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West Papua

Sydney, 23.01.2006 21:38

West Papua Sydney Rally

Political Deconstruction

Sydney, 23.01.2006 21:38

Normalising poverty

Philadelphians Rally against Alito

Philadelphia, 23.01.2006 21:38

Today at noon, about 40 Philadelphians rallied on the west side of City Hall with speeches and signs against the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito, Jr. to the United States Supreme Court.

Governo goza anciãos

Portugal, 23.01.2006 21:08

Governo goza anciãos

Philadelphians Rally against Alito

Philadelphia, 23.01.2006 18:39

Today at noon, about 40 Philadelphians rallied on the west side of City Hall with speeches and signs against the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito, Jr. to the United States Supreme Court.

Peace is Every Step

LA, 23.01.2006 18:08

Peace is Every Step

Bristol North Pool Occupied &amp; Re-Opended

Bristol, 23.01.2006 16:37

"With this protest, we are asking the question, Who owns Bristol?" "With this protest, we are asking the question, Who owns Bristol?" Pool Occupation Update 2: The court case was lost this morning (Monday) and the council are likely to try and evict TODAY. People are gathering outside the baths today for what may well be a final stand against the bailiffs and council security staff. Pool Occupation Update 1: Yesterday the occupiers of Bristol North Pool received an eviction notice from the council, calling them to a court hearing at 10am on Monday at Broad Street court. There will be a demonstration outside the pool at 10am on Monday - please come along and show your support! Anon writes on the reasons for the occupation: We are a group of individuals concerned about the disappearance of public space and the privatisation of public services in Bristol. On Friday 20th January 2006, we reclaimed Bristol North Pool on Gloucester Road. This year we have witnessed the closure of Speedwell and Filwood pools, the Robin Cousins sports centre as well as Bristol North. We've also seen recent cuts in library services glossed as 'restructuring', a process which also threatens our hospitals. The sell-off of land to private property developers and speculators in Bristol’s historic harbour-side for luxury flats continues apace, pricing out those who need affordable housing. This while the city provides unsuitable temporary B&B accommodation for the homeless to satisfy government targets, and visible poverty is made socially unacceptable...This is not simply a party-political issue as successive administrations have shown a similar approach, but about where power really lies in our city...And what say do we have? Local elections in which 30% is a good turnout. A council more interested in posturing than accountability. Government quangos such as the South West Regional Development Agency who busily promote their 'vision' of Bristol with no public consultation or scrutiny. With this protest, we are asking the question, Who owns Bristol? and providing our own answer. Full article | Urgent update - Bristol north pool occupation | Calendar: Protest About Bristol North Pool | Bristol North Pool is occupied and reopened as a community space!!! | From the Archive: Pool Closure Campaigner to Stand in Local Elections |

ekologio (eo)

Barcelona, 23.01.2006 15:08

la petrolo :: La problemo estas la konsum-modelo

la alarmoj: La fino de la petrol-erao || La mondo antaŭ la elĉerpo de la petrolo || La vivo post la kolapso || Erao-krepusko || Oni elĉerpis la malmultekostan petrolon || Letero el la estonto
cinikaj oreloj :: La Kataluna Energi-Plano favoras la energi-kompaniojn || La Kataluna Energi-Planumo rekonas la riskojn de la petrol-elĉerpo || Evo trankviligas la petrolajn kompaniojn, oni nur ŝtatigos ilin simbole || La malriĉaj nacioj restos sen petrolo || Sango kontraŭ petrolo || La Urba Konsilio de Barcelono malpermesas ekologiajn transport-rimedojn (rulsketilojn kaj rulglitilojn)
ĉu ni memdetruos nin? La energio-defioj por la 21a jarcento || Barcelono : Oni prezentas Manifeston por la Energia Malobeo || Defio al la daŭrigebla disvolvo || Kien iras nia mondo? Energiaj rimedoj ne eterne daŭros, ni tion ne forgesu



Miami, 23.01.2006 14:37


It Would Be Funny if it Weren't so Tragic

Portland, 23.01.2006 10:39

What are you supposed to do when the world's most over-armed, belligerent and dangerous nation, which outspends all the rest of the world combined on arms, and which is the major arms supplier to the rest of the world, tells a little country like Venezuela that it is guilty of spending "too much" on its military?

The initial response is laughter. What a joke, right? Venezuela, awash in oil revenue and feeling a little threatened by threats from the United States to assassinate its leader and by U.S. funding for groups that are trying to foment a coup, wants to spend a few hundred million on planes from Spain and Brazil to modernize its air force, and the U.S. State Department gets all worked up.

Schumacher Furs Protest Report, January 21

Portland, 23.01.2006 10:39

About 30 people showed up at Schumacher Furs (811 SW Morrison) to protest the intense cruelty to animals in the fur trade. Protestors handed out literature, vigorously chanted, and held up signs letting passers-by and the few who chose to enter the store know about what goes on in the fur business (see for info and videos).

Every week Schumacher's comes up with a new tactic to try to intimidate protestors. Schumacher's has now hired two cameramen to videotape every minute of the protest, which lasted 5 hours today. They claimed to be "independent reporters."

It was a relatively quiet protest until the last three of us (who had been alone for an hour and a half with two cameras trained on us!) got ready to leave at 5:30pm. For some reason Schumacher's did not close the shop at 4:45 as usual, but waited for us to leave. We were all packed up, waiting to cross the street when suddenly four people (all Schumacher employees/owners) stormed out, including a woman with a dog. I said to her, "Do you know they use dog fur in China?" She ran towards me yelling, "Fuck you! Fuck you! Get the fuck out of here!" Classy. I thought the woman was going to attack me. One of the Schumacher owners then got extremely close to my face and yelled, "Get the fuck out of here!" We overheard one of the Schumachers tell a cameraman to "get this on film." I sat on my big plastic box and said, "I don't have to go anywhere. I'm not leaving." We were nowhere near their front door or property. They were yelling at us when their security guard told them to back down and go back inside. Then old Mr. Schumacher started telling us their fur is killed humanely and we should be protesting baseball instead (Don't even ask). [ read more ]

Schumacher finds someone unashamed to wear their fur!

I'll call him/her "lassie" (S)he came in to the store with her friends dressed in a gorgeous exotic, 100% real fur coat rivaling anything on Schumachers racks.

Probably ten people in the store. The only one wearing fur came in on four paws and laid on the floor to have her tummy scratched.

In a less "hostile" environment I'd have the rubber lenshood up to the glass to get a picture.

It is beyond fascinating to me that the salespeople in there dont wear the clothing.- but, then again, it isn't clothing, it's pure status. Still- if you walk into a jewelry store the salespeople are wearing jewelry.. [ read more ]

Paid to Harass Counter-Recruiters?

Portland, 23.01.2006 10:39

The Tuesday evening weekly counter-recruiting vigil at 1317 NE Broadway has been plagued with a man who claims to be a Viet Nam veteran, calling himself "John White." He struts up and down the sidewalk, yelling "NOW LISTEN UP!" at the group, or telling individuals, "I HATE YOU!" He has asked for our names, taped, and photographed us. He has done this quite faithfully for about two months now.

Ironically, his actions have caused even more protesters, especially those awesome VFP 72 folks, to hit the streets on Tuesday evenings. So steadfast has "John White" been in his efforts that we have jokingly speculated that he is probably being paid by the recruiters to do this dirty deed.

It may be no joke. Some of us went to a nearby restaurant after last Tuedsday's vigil. We walked back down Broadway to return to our car. There was "John White," busily washing the front window of the recruiting office. Beside him on the sidewalk was a bucket full of soapy water. Hmmm..... Strangely enough, he had nothing to say to us as we passed.

First Bus Faces Commuter Revolt

Bristol, 23.01.2006 10:38

"Lets kick First out – it CAN be done but YOU have to do it!" "Lets kick First out – it CAN be done but YOU have to do it!" Bristol Commuter writes: First Bus is making monster profits while ripping off Bristol passengers, and no one can stop them. Or can they? In a festive burst of anomie, First Bus recently hiked their prices again, further alienating themselves from the Bristol community and further alienating the Bristol community from each other. This was met by widespread condemnation in the media as well as in the community, but we were all left feeling powerless to stop it. So what was the choice taken by most commuters? Blame the drivers and give them grief, when they have more reason to hate First Bus than anybody. First Bus is the Westcountry equivalent of the Carlyle Group – they consistently take the piss and get away with it. In the past few years they have been fined £96,250 for letting buses run consistently late..., been caught deliberately letting their buses get into a dangerous state of disrepair..., and lost 50 licenses after regulator spot checks found vehicles had not be properly maintained. Yet, incredibly, they were still allowed to bid for, and win, the franchise to run the Westcountry’s rail network! An 'enquiry' is expected back in march 2006 to see if First's control of all the non-car travel in the region might be considered a monopoly – pass the whitewash, vicar!...So, lets deal with it! We are NOT powerless, in fact we hold all the cards, all we have to do is play them in the right way. If you are interested in helping form a campaign that would look to force First out of Bristol, then voice your support as a comment (you don’t need to give personal details) at the end of this article. Also welcome would be ideas on what could be done (boycotts, direct action, how council could be pressured etc.) Lets kick First out – it CAN be done but YOU have to do it! Full article.| Kick First Out! | Bus Fares to Rise Again | (local site with some funny stories about gaffes and glitches. And a song!) | Briefing for Bristol Area SERA members October 2003– what’s MEANT to be happening with Bristol transport |

Scotland after the G8

United Kingdom, 23.01.2006 09:08

Activism in Scotland experienced a boost in the months following the G8.
Two social centres – Saorsa (gaelic for “freedom”) and Chalkboard opened in Glasgow, and the Indymedia Scotland Infoseed Hacklab in Edinburgh.
The legal support group observe the court cases relating to the G8 [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ] and provides support for the defendants.
The Campaign to Save the Cameo was successful and the privatisation of council housing could be prevented [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ].
The Glasgow based initiative Make Borders History continued after the G8 in Glasgow as Open Borders Glasgow with direct actions to prevent deportations and morning raids [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ].
The Zapatista Solidarity groups raise publicity and prepare enthusiastically for their big party on the 16th of february for their twinned community in Chiapas [ Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group | 3 | 1 | 2 | 3 ].

In an effort to Stop Climate Change and prevent further roadbuilding for individual transport, Friends of the Earth Scotland stopped the M74 Extension, south of Glasgow leading through the Cre8 Community Garden, with a legal challenge.
The main action momentarily is the resistance against building the Dalkeith Bypass through a big park acting as a wildlife resort, recreational facility, part of Edinburgh's Green Belt and fields for animals. The campaign includes an unlikely liason of a citizen campaign “Save Dalkeith Park”, ecowarriers occupying the trees, and resistance in the Scottish Parliament and beyond. Last Monday, however, a specialist team started evicting the four protest camps. Despite three protesters slowing down the eviction by nearly a week with refusing to give up their hiding place in a tunnel, the eviction of the last and main protest site is anticipated to start today. [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 ]

Olympia Residents Stop Nazi March

Portland, 23.01.2006 07:40

1/22/06 Olympia - Hundreds of Olympia residents confronted Nazis outside of the corporate newspaper building here today. Nine members of the Nazi group National Socialist Movement gathered to test Olympia for future recruiting drives and a possible larger rally in July. Many of the Nazis dressed in SS Storm Trooper brownshirt uniforms and displayed large Nazi and American flags. Olympia residents were given less than a day's notice to spread the news and organize a response. Full Story & More Accounts

100 Anti Racists and 7 Nazis in Olympia: Seven Nazis came to Olympia today to hold a National Socialist Movement rally. With only 48 hours notice the Olympia community came out to show the Nazis they were not welcome to Olympia.

For more than an hour and a half the Olympia Police department used them selves and their bikes to seperate the march of anti rascists from the Nazis. The younger man with the beard claimed to be thier "leader" and stated he was in Olympia to protest "White european genocide". He also said he was inspired to be Nazi by a dream he had of Hitler where Hitler asked him to "fight for you race, fight for your nation." (Quote taken from video of rally)

The turn out of Olympians for the anti racist rally seemed to indicate sucess for those opposed to the presence of Nazis in Olympia. The Nazis also believe their day to be a sucess, according to, where they call the anti racist rally "commie scum". Full Story & photos

One Nazi and 100 Anti-Racists Show Up For Nazi Rally in Seattle: Nazi rallies were publicized for Olympia and Seattle on Jan. 22, 2006. But upon arrival at Seattle's Space Needle, I found about 150 anti-racist protesters and one lone self-proclaimed skinhead. Typical protest speeches were made, under a banner that said, "No Racists in Our Towns! Stop the Nazis!" But the really interesting part of the protest revolved around the lone Nazi who did show up and felt let down by his racist buddies. Full Story

huelga lider

Valparaiso, 23.01.2006 06:39

Sábado 21 Enero 2006 | 13 días

Trabajadores Líder en huelga

Lebanese Army Surrounds Slums in Jnah, Beirut

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:38

For the second day in a row, residents of the Jnah Suburb of Beirut prepare for clashes with the Lebanese Army. The neighborhood is home for Lebanese refugees from the civil war. The Lebanese state, refusing to provide basic services to the "illegal" neighborhood, had asked the army to intervene yesterday to collect electricity bills and remove "unauthorized" connections. Monday's (8/3/2004) clashes saw security forces shoot two civilians in the legs and hit an 8-year-old boy with a rifle butt to the face.

12 MARCH 2004 demonstration

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:38

كنا متوجهين ثلاثة إلى مكان التجمع المقرر و هو جامعة الحكمة فرن الشباك ,حين جائنا إتصال يخبرنا بتغيير مكان التجمع و إنتقاله إلى وسط بيروت ,مررنا بالجامعة حيث كلن يتجمع أكثر من ألف عنصر أمني و أربع إطفائيات و بعض الصحافيين و الكثير من عناصر المخابرات باللباس المدني , مع الذكر أن وزير الداخلية الياس المر (إبن وزير الداخلية السابق ميشال المر)و من على شاشة المؤسسة اللبنانية للإرسال قبل يوم واحد من موعد التظاهر صرح ان التظاهر بالشارع ممنوع, مع العلم ان تصريحه هذا يتناقض مع الإعلان العالمي لحقوق الإنسان بمادته العشرون:"لكل فرد حق المشاركة بالجمعيات و التجمعات السلمية".

13 of april (make love not war)

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:38

peacefulll sit-in in the memory of the lebanese civil war

تنذكر ت ما تنعاد

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:38

من أجل: - اعلان 13 نيسان يوما" وطنيا" للذاكرة.

- اقامة نصب تذكاري لجميع ضحايا الحرب يكون بمثابة ادانة ماثلة لجرائمها.

تتشرف لجنة أهالي المخطوفين والمفقودين في لبنان وحملة "من حقنا أن نعرف" بدعوتكم الى المشاركة في التجمع المواطني الذي سيقام في تمام الساعة السادسة من مساء يوم الاحد تاريخ 18 نيسان 2004 في ساحة الشهداء- بيروت.

واثقين من تواجدكم معنا في هذه المناسبة الوطنية الجامعة.

فيما يلي كلمة لجنة أهالي المخطوفين والممفقودين في لبنان كما جاءت في المؤتمر الصحفي في 13 نيسان 2004 على لسان رئيسة اللجنة السيدة وداد حلواني

Eyes on Iraq (soon arabic translations)

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

(click for more info):
Two Protestors Challenge and Put Iraq Privatization on Trial, Face Trial Themselves

Read Ewa Jasiewicz's full report "The Iraq Procurement Conference Unmasked" on Indymedia UK

In these pages international activists post their diaries, reports and eyewitness accounts from Iraq, with regular updates. Some are still in Iraq, some has left, but the resistance continues.

Jo Wilding (Circus 2 Iraq) , Dahr Jamail ( The NewStandard) and Andréa Schmidt (Iraq Solidarity Project) who are currently in Iraq and active in providing direct non-violent support to Iraqis struggling against the occupation and monitoring and intervening against the human rights violations committed by the coalition forces post their reports.

Ewa Jasiewicz spent almost a year in Iraq working with Occupation Watch and focusing on the labor and union's movement and worker's rights under the occupation. Ewa has also been working with Palestinian refugees in Iraq. She took part in many anti-war anti-occupation activities in Iraq and during her stay in Palestine. She is now on tour in Europe talking about what she witnessed.

Andréa Schmidt's Diaries and Reports:
First Sight | There's No Explosions | A War Without End |

Dahr Jamail's Diaries and Reports:
Iraqi Health Minister and the Occupation Authorities |Winning Hearts and Minds |Tortured Souls |Signs of Torture Lead Family to Demand Answers |

Jo Wilding's Diaries and Reports:
April 11th, Eyewitness Report from Falluja | April 21st, Meeting Falluja Refugees |

Ewa Jasiewicz's Reports:
Protests in Iraq |The Invisible Fire |

CKUT Radio: War Crimes in Rafah

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

Listen to an interview with Mohamed an independent journalist from Rafah Palestine, who posts daily reports and photos about Rafah at the website -


Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

آراء حول مشاركة التيار الوطني الحر في الانتخابات البلدية Opinion on the Free Patriotic Movement's participation in the municipal elections.

ينار محمد وعصام شكري في بيروت

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

مجلة اليساري والمركز الإعلامي المستقل – بيروت، بالتعاون مع نادي اللقاء يدعوكم لحوار مع المناضلة النسوية العراقية والناشطة ضد الاحتلال، ينار محمدوذلك نهار الخميس 15 تموز 2004 الساعة السادسة مساء. ومع المناضل عصام شكري يوم الجمعة 16 تموز 2004 الساعة السادسة مساء في نادي اللقاء طلعة جنبلاط عين المريسة.

سيتناول اللقاء الأول لاشرعية ما يدعى بـ "نقل السلطة" والتطورات الأخيرة للحركة النسوية في العراق مع تسليط الأضواء على أوضاع النساء تحت الإحتلال. يتضمن اللقاء عرض الصور وطرح الأفكار والخطوات لحركة احتجاج عامة ضد "الحكومة الانتقالية". كما ستقوم ينار محمد بالتحدّث عن نشاطات منظمة حرية المرأة في العراق لتنظيم حركة نسوية تحررية، فتح مأوى للنساء من القتل غسلا للعار، والحملة من أجل تشكيل حكومة علمانية مساواتية لاقومية ولادينية في العراق، بالإضافة لتجربتها بالعيش تحت تهديدات القتل من قبل الإسلاميين.

ينار محمد هي رئيسة منظمة حرية المرأة في العراق، رئيسة تحرير جريدة "المساواة" النسوية وعضو الحزب الشيوعي العمالي العراقي.

نادي اللقاء، طلعة جنبلاط، عين المريسة، الخميس 15 تموز 2004 الساعة السادسة مساء.

لمزيد من المعلومات:

ماذا حصل في حيّ السلّم؟

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

أغرقت السلطة اللبنانية بالدم يوم الإضراب العام والسلمي والاعتصامات الاحتجاجية على تفاقم الازمة الاجتماعية والاقتصادية في 27 أيار، في محاولة منها لقطع الطريق على أي تحرك شعبي مطلبي ولدفع الامور تجاه حالة طوارئ معلنة أو تشديد حالة الطوارى غير المعلنة". يتابع المركز الإعلام المستقل - بيروت أحداث ومضاعفات المجزرة التي ارتكبتها الدولة اللبنانية بحق العمّال في حي السلّم من خلال الزيارت الميدانية إلى الحي وتوثيق شهادات الأهالي:

الجيش اللبناني يرتكب مجزرة بحق العمال | الإعلام اللبناني شريك للسلطة

بيان مرصاد | رسالة تضامن من عمّال العراق | بيان اتحاد الشباب الديمقراطي اللبناني | رسالة تضامن من البرلمان الأمازيغي العالميجوع وفقر ورغيف خبز لا يصل إلى أفواه الفقراء الذين نزلوا اليوم إلى الشارع ليعبّروا عن سخطهم وغضبهم من الوضع الاقتصادي الذي لا يحمل لهم سوى المزيد من القفر والبطالة والحرمان. حي السلّم شهد معارك ضارية بين الأهالي والقوى الأمنية التي بادرت إلى إطلاق الرصاص نحو صدور المواطنين العزّل.

Army Shoots Demonstrators in Hay El Sellom

On Thursday May 27, a Full Day Strike was called by the General Labor Confederation, with a demonstration near the Council of Ministers' headquarters to protest skyrocketing prices and lack of social services. Meanwhile, in Hay el Sellom, one of the poorest working-class areas in the country in the southern Suburbs of Beirut, a gathering was being held by the Taxi and Minivan drivers starting at 5 AM. In the late morning, and while the residents of the working-class neighborhood were heading towards the main demo, the Lebanese army opened fire at the demonstrators. The final toll of the day was 5 demonstrators killed and dozens injured, including many bystanders.

| AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL's statement on the killings |

إضراب المعتقلين في السجون الإسرائيلية

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

إنضموا إلى خيمة الحرية تحية وتضامنا مع المضربين والمعتقلين في المعتقلات الإسرائيلية أمام بيت الأمم المتحدة في بيروت.

أقر الاسرى في السجون الاسرائيلية إضرابا مفتوحا عن الطعام ابتداء من 15 آب الجاري كوسيلة أخيرة بعد فشل المحاولات الاخرى الهادفة الى تحقيق جملة من حقوقهم الانسانية الاساسية. وقد اعلن الأسرى نيتهم اتخاذ خطوات احتجاجية بعد تصاعد ممارسات مديرية السجون العامة ضدهم، وآخرها ما تعرض له العديد من الأسرى في سجني شطه والجلبوع من إهانة وتحقير وضرب وانتهاك لأبسط الحقوق الانسانية. ومنذ الاعلان عن التحرك باشرت إسرائيل حملة إعلامية ضخمة أرادت من خلالها القول إن الإضراب له بعده السياسي وليس المطلبي. واضطرت قوات الاحتلال لان تفتح السجون أمام وسائل الاعلام التي أجرت مقابلات سريعة مع السجناء كما سمحت لعدد من النواب العرب بالدخول الى غرف المعتقلين واجراء مقابلات معهم. وتحدث المسؤولون عن السجون عن ظروف افضل من التي يحظى بها سجناء اوروبا والولايات المتحدة الاميركية. حتى أن التلفزيون الاسرائيلي خصص دقائق عدة لهذا الموضوع في نشرته الاخبارية الرئيسية الاسبوع الماضي، عارضاً الأوضاع في السجون الاسرائيلية كأنها نزهه في سويسرا أو جزر الكناري.

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails go on hunger strik in protest and demand for a huamn treatment and bare living standards. For info in English click here

Read the Comprehensive Report on Status of Palestinian Political Prisoners (June 2004) prepared by Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association (Palestine) and Sumoud Political Prisoner Solidarity Group (Canada

Beirut Int. Assembly of Anti-War and Anti-Globalization Movements

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

Photo essay of Day 1 of the International Assembly of Anti-War and Anti-Globalization Movements - Beirut (including the visit to Sabra and Shatilla massacre mass-grave, and the solidarity march through Shatila Palestinian refugee camp)

Objections to the conference by some grass root groups in Beirut

How the conference worked like the UN

Report by Iraqi Solidarity Project (Montreal)

Anti amendment mourn-in!

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

Around 100 protestors, mostly leftists from various groups and affiliations, gathered in Martyr's Square Beirut. They gathered - mostly dressed in black - after a call from the Democratic Left Movement to protest the constitutional amendment to extend the presidency of Emile Lahoud. Reasons Lahoud is not being welcomed is due to his failure to meet the promises he made, or improve the worsening economic and political situation.

Ongoing deportation of Iraqi Refugees back to the war zone!

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

Lebanese state deports 353 "illegal" Iraqi refugees (stay posted for Arabic translations and constant updates)

Beirut, 15 September 2004 -- Following several days of announcements in a Lebanese daily newspaper and on the official Lebanese TV station, the Lebanese General Security forces, in cooperation with the Iraqi government and the UNHCR, today started deporting 353 Iraqi refugees back to Iraq in what they described as a "voluntary repatriation".


Indymedia Beirut on the ESF in London

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

On this year's European Social Forum in London several activists from indymedia beirut are attending and will discuss with European activists about projects in Lebanon. On Thursday, Saseen spoke on the panel "Migration: Freedom of Movement and Free communication" about media in Palestinian refugee camps. Friday and Saturday, Merhaba Europe is touring the ESF.

Interview with an Israeli anti-zionist activist.

photos from the demonstration on sunday

Eyewitness from the ESF... much Beyond it!

حملة شرسة جديدة ضد التعليم الرسمي وأساتذته

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

ابتدأ العام الدراسي باعتصامات وإضرابات للأساتذة المتعاقدين في المدارس
الرسمية الذين لم يقبضوا رواتبهم منذ 13 شهرا. وبينما كثرت نصائح الوزراء
والنواب للأساتذة بوقف الاضراب وبالاستمرار بالعمل كمتطوعين لحين البت في
قضيتهم ولم ينقضي اول أسبوع على بدأ العام الدراسي الجديد حتى ابتدأ سجال حول
قرار وزاري باستبدال العطلة الرسمية نهار السبت بنهار الجمعة.
وبينما رفضت رابطة الأساتذة الثانويين والعديد من التلامذة هذا القرار فإن
رابطة الطلاب المسلمين وعدة نواب يطالبون بتطبيقه.

What really happened in ESCWA Friday morning?

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

Know what really happened in ESCWA house, with Marwan Hmade and with the others. medias are shit, they do not know what happened , they are very stupid, yes to independent media centers (Y)

Anti-Mubarak demo in Egypt

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

About 500 people demonstrated on Sunday (12.12) in front of the Supreme Court against the fifth extension of Hosni Mubrark's term. They also rejected any succession of Hosni by his son Gamal. Their banners read: "No extentsion. No heridity. No succession!" and "No to Mubrarak, his party and his son."

read more about the actions by Egyptian activists:
Egyptian Police stops Palestine solidarity

Interviews with activists

Hariri: Hot Diary of an Affair!

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

I have known Rafik Al Hariri for quite some years now. Our acquaintance involved a lot of physical interaction and deep-throat cries! He is much older than me, but our relation deepened beyond belief. I was obsessed by him, and where ever I went... I sabotaged his pictures.

More background on Hariri
Avedis' Story With Solidere in Beirut-Lebanon
Fables of Freedom and Democracy in Lebanon
Anti-Imperialist struggle in Lebanon
They can March too: Hizbollah and the Politics of staged Protests
People Power in Lebanon
Is the Lebanese Opposition an Alternative?
Opposition´s Investigation through a photo essay

Can Democracy Survive Bush's Embrace?

Audio CKUT Radio: Hariri, Lebanon & the Economics of Poverty
Who killed Hariri?
Syrian Harakiri? Who profits.
Billionaire Murder, Culprit likely US
Hariri's Assasination: US and Europe???
In Defence of Syria
Campaign for political change in Lebanon by Mirsad
Anti-Gay Sentiments at Martyr's Square Camp (Français)

حملة دعم طلبة البصرة ضد قمع الاسلام السياسي

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

في السادس عشر من اذار، شرع طلبة البصرة باضراب احتجاجاً على الاعتداء الذي تعرض له طلبة كلية الهندسة جامعة البصرة على ايدي جيش المهدي الموالي لمقتدى الصدر. قتل في ذلك الاعتداء احد الطلبة و جرح الكثيرين. انتهى الاضراب يوم الثاني و العشرين من اذار الا ان حملة الطلبة بمواجهة عنف قوى الاسلام السياسي لا زالت متواصلة و بحاجة لتأييد و تضمان عالميين.

Campaign to support the Basra students protest against Islamist repression On March 16th, students in Basra began a strike in protest at an attack carried out on students from Basra’s University’s engineering faculty by Moqtada al-Seder’s Army of the Mahdi, in which several people were injured and one killed. The strike ended on March 22nd, but the students’ campaign against Islamist violence continues and needs international support and solidarity.

On Students Movement Struggle Against Political Islam
First Student Congress in Bagdad against human rights violations, privatization and Islamization

مؤتمر للحركة الطلابية في العراق

ممارسات عنصرية ضد العمال السوريين

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

تقرير مركز الخيام عن الممارسات العنصرية ضد العمال السوريين

بعد اغتيال الرئيس الشهيد رفيق الحريري تعرض العمال السوريون لاعتداءات عنصرية مرعبة في لبنان ادى الكثير منها الى مقتل بعض هؤلاء المدنيين الابرياء

ماذا حصل في القاهرة

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

25 مايو 2005
حدث أمام نقابة صحفيي مصر، في يوم عرس الديمقراطية، والاستفتاء على تعديل الدستور

مقالات متعلقة:
الاربعاء: مصر ترتدى السواد
إقالة حبيب العادلي.. ولا شيء أقل من ذلك

Related stories in English EGYPT WEARS BLACK IN MOURNING
Police lead ruling party thugs to attack
Egyptian security arrests activists and media people
Nothing less than the Resignation of Habib El Adly
More links

The Cedar's Ashes

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

All eyes in Lebanon right now are on the parliamentary elections scheduled to start at the end of May and run for 3 weekends, ending sometime in mid-June. And given Lebanon's, lets say, diverse political landscape, it's enough to make your head spin.

Lebanon Election Reports by Bilal El Amine:
1- Hizbullah and the Beirut Poll
2- Resistance sweeps the south
3- Aoun and the Muslim Tsunami

اغتيال الصحافي الليبي المختطف ضيف الغزال

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

اغتيال الصحافي الليبي المختطف ضيف الغزال

أكدت الأنباء هذا اليوم مقتل ضيف الغزال، الصحافي الليبي المختطف قبل أسبوعين، بعد العثور على جثته، يوم الجمعة الماضي 3/5/2005، مدفونة بمنطقة قنفودة إلى الغرب من بنغازي مشوهة وفي حالة تحلل.

We Won’t Be Silenced

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

On June 2, 2005 Lebanon’s prominent journalist and historian Samir Kassir was assassinated. Kassir was a dedicated, vehement and eloquent critic of Syria’s presence in Lebanon, its security apparatuses and its Lebanese collaborators.

وقع على عريضة العدالة في ذكرى سمير قصير
صور للإعتصام في ساحة الشهداء يوم إغتيال سمير قصير
صور لإعتصام إضاءة الشموع في ذكرى اسبوع على الجريمة

Sign the petition: WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED Justice for the memory of Samir Kassir
Journalists demonstration
Pics from first demo for Samir Kassir
Samir Kassir's last article (in ARABIC)
Article in Arabic by Samir Kassir
Images of the candle vigil, a week after the crime

George Hawi: Photos from the Assassination Location in Beirut

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

On June 21st, 2005 former leader of the Lebanese Community Party, George Hawi was assassinated in a car bomb in the Kola district of Beirut. Below you will find photos taken on the scene....

الموت في التيه...سقط جورج حاوي شهيدا..

ترخيص بالقتل: إبتسم أنت في لبنان

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

في زحمة عملنا وانشغالنا بمتابعة ومناقشة المرسوم الجديد لوزير العمل المتعلق باستثناء الفلسطينيين المولودين على الأراضي اللبنانية من المنع الذي يطال بعض المهن يرن الهاتف ويصلني على الطرف الآخر صوت ملهوف لصحافي فرنسي يقوم بتحقيقات في بعض المخيمات الفلسطينية ليخبرني بأنهم يطلقون الرصاص على مبنى الانروا في الجناح. مكالمة أخرى من ناشط كندي يخبرني بأن الرصاص يستهدف مخيم برج البراجنة ...

قبلها كنا قد تدافعنا إلى الشرفة لعلنا نستطلع أمر الإطلاق الكثيف للرصاص ولكن عبثا فلا نرى أمامنا إلا جيراننا وقد تجمهروا بدورهم على شرفات منازلهم في زقاق من الأزقة التي تسمى شعبية في منطقة طريق الجديدة في بيروت.

أدرنا جهاز الراديو في المكتب والمبرمج على إذاعة واحدة هي صوت الشعب لكن اتضح لنا أن عطبا ما أصاب هذا الراديو الصغير الأحمر والذي تجاوز عمره 20 عاما فتوجهنا إلى جيراننا الذين استقبلونا كما استقبلونا في 14 شباط لـ"نتفرج" على إنفجار السان جورج على شاشة تلفزيونهم وكما استقبلونا في 2 و 21 حزيران.

الحرية لـطيبة المعولي وعبد الله الريامي

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

قررت المحكمة الابتدائية، للعاصمة العمانية مسقط يوم الثالث عشر من تموز 2005، بالحكم بالسجن سنة ونصف السنة، على البرلمانية السابقة والإعلامية "طيبة المعولي"، ومرشحة نوبل للسلام 2005 من عُمان، بتهمة نشر مقالات على شبكة الإنترنت، انتقدت فيها انتهاكات حقوق الإنسان في بلادها.

كما أقدمت سُلطات الأمن في سلطنة عُمان، على اعتقال الكاتب والناشط في مجال الدفاع عن حقوق الانسان: "عبد الله الريامي"، وذلك إثر استدعائه للمثول أمام ما يُسمى بالقسم الخاص، في القيادة العامة للشرطة، في العاصمة العُمانية مسقط، صباح يوم الثالث عشر من تموز 2005، حيث لم يُعرف عنه شيئ حتى اليوم كما لم توجه له تهم واضحة ومحددة.

للتوقيع على عريضة الحرية للشاعر العماني عبدالله الريامي

محمد الحارثي: رسالة إلى وزير الإعلام
سلطنة عمان والحريات
سلطنة عمان إلى أين؟
رسالة إلى طيبة المعولي

Palestinians in Lebanon: the Right to Work, Refugee Camps &amp; Emigration

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

In June 2005 Lebanon's Labour Minister proposed changes to the countries labour laws. If implemented the changes will grant the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees there the right to work in certain professions, through applying for foreign work permits, for employment in manual and clerical positions. Although still the proposed changes will barring many professionals from working in their fields of expertise including, medicine, law and engineering.

Lebanon / Syria: Border Closures

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

Syria has closed its borders to Lebanese economic traffic dealing a serious blow to Lebanon's fragile economy. The Syrian government has justified the border shutdown in the name of security for the region, while the government in Lebanon has pointed to the border shutdown as an economic attack from its neighbor, in retaliation for the forced withdrawal of 15 000 Syrian troops from Lebanon in April 2005.

إيران تقوم بإعدام مراهقين مثليي الجنس

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

أعلنت وكالة إعلام الطلاب الإيرانيين، إسنا(ISNA) ، أن السلطة الإيرانية قامت بتاريخ التاسع عشر من تموز بإعدام مراهقين إيرانيين من مشتهي الجنس المماثل، أحدهما يبلغ من العمر 18 عاماً والآخر 16 أو 17 عاماً، بسبب ارتكابهما جريمة كونهما مثليين. الشابين م.أ. و أ.م. أعدما شنقاً في ساحة العدالة في مدينة مشهد في شمالي-شرق إيران، بأمر من المحكمة رقم 19. لقد تم الإبلاغ عن الإعدام أيضاً عبر المجلس الوطني الإيراني للمقاومة.

In English:
Iran Executes Two Homosexual Boys
Gay Media's Failure to Accurately Report Stories Chronicle of a manipulation

Gaza &quot;Withdrawal&quot; a Smoke-Screen for Military Occupation

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

As the world's attention is turned toward the Israeli withdrawal of illegal Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land in the Gaza Strip, a harsh, deadly and brutal military occupation continues throughout Palestine. While the future of the border crossings of the Gaza Strip, to Egypt and to other regions of occupied Palestine remains unclear, as Israel has refused to negotiate on these key issues, which will define if Gaza will remain a large, social and economically isolated prison.

أغنيات مقاومة: دافيد روفكس في بيروت

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

أغنيات مقاومة أمسية غنائية لدعم المركز الإعلامي المستقلّ- بيروت مع المغنّي الأميريكي الشعبي "دافيد روفكس"

الإثنين 5 أيلول 2005 نادي اللّقاء الثقافي، شارع عمر الداعوق، طلعة جنبلاط، مقابل القصر. إبتداءاَ من الساعة 7:30 الدخول مجّاني – نرحب بتبرّعاتكم للمركز.

SONGS of RESISTANCE: with David Rovics

حملة غرينبيس للطاقة المسالمة: قارب &quot;أس في آنا&quot; تصل إلى بيروت

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

بيروت، 13/09/2005- في اطار حملة غرينبيس المتوسط لوقف التغير المناخي وصلت اليوم سفينة غرينبيس النهرية "اس في أنا" الى بيروت وسترسو في "بيروت مارينا" وسط العاصمة، مقابل اوتيل فينيسيا. وستسلط نشاطات السفينة الضوء على تاثيرات التغير المناخي وعواقبها على العالم ومنطقتنا.

إقرأ المزيد:
تكريم (أنا) قارب غرينبيس ببيروت
دليل غرينبيس إلى التغير المناخي:
تعريف شامل: المشكلة والحلول
منطقة المتوسط: لبنان- مصر- تركيا

غزة سئمت نزف الدماء

Beirut, 23.01.2006 05:37

بعد أن توقفت مؤقتاً مشاهد قصف وتحليق طائرات ال ف16 عن قطاع غزة ليحاول السكان استكمال فرحة جلاء المستوطنين عن جزء من الأراضي الفلسطينية، وفي أذهان الكثير منهم يرتبط مشهد الجلاء بحلم الاستقرار والأمن الاجتماعي وسيادة القانون الذي كان مفقوداً لعدة سنوات، بفعل ممارسات الاحتلال التي أرهبت الأطفال قبل الشيوخ والنساء والشباب، واقتلعت الشجر ودمرت الحجر، وبفعل عصابات المصالح التي لم تتوان عن إزهاق أرواح عشرات الأبرياء في مشاهد دموية استنكرها وعاني منها الجميع.

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