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Mel &amp; Floyd, Dec 23, 2005

Madison, 29.12.2005 17:08

The Dec 23 show.

Gulf Coast Environmental Catastrophes: hurricanes and petroleum spills

Madison, 29.12.2005 17:08

Two half-hour interviews from news show A Public Affair on WORT-FM community radio.

Tenants Fight Back Against Displacement

Chicago, 29.12.2005 17:08

Nowe Miasto[permalink] As the rich grab up every piece of land they can on Chicago’s South side, thousands of low-income people are being pushed out of the neighborhoods they call home. Powerful institutions like the University of Chicago and its local partner The Woodlawn Organization are colluding with Mayor Daley to subject neighborhoods like Woodlawn to a feeding frenzy by greedy developers - a nightmare for families who can no longer afford skyrocketing rents and property taxes. But as the tenants of the Kimbark Tenants Association are showing, you don't have to just pack up - you can fight back. Read more.

40 Million Dead: Animals Tortured and Murdered for Vanity

Chicago, 29.12.2005 17:08

FFF [permalink] On Friday, November 25th, approximately 120 Chicago animal rights activists came out in force for the annual Fur Free Friday march. Despite the bitter cold and a heavy police presence, activists congregated in Daley Plaza before marching onto fur-supporting businesses in Chicago. The march was dedicated to animal liberationist prisoner Peter Young.

At the rally preceding the march, activists and other passers-by were educated to the horrors of the fur industry via bullhorn:

"Each year over 40,000,000 animals are killed by the fur industry. These animals die by gassing, trapping, anal or vaginal electrocution and other equally barbaric, grisly methods."

After visiting and agitating both consumers and business owners at brand-name companies such as Marshall Field's, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales, and upscale furriers such as Andriana Furs and Elan's Furs, the march ended with a rally at Water Tower Plaza at Chicago & Michigan where Chicago Soy Dairy served vegan hot cocoa. Activists were asked to not let the day's events be their only action in support of animals for the upcoming year. It was stated that one march wasn't going to stop the fur industry, but rather that a sustained campaign, utilizing a diversity of tactics, would bring the industry to its knees.

To get involved, e-mail or and ask to be added to the announce list to be kept up to date for future animal rights actions taking place in Chicago. Read the full article here.

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Additional Information: Fur Kills | Neiman Carcass | Fur Is Dead | Infurmation

Chicago Independent TV now on Dish Network

Chicago, 29.12.2005 17:08

Chicago Indymedia Chicago Indymedia's monthly TV series, which has been in production for the past two years, will achieve one of the longtime aspirations of Chicago Indymedia's Video Collective with its debut on national satellite television. Free Speech TV, which broadcasts Democracy Now and Indymedia Newsreal, will also begin monthly airings of Chicago Independent Television, on Friday, December 9, 2005 at 10PM Central Time (Dish Network channel 9415). Read more.

Episodes of the show will be screened at Chicago Indymedia's December 10 fundraiser benefit.

The show is also cablecast locally on CAN TV and in Chicago's suburbs.
Complete listings for Chicago - city and suburbs

Episodes are available online - DOWNLOAD NOW (Quicktime):
Episode 14 (December 2005): "InformaNation - a film critically examining the claims of military recruiters" part one | part two | part three
Episode 10 (April 2005): Our coverage of the March 19, 2005 peace protests in Chicago: part one | part two | part three
Episode 8 (February 2005): Inaugural Parody: Our coverage of 2005 George W. Bush Inauguration protests in Washington DC and Chicago:
part one | part two | part three
More Episodes Here

In the Courts: Members of the Arlington Heights 5 Re-arrested and More

Chicago, 29.12.2005 17:08

arrest [permalink] On December 1st, 2005, three of the five defendants in the Arlington Heights 5 arraignment were arrested for tardiness to court because of traffic and weather conditions, according to the People's Newswire.

Judge Joseph J. Urso, the presiding judge of the Third Municipal District located in Rolling Meadows, IL, ordered arrest warrants for the four absent defendants just before three of them arrived. As of this writing one arrest warrant remains for an activist who did not show up for court.

National Lawyers Guild lawyer James Fennerty informed the court that the defendants had arrived and the judge subsequently had them arrested and taken for processing. The arrestees were taken to Cook County Jail at 26th & California in Chicago. Bail was set at $500 apiece.

According to one defendant, two of the arrestees were released around 1am and the third around 2am after being held in custody for nearly 17 hours. The five activists are currently being offered a plea bargain of thirty days in jail, most likely at Cook County, which they are contesting.

Defendants would like as much support as possible at their next hearing:

The Arlington Heights 5
Location: District 3, 2121 Euclid Avenue, Rolling Meadows, IL
Room: 104
Date: Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Time: 8:30am

Another activist, Giuseppe, was arrested and banned from DePaul University's campus. He requests the attendance of other activists at his trial.

Location: 555 West Harrison
Date: Monday, January 9, 2006
Time: 9:00am

Some victories in court earlier in the week for Chicago activists included a DePaul Students Against the War activist having his citation dropped for swearing at Mayor Richard M. Daley at the Colombus Day Parade and two activists having their charges dropped for obstruction at the Anarchist Halloween Parade. Read the original article here.

For other ways to help or anyone who was a witness to the arrests of the Arlington Heights 5, please email streetmilitant (at) and EricAntiFa (at) with a phone number or email address you can be reached at. Anyone with photographs or footage of the arrests will be especially useful. Both the Arlington Heights 5 and Giuseppe request donations for their legal defenses.

CTA Turns Down Discounted Venezuelan Oil, Raises Fares Instead

Chicago, 29.12.2005 17:08

CTA Fare Card="1" align="right" HSPACE=3 VSPACE=1> [permalink] Chicago, Dec 28 (TNS) - The Chicago Transit Authority is refusing an opportunity to alleviate commuting costs for hundreds of thousands in the Windy City's low-income neighborhoods. Instead of accepting deeply discounted fuel from the Venezuela-owned Citgo Petroleum Corporation, the city is instead raising fares to solve budget shortfalls.

In an October meeting with representatives from the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), the city's Department of Energy and other city officials, Citgo unveiled a plan to provide the Chicago with low-cost diesel fuel. The company's stipulation, at the bidding of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, was that the CTA, in turn, pass those savings on to poor residents in the form free or discounted fare cards.

But two months later, despite claims of a looming budget crisis, the CTA president "has no intent or plan to accept the offer," according to CTA spokesperson Ibis Antongiorgi. She gave no explanation. Read More

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Related Stories: Venezuela Begins Low-Cost Heating Oil Program in New York

Dublin Marijuana Dispensary Raided by Police on December 26th

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.12.2005 15:38

On December 26th, the Dublin Police Department raided the Dublin Greene and the home of the owner, Cindy. The police took 2 pounds of herbal medicine in storage jars and edibles, hash, bud, t-shirts, all the store and patient records, and cash from the store and staff. Patients were turned away by the police as the investigation was being conducted. No arrests were made. The Dublin Greene will hold a rally and open house on December 29th, 2005 from 2-8pm at the Dublin Greene/Ducky's, at 6711B Sierra Court.

Read more about the Dublin Greene on Indybay's Drug War and East Bay News Pages

Comité Central del PC llama a Votar Bachelet

santiago, 29.12.2005 14:39

El sector reformista de la izquierda chilena, llama a votar por el Neoliberalismo concertacionista.

O desacordo na Autoeuropa

Portugal, 29.12.2005 12:38

O desacordo na Autoeuropa


Barcelona, 29.12.2005 09:08

Bolivio: Novaj ventoj en Andoj

boliviaEvo Morales venkas la balotadon en Bolivio per ampleksa kaj surpriza plimulto, post skuaj monatoj en la lando. La elektojn stampas onidiroj pri manipulado, kaj pro la imperiismaj interesoj en la lando, unuflanke de Usono kaj aliflanke pro tiuj kreitaj de la venezuela gazetaro, profitanta la amikecon de Chávez kun Evo. La unuaj reagoj estis de la transnaciaj kompanioj kaj ĉefe de Repsol-YPF, kies valoro malaltiĝis en la borso. Nun, ĉiuj andaj okuloj rigardas en la direkto de Bolivio, precipe pro la februaraj balotoj en Ekvadoro kaj la aprilaj en Peruo

La balotado La elitoj blokas Evon---artikolo de Fernández Buey---Petro-elekto kun reklama cenzuro---la unuaj promesoj de Evo---ekonovaĵoj boliviaj---politika analizo
Usona intervenismo Usono senarmigas la bolivian armeon---Ĉu armea interveno en Bolivio?---Ĉu dungitoj de Bush evitos la manipuladon en Bolivio?
Bolivio kaj petrolo Okulo sur Repsol 29---Okulo sur Repsol 34--- Okulo sur Repsol 35
Rilataj novaĵoj Artikolo de Noam Chomsky---Kontraŭkapitalisma bloko---Pri la sociaj movadoj en Latin-Ameriko---La juniaj ribeloj---Kulturo kaj politiko en Bolivio---Respondeco de Goni pri la oktobraj amasmurdoj
Komunikiloj:: Filmetoj pri la majaj kaj juniaj okazaĵoj
Alvokoj:: 30an de decembro en Santa Coloma

+ infoj:: CMI Bolivia + >>>Latin-Ameriko

filipinos blasts hk govt brutality

QC, 29.12.2005 08:39

Filipinos blast HK govt for brutality, arbitrary detention of anti-WTO protesters

tutmondigo (eo)

Barcelona, 29.12.2005 08:08

Kurfo en Francio {cat+fr} {es}

Francio starigos kurfon dum disvastiĝas la tumultoj + De Villepin rajtigas la regionestrojn dekreti urĝostaton + Komenciĝas ellandigo de eksterlandanoj el Francio

Komunikaĵoj: Ne al la urĝostato: komuna komunikaĵo de maldekstraj organizaĵoj kaj francaj asocioj + La Kolero de la Popolo + Vi ne povas manipuli nin + Ligue Communiste Révolutionnarie [LCR]: Junuloj kaj loĝantoj de la kvartaloj, kune kontraŭ la registaro + Solidareco kun la franca ribelo, amasiĝo ĉe la franca konsulejo + > Kio okazas en la franca ŝtato? > la 12an novembro en Casal Fèlix Cucurull >

kroniko: La perforto batas en Francio malgraŭ la kurfo + La pariza ŝiriĝo + La protestoj en Parizo ne cedas kaj disvastiĝas al aliaj urboj + Kiel manipulas la amaskumunikiloj + Violence répressive a Clichy-sous-Bois: témoignage [Subprema perforto en Clichy-sous-Bois: atesto] + Clichy-sous-Bois: 'Mourir pour rien' [Perei senkiale] + Vídeo pri la subpremo uzata kontraŭ la junuloj en Francio

+infoj:: >>>tutmondigo+ >>>Indymedia Parizo

tutmondigo (eo)

Barcelona, 29.12.2005 08:08

La pakto de Honkongo, fum-kurteno sur la malegalecojn kaj la maljustecojn de la internacia komerco

Kroniko pri la konferenco:
Pretiga deklaro de la kapitala korsarestro: + Miloj da alimondistoj planas vojaĝon por kontraŭstari la Mondan Organizaĵon pri Komerco en Honkongo + Bové, submetita al preventa gardado en la flughaveno de Honkongo + En la unua protesto kontraŭ MOK amasiĝas 3000 homoj + Lastaj novaĵoj pri la kontraŭ-konferenco NE MOK el Honkongo (13/12) + Kontraŭ-tutmondigaj aktivuloj enrompas en la sekurecan limon; ili montras tolafiŝojn al Lamy + 14/12/2005 + Vivu la lukto kontraŭ MOK en Honkongo + 900 arestitoj en la konferenco de MOK Kontraŭ-MOK-filmetoj: + En Indymedia Italio + Gvidilo pri MOK 1/2
Ankaŭ protestaj agoj en: Berlino kaj Barcelono

+infoj:: >>>tutmondigo

laboro (eo)

Barcelona, 29.12.2005 08:08

SEAT volas maldungi pli ol 600 gelaboristojn, ĉu vi staros flanke?

La faktoj de SEAT: La konsento pri maldungoj en SEAT: hontiga konsento ::: SEAT: forbalai la gebatalantojn, oni volas maldungi la ĝeneralan sekretariinon de CGT Katalunio! ::: Studo pri la maldungitoj en SEAT: gebatalantoj, patrinoj, super-55-jaruloj... ::: SEAT: nek maldungoj nek pligrandigo de la hor-stoko ::: Maldungitaj 15 membroj de la lasta balotlisto de CGT en SEAT :::
pripensoj: Post SEAT, oni ne scias kio venos... ::: La granda mensogo de la registaro, la entreprenistoj kaj la majoritataj sindikatoj ::: Debatoj pri sindikatismaj modeloj en ::: Ĉu nova laborstatuto? ::: Debato pri la afero de SEAT ::: La alimondistoj kaj la gelaboristoj de SEAT, kial ili ne kunlaboras pli multe?
agadoj: [23an decembro] La gelaboristoj de SEAT haltigas la laboradon proteste kontraŭ la maldungoj ::: [15an decembro] Manifestacio de SEAT ::: [2an decembro] Aranĝo pri la bataloj en SEAT

+ infoj ::: >>>laboro

kriminaligo (eo)

Barcelona, 29.12.2005 08:08

Cinika urba regularo pri ĝentileco: la stratoj estas ĉies

Manifestacio kontraŭ la nova urba regularo

[17an decembro] je la 17a horo, en la placo Universitat (Barcelono)

[22an decembro] amasiĝo en la placo Sant Jaume

Etendi la tolaĵojn, manĝi aŭ trinki surstrate, pilkludi, pentri sur muro, sketi, seksolaboristinoj, surstrataj vendistoj, senhejmuloj, manifestacioj... jen kelkaj el la agoj kaj aroj koncernitaj de la nova barcelona regularo, kaŭzanta la alvokon al manifestacio.

rilataj novaĵoj: Dosiero pri la urba regularo ::: 'BCN posa't guapa' ('Barcelono beliĝu', devizo de urba kampanjo) kaj 'malbeluloj mortu' (kataluna diraĵo) ::: La 'caganer' ('fekulo', tipa kataluna krip-persono) estas malĝentila

+ infoj : Strato estas ĉies ::: >>>kriminaligo

Bush Step Down! Protest Jan. 31st and Feb. 4th!

Santa Barbara, 29.12.2005 05:09

Begin organizing your community to drown out Bush's State of the Union on Tuesday, Jan. 31st! Demonstrations followed by mass protest in Washington, DC on Feb. 4th. for info on what's going on in your community!

X-Mas Eve Schumacher Fur Demo Was Amped!

Portland, 29.12.2005 01:38

With a long anticipated noise variance permit In Defense of Animals had acquired to use a bull horn for the Christmas Eve fur demonstration, the Schumacher Fur Co. owners thought they were going to beat the activists at their own game. But once again they were left shamed and looking stupid.

When around 30 dedicated anti-fur activists arrived at SW 9th and Morrison, Greg Schumacher had rented, no doubt at considerable cost, four huge speakers on tripods which were blaring obnoxious Christmas tunes to drown out the activist's bull horn and raised voices.

Undeterred, activists started chanting with messages like, "Stop the anal electrocution, stop the pain, Schumacher Fur is to blame!" That's when the furriers got amped and turned up the volume to ear drum shattering levels. I can't overstate how loud the music got; imagine being in the front row of at a hip hop show when you can almost feel your teeth vibrating from the sound waves. The volume was lowered slightly when a couple bicycle cops arrived, but still the volume was clearly beyond anything allowed by city ordinance, even if they had a permit, which states that you can use amplification as long as it's not audible more than 150 feet away. This music could be easily heard several blocks away!

Nashville Metro Council Endorses Jesus

Tennessee, 29.12.2005 01:09

#media_4025;left#On December 21st, the Nashville Metropolitan Council passed a resolution affirming that Jesus was "an actual man." I kid you not. I think it's safe to assume that the Christian Governing Body means Jesus was a macho heterosexual white man who would be driving an SUV and living in Belle Meade, with a wife and two children, if only he were alive today. Jesus sure wouldn't be wearing sandals and living amongst the poor cuz then he'd wouldn't have no health insurance like all those other bums. He'd be too sick to save the world. He sure wouldn't be hangin' with a bunch of male disciples cuz then people would think he was gay. The Music City USA Metro Council went so far as to say that Jesus "impacted" the United States of America more than the rest of the world.

¿Amnistía o licencia para matar?

Peru, 29.12.2005 00:41

Miercoles 28 diciembre 2005 | Articulo de Herbert Mujica R.
¿Amnistía o licencia para matar?

Conflicto en las canteras de Alhaurín: Crisis de un modelo de desarrollo

estrecho / madiaq, 29.12.2005 00:08

#file_1#La orden de cierre de 4 canteras por el Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucía volvió a poner en primera plana un conflicto que se arrastra desde hace décadas entre las demandas de asociaciones ecologistas y vecinales y el peligro de una crisis económica en el sector de la construcción en Málaga, con la consecuente pérdida de puestos de trabajo.

Tras años de intenso trabajo, las asociaciones vecinales y ecologistas de Alhaurín y de Málaga celebran que por fin se hayan oído sus demandas ante uno de los mayores atropeyos ecológicos que existe en España.

#file_2#Por otro lado, el cierre de las canteras ilegales puede dejar en la calle a centenares de trabajadores y amenaza a miles de trabajadores precarios de la construcción, que ven que ante la falta de materiales sus contratos se terminan de un día para otro.Según CCOO, más de 10.000 trabajadores del sector de la construcción en la provincia de Málaga han visto finalizados sus contratos tras la huelga en las canteras, paro que afecta al 90 por ciento de las obras con paradas parciales o totales.

Se trata de una muestra de una serie de crisis ecológicas y económicas que amenazan a Málaga tras años de neoliberalismo salvaje, donde se ha devastado el territorio a raíz de la especulación y el negocio inmobiliario y cuyo mercado de trabajo se asienta en la construcción, un sector marcado por la precariedad laboral y la irregularidad y sujeto a los vaivenes de la demanda inmobiliaria y los tipos de interes.

> 300 trabajadores de las canteras de Alhaurín inician una huelga indefinida
> La Policía Local vigila casas de concejales de Alhaurín por el conflicto de las canteras
> Anuncian 250 despidos ante la falta de áridos de las canteras de Alhaurín
> La huelga de las canteras paraliza treinta mil viviendas en construcción
> Los camiones de las canteras de Alhaurín originan atascos en los alrededores del Parlamento
> Las opiniones y la lucha de la Plataforma en Defensa de la Salud y la Sierra de Alhaurín de la Torre Plataforma en Defensa de la Salud y la Sierra

Alito Helped Quash Black Panther Lawsuit Against the Gov't

DC, 28.12.2005 23:11

The National Archives has released notes and documents from Judge Alito, nominee for the Supreme Court, advising the government not to send a Black Panther lawsuit to the Supreme Court. According to Alito, the only exception would be to send a message "to prevent the harassment of present and former public officials through meritless litigation." Alito then went on to help write the legal brief for the Supreme Court to dismiss the lawsuit. The Panthers sued Bush Senior, the FBI and the CIA, for conspiring to destroy the Black Panthers. Alito Documents and Notes Related to Black Panthers Lawsuit Today, environmental groups, including Sierra Club, Greenpeace, declared their opposition to the nomination of Alito to the Supreme Court.

Building Trades picket non-union hotel construction

Urbana-Champaign, 28.12.2005 23:11

Building and construction trades union members picket non-union work site at the corner of Neil and Kirby in Champaign. Horve Builders, they say, are the construction managers and are using all non-union labor. Hence the rat.

Índio é assassinado em Mato Grosso do Sul

Brasil, 28.12.2005 21:40

Resistência Indígena

I amb els nadals...

Valencia, 28.12.2005 21:07

Publicitat sexista:: Denuncia la publicitat sexista

Consumisme::OMC Continuïtat de l'estancament o principi del fí? - Festa contra el consumisme (concert + sopar + passe de videos + exposicions) - Anti OMC.Visca la lluita contra l'OMC en Hong Kong (com en els millors temps) - Amti OMC. Els disturbis contra l'OMC se salden amb 900 detinguts - Anti OMC. Cròniques des de Hong Kong per Josu Egireun

Feixisme::Atac feixista a la seu de la Plataforma Sindical - Dos joves intenten cremar viu a un indigent a MàlagaTres neonazis marquen a foc una esvàstica a una jove a Valladolid - concert nazi al Carme - Multen amb 600 euros a tres supòsats "nazis" per no acudir a un judici - Brutal agressió neonazi a un jove punk de Chile - España 2000 anticatalanisme boicot i restaurant:La Qimera C.S.A - Vuit persones han estat agredides en l'últim mes per supòsats neonazis

Algarve ligado por eco-vias em 2008

Portugal, 28.12.2005 15:09

Algarve ligado por eco-vias em 2008

antifeixisme (ca)

Barcelona, 28.12.2005 15:08

Per un Front Antifeixista Únic

la mort d'una indigent :: La primera víctima de l'ordenança cívica. Una dona cremada a un caixer automàtic - ocultada per por a relacionar-la amb l'ordenança del civisme - tres pijos de St Gervasi matan a una indigent - Tres desgrats i l'estúpid complexe de superioritat - pregunta: Què he de fer amb els nois d'estètica ultra que cremen els pobres? +agressions :: [Sant Cugat] Prou agressions feixistes! - Agressió feixista a Kan Kadena - Agressions nazis al Vendrell - Feixistes amenacen els sense sostre a Buenos Aires

respostes projecte RACISMOMATON -- Segrest al santoral Berguedà -- Acció desobedient antifeixista a Barcelona -- Milers de persones es manifesten "per la República i contra la Monarquia imposada" -- accions en solidarita amb sergio ---- internacional L'estat feixista d'Israel segueix amb la neteja ètnica ampliant assentaments -- A Berlín, Condoleezza Rice insisteix en que EU no maltracta als sospitosos -- Bush admet que han mort 30.000 civils des de l'inici de la guerra a l'Irac -- EL govern espanyol ignorava l'escala de l'avió de la CIA ---- el franquisme no ha mort :: Queda molt franquisme per desmantellar, una prova més -- Sobre Peces-Barba, padre -- Mayor Oreja i l'extrema dreta -- El PP, la AVT, Gotzone Mora, els nazis i els GAL -- El setmanari català El Triangle, revela els ingressos econòmics del periodista ultradretà Jiménez Losantos -- Eurodiputat Demana "CuentasClaras" sobre el Franquismo ---- altres :: La policia reconeix ara que la baralla de Sants no va ser organitzada -- en hommage à la Commune -- Flyer antifeixista -- Alerta antifeixista al carrer tallers

+info: >>>antifeixisme

antifascismo (es)

Barcelona, 28.12.2005 15:08

Por un Frente Antifascista Único

la muerte de una indigente:: La primera víctima de la ordenanza cívica. Una mujer quemada en un cajero automático - ocultada por miedo a que se relacionara con la ordenanza del civismo - tres pijos de St Gervasi matan a una indigente - Tres desgraciados y el estúpido complejo de superioridad - pregunta: ¿Qué tengo que hacer con los tres chicos de estética ultra que queman a los pobres? +agresiones :: [Sant Cugat] ¡Basta de agresiones fascistas! - Agresión fascista en Kan Kadena

respuestas proyecto RACISMOMATON -- Secuestro en el santoral Berguedà -- Acción desobediente antifascista en Barcelona -- Miles de personas se manifiestan "por la República y contra la Monarquía impuesta" -- acciones en solidaridad con sergio ---- internacional El estado fascista de Israel sigue con la limpieza étnica ampliando asentamientos -- En Berlín, Condoleezza Rice insiste en que EU no maltrata a sospechosos -- Bush admite que han muerto 30.000 civiles desde el inicio de la guerra de Iraq -- El gobierno español ignoraba la escala del avión de la CIA ---- el franquismo no ha muerto :: Queda mucho franquismo por desmantelar, una prueba más -- Sobre Peces-Barba, padre -- Mayor Oreja y la extrema derecha -- El PP, la AVT, Gotzone Mora, los nazis y los GAL -- El semanal catalán El Triangle, revela los ingresos económicos del periodista ultradrerechista Jiménez Losantos -- Eurodiputado Pide "Cuentas Claras" sobre el Franquismo ---- otras :: La policía reconoce ahora que la pelea de Sants no estaba organizada -- en hommage à la Commune -- Flyer antifascista -- Alerta antifascista en la calle tallers

+info: >>>antifascismo

Miami IMC Podcast Episode 3

Miami, 28.12.2005 08:38

Miami IMC Podcast Episode 3

Support GI Resister Katherine Jashinski Now!

DC, 28.12.2005 08:09

GI resisters, conscientious objectors and dissent within the military deserve our support as they stand up for human rights and dignity, democratic rights, and international law. Widespread public support and pressure can help protect these courageous individuals from feelings of isolation and from repression of them and their rights!

The NYC transit strike: why can't it happen here, or can it?

DC, 28.12.2005 08:09

Article Originally appeared on RVA IMC by James. George Waksmunski, field organizer for the Virginia Public Service Workers Union, supports the transit union's strike in New York City. "Their struggle for better wages and benefits represents a check on the balance of power that is capitalism. The continued crushing of the working class must stop."

Celebate the Holidays

DC, 28.12.2005 08:09

Let us remember that there are multiple theories of Intelligent Design. I and many others around the world are of the strong belief that the universe was created by a Flying Spaghetti Monster. It was He who created all that we see and all that we feel. We feel strongly that the overwhelming scientific evidence pointing towards evolutionary processes is nothing but a coincidence, put in place by Him.


Colombia, 28.12.2005 07:08

Esperamos un año con vida digna, justicia y equidad.

Trouble Down Under - Greenpeace &amp; Sea Shephard Battle Whalers

Portland, 28.12.2005 06:39

Make no doubt about it, there is a MIDWAY type naval battle ocurring between Australia and Antarctica. A fleet of Japanese whalers are intent on harpooning to death any whale they see and these boats are being opposed by Greepeace and Sea Shepherd vessels. To see a first hand picture of the harpooning of a whale see Greenpeace. Although these incidents are being widely covered on Oceania Indymedia there is no news of this in the Northern Hemisphere. Remember that once there were abundant numbers of whales in the Northern Pacific. But these were long ago decimated by whaling fleets. Now they come down South, to a designated Sanctuary. Read More [ GreenPeace | Oceania Indymedia | Take action: * Tell Gorton's and Nissui that their customers do not support whaling! ]


Miami, 28.12.2005 06:37


Whaling: Science or Slaughter?

Melbourne, 28.12.2005 03:08

Japanese Scientific Whaling Discredited

Neighborhood Public Radio in Portland

Portland, 28.12.2005 01:39

Neighborhood Public Radio is coming to Portland on January 5th as part of red76's Ghost Town project. We are now belatedly, but actively, soliciting your participation in this endeavor. NPR will be operating a radio station from the evening of January 5th until the morning of January 10th. During that time we hope to feature the contributions of a wide variety of Portland residents. Though we will likely be under the umbrella of an "art" context we do not intend to be limited by this notion. If you have something interesting to say about Portland and it's political, cultural, economical situation then we want to hear from you. If you have a killer collection of music that you want to play for people to hear, we want to hear from you. If you know a group of teenage troublemakers who would soil their pants for an opportunity to be on the local Clear Channel Affiliate... send 'em our way. We will be broadcasting from a store front very near the Welcoming Center/ Clothing Exchange [338 NW 6th Avenue]... so passersby will ideally be interacting with us as we broadcast. It will be far more entertaining than the Today show, we promise.

Read More [ Neighborhood Public Radio | red76 | Ghost Town | Welcoming Center/ Clothing Exchange ]

February 6th is coming! Support free speech? Then support the SHAC 7!

Portland, 28.12.2005 01:39

Wednesday, May 26th of 2004 marked a quiet turning point in the history of free speech in this country. While most people were still comfortably asleep and the first rays of sunlight were streaming over the horizon, Federal Agents were preparing to arrest people for crimes of terror. All across the country members of Joint Terrorism Task Forces crept across lawns and approached front doors with guns drawn. Before long they had captured their quarry: seven animal rights activists.

These activists were not accused of making bombs, burning down buildings, killing people, or even lesser crimes such as trespass. In fact, not one of them is accused of a single physical act. Their charges stem from one thing; speech. Read More [ shac7 ]

Huddersfield defends NHS

United Kingdom, 28.12.2005 01:08

Proposals in Huddersfield to close a Hospital and several wards at another were condemed by protestors. The demonstration Called for the 10th December opposed the closures, and the wider privitisation of health care in the country.

The number of protestors who turned up outside the Royal Infirmary was larger than organisers had hoped, drawing support from passers-by. The protest is continuing to build a petition to make the council have a referendum on the issue.

Article with Photos

The Iron Cage that has Descended upon Modern Humanity

Miami, 27.12.2005 22:37

The Iron Cage that has Descended upon Modern Humanity

senderizando las elecciones

Peru, 27.12.2005 20:39

Martes 27 diciembre 2005 | Articulo de Raul Wiener
Senderizando las elecciones

Global Warming Wrap-up for 2005

Madison, 27.12.2005 18:08

Global warming roared ahead in 2005, with evidence of rising global temperatures and environmental, economic and social havoc caused by climate change appearing on every continent as well as in the oceans. For lack of concerted efforts against its causes - we need to reduce our collective emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere - we are likely to become increasingly more vulnerable to the changes that global warming could bring. We must find the will and courage to begin reducing our annual greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, or any options we have now to confront global warming may become mute. Our government and ourselves need to begin the slow process of moving against global warming in 2006 by significantly reducing our fossil fuel burning, without further delays.

Tarifazo Agua

Argentina, 27.12.2005 17:08

JLunes 26 de diciembre de 2005 | Un gobierno al servicio del Grupo Suez
Tarifazo del Agua

Tarifazo Agua

Argentina, 27.12.2005 16:38

JLunes 26 de diciembre de 2005 | Un gobierno al servicio del Grupo Suez
Tarifazo del Agua


Oost-Vlaanderen, 27.12.2005 15:37


Apprenticeship Program Calling New Applicants!

Portland, 27.12.2005 13:38

The Bike Mechanic Apprenticeship Program at the Community Cycling Center in Northeast Portland is currently searching for new applicants for enrollment. The next orientation is happening Monday, January 9 at 9 am ! This program is designed to provide job training and work experience to low-income and unemployed adults.

By the end of the program, participants will have gained the set of skills and experience necessary to work professionally as a bicycle mechanic. Additionally, participants will acquire general job skills applicable to any field that will benefit them in finding well-paying employment. The program primarily targets women and people of color who are underrepresented in the bike mechanic industry.

During the two and a half month long apprenticeship program, small groups of students have the opportunity to master skills through hands-on learning at their own individual pace. Apprentices complete 320 hours repairing bicycles with the mentorship of an experienced mechanic in the Community Cycling Center's professional bike shop. Students gain experience working with the public by teaching volunteers and assisting customers. At the successful completion of the program, apprentices receive an official bicycle mechanic certification from the Community Cycling Center. Participants also benefit from personalized guidance in seeking out future employment including tapping into our network of bike shop connections.

Prisoner Support As Civil Rights Activism

Portland, 27.12.2005 13:38

Prisoner Support may not be something you think about very often, but if you ended up being jailed due to a mistake or unfair sentencing due to politics, Prisoner Support organizations could literally be your only lifeline. Part of the frightening aspect of prison is the isolation and prisoner support groups are often a prisoner's only link to the outside. As human rights activists, the prison situation is pertinent on many levels...

Australian Media mogul dies

Melbourne, 27.12.2005 08:38

Packer Parasite Carks It

Tarhanin linc mahkemesi

Istanbul, 27.12.2005 08:09

M.Tarhan'ı linç etmek isteyenler 29 Aralık'ta yargılanıyor

Наручники для оппозиции

Belarus, 27.12.2005 08:07

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