warszawy. Podobne sytuacje mia��y miejsce w innych miastach (Warszawie, Poznaniu, Rzeszowie, Suwa��kach, Toruniu).

Act for the Earth Schedule Now Posted!

Act for the Earth, 22.04.2004 10:24


Act for the Earth:
a bioregional ecology conference
and skills training

April 30 - May 2, 2004
Southern Oregon University
Ashland, Oregon

Act for the Earth is a community effort to draw connections between diverse struggles that can easily be seen as one. Consciously blending "issues" from social justice to eco-defense in order to share our experiences and learn from each other, this Conference aims to build inspiration and longevity in our actions. Join us for an exciting weekend in the shadow of the Siskiyou Mountains in beautiful Ashland, Oregon.

�������������������� ��������������������

21.04.2004 23:12

������������������ ���� �������������������� ������ �������� ��������������������

Ashland Council &amp; Community Shut Down DeBoer, 21.04.2004 13:38

In the latest painfully dysfunctional Ashland City Council meeting Tuesday night, a stalemate was reached over the proposed dis-appointment of Planning Commissioner Colin Swales. The 3-3 tie means that the mayoral appointments can not proceed, and the Council will have to revisit the issue next meeting. This was the first such block of mayoral appointees for the Council in at least 25 years, and constitutes a tremendous victory for the community of Ashland.

Rally at Disability Services Office

Patrick Schubert, 20.04.2004 13:00

Over 90 people rallied outside the Disability Services Office today, demanding that the state stop cutting services to the disabled and disadvantaged. Fourteen people occupied the waiting room inside the building.

King DeBoer Responds to the Masses

just another peasant, 20.04.2004 08:01

King Alan DeBoer responds to the masses who dare call into question his judgement. Many peasants have tried to speak up about the recent decision to pass up a strong critic of the aristocracy for re-appointment to the planning commision. Turns out maintaining the status quo is more important than rocking the boat. The King's reponse was sent to all via mass email. Appropriate measures for delivering the 'truth' to the masses. Turns out there is an opportunity for the peasants to speak their minds one more time. King DeBoer makes the appointments official tonight at 7:00 in the City Council chambers.

As you wish, my lord...


Indymedia Colombia, 19.04.2004 19:37

Lo que el exministro Londo��o no ha respondido


Indymedia Colombia, 19.04.2004 19:37

Crisis en las c��pulas

Israeli Apache Helicopters assassinated Dr Abd El Aziz Rantesi

Palestine, 18.04.2004 10:01

Israeli Apache Helicopters assassinated Dr Abd El Aziz Rantesi


17.04.2004 18:03

������������������ ������ �������������������� ������ "����������������"

Child Used as Human Shield after Beating

Palestine, 17.04.2004 08:03

Child Used as Human Shield after Beating


NOLA Indymedia, 14.04.2004 00:02


SOU to Host Timber Puppets Rey, Salwasser and Sessions

sapsucker, 11.04.2004 20:26

Mark Rey, former timber industry lobbyist and current Undersecratary of Agriculture in charge of the US Forest Service, Hal Salwasser, Dean of the College of Forestry at Oregon State University (OSU) and John Sessions, professor of Forest Economics at OSU will assemble for the Oregon Society of American Foresters Annual Meeting at Southern Oregon University in Ashland.

These architects of extreme forest policy and science are responsible for the "Biscuit Fire Recovery Project", the largest and most extreme salvage logging proposal in modern history on our public lands. Their vision for the future rests squarely on drastic increases in public lands logging, under the guise of the so-called "Healthy Forests Initiative."

Information Overload

Victoria, 11.04.2004 19:26

Information Overload

Information Overload

IMC Victoria, 11.04.2004 19:26

Information Overload

Surveillance Internet

IMC Victoria, 11.04.2004 19:11

The Internet Under Surveillance

Brede demonstratie tegen deportatiepolitiek

Netherlands, 11.04.2004 18:41

Een indrukwekkende groep mensen liep zatermiddag door Amsterdam in een demonstratie onder het motto "Stop de Uitzettingen, van harte pardon!". Veel vluchtelingen en gezinnen liepen mee in de stoet waaraan volgens getuigen 10 tot 15 duizend deelnamen.

Volgens een verslag had de demonstratie vooral het karakter van een stille tocht, met hier en daar een groep met fluitjes. Volgens anderen was de demonstratie erg kleurrijk. Het AFA-blok zorgde voor veel animatie met een radiowagen en een sambaband. Dit blok demonstreerde niet alleen tegen de voorgenomen massale uitzettingen van vluchtelingen, maar ook voor open grenzen en tegen tegen Fort Europa. Zie voor meer verslagen van de demonstratie de volgende bijdragen: 1 | 2 | 3 | deutsch.

Op de Dam werden vele toespraken gehouden [ serie 1, serie 2 | programma ]. De demonstratie was op initiatief van platform Keer het Tij, dat ook een ludieke actie organiseerde op 7 april in Den Haag. In andere landen zijn er protesten bij de Nederlandse ambassades.

Tijdens de demonstratie in Amsterdam waren er livereportages op de Amsterdamse vrijeradio [ interviews ].

Op de Dam werden vele toespraken gehouden [ serie 1, serie 2 | programma ]. De demonstratie was op initiatief van platform Keer het Tij, dat ook een ludieke actie organiseerde op 7 april in Den Haag. In andere landen zijn protesten bij de Nederlandse ambassades.

[ Fotoverslagen 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 ]

[ eerdere features "Deportatiecentrum Schiphol. Niet Openen maar Slopen" | Actie Zestienhoven | Meer acties en achtergronden ]

�������� ������ ������ ���������������� ��.��.��.��

11.04.2004 15:40

������ ������������������������������ ������������������������


10.04.2004 22:02

Amsterdam: 15000 protest against deportations (pictures)

Labour Strife in Newfoundland and Labrador

Maritimes, 10.04.2004 13:30

Labour Strife in Newfoundland and Labrador
Biggest strike in Newfoundland and Labrador history.

Debating the Seal Hunt

Maritimes, 10.04.2004 13:15

Debating the Seal Hunt


Indymedia Colombia, 09.04.2004 22:10


Palestine, 07.04.2004 14:23


ISM Report

Palestine, 07.04.2004 14:16

ISM Report


Indymedia Colombia, 07.04.2004 03:00

��Cierren la Escuela de las Am��ricas!

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