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Urbana-Champaign, 22.01.2006 03:08

Join us for a party at the IMC, Saturday, January 28th from 7-9PM.

Threat to old town Edinburgh

Scotland, 22.01.2006 02:39

After the successfull campaign to Save the Cameo and the surprising prevention of the Council Housing Stock Transfer, a group of concerned residents in Edinburgh have started to raise awareness of current development threats which puts profit over people. Plans to sell off Common Good Land and demolish listed flats and buildings at the Royal Mile, the area which includes the Canongate and Old Town, the World Heritage Site, for redevelopment are disputed, publicised and attacked.
More information under the Canongate Community Forum website.

Protests hammer Condi Rice, EVICT Mayor Williams(temporarily)

DC, 22.01.2006 02:08

Since it is all one war from Occupied Fallujah to Occupied Washington, last night protestors visited one target each from the domestic and foreign battles of the global war on the poor.

“Hoje me senti caçado”

Brasil, 22.01.2006 02:08


Fouad Kaady's Killer &quot;Cleared.&quot; Surprise, surprise

Portland, 22.01.2006 01:38

In September, Deputy Dave Willard of the Clackamas County Sheriff's office shot and killed Fouad Kaady in cold blood. He did it, ironically enough, because he did not want to get blood on his hands. Today, he was "cleared" by the Clackamas county board of review. According to Samira Kaady, they did not even have the grace to tell the family. Instead, she learned that her son's killer would be exhonerated from a local news reporter, who called to get her comment. Those who remember the egregious "coverage" this situation received in the corporate media will not be surprised to know that she did not give them a comment. She chose to give indymedia the story instead.

Upon learning of this shocking news, I called the Clackamas County Sheriff's office (CCSO) to find out what their thinking process could possibly be. Although this information will not be publically released
until later this evening, Deputy Wendi Babst, the PIO, stated that CCSO reviewed the incident in which Fouad was killed, and determined that "no policies or procedures were violated." I expressed surprise that someone could approach an unarmed, injured person, bleeding in the street, and taze him repeatedly and then shoot him without violating any policies or procedures. She assured me that Clackamas County policies and procedures do, in fact, allow such an action. (All citizens of Clackamas County be warned.)

Asked whether there would be any changes in policies or procedures, since this points out some very disconcerting problems, she said that there likely would be some changes. She said that the first step in such a review is to determine whether policies were followed, and the next step will be to determine whether any changes can be made. (One would hope.) Asked what they will do to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again, she offered some very revealing insight into how these things work. Said Deputy Babst, the CCSO will likely form a critical incident review board, so that they can "study" incidents like this one. IN addition, they will be ensuring that more officers receive Crisis Intervention Team Training. When I pointed out that Officer Willard had, in fact, already received that training, she conceded that he did. "How, then, do you imagine that this training will prevent another senseless death, if the person who committed this one had the training?" "I'm not going to debate you," she responded. "I'm just gonna tell you that we will have the training." At this point, she made an interesting comment when she called me Cat, and said that she could give me a syllabus from the classes, but that "you will only put it up on indymedia." I found this quite interesting indeed, since I had not told her my name, or mentioned any connection with indymedia. Hmmm. Surprise, surprise.

The Zapatistas' Other Campaign Has Begun

United Kingdom, 22.01.2006 01:08

On January 1 2006, twelve years after the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas (Mexico), a delegation of the EZLN departed from the Garrucha Caracol to San Cristobal de las Casas [Report and Pics]. This marked the first step in the new Zapatista political initiative known as The Other Campaign (or 'La Otra') - a proposal that aims to forge an anti-capitalist alliance "form below and to the left" in Mexico and beyond. The Other Campaign, timed to coincide with this year's Mexican presidential race, will take the delegation of the EZLN - which includes Subcomandante Marcos (or SubDelegate Zero as he is known in relation to this campaign) - throughout Mexico's 32 states, "so to meet, talk and decide together how fo build another way of doing politics. A programme of struggle that will construct democracy from below, with all these national and international organizations that resist neoliberalism and fight for humanity."

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Photo blog

Videos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Audio: Speeches at the beginning of The Other Campaign (audio Sp) | Sub Marcos' speech (audio Sp) | Radio Insurgente | Radio Zapote

Words: To the Alternative Media | To the National & Int’l Press | SubDelegado Zero on security issues | EZLN denounces harassment and threats | On the Intercontinental proposed in the Sixth Declaration | Revista Rebeldia (Sp)
Translations of EZLN's communiques 1 | 2.

Continuous updates of The Other Campaign: EZLN's blog | Chiapas Indymedia | Mexico Indymedia | NarcoNews Bulletin

Mississippi Senate Votes to Repeal Food Tax, Bolstering Case for Food Tax Repeal in Tennessee

Tennessee, 22.01.2006 00:08

Six months after Virginia cut its food tax to just 2.5%, yet another Tennessee neighbor is taking action to cut its food tax. This month, the Mississippi State Senate passed a bill to phase out its food tax over seven years. The Mississippi bill, which passed by a 36-15 margin, will cut the food tax from 7% to 4.5% effective July of this year. As of July 2007, it would drop to 3.5%, then be reduced by a half-a-percent each year until it is fully eliminated. The Mississippi measure raises their cigarette tax to pay for the cut.

New Laws

Sydney, 21.01.2006 23:38

Flag Burning to be Criminalised

Breaking News from the &quot;Shut Down the Walk for Life&quot; Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.01.2006 23:08

Jan. 21st 2:43pm: Ghirardelli crowd slowly dispursing. Some pro-choice activists go to Marina to further confront right-wing marchers. Others head off toward Planned Parenthood candlelight vigil which begins at 5:00pm in Dolores Park.Jan. 21st 2:04pm: Pro-choice activists having speak-out at Ghirardelli. Counter-demonstrators regroup as anti-choice marchers have proceeded through Fort Mason, where there are no longer sidewalks to shadow march. Anarchist Action appears not to be with regouping.Jan. 21st 1:15pm: Front of march passing Jones, approaching Jefferson and Leavenworth.Jan. 21st 1:09pm: Counter-demonstrators growing louder, spread out along length of march. Anti-choice marchers much more quiet than last year. Pier 39 tourists look on as the spectacle passes.Jan. 21st 12:59pm: Police action about a block before Pier 39. Several people dressed in black were pacing the march behind some bushes and just as they came out, police swarmed in with motorcycles. A woman in that group had her backpack immediately searched as the group was contained. An Indybay reporter attempting to capture the scene was yanked backwards by her backpack by a cop, preventing a photo of the occurence.Jan. 21st 12:36pm: March is paused at Sansome and ChestnutJan. 21st 12:20pm: BACORR has large contingent on sidewalks at front of anti-choice march. Pro-choice advocates are chanting, "Our bodies, our lives, our right to decide!" Anti-choice march temporarily stopped for unknown reason but now continuing.Jan. 21st 12:08pm: Front of anti-choice march has passed Pier 7. Some scuffles. Several groups, including World Can't Wait and Anarchist Action, attempted to block march but were pushed back by police. Code Pink contingent is marching about 1/2 block in front of main march. Many people still leaving Justin Herman at tail end of anti-choice march.Jan. 21st 11:58am: Anti-choicers assembling on Embarcadero for impending march. About 2 dozen motorcycle police circling in front of pro-choice contingent at Pier 7. Several anti-choice people amongst pro-choice crowd stirring things up. Yelling and arguments ensuing.Jan. 21st 11:53am: Pro-choice crowd at Pier 7 has grown to about 1000. Speakers from various groups talk about importance of protecting a woman's right to choose. Police are lining up in the street to block pro-choicers from interfering with anti-choice march that will be passing by.Jan. 21st 11:25am: Several hundred pro-choice supporters gathered at Pier 7, on Embarcadero before Broadway. Many groups visible: BACORR, Radical Women, Green Party, ISO, World Can't Wait, Peace & Freedom Party, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Anarchist Action, Raging GranniesJan. 21st 11:15am: Perhaps 10,000 anti-choicers assembled at Justin Herman Plaza. Religious figures speaking on stage at Justin Herman. Busloads of police in riot gear arriving behind stage. Some pro-choice counter-demonstrators in larger crowd; most are passing Pier 1 and heading to Pier 7.Jan. 21st 10:34am: Pro-choice gathering location moved to Pier 7Jan. 21st 9:07am: Stop the 'Walk for Life,' gather at 11am at pier 1 on embarcadero, across from justin herman plaza

Photos: 1

Kärntner Slowenische Jugendliche demonstrieren für Ortstafeln

Austria, 21.01.2006 22:07

Vor mittlerweile über 4 Jahren erreichte der kärntner slowenische Rechtsanwalt Rudi vouk durch eine Klage beim verfassungsgerichtshof, dass in allen südkärntner Ortschaften, in denen mindestens 10% der Bevölkerung slowenisch sprechen, zweisprachige Ortstafeln aufzustellen sind. Während sich kärntens Landeshauptmann Jörg Haider klar über dieses Urteil hinwegsetzt und mit dubiosen Mitteln das Aufstellen zwiesprachiger Ortstafeln verhindern will, regt sich in den letzten Monaten mehr und mehr Protest, getragen vor allem von kärntner slowenischen Jugendlichen.

mendiola massacre: 19 years after

QC, 21.01.2006 17:09

Peasants sign pledge to oust Arroyo with their blood

Peace Walk, Jan. 22 in Santa Monica

LA, 21.01.2006 17:08

Peace Walk Jan. 22 in Santa Monica

Re: “Género, que te den!”.

Barcelona, 21.01.2006 17:07


Croatia, 21.01.2006 17:07

Hvala IMC Hrvatskoj, i razlog naseg trenutnog preseljenja

Pendrek na struju

Croatia, 21.01.2006 17:07

Pendrek na struju

SHAC Benefit: Early Report Back

Portland, 21.01.2006 16:38

Tonight, there is an art auction and benefit show for the SHAC 7, at Merrimac (1216 SE Division). It was truly inspiring to see so many, many people stuffed into(and spilling out of) Merrimac. In the face of an almost overwhelming attempt at repression of the animal rights movement, it was great to see that people are nevertheless still willing to strongly voice their continuing commitment to making the world a better place for all beings. Even subtracting the blatantly obvious "undercover" agents, there were easily hundreds of people in attendance. The room was filled with beautiful art that people had donated toward a silent auction, and bidding was heavy. All proceeds from the night will go toward supporting the SHAC 7.

Readers will likely remember that these seven activists are facing the possibility of years in prison for the "crime" of speaking out against the abuse and torture of non-human animals. I had the opportunity to talk to Josh Harper tonight, one of the accused. And may I say, he truly rocks. He spoke eloquently about the need to wake up and do something positive in defense of animals, as well as the importance of avoiding "tactical dogma." (As I am tired tonite, I will not attempt to paraphrase him right now. Rather, I will let him speak for himself in an upcoming Video from the Resistance, since he gave a lengthy interview on camera.)

Since he's facing the possibility of some heavy time behind bars just for speaking, I asked whether he was nervous about talking to me on camera, whether this experience would silence him. He smiled and shook his head, then laughed, "I'm a big mouth." He went on to say that facing jail time for talking has made him wonder, "What good is talking." He pointed out that he and the other activists are facing the same kind of sentences as if they had been out participating in real direct action that would possibly have made a bigger difference.

If you are unfamiliar with the history of the SHAC 7, see these sites and others:;"; SHAC-7 trial: Wednesday, June 1st in Trenton NJ.

Pendrek na struju

Croatia, 21.01.2006 16:37

Pendrek na struju

Ptièja gripa i prava ¾ivotinja

Croatia, 21.01.2006 16:37

Ptièja gripa i prava ¾ivotinja

guerra (ca)

Barcelona, 21.01.2006 16:07

Militarisme: avui com sempre

Les declaracions colpistes del tinent general Mena han servit per recordar-nos l'existència de l'exèrcit espanyol i la vigència del militarisme, que ha estat present, com cada any, a la darrera edició del festival de la infància, o que intenta captar nous investigadors en el camp militar. D'altra banda sobta el poc ressò que ha tingut la violenta repressió (amb morts) d'una protesta a Haití per part de tropes espanyoles i que ha recordat que, malgrat la retirada de l'Irak, l'exèrcit espanyol participa en l'ocupació militar de l'Haití i de l'Afganistan. Però una manifestació més brutal i cínica d'aquest militarisme ha estat el bombardeig d'un poblet al Pakistan, país que teòricament no està en guerra ni sota cap ocupació estrangera.

En el camp de la lluita antimilitarista cal destacar el manifest de rebuig contra les pressions dels militars espanyols, la recollida de signatures contra la despesa militar o les accions pels presos antimilitaristes d'arreu.

+info :: >>>història de l'antimilitarisme a Catalunya :: colpisme legionari :: Els mitjans i la guerra d'Irak :: I ara l'Iran? :: >>>secció guerra

guerra (es)

Barcelona, 21.01.2006 16:07

Militarismo: hoy como siempre

Las declaraciones golpistas del teniente general Mena han servido para recordarnos la existencia del ejército español y la vigencia del militarismo, que ha estado presente, como cada año, en la última edición del festival de la infancia, o que intenta captar nuevos investigadores en el campo militar. Por otra parte sorprende la poca difusión que ha tenido la violenta represión (con muertos) de una protesta en Haití por parte de tropas españolas y que ha recordado que, a pesar de la retirada de Irak, el ejército español participa en la ocupación militar de Haití y de Afganistán. Pero una manifestación más brutal y cínica de este militarismo ha sido el bombardeo de una aldea en Pakistán, país que teóricamente no está en guerra ni bajo ocupación extranjera.

En el campo de la lucha antimilitarista hay que destacar el manifiesto de rechazo contra las presiones de los militares españoles, la recogida de firmas contra el gasto militar o las acciones por los presos antimilitaristas de diversos lugares.

+info :: >>>historia del antimilitarismo en Catalunya :: golpismo legionario :: Los medios y la guerra de Irak :: ¿Y ahora Iran? :: >>>sección guerra


Philadelphia, 21.01.2006 15:38

With Sean White, a volunteer with the Common Ground Collective & Njime Dzurinko, Aaron Couch and Shivaani Selveraaj from the Philadelphia Independent Media Center—Fact Finding Tour of the South.

Sunday, January 22nd
2pm @ Lava
4134 Lancaster Avenue

Manifestação em Joinville termina em duas prisões

Brasil, 21.01.2006 14:08



Miami, 21.01.2006 13:37


Bristol North Pool Occupied &amp; Re-Opended

Bristol, 21.01.2006 13:07

"With this protest, we are asking the question, Who owns Bristol?" "With this protest, we are asking the question, Who owns Bristol?" Anon writes: We are a group of individuals concerned about the disappearance of public space and the privatisation of public services in Bristol. On Friday 20th January 2006, we reclaimed Bristol North Pool on Gloucester Road. This year we have witnessed the closure of Speedwell and Filwood pools, the Robin Cousins sports centre as well as Bristol North. We've also seen recent cuts in library services glossed as 'restructuring', a process which also threatens our hospitals. The sell-off of land to private property developers and speculators in Bristol’s historic harbour-side for luxury flats continues apace, pricing out those who need affordable housing. This while the city provides unsuitable temporary B&B accommodation for the homeless to satisfy government targets, and visible poverty is made socially unacceptable...This is not simply a party-political issue as successive administrations have shown a similar approach, but about where power really lies in our city...And what say do we have? Local elections in which 30% is a good turnout. A council more interested in posturing than accountability. Government quangos such as the South West Regional Development Agency who busily promote their 'vision' of Bristol with no public consultation or scrutiny. With this protest, we are asking the question, Who owns Bristol? and providing our own answer. Full article | Bristol North Pool is occupied and reopened as a community space!!! | From the Archive: Pool Closure Campaigner to Stand in Local Elections |

Hi-Tech Fascism

Sydney, 21.01.2006 12:39

internationals against video surveillance

West Papua

Sydney, 21.01.2006 12:39

Below a Mountain of Wealth, a River of Waste

West Papua

Sydney, 21.01.2006 12:39

Indon Troops 'Shoot Papuans'

Greve dos trabalhadores portuários encerra portos

Portugal, 21.01.2006 12:38

Greve dos trabalhadores portuários encerra portos

cpp-npa offers alliance with soldiers

QC, 21.01.2006 09:09

CPP applauds, offers alliance vs. Arroyo and refuge with four escaped mutineers

uproar over US coverup of rape by US Marine

QC, 21.01.2006 08:38

Protests greet Washington refusal to turn over rapist US Marines; Lawmakers demand Visiting Forces Agreement termination

BNP activists threaten community arts group in Coalville

United Kingdom, 21.01.2006 08:08

The annual community lantern festival in Coalville, Leicestershire was moved from just before christmas to coincide with the Chinese New Year celebrations this year. Members from the far-right British National Party (BNP) think that because of the 'removal of Christian symbolism and tradition from Christmas' it needs them to 'once again save another British tradition'.

Ever since the rescheduling of the event was announced, local members of the BNP have threatened the organisers of the community run event. Verbal abuse from people ringing up the group has become a daily occurance since the BNP posted the contact details on their website. The BNP, who claim to be the 'law and order party' recently published another article on their website inciting criminal damage, calling on people to protest the usage of the words 'white trash' in a recent episode of the TV soap serie Coronation Street. A prominent member of the party in Lincoln recently appeared in court for multiple counts of arson and criminal damage. Read article.

Links: Photos from last years lantern festival | Watch video of last years lanternfestival: [1] [2] | Stop the BNP (website full of facts and research) | Wikipedia on the BNP | Previous articles on Indymedia on the BNP

From the Notts Indymedia newswire: Lincoln BNP member in court ! | Meeting called at uni after BNP article published in student paper

Enimigo Comun

Houston, 21.01.2006 05:10

Houston IMC film series presents: El Enemigo Común, Jan 31st


Santa Barbara, 21.01.2006 05:10

Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG) Unmet Transit Needs Hearing Thursday January 19, 2006 at 10 am. Betteravia Government Center, Santa Maria

Das Williams Runs for Board of Supervisors

Santa Barbara, 21.01.2006 05:10

In Santa Barbara on a sunny winter day, Das Willilams, age 31, announced his candidacy for the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, 2nd District. It was held at More Mesa Open Space, a site which has been fought for by many as a valuable open space for recreation and to enjoy the beauty of its landscape and views.

Watching Rove bait the media with eco-activists' lives

Portland, 21.01.2006 04:39

So I think of my innocent friend sitting in jail on false charges and I think of all the other innocent eco-defenders the Administration used this morning in latest success in diverting attention from impeachable offencesand international human rights crimes.

And I look forward to the day when the breaking story is about the indictments of Bush Cheney Ashcroft Gonzales Woo et al - in the Hague.

Most of all, I look forward to the day that the accused eco-activists are acquitted.

But between now and the impeachment/war crimes trials, I expect to see more show arrests, more sudden "terrorist" announcements during awkward hearings, and more ecocide.

Indonesian military starts reprisal killings

Melbourne, 21.01.2006 04:08

West Papuans Flee to Australia

proyecto para comision de comunicacion May Day 2006

estrecho / madiaq, 21.01.2006 03:37

Un borrador para ver como organizamos el tema de la Comunicacion para el May Day 2006. Esperando propuestas...

Aldeia indígena destruída pela Polícia Federal e pela Aracruz Celulose

Brasil, 21.01.2006 03:08


Iraqi Workers Organize!

Miami, 21.01.2006 02:37

Iraqi Workers Organize!

Baptist Preachers Demand a Seat at the Table for Tennessee's Poor and Uninsurable

Tennessee, 21.01.2006 01:09

Memphis SCLC Tells Governor to Keep His Promise The Memphis Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, in conjunction with Baptist preachers from around the country joined in a call for healthcare for all, gathering on the front steps of the Tennessee State Capital Thursday. The group of clergy and concerned citizen called for health care and announced a statewide letter writing campaign to save Tenncare. The clergy joined Reverend Dwight Montgomery, President of the Memphis Southern Christian Leadership Conference, on the front steps of the Capitol to call on Governor Bredesen to fully reverse the TennCare cuts. The clergy delivered hundreds of signed letters to the Governor urging him to save Tenncare.

UCSC Custodians Demand Justice

Santa Cruz, CA, 20.01.2006 23:39

January 19. 2006 - At approximately 12PM, hundreds of custodians (and their student supporters) at UC Santa Cruz skipped lunch to demand just wages.

The workers, part of the union AFSCME, recently found out that custodians at nearby colleges receive 14-30% more than they do, for the same (or less) work. Far from being a living wage, many UCSC custodians are working two/three jobs to make ends meet. This is at the same time that the UC system has raised student fees almost 80% over the past few years, and have given almost a billion dollars of executive perks for top UC employees, approximately the same amount of money as the student fee increases. Recently, Denice Denton, UCSC's Chancellor, claimed that Robert Dynes, the UC President, should be given an even higher salary. Dynes already makes more than $400,000 a year.

Meanwhile, the UC claims they have no money for the lowest-paid workers, academic programs, student initiated outreach and retention, and scores of other programs. It appears that there is not a lack of money, but a lack of decent priorities - not a budget crisis but a moral crisis.

The spirited rally, organized by AFSCME, with the support of the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice (SWCJ), is the continuation of a hard-fought struggle for the dignity of UCSC's lowest paid workers.

Invitation to a Network: Freedom of Movement / Libertad de Movimiento

San Diego, 20.01.2006 23:08

PROPOSAL: FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT— A North American No Border Network
Through our work we have met some amazing sisters and brothers in struggle in Mexico, Canada, the United States and all across the world. We have begun to learn about each other and as a result, learn more about other groups and struggles emanating from what we believe to be similar and related causes.
PROPUESTA: LIBERTAD DE MOVIMIENTO – Una Red Norteamericana que dice No a las Fronteras
Por medio de nuestro trabajo hemos conocido algunas / os hermanas y hermanos en la lucha en México, Canadá, los Estados Unidos y por todo el mundo. Hemos comenzado a aprender acerca de uno y el otro y como resultado, aprendido mas acerca de otros grupos y luchas surgiendo de lo que nosotros creemos ser causas similares y relacionadas.

Students Being Paid to Monitor Professors

San Diego, 20.01.2006 23:08

We received this via email today: As you may have already heard, Rob Watson, Rafael Perez-Torres and I are currently listed on the website of, a venture of the Bruin Alumni Association, on whose board serve, among others, CA State Senator Bill Morrow (of San Diego, who introduced SB5, the so-called student bill of rights, into the CA Senate) and our erstwhile colleague Leila Beckwith. Rob and Rafael will have to check for themselves, of course, but my "dossier" at this organization includes utterly false, misleading, distorted as well as libelous claims (e.g., that I am a "vicious anti-Semite.").

The organization actively encourages UCLA students to spy on the currently blacklisted faculty, as well as on a separate list of "targeted faculty" which includes Arthur Little, Stephen Yenser and Jonathan Post. They offer, for example, cash for recordings of class lectures, lecture notes, etc. See below.

I'm writing to see if there's anything that can be done to protect
what remains of academic freedom at our university.

See also this Blogwire story:

San Diego Politics:Morrow In National Controversy

Basta de precariedad. Tod@s contra la reforma laboral

estrecho / madiaq, 20.01.2006 21:37

#media_4866;left# Los próximos 28 y 29, en Córdoba y Sevilla se realizarán movilizaciones masivas contra la nueva reforma laboral. Los sindicatos mayoritarios (UGT y CCOO), la patronal y el gobierno del Psoe parecen tener una gran sintonía para seguir precarizando el mercado de trabajo; fomentando un nuevo tipo de contrato indefinido que no es más que maquillaje en un galopante recorte de derechos. La diminución de la contribución de la patronal al fondo garantía social, el abaratamiento del despido, la menor intervención de los jueces en las regulaciones de empleo exigidas por las empresas, el aumento de la subcontratación son el eje de esta reforma.

Un conjunto de sindicatos minoritarios han lanzado la idea de construir un espacio de oposición a esta reforma laboral. Los movimientos sociales y de precarios se suman a esta movilización con su propia voz para decir no a esta reforma laboral y para exigir derechos sociales. #media_4868;left# #media_4867;right#

Convocatorias de movilizaciones:
-Cordoba: Sábado 28 de enero - 12hs - Plaza de las Tres Culturas
-Sevilla: Domingo 29 de enero - 12hs - Plza. de la Encarnación

-Convocatorias de charlas.
- Panfletos de precarios en movimiento

Protestors oppose Alito in front of Supreme Court

DC, 20.01.2006 21:09

Today protestors from World Can't Wait held a short rally in front of the Supreme Court, facing the US Capitol, to demand that Alito not be confirmed and be fillibustered instead.

Thousands Remember Martin Luther King's Legacy in St. Louis

Saint Louis, 20.01.2006 20:37

Several hundred people gathered Monday morning on January 16th in front of the Old Courthouse in downtown St. Louis to honor Dr. King's life and work for racial and economic justice. The diverse crowd not only wished to remember King's work but also promote the fact that much of what he fought for still must be resolved in this racially and economically divided military state.

Earlier in the week, several hundred people attended an event at Harris Stowe State University to hear Civil Rights Activist Andrew Young. Multi-cultural dancers, musicians, and singers were also included in the ceremony.

Read the St. Louis American [St. Louis's 36th Annual MLK Day | All in the name of MLK]

Pictures [1 | 2 | 3]

Golpes e incendio, un muerto

Argentina, 20.01.2006 15:38

Masacre en la comisaría 7ma de la provincia de Corrientes

Surviving the Struggle-Health Care

Portland, 20.01.2006 11:38

Today most of us live from pay check to pay check. Our lives are at the mercy of our employers and their willingness to pay us enough to survive. The basic human rights that we all need stand at the end of that paycheck, and we struggle to obtain as many of them as possible.

Just a few years ago in Oregon, heath care was given priority. The state did not offer much but what it did offer saved the lives of many. The Oregon Heath Plan stood between death and survival for many of us. Before my son was born my partner and I had very few options in front of us. We were very poor and having a baby was something that we could not afford. We got on the Oregon Health Plan and suddenly we had a few options. We found out that we didn't have to have our child in a sterile hospital. We could have our child with a Mid-wife in a Birth House. The experience was so much better than I had seen before, no doctors telling a woman how to feel or complicating thing with tech jargon. There was a person with us that honestly cared for us, and not just about our health but also about our well-being. It was the most real experience of my whole life.

Anti-WTO Solidarity Video to Show

Portland, 20.01.2006 11:38

As the World Trade Organization met in China last month, the People met in the streets. And, as always, the people of Portland came to the streets in solidarity with people all over the world who are fighting the stark oppression wrought by the "New World Order," and specifically, by the WTO. Aside from a large march that wound through the city, there were several exciting break-away actions, including a building occupation at the Cascade Policy Institute, and a boisterous protest against the oppression of animals at Schumacher Furs.

Street videographers captured much of the action on film, and will be showing a piece at the next VFTR entitled, "Which Side Are You On?" If you were there, come and see, and celebrate the action with us. If you were not, come and see what you missed. Either way, see you there.

Murderer Scott McCollister to be Rewarded (Again.)

Portland, 20.01.2006 11:38

It's been a few years now, since a young mother was gunned down on a cold, dark ramp near the freeway. Kendra James was only 21 years old on the night she took her last breath and bled her life away through the jagged hole made by a police bullet. Remember? It was Scott McCollister who pulled the trigger. He shot her through her chest, then dragged her out of the car, handcuffed her shaking arms behind her back, and lay her, face-down, on the cold, hard concrete. And he left her there to die. The corporate media told us it was all right, because after all, she must have been "just another crack addict."

Every time I think of this, I remember why the police will always be my enemy. I remember that they can kill without mercy, and without consequence. I remember that their guns are always loaded, and always pointed at those out on the fringes of "respectable" society. They prowl the haunts of poor people, people of color, homeless people, people who don't fly American flags. They use laws, bullets, and machismo to keep "certain" people on their knees, and then they pretend that makes them heroes. It does not.

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