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Protests Greet 6th WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong

Philadelphia, 03.01.2006 08:39

This week the 6th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization is meeting in Hong Kong. Negotiations began Tuesday on key controversial issues such as agriculture, services, and market access for industrial goods and natural resources. This ministerial will shape the final agreement of the Doha Development Agenda, which members hope to complete next year. But by the time delegates arrived a bevy of conferences, cultural events, protests, and direct actions were already underway to demonstrate the widespread grassroots opposition to this agenda.

Radio Volta programmer Dante Toza and former Philadelphia organizer Puck Lo are reporting on location:
Dante's Dec 12 Dispatch FSRN/Pacifica
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Philly Peace Protest Turns Violent as Police Lose Their Cool

Philadelphia, 03.01.2006 08:39

When George Bush's motorcade rolled into Center City Philadelphia today the President was greeted with a loud and sustained chorus of boos and whistles from the crowd of protesters that assembled outside the president's hotel. Bush was in town to deliver a speech about the latest in Iraq.

Philly Activists Among Those Arrested in DC

Philadelphia, 03.01.2006 08:39

At least three Philadelphia activists were among the over 100 arrested at Independence Mall protesting the "morally unfit" budget cuts currently on the floor of Congress. The budget cuts threaten to sever critical services like child care, Medicaid, and food stamps for those who can least afford it.

Bush authorizes spying on Americans

Philadelphia, 03.01.2006 08:39

President Bush responds to criticism that his ordering the NSA to spy on Americans was flatly and blatantly illegal by claiming it was necessary to protect American lives.  Interestingly, he doesn't cite a single case where any American lives were actually saved or any actual attacks disrupted or prevented.

Vigil near Senator Specter's home

Philadelphia, 03.01.2006 08:39

The anti-war movement in Philadelphia has agreed to continue to meet at the corner of Timber Lane and Schoolhouse Lane upon the third Sunday of each month until Senator Specter agrees to come out against the war.

Local UFCW President Wendell Young, IV, discusses strategy to fight Wal-Mart

Philadelphia, 03.01.2006 08:39

Recently Todd Wolfson and Martin Lautz of Philly IMC interviewed Wendell Young, IV, president of United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) local 1776, one of the unions leading the charge against Wal-Mart expansion. In this interview Wendell Young details both the serious dangers Wal-Mart poses to the economic and social health of a community, as well as the type of work and political strategy UFCW employs to challenge Wal-mart in the region.

Video of interview

Morales Confirmed as Bolivian President

Philadelphia, 03.01.2006 08:39

Evo Morales was confirmed as Bolivian president this week marking the first time in South American history that an indigenous native has been elected as a president. Morales election strengthens the left wing direction that South American has been taken most notably in Venezuela and Brazil. Morales, a 46 year old Aymara farmer, was one of the main leaders of Bolivia’s cocalero movement, a movement of coca leaf growers opposing the U.S. efforts to eradicate coca in Bolivia. He has promised to nationalize Bolivian oil and gas.[Report from Upside Down World] [Election Photos and Report from Bolivia IMC]

New PhillyIMC podcast

Philadelphia, 03.01.2006 08:39

Analysis of George W. Bush's speech on Dec. 12, 2005 at the World Affairs Council in Philadelphia.

Homeless Memorial Day Observed in Philly

Philadelphia, 03.01.2006 08:39

"I can almost hear them say," said Reverend Charles Howard to the crowd gathered in Dilworth plaza of the 34 persons who died homeless in Philadelphia this year. "Do not weep for us."

New Look to PhillyIMC

Philadelphia, 03.01.2006 08:39

Unless you are visiting this site for the first time, you may notice some changes around here. This new look is the first step of a much more dynamic and exciting PhillyIMC website. Over the next couple of months we will improve the new look as well as add many new features. Let us know what you think or take a spin on our development site!

Inside NOLA jails

Philadelphia, 03.01.2006 08:39

Philadelphia Journalist and activist Walidah Imarisha reports on the conditions she witnessed inside New Orleans–area jails while doing relief work with the Common Ground Collective. In addition to horribly inadequate record-keeping systems and austere conditions, there is a suspicious number of people of color being jailed for minor offenses like curfew violations which give the government the opportunity to collect fines and/or obtain community service labor. Legal support efforts being organized by Critical Resistance, the Juvenile Justice Project, the People’s Hurricane Relief Fund, and Louisiana’s Friends and Families of Incarcerated Children.

17th Yellowstone Bison Killed in Montana Hunt

United States, 03.01.2006 07:37

GARDINER, MONTANA. In spite of continuous national public outcry calling for Montana to cancel its controversial bison hunt, the state's zero-tolerance policy against the country's last wild bison continues. On New Years Day it resulted in another bison death in Gardiner, Montana, just outside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park. In the past ten years Montana and the federal government have killed 2,477 wild Yellowstone bison, more than half of the existing herd. Twenty wild bull bison have been killed in Montana since September; seventeen have been shot by Montana hunters, two by Montana's Department of Livestock (DOL), and another was shot by a Yellowstone National Park ranger inside the Park.


Argentina, 03.01.2006 04:08

Fuego a la esperanza

Server Crash

Charlottesville, 03.01.2006 02:37

Our hard drive failed, so... Our server died. The most recent backups we have of the site are from July. So we lost everything posted since then. Trying to rebuild as best we can. -- the cvilleindymedia crew --

17th Yellowstone Bison Killed in Montana Hunt

United States, 03.01.2006 02:37

GARDINER, MONTANA. In spite of continuous national public outcry calling for Montana to cancel its controversial bison hunt, the state's zero-tolerance policy against the country's last wild bison continues.  On New Years Day it resulted in another bison death in Gardiner, Montana, just outside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park.In the past ten years Montana and the federal government have killed 2,477 wild Yellowstone bison, more than half of the existing herd.  Twenty wild bull bison have been killed in Montana since September; seventeen have been shot by Montana hunters, two by Montana's Department of Livestock (DOL), and another was shot by a Yellowstone National Park ranger inside the Park.

Ingeniero White

Argentina, 03.01.2006 01:08

Domingo 1° de Enero de 2006
“Hay intereses económicos, intereses políticos y nosotros estamos en el medio"

Black History Month? Is It Only Window Dressing?

Miami, 03.01.2006 00:37

Black History Month? Is It Only Window Dressing?

Lider Seringueiro é Assassinado em Rondônia

Brasil, 02.01.2006 20:38


Indymedia Éire review of 2005: All The News Thats Fit To Print

Ireland, 02.01.2006 20:08

A run down of what filled the newswire over the past 12 months. Over the last 12 months, the site has grown from strength to strength, with a huge increase in readership, a wide variety of subjects and issues being covered, and more people regularly contributing quality material to the newswire. To welcome our readers and contributors into the new year, the editorial collective have compiled a comprehensive review of the events and stories of the year just gone, that were published on Indymedia Ireland. We hope that 2006 will continue to see IMC activities increase and improve. Dont forget that you can write for us too - thats the beauty of open publishing. You can become the media with a click of the publish button. We want your stories, images, audio and video! On January 30th Iraq had 'elections' to elect an interim government, first signs of Islamic theocracy emerge. Bill Gates says world is threatened the spectre of 'some new modern-day sort of communists.' Campaign to Save the Tara-Skryne Valley collects letters of support to send to the Dáil Transport Committee. Eoin Dubsky's case announced to hit the High Court in February. Two more convicted of public order offences from Mayday 2004, sparks debate about solidarity, or lack thereof. Rumours and conjecture emerge of new US/K war strategy: The Salvadoran Option in Iraq? The Tabloid, The Irish Star, gets hoaxed with 'a fictional tale of drug trafficking on the Luas.' The 2005 Bush/Cheney Coronation - Joseph Goebbels giigles from the grave - but the Dublin Catholic Worker read the names of the dead. Gard given a one-month suspended sentence for assaulting a school teacher in the 2002 May Day Reclaim the Streets demonstration. Sean Russell beheaded, but whodunnit? Community Workers Co-Operative Funding Withdrawn while More Troops, Less Jobs at Shannon. Irish Commuters vs. Irish Kings - Tara-Skryne debate continues. Charges dropped against three Bush Visit protestors. Campaign launched against EU Constitution New Derry Mural shows solidarity with Iraq & Palestine A Cork councillor participates in a sit-in over uncollected waste Amy Goodman speaks in Dublin and the war with Iran starts covertly. Michael McDowell gets his psychological diagnosis while Wanted Posters for other political criminals appear on the streets of Dublin. In February... Tara-Skryne group protests Transport Committee’s green light for Heritage Destruction Reports of violence from Sudan's Darfur region - and the world still does little. Residents Against Racism starts campaign to prevent deportation of Angolan Refugee 158,000 US Troops went through Shannon on their way to 'Route Irish' in 2004, thanks to the Irish Aviation Authority. Don't just Do Something, Sit There!... and write for new guidelines and How To's announced Eoin Dubsky finally gets his day in the High Court Socialist Party TD, Joe Higgins, starts campaign to expose GAMA's exploitation of migrant workers and the Socialist Workers Party starts campaign for Foreign Students keep their Right to Work. Charles to marry Camilla and Kevin Myers is the bastard. Dublin Catholic Worker asks if Shannon Airport could be transformed into a Sanctuary for War Resisting GI's? The Shell Oil/Co. Mayo war begins. McLibel Duo told by EU that the UK breached their rights - Celtic Tiger or just McJobs Irish Anti War Movement debuts photo exhibition: 'Images of Resistance' 300 people in Cork march in protest of Bin Taxes. Northern Bank robbery suspects arrested and Robert McCartney' s sisters start campaign launches its own ©opyrighted Wiki - World protests as Iranian Bloggers Mojtaba and Arash are jailed. Spanish Voters reject the EU Constitution, even though 60% of potential voters did not vote. Ramadi gets Fallujah-ized. The Seomra spraoi ball starts rolling. Dublin's Anti-Bin Tax Campaign rekindles and Hundreds march in Dublin Peter Benenson, founder of Amnesty International dies. In March the Pistop Ploughshares trial prompted solidarity action in London with an occupation of the Irish Embassy. Joss Garman, speaking for the demonstrators, explained, “it clearly isn’t right that peace campaigners should face years in prison, whilst Bertie Ahern remains at large.” Down west, regular contributers to the site Ed Horgan and Tim Hourigan continued to face a litany of harassment from Airport police this time as Ed observed “what appeared to be Gulfstream executive jet, similar to the N379P used for the transporting of prisoners for torture, landing on the main runway. He also noticed a Hercules C 130 parked close to Gate 40.” Indymedia has been pissing all over the mainstream press, breaking details of the illegal use of Shannon Airport since 2002, with concerns over the “illegal movement and torture of prisoners” on the Guantanamo Bay Express being aired in December 2004. On 3rd February 2003, as part of ongoing resistance at Shannon Airport, the Pitstop Ploughshares disarmed a US warplane. Within the month, three of the four companies contracted at the time to ferry US troops and weapons had left Ireland. The resulting trial began on Monday March 7th and lasted for just over a week, with daily updates as things progressed being fed on to the site. After the trial collapsed, the defendants marched and delivered a letter from former US Army Sergant Kelly Dougherty to Bertie. Rosanna Flynn's bleak account of the fear and despair experienced by Asylum Seekers awaiting their fate at the Garda National Immigration Bureau on Burgh Quay would set the context for one of the most dramatic stories of the year. When word came through om March 14 from Residents Against Racism that a large scale deportation was under way, someone in the GNIB described how "among those to be deported is a 19 year old who has been here for 5 years and is to sit his Leaving Cert in June. He has no family alive. His solicitor was with him so we were a bit optimistic but as we were leaving the guy was lifted and taken home to pack his luggage for deportation." Within a week, protests took place in Dublin, Belfast, Derry, London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Amsterdam against the deportations, and with the powerful mobilisaiton of Olunkunle Eluhanle's class mates McDowell was forced to admit that he made a mistake in deporting the Palmerstown student and brought him back from Nigeria on a six month visa to remain in Ireland to do his Leaving Cert. In what was to become documented as a long running saga on Indymedia, in Mayo it was becoming increasingly evident that Shell were emerging as a new aristocracy with what was to become the Rossport Five finding themselves in the first of a series of high court hearings. At the start of April, Indymedia found itself cited on Israeli dissedent Mordechai Vanunu's charge sheet, after he was recently been charged with 22 violations of the restriction orders placed on him when he left prison in Israel in April last year including an interview with IMC Eire from September 2004. Concerns that Rossport residents were being "ridden roughshod over by the might of Shell, the Irish state, local authorities, semi-state bodies and the judicial process" continued on the site, with a build up towards a June Bank holiday weekend solidarity gathering brewing. On Thursday the 28th, after several accidents, Shell called a temporary halt to their construction of a massive gas refinery in Mayo. Radicals from the European Youth For Action Network met for an antiwar/ ecotopia reunion in wild and windy Shannon. In the digital domain, the Irish Music Rights Association began to sue file sharers for Clawing Back Profits From Greedy Exploitative Corporations. Harrassment continued against the Shannon plane-spotters, who while planespotting outside Shannon Warport in broad daylight one Sunday found themselves on the receiving end of a fit of madness from one of the APOs who decided somehow that he had jurisdiction outside his patch. At a major protest at the Dáil at lunchtime on Tuesday 12th April, the Turkish workforce of the GAMA construction company, joined and supported by Irish construction and other workers, called upon the Government to intervene immediately to secure the necessary information for the workers in relation to the secret bank accounts that GAMA opened in their names in Finasbank, Holland. None other than GAMA are involved in the construction of some of the dams of the GAP development project, such as the discredited Ilisu Dam Project. On 13 April about 70 asylum seekers in a hostel on Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin went on hunger strike to protest their 'Fast Track' treatment by the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). On 17 April two of the men collapsed and were sent to hospital. As part of the Convergence Festival, Indymedia & Sustainable Ireland teamed up with the recently opened Filmbase on Curved Street and brought the public a day of free short films from around the World, plus screenings of three of the feature documentaries from last November's "Videoactive" Film Festival. Meanwhile Circuit Court Judge Carroll Moran found himself called to task when confronted by Indymedia readers when he appeared as the guest speaker at a public talk hosted by the University of Limerick Law Society. He was not comfortable with some of the questions at the end which related his own conduct while presiding over the trial of Mary Kelly (see previous coverage). In May Coke workers were "repaid for loyalty to their company" by closing down the one plant where an anti-boycott campaign was launched. As we headed towards the main trade union may day march, hundreds celebrated an anti-G8 Reclaim the Streets in the rain. On the bank of the canal opposite the public library, close to the bridge at Dolphin's Barn, behind the walls of a factory, a disused area of grass became the site of a squated community garden. After the issues facing migrant workers was made the central theme of the Mayday march (1) , there was some move on the GAMA issue with company making a concession and paying a back amount of money to the fixed rate workers equivalent to 42% of their previous wage. The sale of the century continued in Dublin 8where Dublin City Council appears to be pursuing a policy with Chamber Court that mirrors that of the redevelopment of St. Michael's Estate in Inchicore, namely the privitisation of the national housing stock, as key factor in the sort of urban regeneration that could spell the death of Moore St and communities such as St Micheals. The police continued to harass the plane spotters in Shannon as emperor Bush decided to pass. With government consent granted for constructon, campaigners from the Tara Skryne valley campaign felt they were now left with no alternative but to support a legal action that will seek a High Court injunction and judicial review of the Minister's decision.' Over the last year or so, the working conditions of staff in An Post have been the subject of cutbacks and attacks by its management and ultimately the government, an interview with a postal worker expressed many of the fears faced by staff. While in Rossport Vincent McGrath expressed the fears of locals in describing how "the pipeline is an experiment and we are the guinea pigs" after the publication of the Quantified Risk Assessment report into the project there. Memories of Genoa came to the fore with Giuliano Giuliani speaking in Dublin late May, this interview appeared on the site. The 2005 Labour Party National Conference voted in favour of the motion brought by the UCD Pat Upton Branch expressing solidarity with the Coca-Cola workers of both Colombia and of the Naas Rd, Dublin leading to one of Indymedia's usual epic debates. In June, French NO vote to the EU Constitution expressed a demand for a different Europe to the free-market politics of the EU Constitution. The NON campaign in France has brought together a wide range of people - including public sector workers, the French radical Left, environmentalists, and those who seek an alternative to the global rule of the market - in a united movement against the politics of the EU Constitution. Early June also saw the first Net Art exhibition in Dublin, putting on the works of the newest the newest art movement around, an art movement where the art is delivered directly from the artist to the public without the mediation of the art world. On Saturday 11th June a Parade will took place in Dublin to protest the imminent introduction of a form of anti-social behavior order to Ireland. Things continued to heat up over the Shell pipeline. Several of the Rossport farmers traveled to Dublin outline their opposition in the High Court to the pipe line going ahead and attempt to have an injunction against them lifted after they prevented Shell from entering their land without proper consent. The judge told them: "It might not be in the national interest. If they are wrong compensation will be paid. Isn't that what compensates everyone?" On the same day a local resident was driving up a road, with no traffic mangement, at around 5.30pm today, and was obstructed by two large trucks carrying pipes to the Shell compound at Rossport. The resident was then told to reverse and make way for the trucks as the narrow roads cannot accomadate such traffic. He refused and was soon joined by 15 supporters. Later in the month, the same judge jailed five people at the request of Shell for attempting to stop the multinational from laying a controversial, high-pressure, "offshore" gas pipeline through their land in Rossport, Co Mayo. The judge ordered that the five men - four small landowners and a local supporter - be imprisoned "until they purge their contempt", meaning they will not be released until they have promised to allow Shell to dig up their land. Over almost 4 years of operation Indymedia Ireland evolved a set of working practices and processes for keeping this site running and making it live up to its goals as best we can, these were announced in mid June. In the scandal, there were more exposes of dodgy workplace practices, claims were made that a Dublin "technology" company with links to Christian religious groups in America has been accused of intimidating staff, of failing to pay salaries, and sexual harrassment. Its work practices were described as "bizarre". Protests took place in Cork at the presence of two floating killing machines in the city, on a so-called 'courtesy visit' to the city to 'celebrate' the Cork 2005 Capital of Culture scam. Thousands of homes in Tyrrelstown, a new development in the Blanchardstown area, were affected by a biological contamination to their water supply, which is under the control of a private company established by the property developers. Fingal County Council had to bail out the private management company responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the water system. On the 16 June 2005 the UNHCR's 3rd Annual World Refugee Day was celebrated at the Dublin City Council office on Wood Quay and awards were given in five categories to fourteen people living in Ireland who are actively involved with asylum seekers and refugees. Rosanna Flynn, of Residents Against Racism, was one of the winners of the award. Millions of people around the World are trapped in bitter, unrelenting poverty because of man-made factors, throughout June preparations took place for the Make Poverty History G8 protests in Edinburgh. In July a jailed Rossport Five called for an end to "all threat of imprisonment and financial ruin over the people of North Mayo, and renegotiate the original gas deal, for the Irish people." ( 1 ) In Mayo resistance stepped up a notch, ( 1 )with the refinery construction site picketed, fishermen preparing to blockade the 'Things' and the roadside vigil a win. Shell and Statoil found themselves sinking into a quagmire as across the country people mobilised as the Shell2Sea campaign became a popular issue, with demos and blockades of Shell garages. Dozens of Irish people made their way across the pond to join the Make Poverty History events in Edinburgh or the Dissent actions to shut down the summit. There was a moot sense of disappointment with some of the demos, with the Carnival for Full Enjoyment being locked down by the police, but the events at Auchterarder would lift spirits. (See full G8 archive here) The bomb attacks in London which completely stole the thunder from the G8 were universally condemned by Anti-war groups in Ireland and Britain. Many right wing commentators have tried to link the murder of these innocent people to the anti-war movements, to the broad muslim community, to those people who protested against poverty and war at the G8 summit in Scotland, and in particular to anarchists. However, these claims are contradicted by the sweeping condemnations of this act that have been issued by the groups in question. Back home RAR heard from various asylum seekers that Gardai were seen in and out of pubs and homes in Blanchardstown picking up approximately 20 Nigerian asylum seekers. In a significant first for this country, a meeting organised by RAR was addressed exclusively by Nigerians seeking asylum and campaigning for fairer treatment for asylum seekers in Ireland. The passing of the Disability Bill introduced legislation that is in opposition to everything the disability lobby has asked for - and so desperately needs - and in doing so they are conducting a unique experiment in tampering with the constitution. In the planned wanton destruction of the Tara Skyrne valley the NRA along with Meath County Council showed themselves to be completely insensitive to the concerns of the local people over the methodology employed here. An Indymedia favourite, Judge Mangan was in action again - this time finding in favour of peace activist Conor Cregan who was charged with S. 6 of the Public Order Act over anti-war activity. The Judge Dredd style shooting of Jean Charles De Menezes provided a good focus for viewing Ireland's Role In Unleashing Terror On Iraq. The last few days of July saw the historic announcement of a permanent end to the armed campaign by the IRA. After the scandals with GAMA and Irish Ferries, Tesco were the latest employers to have been reported to be exploiting foreign workers in Ireland. Czechs in Dublin protested against the heavy handed police attacks on the Czechtech festival. August saw the country heading into an Indian summer, but the newswire was quiet in comparison. The health service continued to suck, while the Rossport Five refused to purge their contempt of court. There were fresh calls from James Connolly's grandson to save 16 Moore Street. From their continued incarceration the Rossport Fivetackled the myth of national interest and described how their "imprisonment was only made possible by the granting of a compulsary purchase order by Frank Fahey. The wheels of democracy were oiled as ordinary people felt the friction globally, with speakers from a Colombian peace village doing a speaking tour of the country. As the site continued to grow with more appeals for help, it had its first Irish language feature in an agallamh le Seosamh O’Ceallaigh. The Socialist Party, which played a very prominent role in the anti-bin tax campaigns, produced a lengthy document outlining what it sees as the key elements of the disagreements between the various left factions in the campaign. September began with the intensifying of the campaign against the incinerator in Cork Harbour, a long running saga for the residents of the harbour region. The fallout from the massive hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico continued, as people engaged in finger pointing and deeper analysis of the causes and problems of environmental disasters, and the subsequent state response. The European Court of Human Rights held preliminary hearings on the case of an Irish woman claiming her human rights were violated when she was forced to travel to Britain for an abortion. Street Seen stepped up efforts to solve the homeless problem after the deaths of two people living rough in Dublin; while continuous deaths and shootings resulting from the entirely different issue of gangland Dublin prompted some previously unexplored examination of the roots of drug culture and consumption. Another case of foreign workers being underpaid surfaced in Portlaoise, reflecting a growing dark underbelly of the Celtic Tiger. Anti-war activity started to pick up again after a long dead period, with events such as the visit of Rose Gentle to Dublin, and the first protest in Shannon since the visit of Bush over 12 months previously. The trumpeted "Reclaim the City" action turned into "just another street party", prompting open soul-searching by the organisers, and some criticism from anti-war groups for the decision by libertarians not to travel to Shannon. Finally, the month ended on a high note as the Rossport 5 were released from prison, after spending nearly a hundred days locked up for their opposition to the proposed Shell pipeline in Mayo. October started with a journey into the heart of darkness of stolen bikes on Garda bike auction day, while yet another community in the West got involved in direct action against the opening of a dumpsite at Killaghmore. The issue of the CIA's "extraordinary renditions" aka the Torture Express passing through Shannon was highlighted yet again by anti-war activists, finally turning it into an issue in the mainstream press. In a story akin to a spy novel, Sean Garland from the Workers Party faced extradition to the US for his alleged role in counterfeiting $100 bills. Immigrant deportations continued unabated, despite anti-racism groups' efforts to stem the tide. The disappearance of a young girl Arlene Arkinson was linked to the possibility of her abductor being a Special Branch agent working with the RUC in the Castlederg area. Administrative changes set to alter the right to hold public markets were floated, sparking calls for every local town and village to ensure their right to hold markets was upheld. The Catholic Worker 5 re-trial began on October 24th, while controversy erupted in NCAD on Thomas Street after news of a proposed move to Belfield surfaced. November kicked off with a call for people to join/support the Rossport solidarity camp. The drug issue was again highlighted in this book review of "Pushers Out", an excellent account of the grassroots campaigns in Dublin in the 1990's against pushers and dealers. A march in Dublin against the outsourcing of labour at Irish Ferries drew around 10,000 people, as the tension between workers and management grew. France's immigrant communities rioted for over two weeks after the death of two teenagers fleeing from police, prompting some to term the rioting as "The French Autumn Intifada", while others viewed it as a part of a continuum of de-politicised urban meltdowns commonplace in large western cities. The Catholic Worker 5 re-trial spectacularly collapsed again after it was revealed the sitting judge had attended several functions organised for George W. Bush; while remarks by Anjem Choudary about the possibility of Ireland being a target by terrorists because of allowing US warplanes to re-fuel in Shannon provoked wide outrage. Enda Kenny's proposal to remove compulsory Irish angered many, while on the Government benches Willie O'Dea was the source of much bemusement after pointing a gun in a photographers face (on request!). Local residents in the north inner city campaigned against Peter Stringfellow opening a strip club on Parnell St. The Irish Ferries dispute went supernova after crewmen barricaded themselves into a ferry control room, and SIPTU called for a national day of protest; while the campaign against homelessness also stepped up with the occupation of a derelict school on Parnell Square, and an invasion of the Dail grounds to deliver a petition to Bertie. December, and the issue of CIA torture flights through Shannon was raging, with reports and photos from the airport still coming in regularly. The effects of privatisation of public housing and lands was being felt in Ballymun, mirroring the experiences of communities from the inner city. Undoubtedly though the biggest story of the month was the Irish Ferries dispute. SIPTU's national day of protest brought thousands onto the streets, calling for an end to the exploitation of immigrant workers and the "race to the bottom". The west continued to awake with another local struggle against the contruction of pylons in the countryside. The actions against government policy on homelessness raised the hair on the necks of some establishment quarters supposedly involved in the homeless issue; and in a year of environmental turmoil and disaster, we closed out 2005 with a look at the devestating effects of climate change in the far north.

Thousands Celebrate the New Year with DIY Last Night Santa Cruz Parade

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.01.2006 18:08

On Saturday, December 31, 2005, thousands of people celebrated the new year with a Do-It-Yourself Last Night Santa Cruz parade. Hundreds of ordinary folks, freaks, clowns, fire dancers, samba drummers, punks, pirates, artists, zombies, marching bands, moms, dads, kids, trash musicians, art cars, bikers and boaters began to gather at the Saturn Cafe parking lot at 5pm. After a bunch of drumming, juggling and poi dancing in the parking lot, the parade went up Pacific Ave and ended at the intersection of Pacific Ave, Front St and Mission St.

Police barricades were in place to discourage people from crossing Mission St. The Town Clock and the Veterans War Memorial eagle statue were completely fenced off. A large drum circle backed by the Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra provided music in the street and then on the corner by the Post Office.

The parade was very high in energy. You could almost taste playa dust in the air. For a few hours, Pacific Ave had a bit of the look and feel of an evening in Black Rock City. [Read more with photos]

Photos: PIX: "Last Night" DIY Parade on Pacific Ave

Boise community help needed for flyering for neighborhood association meeting

Portland, 02.01.2006 16:38

Your neighborhood association is looking for community members help to flyer the neighborhood for the next Boise neighborhood association general meeting which will be on Monday january 9th. We want to get as many people involved as possible so if you'd like to help spread the word & get to know your neighbors,your block,the businesses & your neighborhood And help build community residents involvment in issues that affect you such as, livability,development,business growth,our communities future and what's going on in the neighborhood. Flyers will also be available at The Blackrose Collective Bookstore & Community Resource Center-4038 N.Mississippi Ave,which is open from Noon till 8pm Tuesday through Sunday.

EcoTV Launches Season Series

Portland, 02.01.2006 16:38

Happy New Year from EcoTV!

Our website has undergone some serious revamping thanks to the efforts of Democracy Catalyst. There is a main page with articles on a variety of relevant topics. There is a page dedicated to each show, including our pilot show, "And Why ANWR?", our first hour long show "Clean Cars Go Far!", and one we are working on called "Is Hydro a Go?"

There is also a new section called Programs In Progress. On this page, we will upload clips and hyperlinked text as we put together the show for next week. You are encouraged to participate by telling us what you think as well as what you'd like to see. You even have a chance to submit content, or to edit or remix our content in whatever way you see fit, so long as it's not for commercial use and you give us credit for the content.

EcoTV now has a one hour TV series on community access cable. You can watch us on the following days, times, and channels beginning January 1st, 2006:
Sunday 11:00 A.M. on Channel 21
Monday 9:00 P.M. on Channel 21
Saturday 6:00 P.M. on Channel 11

Be sure to watch for our show! "Clean Cars Go Far!" airs between all different kinds of shows, so enjoy your EcoTV sandwich in whichever flavor you prefer. You may also view our show from the website. EcoTV is gearing up to create as much educational content as possible for possible inclusion in projects designed to educate people about energy and its place in our economy and lifestyle.

EcoTV would like to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in this and other efforts to protect our public lands and energy future. Through our efforts, we can educate people about the realities of our current energy situation, and what people can do about it now to be better prepared and even proactive as we transition from a way of life reliant on fossil fuels to more sustainable energy technologies.

Haiti: The Chickens Come Home To Roost

Portland, 02.01.2006 16:38

Haiti's Judicial and Executive Branches are both getting what they deserve this holiday season- each other. After 22 months of close collaboration to trample Haiti's Constitution and democracy, they have now turned their destructive energies on each other.

The Cour de Cassation (Supreme Court) outraged Interim Prime Minister Gerard Latortue on December 8 by decreeing that Dumarsais Simeus was wrongfully disqualified from the upcoming Presidential elections. Latortue retaliated the next day by firing five of the Cour's justices, replacing them with henchmen. The judiciary went on strike, which has shut down the justice system for four weeks. It is a measure of how far Haiti has strayed from constitutional rule since the February 2004 coup d'etat that both sides in this dispute are wrong. The Cour de Cassation wrongly reinstated Simeus' illegal candidacy not once, but twice. Simeus cannot be President because the Constitution requires Presidential candidates to have lived in the country for the last five years, and to have never taken foreign citizenship. Mr. Simeus readily concedes in media interviews that he resides in Southlake Texas and has obtained U.S. citizenship.

Prime Minister Latortue's objection to the Cour's decision is right, but he is the wrong man to make it. The same residency requirement applies to Presidents and Prime Ministers alike, and Mr. Latortue lived in Boca Raton Florida for years before being illegally installed as Prime Minister by the U.S. and Haitian elites in March 2004. The Constitution requires an interim government to hold elections within 90 days from taking office, but Latortue will have 700 days in office, at the very least. Latortue's response to the Cour's decision is equally wrong. As in the U.S., justices in Haiti can only be removed through specific procedures, for duly established wrongdoing or permanent physical or mental incapacity. Latortue did not even give lip service to any of these procedures, he just fired the justices. Later his aides claimed that the justices were old and needed to be retired, but the Constitution does not recognize that claim.

Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste, for example, was arrested without a warrant in October, 2004. When the government could produce no evidence against him, a courageous judge, Judge Fleury, ordered him released. The Minister of Justice then forced Judge Fleury off the bench, This "pre-trial" detention may be a death sentence- Fr. Jean-Juste has just been diagnosed with leukemia. The kind of leukemia he likely has can be treated, but not in Haiti's prisons. Amnesty International, the UN Human Rights Commission, 45 members of the U.S. Congress and human rights groups all over the world have criticized the injustice of Fr. Jean-Juste's persecution. Not one member of the Haitian judiciary has spoken against it, at least in public.

Half Hour a Week for Haiti | Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

Cascade Free Market Policy Institute Press Release

Portland, 02.01.2006 16:38

On Saturday December 10th approximately 40 participants of Portland's Black Bloc, and a number of Anti-Imperialists marched in solidarity with democratic labor against the forces of the WTO and its minions. Shortly after the march began we broke off and stormed the libertarian Cascade Policy Institute in order to demonstrate our disgust with their private market, think tank activism. Libertarian think-tank Cascade Policy institute "leads the way locally in confronting smart growth myths and presenting alternative policy solutions."

In contrast to community-based democratic planning, the Institute's alternative solutions rely on property rights, and market incentives. Cascade Policy's stand on unbridled "laze faire" capitalism, and their statement of principles illustrates that even the thinly-enforced, loosely defined environmental protections still in effect are too much for this hard-right think-tank. With statements like: "Over the last three decades America has increasingly looked to the federal government to protect the environment. Yet laws such as the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, Superfund, and The Endangered Species Act have proven costly and disappointingly ineffective." CPI clearly demonstrates their intent to rob us of our few hard won gains. CPI's president and CEO published the following classics: Free Market Environmentalism: Not an Oxymoron Wheels to Wealth: Why Low-Income Workers Need Cars, Not Transit Save the World, Ignore Global Warming

These are just a few examples of CPI's efforts to normalize the hard rights conspiracy to privatize our common resources. Their efforts stem from a bipolar worldview of America's political landscape. Recently libertarians ran a $100,000 Enron-funded campaign to keep "Portland's" General Electric private. The people of Portland need to ask our selves: What do we stand for:

salut (ca)

Barcelona, 02.01.2006 16:07

¿Ètica en les relacions dels metges amb la indústria farmacèutica???

Ètica i multinacionals farmacèutiques ++ Les societats científiques i la indústria farmacèutica. Col·laboració o clientelisme? ++ La indústria farmacèutica (catalana) ++ La inseguretat social programada ++ Sobre les absurditats del nostre món... ++ Corrupció al sistema sanitari espanyol ++ La corrupció del sistema sanitari

notícies relacionades Enfermetats inventades + Patents i medicaments + Corrupció al Sistema Sanitari: el cas de Mario Gastón Ocampo Carrasco + Sota el sol de "Big Pharma" + Directiu de farmacèutica atacat per la seva relació amb l'experimentació animal + La patent del Tamiflu i la India de nou + Els que vinguin per receptes + Carta oberta a Imma Mayol: responsable de l’Agència de Salut pública de Barcelona

+info:: >>>salut

salud (es)

Barcelona, 02.01.2006 16:07

¿Ética en las relaciones de los médicos con la industria farmacéutica???

Ética y multinacionales farmacéuticas ++ Las sociedades científicas y la industria farmacéutica. ¿Colaboración o clientelismo? ++ La industria farmacéutica (catalana) ++ La inseguridad social programada ++ Sobre las absurdidades de nuestro mundo... ++ Corrupción en el sistema sanitario español ++ La corrupción del sistema sanitario

noticias relacionadas Enfermedades inventadas + Patentes y medicamentos + Corrupción en el Sistema Sanitario: el caso de Mario Gastón Ocampo Carrasco + Bajo el sol de "Big Pharma" + Directivo de farmacéutica atacado por su relación con la experimentación animal + La patente del Tamiflu y la India nuevamente + Los que vengan por recetas + Carta abierta a Imma Mayol: responsable de la Agència de Salut pública de Barcelona

+info:: >>>salud

L'expulsion du camp d'action de Schinveld (Nl) est attendue.

Liege, 02.01.2006 14:37

Depuis le 4 décembre, des activistes de GroenFront! occupent le bois de Schinveld (Nl),à 60km de Liège, en protestation contre la la coupe de six hectares de bois par les autorités néerlandaises. Cette décision doit faciliter le décollage d'avions Awacs stationnés sur une base de l' OTAN à Geilenkirchen (Allemagne).

From the Newswire

Perth, 02.01.2006 08:39

2005 Ends in Heat waves and Cold snaps

Ridge Street Under Siege

Charlottesville, 02.01.2006 06:37

Do you suppose they would try this on Park St? Ridge Street Neighborhood is facing numerous new housing developments. There is a strong tradition in Charlottesville that developers consult with neighborhoods regarding their plans. The most recent planned development in the Ridge Street Area is being pursued by Legend Development without consultation with the neighborhood. If this project goes forward, it will be the only significant housing development built in modern Charlottesville history without community input, and would set the precedent that developers could come into your neighborhood and build what they damned well please without any public process. Legend Development's plans have a couple of zoning code violations that provide solid legal ground for the city to refuse the project until the developer resolves these issues. Please contact the planning commissioners and tell them how you feel about developers pursuing their own agenda independently of neighborhood input. The make their decision April 12. Thanks Alexis 760-1297 See feature continuation for Planning Commission contact information. Planning Comission General Contact, Neighborhood Development Services 970-3182 Jon Fink 1901 East Market St., 22902 (o) 979-0585 (h) 295-6747 fax 977-6278 Craig Barton 717 Locust Ave., 22902 (o) 924-6467 (h) 296-0094 fax 982-6278 Karen Firehock 311 5th St. SW, 22903 (o) 924-5041 (h) 977-5289 fax 924-0231 Kathy Harris 902 Raymond Road, 22902 (o) 245-2976 (h) 977-6371 fax 245-2978 Cheri Lewis -- Current Chair 213 7th St. NE, 22902 (changed?) (o) 984-0104 (h) 977-5384 fax 984-4437 Kevin O'Halloran 1847 Edgewood Lane, 22903 (o) 972-3287 (h) 296-1977 fax 972-3285 Non-Voting David Neuman Office of the Architect, UVA, The Rotunda, 22903 (o) 924-6015 fax 924-6014

Breaking -- South Ridge Street Subdivision Withdrawn

Charlottesville, 02.01.2006 06:37

The controversial subdivision proposed by Legend Development at the end of Baylor Lane at the South end of Ridge Street has been withdrawn. There was considerable neighborhood opposition and increasing media attention to the project. A story will be running in Cville Weekly's next issue.

Sign Charlottesville Water Petition!

Charlottesville, 02.01.2006 06:37

Sign the Petition! Dear City and County residents: Please join us in urging our local elected officials to keep our local water supply under local control and commit to the stewardship of our local watershed. This affects both urban residents and rural residents of the community. It involves the quality of our drinking water and the costs we will pay to subsidize future sprawl. It involves the possible abdication of local control over our water supply. It involves this community?s commitment to continued protection of the mountains, field, rivers and streams in our countryside. The following link will take you to an on-line petition where you can make your voice heard in this critical discussion. Please complete the form and then pass this on to a friend. As many of you know, the City and County are reviewing options for the community?s water supply plan. In lieu of a local option within our own watershed, enthusiasm is growing for a massive pipeline to the James River. Consider that the water supply for this "Best Place" might very soon come from a river that receives Lynchburg's urban stormwater runoff, as well as that city's treated--and untreated--effluent and industrial pollution. Since last fall, a group of local residents has been meeting to discuss the water supply issue. This group of over 30 local residents includes representatives from the Southern Environmental Law Center, the Piedmont Group of the Sierra Club, the Piedmont Environmental Council, and Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population, the Rivanna Conservation Society, Friends of the Moormans River, Citizens for Albemarle, and Voters to Stop Sprawl-Albemarle. The group includes environmental scientists, stream ecologists, attorneys, hydrogeologists, planners, engineers, biologists, anthropologists, community advocates and many ordinary City and County residents. We all agree on one simple point: It is in the best interest of this community?and our environment?to keep our local water supply under local control. For more information, go to

C-Span Explodes 9/11 Truth Blackout!

Charlottesville, 02.01.2006 06:37

Will Broadcast David Griffin's UW-Madison Talk Saturday This article is from the Madison IMC. The word has finally come down: David Griffin's incendiary but well-documented charges of Bush administration complicity in 9/11 have been scheduled for national telecast! C-span will broadcast Griffin's talk "9/11 and the American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond?" on Book TV (C-Span 2) this Saturday, April 30th, at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time. A C-Span spokesperson said the talk will also be rebroadcast on Book TV on several weekends after that--check the C-Span website for times:'s electrifying talk was recorded Monday night, April 18th, in Madison, Wisconsin. If you missed this historic moment-- the biggest lecture hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus overflowing with over 450 people who gave Griffin a thunderous standing ovation for charging the Bush-Cheney regime with orchestrating the 9/11 attacks--you'll have to see the video to believe it! And you won't believe the local media coverage either. Scroll down and do a double-take. All over the country, people will be gathering for C-Span viewing parties--a new phenomenon for a network whose government coverage is usually comprised of more pedestrian fare. Some are already comparing this broadcast to the televised Watergate hearings in 1974, in which John Dean's charges against Richard Nixon ultimately brought down that corrupt, warmongering administration. Wisconsin Media Gives Griffin, 9/11 Truth Honest Coverage Madison, Wisconsin may have the best alternative media of any medium-size American city, and it was the alternative outlets, led by WYOU-TV, WORT radio, Indymedia, and the weekly papers Isthmus and the Madison Times, that broke the Griffin story. WYOU-TV has been putting 9/11 truth on the air for over a year on the Sunday night (7-8 p.m.) Garden of Truth slot, and WORT-radio had also raised the 9/11 truth issue on Lea Zeldin's program in spring, 2004. During the week before David Griffin's April 18th, 2005 talk, WORT hosts Lea Zeldin, Tony Castenada, and Linda Jameson all devoted part of their programs to 9/11 truth. Isthmus journalist Bill Lueders, one of Madison's most respected local columnists, plugged the upcoming Griffin talk in his column, and Jonathan Gramling ran a terrific story in the Madison Times: Critiques of the 9/11 Commission report Questions left unanswered by Jonathan Gramling The events of September 11, 2001 - the crashing of hijacked planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the crashing of a fourth plane in a Pennsylvania field - continue to reverberate through and change American society as the U.S. engages in an unending war against terrorism. During the ensuing 3-4 years, the U.S. has engaged in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, dramatically increased its military spending, and curtailed civil liberties within its borders. While most Americans - and the 911 Commission Report - blame the events totally on al-Qaeda and feel that the U.S. government was unaware that the attacks would occur, a vocal minority of individuals continue to raise unanswered questions about 911. On April 18, Dr. David Griffin, author of "The New Pearl Harbor" and "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions" and one of the leading critics of the 9/11 Commission Report, will speak at 2650 Humanities on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. When asked about the commission report during a telephone interview with The Madison Times, Griffin responded "I have one little problem with the 911 Commission report. It is a 567-page lie." While one may not agree with Griffin's conclusions that the U.S. government purposely allowed the events of 9/11 to happen and helped facilitate it in order to galvanize the will of U.S. citizens as the Bush administration expanded the American empire and secured American hegemony as the world's only super power, it is evident that Griffin raises some interesting questions. Take the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, for example. While the official version is that the initial impact coupled with a widespread, intense fire caused the structural steel to weaken and the floors of the towers to eventually pancake down on top of each other, Griffin has some questions. "Here you have an anomaly that never before in history have high-rise steel frame buildings come close to collapsing because of fire," Griffin said. "Yet three of them miraculously did it on that day. Furthermore, there have been fires that have been far more intense that filled the whole building and went on for many, many hours like the recent Madrid fire and they don't collapse. Yet here, we have very small fires that are only in a few floors, particularly Building Seven - you only had fires on the seventh and twelfth floors - they were relatively small fires, yet here comes down this 47 story building at 5:30 in the afternoon, having never been hit by an airplane." Griffin went on to discuss the steel columns within the core of the towers that structural engineers say bore the weight of the buildings. "The major part of the weight was born by these really massive steel columns," Griffin said. "And they went all of the way up. Well, they would have been sticking up in the air a thousand feet even if all the floors had pancaked. So, what does the 911 Commission do? They just deny the existence of those columns." Griffin and others have found significant discrepancies between the facts and the theory that Flight 77, a Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon and slid all the way into the interior of the building. "My own view is still that the evidence is just overwhelming that whatever it was that hit the Pentagon, it was not Flight 77 because it couldn't have been if it wasn't a Boeing 757," Griffin said. "There are many lines of evidence supporting that. What does the 911Commission do? It simply ignores all of this. Now what could they have done? They could have subpoenaed the videos that the FBI confiscated from the service station across the freeway from the Pentagon five minutes after the Pentagon was hit. Wasn't that alert. There are several other videos from hotels around the Pentagon. The Dept. of Transportation had video. There are all sorts of videos that could prove the government's case if it's true that it was Flight 77, or at least that it was a Boeing 757. But the 911 Commission doesn't even raise that. So you would think if the story were true, they would have done that. But they didn't." Finally, when Flight 93 crashed in the Pennsylvania field, Griffin contends it did not crash as passengers and terrorists fought for control of the plane. According to Griffin, it was shot down. "Maybe it was shot down after it appeared the passengers were going to get control of it and maybe bring it in for a safe landing, in which case, everyone would be alive," Griffin said. "First of all, the commission simply ignores all the evidence that I reported in The New Pearl Harbor that suggested the plane had been shot down. Secondly, they changed the timeline. That's just one of many examples of how they radically changed the previous timeline that everyone had lived with for almost three years." Griffin?s talk begins at 7:30 p.m. on April 18. MAINSTREAM MEDIA WAKES UP, SMELLS COFFEE Melanie Conklin's column (p. 2 of the Sunday Wisconsin State Journal, a Republican newspaper) helped draw the overflow crowd: Talking about Sept. 11 On Monday, Madison will be the site of a rare visit from David Ray Griffin, theology professor and author of "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11." As one might guess from that title, Griffin is controversial. He is being sponsored by a coalition of groups, including the UW Multicultural Student Coalition and MUJCA-NET (a new Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance). "The question of the media coverage (or lack thereof) of the demonstrable mendacity of the official story of 9/11 is the proverbial elephant in the living room," says Kevin Barrett of MUJCA-NET. Griffin's talk is being taped by C-SPAN for play at a later date. Jennifer Moire, C-SPAN spokeswoman, explains its decision to cover the event as a logical follow-up to the "extensive" coverage they gave the Commission and Congressional Sept. 11 hearings: "It just seems appropriate to cover other voices." Griffin says Madison is only his fourth lecture stop on Sept. 11 because he doesn't like to travel, so he usually sticks to radio interviews he can do in his slippers. But he calls Madison an exception because he likes seeing people of different faiths coming together to talk about Sept. 11. And he's "very happy" C-SPAN is coming. "It will be the closest thing to mainstream coverage that this kind of interpretation of 9/11 has received," Griffin says. His talk is Monday at 7:30 p.m. in 272 Bascom Hall. _________________________________________________________ THE REPUBLICAN WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL, THE BIGGEST DAILY IN THE REGION, SURPRISED READERS WITH THIS EXCELLENT REPORT OF GRIFFIN'S TALK: Speaker Says Bush Knew Of Sept. 11 Plans The Theologian And Author Believes The President Endorsed The Attacks To Build Up Support For His Military Plans. Wisconsin State Journal :: LOCAL/WISCONSIN :: B1 Tuesday, April 19, 2005 Doug Erickson Wisconsin State Journal A noted Christian theologian suggested Monday in Madison that the Bush administration not only had prior knowledge of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but probably helped orchestrate them. David Ray Griffin, 65, a retired professor at the Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, Calif., said the government's version of the attacks is so implausible it can't possibly be true. The numerous inconsistencies and far-fetched explanations from Bush officials "show that the attacks must have been planned and executed by our own political and military leaders," Griffin said. He thinks Bush endorsed the attacks to gain support for a military buildup and global domination effort that began with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Griffin is part of a small group of scholars and others questioning the government's story and the conclusions of the bipartisan 9/11 commission that investigated the attacks. Griffin's speech before about 450 people at Bascom Hall on the UW-Madison campus was considered a major victory by his supporters in that it was taped by C-SPAN for later broadcast on the public service cable channel. No air dates were available Monday. Event organizer Kevin Barrett, founder of a Muslim-Jewish-Christian alliance called MUJCA-NET, told the crowd C-SPAN should be applauded "for having the guts to put 9/11 truth on national TV." Barrett said his group paid Griffin's airfare and was hoping to provide an additional $100 to cover expenses. Otherwise, Griffin did not charge for his appearance. Griffin has written extensively on the origins of evil and the relationship between science and religion. He has authored or edited 24 books, including "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11." In the Sept. 11 attacks, armed terrorists hijacked four passenger jets. Two crashed into the World Trade Center in New York and a third crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. According to the government, the fourth jet crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington, Va., although Griffin questions this and suggests the damage may have been caused by a military plane or missile. Griffin operates from the basic premise that 19 Arab-Muslim hijackers could not have outwitted this country's extensive military defense system without inside help. Among his arguments: * Fighter jets typically are sent out immediately upon any sign that a plane may have been hijacked. They usually arrive no later than 10 to 20 minutes. Yet in this case, the military failed to stop the attacks, then gave three conflicting versions of why it deviated from standard operating procedure, Griffin said. * The Pentagon is probably the best-defended structure on the planet. How could a commercial airliner fly undetected and toward the Defense Department for 40 minutes and not be shot down by the Pentagon's anti-aircraft system? * Bush lingered for more than 15 minutes at an elementary school after learning of the second jet crashing into the World Trade Center. Given that Bush's itinerary had been highly publicized, why wasn't the Secret Service concerned that he might be a target of a surprise terrorist attack? "This behavior makes sense only if the head of the Secret Service detail knew that the planned attacks did not include an attack on the president. And how did they know this for certain unless the attacks were being carried out by people within our own government?" Griffin said. * The straight-down, free-fall collapse of the World Trade Center buildings suggests a controlled demolition. A plane crash and fire could not have caused such a collapse, Griffin said. These examples and others "are sufficient to suggest that there is no escape from the frightful conclusion that 9/11 was engineered by the Bush administration and its Pentagon," he said. He closed by saying religious people must seek the truth about 9/11, create new means to spread the information and work to thwart Bush's attempts at global domination. The crowd gave Griffin a standing ovation. Rob Helfenstein, 41, a floor installer from Waukesha, came away convinced. "Governments have always used fake terror to manipulate their people," he said. "History hasn't changed." But his friend, Dave Balistreri, 35, a construction consultant from Waukesha, said he entered and left the lecture hall skeptical. Although Balistreri said the Bush administration probably isn't telling the whole truth, "I think the level of complicity is much, much less than (Griffin) is suggesting." _______________________________________________________________________ THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC MAINSTREAM DAILY THE CAPITAL TIMES, NOT TO BE OUTDONE, PUBLISHED THEIR OWN OUTSTANDING STORY: Theologian calls for response to 9/11 By Samara Kalk Derby April 19, 2005 David Ray Griffin asks the tough questions about Sept. 11, contending U.S. officials had some knowledge of what was coming and possibly orchestrated the attacks. Griffin, whose book, "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11," came out a year ago, drew an enthusiastic standing ovation from the majority of the 400 or so people who packed his lecture Monday night at Bascom Hall. A retired Christian theologian, Griffin, 65, taught for more than 30 years at the Claremont School of Theology in California. His comments Monday night were directed at religious people, who he said need to respond to Sept. 11 - and the American empire that has ensued - based on the moral principles of their religious traditions. Drawing laughter from the crowd, Griffin said he had in mind principles like: "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors' oil" and "Thou shalt not murder thy neighbors in order to steal their oil." While Griffin noted that his books and talks have not received attention from the mainstream media, C-SPAN had a cameraman at the event and plans to air the lecture at a future date. Madison's public access cable television station, WYOU-TV/Channel 4, meanwhile, will air the talk at 7 p.m. Thursday. Americans interpret the events of Sept. 11 in one of four ways, Griffin said: ? A first group accepts the official interpretation that Sept. 11 was a surprise attack by Islamic terrorists. It is easy for these people "to think of America's so-called War on Terror as a just war," Griffin said. ? A second group accepts the official line but thinks Sept. 11 has been used opportunistically by the Bush administration to extend the American empire. People who hold this view often believe that America's response to Sept. 11, which has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths, is far worse than the attacks themselves, he said. ? A third group believes the Bush administration knew the attacks were coming and let them happen. It shows the government as "deliberate and cold-blooded," advancing its imperial designs while hypocritically portraying itself as promoting a "culture of life," Griffin said. Although there has been no national survey, a Zogby poll taken last year indicated that almost half of the residents of New York City share this view, he said. ? A fourth group believes that the government orchestrated the attacks. While no poll shows how many Americans believe this, polls in Canada and Germany have found as many as 20 percent of those populations do, Griffin said. In his follow-up book, "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions," Griffin examines the questions that he and others in the "9/11 Truth Movement" charge were never examined by the federal government's 9/11 Commission. Evidence to support the theory that U.S. officials had at least had some foreknowledge of the attacks comes from David Schippers, the chief prosecutor for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, who reportedly received warnings from FBI agents about the attacks six weeks earlier, Griffin said. Other government officials, including Attorney General John Ashcroft, would not respond to the warnings, he added. There was the extraordinarily high volume of "put options" purchased in the three days before the attacks, Griffin said, with investors betting that stock in United and American Airlines - the two airlines used in the attacks - would go down. There were also a suspiciously high number of put options for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, which occupied 22 stories of the World Trade Center. "U.S. intelligence agencies monitor the market, partly to look for signs of impending attacks," Griffin said. "One wonders how information could be much more specific than this." Griffin then made a case that government officials planned and executed the attacks. For one, the United States military neglected to send fighter jets to intercept the hijacked planes. Such interceptions usually occur within 10 to 20 minutes after the first signs of trouble and are routine, happening about 100 times a year, Griffin said. It seems implausible, he said, that the Pentagon was struck by Flight 77, since it is "surely the best defended building on the planet." The U.S. military has the best radar systems in the world and "does not miss anything occurring in North American airspace," he added. Griffin also made a case that the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings was brought on by thousands of explosives placed throughout eachof the buildings. They went straight down, at free-fall speed, as in controlled demolitions, and many people in the buildings reported that they heard or felt explosions, he added. "High-rise steel-frame buildings have never - before or after 9/11- been caused to collapse by fire," he said. Sue Adams, 50, introduced herself to Griffin after the talk, calling him heroic. "I think some day we may really know the truth," she said, adding that it will likely be after the Bush administration is gone. Orion Litzau, a UW freshman studying engineering, agrees that the answers the government put out through the 9/11 Commission were more than a simple deception. "They were not only partly false but a complete, bold face lie," he said. "David Ray Griffin brings out interesting points about what could be the true story behind the 9/11 attack." Jim Goulding, 67, who teaches religious studies at Edgewood College, admitted at first he wondered whether Griffin was a crackpot, but instead found he had a "tremendous reputation as a theologian." Goulding has read both of Griffin's Sept. 11 books. "I think he makes a convincing case - well documented, well footnoted," he said. E-mail: skalk (at) See also:

Upcoming Happy Valley Occupation!

Aotearoa, 02.01.2006 02:08

From Saturday 28th of January 2006 the Save Happy Valley Coalition will be indefinitely occupying the site of Solid Energy's planned open cast coal mine in Happy Valley on the West Coast and we are inviting as many people as possible to join us.

Bush Step Down- Massive Protests Jan.31 and Feb.4th

DC, 02.01.2006 02:08

La Otra Campaña en marcha!

San Diego, 02.01.2006 02:08

From Mexico Indymedia

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. Bases de Apoyo Zapatistas han llegado desde temprano a las afueras de San Cristóbal de las Casas para tomar de nuevo la ciudad, esta vez para comenzar la gira del delegado Zero, el subcomandante Marcos, para la primera etapa de la Otra Campaña.

Zapatistas have arrived early in San Cristobal, Chiapas to begin The Other Campaign. Subcommandante Marcos, renaming himself "Delegate Zero", is going around Mexico for the next six months to forge alliances with the non-electoral, anti-capitalist left, as was planned in the Sixth Declaration from the Lacandon Jungle.

Transmisión del inicio de la Otra Campaña desde San Cristobal de las Casas:
Ke Huelga Radio - 102.9 FM desde la Cd. Monstruo
En San Cristóbal de las Casas - 107.5 FM
Internet: mp3 | mp3 | ogg
Crónica 31 de diciembre - La Garrucha | Discurso de la Junta de Buen Gobierno

Mel &amp; Floyd, Dec 30, 2005

Madison, 02.01.2006 02:08

The Dec 30 show.

Weekly peace protests to happen at NW Expressway &amp; N. Penn (near Penn Square Mall) in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma, 02.01.2006 02:07

Please voice your support for peace and for the bring the troops home from Iraq. This group meets each Saturday from 12-1p.m. at the corner of NW Expressway & N. Penn. Bring a sign if you want (for this protest, the organizers do ask that you keep the message of the sign focused on opposition to war and support for bringing the troops home) or you can use one of ours. Please voice your support for peace and for the bring the troops home from Iraq. This group meets each Saturday from 12-1p.m. at the corner of NW Expressway & N. Penn. Bring a sign if you want (for this protest, the organizers do ask that you keep the message of the sign focused on opposition to war and support for bringing the troops home) or you can use one of ours.

The 2005 Chicago Indymedia Year In Review

Chicago, 02.01.2006 01:38

2005 Year of Review2005 was a year in which the dramatic expansion of communications and social software applications like blogs, webfeeds, mailing lists, wikis, podcasts, vlogs, and much more, all made it far easier for people to Be The Media. This resulted in a proliferation of communications potential, and all the possibilities, good and bad, that come with it. Amid such a proliferation of community media, Chicago Indymedia continues to serve as a prominent news and information portal for thousands of Chicagoans and many others interested in Chicago efforts towards peace and justice. As a testament to the ongoing work from so many people, and the coverage of that work from so many others, we present the Chicago Indymedia 2005 Year in Review.

Community Activist Assaulted by San Francisco Police

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.01.2006 01:08

Brother Ace Washington "has it going on" - he has been a social justice activist in SF's Western Addition District for decades. He is a member of San Francisco's African American Community Police Relations Board. On December 30th, he found himself at the receiving end of police brutality outside of Rassala's Jazz Club in the Fillmore district, when he was brutally beaten by some nine SFPD officers. Audio from the December 31st SF Village Voice radio show on Enemy Combatant Radio. Washington has been assigned a court date for Thursday January 5th, 2006.

Read more on Indybay's Police and Prison News Page and San Francisco News Page

Top 10 LA-IMC stories for the year 2005

LA, 02.01.2006 00:38

Top 10 LA-IMC stories for the year 2005

No a las papeleras

Argentina, 02.01.2006 00:38

Domingo 1° de Enero de 2006
No a las papeleras

No room in Bethlehem for Peace campaigners.

United Kingdom, 02.01.2006 00:08

Peace workers denied access to Bethlehem

In the early hours of December the 20th the Israeli authorities at Tel Aviv airport stopped a group of international observers who were en route to a Christmas Non Violance conference in Bethlehem.

After lengthy interrogations, two (UK) citizens were allowed to enter the country but three were denied entry on ‘security grounds’. The three internationals from (South Africa, Italy, Australia) intend to challenge this decision in the Israeli courts. Now the have spent Christmas in jail, rather than in Bethlehem.

The group are experienced peace campaigners who were on their way to the “Celebrating Non-Violence” conference to be held in the Palestinian town early next week. All five have worked previously as international observers in the Palestinian territories.

Spokesperson Charlotte Carson states: “Our colleagues are being stopped from attending a conference about non-violent activism because they are non-violent activists. Clearly, Israel is afraid of the power of non-violence.”

Counter-Military Recruiter Training

Miami, 02.01.2006 00:07

Counter-Military Recruiter Training

22C3: Private Investigations

Germany, 01.01.2006 19:38

Gestern wurde im Berliner BCC der 22. Chaos Communication Congress eröffnet. Die europäische Hacker-"Party" zu "technology, society and utopia" des Chaos Computer Club steht dieses Jahr unter dem Motto "Private Investigations". Zu über 150 Vorträgen, sowie zahlreichen Workshops und Diskussionen werden mehr als 3.000 Personen erwartet. Nach dem enormen Ansturm vor einem Jahr (Feature dazu) wurde der Kongress in diesem Jahr auf 4 Tage erweitert.

Indymedia Artikel: We lost the war | 22. Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin | Das CongressRadio berichtet | Impressionen vom 22C3 | Die Haecksen | Indymedia Printausgabe zum 22C3

22C3 Blog | Kongress-Webseite | Public Wiki | Audio- und Video-Streams (live) | Congress Radio | Photo Documentation
Indy What The Hack! | 21C3
Aufgezeichnete Veranstaltungen nachträglich ansehen:

Social Issues

Manila, 01.01.2006 18:09

Public School Teachers� Prediction and Demands

Police Infiltrate Peaceful Parade Organizers

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.01.2006 18:08

Undercover Officers Spying on Grassroots Santa Cruz New Year's Parade Meetings

Santa Cruz, CA, December 31st, 2005: As the nation reels from fresh revelations about domestic spying, local law enforcement agencies are caught infiltrating local groups. Undercover officers from the Santa Cruz Police Department have been spying on peaceful parade organizers since September of this year. Two plainclothes officers attended small organizing meetings held in private homes, giving false names, phone numbers, and email addresses to hide their identity while they monitored meetings and profiled organizers.

The officers participated in meetings, asked questions and even made suggestions. "In no way did they indicate that they were police. They came off as just a couple of local surfer dudes," said Rico Thunder, one of the people who came together to help plan the parade.

The infiltrated group was organizing the Last Night Santa Cruz Parade and Celebration, a people’s parade, a do-it-yourself celebration that goes beyond the city-sponsored First Night event, canceled this year due to money problems. The Last Night website ( states: “Last Night is a completely organic event, organized and put on at a grassroots-level. No city-sponsorship. No corporate donors. It’s a do-it-yourself parade and celebration. We make it happen together.”

"Since 9/11, we've created a culture in which security is more important than liberty." said Thunder. "The NSA is tapping your phone calls and email. The Pentagon is infiltrating your peace march. Actions at the federal level have a trickle down effect that has emboldened local law enforcement. When the president says 'Safety at any cost,' local cops take that to heart." [Read more]

see also: An open letter to the Santa Cruz City Council in protest of police infiltration:

LastNight comments: Our sources within the department say City Manager Richard Wilson and Deputy Chief of Police Kevin Vogel are the persons most responsible. The city council has little say in day to day operations of this kind. Make your demands to the city council that the city manager and the police chief be held accountable.

Extreme Weather starts 2006

Melbourne, 01.01.2006 12:08

2005 Ends in Heat waves and Cold snaps

Happy 15th. Anniversary ANZUS Plowshares

Aotearoa, 01.01.2006 08:09

FIFTEEN YEARS AGO ON THE EVE OF ANOTHER WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF IRAQ.....Early in the morning on January 1, 1991 Moana Cole, a Catholic Worker from New Zealand, Ciaron O’Reilly, a Catholic Worker from Australia, and Susan Frankel and Bill Streit, members of the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker in Washington, D.C., calling themselves the Anzus (Australia, New Zealand and U.S.) Plowshares, entered the Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, NY. After cutting through several fences, Bill and Sue entered a deadly force area and hammered and poured blood on a KC-135 (a refueling plane for B-52’s) and then proceeded to hammer and pour blood on the engine of a nearby cruise missile armed B-52 bombers that could be used in the Middle East. They presented their action statement and an indictment to base security who encircled them moments later.

&quot;Patriotism&quot; Tests In School

Portland, 01.01.2006 02:38

Children in Washington State are being given "patriotism tests" which are completely unrelated to their studies. The paper gauges whether or not the student shows fealty to the power of the state and whether the student believes in the right to overthrow a corrupt government.

A reader from Washington State writes to highlight a questionnaire paper handed out to her daughter and the rest of her classmates in the 10th grade classroom.

The reader comments:

"We live in Washington state. My daughter is in 10th grade and found this to be interesting. She has a GPA of 3.75 and uses her brain. This was given to her in English class, and has nothing to do with the materials they were studying. They are grooming our kids"

(I tried to upload the original paper, I'm new at this still)

I will type the questions as seen on the paper given to the students. They had to put whether they agreed of disagreed with the question.

City Repair solicits proposals to save the world in 2006!

Portland, 01.01.2006 02:38

Now in its sixth incarnation, The City Repair Project brings you the Village Building Convergence May 19th - 28th, 2006. Please come to the info share, January 5th 6:30-8:30 p.m. to find out how to set up a project for your neighborhood. The info share will be held at City Repair headquarters, 2122 S.E. Division. To download a Request for Proposal, go to Contact City Repair at or 503.235.8946 for more information.

Proposals for projects are due January 30th. What is a VBC project? VBC projects express the profound power of community in action. Neighbors collaborate to create welcoming gathering places. The physical projects may be very different -- past examples include artwork, playground equipment, gardens, buildings, shelters, and community notice boards or kiosks. Whatever the project, the benefits ripple throughout the community. Neighbors become a creative team, strengthening trust, connection, and hope.
[Previous VBC articles: VBC6 Request for Project Proposals! | Photos from VBC4]

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