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What are you doing New Year's?

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.12.2005 22:09

Want to join this year's New Year's Eve Parade in Santa Cruz?

There's no First Night this year, so we're going to do it ourselves. It's our parade. It's your parade. No city-sponsorship. No corporate donors. We make it happen together. We're calling it

(diy stands for do-it-yourself)

Let's get a group together. Start a marching band. Build puppets. Get our bicycle friends together. Form a dancing troupe. Organize our kid's play group. Anything and everything!

Committed so far: Art & Revolution, Village Drumming Circles, The Opera Lady, the Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra, the Man in Black, firedancers, stilt walkers, Peace Walk, Santa Cruz Moontribe, puppets, bunnies, clowns, and bike kids. (We'd still like to see Samba bands, marching bands, more music, political groups, a coalition of homeless folks, art cars, zombies, pirates, more kids and parents, and more more of everything in our community)


Un-organizing meeting: 17 Dec, 742 N. Branciforte Ave
Tribe Discussion:


Colombia, 10.12.2005 22:08

Paramilitares Masacran 22 Campesinos en Curumaní, Cesar

The Ehrlich Report

Baltimore, 10.12.2005 21:08

A monthly column of sociopolitical commentary. This month: political communication

Bos bezetting in Schinveld

Netherlands, 10.12.2005 20:38

Het bos rondom Schinveld wordt inmiddels al een week bezet gehouden, vanwege de wens van Defensie om het te kappen. Er wordt gewerkt aan een boomhuttenkamp waar hulp nog altijd welkom is (zie ook de materiaallijst). Er komt veel steun uit het dorp.
Ook over media aandacht is niet te klagen. Er is onder andere aandacht geweest op de regionale en nationale TV. Afgelopen zondag was er een persconferentie. Er komt ook nieuws direct uit het kamp in de vorm van foto's en dagelijkse updates. Eerste dagen, 6, 7, 8, 9 December
Inmiddels is de secretaris-generaal van Defensie langs gekomen in Schinveld om over de situatie te praten. Daarbij zijn onder meer klimmers op het dak geweest (Foto's) en heeft de secretaris-generaal de achteringang genomen.
[Eerdere Feature] [Route] [GroenFront] [Deutsch]


Arizona, 10.12.2005 20:37

Breaking News: Agents Raid The Catalyst Wednesday

Mel &amp; Floyd, Dec 9, 2005

Madison, 10.12.2005 20:08

The Dec 9, 2005 show.

Three More Days to &quot;Save Tookie&quot;

San Diego, 10.12.2005 19:38

Three More Days to "Save Tookie"12/04/2005 CALIFORNIA AWAITS GOVERNOR'S DECISION ABOUT CLEMENCYDecember 8th People's Clemency Hearing for Stanley Tookie Williams On December 8th, Governor Schwarzenegger held a clemency hearing for Stanley Tookie Williams with defense lawyers, Los Angeles County prosecutors and other involved parties. Schwarzenegger has the authority to commute a death sentence to life without parole. The governor will announce his decision soon, but Williams is scheduled to be executed late Monday night. The People's Clemency Hearing for Stanley Tookie Williams took place on the steps of the State Capitol Building in Sacramento on December 8th, just before Schwarzenegger's hearing.

Snoop Dogg visited Williams at San Quentin on December 7th. Davey D's interview with Snoop from after the meeting.

There will be events in cities all over the country in the next several days. "Redemption" will be screened at the Long Haul in Berkeley on Saturday night. If clemency is not granted, there will be a vigil outside of San Quentin on Monday. If clemency has not been granted on December 12th, there will be a 4:00pm March for Tookie from the Mission Church in Santa Clara University to the Cathedral on Market Street in San Jose.

Democracy Now's Interview with Stanley Tookie Williams | Sparing the Crips Founder: The Fight to Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams, by Matt Gonzalez

Read about more events to Save Tookie on Indybay's Police & Prisons Page

University Of Penn Heats up in mid-winter as Grad Employees Demand Healthcare

Philadelphia, 10.12.2005 19:38

On thursday Graduate Employees Together at University of Pennsylvania (GET-UP) marched across Penn’s campus in an effort to bring attention to their demand for health care. The rally was part of a larger effort around the country to reinvigorate the graduate employee unionization campaign, sparked by graduate students from NYU who are on strike to safeguard their union.

Ford Motor Co &amp; Gay Community

Philadelphia, 10.12.2005 19:38

On December 3rd, The Advocate reported that:
"The antigay American Family Association claimed a cultural victory on Thursday and called off its threatened boycott of Ford Motor Co. On Friday, Ford spokesman Mike Moran confirmed to that the company will stop advertising its Jaguar and Land Rover brands in gay publications but insisted it was strictly a business decision."
Two days later, Ford confirmed that they made their decision based on pressure from the AFA.


Colombia, 10.12.2005 18:38

Masacre en Curumaní

Berkeley Vigil in Solidarity with March to Guantánamo

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.12.2005 17:08

Twenty-five Christians arrived in Cuba on December 6th and plan to march fifty miles to the prison camp at Guantánamo Bay. Their goal is to defend human dignity by visiting with the hundreds of detainees who have been held for more than three years under horrific conditions by the U.S. government. The marchers plan to arrive outside the gates of the US prison complex on December 10th, International Human Rights Day.
On Saturday, December 10th at 3:00pm, there will be a vigil at downtown Berkeley BART in solidarity with the marchers in Cuba. Organizers are encouraging people to wear black, if possible.
Read More on Indybay's Anti-War And East Bay Pages

MAFISA, un día de despidos y reincorporaciones

Argentina, 10.12.2005 15:38

MAFISA, un día de despidos y reincorporaciones

Surplus: Terrorized Into Being Consumers

San Diego, 10.12.2005 15:08

Activist San Diego Film Series Presents Surplus: Terrorized Into Being Consummers.
When: Sunday December 11th from 4:00-7:00 PM
Where: Activist House: 4246 Wightman St 1 block south of University Ave and 2 blocks west of Fairmont on corner of Van Dyke & Wightman in City Heights.

CONSUMERISM December 2005 -- Activist San Diego film series presents a collection of films for this holiday season. The film series theme for this month will cover several issues related to consumerism and the negative effects that it can have on people and society. We will be showing three films on this topic throughout the month of December. At a time when people are being heavily encouraged to equate the purchase of material goods with love and happiness, true love and happiness take a back seat to what has become a wasteful unquestioning way of life. After the attacks on the world trade center on 9/11, George Bush said that the most patriotic thing one could do was to go shopping…….. These films are an answer to his claims about what it means to be a free and patriotic citizen of the United States of America.

ASD Film Series for the month of December presents:

1. Surplus: Terrorized Into Being Consumers
2. Affluenza -- (To Be Announced)
3. Escape from Affluenza -- (To Be Announced)

All films will have The Media Foundation and AdBusters’s Culture Jamming Anti-commercials before their screening.

Muslim kids harrassed by SDPD at library

San Diego, 10.12.2005 15:08

The following serious incident of racist profiling and anti-Muslim sentiment was observed by Copwatchers Muhammed Abdullah and s t a r r last Wednesday night at the Malcolm X Library:

Two San Diego Police officers entered the Malcolm X Library at approx. 5 p.m. Wed. Dec. 7, 2005 and were greeted by the smiling Branch Manager (named Marc). Marc pointed upstairs and said, "it's them - the girls in the scarves." (The library was full of Somali students wearing headscarves.) The police ran upstairs and ordered three female students of Somali origin out of the library, without any explanation.

Walmart Action - San Diego and the Nation

San Diego, 10.12.2005 15:08

Action at WalMarts all across the nation. Here is what activists can do in San Diego on December 10th. Please attend. If you won't be in San Diego, then please visit for a location near you.

Call to all Activists,
There will be a candlelight vigil for the employees and all of the people that have been affected by WalMart. Join Activists from across the nation in the vigil to bring about change to Walmart and its practices. In San Diego, there will be speakers in denouncing the business practices of one of the most evil corporations that is in existence.

Light A Candle For Change - Please Join Wake Up Wal-Mart For A Candlelight Vigil To Ask Wal-Mart to

“Change for the Better”.

December 10th is International Human Rights Day, we will have a guest speaker from the Employee rights center & support from The Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice

When: December 10th @ 6:30 pm

Where: Wal-Mart

3382 Murphy Canyon Rd

San Diego, CA. 92123

If someone from your organization can attend or for more information please call:

619-298-7772 Ext. 169


week 9/12/2005

Antwerpen, 10.12.2005 10:07

Geheime overheid

NOLA Common Ground: Dispatch #2

Rogue Valley, 10.12.2005 07:38

The organizing phenomenon that is the Common Ground Collective is an incredible sight to see. Common Ground was born the week following the hurricane, by a group of courageous locals and their regional activist allies who initially armed themselves to defend black neighborhoods from roving white vigilantes who were shooting at young black men. Out of that warzone atmosphere has grown an organic crisis response team that has diversified and grown extremely quickly into a sophisticated organization with over a half dozen semi-permanent locations and 30-some programs ranging from health care clinics, distribution centers, a pirate radio station, legal advocacy teams, and now house gutting crews.

From the Newswire

Perth, 10.12.2005 05:10

Peace Activists Arrested at Pine Gap

FBI Arrests Six People for Alleged ELF and ALF Actions

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.12.2005 03:38

On December 7th, six people were arrested in five states for their alleged roles in ELF and ALF actions. Those arrested were Stanislaus Gregory Meyerhoff, Daniel Gerard McGowan, Kevin M. Tubbs, William C. Rodgers, Sarah Kendall Harvey and Chelsea Dawn Gerlach. William Rodgers was arrested in a raid on an Infoshop in Arizona. The defendants have been indicted by federal grand juries in Oregon and Washington, on charges related to four separate fires in the Northwest and the destruction of a power tower-- events that date back to 1998. If McGowan and Meyerhoff are convicted, they would reportedly face the most severe sentences for non-violent sabotage in United States history- a minimum of 30 years per incident.
Read More On Indybay's Environment and US Pages

Cable Public Access Victory in Fresno

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.12.2005 03:38

Advocates for media democracy won a victory in Fresno on Tuesday, December 6th, 2005. The Board of Supervisors held a public hearing to discuss the Fresno County Contract with Comcast cable. Photos and Report A broad coalition of activists, community groups and educational organizations attended and participated in the meeting. By the end of the meeting, the supervisors had agreed that the franchise agreement will include Public, Education, and Government (PEG) channels. The supervisors are also interested in including a Community Media Center (CMC) in the agreement.
Read More on Indybay's Media and California Pages

Resources for Finding Missing Gulf Coast Animals

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.12.2005 03:38

It appears to be that many animals in New Orleans died because Governor of LA Kathleen Blanco, FEMA and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin did not allow people affected by Hurricane Katrina to stay with their pets or to return to New Orleans to rescue their loved family pet members. Some 40,000 companion animals died because they had been left at home, either starving to death or suffering from injuries. Some pets who survived have been lost in the system because it took organizations several months to get organized enough to be able to list so many rescued animals.
Read More On Indybay's Animal Liberation and US Pages

Mentally Ill Man Shot By Air Marshals In Miami

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.12.2005 03:38

On December 7th, 2005, Rigoberto Alpizar was returning with his wife from South America. As the two were boarding a connecting flight in Miami, Alpizar became agitated, bolted up the aisle, and tried to flee the aircraft. Passengers said that his wife ran after him shouting, “My husband is sick, my husband is sick.” Others heard her pleading that he was bipolar and had not taken his medicine. After being confronted by plainclothes marshals, Alpizar fled the aircraft and was shot to death. A spokesman for the Federal Air Marshal Service, claims Alpizar had “run up and down the aisle yelling, ‘I have a bomb in my bag,’” but no passengers interviewed has said that they hear him say anything.
Read More On Indybay's Police And US Pages


Argentina, 10.12.2005 02:38

Viernes 9 de diciembre, 2005 | SEXTA CONFERENCIA MINISTERIAL DE LA OMC
Nuestro Mundo No está en Venta

Pantera's Plectrum and Nintendo's Balls - all in the aid of GM protestors

Bristol, 10.12.2005 02:07

Auction to raise funds for court fines for the Sainsbury's Five GM Protestors need YOU NoGM-Please writes: Five people were found guilty of aggravated trespass yesterday after they blockaded a Sainsbury's distribution centre in attempt to protect the public from the supermarket's GM fed milk. Four of the five were first time offenders, and yet they were given 50 hours community service, and ordered to pay 150 costs each. The punishment is regarded as being an extreme and disproportionate response, and it would appear was meted out specifically because they were rebels with a cause. To help them out with fines and legal costs, a group of friends asked for donations of odd and/or interesting items that could be auctioned. Below is the result, so please bid for anything that takes your fancy or you think would make a good present! All proceeds go to the Sainsbury's Five... Full article| Pantera Plectrum Takes on GM Milk! | Trial Starts for Sainsbury's GM-Fed Milk Protesters | bristol sainsbury's blockaded (again) | Freedom to Protest Leaflet | Protesters are Criminals...And hardly anyone is contesting the new clampdown | Update from Day Two of the Sainsburys/ GM/ Milk Trial in Yate, Bristol | Judge Delays Decision on Sainsbury's GM-Fed Milk Trial | attachments/dec2005/gm_sale_image.jpg

Quinze estudantes são sentenciados/as à expulsão na UNESP-Marília

Brasil, 10.12.2005 01:08


9º marcha carnavalera

Argentina, 10.12.2005 00:08

Police escalates offensive crackdown culture poster drive

United Kingdom, 10.12.2005 00:07

Nottingham Police, allied with authoritarians at the local council and the Home Office, have been wasting taxpayers' money on a wave of offensive posters intended to terrorise dissidents and the socially excluded. This campaign has escalated with attempts to terrorise those involved in subvertising the posters.

Recent instances have included the return of the especially sinister anti-begging campaign, where the state spreads slanderous accusations accusing beggars of bankrolling drug dealers. This campaign has been connected in previous years to deaths of homeless people in cold weather, and to physical assaults on homeless people due to incitement by the posters. The campaign even led to violence and reduced revenue for Big Issue vendors who are engaged in an entirely legal activity.

Human Rights Day Celebration in Nashville

Tennessee, 09.12.2005 23:08

#media_3974;left# Twenty labor organizations and community advocacy groups (including the TN AFL-CIO and the TN Human Rights Commission) will host a 'workers rights' program in celebration of International Human Rights Day*. The keynote speaker will be Reverend Samuel Kyles, a Memphis pastor who was a close friend of Dr. Martin Luther King and along with Ralph Abernathy was with Dr. King during the last hour of his life. The event will happen on Saturday, December 10, 2005 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the auditorium of the downtown Nashville Public Library, 615 Church Street, Nashville 37203.

Enterraron los restos de Azucena Villaflor

Argentina, 09.12.2005 22:38

Viernes 9 de Diciembre 2005| 25º MARCHA DE LA RESISTENCIA EN PLAZA DE MAYO
Enterraron las cenizas de Azucena Villaflor

South Florida has love for SWEAT:)

Miami, 09.12.2005 22:37

South Florida has love for SWEAT:)


estrecho / madiaq, 09.12.2005 22:07

Desde el 28 de noviembre Jesús Hidalgo, del colectivo Queda la Palabra, está en huelga de hambre para reclamar que los trabajadores migrantes que se ofrecen para la recogida de la aceituna se les atienda en el nuevo albergue de Jaén como seres humanos, con las mismas condiciones que si fueran ciudadanos con pasaporte europeo.

Con esta acción espera generar "un debate social que inste a los organismos públicos y al resto de ciudadanos para resolver estos problemas que, a pequeña escala, son perfectamente solucionables".

Es importante hacer llegar el apoyo de todos a Jesus Hidalgo, y transmitir este apoyo al alcalde de Jaén, Miguel Sánchez de Alcázar Ocaña, Consejería de Servicios Sociales de la Junta de Andalucía y al Defensor del Pueblo Andaluz.

Trabajo fotográfico: El viaje de Papá

Argentina, 09.12.2005 21:38

Trabajo fotográfico: El viaje de Papá

The Militant Labor Forum and Miami Socialist Workers Party presents

Miami, 09.12.2005 21:37

The Militant Labor Forum and Miami Socialist Workers Party presents

25 Marcha de la resistencia

Argentina, 09.12.2005 21:08

Viernes 9 de Diciembre 2005| 25º MARCHA DE LA RESISTENCIA EN PLAZA DE MAYO
Enterraron las cenizas de Azucena Villaflor


Miami, 09.12.2005 20:37


Mumia Abu-Jamal - Decision, U.S. Court of Appeals

DC, 09.12.2005 20:08

Dear Friends and Supporters: Today, December 07, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit issued the most important decision affecting my client, Mumia Abu-Jamal, since the lower federal court ruling in December 2001. An order was issued this morning that the court will accept for review the following issues, all of which are of enormous constitutional significance and go to the very essence of Mumia's right to a fair trial due process of law, and equal protection of the law under the Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution: * Claim 14: Whether appellant was denied his constitutional rights due to the prosecution's trial summation. International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abul-Jamal

Winter Soldier film opens in DC this weekend

DC, 09.12.2005 20:08

The film Winter Soldier will be in Washington, DC for a limited engagement on December 9-15 at the E Street Cinema (downtown on E Street between 10th and 11th). In January of 1971, a month after the revelations of the My Lai massacre, a public inquiry into war crimes committed by American forces in Vietnam was held at a motel in Detroit. Organized by Vietnam Veterans Against the War, more than 125 veterans (including the young John Kerry) spoke of atrocities they had witnessed and committed. Though attended by press and television news crews, almost nothing was reported to the American public.


DC, 09.12.2005 20:08

The fire at Café Mawonaj is heart-breaking; especially for those of us who have worked there day in and day out to make sure we are open for the community. For three years, we have thrived in the area and served thousands of people. We have fed children, sponsored and hosted important events, donated resources and been a part of global campaign for a better world. What hurts even more is to know that someone is behind the fire....The Fire Department has never come back to the Café since they doused the flames, despite their assurance that they would be coming to investigate. I called several times the officer who is investigating but he does not answer his phone or return calls. The investigation Officer’s name is Hobbs. It's the Fire Inspectors Who should be Condemned

Aotearoa: Primeira greve mundial de trabalhadores da Starbucks

Portugal, 09.12.2005 19:38

Aotearoa: Primeira greve mundial de trabalhadores da Starbucks

A batalha pela igualdade civil

Portugal, 09.12.2005 19:38

A batalha pela igualdade civil

criminalització (ca)

Barcelona, 09.12.2005 16:07

13 anys sense pedro álvarez, assassinat per un policia a l'hospitalet

concentració + ofrena floral :: 15 de desembre a les 20h av. catalunya 79 l'hospitalet
prou impunitat, exigim justícia!

concert dia 9 de desembre al cso l'òpera

concentracions de suport: passi de video a l'ateneu santboià+++concentració a viladecans+++a l'hospitalet+++a cornellà+++a sant boi

altres repressions :: 17Dec jornada solidària contra la tortura i per l'absolució dels joves de TORÀ -- Campanya de persecució contra els clients del ‘top manta’ -- cartes de suport a la makabra..... -- Convocatòria caganer'05 -- Absolució Labo03 -- Estan desallotjant Na Bastardes!! -- Detinguts dos menors per haver fet pintades a les seus de la COPE i d'"El País". -- Judici als destructors de sensors biomètrics (França) -- Pres@s polítics a l'Uruguay -- Judici polititzat per la via penal - Impputats Sant Cugat -- Concentració de suport als presos/es polítics catalans a Sants -- Suspés de nou el judici contra els i les antimilitaristes per ausència dels 4 policies citats per l'acusació -- Dijous, concentració davant dels fets del 17-N. Prou repressió policial !

+info: >>>criminalització

criminalitzación (es)

Barcelona, 09.12.2005 16:07

13 años sin pedro álvarez, asesinado por un policia en'hospitalet

conentración + ofrena floral :: 15 de diciembre a las 20h av. catalunya 79 l'hospitalet no más impunidad, exigimos justicia!

concentraciones de apoyo: pase de video en el ateneu santboià+++concentración en viladecans+++en l'hospitalet+++en cornellà+++en sant boi

otras represiones :: 17Dic jornada solidaria contra la tortura y por la absolución de los jovenes de TORA -- Campaña de acoso contra los clientes del ‘top manta’ -- cartas de apoyo a la makabra..... -- Convocatoria caganer'05 -- Absolución Labo03 -- Estan desalojando Na Bastardes!! -- Detenid*s dos menores por haver hecho pintadas en las sedes de la COPE y "El País". -- Juicio a los destructores de sensores biometricos (Francia) -- Pres@s politic@s en Uruguay -- Juicio politizado por la via penal - Imputados Sant Cugat -- Concentración de apoyo a l*s pres*s políticos catalan*s en Sants -- Suspendido de nuevo el juicio contra l*s antimilitaristas por ausencia de los 4 policías citados por la acusación -- Jueves, concentración ante los hechos del 17-N. No más represión policial !

+info: >>>criminalización

globalización (en)

Barcelona, 09.12.2005 16:07

<telefónica> multinational companies from here

labor exploitation_> Spanish recolonization >< Telefonica and more in struggle for a decent job >< Atento (telefonica) exploits too >< telefónica wants to make a file on 35 employees considering a strike as illegal>< Argentina : strike and Telefonica occupation >
power struggles_> World Economic Forum, who are they? >< Telefónica'll buy British O2 by €26.000 millions >< Villalonga's Telefónica assigned 900 millions to bribes in Argentina >
social control_> Mobile/Cellular taps and “telephony swindle” companies: Rights? >< Mobile/Cellular phone tracking. The phone as GPS >
consumer without rights_> telefónica discriminates Catalan and minority languages >< telefónica sexist >< telefónica swindles with modems(old feature) >< information numbers >< timofónica (“swindlephonic”) >
don't forget_> corruption in its privatization >< Telefónica is one of the war companies that sponsors peace >

+info:: >>>corruption & power >< >< >

Votação pelo aborto adiada por tempo indeterminado

Brasil, 09.12.2005 15:38


A Weekend of Anti-Racist Activism

Saint Louis, 09.12.2005 15:37

How does one organize in an anti-racist way? How do we illustrate the systemic racism and classism that exist within our society? These questions were several of many questions addressed this weekend at three events organized by Jobs with Justice, The Organization for Black Struggle, and the St. Louis Instead of War Coalition.


Colombia, 09.12.2005 15:08


National Day of Protest Against Irish Ferries

Ireland, 09.12.2005 14:37

An timeline of breaking events This is a continuously updated timeline of as it happens news about the protests and other events happening on Friday 9th Dec in reaction to the attempt by Irish Ferries to lay off their employees and replace them with people paid less than half the minimum EU wage. Cruisin' for a bruisin'? Galway Irish Postmasters Union gets ready Tommy Donellan agitprop The ghost of Larkin and Connolly awakens? SIPTU protest Nov 4th SIPTU protest Nov 4th Dublin 1:22pm: Several thousand present. Chopper over head. Lots of Gardai. Dublin 13:47pm: Crowd has swelled, hard to judge maybe 15,000 so far. March about to begin. Horseback cops moving now Dublin 13:52pm March kicked off from Parnell statue. Rapturous applause. Dub 14:02pm Lots of Polish, Lithuanian, Scottish banners. March quite tame Dub 14:09 Approx. 20,000. David Begg,Pat Rabbite,Joan Burton, John Gormley present. "Poles against Exploitatiion" banner Dub 14:16 crowd going in sections like marathon. Applause each time. *

Portland Says NO to the WTO!!! YES to the Right to Organize!

Portland, 09.12.2005 14:08

A coalition of over 50 organizations invites you to Join us in the streets as we stand in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong and around the world in the struggle against free trade and corporate globalization. Join us as we demand the right to organize unions!!

This Saturday December 10th at NOON
March begins at SW First and Salmon! [ more ]

Jail Support/ Legal Number for Sat. 503-295-6400 - Please write down our number and carry it with you. We encourage folks to video tape EVERYTHING. We would love to see your video after Sat. Even if you think you did not shoot anything important, you may have. Feel free to call us from the street if tension mounts and folks are getting arrested. Call us if you get a ticket for jaywalking or are threatened with a citation for not giving your name. Remember that shit often goes down as things are dispersing. If you are an organizer or are perceived as "a leader" you may be followed after an event. [ more ]

Queer Solidarity - Saturday, Dec 10th at Waterfront Park - This Saturday is Human Rights Day. As queers, we have an obligation to make our voices heard and to stand up for ourselves. We will be marching alongside the anti-WTO rally as a show of solidarity and to create awareness for ourselves. This Saturday's rally will also be in opposition to the upcoming WTO meetings taking place in Hong Kong. Along with it's anti-democratic, anti-union and anti-environmental policies, the WTO represents a significant threat to the queer community. [ more ]

related: [ Down with the WTO and its manipulation by the big powers...! | anti-WTO = anti-War = anti-Empire | No to the WTO, Yes to the Right to Organize ]

portland indymedia wto hong kong action page

Workers rights are human rights

Miami, 09.12.2005 10:07

Workers rights are human rights

Solicitan refugio político para joven mapuche

Argentina, 09.12.2005 09:38

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