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Defenders call for “NO GAS CUT-OFFS!”

Richmond, 06.01.2006 21:08

Each winter, paying for heat is a major challenge for the area’s low-income residents. Last year between Dec. 21 and March 20, there were 1,713 gas cut-offs, according to Department of Public Utilities spokesman Bill Farrar. The department provides gas, water and a combination of gas and water to approximately 111,000 residential customers. A representative of the Defenders, a Richmond-based community organization, will be making the request to not cut off gas to any homes this winter at the first City Council meeting of 2006, scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 9, on the second floor of City Hall, 900 E. Broad St. Your support is needed! We hope everyone will join us at council that evening,” said Defender Dieyah Rasheed. “This is an important issue for the city’s working poor.”

Relaunching NC-Indymedia

North Carolina, 06.01.2006 21:08

Relaunching NC-Indymedia?

education (en)

Barcelona, 06.01.2006 20:08

a book as company

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Zapatista &quot;Other Campaign&quot; starts series of town-hall like meetings in San Cristobal . . .

Urbana-Champaign, 06.01.2006 17:38

The Zapatistas began yesterday the first of a series of town-hall like meetings that will comprise the bulk of a six-month nationwide caravan dubbed as the “Other Campaign.” The campaign will touch every state in Mexico and aspires to form a wide-ranging non-electoral and anti-capitalist alliance that can be a powerful enough of a force to implement a new constitution for Mexico.


Colombia, 06.01.2006 15:08

Masacre Paramilitar en el Meta

Schinveld (Ontruiming)

Netherlands, 06.01.2006 14:38

Het word verwacht, dat de bos in Schinveld op maandag, 9 januari ontruimt zal worden.
Indymedia Dispatch 06-44 238 148 - Deze nummer is alleen om info aan voor de tijdslijn door te geven, niet om informatie te krijgen.

[Achtergrond informatie: update 25 dec, feature 22 dec, feature 1 oct | tijdslijn | photos ]

Au Mexique, la campagne alternative commence!

Liege, 06.01.2006 12:37

Ce 1er Janvier, 2006, le convoi qui accompagne le Subcomandante Marcos et ses Zapistas sont parti de Garrucha Caracol pour San Cristobal de las Casas. Ce départ était la première étape de la nouvelle iniative anti-capitaliste des Zapatistas qui cherche a unir la gauche non-électorale du Mexique. Le voyage a culminé avec un rassemblement publique dan la Place de la Cathédrale (appelé la Place de la Résistance par les Zapatistas). Presque 300 personnes qui supportent l'initiative Zapatista sont venu écouter les commandeurs des Zapatistas et surtout, Sucomandante Marcos, maintenant connu sous le pseudonyme de Délégué Zéro. Mises-à-jour: Le Délégué Zéro arrive à Palenque | Le rappôrt UC imcista | Le rappôrt Richmond imcista [Video: 1 | 2] [Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4] Mots (en Anglais et en Espangol): Account of Jan 1st 2006 | Speech of Comandante Tacho | Speech of Comandanta Kely | Speech of Comandanta Hortensia | Junta de Buen Gobierno Camino del Futuro celebrates 12 years of the struggle of resistence Audio: Speeches at the beginning of The Other Campaign | Delegate Zero (Sub Marcos) beginning the Other Campaign | Delegate Zero-mp3 | Delegate Zero-ogg | Tacho | Kelly | The voices on the streets of Garrucha and San Cristobal | Hortensia | David | Zebedeo | cml-free radios-the beginning of the Other Campaign in Coyoacan | Radio Insurgente | Radio Zapote | Radio Ke-Huelga Lisez plus (en Anglais et en Espangol): Chiapas Indymedia | Mexico Indymedia | Centro de Medios Libres D.F. | San Diego Indymedia | NarcoNews | Enlace Zapatista | Zezta Internazional | The First Plenary of the Other Campaign | Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle Translations of EZLN communiques: 1 | 2 | 3 Radio Transmission from the beginning of the Other Campaign, from San Cristobal de las Casas: Ke Huelga Radio - 102.9 FM desde la Cd. Monstruo En San Cristóbal de las Casas - 107.5 FM Internet: mp3 | mp3 | ogg Crónica 31 de diciembre - La Garrucha | Discurso de la Junta de Buen Gobierno Lisez plus (sur Indy Liège en français): suite | Sur l’arrivée el le démarrage de l’Autre Campagne

Photos from Rep. Moran's Town Hall, with Rep. Murtha in Arlington, Va.

DC, 06.01.2006 09:08

These are photographs from the town hall meeting organized by Rep. Moran of Virginia, which included Rep. Murtha. The topic was the invasion and occupation in Iraq and the location, seating 500 and hosting many more people in a spill-over room, was inadequate for the many hundreds of people who arrived but couldn't fit. A minority of pro-war voices, along with many varying degrees of protest and criticism of the Bush administration were heard from the audience questioning the Democratic congressmen, both known for their support of the military and their different criticisms of the Bush Administration. Ex-soldiers voiced their support of the war, criticism of the politicians, and their dissent with the war and the administration -- still coupled with skepticism of the politicians; Others simply wondered if there was a way out; Many thought the indignance aired this evening was long overdue and repeated calls from the audience to impeach the president drew fervent and extended applause but not the support of the congressmen.

2006 is a Crucial Year

Philadelphia, 06.01.2006 08:39

A change in control of the House could lead to real investigations of bush criminality, and maybe to impeachment hearings.

Jesus vs. George

Philadelphia, 06.01.2006 08:39

George W. Bush won two presidential elections by playing the religion card. But is Bush a true Christian?

PhillyIMC to Join Fact-Find Tour of the South

Philadelphia, 06.01.2006 08:39

Members of the PhillyIMC will join the Poverty Initiative on a fact-finding tour of the South. The group, which also includes 40 Columbia Social Work and Union Seminary students, will meet with community groups, evacuees, and politicians in five cities to document first-hand the struggle against poverty that Katrina has brought to the nation's attention. The U.S. is the richest nation in the history of the world, yet 45 million have no health insurance, soup kitchen visits are up 150%, and child homelessness is at an all time high. Join us as the PhillyIMC highlights the grassroots efforts that offer real solutions to poverty in this country, as well as our daily log and continued coverage.

se suspende desalojo a Zaragoza

Argentina, 06.01.2006 08:08

No desalojarán la Casa Zaragoza

Eco Defence

Perth, 06.01.2006 06:39

Ludlow Tuart Forest Gathering - Friday 6th Jan

demolition in lower 9th

Houston, 06.01.2006 06:37

Lower 9th Ward Citizens fight Demolition

Mercy nurses plan Jan. 9 rally in Roseburg

Rogue Valley, 06.01.2006 05:47

Support Mercy nurses' choice to choose to join a union!

A number of folks from the Rogue Valley will be traveling to Roseburg to participate in the Monday, January 9 community rally in support of RNs and patient care. Mercy Medical Center registered nurses are organizing with the Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) to improve working conditions that directly affect patient care.

The nurses will hold a community rally Jan. 9 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. on the BLM front lawn (aka the People's Park) located at 777 NW Garden Valley Blvd. in Roseburg. In case of inclement weather the rally will be held at the Roseburg Labor Temple, 742 SE Stephens.

Come to the rally! Help maintain quality nursing care in Roseburg.

Two days later on Jan. 11 Mercy Medical Center nurses will vote on collective bargaining representation by ONA

Jeff Free Luers writes about recent arrests and death of William Rodgers

Portland, 06.01.2006 05:45

December 22, 2005 Dispatch:

This last week I've been talking to a lot of people about the recent arrests. I know what it is like to be where these people are now. In my conversations with people I can tell they are afraid. Not just for those arrested, but for themselves. Scared to talk, scared to act, and scared to support.

These people need your help. You might not know them. They might not be part of any activist community. But they represent the heart of this movement and this struggle. Because they are the ones accused of actions that have become legendary and made into songs. They are the ones bearing the brunt of this struggles' resistance. They are the scapegoats for the Department of Justice. They are suffering for every act of defiance this movement has carried out under whatever banner.

We owe it to these people to support them. We owe it to them to not be controlled by fear. YOU have to help them! If you ever considered yourself part of this struggle, a part of this movement, if you were ever just thankful somebody was brave enough to make a stand - YOU have to help them!

(As of this writing, Stanislas "Jack" Meyerhoff, one of those arrested, has agreed to testify against the others charged. Jacob Ferguson has been identified as another informant and is still free and uncharged. These men are cowards and scum of the lowest order. They should be treated accordingly.)

December 25, 2005 Dispatch

Earlier this week it was reported that William Rodgers, accused of Earth & Animal Liberation Front arsons, committed suicide in his jail cell. I know very little other than that. However, I find the circumstances suspicious and strongly encourage people to push for an investigation.

The news is incredibly sad. If William did in fact take his own life it is the first time an earth/animal liberation prisoner has done so. It is a devastating precedent.

There are four people left who desperately need your support. Write to them. Support them. Let them know they are not alone. Let them know there are people who will stand by them until they are released. Be there for them. - Jeff "Free" Luers

Free's Defense Fund; PO Box 3; Eugene, OR 97440
Portland IMC prisoner support page w/ updated info on these and other political prisoners |

Bye Bye From the Hippielawyer

Portland, 06.01.2006 05:45

Hey you all-- This is my last night in Portland, Oregon (at least living here) after being here for seventeen years. Its been one strange trip for sure. So--my parting words--ahem--no drum roll, no woids of wisdom--but some evening thoughts.

I read with interest recently some of the stuff from Jeff Luers who is a passionate thoughtful fellow and I have to agree with a lot of what he said in terms of the emergency nature of what confronts us ANd the needed real long term committment from activists to make the necessary changes.

We are at the brink of destroying the planet as we know it-environmentally we are rapidly poisoning the nest. Civil liberties are becoming distant history, economic equality a myth... This city has a lot going for it. I see people trash KBOO and it looks to me like its the fundamentalists spurting their venom on whoever and whatever disagree with them. My way or the highway. Fundamentalism, whether its left or right--is wrong and destructive.

Exposure and transparency linked to truth and accuracy unbridled by fundamentalism are powerful allies. This world will go on with us or without us. The human race is ugly and beautiful all at the same time. It has its evil side and it writes poetry and dances. But the forest is pure and the moon shines on us tonight with hope in her eye.

I love Portland and all the great people here and will miss you all so much. Regards Alan Graf--da hippielawyer

Lawmakers urge Chicago to accept Venezuela's Discounted Diesel

Chicago, 06.01.2006 05:09

CTA Take It Campaign="1" align="right" HSPACE=3 VSPACE=1>[permalink] Chicago Jan 4, 2006. - U.S. Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Chicago Aldermen Billy Ocasio, Ed Smith, State Representatives Cynthia Soto, Marlow Colvin and Larry McKeon, along with other 20 organized labor leaders and community activists, joined forces today to urge the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) to reconsider an offer by CITGO Petroleum Corporation to provide the city with discounted diesel fuel for its public buses.

Venezuelan government officials and representatives from CITGO, a subsidiary of Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA, met with Chicago officials last October to offer diesel fuel at a 40% discount for the city public buses, on the condition that the savings are passed on to riders.

The proposal to provide discounted oil products to poor communities in the U.S. was initially proposed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, during his September visit to New York for a United Nations General Assembly meeting, weeks after hurricane Katrina left thousands of poor U.S. residents without assistance from U.S. federal and local authorities.

It is unknown if the refusal to accept the offer comes from CTA Commissioner Frank Kruesi or from Mayor Richard Daley directly, but almost all of those who participated in the press conference, including State representatives Cynthia Soto, Marlow Colvin and Larry McKeon, blamed Kruesi. Read More

Related Stories: CTA Turns Down Discounted Venezuelan Oil, Raises Fares Instead | Lawmakers to CTA: Take the Fuel! | Venezuela Begins Low-Cost Heating Oil Program in New York | Chicago leaders urge CTA to accept Citgo offer

desalojo en Chaco

Argentina, 06.01.2006 05:08

Brutal desalojo a más de 200 familias en Chaco

National Latino March/Caravan announced

San Diego, 06.01.2006 04:38

"Justice for Guillermo Martinez Rodriguez and 4000 killed at border"

The latest in 11 years of mass murder and genocide of a people must stop, we demand justice. 4000 deaths, at least 4 migrants shot during failed minutemen efforts in campo area this past summer (still no answer by District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis), at least 4 migrants shot in last four months by border patrol and law enforcement and still no explanations and definitely NO JUSTIFICATION by US authorities.


La Otra Campaña

Houston, 06.01.2006 04:37

"The Other Campaign" is launched in Mexico


Argentina, 06.01.2006 04:08

desalojos en chaco

Argentina, 06.01.2006 04:08

Brutal desalojo a más de doscientas familias en Chaco


Sydney, 06.01.2006 03:38

Young ALP wants the draft

Greenpeace disrupts whaling

Melbourne, 06.01.2006 02:38

The Slaughter of an Exhausted Whale Calf

Don't Get Sick In Ireland

Ireland, 06.01.2006 02:07

'"Jaysus" sez Wag "I aint seen hoop jumping as good as this since the dolphins at Seaworld." The trials and tribulations of a sick person attempting to wade through the ridiculous state bureaucracy . Don't get sick in ireland, a friend recently advised me. Of course my friend was referring to our antiquated and underfunded hospital service where there is a better chance of catching MRSA than getting a bed. Lo and behold only a matter of weeks after this comment was made to me and I fell ill. Thankfully my illness didn't necessitate a visit to hospital, however my doctor did advise me that I would be off work for a month and maybe longer and that I should rest and avoid any stressful situations. Not to worry, I thought, sure I'm insured against this type of thing. I pay my P.R.S.I(almost 5 grand between my own and my employers contribution in 2005) and can therefore claim disability benefit. No problem there. But what about my extortionate rent? I could claim rent allowance from my local C.W.O. So I set about it. First, I had to find out where my local C.W.O operated from. I phoned what used to be the health board and after six phonecalls(daytime rates from a mobile at 55cent per minute) I discovered where to go. So off I set, down to the local health centre which turned out to be a short bus ride away. I would have walked but I am sick and walking any distance is a problem, naturally. No problem said the C.W.O, just get this form (s.w.a 3) filled out. One section to be completed by me, one by the landlord and one by Dublin City Council. No problem? This is where the real problems began. I took another bus ride to D.C.C offices on the quays to get them to stamp my form for me. Simple enough one would think, but no. Sorry, says the bloke behind the counter, but you have to fill out one of our forms first and he directs me to a stand nearby containing D.C.C housing application forms. The form turns out to be a 12 page booklet that I must fill out.However before I can hand it in to D.C.C and get my S.W.A form stamped I must take the D.C.C form away with me and bring it to the tax office to get it stamped there. Another bus ride back into O'Connell street to the tax office where there is another queue. Get the thing stamped, eventually, and it's back on the bus to the Social welfare office where i must now get them to stamp it. Back on the bus and off to D.C.C again. Another queue, and eventually I hand in this application for housing from D.C.C and get my S.W.A form stamped. Back onto the bus again and home. All that is left to do now is take the form back to my C.W.O and my rent allowance should be paid to me in due course. Six phone calls, six bus rides, endless queuing and quite a lot of stress. At my final(hopefully) visit to D.C.C I asked the girl what my chances were of being housed, none she told me. I would either need to get married and have a couple of kids or wait until I reach O.A.P status before there is any possibility of me being housed. Why all the form filling then? I asked, procedure she replied sympathetically. I mused that I was glad I hadn't got an illness that would keep me indoors or it would have been impossible for me to make my claim.The whole experience caused me to ask myself some questions: What about people who are too ill to leave their homes? What if I had been a single parent with a couple of kids, having to drag them back and forth across the city to have pieces of paper stamped?What about the phone calls and the bus fares, not to mention the stress? Who invented this ridiculous system?And is it dliberately designed to dissuade people from claiming their entitlements? Why is it necessary that in order for me to apply for rent allowance, which is a maximum of 90euro per week, that I had to go to four different state agencies to get a completely irrelevant piece of paper (a D.C.C housing application for a single person is, believe me, an irrelevant piece of paper) stamped. Why is it that a person who is certified by a medical doctor as being sick is expected to go through this ridiculous charade? So I'm passing on the advice I received from my friend, good advice it turned out to be, do not whatever you do, get sick in Ireland. Other stories: No time for small details in emergency

8 detidos e vários feridos na comunidade Carlos Lamarca

Brasil, 06.01.2006 01:38



Sydney, 06.01.2006 00:38

The Root of Poverty is, Literally, Belief in Pride

Overturning Roe v Wade is Grounds for Civil War

Tennessee, 06.01.2006 00:09

If the illegitimately elected president of United States stacks the Supreme Court with illegitimately appointed political hacks who then overturn Roe v. Wade doing away with a woman's freedom and right to choose, removing a woman's right to the sovereign control of her own body and therefore her own destiny, fundamentally reducing a woman's role in our society back to the status of chattel I will have no choice but to exercise my constitutional right to arm myself and declare a civil war in order to defend my wife, daughter and granddaughter from what is so obviously a tyrannical and lawless government.

Geese for Peace

DC, 05.01.2006 23:08

Standing up for peace down on the Delmarva.

Out of Iraq Events Planned Nationwide for January 7th

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.01.2006 22:08

Over 100 "Out of Iraq" events have been planned for cities around the country, to take place on Saturday January 7th. While all of these events will focus on ending the US war and occupation of Iraq, many of them will also address Congressman John Conyers' new resolutions to censure President Bush and Vice President Cheney and to create a select committee to investigate and make recommendations on impeachment. In Northern California, events will be held on Saturday in places like Sacramento, San Francisco, San Anselmo, Mount Shasta, Hayward, and Napa.
Read More On Indybay's Anti-War And US Pages


Colombia, 05.01.2006 22:08


Despidos en VW

Argentina, 05.01.2006 16:08

Jueves 5 de enero de 2005 | Tensa calma en la planta
Conflicto en Volkswagen

Conflicto en Volkswagen

Argentina, 05.01.2006 16:08

Jueves 5 de enero de 2005 | Tensa calma en la planta
Conflicto en Volkswagen

Despidos en VW

Argentina, 05.01.2006 15:08

Jueves 5 de enero de 2005 | Tensa calma en la planta
Conflicto en Volkswagen

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 05.01.2006 14:07

konservi la ĉiesaĵon kaj vigligi vivejojn

[Mer la 14an dec je la 20a h.] ::: Manifestacio kontraŭ la spekulado en Coll-Vallcarca {malpermesita}
[Ven la 16an dec je la 19a h.] ::: Mani-Festa-Acció (manifestacio+festo+ago): Can Ricart > Repensi la urbon {fotoj} {filmeoj -portebla projekciilo - portebla manifestaci-ekrano}
[Sab la 17an dec je la 11a h.] ::: Barakumi en Gràcia!

vakigoj_> La Okupita Socia Centro Euterpe en danĝero! >< Na Bastardes vakigita, festomarŝo tra Manresa >< La Makabra: Urĝa komuniko pro vakigordono >< La provinca kortumo de Madrid ratifikas la absolvon de la 16 akuzitoj pro okupado de El Laboratorio03 >< Proceso kontraŭ la kaptitoj dum la vakigo de Kan Titella >< Oni vakigas la Okupitan Socian Centron La Casa del Lago (Getafe, Madrido) >
novaj okupadoj kaj iniciatoj_> Vizitante Can Ricart >< KBB, alia kreejo en danĝero >< 16/12/2005-Festomarŝo kontraŭ la spekulado en Poblenou >< Ni savu Can Ricart >< Nova okupado en Terrassa >< Reokupado en El Clot >< Urbo, urbanismo kaj spekulado - kino kaj debato >< Festomarŝoj kontraŭ la spekulado en Terrassa >< Mapo de problemoj + solvoj: la loĝado >< Plifirmiĝas la okupita spaco en Zaragoza >< Manifesto "Ni protektu Horta de Lleida" >< Aktivaĵoj en Kasalet de Terrassa >< Kidnapo de membro de la sanktularo el Berguedà >

+infoj:: >>>spekulado

Penggusuran Warga Miskin di Pisangan Jakarta Timur

Jakarta, 05.01.2006 14:07

sejumlah warga terluka, dianiaya, ditangkap Penggusuran di kelurahan Pisangan, Jakarta Timur, Rabu kemarin menyisakan kepedihan pada rakyat setempat. Negara dianggap tidak berperikemanusiaan dan memperlakukan warga masyarakat seperti binatang liar. ...

Chiapas: A Outra Campanha

Portugal, 05.01.2006 13:08

Chiapas: A Outra Campanha

40 Million Dead: Animals Tortured and Murdered for Vanity

Chicago, 05.01.2006 09:09

On Friday, November 25th, approximately 120 Chicago animal rights activists came out in force for the annual Fur Free Friday march. Despite the bitter cold and a heavy police presence, activists congregated in Daley Plaza before marching on fur-supporting businesses (such as: Marshall Fields, Nordstrom, Andriana Furs, Elan's Furs, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales) in Chicago. The march was dedicated to animal liberation prisoner Peter Young.

Preceding the march, a rally took place where activists and other passers-by were educated to the horrors of the fur industry via bullhorn.

"Each year over 40,000,000 animals are killed by the fur industry" could be heard echoing through Daley Plaza, "these animals die by gassing, trapping, anal or vaginal electrocution and other equally barbaric, grisly methods."

Delicious, vegan hot cocoa was served at the end of the march to everyone who participated courtesy of Chicago Soy Dairy.

Activists recognized that one march was never going to stop the fur industry. Participants were left with the following words:

"The fur industry isn't going to stop killing animals unless we stop them. If you ever need inspiration to keep fighting, just watch some footage of what goes on on fur farms. Look into the eyes of the animals right before they die. See them tense and then go limp as their lives are robbed for the sake of vanity, because the look in their eyes will give you more reason to keep fighting than any words I could ever speak to you. The 40,000,000 animals that die every year should be the only inspiration needed to destroy this industry, to drive the final nail into the coffin and put it in the ground where it belongs!"

To get involved. e-mail or and ask to be added to the announce list to be kept up to date for future animal rights actions taking place in Chicago. Read the full article here.

Additional Information: Fur Kills | Neiman Carcass | Fur Is Dead | Infurmation

Human Rights wanted

darwin, 05.01.2006 07:40

Darwin - Human Rights Art Award and Exhibition

Target says NO

darwin, 05.01.2006 07:40

NT BAN the BOMBing protest at KBR

Poor bastard

darwin, 05.01.2006 07:40

The murder of Nguyen Tuong Van

Deaths in custody

darwin, 05.01.2006 07:40

Vigil and petition hand over - New inquiry into the death in custody of Douglas Scott

More NT Nuke madness

darwin, 05.01.2006 07:40

Rum Jungle a nuclear target - miner proposes to rehabilitate only after further pollution

Deadly Border Patrol Incident Not Isolated

San Diego, 05.01.2006 07:39

The San Diego Area Office of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) condemns the wave of violence that has swept the San Diego border region in the last six-months, as result of deadly force employed by US Border Patrol Agents while apprehending migrants.

Human Rights Training in Vista, Sat Jan 7

San Diego, 05.01.2006 07:39

As many of us are aware, the violence from our law enforcement officers and many other groups, towards our communities is still ongoing. As with this incident last week in carslbad

Another Taser Failure Results in Death

Portland, 05.01.2006 05:42

Once again, a suspect's failure to respond properly to getting zapped with fifty thousand volts, has resulted in the logical sequiter: The cops "transitioned to more lethal force," and shot and killed him. Of course, he was apparently in a stolen car, so that makes it o.k.

The story so far, goes like this: A police officer shot and killed a man in a car in Northeast Portland early Wednesday morning. The shooting occurred after the police lieutenant's sister called him and said she saw a strange car by her house when she looked out her window. The officer said he was nearby so he checked it out and asked for backup around 2 a.m. When he got there, the officer said a man was slumped over in the car so he opened the door. The man had been sleeping, got scared when he saw the police officer and stepped on the gas. Police said the man hit a tree and kept trying to back up. That's when they said a second officer tasered the man. Police said this didn't stop him and the lieutenant shot and killed him. Read More [ Pigs murder again | another Fouad Kaady death! ]

Daniel McGowan Next Court Date

Portland, 05.01.2006 05:42

According to the federal courts in Eugene (on Jan 4) Daniel's status conference (next hearing) will be held on Jan 25, in the Eugene Federal Courthouse, in Judge Coffin's Court, at 1:30 pm. Questions and concerns can be directed to

Read More [ Jeff Free Luers writes about recent arrests and death of William Rodgers | Are Government Agents Planning ELF Arson? ]

No 4437

Houston, 05.01.2006 05:40

Anti-immigrant legislation passes in the US House

demolition in lower 9th

Houston, 05.01.2006 04:37

Lower 9th Ward Citizens fight Demolition

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