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Peace Tax Resistance Spreads in West Country

Bristol, 06.12.2005 19:37

Alongside Peace Tax 7: Pensioner Withholds 10% from State in Protest at War Tax Alongside Peace Tax 7: Pensioner Withholds 10% from State in Protest at War Tax Alongside the Peace Tax Seven, there is pensioner Douglas Barker! andy newman writes: More than 20 peace activists from Wiltshire lobbied Chippenham Magistrates Court on Tuesday 6th December in support of tax-refusnik Douglas Barker. Douglas...from Purton near Swindon was in court because he has withheld 10% of his taxes as a protest against the war in Iraq....He explained that he could not in good conscience pay taxes knowing that they would be spent in pursuit of an illegal war, where weapons like white phosphorus are being used on civilians, so he had reduced his tax payment by the amount he estimated was due to the military budget. The magistrates pointed out that even though they were sympathetic to his arguments they had no discretion and imposed an enforcement order upon him. Doug is now contemplating his next move, aware that ultimately he could go to prison. Full article | Tax-Refusnik's day in court | Peace Tax Seven Homepage | Boycott Israeli Goods: Day of Action, Saturday 10 December | |

A Public Talk Given At Trinity College By Jimmy Massey, 2nd October 2005

Ireland, 06.12.2005 19:07

"the enemy that I found and that I destroyed, were civilians" Report on a talk given by ex US marine Jimmy Massey at Trinity College while he was in Ireland to testify as a witness during the trial of the Pit Stop Ploughshares. Start Transcript: "Now I, ehm, I usually have a lot to say and my speech, I have it in my mind and I can rattle it off at any given moment, but, eh, I'm going to be completely honest with you, I've been on a mission and I've been seeking. In the Marine Corps my primary mission was to seek and destroy, pretty cut and clear. I think the phrase, somebody mentioned the phrase to me today and, eh, it's still with me and I'm going to share that with you, this phrase that was, eh, presented to me today - I was called a criminal. And, eh, you know it really hit me because it is something I have been running from, and then I got a double dose today when I was in the Irish court. The Irish court and the American court are like night and day. And over the course of listening to the prosecutor and the defence, and especially the testimony that the Doctor of International Law and the Geneva conventions, when he got up and gave his spiel. In a deep, dark space in my heart, I realised today that I am a war criminal. I never wanted to admit that. I knew what I did it was a violation of the Geneva conventions and International Law. But when you tell it to Americans and you explain the scenario of what happens, the Americans dismiss it as 'fog of war' or 'collateral damage'. My true test of humanity came today, because when I went back to my hotel room I had to look in the mirror and I had to bitterly swallow what I had done while I was in Iraq. I guess my journey has led me to Ireland for a purpose and I just wanted to share that with you. I grew up having the best of both worlds, I grew up along the Gulf Coast of Texas and in western North Carolina where I currently live now. It took me many years and for me to become a recruiter for me to understand that I was an economic conscript. And all the young men that I signed up in the Marine Corps over my three years as a recruiter, was 75. I live in the area where I recruited, so there isn't a waking moment of the day that I don't think about the families of the men and women that I put into the Marine Corps and what they're going through in this war. My only freedom that I have now is my voice, because I'm incarcerated, I'm incarcerated in my mind, because of what I have seen and what I witnessed and what I took part in. I thought by writing a book that somehow I could alleviate the demons of the war - but it hasn't helped, so I guess I'll continue along my journey in trying to seek the questions and the answers of why my government has done what they've done. I remember the first true taste of humanity that I got was from a little boy in the city of Karbala in Iraq. I, eh, was on guard duty, I was the officer in charge of the guard. I was sitting up at the front gate, we had taken over an abandoned hotel in Karbala and turned it into our little mini-compound. Generally there was about 50 to 100 Iraqis that would be in front of the hotel, looking for work or asking for compensation for property they had lost, when, like Moses parting the Red Seas, this man and this child came walking out of the crowd and as they approached the front fence I got up and I met them. The man began to explain to me that the child needed medicine, and he showed me the medicine, and it was insulin, the child was a diabetic. So I led them into the compound and I immediately got on the radio to the battalion chief, eh, surgeon, and told them that they needed to come down to the plaza. When they showed up I was rather surprised because the first thing that the medical officer said to me is, "Is that the man and is that the child?" and I said "Yes" and he said "Staff Sgt, I can't help them" and he began to explain how this man and this child had been to all the marine camps in Karbala looking for insulin. I became very irate and I began to question the medical officer and I said "Do you mean to tell me that we can truck thousands of gallons of fuel across one of the harshest deserts in the world, meals and medical supplies for Marine and Navy personnel, but we can't provide something as simple as insulin for a dying child?" And as I looked over at my Marines they were playing with the child, giving him high-fives and candy, and I thought to myself, "Is this what we're here for?" So I had to go to this man and this child and explain to them that I didn't have any insulin, and turn away this child. There isn't a waking moment that I don't think about that child - this face is permanently burned and etched into my mind. On a bright sunny day on the outskirts of Baghdad, before Baghdad fell, we were setting up a checkpoint when this red Kia, meaning the car manufacturing company Kia, comes speeding towards our checkpoint. We gave a hand and arm signal - Stop - then we fired a warning shot - Stop - the vehicle didn't, so we discharged our weapons into the vehicle. There were four occupants total, three were hit and were expiring fast - we began to provide medical attention while we were searching through the car looking for weapons or any type of terrorist related propaganda - of course we didn't find any. Meanwhile the driver of the car was going around and questioning my Marines as to why we had shot, and then he began to cry at some of my Marines that they were terrorists. The driver then watched his brother who was one of the occupants in the car, die. Finally the driver got up and he walked towards me and he stuck his finger out and he said " You did this! You killed my brother!" People ask me, when did I make a conscious decision to change my thoughts and mindset - that was the moment. You might say I got a crash course or a PhD in Humanity over a three month time period when I was in Iraq. You see I was expecting to meet "the enemy", because the main job and purpose of the United States Marine Corps is to meet the enemy on the battlefield and to destroy him, that's all a marine is good for - but the enemy that I found and that I destroyed, were civilians. So I went to my commanding officer and I began to explain to him how I felt - of course they didn't like my stance - finally the day came when my Lt asked me, "Staff Sgt, how do you honestly feel about Iraq?" and I told him, "Well sir, I honestly feel that we are committing genocide and that we are leaving behind depleted uranium to ensure continued genocide." Do I think that we are committing genocide in Iraq? - No! However, I am worried about things like depleted uranium, I am worried about the chemical exposure that happened during the first Gulf War when we blew up the bunkers. I was in Japan at an international peace conference when a doctor from Basra began to show us a slide show of all the abnormalities and birth defects that's happening in Iraq. Though the American government will never admit it, to the contamination of depleted uranium in the first Gulf War also. When I was discharged from the Marine Corps on December 31st of 2003, I went back to western North Carolina, I guess maybe I went back to the scene of the crime, and I told myself that I'm going to put that behind me, that I'm never gonna speak about the Marine Corps, I didn't want anything to do with it. But my wife read an editorial comment in our local newspaper and made a comment back, next thing you know the phone is ringing off the hook with reporters wanting to know my story. Finally, having seen the total deaths that we had incurred in Iraq, I made up my mind to speak out. You see, I sold my soul to the Marine Corps and every day I fight to get it back. The only power that I have is my voice, but I'll be honest with you, it gets harder, because the American people haven't fully, they haven't came full circle yet, they haven't realised ... So, you didn't get the full speech tonight, and I apologise ... I had to come to grips and terms today with what I did, and it hit me pretty hard. So I just want to say that the government, the US government, is not going to pick up the pieces or the broken lives of the returning soldiers that are coming home, it's their community. It's their community that has to deal with it, and it's the community that has to band together and support the troops - there will be no government handouts for the returning soldiers - they have to come home to an economy that's slowly dwindling, there are no more jobs, they're all going to China or South America - I watched western North Carolina just dry up. I remember once where the textiles and the factories that was there, and now it's a place for retirees. So I don't know what the future holds, but all I can do is continue to speak. I'm no hero, any idiot can run on the battlefield with a rifle. The true heroes are you, because it's you that has to pick up the pieces, that has to heal the wounded. So I thank you for allowing me to come here and to speak because you are the heroes, thank you." End transscript Related Indymedia Ireland Stories Video Of The Talk Here WSM Interview With Massey Report Of Catholic Worker Trial At Which He Testified Where Is The Iraq War Headed Next: An IMC IRL Blog

December 8th People's Clemency Hearing for Stanley Tookie Williams

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.12.2005 18:37

On December 8th, Governor Schwarzenegger will hold a clemency hearing for Stanley "Tookie" Williams with defense lawyers, Los Angeles County prosecutors and other involved parties. The governor has set a 30-minute time limit for each side to argue its position on clemency. Schwarzenegger has the authority to commute a death sentence to life without parole. The People's Clemency Hearing for Stanley Tookie Williams will take place on the steps of the State Capitol Building in Sacramento at 10:00am on December 8th (note time change). Flyer

There will be rallies and screenings in cities all over the country this week and next. If clemency is not granted, there will be a vigil outside of San Quentin in the leadup to the execution, which is scheduled for just after midnight on December 13th.

Democracy Now's Interview with Stanley Tookie Williams | Sparing the Crips Founder: The Fight to Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams, by Matt Gonzalez

Read about more events to Save Tookie on Indybay's Police & Prisons Page


Victoria, 06.12.2005 18:08

Remembering the Montreal Massacre, Dec. 6, 1989

El viaje de Papá

Argentina, 06.12.2005 16:38

El viaje de Papá

Anti Esclavitud

Argentina, 06.12.2005 16:38

Escrache a empresa esclavista en zona sur

Sneinton's Rubbish Day Out 1 - The Days Events

United Kingdom, 06.12.2005 15:08

On Saturday 3rd December, a community day was held in Sneinton, Nottingham, to raise awareness of the proposed expansion of the Eastcroft incinerator and promote recycling through fun and games. Sneinton's Rubbish Day Out was an event organised by the local community and the NAIL campaign.

Montagne esclaviza a inmigrantes bolivianos

Argentina, 06.12.2005 14:38

Montagne esclaviza a inmigrantes bolivianos

Eco-Defense Prisoners, Stephen and Charles, Take Plea Bargain

Portland, 06.12.2005 14:08

Two eco-defense prisoners take plea bargains, get credit for time served, fined $25 each, no probation, and then get released. Stephen Marshall and Charles Jordon plead guilty today at the Federal Couthouse in Portland, OR "to improper storage of dynamite." Both appeared today in person along with their court appointed attorneys in front of Judge Garr M. King, who dropped all the charges except the improper storage of dymamite and lowered that charge to a misdemeanor.

In October 2004, they were both squatting an abandoned farmhouse in Hillsboro OR, which according to Charles, "had electricity but no running water." The house was raided by the Hillsboro Police Department, who were responding to a trespassing call reported by neighbors. During their search of the house, the police found dynamite in the basement and a bowl that contained nitroglycerin. The dynamite is said to have come from a nearby barn discovered during a more intensive search of the property. They were originally accused of planning to destroy vehicles & equipment belonging to Oregon quarry company, Morse Bros., a company that runs quarries throughout Oregon and operates a concrete materials and tool business at 3150 S.E. Tualatin Valley Highway. They both accuse Morse Bros., of polluting Rock Creek. The creek flows from the Tualatin Mountains in Forest Park to the Tualatin River. Because Rock Creek and its tributaries pass through rapidly urbanizing neighborhoods within the cities of Hillsboro and Beaverton, protecting water quality is a priority. The political aspect of their intentions were not discussed in court today.

PCUN Acts To Defend Immigrant Community

Portland, 06.12.2005 14:08

Over 400 immigrant rights supporters surrounded the offices of PCUN, Oregon's farmworker union on Saturday [Dec 3rd] in support of Mexican nationals who were there to receive services from the Mexican Consulate. The support rally was organized by PCUN and CAUSA in response to Oregonians for Immigration Reform, who have followed the "mobile consulate" around the state, protesting issuance of the Matricula card and the participation of Oregon state agencies. Supporters from as far away as Roseburg and Hood River joined community members carrying signs saying "I Support Immigrants" and "We put the food on your table" to form a picket line surrounding people waiting in line for the Consulate's services.

Meanwhile across the street, a group of about 40 protesters from Oregonians for Immigration Reform waved signs saying "Stop the Illegal Invasion" and "Illegal Immigration Is a Crime." Michael Temple told reporters, "Why do they get free stuff? If they're illegal why do they get ID?" Mike Veley added: "If you are here illegally, you are by definition a criminal." Protesters claimed that only undocumented immigrants need the Matricula card and that undocumented immigrants are a drain on state services. They also called for all "illegals" to be deported immediately, even if that leaves millions of jobs with no one to do them. Immigrant supporters found these comments to be disrespectful of immigrants' contributions to the state. Ramon Ramirez, President of PCUN, commented, "We are hardworking people. We pay taxes. Some of us here even fought in Iraq."

Javier Ceja, a farmworker from Woodburn, said that he didn't understand the arguments of the protesters across the street: "We come here to work hard and to get a better life. We contribute to the economy and do the work that no one else wants to do." In addition to the action on Saturday, PCUN and CAUSA are active in the immigrant rights movement both locally and nationally, including advocating for Comprehensive Immigration Reform that provides a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people currently in the country.

Schumacher Furs Threatens Student with Death

Portland, 06.12.2005 11:38

After Peter Young, a group of students and I have become more involved with animal activism. One topic that stood out from all the rest was fur. This disgusting technique doesn't have any reason to keep going other than to make rich people look richer. Feeling strongly about this issue, I decided to make it the main subject of my presentation for my speech and debate class.

Our assignment was to pick an issue and do a "street preacher" like speech outside in downtown Portland. The subject's chosen were feminine abuse in relationships, the park block curfew, and my topic, which was fur. One speech was made in the park blocks and the other was on the stairs of the courthouse. I decided to do my speech in front of Schumacher furs. Not even expecting a response, I was overwhelmed when I was threatened numerous amounts of times, and was even threatened that the storeowner was going to kill me.

Eureka anniversary shines spotlight on civil liberties

Melbourne, 06.12.2005 11:08

Eureka Leading Light Lambasts Howard Government

Call for International Actions against GATS - WTO &amp; the Privatization of Basic Services

Jakarta, 06.12.2005 09:37

Services Out of WTO, WTO out of Services! No to GATS! No New Deal in Hong Kong! In the run up to the December 2005 Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Hong Kong, trade negotiators are under intense pressure by their respective governments to achieve a "successful" outcome in the negotiations for the Doha Development Round, which includes expansion of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). ...

PVUSD Board Trying to Take From the Teachers: Again!

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.12.2005 09:08

School Board renigging on promised salary negotiations after two years of cuts. Support the educators and the kids they teach on Wednesday, December 7th at 7pm during the PVUSD Board meeting at the District Office.

When I became a teacher I thought this was a respectable job that was highly regarded by society. When I told people of my profession the response was always positive. "Wow, that's so noble." "You must be a special person." "We need more people like you." So of course I thought I must be a valuable member of society. But in the first several years of teaching I learned a few things that don't make me feel so important anymore.

1. I will never be able to afford a house.
2. I will most likely be living paycheck to paycheck for a long time.
3. It will be a very long time before I can support another person on my salary.
4. I have to pay for more schooling than I can afford in a very short amount of time to add onto the student loans that I can barely afford already on my salary.
5. I am a cog. I am not allowed to be the wheel in a public school setting.
6. Most of my classroom decisions are made for me by people who have not been in the classroom and have little understanding of what my kids need.
7. Too many years of this and I will need severe counseling to sleep well at night. It's not just papers I take home every night. The irony of it all is that I love my job and I wouldn't want any other. The other teachers at my school feel the same way despite the heavy adversity we face. Maybe we are masocists or just maybe we see the value in our students. We are the grunts of the school system. We are also highly abused by administration.

[ Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers ]

Settlement Reached in Case of Cau Tran

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.12.2005 08:08

The legal saga of Bich Cau Thi Tran ended last Tuesday with the announcement of a $1.8 million settlement of a federal lawsuit. Over two years ago, Tran, a petite 25 year-old Vietnamese woman, was shot and killed in her kitchen by a San Jose police officer. In exchange for the payment of the settlement to Tran's estate, all claims against officer Chad Marshall, former police chief William Lansdowne, then-assistant police chief Tom Wheatley, and current Chief Rob Davis will be dropped with no admissions of liability. The settlement was reportedly reached after two mediation conferences. The city council approved the $1.8 million payment Tuesday, The agreement had to then be submitted to U.S. District Court Judge James Ware for approval.

The settlement is believed to be one of the largest of its kind in Northern California. The payment was to include $800,000 that will be invested in an annuity for Tran's two sons; $200,000 for housing or to be used as a down payment for a home for the boys; $630,000 in attorney's fees; and money for Tran's parents and previous attorneys. Read more

Concern for Tragedy, or All Talk and No Walk by independent reporter Junya | Previous Indybay coverage of the Tran case

Audiência Pública de Radiodifusão Comunitária: descaso do Governo Federal ao Direito à Comunicação

Brasil, 06.12.2005 05:39


&quot;Orçamento é um cheque em branco para o prefeito&quot;

Brasil, 06.12.2005 05:39


Diane Wilson detained

Houston, 06.12.2005 04:07

Diane Wilson Detained During Cheney Speech at Galleria


Arizona, 06.12.2005 03:37

Federal trial for Sabino Canyon Hunt Saboteurs

Action at Capitola Military Recruitment Center

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.12.2005 03:08

On Tuesday, Dec. 6th, the United States Supreme Court will decide if schools that ban recruiters from their campuses can lose federal funds. There will be protests and actions at military recruitment stations all across the nation. The Santa Cruz Chapter of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship has created a scroll with 28,000 names in Arabic of Iraqi civilians who have died in the war. This is one of the most conservative of the reported numbers of Iraqi civilian deaths.

It will be displayed at the military recruitment office at 2121 41st Ave. from 3:30 - 5PM on Tuesday, December 6th, along with other signs and banners opposing the continued war in Iraq and the daily loss of Iraqi and American lives.

The scroll is three feet high and over one hundred feet long, the names of the dead written in Arabic.

Indybay coverage: December 6th Nationwide Protests to Say College, Not Combat

Previous SC-IMC coverage: National Stand Down Day in Santa Cruz || Rally, Queer Kiss-in Greet Military Recruiters at UCSC || All Around the U$, Recuiters are Feeling the Heat || Police and Watsonville High Administrators Fail to Silence Community Voices || UCSC Students Kick Military Recruiters Off Campus || Santa Cruz Recruiters Closed for Peace Until Further Notice

World AIDS Day Vigil and Reception

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.12.2005 02:08

December 1st is World AIDS Day. The Santa Cruz AIDS Project, in remembrance of those who have lost their lives to AIDS and those who live bravely with the disease every day, hosted a candlelight vigil in downtown Santa Cruz.

participant wrote: "Me and my girlfriend went to the vigil. It was moved inside the Vet's Hall because of the rain. There was about 50 people crammed into a smallish room. The group held candles while listening to a few musicians and names of their loved ones who have lost the fight against AIDS were read. The feeling of being there was much like the rain showering down outside, but it was good to be with other folks who have been affected by this epidemic."

Letter sent to Good Times: College Republicans a Joke

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.12.2005 01:08

Dear Good Times,

Your article on UCSC’s College Republicans was more like a 7-page Republican press release than it was decent journalism. You create the illusion that the College Republicans are on the up-and-up, while failing to see through their ridiculous hype. The Republicans claim that they have “315 students signed up,” while the organization itself can only get a handful of students out to a meeting – the most pictured in the article was 13. This is in stark contrast to other organizations on campus, such as the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice (SWCJ) or Students Against War (SAW), both of which regularly get over 50 students every week. The Republicans have been completely ineffective at actual organizing. They claim to support military recruiters, yet were nowhere to be seen as SAW organized the 300 students that kicked recruiters off campus on April 5. Little more than a week later, the Republicans opposed a strike by low-wage AFSCME workers, while the unions and the SWCJ got over 1,000 students out in the streets, physically shutting down the campus, helping AFSCME win a better contract. This fall, Republicans worked hard to organize a protest against striking metro drivers, only to find that more than two-dozen students from the SWCJ and MEChA marched circles around less than 10 Republicans. These Republicans are not thriving – they’re failing. Yet, the Good Times and the corporate media irresponsibly focus on them. In your article, 7 Republicans are quoted in depth, while the only “alternate” opinion is from the UCSC Democrats’ president – an organization that frequently has more in common with the Republicans than they do with mass organizations like SAW and SWCJ. It’s time for the media to stop encouraging these ineffective racist Republicans who say things such as “we need more black people on the front lines” and “they can shoot all the terrorists, easily spotted by their non-white skin,” – an organization founded by Matthew Cox - one of two frat kids charged by the D.A. for brutalizing a decade old fish. Stop encouraging them and start doing honest journalism.

9 Aralık: Mehmet Tarhan'la dayanışma günü

Istanbul, 06.12.2005 00:38

9 Aralık: Mehmet Tarhan'la dayanışmak için uluslararası eylem günü

Vets for Peace Director McPhearson Urges US Forces to Withdraw from Iraq

Tennessee, 06.12.2005 00:08

Veterans for Peace Executive Director Michael McPhearson crisscrossed Tennessee last week, speaking at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville and Tennessee State University and the Nashville Peace Coalition in Nashville. He also did interviews for Radio Free Nashville, KWGN, the Tennessean and Tennessee Indymedia. McPhearson, who represents 4000 peace activist military veterans said his organization supports an exit strategy in Iraq, and believes that the conflict in Iraq will not end until there is a clear statement by the administration that the United States intends to leave. He also said that the peace movement needs to examine its own dynamic, which he said is fractured and not engaged in critical dialogue especially along issues of race and gender.


Arizona, 06.12.2005 00:07

Record Year in an Escalating Crisis


Arizona, 06.12.2005 00:07

Record Year in an Escalating Crisis


Arizona, 06.12.2005 00:07

Record Year in an Escalating Crisis


Arizona, 06.12.2005 00:07

Record Year in an Escalating Crisis

Prescott Made Me Do It

Arizona, 06.12.2005 00:07

New Record Label Highlights Prescott Punk Scene

Summary of Dalkeith Tree-sit Resistance

Scotland, 05.12.2005 23:08

The protesters themselves issued a new statement outlining current conditions at the tree-sit in Dalkeith, including the status of the legal campaign, tree-fellings, bats, and the roadshow. [Statement]

More information:
[Interview with Scottish Natural Heritage | Second eviction notices | Eviction hotline available | Bat hibernation december deadline | SchNews on Dalkeith Park | Update last saturday - local support]

previous summarising features:
[court case | eviction hearing | Tree- Alarm | start of campaign ]

other anti-road building campaigns in Scotland:
[Friends of the Earth Legal challenge of M74 | JAM74 - Joint Action Against Motorway 74 | Bilston Woods Protest Camp | Save Dalkeith Park | No Alignment Action Group NAAG | Road Alert - Scotland ]

Other environmental campaigns:
[ Roadblock | Road Raging | Road Rage | Earth First! | Indymedia UK ecology topic | Climate Imc | Saving Iceland! | Anti-Linslade Bypass Campaign | 9 Ladies Anti-Quarry Campaign | Sherwood Forest Anti Road Campaign ]

Pridefest 2006 Press Release

Miami, 05.12.2005 22:07

Pridefest 2006 Press Release

festival de cine underground

Argentina, 05.12.2005 21:38

Lunes 05 de Diciembre 2005 | BUENOS AIRES
I festival de cine Underground

Theresa Cruz elligible for parol

San Diego, 05.12.2005 18:38

Theresa Cruz was found suitable for parole - unofficial statement


I am thrilled to report that Theresa Cruz was found suitable for parole at her Board hearing yesterday, November 30th. After 14 years in prison and eight parole hearings, the Board finally did the right thing by approving parole for Theresa. Many, many thanks to all who wrote letters of support to the Parole Board and to Theresa's attorney, Linda Buchalter! The next step is for the decision to be reviewed by the en banc group (the entire Parole Board) and assuming they agree the decision will then go to Schwarzenegger. We will be developing a sample letter which can be sent to the Governor to encourage him to approve her release. . .
[read more]

Past Stories: Poor Magazine | CityBeat

Organizations: San Diego CCWP | California Coalition for Women Prisoners | Free Battered Women

Climate Change Hits Local Agendas

Bristol, 05.12.2005 18:07

Bristolians look at global eco-challenge Bristolians look at global eco-challenge Up to a million people took to the streets of more than 100 cities in 30 countries on 3rd December to demand greater action on tackling global warming. Bristol Indymedia has been buzzing of late with climate related stories: From concerns over more road based tourist attractions, to the price and scope of public transport to new airport opposition to Bristol's own Critical Mass demo on the 3rd. | Campaign Against Climate Change | Hippo-cracy | Joint Local Transportation Plan | Mutiny on the buses | Climate change critical mass video | Report demolishes Bristol Airport's claims to be good for the economy | (image from Cartoon Kate) |

Bellsouth cares more about money than New Orleans

Miami, 05.12.2005 18:07

Bellsouth cares more about money than New Orleans

From the Newswire

Perth, 05.12.2005 17:09


Fiesta en Solidaritat

Argentina, 05.12.2005 17:08

Fiesta en Solidaritat

Peabody Energy’s Crimes: Part I

Saint Louis, 05.12.2005 15:37

Looking at the St. Louis Coal Company’s Destruction in Arizona and Appalachia.

Peabody Energy is the largest coal company in the United States. It is based in St. Louis and is an honored member of the city’s corporate community. It claims to be a responsible corporate citizen, boasting on its website about the distinctions it has received for land reclamation, environmental stewardship, and safety standards. However, if one visits the coal fields of Arizona or Appalachia a different story is told. A story which gives an image of Peabody the company would rather not brag about; an image of an irresponsible coal corporation that seeks profit at the undeniable expense of the land and its people.

Resistance Groups [Illinois Can Do Better - Conservation | Black Mesa Trust | Black Mesa Indigenous Support]

HCAP Waiting For Action From HRM Council

Maritimes, 05.12.2005 14:38

The Halifax Coalition Against Poverty Waiting For Action From HRM Council

The Last Testament of Mary Jesus

Portland, 05.12.2005 14:08

You may wonder what started all this; it was an accounting error by a hearing officer at rent adjustment, (much like Justice True). He found that I had a five hundred dollar credit. I believed it, the landlords have made so many chicanerous accounting "errors" I thought he caught it.

But, it wound up getting me evicted, even though the rental board found that my rent was current. I did'nt have an attorney, and I think they tricked the judge who presided over the case into evicting me. But, I am hoping, that with the motion to reconsider, she will do just that.

I have to fight them! What kind of a person would I be, if I let them push me around? I'd be weak, "that which does not kill you makes you stronger"! And, I've already died; when the ambulance took me to Highland on the morning of my last motion, I was so delerious from lack of sleep that I thought I could die from it. When they put me in the hospital bed, I may have "fallen" asleep, but I thought I died, and woke up screaming an hour later.

Gerechtelijke aanhouding voor bomspotter

Oost-Vlaanderen, 05.12.2005 14:07

bomspotter gerechterlijk aangehouden

Retenção de dados – Mais um passo

Portugal, 05.12.2005 13:38

Retenção de dados – Mais um passo

Sanatçılardan ROJ TV'ye destek açıklaması

Istanbul, 05.12.2005 12:08

We shut down the WTO 6 years ago on November 30th

Miami, 05.12.2005 09:37

We shut down the WTO 6 years ago on November 30th

Conferencia de Prensa del lof Paichil Antriao

Argentina, 05.12.2005 08:38

El despojo inmaculado y los sueños del cenicero

December 8th People's Clemency Hearing for Stanley Tookie Williams

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.12.2005 08:37

On December 8th, Governor Schwarzenegger will hold a clemency hearing for Stanley "Tookie" Williams with defense lawyers, Los Angeles County prosecutors and other involved parties. The Governor has set a 30-minute time limit for each side to argue its position on clemency. He did not hold this type of meeting for either of the clemency petitions that he has rejected (those of Kevin Cooper and Donald Beardslee). The governor has the authority to commute a death sentence to life without parole. The importance of this hearing grew this past week when the California Supreme Court refused a request by lawyers for Williams to reopen the case. The People's Clemency Hearing for Stanley Tookie Williams will take place on the steps of the State Capitol Building in Sacramento at 12pm on December 8th.

There will be rallies and screenings in cities all over the country this week and next.
On December 6th in San Rafael, there will be a film screening and discussion about death row and the death penalty, at 7 pm at the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, 1520 Grand Ave., corner of Grand and Acacia Streets.
In Berkeley on December 6th, there will be a panel discussion about clemency for Tookie. One of the speakers will be exonerated California death row inmate Shujaa Graham. The event will take place at 7pm at UC Berkeley, in 101 Moffit.
December 7th, a delegation of "Educators for Tookie" who signed a letter to Gov. Schwarzenegger calling for clemency for Stan will meet at 12pm on the steps of the State Capitol Building before going in to deliver their message.
On December 11th, internationally-known anti-death penalty activist Sister Helen Prejean will speak at a 2:00pm ACLU event in San Francisco.
On December 12th, the Walk for Abolition begins at the Palace of Legion of Honor in San Francisco at 7 am and ends at the gates of San Quentin Prison around 6 pm. There will be a vigil at San Quentin until Williams's scheduled execution just after midnight.

Democracy Now's Interview with Stanley Tookie Williams | Sparing the Crips Founder: The Fight to Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams, by Matt Gonzalez | | NCADP's Petition

Sur de Chile en luto

Argentina, 05.12.2005 07:38

Aotearoa Indymedia Conference a Roaring Success

Aotearoa, 05.12.2005 06:38

Over the weekend of 2nd - 4th of December, the second Aotearoa Indymedia conference was held in Wellington. A range of people from all over the North Island converged for a film screening and 2 days of discussion and workshops (Sadly, nobody from the South Island was able to attend). Friday: On Friday, the Wellington Indymedia Collective organised a screening of Tuhoe - a History of Resistance and some short films from the 3rd Oceania Indymedia Newsreal. In a first for the Wellington Indymedia Collective, the Tuhoe film was almost entirely in Te Reo Maori. The films recieved a good reception from all who attended. Saturday: Saturday saw all day internal discussions on such topics as the role of Aotearoa Indymedia, future initiatives, the editorial policy, local Indymedia collectives and much more. Some changes already made include a revised editorial policy and new policies on the editorial collective and local collectives. Additionally, the wiki has been cleaned up and updated. The minutes of these discussions will be posted on the newswire shortly. Sunday: A number of workshops were held on Sunday, with people skill-sharing on such things as use of the wiki, video/filming and digital photography. Thanks to all the volunteers who ran the workshops! Aotearoa Indymedia is here for you. We welcome and encourage your feedback, and invite all of you to contact us and get involved in any way you want.

Radical Reference Forming a Philadelphia collective

Philadelphia, 05.12.2005 06:38

Radical Reference is forming a Philadelphia collective and would like to reach out to Philadelphian activists and librarians. Feel free to forward to anyone who you think might want to join us, or anyone to whom we could be helpful.

Radical reference originated as a service provided by volunteer library workers from all over the United States to assist demonstrators and activists at the convergence surrounding the Republican National Convention in New York City August 29-September 2, 2004. We utilize our professional skills and tools to answer information needs from the general public, independent journalists, and activists.

Radio Call-In Action * Mobilize for Katrina Survivors Right to Return

Miami, 05.12.2005 06:07

Radio Call-In Action * Mobilize for Katrina Survivors Right to Return

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