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Earth First! Organizers' Conference and Winter Rendezvous

Miami, 12.01.2006 06:37

Earth First! Organizers' Conference and Winter Rendezvous

DIMIA conspiracy against Ali Bakhtiyari

Adelaide, 12.01.2006 04:37

#media_11687;left# The Bakhtiyari family are arguably the most high-profile and most vilified of asylum seekers to have been imprisoned for years under Australia's punitive system of mandatory detention. Ethnic Hazaras from Afghanistan, the family's cultural and national identity was challenged by the Federal Government, and used to cast doubt upon the family's credibility. The mainstream media were often complicit in the propaganda campaign against the Bakhtiyaris. Forcibly deported without proper travel documents to Pakistan in late 2004, the family now remain in a precarious position. Their case highlights fundamental problems in the system used for assessment of refugee status, including the government's wilful covering up of mistakes, by adding more lies and disinformation to already flawed information. One clear example of this is the process revealed by Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) member Giles Short in determining the case of Ali Bakhtiyari, who had originally been granted refugee status. Mr Short preferred to use 'evidence' gathered by Australian journalists from the Age and the Sun-Herald, over official letters from the Governor of the home province of the Bakhtiyaris.

National Security Agency mounted massive spy op on Baltimore peace group, documents show

Baltimore, 12.01.2006 04:09

he National Security Agency has been spying on a Baltimore anti-war group, according to documents released during litigation, going so far as to document the inflating of protesters' balloons, and intended to deploy units trained to detect weapons of mass destruction, RAW STORY has learned.

Mr.Hetero Contest

Worcester, 12.01.2006 03:39

Mr. Hetero Contest at Mechanics Hall

Antifa-Aktion am 26. Jänner 2006 in Wien

Austria, 12.01.2006 03:07

Die rechtsextremen Organisationen AfP und BFJ kündigen für Donnerstag, 26. Jänner 2006 eine Veranstaltung in ihrem Vereinslokal in Wien an. Dieses Treffen soll der Vernetzung der gewaltbereiten rechtsextremen Szene dienen. Antifaschistische Gruppen rufen zu einer Gegenkundgebung auf: Donnerstag, 26. Jänner 2005 ab 18:30 vor dem Haus in der Koppstrasse Nr. 72 / Ecke Kreitnergasse, 1160 Wien.

Inhalt: Zur Veranstaltung | Zu den VeranstalterInnen | AFP, BFJ und Wiederbetätigung? | Antifaschistischer Widerstand | Links

Freitag der 13. im Jänner 2006

Austria, 12.01.2006 03:07

Seit 2002 verwandelt das F13-Netzwerk an den zwei bis drei mal im Jahr wiederkehrenden, mythischen Unglückstagen die Straßen von Wien in Tage überraschender Straßenaktionen. Alle Personen und Initiativen aus dem sozialen und künstlerischen Bereich, alle Eigeninitiativen diskriminierter Gruppen und alle, die in deren Interesse handeln sind eingeladen, an jedem Freitag dem 13. eigene Ideen zu verwirklichen und so einen Beitrag zu leisten, eine Art neuen urbanen "Volxbrauch" zu entwickeln. Alle Gruppen bestimmen Ort, Tageszeit und Typus der Aktivitäten selbst. Die Aktionen richten sich gegen die soziale Ausgrenzung "unerwünschter" und "ökonomisch unnützlicher" Milieus, Gruppen und Individuen.

Am Freitag dem 13. Jänner 2006 finden den Tag über zahlreiche Aktionen statt. Den Höhepunkt bietet der subversive Karneval von unten, ein Faschingsumzug mit SängerInnen, Radical CheerleaderInnen, Clowns, JongleurInnen, PerformerInnen und vielen verkleideten oder einfach ungehorsamen Menschen. Sie verlachen die Macht und holen sich das Leben, das allen zusteht! Mit leckerer Volxküche, literweise Punsch, einem Kost-Nix-Laden auf Rädern, lauten Marchingbands und anderer Straßenmusik von Samba bis Tekkno, offenem Mikrofon, unzähligen Performances und noch vielem mehr. Alles ist möglich. Treffpunkt ist ab 15:30 Uhr am Margaretenplatz im 5. Wiener Bezirk. Abgeschlossen wird der Tag mit einem Fest im Amerlinghaus, Stiftgasse 8, 1070 Wien.

Links: F13: Freitag der Dreizehnte | Plakat 1 | Plakat 2 (pdf) | F13 im Jänner heißt auch: Fasching von Unten!

Activist San Diego Film series Presents:

San Diego, 12.01.2006 02:08

Free film series and discussion on WTO, IMF, World Bank and Free Trade Area Agreements........

Jan. 5th- Breaking the Spell – Anarchists and the radical Left at the
1999 WTO ministerial meeting in Seattle.

Jan. 12th- This is What Democracy Looks Like – A holistic account of the resistance and reasons for it that shut down the 1999 WTO
ministerial meeting in Seattle.

Jan. 19th- Praha 2000 – People from around the world converge in Prague and use diverse tactics to resist the IMF and World Bank’s
efforts to colonize the globe.

Jan. 26th- The Miami Model – Folks come from all over to stop the FTAA
(free trade area of the Americas) and learn about what a police state looks like.

Religious Groups Support Marriage Equality

San Diego, 12.01.2006 02:08

A coalition of religious organizations and spiritual leaders have filed a brief in California's pending marriage-equality cases -- supporting marriage as a fundamental civil right, and defending the right of same-sex couples to wed.

Frist’s Backroom Coup Is a Shot in the Arm for Drug Industry

Tennessee, 11.01.2006 23:09

Advocates Say Legislation is a Slap in the Face of Consumers Exploiting anxieties about avian flu, Republicans sneakily passed legislation right before the holiday recess that shields the drug industry from being held legally accountable when flu vaccines and other pharmaceuticals used to treat pandemic diseases cause death, disability or serious sickness. Majority Leader Frist attached it as a provision in a completely unrelated defense spending bill. Congress put corporate interests above the public interest and passed this unsafe, unfair, and unnecessary legislation.

Miles de folletos, programas y campañas

Uruguay, 11.01.2006 23:08

La hipocresía del VIH/SIDA

ecologia (ca)

Barcelona, 11.01.2006 23:07

el petroli :: El problema és el model de consum

les alarmes : La fi de l'era del petroli || El món davant del zenit del petroli || La vida després del col·lapse || L'ocàs de l'Era || El petroli barat s'ha acabat || Carta des del futur
oïdes cíniques :: El Pla Energètic Català, de las energètiques || Pla energètic català reconeix els riscos del zenit del petroli || Evo tranquil·litza les petroleres, només hi haurà nacionalització simbòlica || Las nacions pobres s'estan quedant sense accés al petroli || Sang per petroli || L'Ajuntament de Barcelona prohibeix el transport sostenible (skates i patins)
ens autodestruirem? Els Reptes de l'Energia al SXXI || BCN : Presenten Manifest per la Desobediència Energètica || Desafiament a la sostenibilitat || Cap a on camina el nostre món? Les energies no són eternes, no ho oblidem


ecologia (es)

Barcelona, 11.01.2006 23:07

el petróleo :: El problema es el modelo de consumo

las alarmas : El fin de la era del petroleo || El mundo delante del cenit del petroleo || La vida después del colapso || El Ocaso de la Era || El petróleo barato se ha acabado || Carta desde el futuro
oidos cínicos :: El Plan Energético Catalán, de las energéticas || Pla energètic català reconoce los riesgos del cenit del petroleo || Evo tranquiliza a las petroleras, sólo habrá nacionalización simbólica || Las naciones pobres se estan quedando sin acceso al petroleo || Sangre por petroleo || El Ayuntamiento de Barcelona prohibe el transporte sostenible (skates y patines)
nos autodestruiremos? Los Retos de la Energia en el SXXI || BCN : Presentan Manifesto por la Desobediencia Energética || Desafíos a la sostenibilidad || ¿Hacia donde camina el nuestro mundo? Las energías no son eternas, no lo olvidemos


SHAC 7 Trial Set to Start January 23rd

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.01.2006 22:38

Seven animal activists now known as the SHAC 7 are set to be tried starting January 23rd for violating the Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. The charges stem from their alleged participation in the campaign to close the vivisection labs of Huntingdon Life Sciences, operating a website that reported on and expressed support for protest activity against Huntingdon. They face an aggregate of 23 years in Federal Prison. A benefit and video screening will be held in Oakland on Wednesday, January 11th at 7:00pm.

Read more on Indybay's Animal Liberation and East Bay News Pages

Press Conference/Rally to Stop the Execution Planned for January 12th

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.01.2006 22:38

A Press Conference/Rally to Stop The Execution of Clarence Ray Allen will be held on Thursday, January 12th at 4:00 PM in San Francisco. Despite pending legislation that would halt all executions in California, Clarence Ray Allen's death has been scheduled for 12:01am on January 17th. A day of action to protest the execution of Clarence Ray Allen will be held on January 16th. The day will start with a Walk for Abolition from San Francisco to San Quentin Prison. There will be protests in Sacramento, Fresno, Palo Alto, Berkeley, San Rafael, El Cerrito, and many other cities in California.

Read more on Indybay's Police and Prisons and California News Pages

Sea Shepherd: Ram and Disable Pirate Whalers

Aotearoa, 11.01.2006 21:38

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is planning to escalate the whaling confrontation by ramming and disabling ships of the Japanese whaling fleet to stop the illegal and ruthless slaughter of whales in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary, and has already sideswiped a Japanese whaling supply ship, the Oriental Bluebird.

"What part of the word ‘sanctuary’ do the whalers not understand?" said Captain Paul Watson from onboard the Sea Shepherd ship Farley Mowat. "The whalers have assaulted whale defenders with water cannons and wooden poles. The whalers have rammed two Greenpeace ships [1,2] and attempted to ram the Farley Mowat. With every attack the whalers plead innocence. The whalers are far from innocent. They are criminals involved in a criminal operation and they must be stopped."

Fact Finding Mission: Day 3

Philadelphia, 11.01.2006 20:38

Day three on our tour brought us back to the Taskforce for the Homeless shelter where we interviewed several residents, an Americorps member, as well as Executive Director Anita Beaty.

Fact Finding Mission: Day 4

Philadelphia, 11.01.2006 20:38

Today we visited Pensacola, Florida, which was devastated by Hurricane Ivan 19 months ago. Although inadequate, the crisis response from both the federal and state Bush governments were far superior to New Orleans’ experience following Hurricane Katrina. Some believe that this quick response has to do with the with fact that Pensacola has a heavy military presence – including several bases – and a big tourist industry sitting on the beaches of the Gulf.

Interview with Jeanette Foreman of the S.O.S. coalition - Uncut

Philadelphia, 11.01.2006 20:38

We met with a charismatic member of the Saving Ourselves Coalition, a group coordinating and training grassroots organization to help with relief and support efforts in the Gulf Region, as well as addressing poverty issues in Atlanta. Here is the uncut interview from an outdoor cafe in Atlanta.

Atlanta’s Plan for a Revitalized Downtown Displacing Homeless and Working Poor

Philadelphia, 11.01.2006 20:38

The hidden price of Atlanta’s much ballyhooed downtown revitalization can be found at the corners of Peachtree and Pine. Not far from the city’s newly christened $200 million Aquarium sits the Task Force for the Homeless, a converted warehouse sheltering 500 to 700 hundred homeless persons per night.

DEA y paramilitares en Colombia

Colombia, 11.01.2006 18:38

Agentes de la DEA en Colombia colaboran con narcos y paramilitares

Estas Funao!!!

santiago, 11.01.2006 18:09

Enrique Sandoval Arancibia. Funcionario de la Municipalidad de Providencia

International citizens' commission attempts to serve indictments at White House

DC, 11.01.2006 18:08

Activists representing the International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed By the Bush Administration tried to deliver an indictment against George W. Bush today at the White House. While the papers -- carried to the gate by former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern -- were ultimately not accepted, about two dozen participants and supporters attracted the attention of media, tourists, and the secret service as they held a press conference and then approached the White House's Northwest Appointment Gate.

Radio Literature Host

Madison, 11.01.2006 15:08

Radio Literature, WORT-FM, January 10, 2006

Tuesday Counter Recruitment Rally Details

Portland, 11.01.2006 14:38

The Tuesday at 5:30 counter recruitment protest has drawn a dissenter. I noticed him immediately upon arrival. He was different because he stood alone wearing a white shirt, jacket and a '40's brim hat. We set up candles, and posters in front of the recruitment office at 1317 NE Broadway. A number of our supporters are from Veterans for Peace. When the dissenter shouted his opinions, one vet who had been a medic in Viet Nam, shouted back. They were loud, and got up chest-to-chest. A nonviolence proponent said he told them if they used fists, he would step between them. They didn't, but the vibrations were chilling! They continued shouting until our vet went to withdraw money for the dissenter to go to Walter Reed Hospital.

Portugal: campeão da deslocalização

Portugal, 11.01.2006 14:08

Portugal: campeão da deslocalização

&quot;Just Us&quot; Action Against SCPD Spying

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.01.2006 10:08

01/10/06 - Around 100 Santa Cruzans showed up at the City Council today to demand a denouncement and investigation into the Santa Cruz Police Department's infiltration of a local group's organizing meetings.

Far from being limited to the individuals that were spied on, protesters included former mayors, the ACLU, artists, peaceniks, high school students, UCSC Students Against War members that were recently spied on by the Pentagon, and a local man who fled fascist Czechoslovakia.

From the "Just Us" Campaign and Rally announcement:

"The Santa Cruz Police Department was discovered infiltrating and conducting undercover surveillance of two of the meetings of the organizers of the Last Night DIY Parade, which was a totally peaceful, positive, and creative event in downtown Santa Cruz on New Years Eve!!..."

"This event was organized by 'just us' - 'just us' the people who live here, work here, and try to create positive and peaceful change - if this group can be spied on, so can any of the rest of our groups."

Audio: Mayor Cynthia Matthews on SCPD Spying


Sydney, 11.01.2006 09:38

Prison boss investigated over alleged cell bashing

Chinese Consulate sucks

Houston, 11.01.2006 08:07

Chinese Consulate Refuses WTO Solidarity Letter

FRSC: Interview with Chris Hannah of Propagandhi

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.01.2006 07:40

John Malkin interviews Chris Hannah of Propagandhi on location at their Vet's Hall performance on 11-30-05 in downtown Santa Cruz.

Propagandhi is a progressive punk rock/thrash band formed in Winnipeg, Canada in 1992 by Chris Hannah, Jord Samolesky and John K. Samson.

Featuring noticable political involvement especially taking on ignored topics and standing up against human rights violations, the band's political attitude includes anti-racism, anti-imperialism, anti-fascism, anarchism and anti-capitalism. Moral and ethical attitudes include pacifism and veganism.

Audio: Download the Interview (mp3) (50:12 minutes / 46 MB)

Tune in to The Great Leap Forward every Wednesday at 7pm on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101fm.

Clarence Ray Allen: Due to be Executed Jan 17, 2006

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.01.2006 06:10

California is speeding up executions. Clarence Ray Allen is next.

Clarence Allen is currently 75 years old and will turn 76 one day before his scheduled execution. He is very infirm, has suffered from a heart attack and diabetes and uses a wheelchair. He will be forced to walk the final few feet to the death chamber at San Quentin.

The prosecution's case rests primarily on the testimony of some of the accomplices involved in the second crime. They have all since stated at one time or another that they lied at Mr. Allen's 2nd trial. That, plus the fact that Mr. Allen is an American Indian has some very concerned that his execution is unjust. Others simply say that while there is no excuse for how the victims died, the death penalty is wrong and Mr. Allen should be given Clemency. Governor Schwarzenegger has refused to hold any kind of Clemency hearing for Mr. Allen. [ Who is Clarence Ray Allen? (.pdf) ]

There is a rally planned in San Francisco for Thursday, January 12. There is also going to be a rally at San Quentin on Monday, January 16, night of the execution. [ Fyler (.pdf) ] It is also quite likely that there will be a Death Penalty Focus vigil at the town clock in downtown Santa Cruz on the night of the execution.

Audio: Rockin' the Boat: CA Revs Up Death Chamber as Support for Capital Punishment Declines

Eco Defence

Perth, 11.01.2006 05:11

AP6 Protest - World's biggest polluter collusion

America's heart turned black

Miami, 11.01.2006 04:07

America's heart turned black


Sydney, 11.01.2006 02:38

Sea Shepherd Intends to Ram and Disable Pirate Whalers

Direct Action against Japanese Whaling

Melbourne, 11.01.2006 02:38

Sea Shepherd Intends to Ram and Disable Pirate Whalers

From the Newswire

Perth, 11.01.2006 01:39

Suicide Related Material Offences Act

Indígenas desocupam sede da Funasa em Vitória/ES depois de 30 horas

Brasil, 11.01.2006 01:38


Tenncare Activsts Gather to Demand Reversal of Cuts and Expansion of Access to Care

Tennessee, 11.01.2006 00:09

Tenncare Protests Begin Anew Nashville, TN: On the opening day of a special session concerning ethics, about forty Tenncare activists gathered in the lobby of the State Legislature to demand a reversal of the Tenncare cuts and expanded access to health care for all Tennesseans. Don Duvall, who spent six months at the State Capital last year protesting the Tenncare cuts, said he was there to send a message, "We are going to let the legislators know that there are a lot of Tenncare enrollees who are dissatisfied and scared. We are talking about people here, we are not talking about numbers. This is the most important thing going on in the entire world as far as I am concerned and I hope the public gets involved." The protesters held a silent vigil while one of them read the names of enrollees who had lost their coverage in the previous year. State Legislators had to pass the protesters in order to get to the start of the special three week session on ethics.


Sydney, 10.01.2006 23:39

Anti-state Dis-memorial for Kerry Packer

Evo Morales gana. �Algo cambia?

Euskal Herria, 10.01.2006 23:38

Animal Liberation

Sydney, 10.01.2006 22:38

De-livering for Christmas

hay 20 presos por los hechos de haedo

Argentina, 10.01.2006 22:38

Miércoles 10 de Enero de 2006 | FURIA CONTRA TBA
20 personas continúan detenidas luego de los hechos en la estación de Haedo

Growing Diversity

Worcester, 10.01.2006 20:09

The Changing Face of Worcester

¡Ya Basta! Bristol!

Bristol, 10.01.2006 20:07

Latin American Forum Public Meeting - 26/01/06 Latin American Forum Public Meeting - 26/01/06 Kevin writes: Latin American Forum Public Meeting, [about] organising an event of workshops, speakers, food, music and film to celebrate the revolutionary social, economic and cultural changes being pursued by popular movements across Latin America. Thursday the 26th of January, 7.30-9.30pm at La Ruca health food shop/ cafe, 89 Gloucester Road, Bristol. Full article | Latin American Forum Public Meeting | Latin American Newswire: | universities ban Coca-Cola due to alleged links with paramilitaries ( | Bolivia - With 51 Percent, Evo is President-Elect ( | Zapatistas Reloaded ( | Colombia - Corrupt DEA Agents Help Paramilitaries ( | Argentina - Economic rehab ignores IMF ( |

Bringing Down the House, and Channel X Compilations!

Urbana-Champaign, 10.01.2006 16:09

A bit of wishful thinking, I suppose.

Justice Denied: A History of the Walker Trial

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.01.2006 15:08

The manslaughter trial of State Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement Agent Michael Walker for the February, 2004 killing of Rudy Cardenas was a sensation in San Jose. After a high-speed chase through downtown, Walker shot Cardenas, a father of five, in what many thought was a clear case of criminal police violence. The Deputy District Attorney, Lane Liroff, became kind of a hero to those who attended the trial, but he was unable to win a conviction. On the day of the verdict, Rudy's daughter Regina Cardenas said she was "Completely appalled. We didn’t think [acquittal] was a possibility at all." Indybay writer/photographer Peter Maiden covered the trial.

Read more on Indybay's Police State and South Bay News Pages

Free Theresa Cruz

San Diego, 10.01.2006 15:08

Theresa Cruz, San Diego native, has been held in prison for 15 years. Now the parole board is recommending her release. Write the governor urging him to approve it!

Past Story: Theresa Cruz eligible for parole

See Also: San Diego CCWP | California Coalition for Women Prisoners | Free Battered Women

Some WTC History You Might Not Know

Portland, 10.01.2006 14:08

I lived in New York in the 1960's, when the twin towers were planned and just going up. The 60's was an era of intense urban destruction and frantic build-up in New York. Some of the midtown areas cleared and targeted for "development" looked like they had been bombed, while other outlying residential areas, red-lined by the banks, decayed into abandoned free-fire zones.

I left New York in 1971 before the twin towers became the prominent feature of the Manhattan skyline. They were not part of my New York, I am glad to say, for I think I would have resented this development as I did some other new structures, like the hideous Pan Am Building that was stuck up over Park Avenue and Grand Central Station.

The area targeted for the WTC included a neighborhood I loved called Radio Row. The district began in the 1920's and grew into an experimenter's dream world of many blocks where exotic surplus electronics, the fall-out of defense technology, spilled out into the street. The electronics storekeepers organized. God knows how many other downtown communities organized. They got little coverage in The Times. All resistance was crushed.


Sydney, 10.01.2006 12:39

Exhibition for Tassie's Forests

Terra Nullius by attrition

Melbourne, 10.01.2006 12:39

Yorta Yorta Celebration of Survival

Índia: Libertadas 55 crianças que trabalhavam em escravatura

Portugal, 10.01.2006 11:38

Índia: Libertadas 55 crianças que trabalhavam em escravatura

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