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James Hardie Inquiry

Sydney, 05.08.2004 17:14

Protest JH evading asbestos victims

Government Admits Investigation Against Indymedia and Petros Evdokas Initiated by US Intelligence

Atlanta, 05.08.2004 17:02

#media_6879;left#The scandal is unfolding in gigantic proportions... and we can hardly keep up with the developments. Responding to a publicity and solidarity campaign by Indymedia, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has been forced to admit that they were acting under orders from the US Government to carry out an intelligence investigation of Cyprus Indymedia and of one of its founding members, Petros Evdokas, in order to assess whether he "constitutes a threat to US interests."

Police had interrogated the family of Petros Evdokas a few weeks ago and, during the affair, inadvertently blurted out that the source of this investigation was a directive by the CIA. After a series of denials and cover-ups (chronicled below) the Police Headquarters issued an official statement on Friday admitting to everything that Indymedia had accused them of, namely that directives of the CIA and the US Embassy have priority over their own mission which, believe it or not, is to protect the tiny and independent Republic from foreign intervention.


Manila, 05.08.2004 16:44

The Continous Power Rate Hike

8/8 Rally to Defend Same-Sex Marriage in SF

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.08.2004 16:32

Summer of Love 2004 Rally to Defend Same-Sex Marriage

sb60 strike

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.08.2004 16:03

Immigrant Workers Statewide Strike To Protest Repeal Of SB60

President Bush To Visit Seattle

Portland, 05.08.2004 15:50

Sunday: Last chance to visit the Bear timber sale?

Portland, 05.08.2004 14:02

Interim-jobstudenten zijn geen ééndagsvliegen

West Vlaanderen, 05.08.2004 13:15

Interim-jobstudenten zijn geen ééndagsvliegen

Selling out the Labour Movement

Melbourne, 05.08.2004 13:13

Labor supports Free Trade Agreement

We don't need no thought control: The Decline and Fall of &quot;Schooling&quot;

Portland, 05.08.2004 12:08

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Vigil: Nuclear Days Of Action

Rogue Valley, 05.08.2004 09:44

Peace House is sponsoring the 18th annual Hiroshima-Nagasaki vigil on the Plaza in downtown Ashland August 6 through August 9. The event is in solidarity with the National Be Safe Nuclear Days of Action, and include events in over 70 US cities.

The vigil is an opportunity to dialog with the community and reflect upon how we choose to respond to the critical challenges of nuclear pollution and weaponry and corporate war profiteers. The vigil will begin at 8 am on Friday August 6th with a blessing from Robert Greygrass, Actor and Lakota Wellness Educator. Ashland Mayor Alan DeBoer will read the Ashland Hiroshima Declaration and will light the symbolic Hiroshima flame. Acappella music will be performed by Beth Baker, who just recently released the cd "I've Got To Sing My Song."

Recuperación fallida

Argentina, 05.08.2004 09:01

Jueves 18 de Diciembre
El Ingenio del terror


Argentina, 05.08.2004 08:55

Lunes 8 de Diciembre
El largo camino por el derecho a la tierra

Villa La Angostura

Argentina, 05.08.2004 08:50

Lunes 1 de Diciembre
Villa La Angostura: comunidad mapuche acampa en defensa de su territorio


Argentina, 05.08.2004 08:45

Miércoles 12 de Noviembre
Alex Lemun, ¡Presente!


Argentina, 05.08.2004 08:42

Sábado 1 de Noviembre
300 km de dignidad

12 de oct

Argentina, 05.08.2004 08:29

Viernes 24 de Octubre
Un 12 de Octubre de repudio, organización y resistencia


Argentina, 05.08.2004 08:09

Jueves 9 de Octubre
Los Pueblos Originarios y la Escuela

marche preso

Argentina, 05.08.2004 08:04

Miércoles 1 de Octubre
Marche preso: Persecusión estatal a los mapuche

ava guarani

Argentina, 05.08.2004 07:58

Jueves 18 de Septiembre
Represión y desalojo al Pueblo Ava Guaraní en Salta

parlamento en bs as

Argentina, 05.08.2004 07:54

Miércoles 10 de Septiembre
La ancestral costumbre de Parlamentar

caracoles, pacha, kirchner y más

Argentina, 05.08.2004 07:50

Viernes 8 de Agosto
Fiesta Insurgente por el nacimiento de los caracoles

vuelta del río III

Argentina, 05.08.2004 07:44

Lunes 7 de Julio
Puelmapu: embestidas judiciales y vitalidad del Pueblo Mapuche


Argentina, 05.08.2004 07:39

Jueves 7 de Noviembre 2002
Bienvenidos a la sección de Pueblos Originarios

recuperación / newen mapu

Argentina, 05.08.2004 07:36

Jueves 12 de Junio
Recuperación de tierras en Villa La Angostura, Neuquén

neuquén / misiones

Argentina, 05.08.2004 07:28

Miércoles 21 de Mayo
Neuquén: avanzada del estado provincial contra el Pueblo Mapuche


Argentina, 05.08.2004 07:04

Sábado 3 de Mayo
Primer Parlamento Mapuche en la provincia del Chubut

peligro en el wallmapu

Argentina, 05.08.2004 07:03

Martes 25 de Marzo
Ola de desalojos: peligro en territorio Mapuche


Argentina, 05.08.2004 07:01

Viernes 25 de Abril
MARICI WEU! (Diez veces venceremos)

The Indypendent Goes All Out for the RNC; Next Print Run 200,000

NYC, 05.08.2004 06:54

With New York being bombarded by rightwing fearmongering in advance of the Republican Convention, The Indypendent decided Tuesday night to massively increase its print runs this month. Our August 11 issue will have a 200,000 print run and our our August 25 issue 100,000. This is believed to be the largest print run in decades by any radical grassroots newspaper in the U.S. Help us pull it off. We'll be distributing throughout the city over the next several weeks. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at or call 212-684-8112. || Issue #53: "The First Amendment Is the Only Permit We Need" || Issue #52: "Defend New York from the Republican National Convention" || "The Indy Hits 50"

World Trade Organization

Qc, 05.08.2004 04:34

WTO "July Package" Fails the Poor

Code Pink vs. Protest Warriors Sunday

San Diego, 05.08.2004 04:33

Protest Warriors are planning to protest the Code Pink people this Sunday at Balboa Park, and Roger Hedgecock is putting out a call for more Protest Warriors. It's peace versus war, love versus hate. Come and join Code Pink for Peace this Sunday at noon, at the corner of 6th and Laurel.

World Trade Organization

Qc, 05.08.2004 04:32

WTO "July Package" Fails the Poor

World Trade Organization

Qc, 05.08.2004 04:32

WTO "July Package" Fails the Poor

World Trade Organization

Qc, 05.08.2004 04:30

WTO "July Package" Fails the Poor

World Trade Organization

Qc, 05.08.2004 04:28

WTO "July Package" Fails the Poor

World Trade Organization

Qc, 05.08.2004 04:06

WTO "July Package" Fails the Poor

Bush says torture is &quot;alien&quot; to America? Let me set that record straight

Portland, 05.08.2004 00:20

Report: J30 Cheney protest in Yakima

Portland, 04.08.2004 23:55

$3 Million can't buy respect for Sisterspace and Books

DC, 04.08.2004 21:48

Bon Voyage, Miss NH 2004, But Please Leave Cruel Fur Coat Behind

New Hampshire, 04.08.2004 21:28

The letter appeals to Miss NH 2004, Alyssa Spellman, to make a compassionate choice, and reject gifts from the NH Trappers Association, as she takes her Farewell Cruise. The fur coat awarded to her cruelly cost the lives of some 24 fishers as traps slammed onto their bodies, and they died, if not from the trap, then at the hands of the trapper.

County Supports Felton Water Acquisition from CalAm RWE

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.08.2004 21:04

After one and a half hours of public testimony, the County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to create a Community Facilities District as a first step in the acquisition of the Felton Water system. The county will essentially loan Felton $50,000 to finance a formal appraisal and put a bond to the voters. CalAm RWE has been running an extensive 'scare' campaign to convince residents that the water will cost up to $20 million ($1,165 per rate payer/month). Even higher figures have been cited. Residents testified that they've received phone call, letters, pamphlets, and posters from the company. The Supervisors came out strongly in favor of taking back the water. Jan Beautz summed it up. "Some things should be owned by the public. Water is one off them. It should not be in the hands of private companies." Friends of Locally Owned Water (FLOW) Felton

previous coverage: [ Felton fights privatized water I Felton organizes to stop privatization of its water I Jeff Almquist on water privatization in SC county I Felton Organizes to Take Back Water From RWE AG I KUSP advertises American Water ]

Central Park Moonlight Ride -- 10th Anniversary!

NYC, 04.08.2004 21:02

When: Friday, August 6, 10 p.m. (generally the first Friday of the month.)

Where: Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park (Central Park South at Broadway.)

Ten years ago, Giuliani was in his first term, "The Power of Love" was the number-one song, and the crazy kids at TIME'S UP! decided that an after-dark ride through the much-maligned Central Park would be fun. Fast forward to 2004 and Rudy's out of the picture, Celine is off the charts, but the Central Park Moonlight Ride rolls on for its 10th consecutive year.

Asti resiste

Italy, 04.08.2004 20:31

Occupazione ad Asti

ΒΑΡΚΕΛΩΝΗ: Εκκένωση της ιστορικής κατάληψης Hamsa

Thessaloniki, 04.08.2004 18:16


The Rorschach War Shock Test

Urbana-Champaign, 04.08.2004 17:25

This is not really a comic. It will appear in the next issue of the Public i.

Sen. Fort to host hearing on juvenile rapes, deaths at Prison for Children

Atlanta, 04.08.2004 17:24

#media_6875;right# Officials at the Georgia Department of Corrections have failed to protect the children and adults who are housed at Lee Arrendale State Prison, in Alto, GA. Stabbings, rapes, and other forms of violence are a regular part of life for Arrendale’s prisoners. Since the murder of Wayne Boatwright, an 18 year-old who was killed at the prison on February 22, 2004, there have been at least 30 documented violent incidents at Arrendale. This level of violence is unacceptable at any prison, but is particularly so at a prison holding children.


Worcester, 04.08.2004 17:02

Welcome and Introduction Article

FBI Targets Environmentalists

Worcester, 04.08.2004 17:02

FBI Targets Worcester ActivistsOrganizers Move Video Screening to Clark University

YouthGROW Local Food System

Worcester, 04.08.2004 17:02

YouthGROW Local Food System: Growing, Learning and Building an Alternative Economy in Worcester

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