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Steve Kubby and Family Must Leave Canada By Thursday, January 26th

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.01.2006 14:08

American cancer patient and medical marijuana refugee Steve Kubby and his family have been ordered to leave Canada on or before Thursday, January 26th. The Immigration Ministry apparently claims that its departure orders are not subject to appeal, but the family is still trying to get a court to allow them to appeal. Steve Kubby has taken cannabis for some 20 years to treat adrenal cancer, and it is feared that if he is jailed in California, he would be denied access to his medication.

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Nous sommes tous des « criminels » de la solidarité !

Liege, 25.01.2006 12:37

Monsieur le Ministre, Criminaliser l’aide que des citoyens et citoyennes de ce pays apportent à des hommes, femmes et enfants sans titre de séjour valable : tels sont les propos que vous avez tenus dans le journal « Gazet van Antwerpen » le samedi 7 janvier 2006. Ces propos sont, pour les organisations et citoyens solidaires que nous sommes, inacceptables. Alors que les décisions politiques successives ont largement contribué à criminaliser les sans-papiers depuis de nombreuses années, menacer de sanctionner les personnes venant en aide à des étrangers en séjour illégal en Belgique constitue une intimidation révoltante et un détournement inacceptable dans l’interprétation de la législation belge. Vos propos ont créé la confusion et risquent d'induire en erreur des associations et des personnes auprès de qui il faudra rétablir la vérité : l'aide humanitaire apportée à un étranger en séjour clandestin n'est pas un délit! Les « sans-papiers » subissent souvent, dans notre pays, des conditions de vie très précaires. Venir en aide à ceux qui sont en mauvaise santé, qui ont faim ou froid est une obligation morale, humaniste. Que ces personnes soient proches ou éloignées, et quelles que soient leur nationalité, religion, sexe ou statut légal. Criminaliser cet acte de solidarité est inacceptable. Se baser sur les articles 77 et 77bis de la loi de 1980 pour appuyer cela est contestable : ces articles concernent en effet la traite et le trafic d’êtres humains. Associer l’aide légitime apportée par les citoyens et citoyennes de Belgique à de pareilles pratiques constitue une injure envers ces individus, solidaires d’hommes, femmes et enfants soumis à la clandestinité. De tels propos sont non seulement inquiétants et injurieux, mais font également porter des risques à notre démocratie. S’attaquer au principe de la solidarité entre êtres humains est à nos yeux inadmissible et porteur de toutes les dérives. Menacer ouvertement des citoyens pour un pareil engagement constitue une faute démocratique que nous ne pouvons tolérer. En outre, offrir aux partis liberticides une tribune de récupération aussi prévisible est irresponsable à quelques mois des élections communales, et la part de chacun dans la montée des partis racistes au soir des élections devra être assumée. En conséquence de quoi, Nous, organisations de solidarité avec les plus vulnérables d’ici et d’ailleurs, Nous, hommes et femmes attachés au principe de solidarité entre êtres humains, Nous, « sans-papiers » de Belgique conscients de l’importance de l’aide de chacun, Nous sommes tous des « criminels » de la solidarité ! Nous condamnons fermement vos propos sur la criminalisation de l’aide aux personnes dénuées de titres de séjour et réaffirmons notre volonté de soutenir, aujourd’hui comme demain, et malgré les menaces de poursuites judiciaires, les hommes, femmes et enfants « sans-papiers » en Belgique.

Forum Social Mondial Polycentrique : Première étape à Bamako (Mali)

Liege, 25.01.2006 12:37

people before profit forum

Ireland, 25.01.2006 11:38

new alliance of left wing community activists The following represents a report on a public meeting held in Dublin 13th/14th January concerning the formation of a new cross-party alliance called People Before Profit. ul { list-style-type: none; } From the newswire: The following represents a report on a public meeting held in Dublin 13th/14th January. The first public workshop of the People before Profit Alliance / Davitt League Alliance was held in Cassidy’s Hotel (on the evening of Friday 13th January) and the Teachers Club (Saturday 14th). Chairing the Friday night session, Dr Michael Punch of TCD announced the aim of the group — which is to provide support through collaboration for individual grassroots movements and to increase political space for the views of community activists. Related links compiled by IMC Ireland: Socialist Worker article on PBP Socialist Democracy "So Good they did it Twice!" report on St. Michaels report on launch of Tenants First report on "The Sale of the Century": Chamber Court, Weaver Court The speakers on Friday night provided insights and experiences from two campaigns: Rita Fagan on regeneration in St Michael’s Estate, Inchicore; and Vincent McGrath as one of the Rossport Five (jailed for their refusal to guarantee that they would not protest against Shell plans in Mayo). McGrath argued that while safety had been the original focus of local dissent, the information that has since been unearthed has changed the debate entirely. It is now known that, beginning with a deal made by Ray Burke against civil service advice, Ireland has given away control over its gas fields to private oil companies and has retained no state interest in this sector. There is no guarantee of secure supply into the future - an issue that has been in the news as a result of Russian threats to cut off supplies to the Ukraine. Irish gas will be sold to Irish citizens at the full market rate with Norwegian citizens, through their state company Statoil, reaping the profits. The Rossport campaign is now devoted to repudiating this give-away of Ireland’s natural resources and, following the example of recent change in the United Kingdom and Venezuela, renegotiating a deal with the oil companies to ensure a degree of State interest and some security of future supply. In speaking of the St Michael’s Estate campaign, Rita Fagan placed it in the context of ongoing efforts in Dublin to transfer land (currently occupied by public housing) into the hands of private developers through the use of PPPs (Public Private Partnerships) and the destruction of old established communities which this entails. In particular, she drew attention to the huge amount of detailed local work which had been put into a collaborative community plan for St Michael’s Estate over two years. This ended abruptly in September 2004 with a letter from the Department of the Environment (then headed by Martin Cullen), tearing up the previous arrangements and insisting that PPP development was the only kind that the government was now prepared to endorse. Through the collection of 3000 signatures and extensive lobbying by the community over the last eighteen months, what is now under negotiation is a proposal that the new developments at St Michael’s will retain 150 local authority houses and 70 for first time buyers. However, many other PPP development of Dublin public housing estates are currently in the pipeline and without support and campaigning, it is not clear what percentage of public housing stock will be contained in these. Eamonn McCann stressed that all campaigns represented a fight against the abuse of power and that “we’re all fighting for one another”. He illustrated this inter-relationship with the story of Bishop Berkeley, an eighteenth-century Derryman whose interest in education and free speech led to his name being used for the foundation of Berkeley College in California. The reputation of the college for liberal thinking and left wing values led in turn to it becoming the centre for beatnik culture celebrated by Alan Ginsberg’s “Howl”. Subsequently, during the Free University movement of the sixties, Berkeley College students erected a sign: “You are now entering Free Berkeley”. It was this sign which provided the inspiration for the famous placard in the Bogside: “You are now entering Free Derry”. McCann also drew attention to the lack of political support for the seventeen families whose houses are to be destroyed to make way for the new runway at Derry demanded by Ryanair, and to the fact that advisors to the British government on current plans to slash the numbers of civil servants in the North are drawn from the very companies who expect to benefit from such privatisation. Speaking from the floor Richard Boyd Barrett drew attention to the victories which various campaigns had won over the last year: the reversal of the repatriation of their fellow-pupil Kunle by the Palmerston Community College; pay for the Gama workers; the freeing of the Rossport Five; the Save Our Seafront campaign in Dun Laoghaire; and the Irish Ferries marches. This sparked a debate about the nature of victory and to what extent one should celebrate achievements which might fall short of original aims. It was agreed that arguments were won on the basis of the quality of information provided and that attempts to restrict the flow of public information (through restriction of the Freedom of Information Act and the recent attack on the Centre for Public Inquiry) should be resisted. Saturday morning saw further discussion of social housing issues. Andrew MacLaran of TCD provided an analysis of changes in urban governance over the last twenty years. This could be summed up as the adoption of a business ethos replacing older notions of community welfare and privatisation of public assets through fiscal incentives and joint ventures. This resulted in situations where planners, paid for by the public purse, were in effect acting to facilitate private companies. Investment was largely geared to ‘selling the city’ to such companies through chasing high-profile events, such as the Olympics and by way of “tarting up” public spaces – as in the replacement of the original trees on O’Connell Street by “controlled cubed lollipop sticks’. Little or no public debate takes place about the sell-off of public land and amenities which can be involved: it is not clear that any valuation of the land at Fatima Mansions was undertaken before the PPP arrangements were entered into, while estimates for the value of St Michael’s Estate in Inchicore varied between 80 million and 130 million euros. (In this instance, it was initially proposed that 80 units of social housing would be built on land valued at 80 million.). This lack of transparency is further illustrated by the fact that whereas there are precise figures available for expenditure on Social Welfare, the State has no record or even estimate of the cost to the public purse of the various tax incentives for inner city development in recent years. Also vital to discussion of these regeneration schemes is the displacement of the inner city communities involved. A feature of the proposed new PPP arrangements is that social housing will be limited to a maximum of 50% of any estate and it is not at all clear where future council tenants may expect to be housed. These latter points were reinforced by speakers from the floor citing parallel developments in the Poppintree estate in Ballymun, in Clanbrassil Street and in Rathgar. The rebuilding of public swimming pools with private apartments (rather than social housing) above them; the replacement of such public amenities by private fitness clubs with restricted access for locals; the knock-on effect for small businesses which find it more profitable to sell their inner city shops for development and relocate to industrial suburbs on the outskirts of Dublin were all alluded to. In addition, the replacement of family homes by one and two bedroom apartments makes many inner city schools unviable in the long term. Attention was drawn to the fact that these issues are not being articulated by any of the Irish political parties in the Dáil; that there is little attempt to evaluate the efficiency or the value of PPP arrangements in the media and that, increasingly, Dublin City Council are refusing to provide information which would enable others to fill this void. Moreover, the real debate on social housing is being disguised by the government’s use of the new term: “affordable housing” which is never defined and the cost of which to the individual purchaser is only rarely specified. It was noted that while the improverished Irish State of the 1950s was able to afford public housing amounting to 50% of all new housing stock, that figure had fallen to 7% in the Celtic Ireland of 2004. John Bissett of Rialto drew attention to the umbrella organisation Tenants First which seeks to disseminate the experiences of individual council estates undergoing regeneration. He stressed the need for all participants in community partnerships to clearly identify the grounds on which meetings were held and the extent to which such groups are empowered to make binding agreements. He drew attention to the fact that Dublin City Council and their officials are frequently merely a buffer between communities and the real decision-makers. Groups which had engaged in good faith in consultative processes have, on occasion, had their many hours of work disregarded on the basis that outside bodies, such as the Department of Finance, would not endorse the agreed arrangements. It was important that local groups evaluated their experiences and the extent to which their voice was heard in the final shake-out so that others could appreciate the value of co-operation in such endeavours. Attention then turned to the value or otherwise of community activists getting involved in electoral politics. Des Bonass of ATGWU drew attention to the lack of public control over their politicians. The forces causing politicians to act were the concerns (in no particular order) of big business, multi-nationals, the media and the civil service. Despite the ubiquity of the statement “We have a mandate from the people”, politicians such as Michael McDowell and Mary Harney had the power to produce sweeping changes on the basis of a mere 2% in public support. In contrast, the widespread popular support for grassroots movements such as the Anti-War campaign or the anti-Nice vote were frequently ignored. A system in which politicians are largely drawn from a small caste of celebrities, sportsmen and the extended families of existing TDs means that electoral politics is limited to the pursuit of power rather than to policy debates. Community activists should concentrate in the first instance on spreading their message in left-wing movements and must avoid compromises which ignore the aims of their associates working in street politics and on the ground. Richard Boyd Barrett of Save Our Seafront took a more historical perspective, arguing that the mass movements of the 1960s had encountered a neo-authoritarian backlash in the 1980s and 90s. More importantly, such social movements had often faltered at the point of their maximum popularity because they lacked political answers and politicians to articulate their demands. Comparisons could be drawn with present-day movements such as the Anti-War rallies which, despite massive popular support in Britain and the United States, failed to find support in mainstream politics. Even the Liberal Democrats of Britain, who had taken an anti-invasion line on the Iraq war, are now refusing to call for British troops to return home. The need for such popular movements to find political expression is beginning to be recognised in countries such as Germany with the formation of the Links Partei, in Italy with the Rifondazione Communista, with the Left Block in Portugal and with Respect in Britain. The lesson to be drawn is that broad movements should never be collapsed into political parties but that links can and should be drawn with political parties who are willing to support their aims. Dave Lordan from the floor pointed out that the experience of SWP candidates standing in the local elections in 2002 had proved valuable in enhancing the credibility of a radical programme of action in his local area. Journalists and others recognised the names of the people involved while other local politicians were conscious of the possibility of losing future votes. It was agreed that if community activists were to be elected, they should follow the example of Joe Higgins in agreeing to take only the average industrial wage, that measures should be taken to ensure that representatives would report back on a regular basis and that mass public meetings should be held in local areas to facilitate the expression of new issues and concerns. Summing up, it was agreed that the weekend had proved both enjoyable and productive and that similar meetings would be organised by the People before Profit Alliance on other topics such as Health, Waste/Incineration, Transport and Migrant Workers in the near future. The question of electoral activity would also be revisited. In the meantime, efforts would continue to establish contact with as many campaign groups as possible. The website is due to go live shortly and will include information on the various topics covered as well as a list of TDs addresses and emails. Lobbying, attending events where prominent politicians are speaking, disseminating information through street stalls and supermarkets, petitions, rallies, press releases and letters to both politicians and the media have all proved successful tools for individual campaign groups up till now and it is hoped that all these methods can be successfully deployed into the future.

Interview with Holly Anagnos: &quot;Free Choice Miami says No&quot; to Alito rally 1-7-06

Miami, 25.01.2006 10:37

Interview with Holly Anagnos: "Free Choice Miami says No" to Alito rally 1-7-06

Michelle Bachelet, Socialist, Is Elected President of Chile

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.01.2006 07:40

January 15 marked the election of Chile’s first woman President, 54 year-old Michelle Bachelet, on the ticket of a Christian Democrat-Left coalition, the Concertación. Bachelet is a socialist and a former Minister of Health and Minister of Defense in the center-left Lagos administration. During the regime of dictator Augusto Pinochet, Bachelet was imprisoned, tortured, and exiled. She is a pediatrician and a single mother of three. "I have not had an easy life," she told a cheering crowd after her victory.

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En Tartagal, Salta

Argentina, 25.01.2006 07:39

Brutal represión a desocupados de la UTD

Servidor de base de datos caído

Argentina, 25.01.2006 05:10

Problemas tecnicos

New Orleans' Lower 9th: The Struggle Continues

Philadelphia, 25.01.2006 04:38

In light of hardships that thousands of residents have gone through since September, the city is now telling them that they cannot go back to their homes. Residents say such a political battle is the last thing they need, as they're struggling to reclaim their lives.

World Social Forum in Starts Today in Caracas

Philadelphia, 25.01.2006 04:38

PhillyIMC correspondants Peter Funke and Martin Lautz will be reporting from the 6th polycentric World Social Forum (WSF) in Caracas, Venezuela from January 24th to January 29. We will feature daily logs as well as audio and video broadcasts.

Notas sobre ver/visiones táctiles

Puerto Rico, 25.01.2006 03:39

Notas sobre ver/visiones táctiles

Notas sobre ver/visiones táctiles

Puerto Rico, 25.01.2006 03:39

Notas sobre ver/visiones táctiles

West Papuan Refugee Rights

Perth, 25.01.2006 02:39

Femantle forum - West Papuan refugees and their reasons for asylum

Klamath Salmon Runs Reach All Time Low

Rogue Valley, 25.01.2006 02:39

Forks of Salmon, CA - Scientists and Conservationists were shocked last week to find out that the Salmon River fall Chinook run had dipped even lower than the previous year's record low. Only an estimated 320 fall Chinook returned to the Salmon River according to the California Dept. of Fish and Game (CDFG). CDFG has counts for spawning fall Chinook that go back 27 years to 1978. A large tributary to the Klamath, the Salmon River had an all time low in 2004 with a run of 626 fall Chinook. Before that the record low had stood at 780 in 1999, as shown in the chart below.

Santa Cruz Indymedia's Regional Integration with

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.01.2006 02:39

We are very pleased to announce that the Santa Cruz Independent Media Center's website will now be regionally integrated with, the website of the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center. The new website address for Santa Cruz Indymedia is

Together, as media activists in Central and Northern California and throughout the world, we will use the tactic of Indymedia to share news and information from within the struggles for a world based on freedom, cooperation, justice and solidarity, and against environmental degradation, neoliberal exploitation, racism and patriarchy.

All the reporters, photographers, sound recorders, videographers, organizers and activists who contribute to SC-IMC's open-publishing newswire are the heart and soul of Santa Cruz Indymedia.

Read more: Santa Cruz IMC's Regional Integration with || Lee Más: Santa Cruz CMI se ha Integrado con


Portland, 25.01.2006 02:39

Every minute, Americans are sending hundreds of thousands of dollars overseas to buy oil, and our reliance on foreign oil is continuing to grow. America's overdependence on oil threatens our environment, our health, and is the number one reason why it's time for you to stand up and fight for better gas mileage standards from the auto industry.

Wednesday, January 25th 5:30-6:30pm

SEIU Local 49 Union Building Ballroom
3536 SE 26th Ave

Local 49 is just off Powell, and can be accessed by TriMet bus routes 10, 9, and 66. There is a small parking lot behind the building as well as street parking a few blocks away [ Read More ] [ America is too dependent on oil ]

Tarifa Única de Florianópolis pode vir a custar R$ 1,75

Brasil, 25.01.2006 00:38


Rassemblement ANTI-WEF à Lausanne

Switzerland, 24.01.2006 22:37

Ce mercredi débutera la rencontre des auto-proclamés „global leaders“ au World Economique Forum. Le WEF se tiendra à Davos sous le slogan „mastering our future“ (maîtriser notre futur). Pendant cette réunion privée des 1000 entreprises les plus importantes du monde, Davos est quasiment coupé du monde. 5500 soldats suisses, ainsi que des troupes de police intérieures et étrangères, sont mis à disposition du WEF.

Bien que les membre du WEF discutent et négocient ensemble devant la camera, les décisions les plus importantes sont prises dans les arrière-chambres et les couloirs, sous l’exclusion de la presse. Des décisions qui nous dépouillent de nos libertés et qui font progresser l’État de surveillance, qui entraînent des injustices sociales et qui approfondissent encore plus le fossé entre les pauvres et les riches.

Par la répression de l’État il est devenu presque impossible pour les contestataires d’effectuer une résistance tangible contre le WEF. Pendant le WEF les droits fondamentaux sont mis hors circuit comme la liberté de réunion ou le droit à une manifestation d’opinion libre, et les autorités (police et militaires) répondent avec des représailles aux action de résistance. En 2004, après une manif paisible à Coire, un train avec plus de 1000 personnes a été arrêté par les flics. Les passagers ont été encerclé(e)s et après avoir dû attendre pour des heures au froid, ont été partiellement abattu(e)s dans une mer de gaz lacrymogène.

Cette année le mot d'ordre de la résistance contre le WEF est l'appel à des actions délocalisées. Après de multiples actions en Suisse-Alémanique ainsi que dans le jura et le Tessin, nous voulons montrer aux autorités et au WEF que la lutte sur l'arc lemanique est bien présente.

Afin de montrer que nous ne restons pas indifférents face à cette situation:

Rassemblement festif le jeudi 26 janvier, 18h
Place Saint François

Arkansas IMC 3rd Birthday Party Friday January 27th

Arkansas, 24.01.2006 22:09

Arkansas IMC will be hosting its 3rd Birthday Party this Friday January 27th at Sodies Underground on the Fayetteville Square. The festivities will be starting around 10pm. Genome Chomsky and the Gunghobos will be playing. We will have our world famous literature table set up, and we will be doing Indymedia trainings. We will also be auctioning off a sweet bike.

Indybay Welcomes Santa Cruz IMC

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.01.2006 22:09

We are very pleased to announce that the Santa Cruz Independent Media Center's website will now be regionally integrated with, the website of the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center. The new website address for Santa Cruz Indymedia is Together, as media activists in Central and Northern California and throughout the world, we will share news and information for a world based on freedom, cooperation, justice and solidarity, and against environmental degradation, neoliberal exploitation, racism and patriarchy.

Read More about Santa Cruz IMC integrating with Indybay || Lee Más sobre Santa Cruz CMI se ha Integrado con

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Wed night: culturelabs, medialabs, hacklabs, a talk with Zeljko Blace

San Diego, 24.01.2006 20:40

/// A conversation with Željko Blaće ///

Stop by Voz Alta Wednesday night for an informal discussion with Željko Blaće, a media activist from Croatia who has worked with the MAMA net.culture club, as well as many other projects...

Blaće is interested in media arts and aesthetics particularly in the context of streaming media practices and visual observations. He is working with UC faculty including Natalie Jeremijenko and Lev Manovich to develop and present a streaming media exhibition and symposium in the fall of 2006...

Wednesday, January 25th, 7:30pm @ Voz Alta, 1544 Broadway
16th and Broadway in downtown San Diego

Local Activists Subpoenaed to Appear in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.01.2006 19:08

A federal grand jury in San Francisco is demanding the appearance of several alleged animal rights activists on Wednesday, January 25th. These people face jail time for exercising their right to remain silent before what supporters call a "secret government inquisition." They say that a strong showing of opposition to FBI witch hunts is crucial to the survival of the activist community. People will gather at 9:00am in front of the San Francisco Federal Building at 450 Golden Gate (between Polk and Larkin).

Read more on Indybay's Animal Liberation News Page

Preso político do governo interino, padre sofre de leucemia

Brasil, 24.01.2006 18:38


especulació i okupació(ca)

Barcelona, 24.01.2006 18:08

Els mossos també desallotgen

Avui, 24, al migdia han desallotjada la Quinkalla de Sants --- concentracions a la pça d'Osca i tallada de la carretera de Sants com a protesta.

[24gen] 20h a la Pça de Sants, concentració contra l'especulació urbanística

notícies relacionades: desallotjats 14 okupes del carrer república argentina ::: els mossos detenen tres joves a les Corts la nit del 22gen ::: 2a bicicletada contra l'especulació a mataró, el febrer passat els mossos també van desallotjar ::: debat jove sobre habitatge i noves infraestructures a gelida ::: l'Ajuntament de barcelona prohibeix una xerrada sobre habitatge ::: emancipació a girona: el futur en venda::: zisko bardenero resisteix

+info:: especulació +

especulación y okupación (es)

Barcelona, 24.01.2006 18:08

Los mossos también desalojan

Hoy, 24, al mediodia han desalojado la Quinkalla de Sants --- concentraciones en la pça d'Osca i cortes de la carretera de Sants como protesta.

[24gen] 20h a la Pça de Sants, concentración contra la especulación urbanística

notícies relacionades: desallotjados 14 okupas de la calle república argentina ::: los mossos detienen tres jóvenes en les Corts la noche del 22ene ::: 2a bicicletada contra la especulación en mataró, el febrero pasado los mossos también desalojaron ::: debate joven sobre vivienda y nuevas infraestructuras en gelida ::: El Ayuntamiento de barcelona prohibe una charla sobre vivienda ::: emancipación en girona: el futuro en venta::: zisko bardenero resiste

+info:: especulación +

First Bus Revolt Meeting - 31st January

Bristol, 24.01.2006 18:08

Commuters Revolt @ Friends Meeting House Commuters Revolt @ Friends Meeting House Bristol Commuter writes: Fed up with fare increases, late and dirty buses? We don't have to have a bus service run for profit. Some bus services in Britain are run for pasengers not profit. Other cities are fighting for better services. We can do it here! Public meeting - Tues 31st January Friends Meeting House, Gloucester Rd (nr Nevil Rd Bus Stop - bus routes 73, 75, 76, 77) - Come along with ideas for action. Full article. | Reclaim Bristols Buses | Kick First Out! | Bus Fares to Rise Again | Briefing for Bristol Area SERA members October 2003– what’s MEANT to be happening with Bristol transport |

As New Labour Crack-down on dissent, Bristle Celebrates it!

Bristol, 24.01.2006 17:38

It is bigger than just Banksy It is bigger than just Banksy editor 00013 writes: All together [the bristle book] shows the real depth of street expression and art in the city, and to a degree the ongoing political activism. Amazing. It is bigger than just Banksy, although he has been strong influence, and is included in the book too. Some of the issues covered show the level of outrage at war, or Bush’s visit to the UK, when the whole city was covered with messages, stencils...Some are very clever, some very articstic, some very basic. Some just add to what was already there. This book demonstrates how much people need a space to express themselves, to be heard. The street, that space that we walk through day and night, was the medium. In many cases defying the laws, ASBOS, the cops, the council - some of the works included here are amazing in that sense – a mural done using a scaffolding, which was removed, and left a ‘rioting’ mural for life; another in a hotspot which took five days to create. Ingenuity & creativity. There are many ‘subverts’, the activists’ mark which catches our eye, on the billboards that blight our neighbourhoods. Making nonsense of capitalist nonsense. Some are removed so quickly they go unnoticed, others last for weeks. This book allows you to enjoy them, to smile, and maybe be inspired too. Included in this book is text on art activism written by the artivists themselves. Some of has been published in bristle before. Some, such as articles by Graphic Attack and Clandestino, have not. There is also explanatory information relating to subvertising, publicity sabotage, etc. [Disclaimer: these and other articles are published purely for academic aims and as living history, and never to encourage direct action]. Full article| bristle book on Political street expressions in Bristol & the South West | |

Transexuais e travestis dizem NÃO à segregação em banheiros

Brasil, 24.01.2006 17:08


chocolate city revisited

New Orleans, 24.01.2006 16:09

The Contradictions of Black Comprador Rule: Understanding Nagin's 'Chocolate City' Remark


Colombia, 24.01.2006 16:08


Monday : Dalkeith Final Push

Scotland, 24.01.2006 14:39

Today Monday 23rd an assault is under way on this main bottom camp. Monday morning sees the Dalkeith anti road protestors still occuppying the main protest site, although the police has fenced off the site from supporters and prepared for eviction from 9.30 am onwards. The northern access to the park on the A6094 is blocked of by police, too. Eight people, all people locked on at the ground as well as treesitters and protesters in the cargonets, have been arrested on Monday.

But spirits have been boosted by the many picnicers who visited the site on Saturday, showing their solidarity [1 | 2] with the battle to stop the A68 by-pass being put through the beautiful park south of Edinburgh.

Despite seven days of eviction attempts by the specialist National Eviction Team and police, some spectacular tree houses and aerial constructions still tower into the sky by the River Esk.

[ 8 arrests on Monday | Eviction underway at Dalkeith bottom camp | No Female Climbers | Dalkeith final push | Tunnelers Evicted | Dalkeith Solidarity Call ]

The Courts Will Judge Bush? Not Even Close

Miami, 24.01.2006 14:07

The Courts Will Judge Bush? Not Even Close

Stop the Genocide in West Papua

Melbourne, 24.01.2006 13:39

Protests support West Papuan Asylum Seekers

Forest Defence

Melbourne, 24.01.2006 12:39

Forestry Tasmania closes the Lower Weld Valley

Friends Don't Let Friends Commit War Crimes

Ireland, 24.01.2006 12:38

Shannon Warport Solidarity Vigil in Florida From the newswire: To Ireland, from People of Peace and Justice, with love and peace: a message of peace from friends in St. Augustine, Florida! We are a coalition of concerned citizens in St. Augustine, FL., who feel called to speak out on issues of justice and peace. We believe that the American people possess all the resources necessary to achieve peace, anywhere, through diplomacy. We believe that the U.S. has a moral obligation to seek peace for all who share this world. We invite all to join us in calling for a just and peaceful resolution to the Iraq war and to all conflicts. Now is the time to take personal responsibility for our individual and collective actions that jeopardize the safety and health of humankind. War is not the answer.

Fa¹isti ne gledaju BBC

Croatia, 24.01.2006 12:07

Teror skinsa na manjinama se nastavlja

More Than 150 Journalists and Media Staff Killed Worldwide Last Year

Tennessee, 24.01.2006 11:09

The highest number ever of journalists and media staff were killed last year, according to the International Federation of Journalists, with the death toll at 150 persons. IFJ accused governments of not taking the murder and assassination of journalists seriously, fostering a "culture of neglect and indifference. According to the just released IFJ report Targeting and Tragedy, journalism has become more dangerous than ever. General Secretary Adrian White called the murders an "impunity" that should no longer be ignored by international authorities.

laboro (eo)

Barcelona, 24.01.2006 10:08

precariopolispatriniĝo kaj salajrata laboro: ili ne diskriminaciu vin

Daŭras la diskriminacio pro patriniĝo ĉe salajrata laboro. Kvankam tio ne certe ilin favoras, ankoraŭ nun la entreprenoj senrajtigas la patriniĝintajn laboristinojn, premas ilin al decido ne gravediĝi aŭ ne profiti la ekpatrinajn rajtojn kaj eĉ kelkfoje, kiel en superbazaro Plus, maldungis patriniĝintojn. Kiel ĵus okazis ĉe SEAT, ili klopodis listigi gravedulinojn en maldungotulaj listoj kaj, antaŭ la eventuala pluvo de denuncoj pro senrajta maldungo, redungis ilin. Pro tio ni devas memori kiuj estas niaj rajtoj kaj kio farendas por ke ili ne senrajtigu nin.

[18an januaro] je la 19a h. en Cotxeres de Sants Alvoko por estigi komitaton solidaran kun la gemaldungitoj de SEAT

rilataj novaĵoj:SEAT: redungitas gravedulinoj kaj la ĝenerala sekretariino de la sindikato CGT ::: Ino kaj Labormerkato ::: La akordigo de la familia kaj labora vivo el perspektivo de interseksaj rilatoj ::: Etaj aranĝoj je la kosto de la salajruloj ::: La laborrilatoj laŭlonge de la lastaj 25 jaroj ::: Dum la entreprenoj profitas, laborrabatoj por la gelaboristoj ::: La Proceduro de Posten-Reguligo tuŝonta 1000 laboristojn de Tenaria, Auna kaj Ono ::: SEAT: nek maldungoj nek plilarĝigo de la hor-borso ::: Maldungitaj 15 membroj de la lasta balotlisto de SEAT ::: PC CITY Rda. Sant Antoni maldungas laboriston, ĉar li sindikataniĝis ::: Komuniko de CNT-PCCity pri la farsa kunveno kun la personara fako ::: Lanteca striko de la barcelonaj aŭtobusoj ::: [15an dec] En la sidejo de la sindikato CGT, prezento kaj debato: La laborpremo ĉe la barcelonaj aŭtobusoj ::: Amasiĝo de CGT antaŭ la sidejo de Unipost por la konservado de ĉies aĉetpovo ::: La atelieroj de ĵurnalo La Vanguardia strikas +infoj ::: >>>laboro + >>>virinoj

amèrica llatina (ca)

Barcelona, 24.01.2006 10:08

Brasil: més víctimes pels conflictes per la terra

El poble Guaraní, novament a l'ull de mira dels latifundistes Desallotjament il·legal i assassinat a Mato Grosso do Sul --- la situació dels desallotjats --- protestes pel desallotjament a Nhande Ru Marangatu --- crida a la solidaritat des de Morro dos Cavalos --- Resistència guaraní des de l'Argentina --- Argentina-Salta: transnacional contra el poble guaraní --- Acció de protesta indígena a Vitòria (ES)

Últimes notícies repressió també sobre els Terena --- desallotjament Guaranís a Espírito Santo ---

Amazonas: continua la impunitat assassinat líder seringueiro

Atacs també al moviment dels sense sostre Repressió al MTST --- Desallotjaments a Sao Paulo --- Repressió a la comunitat Carlos Lamarca (SP)

A un any de la massacre de Sonho Real Panorama actual: sense dret a sostre --- Indymedia barcelona fa un any --- història dels fets

+ info:: >>>CMI Brasil >>>Llatinoamèrica

america latina (es)

Barcelona, 24.01.2006 10:08

Brasil: más víctimas de los conflictos por la tierra

El pueblo Guaraní, nuevamente en el punto de mira de los latifundistas Desalojo ilegal y asesinato en Mato Grosso do Sul --- la situación de los desalojados --- protestas por el desalojo en Nhande Ru Marangatu --- llamada a la solidaridad desde Morro dos Cavalos --- Resistencia guaraní desde la Argentina --- Argentina-Salta: transnacional contra el pueblo guaraní --- Ación de protesta indígena en Vitòria (ES)

Últimas noticias represión también sobre los Terena --- desalojo Guaranís en Espírito Santo

Amazonas: continua la impunidad asesinado líder seringueiro

Ataques también al movimiento de los sin techo Represión al MTST --- Desalojos en Sao Paulo --- Represión en la comunidad Carlos Lamarca (SP)

A un año de la masacre de Sonho Real Panorama actual: sin derecho a techo --- Indymedia barcelona hace un año --- historia de los hechos

+ info:: >>>CMI Brasil >>>Latinoamérica

Wipe out the World Economic Forum - Make Capitalism History

Aotearoa, 24.01.2006 09:39

The World Economic Forum (WEF), a foundation whose of chief executives of the world's richest corporations, some national political leaders (presidents, prime ministers and others), and selected intellectuals and journalists, is meeting this week in the Swiss mountain resort of Davos. This neo-liberal institution has been a focal point of the extra-parliamentary anti-capitalist movement in Switzerland for the last few years. Activists say that "the elite who is meeting at the luxury hotels of Davos are responsible for environmental destruction, poverty, exploitation and imperialist wars. The ones who are interested in personal advantages and profit can't have an honest interest in improving social structures. Capitalism is based on exploitation and maximisation of profits on the shoulders of people who are socially weaker." After facing big intimidation in recent years from the state's repressive forces (6,500 soldiers will be protecting the WEF), activists decided to focus on a decentralised Day of Action. Street-theatre, demonstrations, Reclaim the Streets parties and paint bomb attacks took place in a dozen towns [ Read More for a list of actions and photos ]. At the same time the World Social Forum (WSF) will take place. This year, activists will meet on three continents simultaneously - in Bamako (Mali), Caracas (Venezuela) and Karachi (Pakistan). A Peoples' Global Action meeting will take place in Caracas and the Indymedia activists are planning to further strengthen our network in Africa [ Feature on Global Indymedia ]. Indymedia Switzerland: German | French | Italian

Shut Down HLS - Seaboard Securities &amp; Bernard Madoff

Portland, 24.01.2006 05:40

In December 2004 Seaboard Securities made a statement to the press stating they would not be trading stock in Huntingdon Life Sciences (LSRI) again. Despite this public statement Seaboard Securities did trade HLS/LSRI stock in 2005 - over 1 million shares were handled by this disreputable company. However, Seaboard Securities cannot do this trading alone, they have roped in unwitting accomplices and one of them is Bernard Madoff.

Who are Bernard Madoff? Seaboard Securities are a Broker Dealer only whereas Bernard Madoff are an Executing Broker i.e. Seaboard get customer orders but they can't execute the order themselves so they pass it on to Bernard Madoff who buy and sell the shares for them. Unwittingly Bernard Madoff would have traded over a million shares in LSRI for Seaboard!

Please ask Bernard Madoff, politely of course, not to trade in LSRI stock.

Remember HLS are in a precarious position financially, with them failing to get on the NYSE last year and the bonds coming up, so please remember these financial action alerts are vitally important.

Thanks and good luck! | |

What does Indigenous Power in Bolivia Look Like ? Check This Out !!!

Portland, 24.01.2006 05:40

We all know that Evo Morales, Aymara Indian who is the son of a shepherd who grew up in an adobe home in the frigid highlands, was just signed in as President of Bolivia !!! But, WHAT DOES THAT LOOK LIKE ???

"In the Congress, Mr. Morales asked for a moment of silence for Inca martyrs, for the Argentine guerrilla Che Guevara, who died in a failed effort to start a revolution here in 1967, and "the millions of humans who have fallen in all of Latin America."

"I want to say to you, my Indian brothers concentrated here in Bolivia, that the 500-year campaign of resistance has not been in vain," Mr. Morales said moments after being sworn in. "This democratic, cultural fight is part of the fight of our ancestors, it is the continuity of the fight of Tupac Katari, it is a continuity of the fight of Che Guevara."

With a speech ebullient and emotional, announcing that the days are numbered for the neoliberal policies are going to be over. Evo asked that the Bolivians make sure that he does not retreat or become to slow in implementing this change. "The triump of December 18th is not a triumph for Evo Morales, it is a triumph for all Bolivian, it is a triumph for democracy, it is a triumph for the expression of a democratic and cultural revolution in Bolivia."

Activists Gather for Second Time to Protest Alito Nomination at Frist's Office

Tennessee, 24.01.2006 05:12

Nashville, TN: Protesting for the second time in as many weeks, representatives from a variety of constituencies gathered in front of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's Nashville office to once again voice their objections to the nomination and pending vote on Samuel Alito as the next Justice of the Supreme Court. Protesters expressed a variety of opinions ranging from concerns about women's rights to separation of church and state issues. Cliff Fiedler of Americans United, said that Alito has clearly indicated support for an "official religion" for the United States and another protester said that if Alito is voted in women are going to be forced to resort to having illegal abortions, and women are going to die.

Limiting Corporate Power on Hampden's Avenue

Baltimore, 24.01.2006 02:08

This article references a proposal to limit large corporate franchise chains in Hampden. The article references a Jan 3, 2006 article and provides a letter opposing the proposal and a letter in favor of the proposal on grounds that we need to limit excessive corporate power.

Qual Progresso ?

Brasil, 24.01.2006 00:38


Municipalização das Rádios Comunitárias em João Pessoa

Brasil, 24.01.2006 00:38


Räumung der Dalkeith Park BaumbesetzerInnen

Germany, 23.01.2006 23:38

Seit Mitte Oktober setzen sich BaumbesetzerInnen gegen die wiedereröffneten Plaene einer Umgehungsstrasse im Süden Edinburghs/Schottland durch den seit 1630 bestehenden öffentlichen Park mit direkten Aktionen zur Wehr.

Links: Save Dalkeith Park |Indymedia Schottland | Indymedia United Kollektives Grossbritannien, Ökologie

Aktionen wider dem WEF 2006

Switzerland, 23.01.2006 22:37

Gegen das alljährliche Treffen des World Ecenomic Forums, finden verschiedene Aktionen statt. Bisher gelaufen sind Dance Out Wef am 14.1.06 in Bern, der überregionale Aktionstag am 21.01.06 in der ganzen Schweiz, sowie verschiedene kleinere Aktionen.

Übersicht der bisherigen Artikel über bereits gelaufene Aktionen:

:: Dance Out WEF 14.1.2006 ::

:: Mit Musik und Tanz gegen das WEF

:: Aktionstag 21.1.2006

:: Breaking News des Aktionstages
:: WEF in Burgdorf 1
:: Aktion gegen Ascom-Vizepräsident
:: Pressemitteilung Anti-WEF Aktionen vom 21.1.2006 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
:: Demo der Freundinnen gegen das WEF in Lugano 1 | 2
:: STOP-WEF Aktion in Davos
:: anti wef demo in st.gallen
:: Beobachtungen in Zürich
:: Unbewilligte Demo in Zürich / militante Aktionen
:: Communique zur Demonstration gegen das WEF, 21.1.2006, Zürich 1 | 2
:: Medienmitteilung zur RTS vom 21. Januar 2006 in Luzern 1 1 | 2 | 3 1
:: NoDemo gegen das WEF in Chur 1 | 2
:: Monowefly in Liestal
:: Startschuss zum WEF- Aktionstages

:: Andere Artikel betreffend WEF 2006 ::

:: Reflektionen zum “Widerstand” gegen das WEF 2006
:: Artikel von anderen Indymedia Seiten


Sydney, 23.01.2006 21:38

Hundreds of war profiteers meeting in Sydney

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