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Mad Boffins On The Run

United Kingdom, 09.08.2004 19:59

Last month was not a good one for Oxford University. It started with the announcement of a day of action against their annual AGM . Normally a day full of events it turned out to be a damp squib. When activists turned up, they found that most things had been locked down by the University itself.

Then, there was a 48 hour hunger strike by the 85 year old veteran animal rights campaigner Joan Court. Joan was protesting against the University's building of a new animal laboratory on South Parks Road, which is going to have a strong focus on primate research.

From 10am Wednesday morning to 10am on Friday, Joan remained outside the building site for her fast. She was kept company at all times with people coming down to bring supplies and support. Meanwhile an attempt to suppress people from leafletting colleges by having them arrested for burglary failed as the charges were dropped.

For the last two months there have been demos outside the offices of Ready Mix Concrete in Rugby by activists protesting their involvement with Oxford University. RMC also had a problem with combustibles 'spontaneously igniting'. [Press release]

The world's biggest concrete company has now pulled out of the project, another blow to plans for the laboratory after building company Montpellier PLC and it's subsidiary Walter Lilly & Co made a similar announcement.

Bad Week for Oxford Uni & RMC |
85 Year Old To Go On Hunger Strike |
SPEAK Press Release on Montpellier Pullout |
ALF Press Release on RMC Attacks |
Protests Force RMC to Quit Lab Project (repost)


Peru, 09.08.2004 19:22

Manifestación acuática contra el Forum 2004 ( españa )

Critical Mass Rode Again 8-6-04

DC, 09.08.2004 18:05

There were 15-20 riders when we left Dupont Circle at 6:25pm. Circling the fountain once to alert all who came and wanted to ride that we were riding out, we then headed down 19th Street a hoopin’ and a hollerin’. The plan was to visit the sites where two bicyclists were killed, each by a truck in one week. One was a 63-year old Filipino man on his way to work early last Friday morning. He was killed at Constitution and 14th. The second site was at Georgia and Dahlia, up a six mile hill from 14th and Constitution Avenue. Luke predicted 70 percent of us would drop out. “They haven’t got the legs for it,” he said.

WPFW Censores Pan-Africanism

DC, 09.08.2004 18:02

Africa Meets Africa (WPFW) show guest hosts cancelled due to a lack of Africanness. Addressing WPFW 89.3 FM Station Manager Ron Pinchback’s Canceling The Broadcast of "Africa Meets Africa" Because The Guest Hosts Are Not African Enough

Gay And Lesbian Rights

Sydney, 09.08.2004 17:44

Outrage at Gay Marriage Ban


NYC, 09.08.2004 16:59

Heads up. Latest missive from UFPJ.

(from the Open Newswire): " Our plan to hold a safe and legal march past Madison Square Garden remains firmly in place. But we are increasingly concerned about the viability of a rally on the West Side Highway, because of the following developments."
"We will be holding a press conference tomorrow, August 10, to announce our next steps. Our goal for August 29 remains what it has always been: to bring the largest and most representative number of people possible out into the streets in opposition to the Bush agenda. We are committed to having a safe, legal, and peaceful protest, accessible to all."

You can contact UFP&J and let them know what you think here

Also See: "The Bloomberg Bash." || "Permit Denial Adds To Protest Push."


Peru, 09.08.2004 15:20


SHOCK &amp; AWE, or SHOCKING &amp; AWFUL? Preview Deep Dish’s Latest Series at the NYC IMC.

NYC, 09.08.2004 14:30

During the month of August, New Yorkers will have an opportunity to preview Deep Dish Television’s latest series, Shocking and Awful: A Grassroots Response to War and Occupation. All 13 episodes of Shocking and Awful will be broadcast on Free Speech TV starting August 28 (Channel 9415 on Dish Network Satellite). Don’t miss the chance to attend these preview screenings and participate in discussions with Shocking and Awful producers. On Monday August 9th, NYC Indymedia Video ( will host a benefit screening of Shocking and Awful at the NYC Independent Media Center, 34 E. 29th St, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10016, at 8:30 PM. Clips will be shownfrom “Dance with Death”, which highlights the misinformation and ugly recruiting tactics employed by the military, and “The Real Face of Occupation”, which contains powerful, never-before-seen footage from the streets of Baghdad. Veronica Davidov, Mark Read, and Brandon Jourdan from Deep Dish TV will be facilitating a short discussion following the screening. All proceeds will go to benefit Deep Dish TV and the NYC Independent Media Center. The suggested donation is five dollars.

Venezuela Referendum Nears - Solidarity Week Starts In London

United Kingdom, 09.08.2004 13:59

This Sunday, Venezuelans will vote on whether to keep their
controversial president, Hugo Chávez. Elected with a promise to
redistribute Venezuela's enormous oil wealth (before Chávez it was the number one supplier to the US) this referendum will be a chance to find out if he still has the support of the people. Having failed to oust him with a traditional (US backed)coup in 2002, and a general "strike" (bosses lock-out) the following Christmas, the oppositions referendum might actually end up strengthening his legitimacy.

This week, groups in London are holding a week of solidarity with the Venezuelan people and their right to self-determination without US interference. Daily events are happening at the rampART creative centre in Whitechapel, starting on Monday 9th with the opening of a
"Latinamerican Liberation" exhibition. On Friday is a round-table
discussion on Venezuela's "media-coup" with Tariq Ali and speakers from indymedia and the NUJ. The main event is a picket of the US Embassy on the day of the referendum, Sunday 15th, from 2pm; meet beforehand in Hyde Park near Speakers' Corner for a 'Bolivarian picnic'.

See also: Latest programme details plus daily reports | Rampart venue website
Recent newswire articles:
The Heat Is On,
Chávez must die like a dog,
heading for a stunning victory,
Venezuela Prepares for Recall Vote, Venezuela Tense Over Referendum, e-voting furor, Lottery for venezuela future, New crisis in Venezuela
electronic voting, Referendum on the Revolution, Venezuela Counterpunch

Ralph Nader demands that Democrats quit telling lies about Republican support of his campaign

Portland, 09.08.2004 13:27

World without Bosses Bike Tour!!

Portland, 09.08.2004 11:48

The Inner Workings of Alternative Media

Portland, 09.08.2004 11:34

Psychiatric Survivors Against Animal Testing

Portland, 09.08.2004 10:48

Civil Liberties

Melbourne, 09.08.2004 09:21

FBI Harrassment and Interrogation Of Australian Activist

AUG 11 STOP THE DRAFT Town Meeting

NYC, 09.08.2004 04:22

Learn and speak about plans to reinstate conscription at a citywide "Town Meeting on the Draft" August 11, as elected officials, experts, and activists come face-to-face with grassroots democracy. WHAT: CITYWIDE TOWN MEETING ON THE IMPENDING DRAFT WHEN: Wednesday, Aug 11, 7:00 pm WHERE: The Renaissance Charter School, 35-59 81st Street, Jackson Heights, Queens

Call for Viking Bloc Feeder March A29.

NYC, 09.08.2004 04:21

There's going to be a viking bloc feeder march Sunday morning, August 29th. The march will begin at 11 a.m. and will join up with United for Peace and Justice in time for the larger march to begin.

Housing Preservation and Development Knocks Down Bronx Garden

NYC, 09.08.2004 02:44

A community garden in the south Bronx was the first to be knocked down last Friday in a move to build more housing in the area.

Press Censorship In Iraq

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.08.2004 01:12

Iraq Forces Al-Jazeera To Close Its Baghdad Office

Where's Walden?

DC, 09.08.2004 01:05

Where’s Walden? by Jared Ball As political conventions rage and vague warnings of suspended elections abound we wondered how press coverage of Walden O'Dell and the potential for fraudulent vote counts was going. Where's Walden? (pdf 154k)

contra el alca

Peru, 09.08.2004 00:44

¡NO AL ALCA! ( 1ra editorial de IMC PERU 11/06/2002 )

Fighting in Najaf and Nasiriya

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.08.2004 22:51

Sadr's Uprising Re-Ignites


San Francisco Bay Area, 08.08.2004 21:51

Fighting resumes in Falluja


DC, 08.08.2004 21:27

Are the U.S. and Britain seeking a pretext for intervention in order to take advantage of Sudan's oil? The situation in Darfur is tragic, but it is not genocide - oil may be the real target for those promoting military intervention. CHINA’S INVOLVEMENT IN SUDAN: ARMS AND OIL

Valles Calchaquíes

Argentina, 08.08.2004 21:20

Amaicha del Valle recuperó su Consejo de Ancianos y elige nuevas autoridades

Black August's 25th Year

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.08.2004 19:32

Commemorating the 25th Year of Black August Organizing

Solidariedade com António Ferreira

Portugal, 08.08.2004 16:45

Solidariedade com António Ferreira

Solidariedade com António Ferreira

Portugal, 08.08.2004 16:45

Solidariedade com António Ferreira

Animal Rights

Pittsburgh, 08.08.2004 16:13

Bikki Drops Foie Gras, Thanks to Local Campaign

Bush Protested

Pittsburgh, 08.08.2004 16:05

Bush Visits Pittsburgh, accompanied by Billionaires for Bush

Free Speech - Oregon Style

Rogue Valley, 08.08.2004 16:04

When Corporate Criminal Dick Cheney came to Southern Oregon on 7/30/04 the so-called "designated" FREE SPEECH ZONE became the question ? ? ?,

and so there was...

A call-out for action at KOBI TV (125 S. Fir Street in Medford) from 12:00 - 1:00 PM for some "Free Speech - Oregon Style."

Join a group of activists as we choose where the "free speech zone" will be. We choose to demonstrate in front of KOBI, and we'll invite the other TV stations to film our activity. Maybe KOBI will figure out that there's news outside their front door. Maybe not...

Open House Mon Aug 9 * NoRNC Sound Webstream

NYC, 08.08.2004 15:49

OPEN HOUSE at the Tank! || MORE INFO CLICK HERE The coalition of independent sound media makers, will be running a webstream to coincide with the RNC. Initiated by folks from Indy NYC Sound Collective, Free103, The Tank, RiseUp Radio, Atlanta IMC Audio, Blast Furnace, and many others it is open to all progressive and radical sound media makers, sound artists, musicians, reporters - novice and expert in sound media! We highly encourage you to partcipate! The webstream will be picked up by FM stations near and far, and will be a vital way of letting people around the world, know what is going on, despite mainstream media spins & sensationalized edits. The broadcast will feature frequent call-ins to the streets & protests. It depends on you to make it represent what is going on. For more information on the Open House go HERE NoRNC-Sound Coalition website Contact the Sound Coalition at the Website noted above, or call 718-247-4371

Agguato a Milano

Italy, 08.08.2004 12:57

Agguato nazi a Milano

Agguato a Milano

Italy, 08.08.2004 12:56

Agguato nazi a Milano

Animal Rights

Pittsburgh, 08.08.2004 12:13

Bikki Drops Foie Gras, Thanks to Local Campaign

Bush Protested

Pittsburgh, 08.08.2004 12:05

Bush Visits Pittsburgh, accompanied by Billionaires for Bush

Social Activist Dies in Nevada

Portland, 08.08.2004 11:08

Sonoran Desert Storm - Homeland Security Ramps Up the War at Home

Portland, 08.08.2004 10:40

Civilian Weapons Inspection at Lockheed-Martin in Bonny Doon

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.08.2004 06:59

On Friday August 6, the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, the Santa Cruz Weapons Inspection Team attempted another inspection of Lockheed-Martin's large facility on Empire-Grade Road. A well-attended rally and press conference on the steps of the County building, where activists spoke about Lockheed-Martin's (L-M) local and global activities and the dangers of nuclear war, preceeded the inspection attempt.

Following the press conference more than 60 community members carpooled up Empire-Grade as far as the sherrif's deptarment would allow. The delegation walked up to the gates of L-M's facility and demanded to inspect the premises for WMDs.

The weapons inspectors were met at the locked gate by several L-M representatives, two of whom answered questions about the facility and its activities. On earlier visits, L-M officials had refused to even speak to the SC WIT; now they've engaged in conversation, if contrived, and PROMISED to continue negotiation and dialogue.

Santa Cruz Weapons Inspection Team

Peace Pilgrimage arrives at Hiroshima I Patriotic Correctness: the Hiroshima cover-up

DNC to RNC March from Boston to NYC

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.08.2004 06:13

Social Justice Activists Marching 258 miles from Boston to NYC

Nuevo ataque al derecho de informar

Argentina, 08.08.2004 04:37

Nuevo ataque al derecho de informar

nuevo ataque al derecho de informar

Argentina, 08.08.2004 03:50

Nuevo ataque el derecho de informar

Veterans For Kerry in the Brat Days Parade

Madison, 08.08.2004 00:43

Surprising to some the Kerry group far outweighed the Bush group in the Sheboygan Brat Days parade. This doesn't quite reflect the polling numbers that have been published around the country.

The Skull &amp; Bones Society: An investigation

Portland, 08.08.2004 00:10

Forest Defense News Round-up

Portland, 07.08.2004 23:09

'Pacote de Julho' da OMC trai os pobres

Portugal, 07.08.2004 22:54

'Pacote de Julho' da OMC trai os pobres

Aaron Patterson, Mark Mannie, Isaiah Kitchen Charged On Gun/Drug Offenses

Chicago, 07.08.2004 22:27

On August 5th at approximately 1:30 pm Chicago Police and ATF agents stopped Aaron Patterson and a friend Shawn Samuels while driving down the Bishop Ford Expressway. With guns drawn, Aaron and Shawn were told to Get the f--ck out of the car, or well shoot your f--cking brains out! according to Samuels, not charged.

Community activist, former death row inmate and police torture victim, Aaron Patterson was arraigned on Friday August 6 along with another friend arrested separately, Mark Manney. Also arrested, but in hospital with heart condition is Isaiah Kitchen. Police charged the three with eight offenses, mostly against Aaron, which would put him away for life with no chance of parole.

In a startling turn of events, when asked if he understood the charges, Aaron stated, There is a farce going on here... For the record, these past five years, myself and a group of producers and journalists have done a study and documented that this system is corrupt. We knew exactly what was going on... (read more)

8/6 Arraignment Hearing Update by Dorina Prisacaru
8/6 Update by T. Smith
8/6 Breaking News Article by Andy Thayer

October 22nd Coalition
ALIVE- Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
Other Press

Past CIMC Stories:
Jan 14 2002 Release

The Inner Workings of Alternative Media: Part 1

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.08.2004 20:31

Ben Franklin said freedom of the press is in owning the press. And these days, with the internet and Xerox machines, owning, or at least renting, your own press, has never been easier. I would argue that freedom of the press is in owning the press *and* understanding marketing, though. I interviewed some people involved in alternative, independent and "parallel" media forms for this article. I wanted to see what motivated people working in alternative media, but I also wanted to see what they needed, and what the public could do to help support their efforts…to ensure a healthy alternative to mainstream media for us all. For this article, I interviewed Bradley Allen (Free Radio Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Independent Media Center (SC IMC)), Lance Scott (Co-founder of Eat the State! (ETS!)), Christa Donner (Ladyfriend and Free Advice Zines), an editor from a prisoner newsletter that goes out with prisoner book deliveries who wanted to remain anonymous, Chuck Munson (Coordinating webmaster for and librarian), and via phone, Tim Walker (campaigns manager for Adbusters Magazine).

The Inner Workings of Alternative Media: Part I I Part II I Part III

Get ready for the Republican National Convention! Trainings in protest health and safety, no your rights, direct action and affinity groups.

DC, 07.08.2004 20:08

Get ready for the Republican National Convention! Trainings in protest health and safety, no your rights, direct action and affinity groups. A sweeping call for direct action and civil disobedience has been made for the Republican National Convention happening in New York City at the end of August. This is a critical moment to stand up and say no to Bush, not to the US Empire! It is important to be as prepared as possible for whatever may come your way while in NYC whether you are part of direct action or part of permitted events. Mobilization for Global Justice as part of the DC conventions coalition is hosting a set of trainings to do just that.

Aug Consulta

Houston, 07.08.2004 20:08

Communities of Color Consulta in Houston


Brasil, 07.08.2004 17:55

Vitória da comunidade da Vila Santa Rosa

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