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Media Activists See Hope in Nashville's Traditionally Conservative Market

Tennessee, 01.01.2006 02:09

Media Activists Organizing to Bring Air America to Nashville On Friday, December 30th local media activists, inspired by the recent successes of Radio Free Nashville, "Liberadio" on WRVU, and "The Truth" on WVOL, media activists have begun organizing to bring Air America to Nashville. Nashville, a poor media market for progressive talk radio and community media, has recently begun seeing a transformation in its market, beginning with the success of Radio Free Nashville this spring, which was the first community radio station to be formed in middle Tennessee in recent years and the first radio station to regularly host programs such as "Democracy NOW" by Amy Goodman and Free Speech Radio News.

Jan. 19- Lobby for the Virginia Fair Wage Act

Richmond, 01.01.2006 02:08

The Virginia Coalition for the Homeless and Social Action Linking Together are hosting a Lobby Day on January 19, to push for support for the Virginia Fair Wage Act. A short training will be provided, and folks will team up to meet with members of the Commerce and Labor Committee (where the Act will be introduced), as well as their local representatives.

quema de muñecos

Argentina, 01.01.2006 02:08

La Fiesta de Todos/as

Año 2006

Puerto Rico, 01.01.2006 00:09

Comunicación = Libertad

repre en valpo

Valparaiso, 31.12.2005 23:37

Asistentes violentamente golpeados | dias de represión en Valparaiso.

Reprimidos los Carnavales Culturales.

Photos from the King Mango Strut

Miami, 31.12.2005 23:37

Photos from the King Mango Strut

BLM Proposal Would Apply Pesticides in Western States

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.12.2005 22:08

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has proposed to apply massive amounts of pesticides to public lands in 17 Western states, including California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Utah. The BLM claims these pesticides need to be applied to forests, rangelands and aquatic areas in order to reduce the risk of fire and slow the spread of invasive weeds. Under the proposal 932,000 acres would undergo chemical application, including National Monuments and National Conservation areas. Pesticide opponents are encouraging people to submit public comments in support of Option C of the Bureau of Land Management Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement. The public comment period ends on January 9th, 2006.

Read more on Indybay's Environment and Forest News and US News Page

Law School As Activist Revenge

Santa Cruz, CA, 31.12.2005 22:08

We need to go to law school. Seriously. As activists, we are absolutely dependent on an industry of law that we know very little about and have very little influence in. Prison is serious stuff and to have so little available help within our own ranks is not acceptable or safe. Our friends and lovers are shuffled around in a system that leaves them wondering what they were actually charged with and/or convicted of and what exactly the evidence against them was. Our family are left in utter darkness about procedures and are reduced to begging for legal information from attorneys paid $200 an hour. I seriously believe we need more activist attorneys. NOW. [read more]

see also: The Environmentalist Witch Hunt 2005 || Support for Political Prisoners

No one is free when others are oppressed...

A movement that doesn't support it's political internees is a movement destined to fail.

Critical Mass Radio Network - Year in Review

San Diego, 31.12.2005 20:08

Tune in to the Critical Mass Radio Network, Saturday December 31st. To listen online, go to

This month's broadcast will be a year in review, with the best in music and interviews from the Critical Mass member stations.

The schedule for this month is:

* 12-2pm - radioActive sanDiego
* 2-3pm - Michigan IMC
* 3-4pm - Portland Indymedia Radio

* 10pm-12am - Kill Radio, Los Angeles


Miami, 31.12.2005 19:37



Arizona, 31.12.2005 19:37

Hearing for dismissal of charges on January 5


Arizona, 31.12.2005 19:37

Hearing for dismissal of charges on January 5

Self Defence Workshop

Portland, 31.12.2005 09:38

The elites of capitalism have made one too many mistakes. Blatant mistakes like: Enron, Iraq, Katrina, executing Stanley Tookie Williams, CIA torture camps, forcing yet another power plant on to indigenous lands, rolling blackouts, further steps to criminalize queers, steps to criminalize democratic labor, building a bigger fence around Mexico, and whole sale attacks on the activist community. All this has played to a steady backdrop of economic imperialism, and racist celebrations of this nation's history.

Everyday people are starting to say this shits played out. One of our collective members recently had to tell a conservative, Republican, member of their family that they shouldn't talk about this countries need to "kill the president" in the house. Merry Christmas indeed!

It's clear that all this oppression is unifying people. Our unity is strength. Our unity strikes fear into the hearts of the federal capitalist's government, and drives them to dump billions into snitches, under-covers, and NSA programs to spy us out, and break us up.

It's also clear that the government has a monopoly on force. When the people have had enough, every single one of us will have to defend ourselves from this dying government. The struggle needs you! We have a need, and duty to learn the skills to survive.

High Water Soaks Rogue Valley

Rogue Valley, 31.12.2005 08:10

Flood warnings are in effect in as Jackson County braces for rain through the weekend. Though not expected to be a repeat of the '97 flood, but is threatening to put a soak on New Years Eve celebrations.

A US Geological Team observed taking flow measurements this afternoon reported Bear Creek's muddy, brown water flowing at around 3000 cubic feet/second (CFS).

Interstate 5 is closed "indefinitely" near Siskiyou Pass after several mudslides sent trees, stumps and mud onto the road. Highway 66 near Ashland is also closed at milepost 9.

Perth, 31.12.2005 05:42

Japanese Scientific Whaling Discredited

Suicide By Cop, or Homicide By Negligence?

Portland, 31.12.2005 01:38

Already, the corp choir is singing the "suicide by cop" song, together with refrains of "troubled young man," "called and threatened to kill a cop," etc. The sweet refrains of "perhaps, if we could train all of our officers in crisis intervention..." (currently only twelve are so trained. No matter that the killer of Fouad Kaady (deputy Willard) was a graduate of that vaunted training).

It seems to me that what is needed is a little accountability. The Sheriff is whining about a fourth of his force being on paid leave due to the recent spate of killings. Maybe if he would see to it that there were real hearings, that real consequences were meted out to those who use lethal force as a first option (rather than issuing medals, as in Popo), perhaps the training might be a little more effective, and we would not be paying time and a half, or double time, plus the wages of useless suspended officers, to cover the streets.


Colombia, 31.12.2005 01:38

Información columna derecha


Sydney, 31.12.2005 00:38

Campaign to Stop Abortion Pill

Climate Chaos Brings the Big Melt to the Far North

Ireland, 31.12.2005 00:08

A summary of reports on and effects of global warming on the Arctic. 2005, the second warmest year on record, beaten only by 1998, was another year of freak weather and climate chaos, from drought, to flooding, to hurricanes, much of it caused by the collision between society and ecology that is global warming. Global warming is principally produced by adding more carbon dioxide, from burning fossil fuels, such as oil, gas and coal, to the naturally occurring ‘greenhouse effect’. This is where greenhouses gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere trap a portion of the suns’ rays on earth. Other contributory factors include the production of methane in farming, and deforestation, as plants consume carbon dioxide. This article looks at a range of new research on the impact of climate change on the Arctic that has come out in late 2004 and throughout 2005. Related Links: Wikipedia entry on Arctic Climate Impact Assessment Rising Tide Climate Indymedia Wikipedia entry on Global Warming 2005 was the second warmest year on record In November 2004, the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, a scientific survey commissioned by the eight states with Arctic territories, found that by the summer of 2070 the Arctic might have no ice at all. The icecap has diminished by 15% to 20% in the past 30 years, with the poles heating up at a higher rate than the rest of the globe. (1) Even the EPA, an official U.S. Government body, admits: “Arctic temperatures during the late 20th century appear to have been the warmest in 400 years. Satellite data suggest that the extent of snow cover has declined by 10 percent since the late 1960s. During the 20th century, the annual duration of lake and river ice cover in the mid- and high latitudes of the northern hemisphere declined by about two weeks.” (2) This month, Michel Jarraud, boss of the U.N.'s World Meteorological Organisation said that Arctic sea-ice was melting more than ever before, with the average cover in the key month of September down 20% on the average for 1979-2004. (3) Parts of Alaska are currently experiencing a tourist boom, as visitors rush to see the glaciers while they still can, before they are melted. "This evidence is visual, and it's real. All the glaciers in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge are retreating from their most extended positions thousands of years ago, and the only scientific explanation for their retreat is a change in climate.”, commented Matt Nolan of the University of Alaska. (4) Another anomalous phenomenon of the far north today is drowned polar bears. 2005 was the first year scientists documented multiple polar bears drowning off the Alaskan coast. Previously this was too rare to be recorded. Researchers from U.S. Minerals Management Service also observed a change in the bears’ behaviour, while each previous annual survey found them on sea ice, in 2005 they tended to be found swimming at unusually far distances from the shore, or on land. It is typical for polar bears to swim short distances between ice floes, while hunting seals, but with the ice cap shrinking to an unprecedented extent in 2005, the gaps between the ice are getting bigger and bigger and the creatures’ habitat – literally – is disappearing from under them. (5) An earlier Canadian study found that with the ice over Hudson Bay retreating bears were forced into human populated areas in the search for food. (6) This has made something of an impact in the United States, with Greenpeace recently running a T.V. ad campaign, while previously Fox News dismissed the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment on the basis of reports of villagers being plagued by polar bears. This of course being just the sort of product of the removal of the bears’ habitats mentioned in the various surveys. Richard Steiner, a marine-biology professor at the University of Alaska, commented "For anyone who has wondered how global warming and reduced sea ice will affect polar bears, the answer is simple -- they die". The big melt in the frozen north is creating what is called a ‘positive feedback’. In this context this means an effect of global warming which itself goes on to contribute to global warming. In August of 2005 researchers reported that an area of West Siberian permafrost peat bog the size of France and Germany combined was thawing. As it defrosts the peat will release methane – a greenhouse gas – into the atmosphere, creating more global warming and climate chaos. This could be a ‘tipping point’, a situation where relatively small change in temperature produces environmental transformations that create irreversible major changes in temperature. Sergei Kirpotin, of Tomsk State University described the frozen peat thaw as an "ecological landslide that is probably irreversible and is undoubtedly connected to climatic warming". Earlier, in May 2005, scientists found the same process at work in eastern Siberia. (7) The big melt may have profound effects on the climate of Western Europe. This is as we are warmed by the Gulf Stream, hotter waters coming to us from the Caribbean, part of what is known as the Great Ocean Conveyer Belt aka thermohaline circulation. As the Gulf Stream goes north surface water evaporates and the saltier, and hence denser, water left is heavier and is pushed by this, and gravity, to the ocean floor where it forms a giant under-sea river eventually making its way back to the Pacific and making space for warmer waters to push northward. Hence Western Europe is warmer than other places at the same latitude to us. An increase in fresh water, from melting Arctic ice and from Siberian rivers gorged on thawing permafrost, could disrupt this process. (8) This is as fresh water is saltless and hence less dense and heavy. New research suggests that the breakdown of this oceanic pump is more likely than some previously thought. According to Michael Schlesinger, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Illinois “This is a dangerous, human-induced climate change,the shutdown of the thermohaline circulation has been characterized as a high-consequence, low-probability event. Our analysis, including the uncertainties in the problem, indicates it is a high-consequence, high-probability event.” (9) But it is not all bad news. If I might torture indy readers with a few clichés there is a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel, there is a sliver-lining-to-this-cloud. At least there is for the directors and shareholders of oil corporations. The aforementioned Arctic Climate Impact Assessment also found that: “offshore oil exploration and production are likely to benefit from less extensive and thinner ice." Removal of the ice will allow major resources, previously inaccessible, to be reached and exploited. (10) Statoil, and others, are already engaged in oil exploration in the Barents Sea off Norway’s Arctic coast. (11) Hence long-running sovereignty disputes over Arctic waters, involving the United States, Canada, Russia, Norway and Denmark, have been given a marked impetus. Now there are important potential profits lying, for the time being, underneath the frozen seas. In August Denmark and Canada both sent warships to Hans Island, an uninhabited rock of no-economic value between Greenland (Danish Territory) and Canada. While Hans Island itself is unimportant it is a matter of establishing precedence. (12) Anyone expecting a solution to global environmental problems within the framework of capitalism should take note of this. The prospect of the exploitation of oil accessible due to climate chaos, and contributing to climate chaos, is a social rather than environmental ‘positive feedback’. References: (1)Global Warming Will Leave Arctic Ice Free (2) Impacts on Polar Regions (3) Polar Bears Living on Thin Ace (4) Visitors rush to glimpse vanishing glaciers (5) Is Global Warming Killing the Polar Bears? (6) Global warming could starve polar bears (7) Warming hits 'tipping point' Scientists warn thawing Siberia may trigger global meltdown (8) The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt – Environmental Literacy Council The Great Ocean Conveyer Belt – United Nations Environment Programme (9)Failing ocean current raises fears of mini ice age Global Warming Could Halt Ocean Circulation Hotter World May Freeze Britain (10) Global Warming May Boost Oil Industry Global Warming Exposes Arctic to Oil, Gas Drilling (11) Norway gives oil firms too much say in Arctic – WWF Localizing new, versus reduced, access to fossil resources No Oil in the Barents Sea (12) Canada's arctic sovereignty claim angers Denmark July 25 Hans Island the tip of iceberg in Arctic claims July 31 Danish navy ship headed for Hans Island August 4 HMCS Fredericton leaves Halifax for Arctic patrol August 18 Canada sends navy to Arctic north 23rd August Canada sends warships to protect northern boundaries August 28 Canadians Uprise August 28

Confronto de activistas com a frota baleeira japonesa

Portugal, 30.12.2005 22:38

Confronto de activistas com a frota baleeira japonesa

2005 year in review

Houston, 30.12.2005 22:07

A year of resistance, summary of HIMC coverage

Desalojos violentos en el Parque Centenario

Argentina, 30.12.2005 21:08

30 jueves de Diciembre 2005| MIEDO Y GOLPES PARA LXS SIN TECHO
Buenos Aires: Desalojos violentos en Parque Centenario

Digitalização de Rádio e TV

Brasil, 30.12.2005 19:38


Tarifas no DF aumentarão 21% a partir de domingo

Brasil, 30.12.2005 19:38



Argentina, 30.12.2005 19:38


Argentina, 30.12.2005 19:38

1 año Cromañón

Argentina, 30.12.2005 18:08

Viernes 30 de Diciembre de 2005 | Ciudad de Buenos Aires: A un año de la masacre de República Cromañón|
Ya un año...


Argentina, 30.12.2005 17:08

Jueves 29 de diciembre de 2005 | El intendente de Córdoba al servicio de la FETAP
Aumentazo en el transporte de pasajeros

women (en)

Barcelona, 30.12.2005 17:08

I'm not the women of your life 'cos I'm the one of my ownwomen in action

The multiplicity of fields where women have developed their convictions show us an infinite world of paths where praxis is what matters.

Women in History :: 1 - 2 :: writers Emilia Pardo Bazán, the first Spanish journalist + Mary Wollstonecraft + Lucía Sánchez Saornil (Madrid 1895 – València 1970) + Teresa Mañé or "Soledad Gustavo" (1865-1939) women for justice and against terror Juana Calfunao Paillalef + digna ochoa + Sra. Pilar Manjón + Hebe Bonafini + Women for Women + 20 little heard years of feminist pacifism + Support and questions of dones de negre (women in black) in Madrid labor struggle Louise Michel + Conxa Pérez, worker and anarchist woman + teresa claramunt(1862-1931) weaver, anarchist and fighter + Isabel Vilà i Pujol + Paris' commune and revolutionary women + Anarchist women artists Isadora Duncan scientists Women that count mathematicians xtec + woman and science teachers Women in 20th Century schools antifascists Women on the warpath + Emma Goldman + Maria Salvo + Women and fascism set-ups : sexism = fascism don't let the global hide the local - the revolution you have closer - let's begin revolution by local - the fascism that is around us

+info :: >>>women


Argentina, 30.12.2005 16:08

Jueves 29 de diciembre de 2005 | El intendente de Córdoba al servicio de la FETAP
Aumentazo en el transporte de pasajeros

cromañon 1 año

Argentina, 30.12.2005 16:08

hardy peña

Valparaiso, 30.12.2005 14:37

Desde las 00:00 del 22 del presente | secuestrado nuevamente por el Estado/capital

Hardy Peña nuevamente en Huelga de Hambre

dones (ca)

Barcelona, 30.12.2005 13:08

No soy la mujer de tu vida porque soy la de la miadones en acció

La multiplicitat de camps on la dona ha desenvolupat les seves conviccions ens mostra un món infinit de camins on la praxis és el que compta.

Dones a la Història :: 1 - 2 :: escriptores Emilia Pardo Bazán, la primera periodista espanyola + Mary Wollstonecraft + Lucía Sánchez Saornil (Madrid 1895 – València 1970) + Teresa Mañé o "Soledad Gustavo" (1865-1939) dones per la justicia i contra el terror Juana Calfunao Paillalef + digna ochoa + Sra. Pilar Manjón + Hebe Bonafini + Dones per Dones + 20 poc escoltats anys de pacifisme feminista + Suport i preguntes de dones de negre a Madrid lluita obrera Louise Michel + Conxa Pérez, dona treballadora i llibertària + teresa claramunt(1862-1931) teixidora, anarquista i lluitadora + Isabel Vilà i Pujol + La Comuna de París i les dones revolucionàries + Dones anarquistes artistes Isadora Duncan científiques Dones que compten matemàtiques xtec + dona i ciència mestres Dones a l'escola del segle XX antifeixistes Dones en peu de guerra + Emma Goldman + Maria Salvo + Dones i feixisme muntatjes : sexisme = feixisme que el global no t'oculti el local - la revolució que tens més prop - comencem la revolució pel local - el feixisme que ens envolta

+info :: >>>dones

mujeres (es)

Barcelona, 30.12.2005 13:08

No soy la mujer de tu vida porque soy la de la miamujeres en acción

La multiplicidad de campos donde la mujer ha desarrollado sus convicciones nos muestra un mundo infinito de caminos donde la praxis es lo que cuenta.

Mujeres en la Historia1 - 2 :: escritoras Emilia Pardo Bazán, la primera periodista española + Mary Wollstonecraft + Lucía Sánchez Saornil (Madrid 1895 – Valencia 1970) + Teresa Mañé o "Soledad Gustavo" (1865-1939) mujeres por la justicia y contra el terror Juana Calfunao Paillalef + digna ochoa + Sra. Pilar Manjón + Hebe Bonafini + Dones per Dones + 20 poco escuchados años de pacifismo feminista + Apoyo y preguntas de mujeres de negro en Madrid lucha obrera Louise Michel + Conxa Pérez, mujer trabajadora y libertaria + teresa claramunt(1862-1931) tejedora, anarquista y luchadora + Isabel Vilà i Pujol + La Comuna de París y las mujeres revolucionarias + Mujeres anarquistas artistas Isadora Duncan científicas Mujeres que cuentan matemáticas xtec + mujer y ciencia maestras Mujeres en la escuela del siglo XX antifascistas Mujeres en pie de guerra + Emma Goldman + Maria Salvo + Mujer y fascismo montajes : sexismo = fascismo que lo global no te oculte lo local - la revolución que tienes más cerca - comencemos la revolución por lo local - el fascimo que nos rodea

+info :: >>>mujeres

Забастовка рабочих в Бобруйске

Belarus, 30.12.2005 11:37

antifascism (en)

Barcelona, 30.12.2005 11:08

For an Unique Antifascist Front

the death of a homeless :: The first victim of the civility by-laws. A woman is burned inside a cash point - hidden by the fear that was linked to the civism by-law - three St. Gervasi's posh kill a homeless - Three rotters and the stupid superiority complex - question: What should I do with the ultra( right wing extremist) look guys that burn poor people? +aggressions :: [Sant Cugat] Enough fascist aggressions! - Fascist aggression at Kan Kadena - Nazi aggressions in El Vendrell - Fascists threat homeless in Buenos Aires

answers RACISMOMATON project -- Kidnaping of a Berguedà's Saint -- Disobedient action in Barcelona -- Thousands demonstrate "for the República and against imposed monarchy" -- actions in solidarity with sergio ---- international Israel fascist state keeps on ethnic cleansing extending settlements -- In Berlín, Condoleezza Rice insists that USA does not mistreat suspects -- Bush admits 30.000 civil dead since Iraq war beginning -- Spanish government didn't know about CIA's plane stop over ---- Francoisme has not end :: It remains a lot to dismantle, another evidence more -- About Peces-Barba, father -- Mayor Oreja and extremist right wing -- PP, the AVT, Gotzone Mora, the nazis and GAL -- El Triangle Catalan weekly magazine, reveals the economic incomes of ultra right wing journalist Jiménez Losantos -- European Member of Parliament asks for a condemnation of Francoisme ---- others :: Police admits now that the fight in Sants was not organized -- en hommage à la Commune -- Antifascist flyer -- Antifascist alert at tallers St.

+info: >>>antifascism

labour issues (en)

Barcelona, 30.12.2005 11:08

SEAT wants to fire more than 600 workers, will you watch it from afar?

The facts about SEAT: SEAT's dismissal agreement: the disgraceful agreement ::: SEAT: fighter cleansing, they want to fire CGT Catalunya Secretary-General ! ::: Study on SEAT dismissals: fighters, mothers, older than 55 years... ::: SEAT: neither dismissals nor time pool extension :: 15 members of last SEAT electoral list fired:::
reflections: After Seat, we don't know what is to come... ::: The big lie of the Government, businessmen and major trade unions ::: debates about syndicalism models in kaosenlared ::: New workers statute? ::: Debate on SEAT facts ::: Antiglobalization people and Seat workers, why don't they do more things together?
actions: [Dec 23] SEAT workers make an stop to protest against the dismissals [Dec 15] Demonstration in SEAT ::: [Dec 02] act on Seat struggles

+info ::: >>>labor issues

Jeff Free Luers Dispatch for December

Portland, 30.12.2005 06:38

"Struggle" here in the U.S. seems far more centered around feel-good activism than it does creating change; more about symbolic dissent than actual resistance. It is almost like for most people being aware of the problem and being upset by it is enough. It isn't and it never will be.

Five years ago I said we were running out of time to act. In those 5 years, this movement has grown weaker and more withdrawn. There is less cell activity and more people in jail. There are fewer protests and more factionalized in-fighting. It has become easier to isolate ourselves in self-marginalized cliques pointing fingers at each other instead of raising a united fist.

This summer, I wrote a few controversial pieces about this movement. I flat-out said we had grown timid and weak. I tried to pick a fight. I wanted people to get angry. I wanted to see the lifeblood of this movement stir. I got one letter in response. One. He said he felt the same and was glad someone had the courage to voice it. The only other response was from the nice man who types these Dispatches and sends them to you. He argued with me (thanks, bro).

Today, I received 5 letters about my last Dispatch. I'm sure I'll get more. These folks were trying to cheer me up and make me smile. I appreciate the gesture and concern sincerely, make no mistake. Still, I point this out because to me it is demonstrative of our movement at large. Few people want to address the tough questions: Where are we going? Why aren't we more successful? How do we evolve our tactics? How do we create real and meaningful change? Most activists are willing to point out the good. Many are quick to get positive energy going. Even if at the end of the day nothing changes. It is easier than facing the often difficult truth.

Another Fatal SDPD Shooting

San Diego, 30.12.2005 04:08

Police fatally shoot pedestrian on Interstate 5 in Carlsbad

CARLSBAD ---- An officer-involved fatal shooting on southbound Interstate 5 Tuesday caused major traffic delays through the evening rush hour.

For other police brutality news, tune in to to hear Bad Cop, No Donut every Friday at noon!

Al fin libres

Uruguay, 30.12.2005 04:08

¡Presas políticas en la calle!

Gather to Stop Out-of-State Waste January 9th

Maine, 30.12.2005 04:07

Folks from around Maine will be gathering in Augusta on Monday, January 9th, at 10 AM to call for a Stop to out-of-state waste flooding into Maine. Bring signs, voices, performances, snacks, energy, and make yourself heard.

Meg Perry Mourned and Remembered

Maine, 30.12.2005 03:07

On Dec. 10, volunteer relief worker Meg Perry, 26, from Portland, Maine, was killed in a bus accident in New Orleans

Why Do They Always Pick on Pacifists?

Tennessee, 30.12.2005 01:09

We’ve all heard the saying that those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. The Pentagon, the NSA and the FBI have recently been busted for spying on such pacifists groups as the Quakers, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Catholic Workers, Indianapolis Vegans, Greenpeace and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). Have the authorities learned nothing from their past mistakes? What a colossal waste of taxpayer money! Come on, what do they have to fear from Quakers?

Recycle Your Money - Report from the Anti-Mall 2005

LA, 29.12.2005 20:08

Recycle Your Money - Report from the Anti-Mall 2005


Arkansas, 29.12.2005 17:09

Anti-access legislation in Washington to be considered this week WITHOUT input from access community!

A Patriot's Letter

Arkansas, 29.12.2005 17:09

A call to action to Americans from an American. Please distribute as much as possible by any means.


Arkansas, 29.12.2005 17:09

The DC Anti-War Network, DAWN, has called for decentralized actions marking the third anniversary of the war-occupation in March 2006.

Against The Wal Teams Up With Ruckus Society and NWA NOW To Disrupt Walmart

Arkansas, 29.12.2005 17:09

During Wal-Mart Watch's Higher Expectation's Week (Nov 13th-19th) Against the Wal was busy! In addition to working with Northwest Arkansas's National Organization for Women Chapter to show the new Wal-Mart Movie, we got together with members of the Ruckus Society to project the truth about Wal-Mart around Wal-Mart's hometown. Here is a link to more info from Ruckus Society's National Walmart Projection Tour.

Next Arkansas IMC Meeting Dec. 4th

Arkansas, 29.12.2005 17:09

Arkansas Indymedia is having its next meeting at the Arsaga's Coffee Shop in the Fayetteville Public Library on Sunday, December 4th. The meeting will start at 1:00 PM. Our collective encourages anyone interested in independent media to attend. After a long struggle just to keep Arkansas IMC together, we are finally getting things organized again. We need new ideas and people to help us bring our collective back to life. If you have any questions, email us at

One-Half of State Was Under Air Health Advisory Over Weekend - Air Quality Standards To Get Tougher Still

Madison, 29.12.2005 17:08

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) issued an advisory for particulates on Friday, December 23, 2005, covering the area south of a line from Rice Lake through Wausau and Green Bay to Kewaunee, and north of a line from La Crosse through Madison to Milwaukee. The advisory was issued because of persistent elevated levels of fine particles in the air, coming primarily from combustion sources, such as power plants, factories and other industrial sources, vehicle exhaust, and outdoor fires. Weather conditions contributing to the advisory were air stagnation, light winds and warmer air aloft, which trapped particle pollution near the ground. The advisory was in effect until noon, December 24th.

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