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Wild Oats sacks union delegate

Portland, 07.08.2004 14:54

Cascadian Legal Defense benefit show tonite - 8/7

Portland, 07.08.2004 12:17

The Inner Workings of Alternative Media: Part 1

Portland, 07.08.2004 09:25

Poletown decision overturned

Michigan, 07.08.2004 02:41

Protesters march against the planned destruction of the Poletown neighborhood in 1980. The new court ruling will bar such government seizures of land for private use.
DETROIT — Saying its landmark 1981 Poletown decision was a violation of the State Constitution and a contradiction of a century of previous case law, the Michigan Supreme Court on July 31 largely barred local governments from seizing land for private use.

The unanimous ruling, in Wayne County v. Hathcock, was authored by the court’s four most conservative justices. It prevents Wayne County from seizing 40 parcels of private land interspersed in a 1,300-acre tract the county wants to use to build the private $2 billion Pinnacle Aeropark. The project includes plans for hotels, factories, offices, and a golf course adjacent to Metropolitan Airport.

Centro Social Autogestionado Hamsa desalojado

Portugal, 06.08.2004 23:59

Centro Social Autogestionado Hamsa desalojado

International Prisoners' Justice Day is Aug 10; make your voice heard for Tre Arrow

Portland, 06.08.2004 23:00

Captain James Yee Submits Resignation While Supporters Demand An Apology And Investigation

NYC, 06.08.2004 22:17

On August 6, 2004, Chaplain James Yee's parents and supporters spoke out against the army and the government's mistreatment of Chaplain Yee. They demand an apology, monetary compensation, and a full-scale investigation. Chaplain Yee submitted his letter of resignation on August 2, which will become effective in mid-January 2005 when his term of service ends.

RNC Mainstream Media Roundup

NYC, 06.08.2004 19:31

With the RNC only weeks away, mainstream media articles about the convention and the accompanying protests are flying out faster that ever. Here's a sampling of what you may have missed: Reactions to A31 Press Conference (NYTimes || Daily News || AP) || RNC Chairmen Says "Delegates in Danger" (AP) || Radical Reference Profile (NY Sun) || Young Bore Interviews Old Man (John Mailer Chats With His Dad) (New York Magazine) || RNC Forces Closure of 2 Broadway Plays (NYTimes) || Food Network to Feed Protesters (Newsday) || Labor Dispute (AP)

Un-Conventional Poetry at the Nuyorican Poet's Cafe

NYC, 06.08.2004 18:26

The No-RNC Video Coalition Presents UN-CONVENTIONAL POETRY, a Fundraising Event Featuring Poetry from some of NY’s Greatest Contemporary Poets and Video Screenings by the NYC Indymedia Center The event will take place on August 8th at the Nuyorican Poets Café, 3:00-6:30pm (236 East 3rd St. Between Avenues B & C) Co-hosted by Jesus Papoleto Melendez, an original founder of the Nuyorican poets’ movement, the events will feature music from SynonymUs and Angels-of-Love, as well as poetry readings by the likes of Sapphire (author of Push), award winning Nuyorican Bronx poet Mariposa, co-founder of the Pink Pony series Jackie Sheeler, and Eliot Katz. The NYC Indymedia Center will screen videos documenting No-RNC efforts as well as popular selections from NYC IMC Video.

PETCO protest on August 28th

Portland, 06.08.2004 18:14

Major Legal Victory for Cascadia's Forests!

Portland, 06.08.2004 17:46

:::: Stop Us Bases ::::

Brisbane, 06.08.2004 17:13

Brisbane group vows to fight US base in Queensland

WTO Reportbacks

NYC, 06.08.2004 16:21

While all eyes were on Boston and the DNC, our friends at the World Trade Organization were holding a meeting in Geneva.

|| WTO July Package Fails the Poor || Signs of Life from Doha || No Boost for Development

White Trash Vs White Guilt

Portland, 06.08.2004 16:20


Richmond, 06.08.2004 16:12

A year after its successful kick-off, The Richmond Vegetarian Festival 2004 will be held on August 14, 2004, from noon to 5 p.m. at the Azalea Gardens of Bryan Park, rain or shine. The event is free and open to the public, providing food and live entertainment for people of all ages. The event will feature a variety of food demonstrations and free samples, entertainment and vendors, all celebrating a healthy and humane lifestyle. The hungry palate is sure to be satisfied with ethnic foods from local restaurants, including Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Ethiopian and African cuisine. Cooking demonstrations will be provided by Nancy Cohen of Café Madolin and Jean Monaco of Ukrop’s. Registered Dietician Bob LeRoy will be on hand to provide information and answer questions about the health and nutritional aspects of a vegetarian diet.

Midtown Trembles

NYC, 06.08.2004 15:49

After weeks of negotiations, the Grassroots Media Coalition, which includes the New York City Independent Media Center and Paper Tiger Television, was scheduled to sign a month-long lease for a media space with a prominent non-profit organization located in the heart of midtown. Minutes before a meeting to sign the lease, a representative of the non-profit suddenly announced the deal was off. The Executive Director cited new concerns about security.

Police have been in regular contact with many buildings in the city ahead of the Republican National Convention, especially those near Madison Square Garden and other protest locations. That plus their "surges" and recent warnings about terrorist threats seem to have created a climate of fear, misrust and confusion throughout midtown Manhattan.

Recent articles from Media Mouse

Michigan, 06.08.2004 14:46

Here's some recent selections from Media Mouse, the Grand Rapids media activist website:

- "Introducing My Friend, Anyone (But Bush)," a satirical zine examining the "Anybody but Bush" phenomena that has permeated progressive and liberal circles

- Report-back from the August 2 protest against John Kerry and the "Anyone but Bush" strategy.

- New video and photos from the July 30 protest against Bush's appearance in GR.

Friday the 13th the terror returns! a13 Bush Protest

Portland, 06.08.2004 13:47

Albany Mosque Arrests: A Terrorist Plot or Entrapment

Hudson Mohawk, 06.08.2004 13:19

Two members of an Albany Mosque were arrested by the FBI in an early morning raid. A criminal was recruited by the government (presumarly in exchange for lenient treatment in his own prosecution) to entice the two Muslim leaders to engage in a money laundering scheme for a fee. The FBI informant reportedly told the two individuals that the $50,000 was to be used purchase a missile to assasinate a Pakistani diplomat. The Government admits there was no terrorist plot. Muslims, civil liberty groups and the Greens are raising concerns as to why Muslim leaders were targeted in this sting operation. Both individuals are widely knowm in the community as supporters of peace. Several other Muslims in the Capital District have been wrongfully targeted, arrested, fired and deported by the US government since 9/11.

Hiroshima / Nagasaki never again

Melbourne, 06.08.2004 12:49

Peace Pilgrimmage arrives at Hiroshima

Banda Sur

Argentina, 06.08.2004 11:04

El Ingenio Tabacal apalea, la Policía de Orán te encarcela

Banda Sur

Argentina, 06.08.2004 10:35

El Ingenio Tabacal apalea, la Policía de Orán te encarcela

Moldávia: Repressão

Portugal, 06.08.2004 09:32

Moldávia: Repressão

media killings 2004

Qc, 06.08.2004 03:51

Two Journalists Slain in 5 Days: Media Groups Condemn Continued Killings

media killings 2004

Qc, 06.08.2004 03:49

Two Journalists Slain in 5 Days: Media Groups Condemn Continued Killings

media killings 2004

Qc, 06.08.2004 03:48

Two Journalists Slain in 5 Days: Media Groups Condemn Continued Killings

media killings 2004

Qc, 06.08.2004 03:46

Two Journalists Slain in 5 Days: Media Groups Condemn Continued Killings

Leftist Marching Band Looking Perplexed in the Free Speech Zone

New Hampshire, 06.08.2004 03:41

The Leftist Marching Band of Seacoast NH took their music and message to the DNC in Boston.


Brasil, 05.08.2004 23:35

Rádio Comunitária Restinga é roubada pela ANATEL e Polícia Federal


Argentina, 05.08.2004 23:02

Miércoles 5 de agosto
Represión a desocupados en La Plata


Argentina, 05.08.2004 22:56

Jueves 5 de agosto
El Transporte Público de pasajeros en estado terminal

:::Peace Rally:::

Brisbane, 05.08.2004 22:42

HIROSHIMA DAY Rally: August 6th

&quot;Progressive Democrats of America&quot; Emerge in Boston

Boston, 05.08.2004 22:42

Far from the razor-wire capped protest prison in the shadow of the flag-bedecked Boston Fleet Center, progressive activists shared center stage with their Democratic Party champions before a crowd of 1,000 at the Roxbury Community College Gymnasium in Boston. The occasion was a founding conference for a new organization, the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) which vows to build a sustained movement to transform the Democratic Party into a force for social justice and environmental sanity.

Vallas donde vayas

Argentina, 05.08.2004 22:24

Miércoles 5 de agosto
Vallas donde vayas: algo nuevo bajo el sol

Represión a desocupados en La Plata

Argentina, 05.08.2004 22:03

Miércoles 5 de agosto
Represión a desocupados en La Plata

Software libre

Argentina, 05.08.2004 21:51

Miércoles 4 de Agosto 2004 | Visita de Richard M Stallman a la Argentina
"No todos los pingüinos son iguales”

Wisconsin's Largest Conservation Organization Expresses Strong Support for Global Warming Lawsuit

Madison, 05.08.2004 21:46

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, an organization which is made up of eighty-eight hunting, fishing and trapping organizations in Wisconsin, has expressed "strong support" for the legal action filed by the Attorney Generals of the states of Wisconsin, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, California, Rhode Island, Vermont and Connecticut, and the Corporation Counsel for the City of New York last month to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and their impact on global climate change, which threatens Wisconsin's fish and wildlife resources.

The Sixth Annual Peace Pilgrimage Passes through Chattanooga

Tennessee, 05.08.2004 20:48

In advance of the upcoming Stop the Bombs! Vigil and Non Violent Action in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Peace Activist and Buddhist Monk Jipponzan Mythoi passed through Chattanooga as part of the Sixth Annual Peace Pilgrimage as supporters gather for a peace vigil. The Peace Pilgrimage, which began in Atlanta on July 3rd, will culminate on August 8th at the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Complex where hundreds of activists and concerned citizens will gather to commemorate the victims of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Chaplain James Yee Submits Resignation: NYC press conference Friday August 6th

NYC, 05.08.2004 20:21

James Yee, the Chaplain at Guantanamo wrongfully accused of conspiring with alleged terrorists, has announced his resignation from the army. There will be a press conference Friday, August 6, 2004 at 11am at Silk Road Mocha Cafe, 30 Mott Street by the James Yee Ad Hoc Committee to comment on Chaplain James Yee's submission this week of his resignation.

Announcing The People's Guide to the Republican National Convention.

NYC, 05.08.2004 20:12

Guide to the Republican National Convention packed with info on RNC events, protests, restaurants, lodging, and more. Due out August 9, The People's Guide to the Republican National Convention (RNC) has everything you need to survive your time in New York City. Event locations, transportation guidance, social services, emergency resources, and places to eat, stay, or go to the bathroom, plus an RNC calendar and helpful legal and health information. This 33"x22" full-color, two-sided, highly detailed map of lower Manhattan (below Central Park) comes folded down to fit easily into your pocket. Produced with the contributions of some of New York's finest artists, you'll want one to use and one to keep. This guide will be distributed one-per-person for free in New York while supplies last, but pre-sales and bulk orders are what make that possible. Reserve your copies now.

Patriotic Correctness: the cover-ups of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Portland, 05.08.2004 19:59

Who Gives a Damn About Bob Avakian and the RCP?

NYC, 05.08.2004 19:32

[from the open newsire] Can anyone tell me for a second why people on this website are wasting so much time debating the merits of a decades old fringe sect that never really accomplished anything much?

AUDIO FILE: Let's Stop Beating Around The Bush

Portland, 05.08.2004 19:22


San Francisco Bay Area, 05.08.2004 19:12

Social Justice Activists Marching 258 miles from Boston to NYC

Vredestocht naar Ieper

West Vlaanderen, 05.08.2004 19:11

Vredestocht naar Ieper

da scene

Houston, 05.08.2004 19:00

Interim-jobstudenten zijn geen ééndagsvliegen

West Vlaanderen, 05.08.2004 18:43

Interim-jobstudenten zijn geen ééndagsvliegen

Interim-jobstudenten zijn geen ééndagsvliegen

West Vlaanderen, 05.08.2004 18:43

Interim-jobstudenten zijn geen ééndagsvliegen

RNC Activism Update

NYC, 05.08.2004 18:29

Anti-RNC activism continues to heat up.

|| Mouse Bloc Call to Action || United For Peace and Justice Reportback || A31 Press Conference, Newsday story and Benefit show || Not In Our Name Reopens Battle for Central Park || RNC Not Welcome Interview || People's Guide to the RNC || Live webstream at RNC

Debrief on Open Streets = Open Society Protest

DC, 05.08.2004 17:20

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