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alia mondo eblas (eo)

Barcelona, 16.01.2006 10:07

kun akompana libro

arkivoj :: biblioteko Kilombo -- reinaŭguro de la socia biblioteko La Hoguera -- Nova sendependisma kaj popola centro kun biblioteko!-- konstruo de biblioteko en Saharo -- Ruedo Ibérico -- strataj bibliotekoj -- arkivaro de laboristaj ĵurnaloj inter 1917-1923 -- la arkiva angulo -- Socia Biblioteko -- Virtuala Anarkiisma Biblioteko -- ALEPHANDRIA: Enromp-aktivula Kopilibera Arkivo v. 1.0 -- Projekto Gutenberg: libroj kun aŭtoraj rajtoj kadukitaj -- Ateneu Enciclopèdic Popular -- Libertad Kondicional : (mal)nova sekcio : biblioteko-- Debat-rondo en "La libre" (Santander) -- revidi la virinojn kaj la Falagon [hispanan faŝisman partion] en la bibliotekoj -- la biblioteko

+infoj:: >>>edukado kaj socio

A luta por Nhanderu Marangatu

Brasil, 16.01.2006 06:09


apache migrant worker situation

New Orleans, 16.01.2006 03:39

NOLA reconstruction workers challenge extortion by officials & “labor coyotes”

West Papua

Sydney, 16.01.2006 03:38

Massive Pollution and Corruption

Whalers use Public Relations to twist the truth

Melbourne, 16.01.2006 03:38

Japanese Government misleads public about whaling protests

Haiti: BM

Istanbul, 16.01.2006 01:08

Haiti'de Brezilyalı generalin ölümünün ardından BM ve seçkinler şiddeti tırmandırıyor


Colombia, 16.01.2006 00:38

VI Foro Descentralizado

Brighton campaigners to march on US Embassy

United Kingdom, 16.01.2006 00:38

A BRIGHTON campaign is taking part in a national march on the American Embassy to call for justice for British residents held in Guantanamo Bay, the US concentration camp in Cuba.

Ein Jahr Hartz IV

Germany, 16.01.2006 00:37

Zum Jahresende wird im Medienwald Bilanz gezogen, leider mit wenig Überraschungen. Die Armut hat zugenommen mit dem Verelendungsprogramm Hartz IV. ALG II-EmpfängerInnen wurden und werden auf den Ämtern schikaniert, erhielten die ihnen zustehenden Zahlungen nicht und legten massenweise Widerspruch ein. Die Beratungsstellen erlebten einen massiven Ansturm, und arbeiteten selbst oft ehrenamtlich weit über die Erschöpfungsgrenze hinaus. Ob 2006 wieder mehr Protest auf der Straße zu erwarten ist?

update 3.1.06: Agenturschluß: Hartz IV- Bilanz | Tacheles | Gerichtsentscheide zu SGB II und XII | net news global | Infos zu ALG II

Waldbesetzung in Schinveld (NL)

Germany, 16.01.2006 00:37

In Schinveld, nahe der Deutsch-Niederländischen Grenze haben Aktivisten der Groenfront und andere Menschen Bäume besetzt, um die Erweiterung eines AWACS-Stützpunktes zu verhindern.

Links: Themenseite bei Indymedia NL | Groenfront | Hintergrundbericht

Laufende Updates im Artikel - Räumung hat begonnen!
Letztes Update: 19:30 Uhr

Greenpeace Expedition gegen Waljagd

Germany, 16.01.2006 00:37

Seit Anfang Dezember befinden sich die Greenpeace Schiffe “Esperanza” und “Arctic Sunrise” auf See und verfolgen die japanische Walfangflotte. In der äußerst ungemütlichen antarktischen See südlich von Tasmanien war, nachdem japanische Walfänger in ausgewiesene Walschutzgebiete eindrangen, direct action angesagt. Nach den üblichen Aktionen geht es jetzt scheinbar ein wenig härter zu – ein japanischer Walfänger rammte ein Greenpeace Schiff.

Arbeitskämpfe in der Welt von 1870 - 1996

Germany, 16.01.2006 00:37

Statistischer Rückblick auf den Gesamtverlauf von 125 Jahren Arbeiterbewegungen in der Welt seit 1870:
Wann waren Höhepunkte, wann Tiefpunkte der Arbeitskämpfe?
Wie unterschieden sich die Kämpfe in den kapitalistischen Metropolen von denen der Peripherie?
Welche Bedingungen förderten Arbeitermilitanz?
Welche Bedingungen dämpften sie?
Die amerikanische Soziologin Beverly J. Silver wertete die Datenbank der "World Labor Group" über einen Zeitraum von 125 Jahren aus, um "ein angemessenes Bild der langfristigen weltweiten Verlaufsmuster von Arbeiterunruhen zu erhalten".

Update: Shipbreaking on the Oregon Coast?

Portland, 15.01.2006 23:38

The question of whether or not to allow Bay Bridge Enterprises of Virginia to establish a shipbreaking/salvage operation in Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon is getting closer to a decision.

The Friends of Yaquina Bay want the Port of Newport to deny a letter of intent with Bay Bridge Enterprises. Another opposition group is called the Save Yaquina Bay Committee. Both groups have a common goal of keeping a shipbreaking operation out of Yaquina Bay. Their methods, however, differ.

/a> | Shipbreaking on the Oregon Coast? | background info | Greenpeace analysis of Shipbreaking

Most Powerful Fighting Force on Earth

Portland, 15.01.2006 23:38

Today the most powerful fighting force ever assembled on the planet did a classic cut and run when faced with an assult by a small group armed with paper signs and drums.

PPRC has a counter recruiting demo every second saturday of the month, starting at 11 am. at the recruiting office near lloyd center ( 13th and ne broadway)

Today members arrived to find the office closed.

Slaughter in Bajaur

Portland, 15.01.2006 23:38

This indiscriminate attack on the villagers in Pakistan is just one more example of collective punishment and it is another event that is, by any standards, a significant and major war crime.

On Friday, January 13, an American air strike killed at least 18 people in Pakistan. Eight of them were women and six of them were children. Children that had to be protected from scary things like ghosts and goblins by their mothers were suddenly snuffed out by American bombs. Those that survive will live in fear for the rest of their lives after such a brutal and inhumane event. After such a slaughter, it will be imposible for mothers or anybody else make those children feel secure. The psychological impact of war on the survivors is far more severe than most people imagine.

Collective Punishment: This is not an aberration and that is what is most alarming. We have come to look at such events as if its just another American mistake. How many times have innocent villagers been massacred by Americans? The Americans will say that they have received bad intelligence and deem it an unfortunate event. But what is really going on here is collective punishment. This feature of American foriegn policy is not new. The sanctions that were imposed on Iraq killed many thousands of Iraqi children and some estimate that over one million Iraqis have died as a result of them. It was collective punishment on a grand scale. The mass slaughter that is still happening all over Iraq is an extension of this. What happened in Falluja was another example of collective punishment when Falluja was singled out after American bodies were abused in public. There are many more.

What will happen regarding the attack in Bajaur on the 13th, predicatably, is that the Americans will say that they acted on false information. What is important to notice here is that they won't deny they did it. They want the world to know they did it.

Support for Sacramento Eco-Prisoners

Portland, 15.01.2006 23:38

This is an announcement from Sacramento Prisoner Support about the three recent arrestees...

Three people were arrested on Friday, January 13, 2006 in Auburn,
California and accused of being an ELF cell and plotting to blow up
cellphone towers, power plants and US Forest Service facilities. We were finally allowed in to visit the 3 prisoners Eric McDavid, Zachary
Jensen and Lauren Weiner. They have all requested prisoner support. They would all like to receive letters and books. When writing DO NOT discuss their cases at all. Use their proper names and do not discuss politics.

Right now none of them have been allowed to speak to attorneys. At this time please refrain from organizing any activities on their behalf other than letter writing. Mailing instructions are below. Please follow them carefully or the prisoners will not receive what you send them.

Lauren is vegan and severely lactose intolerant and needs nutritious
vegan meals. She would like people to call or write the jail and request that she be given nutritious vegan meals and be given access to the commissary. She is currently in isolation and has only been allowed to leave her cell for our visits.

For questions about support for the 3 prisoners please contact

Celebration of Hope and Healing

San Diego, 15.01.2006 22:38

Every year, Survivors of Torture, International (SURVIVORS) holds a benefit to fund services for torture survivors and their families living in San Diego County. An estimated 11,000 torture survivors live in San Diego County, and SURVIVORS is the only local organization that provides specialized care to help these individuals become healthy and self-sufficient members of our communities.

Algemene Vergadering

Oost-Vlaanderen, 15.01.2006 22:07

Algemene Vergadering IMC OVL

&quot;Framing an Execution&quot;: Film on Mumia Abu Jamal Case Opens Season of Philadelphia Activism

Philadelphia, 15.01.2006 20:38

A review of International Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu Jamal's recent film screening and discussion at the Calvary Center for Community, on Tuesday, January 10th.

Direct Action Gets the Goods! Chicago IWW Victory for Unpaid Worker

Chicago, 15.01.2006 18:08

bozos [permalink] On January 14, 2006, members of Chicago's Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) called for an informational picket to boycott the Ideal Hand Car Wash in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood after the managers and owners of the business refused to pay Neal Rysdahl, a longtime member of the IWW, the $227.50 he was owed for over 45 hours of work he preformed for them.

The highly visible protest began at 8 AM, with a small but dedicated group of picketers banging bucket drums, shaking noisemakers, passing out leaflets, and carrying signs reading, “Ideal Car Wash Cheats Workers,” and “An Injury to One is an Injury to All!” Notably, one picketer dressed in a clown costume held a sign reading, “Ideal Bosses Are Bozos!” to mock the clown Ideal usually uses to attract customers.

The picket effectively shut down business at the car wash for the morning, as most drivers who intended to patronize Ideal drove away after talking with picketers or seeing signs blasting the business for unfair labor practices.

After only three hours of picketing, Eduardo “Eddie” Amanero, a manager of the car wash, agreed to pay Rysdahl in full, in cash, on the spot, in order to bring an end to the picket.

“The point of all this is, if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us,” said Patrick Brenner, a members of the National Executive Board of the IWW. “We stick up for our members.” Read the rest of the article here.

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

March with Broward AntiWar in MLK March, Ft. Laud!

Miami, 15.01.2006 18:07

March with Broward AntiWar in MLK March, Ft. Laud!

Real Estate- The Story of My Dealings with Kip Schoning

Portland, 15.01.2006 17:38

Mr Schoning is a property speculator. He buys and then rents "as is" or resells property on contract. Per county records hundreds of properties have been bought and sold by Mr Schoning. He is almost constantly in default on one property or another. He is well know in Corvallis as a slum lord that preys on students and low income renters. Mr Schoning lives in an up scale neighborhood, owns several expensive car, travels and lives a pretty nice life. He thinks of himself as a skilled businessman and show no concern for the people he scams to support his extravagant lifestyle.

THIS IS MY STORY: In May of 2004 I asked Mr Schoning to allow me to refinance the house I purchased from him on contract without paying the pre payment penalty. He refused. Interestingly, he was ALREADY in default on his senior loan at the time. My refinancing could have ended his default. He chose instead to continue to take my money and divert it for other needs.

I first learned of the default in September 2004 when I got a letter notifying me that my house was up for auction. Apparently, Mr Schoning had not made a payment on his loan for some time, in addition, I learned his contract stated that he was prohibited from resell the property he sold to me.

read the whole story...

Invasion Day Action

Sydney, 15.01.2006 14:38

Walk for Peace, Nuclear Free Future and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Declaración: No guerra contra migrantes

LA, 15.01.2006 11:38

Declaración: No guerra contra migrantes

Irish Examiner does an Irish Ferries.

Ireland, 15.01.2006 01:38

But a story absent by and large from the Irish media has been the Examiner Group's move to shed its print workers and replace them with lower paid workers in a 'new company' which will print it's stable of papers on contract. We were assured during the Irish Ferries saga that it could only happen because it was a maritime industry and landbound Irish jobs were safe. Many newspapers editorialised against escalation and for reasoned negotiation etc, the Irish Examiner was no different. But a story absent by and large from the Irish media has been the Examiner Group's move to shed its print workers and replace them with lower paid workers in a 'new company' which will print it's stable of papers on contract. Under the new arrangement workers in Ballina and Cork city were invited to agree redundancy, redeployment or a transfer to the 'new firm' - under new conditions of course. Out of a staff of almost 90 only eleven are transferring to the 'new' firm. In related news Irish Ferries – Great Struggle Terrible Deal offers a post-match analysis focused on the role of ICTU in domesticating the struggle. Many who took redundancy and then applied for work at the new plant discovered that trained printers were unwanted and were given short shrift. Instead the 'new' company, Web Concepts, is looking for print technicians and is proposing to pay them in the region of €19,000 per year, quite a drop from the €40,000 average of the old workforce. Redeployment of workers is something of a joke as the qualified printers are unlikely to easily adjust to answering phones all day or training as reporters, in fact the Examiner had no intention of doing so and discouraged any such illusions. Relocation to the new company was also discouraged and the few who did will find a very new working regime and conditions. Redundancy conditions are extremely good with five weeks per year served plus another two from the state. We cannot help but think that good jobs with good conditions have again been lost and that the next generation of print workers will have to fight long and hard to get anywhere near this situation again. The Examiner of course does very well out of this. They get a new printing works with cheaper labour, they have sold their city centre property for millions to developer Owen O'Callaghan and they are rid of a highly unionised and effective group of workers. The future looks bright for Irish Examiner publications as long as you are not a worker.

The Halifax Coalition Against Poverty (HCAP), Visits Immigration Canada Office: VIDEO &amp; PICTURES

Maritimes, 15.01.2006 00:38

The Halifax Coalition Against Poverty (HCAP), Visits Immigration Canada Office: VIDEO & PICTURES

Activist Rememberence

Sydney, 14.01.2006 22:38

Greenpeace co-founder's ashes scattered in Antarctica

Metro Solid Waste Approves New Landfill Near Harpeth River

Tennessee, 14.01.2006 22:09

Garbage for Christmas A couple of nights after Christmas, I got to witness something that truly astounded me. The setup was simple, pedestrian, not the kind of situation in which you'd expect something bizarre, and so it took me by surprise. My friends who were there with me said it shouldn't have taken me by surprise, and I had to admit they were right. Here's what happened. . .

Задержание московских музыкантов

Belarus, 14.01.2006 22:07

Why Offer Community Based Public Access Television?

New Hampshire, 14.01.2006 20:09

On January 5, 2006, the City of Portsmouth, NH Cable Commission met at City Hall for their monthly meeting. Apparently, one of the members of the commission wondered if there was anyone out there who really cared about public access, implying that the assumption seemed to be that no, there wasn't any one in the Seacoast who felt passionately about providing public access television for the local community.

Secret Service and Pentagon Police go the &quot;extra mile&quot; to protect Cheney from DAWN

DC, 14.01.2006 20:08

"Rumsfeld" action became a Cheney action became something else altogether...

Chief Ramsey May Be Held Liable for Mass Arrests in Pershing Park

DC, 14.01.2006 20:08

D.C. Circuit ruling: Washington D.C. Police Chief May Be Held Personally Liable for the Mass Arrest of Nearly 400 People. Court also rules that the Sept. 2002 mass arrest of protestors and passers-by violated the Fourth Amendment rights of the plaintiffs "A police badge is not a shield from personal responsibility." Court of Appeals Ruling In Favor of Protestors (pdf)


LA, 14.01.2006 18:38


David Rovics hits maritimes

Maritimes, 14.01.2006 17:38

World renowned political folk singer, David Rovics, to play in the Maritimes

106.9FM Given Notice of $10,000 Fine

San Diego, 14.01.2006 17:08

106.9FM, a pirate radio station in San Diego dedicated to broadcasting the voices of the San Diego community, was recently given a Notice of Apparently Liability for a $10,000 fine. Do you care about freedom of speech, pirate radio and public access to the airwaves? If so, now is the time to show your support. Post a comment here or send them an email at info A[t] 1069fm d0t org . If you want to donate to help, you can do so at their website, .

The excessive fine represents a new intensified attack on free speech by the San Diego bureau of the FCC. It shows that they are willing to not only raid the homes and steal equipment from independent radio operators in San Diego, but they are willing to try to fine them for 10 times the cost of that equipment.

The FCC has said that there are no more frequencies available for radio licenses in San Diego. They are making a joke out of free speech in this city. Below is the full text of the notice as well as the contact info for members of city hall who may be interested in this attack on our city by federal agencies.


Barcelona, 14.01.2006 17:07

petroleum :: The problem is the consumption model

the alarms: The end of petroleum era || The world front the petroleum's zenith || Life after collapse || The Era decline || Cheap oil has come to the end || Letter from the future
cynic ears :: The Catalan energy programme, the one of the energy companies || Catalan energy programme admits the risks of petroleum zenith || Evo reassures oil companies, there'll be just a symbolic expropriation || Poor nations are losing access to oil || Blood for oil || Barcelona's city council bans sustainable transport (skating)
will we selfdestroy? Energy challenges in 21th century || Barcelona : Presented a Manifest for Energy Disobedience || Challenge to sustainability || Where's our world going? Energies are not everlasting, don't forget it


Restriction, Racism and Reality: Racism in immigration policy

Philadelphia, 14.01.2006 15:38

Last Saturday marked a national day of protest by various anti-immigrant groups from around the nation. These groups, rallying under the banner “STOP THE INVASION”, gathered at hiring sites across the country where illegal immigrants gather to wait for work. While this spectacle seems new to most, the social currents that have brought these events to our attention and to the front pages of the newspapers are not, by any means, new.

Day of action as Tony Blair sets out new nuclear power policy in Nottingham

United Kingdom, 14.01.2006 14:08

Tony Blair will set out new plans today for a nuclear power policy, as him and other cabinet ministers will attend a Labour Party forum, at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham. The conference centre is based at Nottingham University, where students have jumped into action after it was leaked to Nottinghamshire Indymedia that Tony Blair was to visit the Uni. A call out for a demonstration, meeting at 10am at the Portland Building (on Notts Uni campus) has so far been supported by a large number of local campaign groups including the Students Union, Nottingham Stop the War, Nottingham Student Peace Movement, Lenton Anarchist Forum and the arts activism collective the Mischief Makers. Also affinity group actions have been planned.

Updates: (full timeline in article)

[12:10] People are negotiating with police about being able to leave as a group. Some children are still being held within the pen. It has started to rain.
[12:30] People are told they are allowed to leave, but are still being stopped by police. At an attempted break out, the police push people back in the pen, using force.
[12:35] A heavy guarded convoy of vehicles, including some with blanked windows, leaves from the back entrance of the building at high speed.
[12:40] More and more people outside the pen are joining in, shouting slogans and blowing whistles. People within the pen start a countdown from 60 to about 45, when the police opens up their cordon, letting the demonstration continue, towards the other group.
[13:10] Demonstration continues for about another 10 minutes outside the conference centre grounds.

Notts Indymedia Dispatch can be contacted to report news: 07747495397

And Justice For All...GM Trial: Appeal Granted &amp; IMC Raid: No Charges

Bristol, 14.01.2006 12:07

"Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere." Martin Luther King Jr "Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere." Martin Luther King Jr Indymedia Girlish writes: Two GM Protestors made their appeal this morning on a dark and friday 13th morning at Bristol Crown Court. The judge overrulled the last judge who gave the five protestors 50 hours plus and £150 fine also threatening asbos, taggs and curfews...The protesters recieved a much lesser sentance of a conditional discharge for 12 months. So the protesters feel that justice has been served a little bit...The matter of the run around given to the appelents by the probation and courts is still pending. One of the appelents had only one day left out of the 50 hours and the other had completed half. So there is still a bit of clearing up to do on it. Another day another small celebration. Full article While IMCVOL writes: The police recently informed the BIMC volunteer arrested back in June when they seized computer equipment including the server which hosted Bristol Indymedia, that no further action is to be taken by them. This means that following the search warrant, the raid on a house, the seizure of equipment (including a mobile phone, computers and a digital camera), the finger printing, DNA swabbing and photographing plus questioning of the volunteer, plus the holding of the seized equipment for around four months - that no charges are to be brought. Bristol Indymedia is still consulting its legal advisors as to the courses of action open...Full article| Appeal Granted to GM Protesters | Bristol Indymedia News Update | GM Protesters Appeal Pending | Pantera Plectrum Takes on GM Milk! | Trial Starts for Sainsbury's GM-Fed Milk Protesters | bristol sainsbury's blockaded (again) | | Update from Day Two of the Sainsburys/ GM/ Milk Trial in Yate, Bristol | Bristol Indymedia - Update and Thanks! |

&quot;Jutrzenka&quot; zwalnia i obniża płace.

Poland, 14.01.2006 10:38

Zarząd "Jutrzenki" - znanego producenta słodyczy - zwolnił dyscyplinarnie Dariusza Skrzypczaka, przewodniczącego komisji zakładowej NSZZ Solidarność w poznańskiej "Goplanie" (należącej do stycznia 2005 roku do "Jutrzenki") za jego wypowiedzi dla lokalnej prasy. Choć Skrzypczak potwierdził tylko fakt, iż "Jutrzenka" wprowadziła nowe warunki płacy, niekorzystne dla większości pracowników "Goplany", kierownictwo zakładu uznało te słowa za szkodliwe dla przedsiębiorstwa. To już druga próba zwolnienia Skrzypczaka - pierwsza miała miejsce na początku tego roku.

Governor Denies Clemency for Clarence Ray Allen

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.01.2006 08:38

Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to deny clemency to Clarence Ray Allen. Allen's lawyers have petitioned the US Supreme Court to stop the execution, which is scheduled to take place just after midnight on Tuesday morning. Protests will be held on Monday, January 16th. The day will start with a 7:00am Walk for Abolition from San Francisco to San Quentin Prison. There will also be protests in Sacramento, Fresno, Palo Alto, Berkeley, San Rafael, El Cerrito, and many other cities in California. A vigil is scheduled to take place at San Quentin State Prison in Marin County on Monday night, with live video streaming.

Read more on Indybay's Police and Prisons and California News Pages


Colombia, 14.01.2006 08:38

No hay tal desmovilización!, otra falacia de este gobierno!

The Price Of Occupation

Miami, 14.01.2006 08:37

The Price Of Occupation

Fact Find Tour: Day 6

Philadelphia, 14.01.2006 05:41

On Thursday we headed back to Alabama to meet with residents of Bayou Le Batre, a small fishing village. The people of Bayou La Batre were extremely welcoming -- they knew the media could bring them help and resources. We interviewed residents from all walks of life. Also: Vivian Felts of the SOS Coalition.


Arizona, 14.01.2006 04:07

Motion to Dismiss Charges Denied


Arizona, 14.01.2006 04:07

Motion to Dismiss Charges Denied

Migration Rights

Sydney, 14.01.2006 03:38

Easter Convergence 2006 at Villawood Detention Centre

Memphis To Kick Off Republican Presidential Bids

Tennessee, 14.01.2006 01:09

Republican Party leaders, hoping to cash in on their red state strategy are planning to convene in Memphis the week of March 9th-12th to begin stumping for the 2008 Presidential nomination. Nominees hope to meet with party leaders to begin to gather support for their campaigns. Anti-war activists and those concerned about the impact of Republican leadership on issues ranging from the environment to domestic spending have begun making plans to protest the Republicans' visit.

Mohammed Arrian wins the right to stay in the UK

United Kingdom, 14.01.2006 00:08

On 12th January 2006, after two well attended protests in Sheffield on the 7th [ photos: 1 | 2 ] and 11th January Mohammed Arrian was granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK with his family. It is expected that he will be released from Dover Immigration Removal Centre today (13th January) and return to his friends and family in Sheffield, he was scheduled to be deported to Afghanistan on 17th January.

Mohammed Arrian has been living in Sheffield for the last three years, he fled Afghanistan 12 years ago, he feared for his life in Afghanistan — his father was murdered there and the rest of his family who live in Sheffield had already been granted indefinite leave to remain.

Earlier coverage: Sheffield People Campaign Against the Deportation of Mohammad Arrian.

Stop the UN's Plans for a New Massacre in Haiti

United Kingdom, 14.01.2006 00:08

Reports from Aaron Lakoff and Leslie Bragg on the situation in Haiti in the run up to the Elections .

Urgent Action Alert from the Haiti Action Committee As UN's Brazilian commander is found shot dead on his hotel balcony…New UN massacres in Cite Soleil could come any day now. Be on the alert. The situation in Haiti is dangerous and moving fast. There is the realistic fear that a repeat of the massacre which left 23 dead in July 2005 is imminent.

href="/">For back ground on the UN Massacre in July 2005 .

href="/en/2006/01/331407.html"> read a report from political prisoner So Anne Auguste a Haitian folk singer imprisoned since the UN Massacres July 05

href="/en/2006/01/331408.html">read the about UN oppression of the people of Cite Soley .
href="/en/2006/01/331418.html">Listen to an audio report from Cite Soley of relatives of people murdered this week by the Ministuh .

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