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New Transgender Civil Rights Laws Go Into Effect

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.01.2006 03:38

On January 1, 2006, two new laws to protect the civil rights of transgender people went into effect in the state of California. AB 1400 and AB 1586 will now protect transgender people when they experience discrimination while using public accommodations or getting health care. Equality California and the Transgender Law Center say California now has the most transgender friendly laws in the nation.
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Zapatistas dão início à &quot;Outra Campanha&quot;

Brasil, 05.01.2006 01:08


Antifa-Hacks Jahresrückblick 2005

Germany, 05.01.2006 01:08

Im letzten Jahr etablierte sich eine neue Art des Antifa-Aktivismus: Hacks und Defacements. In dieser Masse gab es sie bisher noch nie. Dieser Jahresrückblick versucht eine vollständige chronologische Dokumentation der Aktionen zu sein.

educació i societat (ca)

Barcelona, 05.01.2006 01:08

un llibre com a companyia

arxius :: biblioteka kilombo -- reinauguració de la biblioteca social la hoguera -- Nou casal independentista i popular amb biblioteca! -- construcció biblioteca al sàhara -- Ruedo Ibérico -- Les biblioteques de carrer -- fons arxivístic de premsa obrera entre 1917-1923 -- El racó de l'arxiu -- Biblioteca Social Hermanos Quero -- Biblioteca Virtual Anarkista -- ALEPHANDRIA: Arxiu Copyleft Hacktivista v.1.0 -- Projecte Gutenberg: llibres amb dret d'autor expirat -- L'Ateneu Enciclopèdic Popular -- Libertad Kondicional : nova-vella secció : biblio -- Cicle de debats en "La libre" (Santander) -- reveure a las dones i la falange a les biblioteques -- la biblio

+info:: >>>un altre món és ací

educación y sociedad (es)

Barcelona, 05.01.2006 01:08

un libro como compañía

archivos :: biblioteka kilombo -- reinauguración de la biblioteca social la hoguera -- Nuevo casal independentista y popular con biblioteca! -- constuccion bibiblioteca en el sahara -- Ruedo Ibérico -- Las bibliotecas de calle -- fondos archivisticos del prensa obrera entre 1917-1923 -- El racó de l'arxiu -- Biblioteca Social Hermanos Quero -- Biblioteca Virtual Anarkista -- ALEPHANDRIA: Archivo Copyleft Hacktivista v.1.0 -- Proyecto Gutenberg: libros con derechos de autor expirados -- L'Ateneu Enciclopèdic Popular -- Libertad Kondicional : nueva-vieja seccion : biblio -- Ciclo de debates en "La libre" (Santander) -- rever a las mujeres y la falange en las bibliotecas -- la biblio

+info:: >>>otro mundo está aquí


Miami, 05.01.2006 01:07


The Militirisation of Australian Society

Melbourne, 05.01.2006 00:38

Australian Army to be given Extra Powers

The &quot;Other Campaign&quot; begins in Mexico!

Aotearoa, 05.01.2006 00:38

The Other Campaign Begins in MexicoJanuary 1st, 2006 was the first day of the "Other Campaign." The EZLN, or Zapatista Army for National Liberation, has begun its tour of Mexico. They began in colonial San Cristóbal de las Casas, the city that was taken over on 1st January 1994 by some two thousand masked, armed, and defiant indigenous men and women, who from the balcony of city hall sent their message of war to the federal government. This began a 12-year political journey in Mexico. The first phase of the Other Campaign will conclude on June 25th, which is also the closing of official electoral campaigns for president, congress, the senate, and, in some states (including Chiapas), governors. Schedule

Photos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

The Amado Avendaño Figueroa Brigade, which formed last month to provide an other kind of journalism to cover the Other Campaign, has filed its first report. Read Reports

Links: EZLN | IMC Chiapas | EZLN Communiques | Nacro News | La Jornada

In Defense of Vigiling

New Hampshire, 05.01.2006 00:09

From a letter to the editor in Foster's Daily Democrat. Protesting is worth the time and effort To the editor: A letter to the editor by Luke McCarthy of Durham has given me pause to consider why I spend a lot of my time vigiling or protesting. The writer claimed this type of action was a useless waste of time. I don't see it that way. I feel there are many good reasons to stand out in public on a freezing winter evening holding a sign with a statement on it.

Policiais acusados de latrocínio são absolvidos

Brasil, 04.01.2006 23:38



Argentina, 04.01.2006 23:38

Los trabajadores del Centro Gallego y del Garrahan en lucha


Argentina, 04.01.2006 23:38

Los trabajadores del Centro Gallego y del Garrahan en lucha


Argentina, 04.01.2006 23:38

Miércoles 4 de enero de 2006| QUEMA DE MUÑECOS, UNA TRADICION PLATENSE
La Fiesta de Todos/as

health issues (en)

Barcelona, 04.01.2006 21:08

ethic behavior in the relations between doctors and the pharma industry???

Ethics and pharmaceutical multinationals ++ Scientific societies and the pharmaceutical industry: collaboration or clientelism? ++ The (catalan) pharmaceutical industry ++ the programmed social insecurity ++ about some absurdities of our world... ++ Corruption in the spanish social health system ++ The corruption of the medical care system

related news diseases that are made up + Patents & medicinces + Corruption in the medical care system: the case of Mario Gastón Ocampo Carrasco + Under the sun of "Big Pharma" + Pharma executive attacked for his relations with animal experimentation + The patent of the Tamiflu and India again + For those who come for prescriptions + open letter to Imma Mayol: in charge of Barcelonas public health agency

+info:: >>>health

Immigrant rights supporters challenge Costa Mesa City Council

LA, 04.01.2006 20:08

Immigrant rights supporters challenge Costa Mesa City Council

festival por liberación animal

Argentina, 04.01.2006 19:08

KBOO Bike Show Podcast

Portland, 04.01.2006 15:38

The KBOO Bike Show is now being podcast.

On the air since 2001, this KBOO show features voices from around the globe talking about bicycle news and views. The program is live on the air every first Wednesday from 9-10 am.



Bureaucratic Process

Sydney, 04.01.2006 12:38

Lift the ban on RU486!

A father mourns a son lost in Iraq

Philadelphia, 04.01.2006 12:38

Article by father who lost son in Iraq:

I am outraged at what I see as the cause of his death. For nearly three years, the Bush administration has pursued a policy that makes our troops sitting ducks. While Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that our policy is to "clear, hold and build" Iraqi towns, there aren't enough troops to do that.

Reyes Magos

Argentina, 04.01.2006 12:08

Miercoles 4 de enero de 2005 | Consejos útiles para cuidar su bolsillo en el nuevo año
"Reyes Magos"

Massacre no Cairo

Portugal, 04.01.2006 12:08

Massacre no Cairo


Istanbul, 04.01.2006 11:39

Son dönemdeki indymedia istanbul "karışıklıkları" üzerine bir yorum...

2 maand kerkbezetting

Oost-Vlaanderen, 04.01.2006 11:37

st bonifacius kerk twee maanden bezet


Sydney, 04.01.2006 09:39

NSW Police Apply to Destroy Opera House Paint Pot

Portland Police Attempt to Suppress Free Speech

Portland, 04.01.2006 09:39

This evening, like every Tuesday since July, a counter-recruiting, anti-war, pro-peace demonstration was held in front of the military recruiting office on NE Broadway.

About a dozen of us were doing the same things we usually do: Standing and holding "NO WAR" signs on the sidewalk and in the parking lane, waving at motorists, leafletting, and visiting with each other. One of the Vets for Peace wh was present was waving the VFP flag.

Suddenly, a Portland Police squad car swerved into the parking lane, coming close to a protestor calling herself "Sprout." Another squad car pulled up. The officers got out and one stated everyone in the parking lane was going to be issued a citation. He also pointed to our candles on the sidewalk and said whoever put them there was getting a ticket for littering. He warned us not to block the sidewalk (we weren't) or we would be ticketed. He started writing Sprout a ticket. She questioned the officer as to why she should receive a citation, and refused to give her name.

Educational Exclusion in Bristol

Bristol, 04.01.2006 09:07

Education? Education? Education? Education? Education? Education? Ex-teacher and Community Worker Matt Clement reviews the impact of secondary school closures and re-organisation upon the quality and equality of education available in the city: What future will young people face as a result of an increasingly competitive 'market' for schools, as proposed in Blair's new Education White Paper. Will these changes improve the city's shameful league table position, or embed inequality of opportunity still further for poorer areas? Full article | Educational Exclusion in Bristol | Schools in Bristol ( | Schooling up for sale ( |

Zapatista &quot;Other Campaign&quot; starts series of town-hall like meetings in San Cristobal . . .

Urbana-Champaign, 04.01.2006 06:08

The Zapatistas began yesterday the first of a series of town-hall like meetings that will comprise the bulk of a six-month nationwide caravan dubbed as the “Other Campaign.” The campaign will touch every state in Mexico and aspires to form a wide-ranging non-electoral and anti-capitalist alliance that can be a powerful enough of a force to implement a new constitution for Mexico.

Frustrated furrier has &quot;protest sale&quot; during demo

Portland, 04.01.2006 03:38

What does Greg Schumacher, of Schumacher Fur Co., do when the persistent protestors are ruining his holiday fur sales with their weekly demonstrations? What any corporate-minded shopkeeper would do, have a Protest Sale! Yes, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and that is exactly what Schumacher did on the last day of 2005 when around 25 anti-fur activists arrived at his shop. Schumacher climbed into the display windows to hang giant signs inside the full-window store front that read, "50% OFF EVERYTHING, PROTEST SALE, (during protest only)." This act of desperation was met with grins and chuckles from seasoned activists who interpreted the "protest sale" as an incremental victory.

Saturdays Boston Common Anti Israeli Wall Demo Report Back

Boston, 04.01.2006 02:08

About 15 Palestine solidarity activists gathered on the Boston common Saturday to protest the ongoing occupation and theft of land by Israeli forces throughout the west bank. We gathered to educate people about the hardship it causes the residents of Bethlehem and Jerusalem both Christian, Muslim and other. Due to media and Israeli military censorship people are generally unable to witness the construction of the wall first hand and to see the racism of the occupation and its structures.


Sydney, 04.01.2006 01:38

The Militirisation of Australian Society

Americans in the Bubble

Arkansas, 04.01.2006 00:09

Alongside the minutiae that made for interesting reading of the recent Newsweek piece by Thomas and Wolffe, "Bush in the Bubble," a complementary thought did cross my mind. What if we, the American citizenry, are the ones living in a bubble. isolated, clueless, without a clear fit in the world's puzzle?

Survivors of the Frida Bus Accident form the Hurricane Autonomous Workers Collective to send a Caravan of Relief Workers to Gulf Coast

Maine, 03.01.2006 23:07

Americans in the Bubble

Arkansas, 03.01.2006 22:09

Alongside the minutiae that made for interesting reading of the recent Newsweek piece by Thomas and Wolffe, "Bush in the Bubble," a complementary thought did cross my mind. What if we, the American citizenry, are the ones living in a bubble. isolated, clueless, without a clear fit in the world's puzzle? It's definitely relevant to Americans' well-being whether Bush lives in a bubble: in the realm of his White House, surrounded by a retinue of ideologues and incompetent cronies. It's of far greater consequence, however, whether the rest of us in America live in a bubble. while failing to recognize it, admit it, and change it. Unlike the authors of the article, I don't place Bush in the bubble because of any failure to listen to Jack Murtha; or because of his inattention to those around him who could offer sound ideas and counsel; or because his pigheaded character might prevent him from any form of compromise. Nor do I see Bush in the bubble because of any missing social skills [Reaganesque humor the least of it]; nor because of his lengthy inarticulateness and short attention span; nor because of his lack of education and culture. or his disdain for the possibility of acquiring the smallest measure of either. In fact, I see no need to search for reasons: not when a bubble has always been Bush's abode- if not from the time of conception, soon afterwards. And to this date, curiosity has yet to scratch his brain to elicit questions as to what might be happening outside that bubble. Up to the time he entered politics, Bush's bubble housed all that was necessary to meet his personal whims and desires. Now, in his role as a politician, and as leader of "the" superpower, his bubble has simply inflated-to-scale, fortified by his much-avowed, yet often questioned Christian faith. for toting a bible and being re-baptized do not by themselves a serious Christian make. Bush may not like to think of himself as a product of evolution; and his critics would find it hard to believe that he could be a progeny of "intelligent design." As a compromise, let's just advance the notion that he might be an archetype of mediocrity, a generational transplant from a once ruling class that forever lingers, living off its panache. But whether he is, or has been, living in a bubble needn't be critically important to America; not to a democratic, politically-aware America. What is profoundly important, however, is whether Americans, not Bush, live in a bubble. For if we do, true democracy and political relevancy may be going down the tubes. and fast! After all, if Bush lives in a bubble, he does so by choice. But if Americans have accepted to live in a bubble, they have done so by surrendering their choice. by welcoming the captivity that comes with fear and ignorance. Neither ideas nor ideologies are to be blame for the current state of affairs, for our imprisonment in the bubble. Americans are not captive of religion, but of religious quacks; they are not captive of free enterprise, but of predatory capitalists; they are not captive of some repressive form of government, but of corrupt politicians that milk the ideals of democracy for their own selfish ends. When it comes to foreign policy, most politicians of the two acceptable denominations, aided by a "respectful" self-censured mainstream press, have pushed us into a bubble by instilling in us, in soft tones at times and vociferously on occasions, the need for dominance over other people in the world. Thus, America's three-prong foreign policy that spells empire: protection for Israel- under any and all circumstances; protection for our commercial colonialism- to maintain our so-called "standard of living" ["standard of consumption" would be more apropos]; and, of recent vintage, the right to preemptively check-mate any nation that might dare challenge America militarily, even in what could be interpreted as self-defense. In our bubble, we fail to understand why this behavior is so abhorrent to other peoples, other cultures, other nations. On the home front, the US, for all its wealth in both resources and resourcefulness, has become the planet's breeding grounds for consumerism and greed. The government, shamelessly during the past five years, has disregarded meeting the most basic needs of America's growing "throw-away" class, now adding up to one-fourth of the nation's population. regardless of what government-friendly statistics [on poverty] say. America is fast changing from a society with a long tradition of acceptable pluralism and charity-consciousness to a faith-based nation where patriotism wears best with a flag in the lapel, and skillful business deception is allowed to rule the day. It's this ongoing change, and the inability of Americans to see it, much less stop it, that gives credence to the proposition that we do live in a bubble. We're exiting 2005 with the same lack of compassion and wisdom in government that was in evidence during the previous quadrennium- domestically and internationally. We are allowing ourselves to be governed by a person whose arrogance is calibrated by our ignorance, and we don't seem to care. Unquestionably, in our bubble, ignorance is bliss! Americans are unlikely to puncture the bubble they live in. not in 2006. They would need to recognize, and reject, a foreign policy that predated, and likely will outlive, Bush. And the probability of that happening borders on zero. Ben Tanosborn [send him email] writes a weekly socio-political column, Behind the mirror, which can be found at Write to Ben Tanosborn at P.O. Box 2324, Vancouver, WA 98668. Related

Zapatistas Begin Nationwide Tour

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.01.2006 22:08

January 1st, 2006 was the first day of the "Other Campaign." The Zapatista Army for National Liberation, has begun its tour of Mexico. The tour started in San Cristóbal de las Casas, the city they took over on January 1, 1994. The first phase of the Other Campaign will conclude on June 25th, which is also the closing of official electoral campaigns for president, congress, the senate, and, in some states (including Chiapas), governorships.
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Lower 9th Ward Fights Home Demolitions in New Orleans

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.01.2006 22:08

In spite of a temporary moratorium that social justice groups won against the city, which blocks attempts to bulldoze the homes of Lower 9th Ward residents, the city of New Orelans is still trying to destroy many homes. The moratorium, which ends on January 6th, 2006, is being circumvented by the city through its claim of eminent domain. Many New Orleans homeowners are in danger of losing their property to real estate speculators. Common Ground is having daily emergency meetings with the new Lower 9th Ward Community Council and other residents to organize against the land grab.
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2005 Housing and Poverty Review

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.01.2006 22:08

The year of 2005 was a wicked year for the poor and impoverished across the nation, and there is no relief in sight. Hundreds of thousands of people have been made homeless from evictions, disasters, and budget bills that take resources from the poor. Housing writer Lynda Carson said, "Let 2005 be a reminder that the Bush administration hates poor people and must be removed from power as soon as possible."
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Represión e incendio en comedor MTD

Argentina, 03.01.2006 22:08

Fuego a la esperanza

Incendio y represión en comedor de MTD

Argentina, 03.01.2006 19:38

Fuego a la esperanza

Miami IMC - not a haven for propaganda

Miami, 03.01.2006 17:37

Miami IMC - not a haven for propaganda

Lower 9th Ward Citizens Fight Demolition

Rogue Valley, 03.01.2006 17:09

The city of New Orleans is attempting to destroy the homes of residents in the Lower 9th Ward. This is in spite of a temporary moratorium won by social justice groups against the city which blocks attempts to bulldoze the homes of Lower 9th Ward residents. The moratorium, which ends on January 6th, 2006, is being circumvented by the city through the unconstitutional use of eminent domain. Local residents are working alongside Common Ground Collective, a grass-roots organization working for the rights of displaced and neglected victims of Hurricane Katrina, and are protesting the action and calling on citizens everywhere to get involved.

Focus in the Philippines

Manila, 03.01.2006 16:39

A Rebel Soldier Escaped and Braced Arms with People�s Dissent

Will city discuss lead problems with critics?

Saint Louis, 03.01.2006 16:37

January 3, 2006. St. Louis, Missouri. Several St. Louis community organizations say that the City of St. Louis is rebuffing their invitations to discuss problems with its lead programs. "The City says that it wants to discuss lead with citizens; but it will not give us an answer," charges Barbara Chicherio, Co-Coordinator of the Gateway Green Alliance. "We've sent Ron Smith an invitation by mail; we invited him by e-mail; and he has not returned any of my calls."

St. Louis has a lead epidemic, with poisoning rates 7 to 10 times that of the US average. Why has City Government failed to make progress in lead removal?

From the Newswire

Perth, 03.01.2006 15:39

How to study whales without slaughter and consumption

Zapatistas retake San Cristobal

Richmond, 03.01.2006 15:08

The new year brought a new hope into the Zapatista struggle in Chiapas, Mexico.

Warships and Whaling

Melbourne, 03.01.2006 12:39

Greens Accused of Warmongering

A New Sport: Social Justice

Portland, 03.01.2006 11:38

Lately, I have been the sporting type. But heaven knows I am mostly a nerd monger. I played football, not 'mercan football, but fotbol, as a child, and that is still my favorite sport. My partner and my friends have been looking at me like I'm crazy when I say I'd rather go the hockey match in NE than drink organic beer in the SE. I even fear telling them where I'm going sometimes. But, it is true. After all these years of sticking my nose up in the air at those silly masses of people who give a damn that the home team wins or not, in what seemed to me to be a big self induced illusion, the game, I am currently one of them. I am one of them though for different reasons, perhaps a spy or a scientist in their midst, and it feels good. Let me tell you why I think I have the fever.

Buffalo Field Campaign Update

Portland, 03.01.2006 11:38

On Sunday morning, my birthday, Stephany and I woke at 5:30, ate a hearty potato breakfast, and headed into the field. The previous afternoon's patrol had alerted us to the location of a group of five bulls and we made our way to them as the day dawned. A cottony blanket of mist clung to the Madison River and Hebgen Lake, cutting visibility to a dozen yards or so.

We decided to climb to the top of Horse Butte, hoping to lift ourselves above the fog. We reached the top and our breath was taken away, as much from the spectacular view as from the strenuous climb. Up on top the day was clear, and the snow-covered peaks of the Madison Range rose like craggy islands from the fog. We followed the ridge for a few miles, walking in the footsteps of a bison herd that had passed the same way a few days earlier.

The mist lifted in layers, periodically removing the mountains and placing us in a dream-like world and blurring the shapes of nearby trees, rock outcroppings, and one another. Then, just as suddenly, the mist would dissolve, the sky would become blue again, and the view would be restored. We followed in the tracks of buffalo along the ridge and finally down, off the Butte and back into the thick fog at the valley's bottom. As we neared the flats below, vague forms took shape. As we drew closer these forms crystallized into five magnificent bulls, each weighing nearly a ton and standing six feet tall at the hump.

Schinveld wordt ontruimd

Oost-Vlaanderen, 03.01.2006 10:07

Actiekamp schinveld (nl) wordt ontruimd

17th Yellowstone Bison Killed in Montana Hunt

United States, 03.01.2006 09:07

GARDINER, MONTANA. In spite of continuous national public outcry calling for Montana to cancel its controversial bison hunt, the state's zero-tolerance policy against the country's last wild bison continues. On New Years Day it resulted in another bison death in Gardiner, Montana, just outside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park.

In the past ten years Montana and the federal government have killed 2,477 wild Yellowstone bison, more than half of the existing herd. Twenty wild bull bison have been killed in Montana since September; seventeen have been shot by Montana hunters, two by Montana's Department of Livestock (DOL), and another was shot by a Yellowstone National Park ranger inside the Park.

An Open Letter to Wealthy Patriots, from a Gold Star Mother

Philadelphia, 03.01.2006 08:39

George Bush will be speaking at the World Affairs Council in Philadelphia on Monday. Tickets for the event are sold out, however, the luncheon tickets that are closest to Mr Bush were sold for $10,000. I would like to be at a table close enough to Mr Bush so that he could meet with me.

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