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The collective is not in agreement over a title...

Aotearoa, 27.12.2005 06:38

suggestions are: *2005 - Indymedia Highlights *Indymedia - the year that was *2005: An Indymedia presentation *2005 - Nazis are poos *2005 - Indymedia, smash the state Here are some of the stories that YOU published on your local Indymedia Centre in 2005. The struggle continues! Your Aotearoa Indymedia Crew Animal Rights: It's been a busy year for Animal Rights activists in Aotearoa. Dozens of battery hens were liberated [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]. Activists protested aqainst an International Poultry Broiler Nutritionists' Conference, a vivisection conference, launched webesites to expose the cruel facts behind Tegel foods Ltd. and Premier Bacon and locked themselves to a truck from a local factory farm in Wellington. Workers Rights: May Day (International Workers Day) was celebrated all around Aotearoa with demonstrations taking place in Auckland and Wellington. Our comrades across the ditch took their anger against Howard's industrial relations reforms into the streets. 500,000 went to rallies all across Australia and people in New Zealand organised solidarity rallies. Towards the end of the year fast food workers in Auckland started going on the barricades. The campaign organised strikes at Starbucks which spread to 10 stores, Pizza Hut and two strikes at KFC [ 1 | 2 ]. One major aim of the campaign is to get rid of youth rates. In Wellington, Unite Union held a rally against the companies that paid younger workers less, and the government that lets them. And then tere was Tonga... In a strike by public servants that lasted for several weeks the government had to give in to all the demands (pay increases between 60-80% and democratic reforms). Government cars were torched, schools smashed by students and one of the King's homes went up in flames. [ Features 1 | 2 | 3 ] Women: The Anarcha-Feminist Stich'n'Bitch brought women together from all over the country in February. An alternative and free meeting was organised during the Janus Women’s Convention in Wellington where feminists pointed to the lack of voices of Maori, Pacific Islander, refugee, new migrant, student, beneficiary, and low income women as a major failure of the Convention. A noisy "Take Back the Night" rally and march took place in Auckland in October. Environment: After 40 years of fighting, construction of the Wellington inncercity 'bypass' started at the end of 2004. Anti-'Bypass' activists occupied a building in January and managed to move Kensington community Gardens. A new campaign started in the South Island to stop an open-cast coal mine on the West Coast built for Solid Energy. Environmental activists locked themselves to to the entrance way of Solid Energy's head offices in Christchurch and stopped coal trains by locking on to train tracks. [ More 1 | 2 ] Indymedia: The Indymedia Network has grown again this year with new collectives joining (for example IMC Malta, IMC Belarus and Climate IMC). IMCistas from Aotearoa got together for a conference in Wellington where quite a few polcies were updated. The next conference is planned for February 2007. Indigenous: The Tuhoe people of the Urewera region have suffered since a Crown invasion and persecution from the 1860's. A Waitangi Tribunal hearing had been called for 16th January 2005 in the Ruatoki valley. Tuhoe are waiting to meet the visitors many are on horseback. Determined to remind the Crown of these many wrongdoings, Tuhoe have come out in force [ Report ]. In the year after the massive hikoi against the foreshore and seabed legislation a nationally coordinated attack on the offices saw every MP who sat in a Maori Electorate that voted for the Seabed and Foreshore Act received the same message delivered through their front windows (while the windows were closed), stating 'sell out, we have not forgotten'. Peace: On 19th March, while the US were busy 'liberating Iraq', peace and justice activists all over the planet marked the 2nd anniversary of the illegal invasion. Several people were arrested at a demonstration in Auckland while in Wellington a protestor was succesfully dearrested. ANZ branches were occupied across Oceania in September for the bank's involvement in the Iraqi Trade Bank. Auckland activists targeted Oscmar, an American owned corporation, which makes weapons training systems for export to some of the most brutal and oppressive armies on earth. Peace Action Wellington ran a campaign against the New Zealand Defense Industry Association;s weapons conference held at Te Papa. Protesters, including the Aotearoa Revolutionary Clown Army, blocked of the entrance to the museum for several hours during the conference. 20 people were arrested during the day for taking direct action against war profiteers. A new US ambassador was met by swearing anti-war protesters when he was presenting his credentials at government house. Education: Newly formed anti-capitalist High School group Radical Youth has been very active in Auckland with 'Food not Bombs', the campaign and generally causing trouble! Students at Victoria University managed to mobilise 400 students for a demonstration to parliament. But fees went up at most tertiary institutions in Aotearoa. Students scuffeled with security guards and a window was smashed at the Wellington fee setting. Global: Capitalism and Neoliberalism were reasons for countless protests all over the planet. World Bank/IMF meetings (in Washington DC), the G8 summit (in Scotland), the Pacific Island Forum and the World Trade Organisation ministerial (in Hong Kong) are still a focal point for civil society overseas and in Aotearoa. In February, a large military police operation evicted the land occupation Sonho Real (Real Dream) in the city of Goiânia, Brazil. Two people have been killed and many seriously wounded. Over 800 people have been arrested. A New Zealander was caught up in revolutionary Bolivia [ Reports 1 | 2 ]. The Zapatistas in southern Mexico announced a new strategy: The new political initiative is based on an approach to social movements, from Mexico and elsewhere, that share the same aims as the indigenous zapatistas and are fighting the effects of neoliberal globalization. Check out for more stories from all around the world.

Police kill mentally-disabled man on St. Charles Ave.

New Orleans, 27.12.2005 06:10

Police kill mentally-disabled man on St. Charles Ave.

АЭС у Беларусі?

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

краткая история &quot;польского вопроса&quot;

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Как привязывать сообщения к темам

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Заметки на полях доклада «Медицинские последствия Чернобыльской аварии и меры по поддержке здоровья» (2005)

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

В Минске состоялся съезд Федерации анархистов Беларуси

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

День мира во всем мире.

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Информатика должна быть свободной. От предрассудков.

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

ПОДДЕРЖИМ ПОЛЬСКИХ ТОВАРИЩЕЙ! - образцы писем в поддержку сквота DeCentrum в Белостоке

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Repression wave continues in Poland: Marek Kurzyniec detained

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Гендерный маршрут: фестиваль идей о &quot;поле&quot;

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Питерский активист и панк-музыкант убит фашистами

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Протесты против транспортировки радиоактивных отходов в Германии

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Факты о &quot;Белорусской OC на исходных кодах&quot;.

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07


Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Белорусская индимедия о ситуации в Беларуси

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Открытая модерация

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07


Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Заметки о языковом и культурном импералиализме.

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Коронация начинается

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Witam IMC Belarus!

Belarus, 27.12.2005 06:07

Río Negro: Futa Trawun del CAI

Argentina, 27.12.2005 03:38

A Viet Nam Veteran: His Name Was Earl

Tennessee, 27.12.2005 03:09

His name was Earl. He spent his days in a wheel chair, hand propelled, sitting along the sidewalks of the seawall in a Victorian city along the coast. He kept all of his possessions in a shopping cart, while his valuables hung from the handles of his chair. I met him one night while walking on the beach. I walked past a hollowed out part of the rocky seawall, and something moved. It was Earl, and a blanket. After going across the street and returning with cups of coffee, I sat and listened while Earl talked. He was a Viet Nam veteran. He’d done three tours in Viet Nam; he was an honorable man, torn by his experiences and yet sure of himself and what he believed.

Evo Morales Elected President of Bolivia with 51% of Vote

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.12.2005 01:38

Socialist Evo Morales, an Aymara Indian, won the Bolivian election December 16th with the greatest margin of any candidate since elections were restored in Bolivia 23 years ago. In his campaign Morales was highly critical of neo-liberal policies, called for the legalization of coca growing, and vowed to assert Bolivian rights over natural gas resources. The party that Morales founded, the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), is one representative shy of a majority in both houses of the National Congress. Morales has forged positive relations with both Fidel Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, and his election is part of a trend towards left-leaning democracies that is sweeping Latin America.
Read More on Americas and International Pages

se unifican las luchas en la patagonia

Argentina, 27.12.2005 00:38

Lunes 26 de Diciembre de 2005
Se unifican las luchas en la Patagonia

Passagem podem aumentar com tarifa única

Brasil, 26.12.2005 23:38


ACLU Seeks Information about Government Spying on Anti-War Groups

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.12.2005 23:08

The three California affiliates of the ACLU are seeking information about the intelligence gathering efforts of law enforcement agencies in this state. A Public Records Act request is being sent to Attorney General Bill Lockyer and focuses on the California Anti-Terrorism Information Center ("CATIC") and information that it may have received from the FBI.
Read More On Indybay's Police State and California Pages

Yet another Xmas present for American workers

Portland, 26.12.2005 20:38

Byrd and Republican Senator Mike DeWine of Ohio are fighting an effort by the Bush Administration, with the support of the Republican Congressional Leadership, to undermine American manufacturers and allow foreign traders to illegally dump products on U.S. markets.

Remember the Byrd amendment that Senator Byrd first introduced about 5 years ago to reclaim jurisdiction over how trade penalty moneys are distributed WITHIN the United States? If you are really watching trade issues, you might know that the WTO ruled that the Byrd amendment was illegal, even though it isn't ruled out by any of the trade agreements entered into by the U.S. through fast-track legislation. And you might even know that a couple of years ago, in the fever of an election year, Congress enacted a law that codified the Byrd amendment -- the "Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act (CDSOA)".

But did you know - has anyone noticed? - that the recent infamous budget resolution (also known as "Work, Marriage, and Family Promotion Reconciliation Act of 2005") also repealed the CDSOA?

In an excess of hypocrisy, the Senate had voted its support of the CDSOA just days before -- on December 15. Somehow, within just one week, all but 5 of about 30 Republicans who had been for the CDSOA on December 15 became converted to the WTO position when it came to the vote on December 21. No Democrat was similarly converted, and both Oregon senators - including Gordon Smith - remained firm in rejecting the WTO infringement of the sovereignty of the United States.

Photos of Emerge Miami's D17 Adbusting Event at The Wallflower Gallery

Miami, 26.12.2005 20:37

Photos of Emerge Miami's D17 Adbusting Event at The Wallflower Gallery

Encuentro de medios alternativos

Argentina, 26.12.2005 19:38

Viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2005 |Los caminos de una Red Alternativa
Red Versus Monopolio

Elecciones en la FUC

Argentina, 26.12.2005 19:38

Viernes 23 de diciembre de 2005 |Desenlace incierto
¿Elecciones en la FUC?


Argentina, 26.12.2005 19:38

Domingo 25 de Diciembre 2005 | Crónica del Acto en Villa 9 de Julio
A cuatro años del Asesinato de David Moreno

Longest Night Homelessness

Worcester, 26.12.2005 18:09

Longest Night Remembers 17 that Died Homeless

Reunião da Organização Mundial do Comércio: a cortina de fumo sobre as desigualdades

Portugal, 26.12.2005 17:08

Reunião da Organização Mundial do Comércio: a cortina de fumo sobre as desigualdades

Lumière à l'ombre des centres fermés

Liege, 26.12.2005 15:07

En cette fin d’année 2005, la politique d’asile européenne (et belge par conséquent) ne tend pas à s’humaniser. Contrairement à la Déclaration Universelle des Droits de l’Homme, des hommes et des femmes qui n’ont commis aucun délit sont incarcérées sur notre territoire. Le centre fermé de Vottem va bientôt abriter une aile spécifique destinée à accueillir des familles. En notre nom, l’administration belge admet et organise donc l’enfermement d’enfants n’ayant commis aucun délit.

'Twas the Day Before Christmas

San Diego, 26.12.2005 06:38

On Saturday, December 24, 2005 a small contingent of Save Our State used the luxury of their holiday to try to prevent day laborers in Glendale from getting work. The legend follows.

See Also: Costa Mesa's March to Justice | Ningún ser humano es ilegal

İstanbul Indymedia - BBM Açık Yayıncılık İlkeleri

Istanbul, 26.12.2005 04:08

İstanbul Indymedia - BBM Açık Yayıncılık İlkeleri

Suicide watch, or psychological torture?

Portland, 25.12.2005 23:38

After the so-called "eco-terrorist" defendant William C. Rogers, also known as Avalon, killed himself in a "live wild or die" concluding action in an Arizona jail, other co-defendants have been put on suicide watch. But is it for their own protection, or is the FBI using Avalon's death to pressure the others? I don't know what happened to William C. Rogers or if he did kill himself, (I have no reason to believe he didn't) however, I also don't know what kind of extreme psychological or physical duress he had been under since his arrest. What I DO know is what is happening to a co-defendant, Kevin Tubbs.

Kevin is a uniquely gentle, compassionate, non-violent individual, who according to the law should be treated as innocent until proven guilty. He has been on maximum security lockdown in a 5 X 8 foot cell with only one hour out per 24 to choose from showering, trying to keep up on his case in the newspaper, shaving or using the phone to contact his girlfriend he dearly misses and loves.

All four of his requests for vegetarian meals have been denied despite a letter from his doctor saying that after 15 years of a strict vegetarian diet, his health could be seriously compromised. He is not getting enough nutrition and I know for the first week at least, he only ate fruit and water. In his prisoner's handbook it states you can request an additional blanket if you are cold. At home, Kevin could only sleep if he wore a hat, warm socks and extra blankets, he just gets very cold easily. To try and sleep he has been wrapping his sheet around his head, he only has one blanket. All his requests for an additional blanket at night were denied.

For those of us who love Kevin, our hearts are breaking for him. We are very concerned that he is being worn down. Even the strongest of individuals will have their judgement skewed when nutritionally and sleep deprived. He is still able to receive new letters so please don't stop writing.

Portland IMC Prisoner Support Page | ELP Support Page | | North American Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network


Argentina, 25.12.2005 19:38

Nein zur Todesstrafe!

Austria, 25.12.2005 18:37

Stanley Tookie Williams wurde am frühen Morgen des 13. Dezember 2005 mit einer Giftspritze im US-Bundesstaat California hingerichtet. Governeur Arnold Schwarzenegger hatte zuvor das Gnadengesuch von Stanley "Tookie" Williams abgelehnt. Tausende waren gekommen, um gegen die Exekution zu protestieren. Seit 1976 sind bereits mehr als 1000 Menschen in den USA hingerichtet worden, vielen weiteren droht die Exekution in den nächsten Tagen und Wochen. -> weiter
Am 20. Dezember 2005 um 12:00 Mittage fand in der Bethel AME Kirche die Abschiedsfeier für Tookie statt. Wieder waren mehr als 1.000 Leute gekommen, um ihm die letzte Ehre zu erweisen. Viele mussten Stunden vor der Kirche warten. Und dort waren sie in "guter" Gesellschaft: Mit Tränengas und Gummigeschossen bewaffnete Terroreinheiten der Polizei beobachteten das Geschehen. -> weiter
Doch nicht nur in den USA wird die Todesstrafe vollstreckt. Die internationale Organisation Hands Off Chain bietet auf ihrer Seite einen Überblick über den Vollzug von Todesstrafen weltweit. Jährlich werden 1000e Menschen hingerichtet! -> siehe 2005 Report on Executions (en)
Aktuell von der Todesstrafe bedroht ist Dr. Berhanu Nega, dem die Todesstrafe wegen Protesten gegen die Wahlen in Ethiopien droht. -> weiter

Links: ai Netzwerk gegen die Todesstrafe | Hands Off Chain | | Death Penalty Information Centre (USA) | Campaign to End the Death Penalty (USA)

A Christmas Story- Devotees Arrested for Chanting Hare Krishna

Miami, 25.12.2005 18:07

A Christmas Story- Devotees Arrested for Chanting Hare Krishna

La costa del sol huele mal: Aifos procesada por estafa

estrecho / madiaq, 25.12.2005 17:07

La promotora Aifos, procesada por la vía penal en el Juzgado de Instrucción nº 1 de Málaga por un supuesto delito de estafa a particulares. La inmobiliaria Aifos, con sede en Málaga, está inmersa actualmente en un juicio por la vía penal en el Juzgado de Instrucción nº 1 de Málaga, acusada de un supuesto delito de estafa por una quincena de particulares que se han sentido engañados en la compra de su vivienda, que aún no le han entregado. Las denuncias, agrupadas en una sola causa, fueron en su día admitidas a trámite, estando el juicio, actualmente, en fase de instrucción. La Delegación de Gobernación en Málaga de la Junta de Andalucía, por otra parte, ha informado que durante este año el área de Consumo de Málaga de la administración autonómica ha recibido una media de casi tres hojas de reclamaciones al mes de personas que afecten a Aifos.

Feliz cumpleaños Jesús

Colombia, 25.12.2005 13:38

Ciclovia da Radial de Benfica

Portugal, 25.12.2005 13:38

Ciclovia da Radial de Benfica

peoples and cultures vs power and states (en)

Barcelona, 25.12.2005 11:07

Also in christmas we want you in home

torches march: always and for christmas we're not all here, Prisoners are missing.give solidarity and come to the torch march

features of most recent torch marches: [Dec 17] Torch march in Barcelona from Canaletes, we want you in home ::: [Dec 17] At Lleida, Catedral Square ::: [Dec 17] Torch March in Vilanova i la Geltrú ::: [Dec 17] Torch march in Igualada and Capellades

next calls:

St Cugat, December 22, 19:00 Octavià Sq. ::: Prat Llobregat, December 23, 19:30, Vila Sq. ::: Manresa, December 23, 19:30 Sant Domenèch Sq. ::: Girona, December 24, 18:00 Vi's square ::: Vilafranca, December 24, 19:30, Vila Sq.

+info : >>>cultures +

latin america (en)

Barcelona, 25.12.2005 11:07

Bolivia: new scene at the Andes

boliviaEvo Morales wins Bolivia's election by a large and surprising majority, after some agitated months in the country. Elections has been marked by rumors of fraud, and imperialist interests in the country, interests of the USA for one side and also created by press, of Venezuela, taking advantage of Chávez's friendship with Evo. The firsts in react has been multinationals and specially Repsol-YPF, which has already go down in the stock exchange.Now, all Andine eyes are put in bolivia, specially due to February elections in Ecuador and also elections on April in Perú

The elections Elites block Evo---Fernandez Buey's article---Petro-election with advertising censorship---first promises of Evo---bolivia econews---Political Analysis
USA interventionism USA disarms Bolivia's army---Military intervention in Bolivia?---Will Bush's employees prevent fraud in Bolivia?
Bolivia and fuel An eye at repsol 29--- An eye at repsol 34--- An eye at repsol 35
Related news Noam Chomsky's article--- about social movements in latin america---june riots---culture & politics in Bolivia---Goni's responsibilities October massacres
Media:: videos on May and June events
Calls:: December 30 in Santa Coloma

+ info:: CMI Bolivia + >>>Latin America

American School Board Journal Gets it Wrong

DC, 25.12.2005 08:10

An article in an influential national journal for school board members provides inaccurate information regarding the "No Child Left Behind Act" that may partially explain why school systems have adopted divergent and contradictory policies. The article, "Recruiters at School," by Lawrence Hardy, appeared in the widely read American School Board Journal in October of 2005, and contains the following, "Many young people are being recruited from the halls of high schools across America. It's a right guaranteed to the military by the No Child Left Behind Act, which requires districts to give recruiters access to schools and student information, including names, addresses, ethnicity, and grade point averages."

Why are We Here?

DC, 25.12.2005 08:10

The following reflection was written by Tom Fox the day before he was abducted. November 25th, 2005 -- The Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) Iraq team went through a discernment process, seeking to identify aspects of our work here in Iraq that are compelling enough to continue the project and comparing them with the costs (financial, psychological, physical) that are also aspects of the project. It was a healthy exercise, but it led me to a somewhat larger question: Why are we here?

Spying on the US Government by John Stanton

DC, 25.12.2005 08:10

Countermeasures for US Citizens

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