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Aids Activists Seek Funding to Save Lives at Senator Frist's Office

Tennessee, 29.11.2005 22:09

AIDS is a grave concern and Tennessee Citizens Against AIDS will gravely mourn 8,000 AIDS deaths every single day at the office of Senator Frist in Nashville, Tennessee on the eve of World AIDS Day. The activists will gather at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, November 30 at 28 White Bridge Road Suite 211 and stage a mock funeral.

November 30th Day of Action Against Executions

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.11.2005 21:38

November 30th will be a Statewide Day of Action Against the Scheduled Executions, in conjunction with World Cities Against the Death Penalty Day. Rallies and Press Conferences will be held in front of City Halls and other locations across the state of California and in over 300 cities across the world, calling for a halt to all executions-- in particular the impending execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams. The cities of Santa Cruz, West Hollywood and Berkeley have officially signed up as "Cities Against the Death Penalty" and each will be commemorating this day by lighting up a city monument.

Local cities that will hold rallies on Wednesday, November 30th at 12pm will include San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Woodland, and San Jose. Rallies will take place in San Rafael at 4:30pm at San Rafael Plaza, and in Fremont outside of Mission San Jose at 7:15am. "Redemption," the film about Tookie Williams, will be screened that night at the Black Repertory Theater in Berkeley at 7:00pm. Angela Davis will be one of the speakers at a Forum on the Death Penalty and Stanley Williams at UC Santa Cruz at 7:30pm. A panel discussion about the death penalty will be held at San Francisco State University at 7:30pm on Thursday, December 1st. More local events.

More Coverage of the Case of Stanley "Tookie" Williams on Indybay's Police State and Prisons News Page

Veterans for Peace Executive Director Michael McPhearson at Tennessee State University

Tennessee, 29.11.2005 21:09

Veterans for Peace Executive Director Michael McPhearson will be speaking at Tennessee State University Nov. 30, Wednesday at 8 p.m. in Room 100 at Holland Hall. He will discuss the war in Iraq and will be available for questions.

Reportback from Gaza

Maritimes, 29.11.2005 21:08

"A View from Gaza": Photojournalist Jon Elmer in Halifax Thursday

PhillyIMC General Meeting

Philadelphia, 29.11.2005 20:09

Come join us for the monthly PhillyIMC General Meeting at 7pm at 4134 Lancaster Avenue on Weds, Nov 30.

The last month has been incredibly successful with our Wal-Mart acivity and increased web traffic. Come join us as we plan for the future. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Agenda:

Activist Fasting to Protest SBCC Ouster

Santa Barbara, 29.11.2005 20:07

A local activist who writes for Indymedia as "The Hobbit" and publicly criticized Ward Churchill and the California higher education system is conducting a one day fast on Thanksgiving day.

Minuteman Exposed By Their Own

Santa Barbara, 29.11.2005 20:07

By Raoul Lowery Contreras November 27, 2005

&quot;The Real Dirt on Farmer John&quot; FiLM

Santa Barbara, 29.11.2005 20:07

with a lively discussion afterwards. Monday, December 5, 7pm at the Faulkner Gallery in the Santa Barbara Library (40 E. Anapamu) Suggested donation of $6

Film Night

Thunder Bay, 29.11.2005 18:07

War of Terror Film Screenings Thursday

Climate Change Action

Perth, 29.11.2005 13:09

Kites for Kyoto - Leighton Beach December 3rd

Suspeitas de cumplicidade das autoridades portuguesas com a CIA

Portugal, 29.11.2005 12:39

Suspeitas de cumplicidade das autoridades portuguesas com a CIA

Support our comrades at PCUN as they face the hostility of anti-immigrant groups.

Portland, 29.11.2005 08:39

Jobs with Justice / PCASC Action Alert: Support our comrades at PCUN as they face the hostility of anti-immigrant groups. Please join PCUN members, allies, and community members for a pro-immigrant rally when the Mexican Consulate comes to Woodburn, to help our compa?eros at PCUN who, on December 3rd, will be facing anti-immigrant intimidation and harassment outside their offices. PCUN is a farmworker union in Oregon that represents many immigrants.

Saturday, December 3, 9 am to Noon PCUN, 300 Young St, Woodburn, OR

Carpool from Portland: Meet at 616 SE Burnside at 8:00 am. Leave at 8:20 for Woodburn. Feel Free to bring signs and banners

Background: Immigrant communities around Oregon have faced intimidation and harrassment by the anti-immigrant group Oregonians for Immigration Reform, who has followed the Mexican Consulate around the state to protest issuance of Matricula cards - a card which is necessary identification for a Mexican national to be able to return home.

At a rally in support of the Minutemen in Salem last month, OFIR announced the protest in Woodburn. PCUN is calling on immigrant community members and allies to be present December 3 to send a strong and visible message that we value immigrants' contributions and that immigrants deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

If you plan on joining us, please be prepared to take a pledge of nonviolence.

November 30th Day of Action Against Executions

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.11.2005 07:08

November 30th will be a Statewide Day of Action Against the Scheduled Executions, in conjunction with World Cities Against the Death Penalty Day. Rallies and Press Conferences will be held in front of City Halls and other locations across the state of California and in over 300 cities across the world, calling for a halt to all executions. The cities of Santa Cruz, West Hollywood and Berkeley have officially signed up as "Cities Against the Death Penalty" and will be commemorating this day by lighting up a city monument. On November 28th, a Campaign to End the Death Penalty meeting at 6:00pm in Moraga will discuss Tookie's case.

Local cities that will hold rallies on Wednesday, November 30th at 12pm will include San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Woodland, and San Jose. Rallies will take place in San Rafael at 4:30pm at San Rafael Plaza, and in Fremont outside of Mission San Jose at 7:15am. "Redemption," the film about Tookie Williams, will be screened that night at the Black Repertory Theater in Berkeley at 7:00pm. Angela Davis, Paul Ortiz, and Lance Lindsey, the Executive Director of Death Penalty Focus, will speak at a Forum on the Death Penalty and Stanley Williams, at UC Santa Cruz at 7:30pm. A panel discussion about the death penalty will be held at San Francisco State University at 7:30pm on Thursday, December 1st. "Redemption" will also be shown on Saturday, November 2nd, at 7pm in Palo Alto. On December 4th, "Redemption" will be shown at the Victoria Theater in San Francisco. Danny Glover, Barbara Becnel, and Kevin Epps will speak at the event. Many more events are planned for the remaining two weeks before the scheduled execution of Williams. More local events, from CEDP

Community of Sant'Ejidio's November 30th website | Death Penalty Focus

Theresa Dang's trial delayed

LA, 29.11.2005 06:38

Theresa Dang's trial delayed

December 4th Meeting to Plan Protest Against &quot;Walk for Life&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.11.2005 05:38

The right wing remains on the offensive despite its loss in this fall's statewide election, and will be coming to San Francisco on January 21st, 2006, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, for the second annual “Walk for Life.” A coalition that believes that "San Francisco is a reproductive rights town" will meet on Sunday, December 4th from 3:00-5:00pm in the Women’s Building in San Francisco (3543 18th Street between Valencia and Guerrero). The group plans to expand on the victory against Proposition 73 in November's election.

The goal of this meeting is to get input about ideas for the protest, and to put. plans in motion for a response to the “Walk for Life.” Organizers plan to bring more people out into the street to counter the Walk for Life West Coast than the 4-5,000 who participated in 2005. Read more

Recuperación de la Memoria Histórica

Valencia, 29.11.2005 05:37

Este jueves se inaguran las Jornadas Libertarias per la Recuperación de la Memoria Histórica organizadas por la CNT de València, con la charla de Stuart Christie.
A 30 años de la muerte del dictador, nos quedan todavía muchos temas pendientes, a Manacor y a la Pobla de Vallbona se han retirado los monumentos fascistas, pero todavía quedan muchos por todo el estado. El pasado 23 de octubre, se realizó un homenaje a la guerrilla antifranquista en Santa Cruz de Moya: Comunicado de los guerrilleros y guerrilleras. Varios testimonios nos explican com fue: Alfons Cervera, Forum per la Memòria País Valencià. Previamente, este verano, se realizó el curso en la Universidad de verano de Gandia sobre: EL MAQUIS: REALITAT I FICCIÓ DE LA GUERRILLA ANTIFRANQUISTA.
A pesar de las agresiones que en ocasiones sufren los organizadores y participantes de estos actos, como ocurrió en León; las iniciativas por recordar ese pasado que han envenenado o que sencillamente, nos han escondido, continuan vivas. Iniciativas que surgen de organizaciones: La Ruta de l'Anarquisme. Cronica de la mobilización antifascista en Elx y de homenage a los últimos afusilados por el franquismo; Recordando el 18 de julio de 1936: la clase obrera contra el golpe de estado militar y fascista; Los anarquistas españoles, los años heroicos; La CNT comple hoy 95 años de historia.
Como de les propias víctimas: Las hermanas de Puig Antich recurren que el Pleno de la Sala Militar asuma el caso.

29 d'Octubre: manifestació europea en suport als immigrants de Ceuta i Melilla

Valencia, 29.11.2005 05:37

29 de Octubre: manifestación europea en apoyo a los inmigrantes de Ceuta y Melilla.

Denuncia: Contra los asesinatos en las fronteras: Solidaridad Internacional.
El próximo sábado 29 de octubre "Día internacional contra la barbarie en la Frontera" tendrán lugar diferentes manifestaciones y acciones descentralizadas contra las medidas racistas, cínicas, hipócritas y asesinas que el gobierno está ejecutando alrededor de los hechos ocurridos en la frontera sur del estado. Manifiesto unitario de los Movimientos Sociales de Málaga ante los sucesos de la frontera sur española .
A nivel europeo se han realizado varias movilizaciones por toda Europa, en València no hay nada organizado pero desde Indymedia no queremos dejar de denunciar la situación de la que son víctimas miles de personas que intentan sobrevivir al capitalismo, desplazándose desde sus explotados lugares de origen, a otros dónde piensan tendrán más esperanzas. Posicionamiento del sindicato CNT ante la política de inmigración española

Desallotjament del cso la Discòrdia

Valencia, 29.11.2005 05:37

Recentment acabades les jornades de la Discòrdia aquest matí a les 7.30 la policia nacional ha procedit al desallotjament del centre social.
Fotos c.s.o. la Discòrdia
Comunicat del desallotjament del CSO la Discòrdia

Desalojo del cso la Discórdia

Valencia, 29.11.2005 05:37

Recientemente acabadas las jornadas de la Discordia esta mañana a las 7.30 la policia nacional ha procedido al desalojo del centro social.
Foto c.s.o. la Discordia
Actualitze l'editorial de l'okupació amb el nou comunicat que s'ha publicat_
Comunicado por el desalojo del CSO la Discórdia

Gegen Nazis

Valencia, 29.11.2005 05:37

12 d'octubre ¿Dia de que?Els feixistes d'España 2000 i la prostitució a les IllesDetinguts 9 nazis a la ciutat de ReusSan Sebastian de los Reyes i el rearmament de l'ultradretaUn jove punk, en estat crític després de ser apunyalat per un neonazi encaputxatTrobada nazi a altura (País Valencià) --Més militars de l'exèrcit espanyol detinguts practicant delinqüència nazi en el seu temps lliureSis 'skin heads' donen una pallissa a un jove -- 20 minutos las provincias --Vídeo feixisme a ValènciaAlerta antifeixista: hotel que dona suport a la trobada nazi a ValènciaAtac racista a Nules contra una carnisseria musulmanaEspaña 2000 amenaça a grups d'esquerraÈxit antifeixista en Göttingen/AlemaniaNeonazis trenquen vidres y pinten esvàstiques en cotxes amb matrícula catalana20N Madrid: MEMÒRIA, DIGNITAT I LLUITAAvui divendres 4 d'octubre s'ha produït una nova agressió feixista a un jove marroquí a Guadalajara.Feixistes, assassins, policies còmplices--Manifestants d'esquerra impedeixen una marxa neonazi en PotsdamAmenaces feixistes als col·lectius de l'Ateneu Popular d'ElxEmpitjora Ramón, apunyalat per un NeonaziAgressió nazi a jovens en CàceresUn tribunal alemany inicia procés contra un editor neonaziNeonazis i policia alemanya s'enfronten enfront major cementiri de soldats de la Segona Guerra Mundial.

Gegen Nazis

Valencia, 29.11.2005 05:37

12 de octubre ¿Día de qué?Los fascistas de España 2000 y la prostitución en las islasDetenidos 9 nazis en la ciudad de de ReusSan Sebastian de los Reyes y el rearmamento de la ultraderechaUn joven punk, en estado crítico después de ser apuñalado por un neonazi encapuchado --Encuentro nazi en Altura (País Valencià)Más militares del ejército español detenidos practicando la delincuencia nazi en su tiempo libreSeis 'skin heads' dan una paliza a un joven -- 20 minutos las provinciasVídeo fascismo en ValenciaAlerta antifascista: hotel que da soporte al encuentro nazi en ValènciaAtaque racista en Nules contra una carnicería musulmanaEspaña 2000 amenaza a grupos de izquierdaÈxito antifascista en Göttingen/AlemaniaNeonazis rompen cristales y pintan esvásticas en los coches con matrícula catalana20N Madrid: MEMORIA,DIGNIDAD Y LUCHAHoy viernes 4 de octubre se ha producido una nueva agresión fascista a un jove marroquí en Guadalajara. -- Fascistas, asesinos, policias complicesManifestantes de izquierda impiden una marcha neonazi en PotsdamAmenazas fascistas a los colectivos del Ateneu Popular de Elche --Empeora Ramón, apuñalado por un NeonaziDos jóvenes denuncian una agresión de los vigilantes de una discoteca de Paterna (y otras notícias) --Agresión nazi a jovenes en CàceresUn tribunal aleman inicia procéso contra un editor neonazi --Neonazis y policia alemana se enfrentan delante del mayor cementerio de soldados de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

25 novembre: Día Internacional No Més Violència Contra les Dones

Valencia, 29.11.2005 05:37

El 25 de novembre: Día Internacional No Més Violència Contra les Dones, fou creat durant el "Primer Encuentro Feminista Latinoamericano y del Caribe", realitzat en juliol de 1981 a Bogota, així ens ho expliquen l'Associació de Dones Juristes d'Alzira; Que a més organitzen la xerrada A través de l'espill: el poder del llenguatge com a reflex del llenguatge del poder; Aquest dijous, hi ha al Racó de la Corbella un acte contra la violència de gènere 24-N; A més de la Setmana contra la violència cap a les dones a la Universitat de València que organitza la CEPC; comunicat de CNT-València: Front la violència sexista i el sistema patriarcal: dones en lluita; Nosaltres les dones. Discursos i pràctiques feministes
Manifestació 25 de novembre. 19h Glorieta de València __

Movilitzacions davant la cimera Barcelona + 10

Valencia, 29.11.2005 05:37

Davant de la Conferència "Barcelona+10" que reunirà els dies 27 i 28 de novembre els caps d'Estat i de Govern dels països del Mediterrani, per reimpulsar l'activitat de l'Associació Euromediterrània i prosseguir els objectius continguts en la "Declaració de Barcelona" al cap de deu anys del seu llançament,s 'ha fet una crida a participar en l'acte unitari del dia 26 i en la jornada de mobilitzacions del dia 27 a Barcelona. En suport a "Una Mediterrània en pau, amb plens drets, sense neoliberalisme, ni patriarcat".

En aquesta cimera l'Estat espanyol no és un mer promotor, amfitrió o moderador, ha actuat com un país imperialista de segon ordre, afavorint els interessos de multinacionals com Repsol en l'explotació del sector energètic d'Algèria, ha propiciat les deslocalitzacions d'empreses i serveis al Marroc, ha complert sense vacil·lar les directives europees restrictives en matèria d'immigració, i un llarg etc.

:: Alerta Solidària es prepara per la Cimera de Barcelona

:: 1ª Conferència Mediterrània de nacions sense Estat

Movilizaciones ante la cumbre Barcelona + 10

Valencia, 29.11.2005 05:37

Ante la Conferencia "Barcelona+10" que reunirá los días 27 y 28 de noviembre los jefes de Estado y de Gobierno de los países del Mediterráneo, para reimpulsar la actividad de la Asociación Euromediterranea y proseguir los objetivos contenidos en la "Declaración de Barcelona" a los diez años de su lanzamiento,se ha hecho un llamamiento a participar en el acto unitario del día 26 y en la jornada de movilizaciones del día 27 en Barcelona. En apoyo a "Una Mediterránea en paz, con plenos derechos, sin neoliberalismo, ni patriarcado.

En esta reunión-cumbre el Estado español no es un mero promotor, anfitrión o moderador, ha actuado como un país imperialista de segundo orden, favoreciendo los intereses de multinacionales como Repsol en la explotación del sector energético de Argelia, ha propiciado las deslocalizaciones de empresas y servicios a Marruecos, ha cumplido sin vacilar las directivas europeas restrictivas en materia de inmigración, y un largo largo etc.

:: Alerta Solidaria se prepara por la Reunión cumbre de Barcelona

:: 1ª Conferencia Mediterránea de naciones sin Estado

25 novembre: Día Internacional No Más Violencia Contra las Mujeres

Valencia, 29.11.2005 05:37

El 25 de noviembre: Día Internacional No Más Violencia Contra las Mujeres, fue creado durante el "Primer Encuentro Feminista Latinoamericano y del Caribe", realitzado en julio de 1981 en Bogotá, como nos explican la Associació de Dones Juristes d'Alzira; Que organizan una charla Através del espejo: el poder del lenguaje como reflejo del lenguaje del poder; Este jueves hay en el Racó de la Corbella un acto contra la violencia de género 24-N; Además de la Semana contra la violencia contra las mujeres en la Universitat de València que organiza la CEPC; comunicado de CNT-València: Contra la violencia sexista y el sistema patriarcal: mujeres en lucha; Nosaltres les dones. Discursos i pràctiques feministes
Manifestació 25 de novembre. 19h Glorieta de València __

Intoxicar la realitat

La Plana, 29.11.2005 05:37

El diumenge 18 de Setembre, un periodista del Levante publicà un article que mitjançant omissions d'informació estigmatitza aquesta pàgina web, creant la imatge d'un fòrum per la violència i obviant tota la tasca que fan diàriament els moviments socials a l'Indymedia de la plana. Una censura, per omissió, del contingut real del lloc web.
Un nou cas d'intoxicació que ens reafirma en la necessitat d'un treball constant des de la independència i al servei de la difusió del treball dels diferents col·lectius que lluiten al nostre territori.
No és la primera vegada que aquest diari ens posa en guàrdia per criminalitzar als moviments. Recordem el polèmic article del mes de Desembre, on es feien malavarismes per vincular l'anarquisme i l'independentisme amb organitzacions armades de tall autoritari. Amb aquestes actuacions el diari "progre" es situa junt als mitjans més reaccionaris de Castelló com ara Teletroncho o Mediterráneo.
Respecte a Teletroncho trobem un aclaridor article al setmanari El Temps, i en quan al diari Mediterraneo trobem una denúncia de la marginació activa que porta envers la nostra llengua. El cercle intoxicador del panorama comunicatiu local es tanca amb la vinculació de l'Heraldo de Castelló amb l'Opus Dei, i la reaccionària i partidista política de publicacions de l'ajuntament de Castelló.

Les Alqueries en moviment

La Plana, 29.11.2005 05:37

El dimarts 11 d'octubre l'associació cultural Pla Redó de les Alqueries organitza una festa-concert anomenada Palmera'05 amb l'actuació de diversos grups de música.
L' A.C. Pla Redó naix l'any 1999 amb la finalitat de fomentar i dinamitzar el món associatiu de les Alqueries i d'engegar diverses activitats de caire cultural, com ara l'organització del Correllengua o de l'Aplec de La Plana a la seua localitat, que fins aquell moment havien estat menyspreades per part del consistori municipal.
A banda de no fer res pel teixit associatiu del municipi, determinats partits polítics, es dediquen a ficar pals a les rodes i a criminalitzar aquelles persones i col·lectius que hi participen de forma activa.

Coses de dones... (i d'homes)

La Plana, 29.11.2005 05:37

>>>Projecció de "La sal de la tierra" [14 d'octubre]

Malgrat que formalment es diu que existeix una igualtat de drets i deures entre la dona i l'home la realitat converteix moltes voltes açò en paper mullat. Veiem com les condicions laborals de les dones són en molts aspectes pitjors que les dels homes. Aquesta situació laboral desigual acompanyada amb la doble jornada (on la feina no s'acaba a l'eixida del treball) fa que moltes dones no puguen construïr el seu temps lliure del treball ja prou malmès actualment per l'oci consumista. La majoria de les dones tenen veritables problemes a l'hora de trobar espai per a gaudir d´activitats d'oci i entreteniment. Les desigualtats existents dins de casa i el treball assalariat fan difícil gaudir de temps de lleure. La conquesta d´un temps lliure autogestionat s'ha de convertir en una lluita igualitària, ja que ens demostra una clara desigualtat entre els gèneres.

Altres informacions relacionades:
Definició de Dones en lluita

Un fum de contaminació

La Plana, 29.11.2005 05:37

Les dades de qualitat de l'aire en l'Alcora oferides pel departament de l'UJI són contundents: en el mes d'agost més del 50% dels dies mesurats superen el límit de mitja diària establert per llei. Just a l'Alcora el col·lectiu No a la Contaminacio ha presentat una denúncia per pressumptes emissions atmosfèriques il·legals de les empreses Amizalsa, Azuliber i Terra Atomitzada.
Aquesta situació es repeteix arreu de La Plana, on les empreses desconecten els filtres i continuen les emissions sense retindre les partícules més contaminants. Al juny membres d'aquest col·lectiu van fer públic que a Almassora la multinacional americana Ferro, i a Onda l'empresa Fritta, emetien directament des de xemeneies amb les tapes alçades. Tot i les gravacions de No a la contaminació, la Conselleria de Territori continua sent còmplice de tota aquesta destrosa atmosfèrica, continua sense exercir control sobre les emissions industrials.
Una altra de les activitats d'aquest col·lectiu ha estat sol·licitar informació de la Conselleria de Territori i Habitatge sobre les emissions atmosfèriques de la Central Tèrmica de Castelló i la planta de cicle combinat i de les empreses del Serrallo UBE i BP Oïl. Ens hauriem de preguntar quin grau de fiabilitat pot tindre una mesura d'emissions atmosfèriques [Més iNformAció] feta per aquells que afavoreixen diariament aquesta contaminació.

Aixadella contra els molins

La Plana, 29.11.2005 05:37

Tan la muntanya com la costa valenciana són l'objectiu dels parcs eòlics. Aquesta energia ha estat motiu de recel allà on s'han presentat projectes d'ubicació. Benafigos o Vinaròs han estat dos dels pobles que més oposició han mostrat, al temps que els col·lectius ecologistes han alertat de les nombroses espècies que es poden veure afectades.
A Vilafranca (Els Ports) ara s'alça una nova veu crítica contra el plà eòlic, i en concret amb els aerogeneradors que la Generalitat Valenciana vol instal·lar a la comarca. Així el 22 d'Octubre es realitza al parador de festes del poble la II edició de l'Aixadella Rock, esdeveniment que va començar l'any passat, i que continua amb el valor afegit de qüestionar el desenvolupament que la Generalitat Valenciana i les empreses privades planifiquen per a la comarca d'Els Ports.

Reports from Pennsylvania Avenue

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

UPDATE: It has been reported that Cornel West,a civil rights scholar/activist and professor at Princeton University has been arrested. Code Pink's Medea Benjamin has also been arrested.Cindy Sheehan along with others have been arrested in front of the White House on Pennsylvania Ave. 3 p.m. (EST) - The man who jumped over the fence and onto the White House lawn was charged with "unlawful entry" by the Secret Service. 2:50 p.m. (EST) - A demonstrator jumped over the fence onto the white house lawn, who was captured immediately. There is now a line of officers stands between the fence and the demonstrators. People being arrested are being asked not to speak with the press because it allegedly interferes with the detention process. Those arrested are being carted into paddywagons and Metro buses 2 p.m. (EST) - After issuing three verbal warning to disperse by police, they have started slowly arresting/processing those penned in right in front of the White House Lawn. The charge - "demonstrating without a permit." People are chanting "Thank You Vets." 1:30 p.m. (EST) - A group estimated by Hollie Hoxley to be 300 strong are gathering before the fence of the White House lawn on Pennsylvania Ave. doing chants such as "Liar, Killer, say it a little louder." With each moment that passes there's an increasing police presence. Now, approximately 700 to 1,000 people now assembled with Code Pink and many other affinity groups.

ARA Protest Against the KKK in Tomball, TX

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

Anti-Racist Action says, "hate speech has NO place in Texas!"

Anti-Racist Action Network is a national civil rights, youth based, direct action, anti-fascist organization; with a seventeen year history of exposing, confronting, and dismantling white supremacist groups within the U.S.

Anti-Racist Action has mobilized members from Austin, Dallas, Denton, Ft Worth, San Marcos, Houston and Midland to travel to Tomball, TX with the aim of completely stopping the Ku Klux Klan from holding a recruiting event.

On June 11, 2005, starting at about 11:00am (CST), a KKK gathering began at the Tomball Community Center, 221 Market St., in Tomball, Texas, a remote city located approx. 30 miles north of downtown Houston.

[ ARA's Call to Action || Houston IMC || Anti-Racist Action ]

Click "Read more" for Breaking News from 6/11/05.

H-IMC feature: Klan Members outnumbered by Protesters 10 to 1

Devastating the BioConference

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

BioDemocracy 2005 - From June 19 to June 22, the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) -- is holding its annual international convention in downtown Philadelphia. In response: Activists in Philadelphia and throughout the East Coast are hard at work mobilizing a diverse smorgasbord of activities to challenge the biotech industry with our own vision of peaceful, sustainable and GE-free grassroots democracy.


Photos: 1, 2

Video: 1

Audio: Dozens of workshops, screenings, and lectures took place during the BioDemocracy conve rgence. Independent journalists have recorded the very best of these important sources of information that highlight the current dangers Biotech poses and the mounting resistance. - Corruption of Science Panel - Biotech Corporations and Global Trade - GMO's in Latin America - Biotechnology in the Global South - Communities Resisting Genetic Engineering - Ignacio Chapela @ Reclaim the Commons - More audio from morning rally at biodev - Audio from morning biotech - Philly jdc - GENETICALLY ENGINEERED TREES / TALKS AT BIO-DESTRUCTION CONFERENCE - Audio from BioDemocracy teach-in in Philadelphia

[ Philadelphia IMC || Breaking News for 6/21/05 ]

Pacifica Radio and the ongoing struggle for media democracy

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

While hundreds of thousands of listeners around the country enjoy the alternative news and community reporting of the Pacifica radio network-- a network that was built out of community support and struggle over 50 years ago, the internal goings-on of the five Pacifica stations are, for the most part, hidden from the public view.  But when the broadcasting schedule gets reworked, and a number of shows get dropped (as happened last month in Houston), or when the founders and directors of a community radio training program are unceremoniously fired (as in Washington, DC), or when reporters file a suit against a program director (as in Berkeley, CA).....well, one does begin to wonder.....what IS going on behind the scenes at Pacifica radio?  And what does that imply for the larger movement for media democracy, of which indymedia is a part?

Audio: National board meeting || Interview with former Pacifica board member in Washington DC 

More resources: Background on the earlier Pacifica Crisis and resolution || KPFK Houston issues date back to last August

Berkeley/KPFA coverage on Bay Area Indymedia: Article about allegations of misconduct || Pacifica national board meeting and public comments || Listener comments

All Empires Must Fall: G8 Solidarity Actions

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

From July 6-8 2005, the annual G8 summit is being held at Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland. The G8 is a forum of the rulers of the eight most industrialized, wealthy, and powerful states in the world. Every year they meet to discuss how to further their interests, expand their empire, and tighten their grip on every aspect of our lives. The consequences effect us all, and their economic success comes at our expense. The G8 exists to manage and maintain a system whose impacts we see all around us: war, genocide, wage slavery, mass poverty, structural racism, famine, environmental destruction, colonial domination in Africa, Asia, & Latin America, social alienation, and accelerating attacks on working people around the world.

But resistance is growing across the globe, in struggles as diverse as they are numerous. And in recent years, everywhere the G8 has met huge movements of people have confronted them, both demanding systemic change and fighting for a global social revolution. In recognition of the call to action by Peoples' Global Action for Global Days of Action to be held against the G8, activists are mobilizing for regional convergences for the West Coast in San Francisco, Midwest in Kansas City and East Coast in Richmond.

We are calling on everyone ready to fight for a better world - workers, students, revolutionaries, anti-capitalists... - to converge and manifest their resistance on the streets.

Radio Coverege: Enemy Combatant Radio || Radio Active San Diego

Breaking News Archive from - Breaking News archive from

Photos, Videos, and Reports from Indybay

[ July 8 International Actions || East Coast Convergence | Richmond IMC || Midwest Mobilization | Kansas City IMC || West Coast Mobilization | SF Bay Area IMC | SF IMC ]

Kansas City
: Articles: 1 | 2 | Photos | Videos

Cornell Vs. the Redbud Woods

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

On Friday July 15th Cornell University Police began to fence of and issue citations to activists trying to defend the Redbud Woods. Since 2001 the Redbud Woods have been part of a struggle between University administration, which wants to cut the 2 acres of trees and pave it for 176 parking spaces for student housing, and a coalition of neighborhood associations, students and environmentalists who are advocating for transportation alternatives instead of environmental destruction. [See timeline] Cornell remains determined to develop this land despite Ithaca Common Councils Resolution in 2001 to make The Redbuds a historic district.

On June 6th, under orders of Interim University President Hunter Rawlings [Read a statement by Rawlings on the Redbuds development], construction teams began to cut trees, but were stopped by forest defenders and weather later that day. For the last month there has been a standoff between the Redbuddies and University Administration. On Friday, Cornell University Police began issuing tickets at 8:30 in the morning, and have issued 40 tickets to protesters, including former Mayor Ben Nichols, in the Redbud Woods. They have yet to make any arrests. Many of the protestors are using sleeping dragons, and sitting in platforms hung in the trees.

Bush Picks Corporate Hardliner for High Court

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

Steven Wishnia for The Indypendent, New York City --

For the last 15 years, Democrats have argued that people should vote for them because a Republican president would put disastrous judges on the Supreme Court. With President Bush's nomination of John G. Roberts to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the moment of truth for both the high court and the Democratic Party has arrived.

Roberts, 50, who has been a judge on the federal DC Circuit Court of Appeals since 2003, is an experienced litigator with a long history of right-wing positions on issues from abortion to labor, media ownership to mining. In 2003, the Washington-based Alliance for Justice said he had a “record of hostility to the rights of women and minorities.”

For more details, read the full Indypendent article, listen to Democracy Now's full hour on Roberts, and check out this CounterPunch article John Roberts, Enemy Combatants and the US as a Military Autocracy".

Protests over Roberts' nomination are expected around the country, kicking off today in New York City.

See also: Pro choice action near american ambassy NL

3 Day March Through West Virginia to Protest Mountain Top Removal Mining

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

Day 1 of the spirited march through Coal River, WV:

On Day 1 of a spirited three-day march through the Sylvester/Whitesville area of southern West Virginia, local folks and concerned people from around the country came together to oppose Mountain Top Removal coal mining in the heart of MTR country....

Day 2 of Anti-MTR march in Whitesville, WV:

On Day 2 of the event counter-protesters became increasingly hostile yelling at the march participants, intimidating protesters, kicking up gravel with vehicles and in one case appearing to purposefully attempt to hit a march participant with their car....

Day 3 of the march in Sylvester, WV:

The third day of a march through Coal River, WV ended in a powerful show of solidarity between locals, elderly members of the community, and Mountain Justice summer volunteers from around the country....

Listen to audio report about the march 

Dining with the Crawford Posse

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

“That’s Cindy Sheehan,” points the Vietnam War veteran from his seat at the table. “She lost her son Casey in Iraq. And I’m going to follow her to Crawford. You coming?”

Looking up from my plate, I take the vet’s direction and turn to see Sheehan standing on the grass, stage left, mixing with three generations of veterans who have gathered this evening for peace and Bar-B-Que.

Twenty-four-year-old Casey Sheehan was killed at Sadr City on April 4, 2004 during the historic uprising (16 months ago to the day). Cindy blames the President for “creating that insurgency by his failed policies,” and on Saturday morning she is going to attempt to visit Bush at his vacation ranch in Crawford, a couple hours’ drive to the South.

More coverage at

Update - August 10th

Coverage of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

Check New Orleans Indymedia and Houston Indymedia for breaking news on the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and for local features from IMCs across the US.

Indybay's poverty page has a Katrina timeline detailing 5 days with little federal response leaving thousands dead. Portland IMC has created a Katrina aftermath page which includes links to more resources. Also vist Real Reports of Katrina Relief for on-the-ground truth telling from New Orleans, southern Louisiana and Mississippi.

Grassroots Mutual Aid is being offered by many groups, including Common Ground, Rainbow Emergency Management Assembly and Food Not Bombs

Scott Parkin Returns from Australia

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

Scott Parkin, a US peace activist from Houston, got a warm welcome from friends like 'Dick Cheney' upon arrival, but faces a bill of up to $11,700 for his unprecedented detention and tickets back to the U.S. for himself and 2 escorts.

His detention and deportation have been controversial, sparking significant debate (1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5)and numerous protests (1 | 2 | 3). Australian Iraq-war-whistleblower Andrew Wilkie said his detention is proof of an out-of-control national security agenda. The FBI has stated that he is welcome to return to the U.S.

Scott was detained by police in Australia and held in solitary confinement without being charged with any crime. The reasons were ambiguous but his legal advisor has confirmed that among the reasons given for his detainment is that Scott has been identified as a terror threat to Australian national security. Scott is in no way a terrorist threat; he is a political activist, plain and simple, and was detained because of his political activism.

Scott has been an essential component in organizing anti-war profiteering protests against Halliburton in Houston, Texas. He was a key organizer of the two large protests during Halliburton¹s 2004 and 2005 shareholders meetings that garnered negative publicity for Halliburton, and he has co-organized numerous teach-ins, rallies and other nonviolent actions about war profiteering. Scott is also an environmental activist and worked with Greenpeace on an action during Exxon Mobil¹s shareholder meeting in 2003.

Scott has been traveling in Australia since June, camping and hiking, and recently began doing some work with Australia Greenpeace. He has also recently has been participating in some anti-corporate protests in Australia, and has given presentations to Australian activists about strategic organizing, street theater, and nonviolent direct action. He has broken no known law or violated his visa requirements. According to his legal advisor in Australia, Marika Dias, "Scott has complied with that visa completely while he's been here. There's been no wrongdoing on his part."

Background | Sydney protest | Melbourne protest | Latest updates on case | Agrees to deportation | Aus A-G pretends deportation not political | Worldwide Coverage | Returns to US

Case sparks Australian commentary:

On Scott Parkin | Why Deport Parkin? | Debate in Australian Senate | The new terrorism: Working for peace! | ASIO used against green & anti-corporate activists

The United Houma Nation in Need

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

The 15,000 members of the United Houma Nation branch out across the most southeastern part of Louisiana. Of them, at least 3,400 have been direly affected by Hurricane Katrina, the homes of approximately 1,000 remain underwater, and the plight of all have been largely ignored  by the federal government and mainstream media alike.

Still federally unrecognized by the U.S. government, the Houma's calls for help have too remained unheeded by the same authority. Fortunately, the Houma can count on allies such as the National Congress of American Indians and the Common Ground Collective. NCAI and the National Indian Gaming Association have teamed up in a million-dollar fundraising effort to benefit all of the tribes in the affected areas of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Meanwhile, the Common Ground Collective of the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans sent one truck loaded with food and ice today. Another truck stocked with gasoline, water, and medicine, should be hitting the road tomorrow.

Throughout their history, the Houma have rebuilt and relocated after each displacement, be it because of natural disasters or man-made oppression. How many times must a people recreate themselves before the simple recognition of their existence is finally granted?

The St. Patrick's Four Trial and the Citizens Tribunal on Iraq Begin

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

The first federal conspiracy trial of civilian war resisters to the US invasion of Iraq is currently taking place in Binghamton, New York. Having begun on September 19 and scheduled to end this Friday, Sept. 23, this is the second trial of the St Patrick’s Four – over a year ago a jury in Ithaca, New York voted 9 to 3 in favor of acquittal in which the presiding Judge David Peeble conceded that the four had represented themselves “probably better than some of the attorneys that practice in this court.” Having failed to secure a conviction of the “Four” in a local court, the Bush administration upped the ante from criminal mischief to the far more serious charge of conspiracy and intimidation charges and moved the venue of the second trial away from the sympathetic university town of Ithaca to Binghamton, a city which has lost 30% of its workforce due to capital flight over the past 25 years. The Feds are betting that a guilty verdict in Binghamton will establish a judicial precedent for intimidating and prosecuting anti-war dissidents throughout the US.

The trial of the St. Patrick’s Four has national significance because it raises several fundamental issues regarding constitutional freedoms and the Bush-Gonzalez ongoing campaign to silence and intimidate dissent and public expressions of opposition to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The trial of the St. Patrick’s Four will establish whether the Federal Government can jail dissenters engaging in civil disobedience for up to six years and fine them up to $250,000 on feckless charges of “conspiracy to impede an officer of the United States by threat, intimidation or force”. Even more ominous, in terms of the procedures for a fair trial, the senior US District Judge for Northern New York, Thomas McAvoy, has ruled that the defendants cannot discuss the reasons and motivation for their action.

To counter the Feds gag order on the defendants, local supporters of the St. Patrick’s Four have organized a national network of solidarity and education through a five-day Citizens Tribunal on Iraq. The Tribunal will hear expert testimony on the illegality of the invasion and occupation of Iraq as well as a legal and moral defense of civil disobedience to oppose crimes against humanity. Former CIA agent Ray McGovern, Global Exchange director Medea Benjamin, anti-war soldier Camilo Mejia and many other critics of the war have accepted the invitation to participate in panels to counter the pro-war case of the government and local media.

The city of Binghamton is a microcosm of the increasingly polarized country; the outcome of the trial in this obscure corner of New York however will have a major impact on whether the Bush Administration will have the judicial weapons to intimidate the opposition and proceed with its war plans or suffer another defeat in the courts as well as in the streets.

On September 20, in a sign of solidarity with the four war resisters — Teresa Grady, Danny Burns, Clare Grady, and Peter DeMott — several hundred people gathered outside the Federal Courthouse in Binghamton, NY. The defendants' statement after today's jury selection 5.4MB QuickTime U.S. Congressman Maurice Hinchey speaks about the trial and the future of our country 27.9MB QuickTime

On September 19, member of British parliament Michael Meacher, former US Ambassador and Service member Anne Wright, and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern expressed their opposition to the Iraq War and support for the St Patrick's Four civil disobedients before an audience of over 300 people at the Centenary-Chenango St. United Methodist Church in the official kick-off of Binghamton's week-long “Citizen's Tribunal of Iraq”.

On Sunday, September 18, over 200 people assembled for dinner and opening ceremonies in support of the St. Patrick’s Four as the Citizens’ Tribunal on Iraq began with Voices of Faith. Clare Grady addresses the gathering at the Centenary-Chenango St. United Methodist Church 5.9MB QuickTime | Teresa Grady addresses the gathering at the Centenary-Chenango St. United Methodist Church 9.8MB QuickTime | Opening Remarks by Peter DeMott | Liz McAllister speaks about courage 14MB QuickTime

September 24th Protests Against US War in Iraq

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

Hundreds of Thousands to Protest Funding for War, Not Disaster Prevention 

Major anti-war protests were called for September 24th by International ANSWER, United for Peace and Justice, and hundreds of endorsing organizations nationwide. Rallies and marches are planned for Washington, DC, San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Portland, Oregon, and many other cities such as Fresno, CA, Santa Cruz, CA, Las Vegas, Reno, Nevada, and Seattle, WA Anti-war events in more cities

For more coverage by other IMCs in DC, go to Big Muddy IMC and Urbana-Champaign IMC.

Enemy Combatant Radio in SF | Portland IMC Web Radio | More radio coverage

Communities All Over the US Commemorate 2,000th US Soldier Death

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

On October 25th, it was announced that Army Staff Sgt. George T. Alexander, Jr., aged 34, died of wounds that he received when he was fighting in Iraq. When his name was added to the two other soldiers' deaths that had been announced that day, the total number of US soldiers killed had reached 2,000. Several national anti-war organizations called for demonstrations to be held on the day after the official 2,000th death of an American soldier in the current Iraqi war and occupation. More than 600 vigils took place in 49 states on Wednesday, October 26th.

Halloween Critical Mass

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

Critical Mass bike rides are unorganized coincidences taking place in many small and large communities throughout the world, usually on the last Friday of the month. Critical Mass in October is especially fun because it is a Hallowen Ride where people dress and act in a freakish fashion. This year, a Halloween Critical Mass took place in Columbus, St. Louis, Ashland, Madison, Atlanta, Portland, Philadelphia, Santa Cruz, Boston, and New York City. In New York, this was the first time a Critical Mass took place without any arrests or problems from the police in a very long time! As someone succintly wrote on the nyc imc site, "no pigs, no problems."


United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

Two separate, big strikes were authorized this week in Philadelphia and New York City, with a janitors' fast for union power in Boston as well. In Philadelphia, Jeff Brooks, President of the Transport Workers Local Union 234, has announced that as of 12:01 AM, October 31, theTWU Local 234 union and its approximately 5,000 Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) workers is officially on strike. The talks ended shortly before midnight without a deal or a contract extension. No new talks are currently scheduled.. More info here .

In New York City, the NYU Grad Student Union Authorizes a Strike. NYU Graduate Students, through GSOC/Local 2110 UAW, have authorized a strike this morning which will result in a complete stoppage of work by graduate students in response to the administration's refusal to renew their contract, which expired on August 31, 2005 (the National Labor Relations Board, composed largely of apointees from a reactionary Bush administration, determined, contrary to a 2000 ruling, that universities do not have to negotiate with graduate student unions). A contract "offered" to the union by the administration in August was "little more than a public relations stunt" which acquiesced to none of the principal demands in an acceptable fashion. The graduate students and their union have the overwhelming support of undergraduate students, faculty, and the rest of the NYU community. The administration must now show what its priorities are through its response to the strike. More info here .

Also, in Boston this week, Janitors of are fast for justice: Providence Janitors Struggle for Union Power. Over forty union supporters protested Monday in front of the "Turk's Head" downtown office building as five strong-willed people went into their fifth day of fasting today. The fasters, camped out in front of the fancy bank offices since Thursday, are members of SEIU local 615 and their supporters. They want the owner of the Turk's Head building, millionaire landlord Lloyd Granoff, to hire a union cleaning contractor. More info here .


United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

A new organization called "The World Can't Wait! Drive Out the Bush Regime!" formed in 2005 and organized a national day of protest for Wednesday, November 2nd. That date is the anniversary of Bush's re-election last year. World Can't Wait says, "People everywhere will walk out of school, they will take off work, they will come to the downtowns and town squares and set out from there, going through the streets and calling on many more to join us." World Can't Wait says that people in 67 cities, at 43 colleges and universities, and in 90 high schools will leave their jobs and classes to join protests on that day.

People held rallies, feeder marches, and caravans from all over the Bay Area to gather in San Francisco. They converged at 12pm in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza, rallied from 12pm to 1pm, marched at 1:30pm, and an ended with another rally at 4:30pm in Civic Center Plaza. The march down Mission Street and back up Market was a sea of energized youth carrying aloft the distinctive WCW signs, doted with red “Not Our President! – Not in Our Name” posters and Earth flags.

Event speakers included Cindy Sheehan of Gold Star Families for Peace, California State Senator Carole Migden, SF Supervisor Chris Daly, CODEPINK’s Media Benjamin, Jeff Paterson on behalf of Not in Our Name, Paul George of the Pennisula Peace and Justice Center, a taped message from Mumia Abu Jamal, and a statement from WCW initiators the Revolutionary Communist Party.

After the main march left Civic Center, there was an unpermited breakaway march. As the march moved up Mission Street, a Molotov cocktail was tossed at the Chronicle Building. Near the end of the march, a small group sat down in the the street near Hyde and Market as a form of direct action. The police moved in and nine protesters were arrested. A tenth protester was arrested accused of having Molotov cocktails in their posession.

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | Video

Hayes Valley/Lower Haight/Alamo Square residents gathered at 10:00am to talk about neighborhood organizing, and then marched to Civic Center to join World Can't Wait. In Sacramento, people planned to gather in William Land Park (3930 W Land Park Dr, Sacramento, CA), and they planned to march at 3:45.

Elsewhere in California, protests were also held in Eureka and Los Angeles.

Protest also occurred in Atlanta Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu, Houston, New York, Portland, and many other cities around the country.

World Can't Wait website

National Stand Down Day at Recruiting Stations Across the Country

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

While bold voices within the U.S. Senate are speaking out against war in Iraq, everyday people across the nation are also becoming more vocal about their opposition to war. On November 18th, people all over the United States took time out of their schedules for National Stand Down Day in a statement against this illegal war. National Stand Down Day took place in more than 15 cities around the country, and was coordinated by the Iraq Pledge of Resistance.

The day was called National Stand Down Day because "stand down" is a term used by the military for days when they have training, reviews etc., and so "stand down" from their normal duties. Thus, citizens all over the country "stood down" for an hour or two from their normal duties to help bring this war and occupation to an end!

IMC coverage: Report Back on CounterRecruitment Action (DC-IMC) || POG returns to Oakland Recruiting Station (Pittsburgh IMC) || Resistance to military recruiters grows (Boston IMC) || Recap of November 16th Counter Recuitment in Brooklyn and Hicksville Counter-Recruitment (NYC-IMC) || Nov 17 counter-recruitment reportback and Clark students remember dead with 2000 crosses (Worcester IMC) || Protesters Confront Military Recruiters in Colorado Springs, 3 arrested (Colorado IMC) || Bring the Troops Home (Houston IMC) || Eureka Recruiting Center Shut Down (Indybay) || National Stand Down Day in Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz IMC)

Aero Contractors -- CIA Torture Taxis

United States, 29.11.2005 05:37

On Friday, November 18, a group of peace activists from St. Louis, North Carolina, and Chicago entered the property of Aero Contractors near Smithfield, North Carolina, to deliver an indictment of their illegal activities. The indictment accuses Aero of providing planes and pilots for the CIA's program of extraordinary rendition that flies terror suspects to locations where they will likely be tortured.

Other members of the group held signs along Route 70 during rush hour traffic to alert commuters to Aero's activities. Copies of the indictment are being delivered throughout the day to members of the Johnston County Council and Johnston County Airport Commission urging them to take action to put an end to Aero's illegal activities.

videos: excerpts of the action. (35.5 MB) || letter and copy of the indictment being delivered to Ray Blackmon, Director of the Johnston County Airport. (20.7 MB)

see also: Stop Torture Now || 14 Arrests Today at NC Protest of CIA Torture-Prison Flights || Five St. Louis Protesters Arrested Outside Aero Contractors Ltd || List of CIA Planes in North Carolina || What Is AERO CONTRACTORS? Here's the rundown || CIA flights in Europe round-up

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