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Hamas Wins Palestinian Parliamentary Elections

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.01.2006 03:09

In the Occupied Territories, unofficial results indicate Hamas has won a sweeping victory in the first Palestinian parliamentary elections in a decade. Israel and the United States have said they would not deal with a Palestinian Authority that includes Hamas.
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Dutch Ex-PM and other Shell executives try to exclude locals

Ireland, 27.01.2006 02:38

Erris people confront Shell executives at secret meeting An unscheduled meeting for Shell executives with concerned locals over the proposed controversial Corrib Gas project. Last evening (25/01/06) saw an important step in the Corrib Gas dispute. The day was set aside for an executive team from the oil company Shell to meet with various groups involved in the controversial project. All meetings were behind closed doors and by invitation only, as a group of concerned locals found out when attempting to meet with the team in Belmullet. It became known that a further meeting was to take place in the community centre in Greannaí, a short distance from Rossport, to discuss with locals the problems to date. An impromptu group of people, residents directly affected by the proposed refinery and associated pipeline, converged on the venue to take part in the event. On arrival they were informed this was yet another private meeting, and were refused entry. This reflected an earlier statement from Shell that the team were seeking to meet with non-opposing landowners only. Clearly an unacceptable situation, the people asserted their right to be involved in any debate on something which affected their community so seriously, and in what was supposed to be their own community centre! The Gardaí present (as part of the security laid on for Shell) wisely used their discretion and allowed access to the gathering group. Related Links: Shell to Sea Rossport Solidarity Camp Mayo Indymedia Inside, a surprised looking collection huddled together to talk over the new arrangement. The team included Andy Pyle MD Shell Exploration & Production Ireland Ltd (SEPIL); Nina Henderson, Non-executive Director of Shell Transport; and Wim Kok, former Dutch Finance Minister, Prime Minister, and Royal Dutch Supervisory Board member. What followed was an informal, virtually one-sided debate on the conduct of Shell in the area. The people were highly insulted by the further attempt to exclude them from proper discussion, a fact that had continued to contribute to the growing rift between the developers and the community ever since the project was announced. Andy Pyle attempted to justify the admitted mix-up over invitations by blaming the Rossport Five for not wishing to meet the team, and this was taken that everyone in Erris opposed to the current project were not interested. The fact that protests by hundreds of people at the Bellanaboy refinery site had taken place, and that thousands of people nationally and internationally had voiced their displeasure at the actions of the oils giants, seemed to be totally ignored by SEPIL, who had been charged with organising the meetings. Some hard truths were presented to the executives who were informed that, given their past and current actions (here in Ireland and further afield in places such as Nigeria), under no circumstances would an experimental and potentially lethal refinery and pipeline be tolerated in the area. The not-so-polite message was, "wake up and pull out ... the people of Erris are not for sale!" The evening passed off without incident (due in large part to the Gardaí handling things in a sensitive manner; unusual of late but very welcome) and the Shell crew left among cheers, jeers and even a few fireworks. The people on the ground, the people who have been living with this ongoing nightmare and the ones that really count, had finally got a chance to let the hitherto faceless corporations know what they really desired; a peaceful existence in a beautiful and unspoilt part of the world. Surely not too much to ask.

14 και 15 Δεκέμβρη - Απεργιακές κινητοποιήσεις

Athens, 27.01.2006 02:38

Με αφορμή την συζήτηση και την επικείμενη ψήφιση του νέου νομοσχεδίου (Αιτιολογική Έκθεση & Πρακτικά σε pdf) με την ονομασία "Δημόσιες Επιχειρήσεις και Οργανισμοί" στις 14 Δεκεμβρίου έγινε 24ωρη πανελλαδικη απεργία ενώ στις 15 Δεκεμβρίου απεργούν οι υπάλληλοι των ΔΕΚΟ.

  • Σε αυτό το νομοσχέδιο προβλέπεται η σταδιακή απορρύθμιση των σχέσεων εργασίας, η δημιουργία υπαλλήλων δυο ταχυτήτων, η σταδιακή κατάργηση των συλλογικών συμβάσεων και η περαιτέρω ιδιωτικοποίηση αρκετών ΔΕΚΟ. Ειναι χαρακτηριστικό ότι εκτός απο την αντιπολιτευση και μεμονωμένους βουλευτές της ΝΔ, αντιδρά και η συνδικαλιστική παράταξη της ΔΑΚΕ ενώ ακόμα και η επιστημονική υπηρεσία της Βουλής εκφράζει αμφιβολίες για κάποια άρθρα του νομοσχεδίου. Μεταξύ αυτών και το άρθρο 14 που προβλέπει οτι αν δεν υπάρξει συλλογική σύμβαση μέσα σε τρεις μήνες το ζήτημα θα λύνεται με νομοθετική ρύθμιση!!

Η απεργία είχε αντικειμενικά μεγάλη συμμετοχή. Οι συγκεντρώσεις-πορείες ήταν και πάλι δύο διαφορετικές. Η ΓΣΕΕ και η ΑΔΕΔΥ συγκεντρώθηκαν στο πεδίο του Άρεως με πορεία προς το υπουργείο οικονομικών ενώ το ΠΑΜΕ έκανε την δική του συγκέντρωση στην πλατεία Κοτζιά.

Εργαζόμενοι σε τηλεφωνικά κέντρα που μοίραζαν προκυρήξεις για την απεργία, κινδύνεψαν να συλληφθούν όταν οι εργοδότες κάλεσαν την αστυνομία.

Στην λεωφόρο Αλεξάνδρας έγιναν επεισόδια και πυρπολήθηκε ένα περιπολικό ενώ κάηκαν και καφάο καμερών στα Χαυτεία και στην Πατησίων.

Aστυνομικό πογκρόμ #2 στην πλατεία Εξαρχείων

Athens, 27.01.2006 02:38

Για ακόμα μια φορά το κράτος έδειξε το πραγματικό του πρόσωπο. Με μια αστυνομική επιχείρηση που θα ζήλευε και φασιστικό στρατοκρατούμενο κράτος, δεκάδες ματατζήδες και εκαμίτες με κουκούλες, εισέβαλαν σε καφενεία και πολιτικά γραφεία των Εξαρχείων (αλλά περικύκλωσαν και το Πολυτεχνείο). Με πρόφαση μια επίθεση σε ασφαλίτες, απέκλεισαν, ή και εισέβαλλαν σε στέκια ανακρίνοντας και συλλαμβάνοντας τους θαμώνες. Συνολικά απήγαγαν περίπου 35 με 40 άτομα τα οποία προσήχθησαν στην ΓΑΔΑ, και αφέθηκαν σταδιακά ελεύθερα.

Αμεσα 150 άτομα, ξεκίνησαν αυθόρμητη πορεία με σκοπό την έκδιωξη των μπάτσων απο την περιοχή. Παρόλα αυτά και την Παρασκευή το μεσημέρι, εμφανισθηκαν και πάλι κατασταλτικές δυνάμεις στα Εξάρχεια.

Επιβεβαιωμένες πληροφορίες αναφέρουν ότι έγιναν προσαγωγές έξω από σπίτια. Επικύρωση του αστυνομικού προγκρόμ από Αντώναρο.

Καταλήψεις σχολείων και διώξεις διευθυντών

Athens, 27.01.2006 02:38

Τα μόνιμα και σοβαρά προβλήματα του εκπαιδευτικού συστήματος έβγαλαν μαθητές και φοιτητές στους δρόμους στην Αθήνα, στο Ρέθυμνο, στην Κόρινθο. Με πορεία που έγινε στις 9 Δεκέμβρη διεκδικούν αύξηση των δαπανών για την παιδεία, μείωση της ύλης των εξετάσεων, κατάργηση του όριου βαθμολογίας για την εισαγωγή σε ΑΕΙ και ΤΕΙ, κατάργηση των νόμων για την Αξιολόγηση.

Στις 6 Δεκέμβρη μαθήτριες/ες του 1ου και 3ου Λύκειου Χολαργού ξεκινούν κατάληψη διαμαρτυρόμενοι για την αθλιότητα του εκπαιδευτικού συστήματος. Ακολουθούν λύκεια στου Παπάγου, στο Νέο Ψυχικό, στο Καματερό, τους Αμπελόκηπους, στο Παγκράτι και στο Ρέθυμνο. Αρκετές καταλήψεις σχολείων αντιμετωπίστηκαν με καταστολή. Στην Αγ. Παρασκευή. ο λυκειάρχης απλά έκοψε τη θέρμανση!

Ανακοινώσεις καταλήψεων 1 2 3 4

Σε όλα τα παραπάνω έρχονται να προστεθούν και ζητήματα διαπλοκής.

Η αποπομπή της διευθύντριας αναβλήθηκε για τις 11 Γενάρη, στις 11:00πμ στην Τσόχα 15-17, Αμπελόκηποι.

Απαλλάχτηκε τελικά από τις κατηγορίες μετά από πολύωρες συνεδριάσεις δύο ημερών του ΑΠΥΣΔΕ

Έτσι με καθαίρεση απειλείται η Διευθύντρια του 1ου Πειραματικού Γυμνασίου Αθηνών που διώκεται επειδή…τήρησε το Νόμο περί εισαγωγής μαθητών στα Πειραματικά. Αρνήθηκε, μαζί με το Σύλλογο Καθηγητών, να εγγράψει παράνομα την κόρη του καθηγητή του ΕΜΠ Ι. Βενέρη και του δικηγόρου Ι. Μάτου. Οι μαθητές, με ανακοίνωση του 15μελούς συμβουλίου, αλλά και οι γονείς τους υποστηρίζουν την διωκόμενη διευθύντρια. Το Υπουργείο Παιδείας μέσω της Μαριέττας Γιαννάκου προβάλλει το πρόσχημα της κοινωνικής ευαισθησίας, γιατί το κανονικό σχολείο είναι μακριά! Σε ένδειξη συμπαράστασης, καλέστηκαν συγκέντρωσεις διαμαρτυρίας έξω από το Υπουργείο Παιδείας την Τρίτη 20/12 και την Τετάρτη 21/12 έξω από το ΑΠΥΣΔΕ.

Mαθητικό 2μερο Εκδηλώσεων 7 & 8 Γενάρη, από την Πρωτοβουλία Ανεξάρτητων Μαθητών

Police pogrom in Exarchia sq

Athens, 27.01.2006 02:38

The state revealed its true face, once again. In a police operation quite similar to one of a fascist military country, tens of riot and special policemen in hoods, invaded pubs and political offices in Exarchia and surrounded the Technical University. Having as a pretext an attack against two undercovered cops, they blocked or even invaded social centers, interrogating or arresting some attendees.  35-40 people were brought before the police headquarters and released afterwards.

At that time, 150 people, started spontaneously a demonstration, in order to chase the cops around. Though, oppression forces were soon to appear again in Exarchia, on Friday afternoon .

Reportedly, people were arrested right outside their homes. Antonaros confirmed the police operations.

Timeline of the events
Announcement of the Network for the Social and Civil Rights
Report from Vavilonia newspaper
19th May
2005: the story is repeated
Announcement by left organisations, concerning the police invasion into the offices of the Network
The Autonomous Anticapitalistic Network reports

School occupations - headmaster's prosecution

Athens, 27.01.2006 02:38

Urged by the persistent and serious problems of the educational system, high-school and university students started protesting in Athens, Rethimno and Korinthos. At 9th of December, they held a manifestation, requesting an increase on the expenses for the educational sector, a cut-down on the exams subject, an abolition of the grading threshold for entering university and an abolition of the law on rating the universities.

At 6th of December, studengts of the 1st and 3rd  Cholarghos senior high-schools, occupied their school building, protesting against the lousiness of the educational system. High-schools in Papaghou, Neo Psychiko, Kamatero, Ambelokipi, Pagkrati and Rethimno followed. Several high-school occupations were oppressed. In Aghia Paraskevi, the headmaster turned off the heating!

Announcements from the occupations 1 2 3 4

Some corruption issues were to follow. The headmaster of the 1st Experimental High-School of Athens is about to be degraded, since she actually... toed the mark of the law on students' acceptance in experimental schools. She, with the support of the Teachers' Union, refused to accept the lawless registration of I. Veneris' (Professor in Metsovio Technical Univ.) and I. Matos' (lawyer) daughters. The students, according to an announcement of their 15-member council, and their parents, defend the headmaster. The Education Ministry, in the words of Marietta Yannakou, pled some social sympathy, since the school they should typically study in, is too far! Two manifestations were organised, in solidarity to the headmaster (20/12 in front of the Education Ministry, 21/12 in front of Attica Educational Commision headquarters).

The degrading of the headmaster was postponed until 9th of December

Έληξε την 13η μέρα η απεργία πείνας του Παναγιώτη Ασπιώτη

Athens, 27.01.2006 02:38

Την Πέμπτη 29/12 ο Παναγιώτης Ασπιώτης, κρατούμενος εδώ και έξι μήνες περίπου στις Δικαστικές Φυλακές (Πρεβαντόριο) Άμφισσας, ξεκίνησε απεργία πείνας & δίψας καταγγέλλοντας τις άθλιες συνθήκες κράτησης στη φυλακή, την οποία ονομάζει «σύγχρονο Νταχάου», και απαιτώντας την άμεση μεταγωγή του στις Φυλακές Κορυδαλλού καθώς και την αποφυλάκιση του ίδιου και των δύο συγκατηγορουμένων του, Καλαϊτζίδη και Καρασαρίνη.

Είχε προηγηθεί η απόρριψη των πρώτων αιτήσεων αποφυλάκισης τους. Οι Γ. Καλαϊτζίδης, Π. Καρασαρίνης και Π. Ασπιώτης κρατούνται από τις 7 Ιουλίου.

  • Την 1η Γενάρη μεταφέρθηκε εσπευσμένα, λόγω διαταραχών της υγείας του στο νοσοκομείο των φυλακών Κορυδαλλού.
  • Τη Δευτέρα 2/1, μεταφέρεται εσπευσμένα στο Γενικό Κρατικό Νίκαιας, μετά από επιδείνωση της υγείας του. Με τη μεταφορά του στο νοσοκομείο, διακόπτει την απεργία δίψας.
  • Την Τρίτη 3/1 οργανώθηκε μηχανοκίνητη πορεία.
  • Την Τετάρτη 4/1 έγινε παρέμβαση ενημέρωσης στο Βόλο.
  • Tην Πέμπτη 5/1 πραγματοποιήθηκε κατάληψη στον ρ/σ Φλας. Το κείμενο που διαβάστηκε.
  • Τη Δευτέρα 9/1 πραγματοποιήθηκαν ταυτόχρονα 2 συγκεντρώσεις αλληλεγγύης. Μία στα Προπύλαια και η άλλη στο Υπουργείο Δικαιοσύνης.
  • Την Τρίτη 10/1 ανακοινώθηκε στο δικηγόρο του ότι μετάγεται στον Κορυδαλλό οπότε και σταμάτησε την απεργία πείνας.
  • Την Τετάρτη 11/1 στον 98 FM θα γίνει εκπομπή για τους τρεις συλληφθέντες.

Αφίσες αλληλεγγύης: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Συγκεντρώσεις αλληλεγγύης και ανακοινώσεις: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Παλιότερο κεντρικό >>>

Κι ο ρατσισμός καλά κρατεί

Athens, 27.01.2006 02:38

Η ελληνική κοινωνία παραμένει βαθύτατα ρατσιστική και καθημερινά το επιβεβαιώνει. Ανδρική τιμή, ελληνική λεβεντιά, πατριωτικό συναίσθημα, είναι μόνο μερικά από τα παρατσούκλια του ρατσισμού.

Είτε για τα μάτια μιας κοπέλας, είτε για την αλβανική σημαία στη μπλούζα του θύματος είτε λόγω παλιότερων διαφορών, δύο παρέες νεαρών ήρθαν στα "χέρια" στο Ρέθυμνο, τα ξημερώματα της πρωτοχρονιάς. Παρότι φάνηκε να τελειώνει εκεί, ο χαμένος έλληνας φαντάρος θέλησε να "καθαρίσει την τιμή του". Μαζί με άλλα 6 άτομα εισβάλλουν στο σπίτι του Έντισον Γιαχάι, λιντσάρουν τον πατέρα του και σκότωνουν τον ίδιο με 17 μαχαιριές.

Την ίδια στιγμή ΜΜΕ και επιφανείς δημοσιογράφοι, εκμεταλλεύτηκαν την εθνικότητα του Μαξίμ Ζελίν προκαλώντας ρατσιστικό μίσος. Αρκετές μέρες μετά προκύπτουν ερωτηματικά τόσο για την αρχική του σύλληψη όσο και για την "αυτοκτονία" του.

Παλιότερο κεντρικό >>>

Μμε και αστυνομία: Παραπληροφόρηση και ποινικοποίηση πολιτικών ιδεών

Athens, 27.01.2006 02:38

Από την Δευτέρα 16/1 παρακολουθούμε έκπληκτοι το νέο αστυνομικό σίριαλ στις τηλεοράσεις και τις εφημερίδες. Σίριαλ αξιοζήλευτο τόσο για το πλήθος και το ήθος των σεναριογράφων όσο και για τις προεκτάσεις επιστημονικής φαντασίας που λαμβάνει.

Έπειτα από μια ληστεία σε υποκατάστημα της Εθνικής Τράπεζας ξεκινάει ένοπλη συμπλόκη. Σύμφωνα πάντα με τα "έγκυρα" ΜΜΕ, για το όλο μακελειό που ακολούθησε ευθύνονται οι "αδίστακτοι και αιμοβόροι ληστές" αλλά όχι βέβαια οι μπάτσοι. Αποσιωπούν το ότι ο βαριά τραυματισμένος από τις σφαίρες του ειδικού φρουρού Γ.Δ. δέχεται ταυτόχρονα κλωτσιές και ορό, δεμένος με χειροπέδες πισθάγκωνα. Ηρωοποιούν την αψυχολόγητη αντίδραση του φρουρού και αποδέχονται τους καταιγισμούς πυροβολισμών των αστυνομικών μέσα στο πλήθος.

Τα ΜΜΕ από τις πρώτες κιόλας ώρες ανέλαβαν, κατ΄ εντολή των μπάτσων, να στήσουν τηλεοπτικές δίκες, διαπομπεύοντας ανθρώπους και ποινικοποιώντας ολόκληρο τον αναρχικό χώρο.

Έτσι το να συλλαμβάνεσαι για μια ληστεία και να είσαι αναρχικός σημαίνει ότι κινείσαι στις "παρυφές" (?) της τρομοκρατίας, ότι η αστυνομία έχει το δικαίωμα να δημοσιεύει τις φωτογραφίες σου διασύροντάς σε, ότι μπορούν να σε επισκέπτονται στην εντατική, μη όντας κατηγορούμενος, μπάτσοι, εισαγγελείς και ανακριτές αλλά όχι οι δικοί σου. Σημαίνει τελικά ότι όλοι οι αναρχικοί είναι ύποπτοι είτε για τρομοκρατικές είτε για ποινικές πράξεις. Κάτι, που φυσικά, η αστυνομία και τα ΜΜΕ δεν καταλογίζουν σε άλλους πολιτικούς χώρους...

Την τρομοϋστερία και την λασπολογία, ακολουθεί το ένταλμα σύλληψης του αναρχικού Σ.Σ που από τις πρώτες κιόλας ώρες έχει φωτογραφηθεί σαν μέλος της συμμορίας. Ταυτόχρονα και μετά από μεγάλη καθυστέρηση ανακοινώνεται και στον Γ.Δ. το κατηγορητήριο

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες...


Mass media and police: Misinformation and penalization of political beliefs

Athens, 27.01.2006 02:38

Since Monday 16/1, we are watching in great surprise the new police-patronised serial on TV channels and newspapers. A serial to be considered remarkable for both the number of the script-writers and the imaginary extensions which have been assumed.

After a robbery in a National Bank branch, an encounter with guns occurred. According "the accurate" corporate media, the "unscrupulous and cruel robbers" were responsible for the bloodshed that followed; of course the cops wouldn't be blamed for. The media didn't mention that the seriously wounded robber G.D. was being kicked while receiving a serum, having cuffs on his arms and his legs. They conceived the ill-considered reaction of the security guard as heroic and they approved the fact that the cops opened fire within the crowd.

The mass media, since the very beginning, started organizing TV-based trials, by identifying people and criminalizing the entire anarchists’ community.

This way, being arrested for a robbery and an anarchist, leads to the conclusion that you are in the “edge” of terrorism and that police has the right to publish your photos; that in the hospital, despite not being accused, you can merely accept visits by cops, public prosecutors and interrogators but not your family. It finally means that all anarchists are suspects either for terrorist or penal actions. Something, for which the police and the mass media wouldn’t other political wings…

The terror-hysteria and the roorback has been followed by the an order for arresting the anarchist S. S., who had been identified as a member of the gang. Meanwhile, the accusations were announced to G.D. with great delay.

Information on the Confidential Source in the Auburn Arrests

Portland, 27.01.2006 01:38

Through several sources across the country, the friends of Eric McDavid, Zachary Jensen and Lauren Weiner - the three environmental activists arrested outside Sacramento on January 13th - have confirmed that the name of the FBI informant is "Anna." According to the FBI's own affidavit, "Anna" was involved in gathering information on 12 separate cases in the anarchist movement. Through discussion with activists across the country, "Anna's" presence or attempted involvement in various events has come to light. She ran as a street medic during the Bio-Democracy protests in Philadelphia last June and attended both the Crimethinc convergence in Indiana and the Feral Visions gathering outside Asheville.

It was also discovered that this informant made an attempt to get involved with the Pittsburgh Organizing Group and attended one or two of their meetings ahead of the Democratic National Convention in

"4 people went to Auburn together, 3 ended up in jail. The 4th person was Anna. Speculations have been made about her since 2004, about the same time the FBI openly states that they had someone working on the 'inside.' Such speculations have recently been confirmed, and I was told to make everyone aware of this person to watch out for her, and to, like one should do with every snitch, erradicate their prescense from the radical community."Boston. She told POG that she had been involved with the G8 Organizing Committee in Georgia as a direct action outreach coordinator. She wanted to get involved with organizing for the DNC in Boston, and was supposedly talking to various groups about merging "talents and our outreach, [to] put a little more bang in the DNC actions." read the full article...related: portland indymedia prisoners page | indybay police state page

Hopes for Air Nashville

Tennessee, 27.01.2006 01:09

The conservatives have hijacked the airwaves. All along the AM and FM bands, searching for topical talk,one would most likely find the ranting of some scathing, vicious, single-mined conservative, with little hope for heated debate with a liberal. Bullies, like the loud-mouthed Rush Limbaugh, and the conniving, mischievous, arrogant Sean Hannity havehoodwinked the public into thinking that their brand of politics is what the majority of the voters want. These personalities have essentially convinced millions of listeners, Rush alone broadcasts to 14-20 million a weak, provides the straightforward no-nonsense truth.

Big Five S.B. Peace Groups Mad as Hell, Gearing for Action

Santa Barbara, 26.01.2006 23:08

Five major Santa Barbara peace groups met to share ideas for 2006. Upcoming actions were discussed, as much as six months in advance, including a protest or other peaceful response to Colin Powell's upcoming visit, the State of the Union, and Iraq Invasion Day in March.They and others will be also planning action for the State of the Union, which will occur on a Tuesday during the farmers' market - presenting an opportunity for outreach and education. Also discussed was a Protest for Peace at the Vandenberg Space Command w Speakers, Open Mike May 2oth

Populist #21

Miami, 26.01.2006 23:07

Populist #21

Protesta contra la violencia urbanistica e inmobiliaria.

LA, 26.01.2006 22:08

Protesta contra la violencia urbanistica e inmobiliaria.

Cortefiel anuncia una regulación de empleo para 400 operarios.

estrecho / madiaq, 26.01.2006 19:38

#media_4902;left#La dirección del Grupo Cortefiel anunció ayer que presentará un expediente de regulación de empleo (ERE) que afectará a 400 trabajadores. Su objetivo es negociar el cese de la actividad productiva en Málaga, según informó ayer la empresa a la Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV). #media_4904;right# Según Cortefiel, la actividad productiva de Confecciones Sur en la capital malagueña se realiza con unos costes de fabricación "excesivamente elevados", por lo que "hacen inviable su actividad de forma competitiva y rentable", cuya consecuencia han sido las diversas regulaciones de empleo que se han llevado a cabo en la fábrica en los últimos años.

State of the Union protest in Ft. Lauderdale

Miami, 26.01.2006 19:07

State of the Union protest in Ft. Lauderdale

Word Social Forum Day 1: WSF Begins

Philadelphia, 26.01.2006 18:39

The World Social Forum, this open meeting place of social movements, networks, and groups opposed to neo-liberalism and a world dominated by capital or any form of imperialism was launched today in Caracas, Venezuela for its sixth edition.

Serudj Institute Awards Barbara Becnel

San Diego, 26.01.2006 18:08

This is a post event analysis of the Serudj Institute of Effective Socialization's inaugural Stanley Tookie Williams Memorial and Awards Ceremony where Ms. Barbara Becnel, founder of the Save Tookie Committee, was honored and awarded for her courageous social justice activism on behalf of Tookie and in challenging the racist death penalty of the State of California.

Começa a sexta edição do Fórum Social Mundial

Brasil, 26.01.2006 17:09


Daniel McGowan Released Into Custody of Sister

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.01.2006 16:39

On January 25th, Daniel McGowan was released into the custody of his sister. He will be required to live with his sister, wear an electronic monitor, and report weekly to pretrial supervisors in New York. McGowan is one of 11 people who were named in an indictment last week.

Past coverage of arrests of McGowan and others: 12/22/05 | 12/9/05

Read more about the indictments on Indybay's Environment, Police, and US News Pages

Touched by the Mayor: Racism, Classism and the BU BioLab

Boston, 26.01.2006 15:09

Over 30 members of BU student community and Boston area turned out for a panel discussion of the BU Bio lab on Tuesday night. The joint Federal and University funded level 4 Lab is on track to be built in the South End starting this spring so that viruses and lethal bacteria such as Ebola, anthrax, hemorrhagic fever and other “unknowns” can be researched in sometimes classified experiments. The incalcuable risks, enormous costs and unanswer community concerns has citizens and activist groups vowing to shut the City promoted project down.

war (en)

Barcelona, 26.01.2006 15:08

Militarism: today as always

General Lieutenant Mena's pro-coup declarations had been useful to remember us of Spanish army existence and the relevance of militarism, who's been present, as it does every year, in the last childhood festival, or that it tries to attract new researchers in the military field. On the other hand is surprising the little echo of the violent repression (with deaths) of a protest in Haití done by Spanish troops and it has reminded us that, despite the Irak's retreat, Spanish army takes part in Haiti and Afganistan military occupation. But an even more huge and cynical manifestation of this militarism has been the bombing of a little town in Pakistan, a country that is not theoretically in any war nor under foreign occupation.

In the antimilitarist struggle field it must be noted the rejection manifest against Spanish army pressures, the signature collection against military expenses and the actions for antimilitarist prisoners everywhere.

+info :: >>>history of antimilitarism in Catalunya :: legionnaire pro-coup philosophy :: The media and Irak's war :: Now Iran? :: >>>War

De que lado estará Mércio Gomes?

Brasil, 26.01.2006 14:08


Palestine Eye Witness Reports and UK/Palestine Twinning

United Kingdom, 26.01.2006 14:08

Nottingham PSC are holding a joint meeting with Respect on Tuesday 31st January at the New Mechanics Institute on North Sherwood Street (opposite the Orange Tree pub). The meeting will involve speakers who have recently been to Palestine talking about their experiences there and discuss the possibility of Twinning Nottingham with Jenin.

Social Centres, Where Next?

United Kingdom, 26.01.2006 14:08

Five years ago, you could count the number of places in the UK which associated themselves with radical politics (anarchist, libertarian) on one hand. However, the mobilisations around the G8 saw a surge activity (and cash) for setting up new social centres. Now there are around 20 such places from Brighton's Cowley Club, RampART, 56a Infoshop and LARC in London, to the Sumac Centre in Nottingham and the Saorsa Centre and George X in Glasgow. Perhaps of most note has been the increase of rented or purchased premises such as the Common Place in Leeds and the Basement in Manchester. That doesn't mean that aren't still new squatted spaces appearing. In Nottingham there is the ASBO Community Centre, and a new space in London is opening this week.

Interest in the idea of social centres is still very high amongst the radical/anarchist milieu. Meanwhile a small group from the popular education collective Trapese have been travelling the country interviewing people involved in current social centres for a new book provisionally titled 'a handbook for autonomy and creation' due out in June 2006. But why haven't we got many places that can live up to the name "social centres"? What were the problems politically with previous attempts of social centres? What can we learn? What is next? Last month thirty people attended a wombles meeting in London to discuss just these issues and now a similar discussion planned to take place in Leeds at the end of January has started to turn into a national gathering of social centres.


Demolições na Azinhaga de Besouros

Portugal, 26.01.2006 13:38

Demolições na Azinhaga de Besouros

Occupation du rectorat de l’ULG : les étudiants obtiennent un accord de diminution du minerval intermédiaire.

Liege, 26.01.2006 13:07

Le lundi 18 octobre, plus d'une centaine d'étudiants ont investi les locaux du rectorat de l'Université de Liège, place du XXAoût, avec pour revendication une entrevue avec sa majesté "Monsieur le Recteur" quant aux problématiques actuelles vécues dans l'enseignement en général. Après avoir campé jusque tard dans la nuit ils ont finalement réussi à voir le chef de l'établissement et une vingtaine de personnes sont restées la nuit sur place. Les augmentations fulgurantes du minerval sont devenues des conditions inacceptables pour un enseignement qui se veut démocratique. Notre ami le Recteur, Willy pour les intimes, accompagné de ses favoris (Fédé et étudiants administrateurs) a rencontré jeudi une délégation du Cecam ( Collectif contre l’augmentation du minerval ). La rencontre à débouché sur un accord ou Willy à daigner dégager 100 milles euros supplémentaires de « sa poche » pour financer une baisse du minerval intermédiaire. Il faut noter que cette diminution ne sera effective que pour cette année. Les étudiants doivent maintenant s’attaquer à la communauté française pour obtenir un refinancement global de l’enseignement.

Australian Immigration Intervenes

Melbourne, 26.01.2006 12:39

Visa Doubts for Guest Speakers at Penal Abolition Conference

11 trainstoppers condamnés par la cour d'appel de Gand

Liege, 26.01.2006 12:08

Ce 15 décembre, la Cour d'appel de Gand a rendu son verdict suite aux poursuites entamées à l'encontre des "trainstoppers", 11 activistes qui ont bloqué un train transportant du matériel militaire américain à destination de l'Irak en février 2003. 9 activistes ont été condamnés à 1 mois de prison avec sursis pour entrave méchante à la circulation ferroviaire. 2 autres ont été condamnés à 3 mois avec sursis à plus de 500 euros d'amende avec sursis pour la prévention précédente et en plus pour "rébellion" parce qu'ils auraient résisté à leur arrestation. Pratiquer l'action directe pour résister à une guerre illégale qui a fait des milliers de morts est un délit, c'est donc ce qu'a jugé la cour d'appel...

Police Setup Bicycle Stings Around Portland

Portland, 26.01.2006 08:38

The Portland Police are trying to send a message to all bicyclists: Stop at that stop sign or get a ticket! Or so I found out this morning on my way to work. Luckily, I was only issued a warning for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign (I'll admit that I pretty much blew through the stop sign since all was clear) in the Ladd's Addition circle area between SE Division and SE Hawthorne. Apparently the residents of Ladd's Addition have been complaining about all of the bicyclists rolling through stop signs...hopefully, they are complaining about the cars rolling through the stop signs as well.

Anyway, the officer had a group of us pulled over and explained two things: 1) The Portland Police are setting up traffic (bicycle) stings like this all over the city where there have been complaints of this nature; 2) The ticket, if issued, is about $200. The officer explained that they would at least like to see some attempt to stop (or at least pause) at a stop sign, but it is to the officer's discretion whether or not to write someone a ticket if they don't come to a complete stop.

Daniel McGowan released into the custody of his sister

Portland, 26.01.2006 08:38

Judge Ann Aiken released political prisoner Daniel McGowan into the custody of his sister, despite the urgent plea from the prosecutor for continued detention until trial.
Although the DA expressed fears that Daniel McGowan "presents a serious flight risk," and may be "violent," the judge asserted that she would follow the law and "protect the interests of all parties." To that end, she released McGowan on condition of $1.6 million dollars in bail, put up by Mr. McGowan's sister. She imposed the condition that McGowan would reside in his sister's custody in New York, that he would wear an electronic monitor, and that he would report weekly to pretrial supervisors in Manhattan.

Labor Woes at National Public Radio

DC, 26.01.2006 06:10

Contract negotiations between the engineering staff at National Public Radio (NPR) represented by NABET (National Association of Broadcast Engineers and Technicians) and NPR management came to a halt in December. The offer was rejected after a vote among the engineering staff in Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Inauguration Protesters Sue DC for Police Brutality

DC, 26.01.2006 06:10

Three lawsuits were filed late last week by the American Civil Liberties Union against the District of Columbia and Metropolitan Police Department officers. The lawsuits allege police made false arrests and indiscriminately used pepper spray against protesters in multiple incidents during the 2005 Presidential Inauguration.

“People who come to the nation’s capital to demonstrate, or to observe major public events, are supposed to be protected by the police, not assaulted and arrested,” said Arthur Spitzer, Legal Director of the ACLU of the National Capital Area. “Soaking people with pepper spray is not a game, as the DC Police seem to have treated it on Inauguration Day last year. We hope the money damages that will be awarded in these cases will not only compensate these victims of police brutality, but will also deter the police from similar actions in the future.”

First Hand Account of Georgetown Law Students Protest of Gonzales

DC, 26.01.2006 06:10

I was asked for a first hand account of the student protest of Gonzales on Jan. 24th at Georgetown Law. Real quick here is my recollection of it:

Local Activists Subpoenaed to Appear in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.01.2006 06:10

A federal grand jury in San Francisco demanded the re-appearance of several alleged animal rights activists on Wednesday, January 25th. These people face jail time for exercising their right to remain silent before what supporters call a "secret government inquisition." They say that a strong showing of opposition to FBI witch hunts is crucial to the survival of the activist community. About 50 supporters demonstrated at 9:00am in front of the San Francisco Federal Building

Read more on Indybay's Animal Liberation News Page

Casey Jr. Drops Alito Bombshell

Philadelphia, 26.01.2006 05:27

Bob Casey, Jr., PA Democratic Senate Candidate hopeful, revealed this week that he would support the confirmation of Judge Alito for the Supreme Court. Not only is Casey, Jr. pro-life and pro-Iraq War, but now has publicly supported a judge with a record of rulings and opinions hostile to immigrants rights, racial equality, and civil rights. Read an analysis and the local fall-out. See the other two (D) candidates in Philly on Sat.


LA, 26.01.2006 05:11

PF divulga inquérito sobre a morte de Dorvalino Rocha

Brasil, 26.01.2006 02:08


Emerge Miami Presents: Walmart: The High Cost Of Low Price

Miami, 26.01.2006 01:07

Emerge Miami Presents: Walmart: The High Cost Of Low Price

AİHM'den Türkiye Devletine Vicdani Ret Cezası

Istanbul, 26.01.2006 00:39

AİHM'den Türkiye Devletine Vicdani Ret Cezası


LA, 25.01.2006 20:38


Moaning Is Halfway To A Solution

Ireland, 25.01.2006 19:09

Chomsky, Southside Prats, Primetime And The Irish Times. Sometime recently, at least in my perception, it has apparently become unacceptable to criticize something without having an fully explored alternative, and even then your alternative must exist within the exact same framework as the object of criticsm, and perferably be as close to it so as to make no difference. What am I talking about you may ask? Well two recent miniscule media related events have stuck in my mind, perhaps for no other reason than my cantankerous grumpy nature fixating upon them, but nonetheless I feel it’s a mildly important issue which while it may be nothing new, certainly bears a hearing. The first issue to get my goat was one of the posters which formed part of the recent idiotic advertising campaign by the Irish Times. You may have seen the campaign’s scrawlings around Dublin festooning our walls with its inane message of “We look at life, you live it”, which is funny given that the last time I read the Times it seemed more apparent that they were looking up their own arses rather than at my life. Well one such poster caught my eye one morning on my way to work, It protrays activism as seen through the eyes of the media with a poster being held high saying “Replace capitalism with something nicer” followed below by the Irish Times witty reply “Any suggestions?”. Now I must admit I chuckled momentarily before getting pissed off at yet another portrayal of activists as moaners with no practical solution and therefore worthy of derision. Now you see I like moaning, and think if everyone moaned when they should we might actually know whats going on. No instead we’re supposed to shut up until we have an alternative. This is patently riduclous, as its through the act of others moaning and grumping about things that we become aware of the problems of our fellow man, that we raise issues and ultimately get more heads than just our own thinking about a solution. Moaning should begin before you have a solution not after. Now of course the irony here is that the obscured activist in the poster probably does have a solution in mind, but as per usual the media entity in question couldn’t be arsed asking them, as a few pics of scruffy people and a suitably derisable byline serves their needs a lot better. This of course brings me on to my second point, which is that even when you do profer a solution it will not even be heard, nevermind considered, it if takes too much imagination on the part of the listener to see how it could be feasible, or departs to quickly from their cosy little world of whats supposedly practical and what isn’t. What brought this thought to my mind was the recent visit by Chomsky to our miserable little land of gombeen men and war criminals, his subsequent interview on primetime and some annoyingly vacuous comments by a bloke at work on the subject of his visit. Now you see the bloke at work tells me he has tickets “to the amnesty gig with chommers” who he “just adores loike” and has read lots of chomsky’s books (well the small pamphlet ones at least, he later clarified) and goes on to say in his irritating D4 accent that “whoile loike I agree with him about the whole Iraq thing, he never has an actual alternative you know loike”. At this point as you can imagine I began to stew slowly, bubbling and trying to contain myself from boiling over and strangling the “point of ‘ken” drinker in case his brain damage was contagious. After lowering the heat I tried to explain to him using single syllable words that for one thing Chomsky does offer solutions when pressed and has written and spoken loads on a very simple solution, or way forward at least, which is the process of challenging and dismantling unnecessary power structures, and of opposing systems of domination and oppression. This process I explained is more commonly referred to, even by Chomsky himself as a central defining component of Anarchism. I then went on to explain that while it mightn’t fit in his tiny brain the reason Chomsky, his supposed idol, doesn’t waste his time positing lots of little trivial solutions that just move the pieces around is that his many analyses, which this rugby playing former student of St Fuckwits southside college for young Trustafarians has supposedly read, has lead him to the conclusion, along with many others, thats whats wrong with the world requires something more than reducing the number of troops in Iraq from 100 to 99 or taking actions based on the continually recurring media led frenzy to “do something” about the latest situation that has been whipped up from nowhere and suddenly requires urgent attention. Instead I explained that Chomsky, like all people with at least a modicum of intelligence, has no fear of placing his solutions outside the context of whats normally deemed acceptable or tenable or pragmatic if that’s what basic human decency and morality require. I told him that the fact that doe-eyed liberally-blinkered spoons like himself and the celebrity-coattail hangers-on that are his ilk, many of whom attended the Chomsky talks, can’t see or accept these solutions is not a sign that Chomsky’s never offered them. Rather it is a sign of his own bias towards the bankrupted values of the society in which he lives and his own subconsious inability to accept anything which would force him to consider that the way they he lives may need to change beyond throwing a few extras euro’s in the amnesty tin. Needless to say this didn’t go down well with amnesty boy and he said “loike no way is chommers an Anarchist, I mean loike he’s against voilence ‘an all”. I was stunned for a moment by the sudden IQ-lowering vortex that had its epicentre in his presence, but fighting the waves of intellectual entropy I manged to give him a quick “left-wing political currents 101” and informed him that not only was “chommers” an anarchist but that he was taking time out of his schedule to drop in and practically have tea with some of the local anarchist groups while he was here, as he does most places he goes, which is surely a vague indication of where he stands politically and in terms of a “solution”. But my efforts were apparently useless as he mananged to discount my cogent arguments with a flick of his quiff, and went off to pretend it hadn’t happened so he could enjoy the Chomsky talk in smug self satisfaction of being with the in-crowd while wallowing in his own joy at being politically astute enough to quote Chomsky and compassionate enough to be in amnesty, yet not have to do a fuckin’ thing that would inconvenience his gorgeous little life. So thinking I’d got that all that over with, I sat down the next day to watch prime time to see what spin our beloved state sponsored media was weaving today, only to be confronted with Chomsky being harangued again, because “some of his detractors say he offers no solutions” as if even if that was true, it was now a crime. I mean when did criticism and analysis in its own right and as an end in it self become wrong. Problems and their solutions don’t come packaged together, one grows from the other. The same people don’t have to be the realizers of both, and the strength or value of your criticism is not dependent on your ability to also have have quick snappy alternatives that don’t go against the grain. Strangely enough I think moaning first and then having a bit of analysis second and then finally taking the path of least harm is far superior to making hasty quick decisions to take action and then letting the chips fall where they may all over the bodies of dead people. And with that thought, I turned off the television and went to bed, glad that I’m getting old enough to be a grumpy old bugger and, and with a conviction to moan loudly for as long as I can about everything I know is wrong in the world, without fear of not having trite consumable solutions at hand, but having the moral clarity to know that stepping back and looking for solutions in a broader context before taking action is the only way forward.

Betting on Biscuit: Does Post-Fire Logging Make Ecological or Economic Sense?

Rogue Valley, 25.01.2006 18:10

It's rare to find two diametrically opposed sides using the same exact posterchild to support their views. However, that's essentially what's developed over the past few years as the logging industry have locked horns with conservation groups and scientists in a battle over so-called "healthy forests" policy and the future of America's public lands following wildfires.

That "same exact posterchild" is the 2002 Biscuit Fire that burned nearly 500,000 acres in the Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area of southwestern Oregon's Siskiyou National Forest and the U.S. Forest Service's subsequent Biscuit "Fire Recovery Project" that approved cutting down 19,000 acres of ancient forest reserves and roadless wildlands in a forest of global ecological significance.

Council votes to continue to do nothing about police spying (again)

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.01.2006 18:09

the policeman spies while the council does nothing a winter leaf falls in the breeze

AP's police shooting story is a PRESS RELEASE

Portland, 25.01.2006 16:39

AP admits to running a clackamas county sheriffs office press release as story

I just got off the phone with the Portland AP office where the lone duck media schmuck admited that there is no editorial review of the work he writes and that it looks like the Saturday AP broadcast article about Foud Kaady's shooting at the hands of the Clackamas county sherriffs deputies was:

a press release from the sherifs office....without revision or editorial oversight "because its just broadcast". One poor schmuck in an office posts shit because its'just broadcast. Thats the AP stamp of approval.

IF you would like to make your set of facts known to the powers that be...excuse me...weaklings that be, you can contact the portland office of the AP at:

121 SW Salmon St., Suite 1450
Portland OR 97204-2924
(503) 228-2169
228-5514 Fax

for more background, see

Betting On Biscuit

Portland, 25.01.2006 16:39

It's rare to find two diametrically opposed sides using the same exact posterchild to support their views. However, that's essentially what's developed over the past few years as the logging industry have locked horns with conservation groups and scientists in a battle over so-called "healthy forests" policy and the future of America's public lands following wildfires.

Natural fires have been an important part of the Siskiyou Wild Rivers area for thousands of years. The fire-enriched Siskiyou region has more conifer species than any other temperate-zone forest in the world, and has been identified by scientists as one of the most important ecosystems on planet. In other words, not exactly the ideal place for industrial logging of ancient forest reserves and roadless wildlands.

Unfortunately, listening to some people, you'd be led to believe that the 2002 Biscuit Fire laid waste to everything in its path. While referred to repeatedly by the logging industry and their supporters as catastrophic, devastating and unnatural, the reality is that 84% of the Biscuit Fire area was either unburned, or burned at low to moderate intensity.

Yet, this reality hasn't prevented Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR) - who incidentally has received $643,363 in campaign contributions from the logging industry during his senate career and was one of the major supporters of the so-called "Healthy Forest Restoration Act" - from declaring in a recent opinion piece that "Today, nearly half the Siskiyou National Forest remains a charred moonscape." | Cascadia Wildlands Project | Oxygen Collective Background | OSU Study says Salvage Logging at Biscuit Harmed Forests | video

Shipbreaking plan STOPPED in Newport!

Portland, 25.01.2006 16:39

Bay Bridge Enterprises of Virginia will be looking for another site in their quest to establish a shipbreaking facility on the west coast. Tonight, the Port of Newport Commissioners voted AGAINST shipbreaking in Newport's Yaquina Bay!

About 200 people packed the Yacht Club's meeting room in Newport, Oregon tonight to hear Don Mann, the manager for the Port of Newport, announce "some projects are a good fit, or not a fit at all. (Bay Bridge's plan for a shipbreaking facility in Yaquina Bay) does not qualify in our test for a good fit." We were all caught by surprise with this sudden announcement near the outset of the meeting. But it only took one second for us to recover, and we all erupted into cheers, applause, and a standing ovation!

Don Mann continued: "This was not a good business deal for the company, or for the Port. I believe that the environmental issues could have been resolved, but our financial concerns could not be (adequately) addressed." No doubt one of those "financial" concerns was the insurance costs of an environmental catastrophe, caused by the 'ghost fleet', on established businesses, bay residents, commercial fisheries, The Oregon Coast Aquarium, and the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

Lots of folks carried signs and were wearing buttons supporting Yaquina Bay's environment. The best sign I saw: "Yaquina says: if you protect me, I will feed you." Port Commissioner Rob Halverson said: "We greatly appreciate your concern and input."

While this stressful process ended tonight in a victory for the people of Newport, Lincoln County, and all of Oregon - Bay Bridge's next move on our coast remains to be seen.

Previous related posts: Ship Breaking on the Oregon Coast? | Update: Shipbreaking on the Oregon Coast? | The Friends of Yaquina Bay website

Tartagal, Salta

Argentina, 25.01.2006 15:08

Brutal represión a desocupados de la UTD

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