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pueblos (es)

Barcelona, 22.12.2005 18:08

también por navidad os queremos en casa

marchas de antorchas: siempre y por navidad no estamos tod*s, faltan l*s Pres@s.regala solidaridad y ven a la marcha de antorchas

crónicas de las marchas de antorchas más recientes: [17 D]Marchas de antorchas en Barcelona desde Canaletes, os queremos en casa ::: [17D] En Lleida, Pça de la Catedral ::: [17Des] Marchas de antorchas en Vilanova i la Geltrú ::: [17Des] Marchas de antorchas en Igualada y Capellades

próximas convocatorias:

St Cugat, 22 desembre, 19:00 Pça Octavià ::: Prat Llobregat, 23 desembre 19:30, Pça Vila ::: Manresa, 23 desembre, 19:30 Pça Sant Domenèch ::: Girona, 24 desembre, 18:00 Pça del Vi ::: Vilafranca, 24 desembre 19:30, Pca Vila

+info : >>>culturas +

ANTIESPECULACIÓN: Concentración contra la L.U.V.

Valencia, 22.12.2005 17:07

Jueves 22 de diciembre, a les 18.30 h.-, la plataforma Compromís pel Territori ha convocado una concentración en la plaza de la Virgen de València para decir:
-No a la L.U.V.
-Blasco dimisión
-Moratoria urbanística ya

Avui defensem l'horta a alboraia::19h a l'ajuntament + Más de 400 personas piden una moratoria de actuaciones urbanísticas para la huerta + Comunicado del MDT Hipòcrites. Esta es una problemática que afecta especialmente a las zonas de costa pero la resistencia y la denuncia se oponen desde todos los puntos de vista que se ven afectados: En el barrio del Cabanyal Salvem El Cabanyal aconsegueix la paralització de totes els demolicions del PP + EN Girona contra el MAT Contra les agressions capitalistes aturem la MAT i defensem el territori + Contra la especulación immobiliaria Plataforma por una Vivienda Digna: Campaña de Adhesiones al Manifiesto + Jornades de Formació sobre Ecologia i Medi Ambient per Espai Alternatiu + En el barrio de Patraix Subestación de Patraix: comunicado de Ecologistas en Acción + Subestación de Patraix: manifestación en Madrid + Subestación de Patraix: mani de Madrid y manifiesto + Subestación de Patraix: obra de teatro + Subestación de Patraix: reunión con la consellería de sanidad + Subestación de Patraix: La Politécnica NO hizo estudios para IberTrola + Subestación de Patraix (Valencia): indignados con el ministerio de industria

Concentració contra la L.U.V.

Valencia, 22.12.2005 16:07

Dijous 22 de desembre, a les 18.30 h.-, la plataforma Compromís pel Territori ha convocat una concentració a la plaça de la Verge de València per dir:

-No a la L.U.V.
-Blasco dimissió
-Moratòria urbanística ja

Compromís pel Territori.
Hui 22 es debat a les Corts Valencianes la nova Llei Urbanística Valenciana (LUV). El PP ha avançat el debat, a través del seu conseller Blaco, cedint a les pressions de promotors i especuladors, en un intent de fugir de les determinacions europees a favor d'una moratòria.

La LUV perpetua la dinàmica especuladora que està destruint el nostre territori, el paisatge, els recursos, el patrimoni cultural i l'agricultura. COMPROMÍS PEL TERRITORI, convoca a col·lectius, plataformes, associacions i organitzacions, a ciutadans i ciutadanes, a manifestar la seua repulsa a aquesta llei i l’exigència d’una legislació i d’un model territorial valencià d’acord amb les necessitats i respectuós amb el medi. + Avui defensem l'horta a alboraia::19h a l'ajuntament + Más de 400 personas piden una moratoria de actuaciones urbanísticas para la huerta + Salvem El Cabanyal aconsegueix la paralització de totes els demolicions del PP + Contra les agressions capitalistes aturem la MAT i defensem el territori + Plataforma por una Vivienda Digna: Campaña de Adhesiones al Manifiesto + Jornades de Formació sobre Ecologia i Medi Ambient per Espai Alternatiu +

Activists complete weekend of anti-prison actions

Richmond, 22.12.2005 13:08

On Sunday December 11th activists from Harrisonburg finished up a weekend of action against prisoner abuse by driving to Red Onion State Prison to deliver a petition informing the warden that the people of Virginia will not stand for abusive practices. The week of protest had begun with an action at the Richmond City Jail.

The NYC transit strike: why can't it happen here, or can it?

Richmond, 22.12.2005 13:08

George Waksmunski, field organizer for the Virginia Public Service Workers Union, supports the transit union's strike in New York City. "Their struggle for better wages and benefits represents a check on the balance of power that is capitalism. The continued crushing of the working class must stop."

Ministerial response to homeless protest raises serious questions

Ireland, 22.12.2005 11:08

Another FF attempt to silence dissent? On the evening of Tuesday 27th September a group of homeless people slept out at the gates of Dail Eireann. The sleep out passed off peacefully and would have been considered successful insofar as it attracted media attention. However the protest not only caught the attention of the media, it caught the attention of the minister responsible Noel Ahern T.D. Alarmed by the attention, and armed with a factual inaccuracy the ministers office allegedly contacted the Homeless agency seeking information on the organisers, whom the ministers office believed were employees of one of Dublins homeless charities De Paul Trust. The mistake by the ministers office as to who the organisers were seems to have been based on two points:a misunderstanding of an interview given by one of the protesters in which he stated he was from Aungier Steet wet shelter, a project managed by D.P.T. In fact the interviewee was a resident and not a staff member. And secondly the belief that the homeless could not have organised without “professional” help. The Homeless agency then allegedly contacted D.P.T central office to voice the ministers concerns. Whether D.P.T were expecting the call is not known, however it appears that their P.R person Eibhlin Byrne, who is a F.F councillor for the Clontarf area of the city, immediately set about trying to establish the names of the “activists” from Aungier Street . Coincidentally the manager of the Aungier street project was in De Paul central office that morning, and he was requested to conduct an investigation to ascertain the identity of the D.P.T employees who had allegedly organised the protest the night before and spoken to the media at the event. When it became clear to him that the investigation was to be “unofficial” he refused to be involved on the basis that such an investigation would be in breach of procedure and a stand up row ensued between him and Ms. Byrne. The row described by a witness as “a screaming match” was overheard by a number of staff who were in D.P.T central office for training. The minister in answer to a written dail question has refused on “operational grounds” to confirm wheter he made the call that morning to the Homeless agency . Implicit in his reply is the answer to the question, clearly had the minister or his office not made the call he would have no difficulty in saying so. That he has not denied it leads to the conclusion that a Fianna Fail junior minister, ably assisted by his party colleague Cllr. Byrne attempted to silence the voice of dissent against F.F policy from active trades unionists employed by D.P.T. This, if it proves to be true, constitutes a serious abuse of power by the minister. It also raises serious issues within D.P.T, if one of it's central office management team is also attempting to silence those employees critical of her parties policy. That her attempt to do so was in the form of an unofficial investigation must be worrying for the trades unions representing D.P.T staff given that such targeting of active trades unionists is a serious breach of worker protection legislation.It must also be worrying for senior management of the organisation as such action would no doubt be a serious breach of it's policy and procedure and indeed could result in court action. A De Paul Trust trades union source who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal had this to say when contacted for comment: "It is alarming, but not a surprise to me as Byrne has made her anti trades union attitude well known. What is worrying is the fact that senior management attempted to target trades unionists who were merely attempting to highlight the disgracefull attitude that the government is taking to deal with homelessness. These same management might be better occupied concerning themselves with the extremely serious Health and Safety issues in the hostels they are supposed to be paid to manage" This is not the only controversy Ms. Byrne has been involved in at D.P.T. Sources indicate that there is serious disquiet in all levels of the organisation that Cllr. Byrne is using the organisation and the homeless issue to build her political profile in advance of the next local and general election. This comes on the back of Cllr. Byrnes photo recently appearing in both weeks of a two week Sunday Tribune special on homelessness where she misrepresented herself as having been elected on a homeless ticket and the apparent misrepresentation of her position with D.P.T when she was described in the recent primetime special as being "Eibhlin Byrne, Aungier Street wet shelter" despite the fact that not only does she not work in Aungier street wet shelter but has been in the project on only a few occassions. The whole affair raises serious issues for the Minister, the Homeless agency, De Paul Trust and Cllr. Byrne. That it does so for Cllr. Byrne comes at a bad time for Fianna Fail in the Clontarf area, given the recent resignation from his junior minister portfolio of Ivor Callelly who according to his own promotional material “works closely with his Dublin City Council colleague, Cllr. Eibhlin Byrne, on all council matters”. During the 2004 campaign Callely sent out letters to his constituents urging them to vote for Byrne who was considered lucky to be elected on the 9th count in Clontarf at the 2004 election after an extremly close contest with Greens candidate Bronwen Maher and despite polling less than 7% of the first preference vote and less than half a quota. Byrne had been co opted on to Dublin City Council in 2003, replacing party colleague Sandra Geraghty. It seems that a culture has developed within the current F.F/P.D administration of using all means at it's disposal, including abuse of power, to silence all opposition to it's policies. Given their reluctance to provide answers to reasonable and pertinent questions it should be no surprise if the people give them their answer at the next general election. Meantime the homeless continue to live, organise and protest on the streets of Ireland. Perhaps they should consider contesting Clontarf seats in the next local elections on a real homelessness ticket, now that would really get the minister attention.

Audio program with interview from NYC

Portland, 22.12.2005 10:39

Last night's TrashTalk featured a 10 minute phone call with a Brooklyn, NY resident affected by the TWU strike.

TrashTalk is a weekly one hour web radio show on Tuesday nights from 9-10pm pst. The focus of last nights show was work, working and trash. The 10 minute phone call happens around the midway point of the show. We also read articles about the transit strike and talk about getting free stuff at work. Enjoy!

listen | contribute >>

A Christmas Greeting to Bush/Cheney and Sen. Smith

Portland, 22.12.2005 10:39

President Bush reminds me of a used car salesman, the guy in a funny suit who attempts to get you to come back just one more time. You have been to this car lot many times and have never gotten a good car, they all have some type of problem, but you cannot seem to stay away from this guy. Maybe it is because you want so much for this man to show, just once, that he is honorable, will tell you the truth---he does promise this time will be different.

Here is a good time to tell you a story about denial:

A woman was cleaning her daughter's room and found some birth control pills; she confronted her daughter with the evidence. "Tell me!" said the mother, "These are not your pills." The daughter replied, "Mom, my name is on the pill holder, and they are filled by prescription, they are my pills." "Tell me that these pills do not belong to you," said the mother again. The daughter gave up and said, "OK, they are not mine, mom. The mother put down the pills and said, "Make sure you return the pills to their owner and we will not talk about this again."

In this short true story, the mother got what she needed; a way to deny the evidence and continue on her make believe road. She was happy and safe from the reality that her young daughter was having sex. To understand why 40-50% of Americans still support this criminal administration re-read the story.

Rights Charter for Victoria a whitewash

Melbourne, 22.12.2005 05:11

Victorian Rights Charter- a cop out

From the Newswire

Perth, 22.12.2005 04:39

Greenpeace activists clash with Japanese whaling fleet in Southern Ocean whale sanctuary

From the Newswire

Perth, 22.12.2005 04:39

Greenpeace activists clash with Japanese whaling fleet in Southern Ocean whale sanctuary

Evo Morales: neuer Praesident in Bolivien

Germany, 22.12.2005 03:38

Der Kokabauer Evo Morales ist überraschend mit einer Mehrheit von mehr als 51 Prozent als neuer Präsident von Bolivien gewählt worden. Es handelt sich um den deutlichsten Wahlsieg seit Ende der letzten Militärregierung 1982. Evo Morales ist außerdem der erste indigene Präsiden in Lateinamerika seit 150 Jahren. In den letzten Jahren kam es immer wieder Aufständen (siehe Berichte bei Indymedia oder Lateinamerika Nachrichten).

mehr über Evo Morales | MAS | Wikipedia | indy bolivia | PGA

Ecología isleña

Puerto Rico, 22.12.2005 01:39

Styrax portoricensis ó Palo de Jazmín

Mel &amp; Floyd, Dec 16, 2005

Madison, 22.12.2005 00:08

The Dec 16 show.

1,000’s attend memorial services for Stan Tookie Wiliams.

LA, 21.12.2005 20:38

1,000’s attend memorial services for Stan Tookie Wiliams.

New York City Transit Workers Go on Strike in Spite of Legal Threats

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.12.2005 19:09

New York City’s 34,000 bus and subway workers defied threats of fines and imprisonment and walked off the job at 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning December 20th. Their union rejected the demands of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for sweeping concessions on pensions, health care and working conditions. Under New York State’s Taylor Law, workers face the prospect of being fined two days’ pay for every day on the picket line and threats have been made to arrest union leaders and possibly striking workers themselves for defying a court injunction.
Read More On Indybay's Labor and US Pages

Mask Workshop

Thunder Bay, 21.12.2005 18:37

Masquerade Ball Mask Workshop Announced

Consume navidad

Euskal Herria, 21.12.2005 18:08

Angola: bairros demolidos dão lugar a condomínios

Portugal, 21.12.2005 12:38

Angola: bairros demolidos dão lugar a condomínios

AAA Launches Website Exposing Tegel

Aotearoa, 21.12.2005 10:09

Auckland Animal Action (AAA) has registered the domain and set up this website as part of a campaign to expose the cruel facts behind Tegel foods Ltd.

Mother of Five Leads Strike Against Insulting Pay Rise

Aotearoa, 21.12.2005 10:09

A lightening strike was called today at KFC Lincoln Rd by mother of five KFC shift manager, Susan Tuanui in response to the Government raising the adult minimum wage by only 75c and not removing youth pay discrimination.


Miami, 21.12.2005 09:07


&quot;Stoppt die WTO&quot; in Hongkong 2005

Germany, 21.12.2005 08:08

Vom 13.12. bis zum 18.12. fand in Honkong von Protesten begleitet die 6. WTO-Konferenz statt. Nachdem bereits im Vorfeld ein Scheitern der Verhandlungen vorausgesagt worden war, konnte schliesslich nur ein Minimalkompromiss erziehlt werden. Die Handelsminister der 149 Mitgliedstaaten einigten sich auf eine Abschaffung der umstrittenen Agrarexporthilfen bis 2013. Zudem sollen die Industriestaaten ihre Märkte zum Teil für die ärmsten Länder öffnen. (mehr dazu).
Begleitet wurde das WTO-Treffen von Großdemonstrationen, alternativen Konferenzen, Kulturevents und Direkte Aktionen (Fotos: 1 | 2 | 3 Videos: 1 | 2). Einige Demonstranten schafften es zur Eröffnung bis in den Plenarsaal. Viele soziale Bewegungen, wie zum Beispiel die KleinbäuerInnenorganisation Via Campesina und die Korean Peasants League, versammelten sich in Hongkong und an vielen Orten weltweit um gegen die Freihandelspläne zu protestieren.
Bei Auseinandersetzungen mit der Polizei wurden mindestens 900 Menschen verhaftet, von denen am Montag immer noch ein Großteil inhaftiert war. Die Polizei ging massiv und teilweise sehr brutal gegen die Protestierenden vor, immer wieder wurden wahllos Menschen eingekesselt. Mehr als 9000 Polizisten waren eingesetzt, um die Proteste zu kontrollieren.

Letzte Meldungen: von drinnen und draussen

Mehr im Feature Protests to Greet WTO Ministerial Meeting in Hong Kong bei Indymedia-Global.
Berichterstattung: Go Media (videos) | Indymedia.Honkong | StopWTO-Videoblog | | Hongkong-Blog | PGA

New York: Streik im Nahverkehr

Germany, 21.12.2005 08:08

Seit heute, 20.Dezember 2005, befinden sich die Mitglieder der TWU-Gewerkschaft im Streik, das heisst alle Angestellten der Bus- und U-Bahn-Betriebe. Nachdem in der Nacht die Tarifverhandlungen zwischen der MTU (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) und der Gewerkschaft gescheitert waren, wird New York durch den ersten Streik in diesem Bereich seit 25 Jahren quasi lahmgelegt. Die Stadtverwaltung spricht von einem illegalen Verhalten und will nach eigenen Aussagen alles unternehmen um den Ausstand der Angestellten zu beenden.

Links: Indymedia New York | TWU Local 100 | TWU Blog

Eighty Years after the Monkey Trial: Why It Still Matters

Tennessee, 21.12.2005 06:39

Eighty years ago, in Dayton, TN, the "Monkey Trial" of John Scopes came to an end. Scopes, a high-school teacher, was fined $100 and the Tennesseelaw that prohibited teaching Darwinian thought was upheld, repealed only in 1967. Sometimes called the trial of the century, it pitted William Jennings Bryan, a great leader in progressive politics, against Clarence Darrow, the ACLU, and friends of progressive science. Nashville's leading institutions, including Vanderbilt, Fisk, the Tennessean and the Banner all played roles in the national drama.

Kong Yee Sai Mau: The Battle of Hong Kong

Portland, 21.12.2005 03:39

We have just returned to the house after being in the Hong Kong streets all afternoon and evening in the most intense street battle that we have ever seen. We are taking turns showering the teargas and pepper spray off as we write this up. Farmers, workers, women's organizations, fisher folk, Hong Kong youth, migrants and other movement people from Korea, across Asia and around the world marched on, broke through several police lines to less than a block from the site of the WTO conference center and laid siege to it until we were dispersed with teargas and mass arrests tonight.

We have heard reports that as many as 900 have been arrested or detained and we just got a cell call from an activist still surrounded in the streets who was had been warned that the police will start to use rubber bullets. Riot police have not been seen en masse on the streets of Hong Kong for some 20 years, and this city will never be the same after tonight.


Stop the WTO Negotiations! Save Jobs!

After ten years under the WTO, unemployment has increased everywhere in the world. The quality of present employment has often fallen. Dirty, dangerous and degrading works have become more common. Many of these jobs are precarious. More and more persons are actually forced into the informal, unprotected and unregulated economy from the formal economy, the destroyed livelihoods of small farmers and subsistence agriculture. In transnational businesses, many employees increasingly find themselves in precarious relations to the businesses for which they produce and no longer work. Their relation is determined by accident.


Court Report: Chelsea Gerlach Arraigned on New Charges

Portland, 21.12.2005 03:39

Chelsea Gerlach was arraigned on new charges today following indictments by the Federal Grand Jury in Eugene last week. Numerous charges have been added related to an arson at Childer's Meat Company in Eugene on May 19, 1999 and another at Jefferson Poplar Farm in Clatskanie on May 21, 2001. I didn't catch the number of charges related to the Childer's fire, but she has been charged with 14 counts related to the Clatskanie fire.

The US attorney gleefully announced that Chelsea was facing 290 years in federal detention if convicted, when Chelsea's lawyer asked for another detention hearing to have Chelsea released on bail pending trial... Her lawyer asserted that the only evidence the Government has brought forth appears to be the testimony of confidential informants.


Court Report: Kevin Tubbs Arraigned on Romania Checrolet Charges

In Federal Magistrate Thomas Coffin's courtroom today, Kevin Tubbs was arraigned on 36 new charges related to the March 30th, 2001, arson at Romania Chevrolet in Eugene. He is being charged separately for each of the 35 vehicles destroyed, and faces a mandatory minimum sentence for each vehicle of 5 years, with the maximum penalty being 20 years PER VEHICLE. In addition, he is being charged with an Enhancement for the use of an "incendiary bomb" which carries a mandatory minimum sentence under Oregon's Measure 11 sentencing rules of 30 years.

There will be a detention hearing for Kevin on January 3rd at 1:30 in the Federal Courthouse. Kevin's attorney will argue for his release pending trial.


BAWC Press Release, Wed. 5pm Press Conference, West Palm Beach

Miami, 21.12.2005 03:37

BAWC Press Release, Wed. 5pm Press Conference, West Palm Beach

Ship Breaking on the Oregon Coast?

Portland, 21.12.2005 02:08

Invasive species, other than humanoid, might soon be infesting our beautiful coast. It's a new take on the old theme of 'Californicating Oregon'. Ghost ships from California -- rusting hulks, up to 500 feet long -- might soon be wallowing in Newport's Yaquina Bay.

Bay Bridge Enterprises, based in Virginia, wants to build a ship-breaking facility to cut apart old military ships for recycling. A 59-vessel fleet of them is rusting in Suisun Bay near Benicia, Calif. Bay Bridge wants to tow these vessels up to Oregon for dismantling.

If dioxins, metals or other harmful substances are released into Yaquina Bay, the fear is they would cause outright damage to the bay, or concentrate up the food chain. These ships contain: polychlorinated biphenyls (cancer-causing PCBs), lead/chromate paint, oils, waste fuel, mercury, lead, cadmium, benzene, and asbestos that could affect bay life, including crabs, birds, oysters, commercial and sport fisheries, and HUMANS.

Target Protest

Houston, 21.12.2005 01:38

Planned Parenthood Targets Target

The right to strike, and equal protection under law

Miami, 21.12.2005 01:37

The right to strike, and equal protection under law

The new technology at the root of the NSA wiretap scandal

Miami, 21.12.2005 01:37

The new technology at the root of the NSA wiretap scandal

Father Jean Juste Protest Images

Miami, 21.12.2005 01:37

Father Jean Juste Protest Images

Community Gathers to Defend Hope Net from DEA Agents

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.12.2005 01:08

Dec 20th, 2005: This afternoon, it was reported that six DEA agents were sitting in two black pick-up trucks awaiting a search warrant to enter Hope Net, one of San Francisco's most respected dispensaries. Hope Net provides free medicine to over 40 seriously ill low-income patients on an ongoing basis. Over 75 patients rallied in front of the dispensary this afternoon, chanting "DEA, go away!" A press conference was held at 1:00pm. Photos
Read More On Indybay's Drug War and San Francisco Pages

Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood: A Matter of Women's Health

New Hampshire, 20.12.2005 23:09

A statement by an ACLU attorney for the plaintiff in the Supreme Court case Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood. By Jennifer Dalven, Deputy Director, ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project

Last Night Critical Needs

Santa Cruz, CA, 20.12.2005 21:08

There is a lot that still needs to be done for the Last Night Santa Cruz DIY Parade and Celebration. A quick list of critical Last Night needs:

1) Art & Revolution's Giant Puppets needs fifteen people to operate them. 2) The Trash Orchestra has more instruments than people to play them. We need ten more trash orchestra players (no previous percussion marching band experience necessary). 3) We need your help along with a half dozen people making Last Night banners. 4) We need a dozen people in the parade's Sweeping Tail to clean up after the parade. 5) We need two experienced people to serve as police liaison. 6) We need an experienced group for safety and security. 7) We need lawyers and legal support. 8) If you are an experienced videographer, we need you to document the parade. 9) We need still photographers to document the parade.

Check out this list of 7 ways you can get involved.

What Is This?

As opposed to the city sponsored First Night, Last Night is a decentralized, collective, spontaneous, open, public New Year's Eve celebration.

DIY stands for do-it-yourself. And that is what we are doing. A little bit of planning, a little bit of work, some getting together. This is our celebration that you and I make happen. This is not a paid gig, not something organized or well-planned. It's a people's event. We are doing this just for the love of it.

The latin root of the word amateur means to love (as in te amo or mi amor). So an amateur is one who does something for the love of it. And in that sense, we are all amateurs here. Let downtown be filled with music and dancing as we ring in the new year!

see also: Last Night Peace Walk || Call for CRITICAL MASS style bike ride in the Last Night Santa Cruz DIY Parade

Demanding Anti Corporate Exploitation

Perth, 20.12.2005 19:09

Protests Greet WTO Ministerial Meeting in Hong Kong

Hundreds Rally Outside Oakland School District Office to Denounce Union-Busting

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.12.2005 19:08

Over 200 Oakland teachers and students rallied in front of the Oakland Unified School District office after school on December 14th, in protest against State Administrator Randolph Ward. The school board was meeting to discuss adding a new Charter School to West Oakland which many see as a political tactic to weaken and break the unions. This protest was part of an ongoing struggle to remove Ward and to get a fair contract for the Oakland Education Association teachers, who have been without a contract for 18 months while all upper level administrators have gotten raises.
Read More On Indybay's Education and East Bay Pages

Haiti's Upcoming Elections

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.12.2005 19:08

The upcoming Haitian elections are scheduled for January 8 but are likely to be delayed. While the former military have been offered more than 12 million US dollars as a buy-out for their loyalty to the process, Lavalas remains as demonized and destitute as the day the UN began its occupation of Haiti. Former death squad leaders like Jodel Chamblain have been set free, but Lavalas leaders such as Father Gerard Jean-Juste continue to waste away in prison with little hope of justice.
Read More On Indybay's Haiti and International Pages

Death Penalty Moratorium Bill Faces January Vote

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.12.2005 19:08

Last June, California State Assemblymembers Koretz and Lieber announced that they were introducing the “California Moratorium on Executions Act”, which is now scheduled to be voted on in January. The act, if passed, would suspend all executions in California until 2009 while a study is conducted on the state’s criminal justice procedures. Study after study has shown the death penalty to be grossly unfair. 122 people nationwide have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence. Race, place, and poverty are currently the determining factors in who lives and who dies when it comes to California's death penalty.
Read More On Indybay's Police State and California Pages

globalització (ca)

Barcelona, 20.12.2005 17:08

L'acord de Hong Kong, una cortina de fum sobre les desigualtats i injustícies del comerç internacional

Cròniques de la cimera:
Declaracions preparatòries del cap dels corsaris del capital: + Milers d'altermundistes preparen viatge per enfrontar a l'OMC a Hong Kong + Retenen a l'aeroport de Hong Kong a Bové + La primera protesta contra l'OMC reuneix a 3 mil persones + Últimes Notícies sobre la Contra-Cimera NO WTO-OMC des de Hong Kong (13/12) + Antiglobalitzadors trenquen el setge de seguretat; mostren pancartes a Lamy + 14/12/2005 + Visca la lluita contra l'OMC a Hong Kong + 900 detinguts a la cimera de l'OMC Vídeos anti-OMC: + A Indymedia Italia + Guia informativa sobre l'OMC 1 / 2
Tb accions reivindicatives a : Berlín i Barcelona

+info:: >>>globalització

globalización (ca)

Barcelona, 20.12.2005 17:08

El acuerdo de Hong Kong, una cortina de humo sobre las desigualdades e injusticias del comercio internacional

Crónicas de la cumbre:
Declaraciones preparativas del jefe de los corsarios del capital: + Miles de altermundistas preparan viaje para enfrentar a la OMC en Hong Kong + Retienen en el aeropuerto de Hong Kong a Bové + La primera protesta contra la OMC reúne a 3 mil personas + Últimas Noticias sobre la Contra-Cumbre NO WTO-OMC desde Hong Kong (13/12) + Rompen antiglobalizadores el cerco de seguridad; muestran pancartas a Lamy + 14/12/2005 + Viva la lucha contra la OMC en Hong Kong + 900 detenidos en la cumbre de la OMC Vídeos anti-OMC: + En Indymedia Italia + Guía informativa sobre la OMC 1 / 2
Acciones reivindicativas también en : Berlín y Barcelona

+info:: >>>globalización

International Human Rights Organization Opposes HR4437

San Diego, 20.12.2005 16:08

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) vehemently opposes the anti-immigrant Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 (HR 4437), which has been introduced by House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI). This bill does little to address the root causes of migration to the United States, or the underlying social and economic conditions of both legal and undocumented workers.

Encuentro de medios alternativos

Argentina, 20.12.2005 15:38

Lunes 19 de diciembre de 2005 |Los caminos de una Red Alternativa
Red Versus Monopolio

Christmas or is it Consumer-mas?

Portland, 20.12.2005 14:08

I want to tell you a story or two and share my philosophy on the notion of Santa Claus. Santa Claus the chubby white guy with silver locks and beard to match. Well I'm a chubby white guy with a silver beard and head of long white hair as well. That's right, I look like Santa Claus. This time of year adults come up to me and ask if I ever play Santa. Or kids point and exclaim with great excitement "there's Santa! there's Santa! Can I go and talk to Santa?" This has been going on with me for some twenty five years.

As a result of who I look like, who I am, and the fact I've been mistaken for this jolly old gift-giver for so long I believe I'm entitled to share my philosophy regarding Santa Claus and what that figure really represents in industrialized societies. I think I know more about Santa's philosophy than most. I believe the Santa whose lap you allow your children to sit on hasn't got the faintest idea of what he really represents.

What Mr. Consumer Santa has to peddle is a lie. | read more >>

Poor Kids and Guilt at Christmas

Due to my father's higher class level than mine and my mom's, the guilt was really horrible as a kid. For instance, my dad would not help me get a present for my mom. He did not want me giving anything to my mom, ever. He kept books and shoes and clothing at his house for me, and I literally shed my old self on the weekends for him. But since I always had to be sent home to destitute poverty and hunger at the end of every weekend, I always knew I had to put my "poor" clothes back on to go home, and I felt awkward at the places we went with the kids who lived in those worlds 24/7.

After the weekend with dad, I felt bad, as a child, bringing home leftovers from big food feasts to my mom's empty home and hungry belly. I felt icky bringing home nice presents my mom could never afford to get me as a kid, always coming from my dad. If he had paid his court-ordered child support, my mom, herself, could have bought me food and presents, but instead, all funneled through him, which made my mom very bitter. Christmas has always had huge guilt issues around class for me. | read more >>

Nation's Biggest Tree Killer | anarchist christmas carols | JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS

Environmentalism, Class and Community

Ireland, 20.12.2005 13:38

The economic boom in Ireland and the construction boom that has come alongside it has led to a growth in the importance of environmental campaigns. There has frequently been a large gap between the environmentalists involved in such campaigns and the left - including anarchists. Sean, one of the 'Carrickminders' and now a member of the WSM gives his view on what can be learnt from the recent struggles. The economic boom in Ireland and the construction boom that has come alongside it has led to a growth in the importance of environmental campaigns. There has frequently been a large gap between the environmentalists involved in such campaigns and the left - including anarchists. Sean, one of the 'Carrickminders' and now a member of the Workers Solidarity Movement gives his view on what can be learnt from the recent struggles. At the end of this article is an extensive collection of links on community based ecological struggles, both national and international, as well as links to further analysis. Capitalism in Ireland is certainly booming. The country in profit based terms has seen unprecedented growth. This growth is illustrated on the great barometer of Capitalism- GDP (Gross domestic product) which has increased each year since 1991. With this capitalist driven development of the economy, an improved infrastructure was desperately needed. As the economy developed the state decided to upgrade the infrastructure of the country as well as facilitating construction of buildings. This meant several changes to Ireland. Roads and new housing had to be built. This could have been a chance to improve the country instead it is leading to environmental problems. Poor and often corrupt planning (as proven in the Flood/Mahon tribunals) has lead many communities to take on the state. Environmental issues are becoming crucial issues for those seeking to change society in Ireland. We are a generation, which is witnessing the result of this abuse of the environment by the Irish State and Corporations. On a local scale we see the effects of this planning directly. Alongside the construction boom we have also witnessed a growth in waste. This has lead to a crisis of how we should deal with it (Irish Times 03/06/2005). Local communities are continually trying to stop incinerators and super dumps. The State has found its usual solution to these problems - the poor will bear the brunt. Despite these problems and social tensions, capitalism in Ireland is pushing relentlessly forward. The infrastructure being created is showing this drive. The National Development Plan 2000-2006 (which "involves an investment of over EUR 52 billion of Public, Private and EU funds" is the state's plan to push its development of the country forward. The plan "involves significant investment in health services, social housing, education, roads, public transport, rural development, industry, water and waste services, childcare and local development." As part of the NDP Ireland is to get a greatly expanded road network. This is not necessarily a bad thing but from the outset there were reasons to be worried. It seems sensible to most that the government would first finish the National Spatial Plan - which is "aiming to achieve a balanced, sustainable form of development for the future of the State" - to understand where the roads were going to be built. Included with the NSP is the requirement that "Local Authorities will designate land" for housing - and one would expect that the new roads would serve the areas designated for housing. Not that our enlightened ones were thinking along these lines, they designed the NDP and then two years later got the report on what the roads were being built for. This may seem like being "typical Irish", but it wasn't. It was typical capitalism. The politicians knew for whom the roads were being built to serve, they knew where their friends businesses and lands were and that their friends in the engineering firms and construction companies were building the roads. Most importantly they didn't care where the public was. Then, when as usual the plan ran over budget, the Minister for Transport at the time turned to his cronies in the private sector to fill the two billion euro deficit through Public - Private Partnership schemes.. They say motorways such as the M3 (see below) are built to alleviate congestion that they are so desperately needed that life as we know it can't continue without them but yet they place it in the hands of private corporations to make a profit. This just highlighted again the public's role in the NDP 2000-2006 - there wasn't one. That we will be fitted in around their agenda is illustrated by the way we are being crammed into housing estates around the roads rather than vice versa. The environment, in short, is fast becoming one of the battlegrounds where communities are coming into conflict with capitalism. The last few years have seen several campaigns in Ireland revolving around the environment. Three campaigns, where to one degree or another, activists and communities overtly tried to take on the State, stand out. (In this I mean in all three cases the government placed political capital on defeating the campaign). These were the Dublin Bin Tax, the Carrickmines/m50 and the Glen of the Downs. These three are different from most others because the overt nature of their demands led to a face-off against the state. At the Glen of the Downs and Carrickmines the issue revolved around transport and sensible (or perhaps unsensible) planning whilst the bin tax was an issue that revolved around waste management and taxation. Analysis of these three campaigns is very useful for our inevitable further involvement in environmental struggles. They took place in a similar political climate, where to one degree or another the economy was in a capitalistic sense "prospering" and Ireland had a right wing coalition government. The campaigns however were fought very differently and it is from this activists can learn. The Dublin bin tax campaign: The bin tax saw a prominent libertarian involvement in the campaign in some Dublin communities as well as being involved in the central campaign. The class analysis in the Bin Tax (which was by no means only argued by libertarians) gave the campaign a very different edge. Traditionally, an issue such as waste management may have been raised by environmental groups in a manner not questioning the taxation issue in itself. Waste management is a crucial issue and would have to be part of the focus of any campaign. It is not a great rallying point as it inevitably ends up in an academic arguments between specialists. The class analysis of questioning taxation rather than solely the issue of disposal was far more inclusive. The campaign had many genuinely local groups across Dublin and seriously challenged the state by fighting implementation of the tax through mass non-payment and blockades of waste depots. The campaign ultimately seems to have lost momentum but crucially it could have won. In an interesting comparison to the Bin tax, another environmental campaign, reached its critical point simultaneously this was -Carrickmines/M50 Carrickmines/M50 Motorway: This was a campaign that proposed rerouting the final leg of the M50 ring road around Dublin. The opposition was based on the discovery of the ruins of a medieval castle, which would be destroyed by the motorway. The campaign revolved around an occupation of the medieval castle site and later around several legal challenges. It challenged the right of the state to build a road on the ruins of a medieval castle. Little attention was paid to the impact of the road on the people and local community where clear class discrimination in the soundproofing of the motorways was obvious. Huge banks of earth protected rich areas whereas only thin cinderblock walls protected working class areas from the noise. The castle occupation fell in numbers as it failed to attract widespread interest. This allowed infighting and personality politics to destroy the campaign. The campaign also over-concentrated on the legal challenges whilst failing to engage people. Although we often talked about leafleting the local area - this was never done. The over-concentration on the legal case meant a further alienation of those who were not of a legal mind or willing to be litigants. The dangers of such an approach is obvious and activists learned the hard way when they won a legal challenge and the government subsequently changed the law to suit their ends. The Glen of the Downs The Glen of the Downs was a campaign which opposed the widening of the N11 motorway in Wicklow. This widening was having a detrimental impact on a nature reserve. Activists occupied the site in 1997 and began what became a three-year battle. The campaign again fought the authorities through court action. Their focus was largely based on an ecological analysis and in many ways it was influenced by "deep ecology". The campaign at times engaged the population but mainly as a media driven spectacle. The campaign, after three years, was isolated enough for the state to move and forcibly remove protestors. Both Carrickmines and the Glen of the Downs reached varying degrees of success but ultimately failed. The Carrickmines campaign almost collapsed internally due to effect the personality politics could have on a small group of people. The campaign relied on the support of history and archaeological enthusiasts and gave the local community little material interest in the campaign. The Glen of the Downs was far more successful but when the major cull of trees happened the campaign had failed to interest enough people to the point of direct action. The activists courageously did face down the forces of the state to the point that 13 people went to prison - some only being released after two months and a hunger strike. However, largely alienated from society at large, similarly to Carrickmines they lost. The N11 is completed (problematically as activists predicted). The M50 at Carrickmines is about to be opened shortly. These campaign also raised issues which are very much expert based. The Carrickmines campaign in particular was debated in very technical language between academics and engineers, thereby isolating itself from a majority of the population. This obviously alienated people as they felt they could not aid in any practical way. Though the Dublin Bin Tax campaign has effectively collapsed it was a very different campaign, with some local communities having direct participation. This was because the issues were presented to people in the context that they had a direct material interest in the campaign winning. The argument was simple and presented in common language; you didn't need to be an expert in commerce to participate. The Future Libertarian activists can no longer approach the issue of the environment as something we lament as an unfortunate victim of capitalism. The destruction of the environment is intrinsically linked to the development of capitalism and the oppression of the poor. This destruction is also having huge ramifications on local communities. Environmental campaigns, which present the issue of the environment as something removed from communities, can no longer suffice. A strategy such as that applied during the Bin Tax is necessary. We must question the social consequences of environmental destruction. The approach of many campaigns, regardless of intention, where single issues, such as archaeology, are put forward as primary are too similar to the government's agenda. They sideline local people in favour of individuals personal interests. The Bin Tax illustrated the power of a social analysis on environmental struggles. It gave more people an interest in the issue. This is not to say that issues such as waste management or nature should be sidelined. These issues are complementary to a social analysis but the most important issue is the impact on the lives of ordinary people, as issue too often sidelined by campaigns. The success of this strategy is now being seen at the Corrib Gas Campaign. In Mayo, Shell is trying to build a potentially highly dangerous pipeline. The local campaign with the support of activists from elsewhere has concentrated on the issue of safety and then brought other issues into the struggle such as water pollution, death of wildlife and visible beauty. This campaign, which has seen five local people imprisoned, has by no means won but it has currently forced Shell to withdraw for several months. The campaign as a local lead campaign has raised local safety issues unlike the campaigns which concentrate on archaeology history or nature. A crucial issue to raise is why environmental campaigns which focus on individual interests are like this. They are often criticised from the sidelines because they do not incorporate class politics. However, if archaeologists initiate the campaign it will inevitably be based around an archaeological analysis. We should not disregard their campaign but rather work in tandem with them where possible. This said, it is also important that in certain cases we must realise our differences, for example, I think it's impossible for class struggle libertarian communists to work with primitivists on issues like road or development because our points of view are so far apart. Our working together will only heighten tension and weaken campaigns. Activists in Ireland still lack involvement in what are seen as more directly environmental issues, such as road projects. There is certainly a trend within anarchism influenced by 'deep ecology' that opposes all roads and development. We do not oppose all road development but we should certainly take issue with many of the current proposals where profit is all and community is nothing. Instead we should support sustainable development such as the plans suggested for the M1, M2 and M3 to be replaced by a single motorway with link roads to the major towns. These also incorporated reopening a disused railway that runs almost exactly down the route of these motorways. The case of the M3 illustrates classically how our analysis could succeed. The M3 is a motorway to nowhere, serving little purpose and will partially destroy one of Ireland's and indeed north-western Europe's most important prehistoric sites - Tara. The motorway is supposedly being built to alleviate traffic for commuters to Dublin from the major towns on the route - Dunshaughlin, Clonee, Kells. The support for the motorway in some of the local towns is naturally quite high. People in the area have been told continuously that this road will solve all the congestion problems. The motorway will however only feed the commuters to a huge traffic jam where this motorway will meet the ring motorway around Dublin, the M50. At the moment the campaign is being fought over the historically and archaeologically rich valley of Tara- Skryne. That the campaign against the current route has focused on the archaeological significance of the sites to be destroyed in many ways shows equal disregard for the people of Kells, Dunshaughlin and Clonee (the towns most effected by the traffic congestion). It's only when the campaign spokespeople are accused of holding up progress that they challenge the need and practicality of the motorway. This approach along with an over-concentration on legal cases alienates the most crucial people whose support is needed to win these cases - the local communities. The arguments being made by the campaign are largely academic and risk alienating those without the time and money to buy and read archaeology texts. The government are prepared to change the law, as illustrated at Carrickmines, should they lose any legal challenges. There is a danger that once the campaign reaches that stage it will have alienated a majority of the local support needed to mount a serious challenge to the motorway. This campaign may well lose in a similar fashion to the way Carrickmines and the Glen of the Downs lost where a relatively small group of activists try to face down the State and the courts through direct action. However if the campaign were to follow the example of the Mayo pipeline campaign and concentrate on local people rather than the special interest of a minority (which, although I hate to admit it, archaeology is) the campaign could succeed. Many people of Dunshaughlin and Clonee are now turning to the only people who are claiming to have their interests at heart - the National Roads Authority (N.R.A.) and the government. They have not been told the reality of the motorway, which is that it is really only a faster way to get people to a super traffic-jam. Undoubtedly there are going to be more environmental struggles in Ireland in the next few years. The approach to the Bin Tax was very positive in many respects. People are perhaps in a strong position to fight issues like the attempt to implement a water tax in Dublin. We have seen mistakes but more importantly we have also seen a working example of how people taking real direct action can really threaten the power of the State. They have been parts of a working model of how communities can take on the power of the state. Crucially these are past examples of how we can engage the issues around environmentalism. Activists must, however, broaden our horizons and tackle issues like the National Development Plan, whilst working with special interest campaigns where possible. This article is not an attempt to be a pejorative statement from a class struggle point of view; there is a lot to be learnt on our part from these campaigns. Primarily the heritage based activists who took on the authorities at Carrickmines and the ecologists at the Glen of the Downs were doing something we failed at - taking on the issue of the environment. The campaign at Carrickmines, which I was directly involved in, felt resentment at the time due to the lack of participation and even interest from organised political left-wing groups. Individuals at the Glen of the Downs felt a similar resentment at the fact that left-wing political parties used them at the time when the campaign became high profile. Without help from other groups they concentrated on what they knew best - at Carrickmines it was archaeology. In this they were undoubtedly right - they fought the campaign on their ground. The point I am making is that archaeologists will do what they do best, as will ecologists. If class struggle activists feel we have a better approach and analysis then we must act on it. The issues of the environment should not be dismissed, but the preservation of trees or heritage is unlikely to be the main priority of people who spend up to four hours getting to and from work. But both sets of issues are crucial to us and should not be mutually exclusive with sustainable development. Collection of Indymedia Ireland Stories on Community Based Ecological Struggles: Ringaskiddy: No Toxic Waste Incinerators in Cork Harbour It’s Not Over: As State says Yes to Incineration, Communities Say No EPA Ignores Medical Experts, OKs Burners People’s Forest to Displace Indaver’s Proposed Incinerator Action at Indaver Offices, Cork Latest Ringaskiddy Walk for Clean Air Third Walk at Ringaskiddy Cork Incinerator Decision Shows Contempt for People Toxic Incinerator Bord Plenala Farce in Cork Rossport: Indymedia Mayo East Galway Superdump: Groups gather in support of local community at Kilconnell Superdump Standoff at Greenstar Dumpsite All the Waste of the West: Superdumps in East Galway Miscellaneous: Derrybrien Development Society wins FOI appeal Privatised Water Supply in Blanchardstown Development Contaminated Villagers cause traffic chaos in Ratoath Finglas Residents Reclaim Street Bearna Village to Be Devoured Beneath the Concrete of Galway City Roscommon: Bury the Powerlines Not the People Alternatives to Pylons Donegal Prepares to Battle ESB Once More Another Ghastly Erection Foiled in Donegal International: Re-Emergence of Discredited Illisu Dam Project Germany: The Anti-Nuclear Waste Protests Nunca Mais Action in Galway External Links: Environmental Class War in China: A Bloody Revolt in a TIny Village Challenges the Rulers of China Chinese Militia Open Fire on Demonstrators Opposing Coal Plant Chinese Paramilitary Chief Held After Village Killings Other Class Based Anaylsis of Environmental Issues: Revolutionary Ecology Class Struggle Hits the Road Carnsore: Why Ireland Never Got Nuclear Power Critique of the Green Party Critique of Primitivism The 'Polluter Pays' and the Bin Tax Environment Section of Lib Com Everyday Manifesto PDF of the pamphlet Ecology and Class: Where There’s Brass There’s Muck (To download from this last link - right click on your mouse and 'save as' to your computer, you will need the program Adobe Acrobat to read it)

A Warning from History: Neo-Nazis Organising in Bristol?

Bristol, 20.12.2005 12:37

Never Again! Political Terrorism; have the Nazis Landed in Bristol? Puke writes; N9S (November 9th Society) are a notorious Neo-Nazi organisation, Led by a total fuckwit called Kevin Quinn. Among the vast quantity of shite that they spout is the belief that the army should be used to gather up asylum seekers and march them into the sea. Apparently they are now active in Bristol, especially around Frenchay where they have begun leafleting. Any truth in this? Full Article. | Nazis in Bristol? Past News: | Bristol UNITE Against Fascism | Nazi vote down in Calne (wilshire) by-election | Nazis Attempt to Infiltrate St.Pauls | |

Job Losses as Bristol Media Up for Sale

Bristol, 20.12.2005 12:07

NUJ Call for Day of Action 20th Dec - 12.45-1.45pm NUJ Call for Day of Action 20th Dec - 12.45-1.45pm Northcliffe Newspapers, owners of the Evening Post, is up for sale (by the Daily Mail and Trust PLC) and the interested parties are reported to be Johnston Press (who recently brought The Scotsman newspaper from the Telegraph owners, the Barclay brothers) and Trinity Mirror (owners of the Daily Mirror). Prices for the Northcliffe empire are rumoured to be around the £1 to 2 billion mark. Forwarded From Bristol NUJ writes; Journalists at the Evening Post and Western Daily Press will hold a fourth demonstration outside the Temple Way offices on Tuesday in protest at the job cuts being proposed by owner Northcliffe Newspapers...Evening Post National Union of Journalists rep Derek Brooks said: "We have had more than 100 people on recent demos and it's important we keep the pressure up on the company." The campaign by Post and Press journalists to oppose the job cuts at the titles has been backed by city MPs. Labour MPs Roger Berry, Kerry McCarthy, Doug Naysmith, Dan Norris and Dawn Primarolo say they believe the job cuts "will lead inevitably to lower quality newspapers, and a loss of the individual character of each paper"....Northcliffe last month announced plans to cut 36 jobs at the Post and Press, with the posts expected to go early in the New Year. These come on top of the 20 jobs already lost at the Post and weekly Observer series earlier this year...The NUJ says its fears that the cuts were aimed at raising the share price of Northcliffe were vindicated when the group was put up for sale two weeks ago by parent company Daily Mail and General Trust. Full Article. | Bristol Evening Post and Western Daily Press : Day of Action - Tue 20th Dec | Video from Bristol Journalists 'Day of Action' against Northcliffe | Video: Bristol Journalists in 'Day of Action' to defend local press (UK IMC) | Bristol's Media Landscape |

MTST inicia greve de fome

Brasil, 20.12.2005 11:38


As prisões matam- 3 mortes em Custóias e um quarto recluso em estado grave

Portugal, 20.12.2005 10:38

As prisões matam- 3 mortes em Custóias e um quarto recluso em estado grave

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