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Giant Trees Are Falling As Court Ponders Appeal

Portland, 24.11.2005 11:39

As old growth forest advocates await a Ninth Circuit Court decision, Pacific Lumber (PL) subsidiary Scotia Pacific (ScoPac) has brought their chain saws into an ancient grove of redwoods containing trees up to 15 feet in diameter and comprising the largest chunk of in-tact unprotected habitat for the federally listed Marbled Murrelet (Brachyramphus marmoratus) in California.

In addition to the legal challenges filed by he Environmental Protection Information Center and the Western Environmental Law Center, Humboldt Forest Defense and Earth First activists have erected tree-sits in the branches of some of the massive trees, and have been showing up daily at the logging road gate outside Scotia, and also held a demonstration at PL offices in Scotia.


Portland, 24.11.2005 11:39

A murder of crows clamored ominously over Shohada Square last week while the gritty terrace swarmed with careering passenger cars, overloaded trucks, noisy motorbikes, book-toting children, browsing shoppers, white-gloved gendarmes, and loitering jobless men.

Apparently nothing but the name, translating as Martyrs Square, was left to remind busy passersby in this teeming super-metropolis of at least 20 million that the site was the violent epicenter of the start of the Iranian Revolution. On September 8, 1978 (17 Shahrivar 1357 in the Persian calendar) troops of the US-installed and supported Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi opened fire on peaceful demonstrators in what was then known as Jaleh Square. Hundreds reportedly were killed that day throughout the capital, most of them students.

Many more protestors were killed by the Iranian military in the aftermath, which resulted in a general strike that October. The Shah fled the country within weeks on January 16 with Ayatollah Khomeini returning from exile on February 1, 1979 to take control of the multi-faceted revolutionary forces.

More than 27 years after that series of world-shaking events, another weakened and unpopular hardline regime is threatening to cause bloodshed again in the streets of Iran. Only this time there is no proxy involved, and the violent administration is located unequivocally in Washington.

Juicio a Gabriel Roser

Argentina, 24.11.2005 11:38

A silenciosa violência dos nossos brandos costumes

Portugal, 24.11.2005 11:38

A silenciosa violência dos nossos brandos costumes

Wendland: Castor - November 2005

Germany, 24.11.2005 11:38

Vom 19.-22.November rollte ein Transport mit 12 hochradioaktiven Castorbehältern aus der französischen Wiederaufbearbeitungsanlage La Hague nach Gorleben ins dortige Zwischenlager. Am 21.November erreichte der Castortransport nach vielen Protesten und Sitzblockaden mit einiger Verspätung die Verladestation in Dannenberg. Von dort fuhr er nach rund 9 Stunden ins Zwischenlager. Zuvor kam es auf der Straße zu zahlreichen Aktionen und Blockaden und somit kam der Transport schliesslich am Dienstag gegen 6:00 Uhr am Ziel an. (Feature at Indymedia UK | Timeline)

Links: CASTOR-NIX DA | Gorleben News-Ticker | X-tausendmal quer | Castorcamp Hitzacker | Widerstandnest Metzingen | Bürgerinitiative Lüchow Dannenberg | WiderSetzen | Bürgerinitiative Uelzen | Anti-Atom Aktuell | radiofreieswendland

Eine chronologische Auflistung der Ereignisse ab Lüneburg findet sich in folgender Zeitschiene.

Attention! They're all around. Armed and undercovered...

Athens, 24.11.2005 11:38

The incident of two armed undercovered policemen, captured in an assembly of PAME, is the latest episode in a series of subconsequent obvious police interventions in immigrants' gathering places and surveillance, aiming to anarchists, strugglers and left-wing union groups of the educational sector. What's more, there has been an employees' assembly, in front of policemen invited by the employer!

The "policeman per neighbourhood" was abolished, but we are on the way for the "policeman per floor"!

EBAA &amp; HSUS File Suit with the USDA Over Poultry Slaughter

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2005 11:38

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Oakland's East Bay Animal Advocates (EBAA), and five poultry consumers filed suit challenging the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s policy of excluding chickens, turkeys, and other birds killed for human consumption from the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act of 1958. The animal protection organizations, representing more than nine million members and constituents, assert that current poultry slaughter methods are cruel. "These birds ... are being slaughtered by methods that are not humane," said Paul Shapiro, spokesman for the Humane Society of the United States. "It's only because the USDA fails to define poultry as livestock even though any dictionary definition demonstrates that farmed birds ought to be." The groups filing suit estimate that 9 billion birds, or about 95 percent of domestic animals raised on farms, are unprotected during the slaughter process. U.S. industry practices include hanging live birds upside down in metal shackles, then moving them through an electrified water bath that paralyzes them while still conscious, and sometimes drowning conscious birds in tanks of scalding water. The lawsuit said recent reports of abuse in slaughter plants in West Virginia, Maryland and Alabama, where workers jumped on, kicked and slammed chickens against a wall, increased the need to protect poultry. In those cases, neither the workers nor the plants could be prosecuted because poultry are not covered under the federal law for human treatment of livestock.

Read More: 1 | 2 | 3

HSUS's Still a Jungle Out There | EBAA's California Turkey Industry

Recent Holiday-related News: 1 | 2 | 3
Indybay's 2004 Coverage of Thanksgiving

32nd Annual American Indian Day of Thanksgiving on Alcatraz Island

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2005 11:38

Indigenous people and their supporters continue to observe "Thanksgiving" as a mournful holiday that represents the destruction of native peoples' lives and cultures, as well as a day of coming together as a community. The 32nd annual American Indian Day of Thanksgiving Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz Island will take place on Thursday, November 24th. People are encouraged to arrive at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 41, before 5:00am to get in line to purchase tickets for the Blue and Gold Fleet ferry. KPFA radio coverage during the event

A free, public pot-luck feast will take place from 11:00am to 5:00 pm at the Oakland Inter-Tribal Friendship House at 523 International Boulevard in Oakland. This event will include music, special guest speakers and more.

The annual Food Not Bombs Give Thanks Vegetarian Potluck Feast will take place at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, beginning at 6:00pm. Riot Folk will be performing, and any proceeds from the event will benefit the Doe Family, people who were injured while they were performing jail solidarity following their arrests at the 2004 Reclaim the Commons convergence in San Francisco.

Indybay's 2004 Coverage of Thanksgiving | American Indian Treaty Council | East Bay Food Not Bombs | Riot Folk | InterTribal Friendship House | Bay Native Circle Radio Show on KPFA | Friendship House Association of American Indians, SF | Bay Area Indian Calendar

32nd Annual American Indian Day of Thanksgiving on Alcatraz Island

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.11.2005 11:38

Indigenous people and their supporters continue to observe "Thanksgiving" as a mournful holiday that represents the destruction of native peoples' lives and cultures, as well as a day of coming together as a community. The 32nd annual American Indian Day of Thanksgiving Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz Island will take place on Thursday, November 24th. People are encouraged to arrive at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 41, before 5:00am to get in line to purchase tickets for the Blue and Gold Fleet ferry. KPFA radio will provide special coverage during the event

A free, public pot-luck feast will take place from 11:00am to 5:00 pm at the Oakland Inter-Tribal Friendship House at 523 International Boulevard in Oakland. This event will include music, special guest speakers and more.

The annual Food Not Bombs Give Thanks Vegetarian Potluck Feast will take place at Ashkenaz in Berkeley, beginning at 6:00pm. Riot Folk will be performing, and any proceeds from the event will benefit the Doe Family, people who were injured while they were performing jail solidarity following their arrests at the 2004 Reclaim the Commons convergence in San Francisco.

Indybay's 2004 Coverage of Thanksgiving | Read more on Indybay's Racial Justice News Page

Demanding an End to Domestic Abuse

Bristol, 24.11.2005 11:37

Anti-violence towards women protest on College Green International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women To mark UN International Day Against Violence Against Women, "Around 50 protesters held a procession against violence towards women", writes Sofia. Starting at Queen's Square and ending on College Green, the protest demanded an end to domestic abuse, and wanted to make women who are victims of it aware that there is available help out there. Full article | Avon Sexual Abuse Centre | The Samaritans | Avon Relate | Womankind | About the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women |

A Re-publican Nation: the Born-again Publicans

Maine, 24.11.2005 11:37

Fuck Those Capitalist Pigs

Cleveland, 24.11.2005 11:37

Tenants Auction Housing Leader's House!

Scotland, 24.11.2005 11:15

At, 10.00 am yesterday, on the 23rd of November, tenants in Edinburgh slipped into fancy dress and auctioned off City Council Housing leader, Sheila Gilmore's home for £899 pounds. The stunt was designed to draw attention to Councillor's Gilmore's part in the City Council's "ridiculous" plan to sell off 23,000 council homes at £899 pounds each.

Party on Wheels in Melbourne

Melbourne, 24.11.2005 11:14

Cyclists Celebrate 10 years of Critical Mass

Dalkeith Park Tree-Sit Under Eviction Threat!

United Kingdom, 24.11.2005 00:08

Nearly three weeks ago, protesters set-up a tree-sit in Dalkeith County Park near Edinburgh to protest the creation of a new A68 bypass through the park, an important wildlife habitat and tourist attraction.
Yesterday, authorities cut five trees down before being stopped by protesters.Now the protesters have 48 hours to leave before eviction, and are asking for help.

For more information:

[ Original Call for Support | Press Release and Directions to Treesit | Pictures of Tree-sit in Dalkeith | october feature | Save Dalkeith Park! website | Bilston Woods Protest Camp]

Hurricane Wilma Documentary Photography

Miami, 24.11.2005 00:07

Hurricane Wilma Documentary Photography

kriminaligo (eo)

Barcelona, 23.11.2005 23:07

Malliberejoj, amasmurdejoj

Kriza situacio en la prizonoj: Nova morto en la prizono de Zuera, jam la 28a ++ Memmortigo en la hospitalo de Basurto ++ 2 malliberuloj pendumitaj en la prizono de Soria ++ Freŝaj novaĵoj pri la malliberuloj kaj klarigo ++ Mortintoj en prizono ++ Ĉiu morto en prizono estas ŝtatkrimo ++ FIES (Interna Datumbazo por Aparta Evolu-Observado) kaj leĝa sufero ++ Morto de malliberulo kaj subpremo kontraŭ Francesc Arnau ++ Prizonoj ne resocianigas, ili mortigas Situacio de Rafa >>> Rafa eksisolitas ++ Rafa, humiligita en Valdemoro ++ Lastaj novaĵoj pri Rafa ++ Situacio de Rafa en prizono Memorante la ribelon en Quatre Camins >>> Finiĝas la ribelo en Quatre Camins ++ "Ne pliaj batoj" petas la malliberuloj ++ Trudiĝas la oficiala versio ++ Skandalo post la ribelo ++ Letero el Quatre Camins Kronikoj de Francesc Arnau >>> 1a ++ 2a ++ 3a ++ 4a kaj 5a

Aliaj infoj: 22an Nov: Amasiĝo de kontraŭantoj la urbestraran leĝon pri 'ĝentileco' ++ ama$komunikiloj: ... spuroj indikas ke kontraŭsistemaj grupoj planas disvastigi la tumultojn en Barcelono ++ pri la leĝo kiu permesas esplori spurojn sen juĝista ordono, aprobita la 15an de junio 2005 ++ Verdikto de la proceso kontraŭ 4 ŝtataj policanoj ++ La duopo el Elx: la akuzisto en la proceso kontraŭatakas ++ Video de la aresto de la duopo el Elx ++ Balza anoncas ke oni surbendigos la pridemandojn ++ Kio estas tio? ++ Proceso pri la tumultoj en Saloniko ++ Letero al ĝendarmo kiu piedbatadis surteran enmigrinton en Melilla ++ La akuzanto petas procesi la dek homojn el Penedès akuzitajn pri balota delikto ++ Sabadell: daŭras la subpremado! ++ Bush defendas la torturon ++ Nou Barris solidariĝas kun la Triopo el Gràcia ++ Polica elmontrado en La Maquinista ++ Alvoko por internacia solidariĝo kun la procesitoj en Aĥeno ++ Senprocesa konkludo de la denuncoj pri torturoj de Amaia Urizar kaj Jean Mattin Bilbao ++ Eduardo Galeano: "La aliaj kaĝoj"

+ infoj: >>>kriminaligo

Clonakilty Red Pudding AKA Dave Lordan Wins 2005 Kavanagh Award

Ireland, 23.11.2005 22:37

In Honour Of The Occasion Here's One Of His That Was Lying Around In The Archives Dave Lordan of the Socialist Workers Party has won the presitgious Kavanagh award for poetry. A to Z of the Irish TimesBy Dave Lordan(From collection titled 'Clonakilty Red Pudding'. The collection is dedicated to ‘Tom Barry’s Missing Statue’) All strikes are wrong, particularly the ones that go on.Bombs are good in Baghdad and Belgrade, bad in BelfastCheerlead every imperialist war.Dissidents need not apply.Editorial line, editorial line, editorial line.Famines are caused by a shortage of food.Good for business, good for all.Hallelujah social partnership!!!Ignore anti-capitalist and anti-racist events not organized by our friends.Jail the poor.Keep repeating the establishment line.Letters from the organized left not printed. Letters from far right God-spouting nutters pride of place.Middle class audience, middle class values.NATO is a peacemaker and moral authority.Orange marches are an expression of Protestant culture.Prague didn’t happen, Genoa didn’t happen, Florence isn’t happening.Queue’s in public services the fault of the staff.Releases from PR agencies quoted verbatim as truth.Sanctions which murder hundreds and thousands of children are ‘an understandable reaction to the threat of terrorism’.Tell lies about the Nice Treaty.UVF same as IRA.Vanity mirror for the rich and politicians.World Bank Good Good Good.Xtreme left Bad Bad Bad.Yes Yes men and Yes Yes women.Zero coverage of Working Class Issues. Some of the more recent poetry from the collection "The Boy in the Ring" which won the prize for Dave is available here as is a poem on the subject of Shannon Airport. The Kavanagh Award has been awarded yearly since 1971 and previous winners have included Pat Boran, Celia de Freine, Paul Durcan, Sinead Morrissey, Peter Sirr and Joseph Woods. Lilliput Press published an anthology of the recipients of the award since 1971 in 2004 titled Dancing With Kitty Stobling. Most Indymedia readers will know Dave Lordan as an unabashed socialist activist and this is often reflected head on in his writing. Here for example is Dave's Tribute To Joe Strummer and also his response to the events in Genoa in 2001.

Home Office in Glasgow locked down - 3 arrests

Scotland, 23.11.2005 21:08

Once again the Home Office Immigration offices in Glasgow have been closed down by protesters. Earlier this morning 40 people gathered outside the building and padlocked two of the gates. 3 protestors have been arrested. More details and photos to follow.

Edinburgh tenants 'Doormat' City Chambers

Scotland, 23.11.2005 21:08

On Monday, 21st of November, tenants from across Edinburgh carried their doormats in protest to the City Chambers on the Royal Mile. On the day that most tenants received their postal ballot papers for the Council’s proposed ‘stock transfer’ of 23,000 council homes, the tenants struck a message that they will not be treated like doormats by the Council, and will reject Council plans to have their homes sold off at a scandalous £899 pounds each to a private company.

especulació i okupació (ca)

Barcelona, 23.11.2005 20:07

Txabolegem Barcelona

Els afectats per l'especulació es convoquen per emplaçar les administracions a actuar contra la violència immobiliària.

[26 Nov] 17h, Arc de Triomf

--> Manifestació per clavar a la porta del Parlament la Carta de Mesures contra la Violència inmobiliària i urbanística.
--> Assetjament al Parlament i construcció de txaboles.
--> 20 h: Projecció de vídeos de conflictes urbans
--> 22 h: Concert

[27 Nov] Parc de la Ciutadella

--> 15 h: Dinar de carmanyola a les txaboles
--> 16 h: Sortida fins a la cimera-fortalesa BCN+10 (Fórum)

+info == >>>especulació i okupació --

especulación y okupación (es)

Barcelona, 23.11.2005 20:07

Chaboleamos Barcelona

Los afectados por la especulación se convocan para emplazar a las administraciones a actuar contra la violencia immobiliaria.

[26 Nov] 17h, Arc de Triomf

--> Manifestación para clavar en la puerta del Parlament la Carta de Medidas contra la Violencia inmobiliaria y urbanística.
--> Asedio al Parlament y construcción de chabolas.
--> 20 h: Proyección de vídeos de conflictos urbanos
--> 22 h: Concierto

[27 Nov] Parc de la Ciutadella

--> 15 h: Comida de fiambrera en las chabolas
--> 16 h: Salida hacia la cumbre-fortaleza BCN+10 (Fórum)

+info == >>>especulación y okupación --

Project HOME and AFSC Host: After Katrina – From Disaster to Hope

Philadelphia, 23.11.2005 16:38

Leaders from non-profit, homeless advocacy, local media, and government as well as former and currently homeless individuals joined with concerned Philadelphians to discuss the lessons from Katrina and how they apply to Philadelphia's hidden poor.

Tenants from local authority flat complexes across Dublin meet for launch of Tenants First booklet

Ireland, 23.11.2005 16:38

Report from last night's well-attended meeting. Around 75 community and housing activists from across the city gathered in the Macro Community Resource Centre on North King St last night, for the launching of a new Tenants First booklet, entitled "The Real Guide to Regeneration for Communities: Making The Right Decision About Urban Regeneration". The booklet has been in production for several months, and five thousand copies have been printed up for distribution around local authority flat complexes and housing estates right across Dublin City. The booklet was produced not as a leaflet to be shoved through letterboxes, but rather as a tool that local communities can use in facilitating workshops and discussions when faced with regeneration (which based on the contributions from the floor last night, seems to be widespread and increasing). "12 steps to making the right decision about regeneration" are mapped out, and take tenants from the initial stages of finding out information and understanding what is happening, to organising your own agenda, getting resources and fighting for what you want. Three speakers, Joe Donohue from Fatima Groups United, John Bissett from St Michael's Estate, and Lena Jordan from O'Devaney Gardens gave a brief outline of their experiences to date of the regeneration process. They talked of how each of their communities had experienced difficulties with Dublin City Council, at all stages of the planning and organisation. Also prevalent was the continuing presence of PPPs (Public Private Partnerships) in redevelopments. The results of PPPs were varied, but inevitably lead to the reduction in the number or physical space afforded to social housing, and an increase in housing densities coupled with a loss of open space areas. At the meeting last night, the general consensus was that each individual regeneration plan differed in many respects. Local autonomy, organising, and decision making was encouraged, but the facilitators and various speakers wanted people leaving to remember that the process was part of a much wider struggle occuring in many local authority estates, and it was important to make connections with other people involved, in order to learn from their successes and mistakes. The booklet was produced with the aim of ensuring that "local authority tenants are empowered to make a clear and rational decision about the future of their own areas. That means to begin with making a decision whether to say yes or no to the regeneration - degeneration agenda. "Regeneration means CHANGE, but the pluses and minuses of the agenda for change need to be carefully thought out before any community signs up for the medicine. It can mean some positive changes for communities, but it can also mean a lot of conflict, stress, disruption and fear, and there will be winners as well as losers, gains and losses. Indeed, so much is lost in the whole process (depopulation, demolition, redevelopment) that it might be smarter to think of it in terms of degeneration and regeneration - taking local places apart (over many years) and putting them back together in a radically different way. "Increasingly, all of this wont be carried out by the local authority in the traditional way; instead the local authority will enter into a deal with a private developer, who will become the key driver of the project. This is called a PPP, an approach encouraged by government since 2001. The public housing and community facilties will be funded mainly through the sale of private apartments. There have been fierce struggles over all of these issues and over what regeneration should be about. Another kind of regeneration - centred on social and community needs - is possible. But that will depend on how well you as a community can organise and act to influence the future of your estate." The booklet then goes into further detail about making the decision locally; gathering information; debating, evaluating, and making a democratic decision; raising support from the wider local area; setting your own agenda and having an independent space outside the authority structures; real and active participation; ways of doing the work and setting up a regeneration board; and moving forward. It is obvious that a lot of work and experience have gone into the production of the booklet, and it will prove a valuable resource in the coming months and years. In the first six months of next year, Tenants First will be facilitating workshops all across the city in communities undergoing regeneration and redevelopment. This booklet will be distributed at each of them. Tenants First is an independent, non-party political forum of tenants and community workers who have come together to share information and experiences to support each other on issues of common concern. The central aim is to provide a strong collective voice for local tenants on issues related to their living and dwelling conditions. The group provides support, advice, and a space for tenants and community voluntary organisations to come together and share mutual experiences, and to develop collective responses/actions. The steering group has representatives from Cork St, Davitt House, Dolphin House, Fatima Groups United, ICON, the Markets Area, O'Devaney Gardens, and St. Michael's Estate. A large number of other complexes have also affiliated to Tenants First. If you would like copies of the booklet, contact the St. Michael's Estate Family Resource Centre, Inchicore, Dublin 8.

Προσοχή: κυκλοφορούν ανάμεσά μας! Ενοπλοι και με πολιτικά.

Athens, 23.11.2005 15:37

Το περιστατικό με τη σύλληψη δύο ένοπλων ασφαλιτών στη συνεδρίαση του ΠΑΜΕ, είναι το τελευταίο επεισόδιο μιας σειράς απροκάλυπτων παρεμβάσεων σε στέκια μεταναστών και παρακολουθήσεων με στόχο αναρχικούς αγωνιστές και αριστερά συνδικαλιστικά σχήματα της εκπαίδευσης. Επίσης, έχει σημειωθεί και συνέλευση εργαζομένων, παρουσία αστυνομικών που κάλεσε ο εργοδότης!

Ο «αστυνομικός της γειτονιάς» καταργήθηκε. Οδεύουμε προς τον «αστυνομικό του ορόφου»!

Report back from November 19 fur protest

Portland, 23.11.2005 13:38

On Saturday November 19, about 10 protestors demonstrated in front of Schumacher's (811 SW Morrison), educating the general public about how fur is obtained ( while letting their few patrons know that wearing fur would not be tolerated without comment.

To say Schumacher proprietors and employees were enraged by our presence would almost be an understatement. One little man came out of the store repeatedly with a cheap camera and tried aggressively to take our pictures, apparently in an attempt to intimidate us (what's he going to do with them, put them up in the store to prevent us from buying fur there)? He tried to push a fox mask off the face of one protestor and slap her sign away. He shouted insults at us. Inside, the other employees and owners huddled uselessly around their service counter, staring at us, shaking their heads. A clownishly made up female employee (all the fur hags seem to use a spatula to apply their make-up) came out and tried to stare each one of us down - not really sure what that was about. They seem increasingly desperate to have us discontinue our protests - which only makes us know that our protests are having an effect! It's always a wonderful feeling to know that your presence is really noticed and has some value.

Homeless guy saves cops ass. About that police training....?

Portland, 23.11.2005 13:38

I just wondered how many people in these quarters noticed the article from the Friday November 18th edition of the portland tribune that describes an incident where a homeless person, Clinton Whitman, interrupted an assualt upon a hapless portland policeman who misjudged his ability to independently confront an agitated bar patron.

The article recounts the gratitude officers felt towards Mr. Whitman for the extraordinary gesture of civic and personal responsibility he made, and of some of their efforts to respond with help addressing his present unstable personal situation. He's been rewarded with some money and supplies to combat the harshness of his existence, plus, at least for the present, there is a suggestion that the police will be on the lookout for opportuntities that could answer his longer term needs. They're conscious of the need to watch his back to protect him against possible recrimination by the person agitated bar person once he's released.

Food giveaway, or corporate gimmick?

Portland, 23.11.2005 13:38

Recently, the Sunday Whoregonian (we only look at the pictures) included a shopping bag, that shoppers could fill for the Oregon Food Bank, a worthy cause. Read on, dear reader:

The bag was printed up in large logos, the largest of which was the logo of Albertson's. That would indicate to me that when the bag was full, I could drop it off at Albertson's for delivery to the food bank, right? Not so. The logo was printed on the bag in several places, along with this suggestion " Stop by your local ALBERTSONS today for high protein items to fill this bag." There were other logos which I ignored at first, since I do not care a whit for Jiffy Lube, U.S Bank, Weyerhaueser, Nike, The Commerce Company, etc. The bag itself is emblazoned with "designed by Nike".

Legalização do Aborto

Brasil, 23.11.2005 13:38


Câmara começa a discutir o aborto

Brasil, 23.11.2005 13:08


Target Australia

Melbourne, 23.11.2005 11:09

USA to bomb the Northern Territory

BI biométrico europeu vai ser introduzido pela porta do cavalo

Portugal, 23.11.2005 09:08

BI biométrico europeu vai ser introduzido pela porta do cavalo


Miami, 23.11.2005 09:07


Buy Nothing this Weekend!

San Diego, 23.11.2005 08:08

Support the Frente Zapatista and Adbusters! In solidarity with human rights organizations and a growing anti-corporate, anti-consumer, anti-mindless-shopping movement chose not to spend one cent this weekend - and let shoppers and corporations know why!

"Our aim is to cause people to consume in a slightly more conscious, ethical, thoughtful manner. That means buying at smaller businesses and not buying brand names, and not falling prey to advertising and brainwashing. Not to be part of the `culture of plenty,'" Inbal Kaplan, spokeswoman of the environmental organization Green Action, which took part in organizing Buy Nothing Day in Tel Aviv, November 2004.

vigil for 15 year old

Houston, 23.11.2005 06:38

Candlelight Vigil for 15 Year-old Slain by Harris County Sheriff Deputy

FreeMix Radio: Rally v Police Brutality at the University of Maryland

DC, 23.11.2005 05:12

In response to another case of police brutality students on the campus of the University of Maryland at College Park rallied against systemic racism and violence. Audio

Fallujah: The War Crimes Keep Piling Up

Philadelphia, 23.11.2005 05:12

Are white phosphorus bombs chemical weapons? With the Bush administration, it depends on who’s using them, it turns out. When it’s us, the answer is no. When it’s Saddam, the answer is yes. For the victims, though, it scarcely matters.

Local Counter Recruitment Event

Urbana-Champaign, 23.11.2005 04:08

Just after Thanksgiving, the Army National Guard has plans to recruit Illinois high school football players, their friends, family members and fans near Memorial Stadium. The AWARE counter-recruitment working group will be there with signs and flyers to provide a counterweight to that effort. Join us anytime (for as long or as little as you like) between the hours of noon and 4PM on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving as we demonstrate with flyers and posters near an actual military recruitment event. We especially welcome and encourage veterans to attend.

Sete estudantes expulsos por protesto

Brasil, 23.11.2005 03:08


Jurado Encuentra Residente de Memphis Responsable Por Violaciones De Derechos Humanos Ocurridas en El Salvador

Tennessee, 23.11.2005 01:09

Un Tribunal Norteamericano Declara al Coronel Nicolas Carranza Culpable por Tortura, Asesinato Extrajudicial y Crimenes de Lesa Humanidad Memphis, TN: 18 de Noviembre 2005. Hoy un jurado formado por nueve ciudadanos norteamericanos ha enviado a torturadores y violadores de derechos humanos el importante mensaje de que no les será permitido residir en Estados Unidos impunemente. El jurado de una corte federal decidió que el Coronel Nicolás Carranza, residente en Memphis y ex subsecretario de Defensa de El Salvador es responsable de conocer y tolerar torturas y asesinatos cometidos en dicho país. El veredicto solo es veredicto parcial en favor de cuatro de cinco de los demandantes. El jurado todavía no ha alcanzado un veredicto sobre el reclamo del quinto demandante, Ana Patricia Chávez, y continua su deliberación.

New Anti-Insurgency Tactic has Gained Wide Appeal in Iraq

Boston, 23.11.2005 01:08

It was recently revealed, in a US-backed raid, that torture is going on under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior. Despite the apparent media blackout on the topic, torture has been an ongoing tactic of the counter-insurgency work in Iraq. At first it was employed at Abu Ghraib and possibly other US military establishments in Iraq, and it quickly became a prime tactic of the newly formed Iraqi Police and Iraqi National Guard.

Encuentro de la RED DOS ORILLAS

estrecho / madiaq, 23.11.2005 01:07

La Red Dos orillas celebra su IV encuentro en Sevilla el próximo 26 de noviembre en la Casa de la paz. Se trata de un encuentro, no masivo, sino de reflexión y análisis de una etapa de cerca de 9 años y de abrir perspectiva para una nueva etapa. Por eso, creemos muy importante la aportación y la implicación de quienes trabajamos espacios transfronterizos para que la red dos orillas pueda ser un espacio con un marco común que nos relaciones y nos amplie.

Hora: 10:00 h. Lugar: C/ Aniceto Sáenz, nº1. Local 3. Plaza del Pumarejo. Sevilla.

Another dawn raid in Glasgow

Scotland, 22.11.2005 21:09

Another family has been abducted from their Glasgow home and deported, this time leaving behind a 16 year old boy who was away from home when his family was snatched.

Dalkeith Park Tree-Sit Under Eviction Threat!

Scotland, 22.11.2005 21:09

Nearly three weeks ago, protesters set-up a tree-sit in Dalkeith County Park to protest the creation of a new A68 bypass through the park, an important wildlife habitat and tourist attraction. Today, authorities cut five trees down before being stopped by protesters.Now the protesters have 48 hours to leave before eviction, and are asking for help. For more information: [ Original Call for Support | Press Release and Directions to Treesit | Pictures of Tree-sit in Dalkeith | october feature | Save Dalkeith Park! website | Bilston Woods Protest Camp]

Two Zapatista Events in SD - Nov 26th&amp;30th

San Diego, 22.11.2005 19:38

Come and hear the stories of a handful of San Diego organizers who have just returned from a 3 month trip to Zapatista rebel territory in Chiapas, Mexico. Learn about La Otra Campaña, Autonomous education and the current situation in the Zapatista territories. Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2005

20 de Novembro: Dia da lembrança das vítimas da transfobia

Brasil, 22.11.2005 19:38


Declaró el comisario Fanchiotti, hubo incidentes y desalojaron la sala

Argentina, 22.11.2005 19:38

Martes 22 de Noviembre 2005 | JUICIO POR LA MASACRE DE AVELLANEDA
Declaró Fanchiotti, hubo incidentes y desalojaron la sala

25 Noviembre, d�a internacional contra la violencia hacia las mujeres

Euskal Herria, 22.11.2005 18:08

Stripping the north inner city of its dignity? The campaign against Stringfellows gathers momentum

Ireland, 22.11.2005 16:38

"For jaysus' sake just promise us that Stringfellow himself wont take his clothes off" says Wag. A brief interview with Maria MhicMheanmain, who is involved in the campaign against the opening on Parnell Street in Dublin of a new lapdancing club, owned by English businessman Peter Stringfellow. I met up with Maria MhicMheanmain in a small redbrick terraced house in the shadow of Croke Park in Summerhill. She's involved in the campaign against the opening of a new strip club and "adult entertainment" venue on Parnell Street, run by English businessman Peter Stringfellow. The club has already began to advertise in the Irish media and recruitment websites for positions (no pun intended) in the club. The campaign against Stringfellows was started by a woman called Vera Brady, who lives on Parnell Street. Her family have been there for a hundred years, over several generations. Maria and Vera have known each other a long time, with connections through their families. Maria says, "We dont have a name on our group yet, its just a group of concerned residents who dont want to see this club open in this location. Vera organised Matt Talbot hall for our first public meeting, and also did extensive leaflet drops in the area in order to get local people along. "The first I heard of the proposed strip club on Parnell Street was on TV on a Friday night, the Late Late Show, a number of weeks ago. My initial reaction was, Christ, where they're planning on building a lapdancing club is less than a minute's walk away from my old secondary school (Mount Carmel). I was aware of a lapdancing club in Galway which opens at midday, and I was enraged that the possibility existed of men queueing up to get into a club like this, while young teenage girls were in the immediate vicinity on their lunch break." The location of the club is at the junction of Parnell Street and Kings Inn Street. As Maria points out, the area is very built up, and also residential. "Its a working class area, with lots of corporation flats and social housing. There are lots of children around, they're very much a presence on the streets. I think its highly inappropriate to open what last year Glasgow City Council labelled a sex establishment. They believe all lapdancing clubs should be licensed as sex establishments like brothels, rather than being awarded a simple drinks, dancing, or music license. I would be very worried the clientele that would be hanging around the area would be very intimidating to younger women going to school nearby." "Peter Stringfellow has said that his club was going to "gentrify the area". When I heard this comment, I thought what an outrageously elitist, classist, downright snobbish attitude he has. Its been well documented worldwide that property values and business stature decrease in areas near strip clubs. At the end of the day I think Mr. Stringfellow is interested in one thing: money. A city centre location is prime real estate for marketers." "I think previous evidence completely refutes his theory of gentrification. Above all else I feel like the north inner city in Dublin has constantly been a disenfranchised area. There's been the scourge of drugs, a long history of unemployment, poor housing and so on. I just dont think its right that the north inner city should have another problem like this foisted upon it - ostensibly by someone who is not even a part of the local community, a complete outsider." "We held our meeting to mobilise public support around the immediate area, Dominick St, Dorset St, and further afield. At the moment the campaign is looking into the whole area of licensing. We dont know whether Mr. Stringfellow has actually got the go-ahead or not. Ultimately it will be a judge who makes the decision on whether to grant the license or not. Apart from that the campaign is focusing on raising greater awareness among residents. In particular we want parents to know thats its a possibility, and get them involved in the campaign. The more that know the better, people power and strength can make all the difference." "There was a feeling of complete outrage at the public meeting we held. Around 50 people showed up to it. Every single person there was completely opposed to having a lapdancing club in the middle of the community. I dont think people would have a major problem with the bar if it was just an ordinary bar or nightclub. The area does suffer from a huge lack of facilities for children though. For example the north inner city has the largest GAA stadium in the country, but no GAA club. There's very few spaces for children to run around. That site where Shooters is now (the proposed location of the club) used to be open wasteground. There's no reason why originally the site could have been made into an open parkland. If there was any way it could be designated a youth entertainment area, rather than an adult entertainment area, I think that would be ideal." But there are already strip clubs in Dublin, for example on Leeson Street and Dame Street, and there's been no campaign against them. Stringfellow is also saying that he just wants to bring business into that end of town, creating employment and opening up a premises that was otherwise lying dormant. Maria feels that "Dame St and Leeson St are not residential areas for the most part, not in the same way that Parnell Street is. I dont think Stringfellows will have the overall effect of bringing business into the area either. People will end up shopping elsewhere because they feel intimidated. Personally I would prefer to see Stringfellow not come to Dublin at all. I dont think its appropriate that women should be objectified in any way. I do have to admit, as the mother of a young daughter who I hope to send to the local school, that I think the location is extremely inappropriate." There are to be further meetings held and leaflet drops in the vicinity of the proposed venue in the coming months. Maria is hopeful that the local residents efforts will be successful. Work has already begun on renovating the venue, and Stringfellows have already advertised looking for cashiers, chefs and bar workers - so it would appear that the campaign has an uphill struggle on their hands.

Winter Soldier: A film for our time

Boston, 22.11.2005 15:08

After an absence of decades, this Vietnam-era documentary film is back in circulation, and its lessons should serve to shake every one of us out of any illusions about what war means. Graphic testimony from veterans, plus thought-provoking commentary about what makes such inhuman crimes possible. I followed with outraged attention the Abu Ghraib prisoner scandal, and watched angrily as the American military ravaged entire cities such as Fallujah and Ramadi. And then came intermittent reports of full-scale torture of even more horrific dimensions in the dungeons of the client security agencies to which the US government ships some of its detainees. That’s why I decided to attend a showing at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston of a Vietnam-era documentary called Winter Soldier.

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