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11 Indicted in Latest Round of FBI Environmental Witch Hunt

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.01.2006 16:39

On Friday, January 20th, the Justice Department announced that 11 individuals were being charged in a 65 count indictment handed down by a Eugene, Oregon grand jury. The indictment charged the individuals with a series of arsons, sabotage and vandalism that were claimed by the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front, between 1996 and 2001. The FBI has called these actions terrorism. Several indictments and arrests lately have been linked to paid FBI infiltrators.

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Hugo Chávez propõe que FSM crie plano de ação

Brasil, 28.01.2006 16:38


Payback time for anti-whale activists

Melbourne, 28.01.2006 11:08

South African Bureaucrats detain Sea Shepherd

Luchas laborales

Valencia, 28.01.2006 10:37

IBERIA: Dos heridos y un detenido en la manifestación de personal de tierra de Iberia.
RENFE- ADIT: Los trabajadores de Renfe-Adif del puerto de València en huelga
MERCADONA: Nuevos despidos en Mercadona València + Nuevo espacio de información de los trabajadores y trabajadoras de Mercadona en Valencia.
SEAT:¿Qué pasa en SEAT?... + Interesante debate, a raíz de los despidos en SEAT, sobre la lucha sindical
PARQUE ALCOSA: El Parke Alcosa en lucha de nuevo
CANALS: Comunicado de la assemblea de Endavant(OSAN) de la costera ante los 81 despidos en la empresa rodrigo Sancho Canal

Lluites laborals

Valencia, 28.01.2006 10:07

Dos ferits i un detingut a la manifestació de personal de Iberia.
Els treballadors de Renfe-Adif del port de València en vaga
Nous comiats en Mercadona València
Nou espai d'informació del treballadors i treballadores de Mercadona en València.
¿Que passa a SEAT?...
Interessant debat,després dels comiats en SEAT, al voltant de la lluita sindical
El Parc Alcosa en lluita de nou
Comunicat de l'Assemblea d'Endavant(OSAN) de La Costera davant dels 81 acomiadaments a l'empresa Rodrigo Sancho de Canal


Sydney, 28.01.2006 06:39

Bundjulung Elders speak about sovereignty


Sydney, 28.01.2006 06:39

Aboriginal Sovereignty Day Declared; Tribal Law Council Established

Why the hell DAWN protested Luis Marti

DC, 28.01.2006 05:11

On Thursday, January 26, 2006, DAWN’s weekly actions took them to the World Bank/IMF, the home of Luis Marti, and again to the home of DC Mayor Anthony Williams. So, why the hell did the DC Anti-War Network choose to target Luis Marti, a man very few people have ever heard of, probably even in the apartment at 2201 N Street NW, in the Westbrooke Place Apartments, where he lives?


New Orleans, 28.01.2006 04:39


Oakland Educators Protest Intimidation Tactics

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.01.2006 04:38

On Monday January 23rd 2006, more than 100 people turned out on short notice to demand a fair contract and to protest Randolph Ward's intimidation tactics. For the past 18 months, there has been a contract dispute between the Oakland Unified School District and the 3,000+ members of the Oakland Education Association. A new offer was made by the OEA to the Oakland Unified School District on December 7th, but was rejected without comment by Randolph Ward. Ward is now placing advertisements in Bay Area newspapers and on sites like Craig's List offering uncredentialed replacement workers $300 per day to be scabs in the case of a strike.

Read More On Indybay's Education And East Bay Pages


Sydney, 28.01.2006 03:39

Let the Wailing Begin

Why the “Free State” of Maryland Isn’t So “Free!”

Baltimore, 28.01.2006 03:08

Maryland was never a “Free State!” It is now awash in millions in campaign cash raised by the candidates of the Duopoly Party (DemRepublicrats) in 2005, who want to be its next governor. The incumbent, the GOP’s Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., is the “most prodigious fundraiser in Maryland history.” He has also received $16,000 in campaign contributions from - Jack Abramoff. It’s time for Ehrlich to come clean about his relationship with the ultra-lobbyist.

Critical Mass Radio Network - La Otra Campaña

San Diego, 28.01.2006 01:38

Update: Come out to Chicano Perk on 25th and Imperial Saturday night at 7pm for Son Del Centro, live in concert!

Tune into the Critical Mass Radio Network on Saturday, January 28th for a broadcast from 6 cities across the US and Mexico reflecting on La Otra Campaña of the Zapatistas and what it means for our communities...

Listen online at

The schedule is (all times PST):

Radioactive sanDiego 12-1pm
August Sound Coalition, NYC 1-2pm
Black Box Radio, Michigan 2-3pm
Portland Indymedia Radio - 3-4pm
Kill Radio, Los Angeles 4-6pm
Radio Zapote, Mexico City - 7-9pm

Critical Mass Radio Network (CMRN) is a decentralized international radio network composed of independent community radio stations. CMRN is organized for the purpose of broadcasting a coordinated signal over the internet that is broadcast quality and capable of being delivered over the FM band.

"That we will make a collective network of all our particular struggles and resistances. An intercontinental network of resistance against neoliberalism, an intercontinental network of resistance for humanity.

This intercontinental network of resistance, recognising differences and acknowledging similarities, will search to find itself with other resistances around the world. This intercontinental network of resistance will be the medium in which distinct resistances may support one another. This intercontinental network of resistance is not an organising structure; it doesn’t have a central head or decision maker; it has no central command or hierarchies. We are the network, all of us who resist."

- Statement from the First Intercontinental Encounter for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism

Após despejo surpresa, trabalhador desaparece no Rio

Brasil, 28.01.2006 01:38


Prorrogada votação sobre tarifa única em Floripa. Ufeco se opõe à redução de horários

Brasil, 28.01.2006 01:38


Costa Mesa immigrant rights crackdown

San Diego, 28.01.2006 01:09

Costa Mesa, California Mayor Allan Mansoor reveals his extremist agenda at Minuteman meeting, says he would prefer to deport all "illegal aliens" from the country. Minuteman Jim Gilchrist is haunted by little Green men, again!

Harmondsworth Detainees Protest after Death in Detention

United Kingdom, 28.01.2006 00:38

On 19 January, 2006, Bereket Yohannes, a 26-year-old from Eritrea, was found hanged in the showers of Harmondsworth detention center near Heathrow [see NCADC's original report].

The following day, distressed detainees refused to take food, held a meeting and demanded to meet with the United Kingdom Detention Services (UKDS) who run detention centres. 61 detainees signed a joint statement concerning the conditions at Harmondsworth and the treatment of detainees and presented it to UKDS. A member of the detainee support network said:

"I wish to underline the detainees' protest was thoroughly peaceful. The committee members had a key role in defusing tension and stopping other detainees from taking more drastic and desperate forms of action."

Nevertheless, UKDS and the Home Office responded by moving those involved to “secure cells” (solitary confimement) or transferring them to other detention centres as a punishment [report].

This was not the first time that miserable conditions at detention centres have lead to protests and people taking their lives [Harmondsworth protest 2004 | IRR report | Interview with detainee].

A vigil in memory of Bereket will be held on Sunday, 29 January, outside Harmondsworth detention center. Participants are ecouraged to visit detainees.

Many groups around the country are supporting asylum seekers or support the slogan "no one is illegal". To name only a few: national coalition of anti-deportation campaigns, Barbed Wire Britain, local noborder groups in Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester and Sheffield. There is also a noborders forum and an open announcement mailing list.

'Proudly UnAustralian'

Melbourne, 28.01.2006 00:09

Police Censor 'Burning Flag' Artwork

World Social Forum Takes Over Caracas

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.01.2006 23:39

The mood is upbeat and optimistic as over 100,000 people from around the world participate in the sixth World Social Forum (WSF), which began on Jan. 24th in Caracas, Venezuela. On Jan. 26th, participants heard first hand accounts by grassroots activists from popular organizations, who shared strategies and discussed their successes and failures in building movements for social change. Parallel forums are underway through Jan. 29th in Bamako, Mali and Karachi, Pakistan.

 Jan. 27 Photos and Report |  b>Jan. 26 Audio Interview | Report on Building Coalitions for Fair Trade |  Jan. 25 Photos and Report | An Anarchist Perspective | Full coverage on the Global Justice and Americas pages

Crónica de una Muerte Anunciada

Argentina, 27.01.2006 20:08

El asesinato de Sandra Cabrera

Parlamento europeu aprova resolução sobre a homofobia na Europa

Portugal, 27.01.2006 19:38

Parlamento europeu aprova resolução sobre a homofobia na Europa


Perth, 27.01.2006 18:09

Sunday 29 Jan - activist convergence on City Farm

property speculation and squats (en)

Barcelona, 27.01.2006 18:08

The mossos also evict

Last Jan 24 at noon, they've evicted la Quinkalla in Sants --- gatherings in Osca Sq. and block of Sants St. as protest --- [Jan 24] 8:00PM at Sants Sq., gathering against urban property speculation --- Sants goes to the streets against speculation

new call:[Sat, Jan 28]. 12h Pça Sants, Lively March to expose speculation

[Jan 25] Kastell de les Planes is being evicted

related news: 14 squatters evicted of república argentina street ::: the mossos detain three youth in les Corts on Jan 22 night ::: 2nd cycling against speculation in mataró, last February the mossos evicted too ::: youth debate about housing and new infrastructures in gelida ::: Barcelona city council bans a talk about housing ::: emancipation at girona: the future for sell ::: zisko bardenero resists

+info:: speculation +

InCity Times Stolen

Worcester, 27.01.2006 17:09

Is Freedom of the Press Being Stifled?

latin america (en)

Barcelona, 27.01.2006 17:08

Brazil: more victims on conflicts for land

The Guarani people, newly on land owner's sight Illegal eviction and murder in Mato Grosso do Sul --- situation of evicted people --- protest against the eviction in Nhande Ru Marangatu --- The struggle for Nhande Ru Marangatu --- call to solidarity from Morro dos Cavalos --- Guarani resistance from Argentina --- Argentina-Salta: transnational company against Guarani people --- Indigenous protest action in Vitoria (ES)

Latest News repression also to Terena people --- eviction of Guarani in Espírito Santo ---

Amazonas: impunity continues murder of seringueiro leader

Attacks also to the Landless Worker's Movement Repression to MTST --- Evictions in Sao Paulo --- Repression to Carlos Lamarca community (SP)

One year from Sonho Real massacre Current outlook: without the right to home --- Indymedia barcelona a year ago --- history of the facts

+ info:: >>>CMI Brazil >>>Latin America

criminalització i repressió (ca)

Barcelona, 27.01.2006 16:08

Cap a l'Audiència Nacional: la hipocresia de l'Estat de dret espanyol

Anar a l'Audiència Nacional, institució hereva del franquisme, significa un judici en un tribunal especial i sota normativa especial quan suposadament tot*s som iguals davant la llei. Tot això i les característiques d'aquesta democràcia hipòcrita fan que un procés judicial a l'Audiencia Nacional comporti en la gran majoria dels casos: incomunicació, sense dret a advocat ni dret a comunicar res a la família o amics, de fins a 7 dies, maltractaments i tortura, declaració forçada, delictes reconstruïts, penes desmesurades, dispersió i fins i tot pot arribar a la mort. Aquest tracte desigual i vexatiu atempta clarament contra els Drets humans més bàsics i converteix aquest estat de dret en una pseudodemocràcia.

pròximes jornades: [27gen] jornades de solidaritat amb els 3 de gràcia ::: [28gen] jornada antirepresiva pels 3 de gràcia i Torà ::: [3 i 4 de febrer] jornades per la prevenció de la tortura

notícies relacionades: l'Audiència Nacional atura la tornada dels papers de Salamanca ::: Torà, dos anys després ::: Monogràfic de Nodo50 sobre el judici del sumari 18/98+ ::: [18 febrer] Bilbo per l'arxiu del sumari i la fi de la injústicia de la justícia ::: l'Audiencia Nacional absol als criminals de coll blanc mentres altres reben penes desmesurades ::: [Galiza] La Guardia Civil deté, altre cop, a la militant d'AMI Maria Bagaria ::: mossos d' esquadra a judici per detenció ::: La Audiencia Nacional ordena que es segueixi tramitant la causa contra Soziedad Alkoholika

+info: >>>criminalització i repressió + + + /a>alerta solidària + prevenció tortura

criminalización y represion (es)

Barcelona, 27.01.2006 16:08

Hacia la Audiencia Nacional: la hipocresía del estado de derecho español

Ir a la Audiencia Nacional, institución heredada del franquismo, significa un juicio en un tribunal especial y bajo normativa excepcional cuando supuestamente tod*s somos iguales ante la ley. Todo esto unido a las características de esta democracia hipocrita hacen que un proceso judicial en la Audiencia Nacional comporte en la gran mayoría de casos: incomunicación, sin derecho a abogado ni derecho a comunicar nada a la familia o amigos, de hasta 7 días, malos tratos y tortura, declaración forzada, delitos reconstruidos, penas desmesuradas, dispersión e incluso puede llegar a la muerte. Este trato desigual y vejatorio atenta claramente contra los Derechos humanos más básicos y convierte este estado de derecho en una pseudodemocracia.

proximas jornadas: [27en] jornadas de solidaridad con los 3 de gràcia ::: [28en] jornada antirepresiva para los 3 de gràcia y Torà ::: [3 y 4 de feb] jornadas para la prevención de la tortura

noticias relacionadas: la Audiencia Nacional paraliza el retorno de los papeles de Salamanca ::: Monográfico de Nodo50 sobre el juicio del sumario 18/98+ ::: [18 febrer] Bilbo por el archivo del sumario y el fin de la injusticia de la justicia ::: la Audiencia Nacional absuelve a los criminales de cuello blanco mientras otros reciben penas desmesuradas ::: [Galiza] La Guardia Civil detiene, otra vez, a la militante de AMI María Bagaria ::: mossos d' esquadra a juicio por detención ilegal ::: La Audiencia Nacional ordena que se siga tramitando la causa contra Soziedad Alkoholika

+info: >>>criminalización y represión + + + /a>alerta solidària

Il Forum Sociale Mondiale si fa in tre

Switzerland, 27.01.2006 15:37

Il Mali è stato teatro della prima tappa di un Forum Sociale Mondiale che quest'anno è policentrico e tricontinentale.
Bamako ha accolto dal 19 al 23 gennaio circa 30.000 partecipanti, per cinque giorni di dibatitti e scambi.
Indymedia Sudafrica e Marsiglia si sono occupate della copertura dell'evento, allestendo anche un centro media indipendenti.

Prossime tappe del Forum Mondiale Sociale saranno Caracas dal 24 al 29 gennaio e Karachi dal 24 al 29 marzo.

Da Bamako Foto | Audio

Clowns take to Parliament Square in latest protest against SOCPA.

United Kingdom, 27.01.2006 14:38

The rebel clowns - and many others - had spent the day at Bow Street Magistrates court ( expressing solidarity with five defendants who had been charged under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 132 (SOCPA 2005). The bill outlaws all "demonstration without authorisation" within 1Km of parliament.

These five defendants had had the audacity to hold signs reading 'We have the Right To Protest'. The magistrate must have thought they were very clearly Serious Organised Criminals indeed - because she found them all GUILTY.

World Social Forum Day 2

Philadelphia, 27.01.2006 13:38

The 2nd day of panels was accentuated by a festival atmosphere and concerted strategic discussion on "how the WSF can incorporate diversity without becoming fragmented" reports Peter Funke from Philly IMC.

Dimanche 29 janvier: Mobilisation contre l'enfermement d'enfants.

Liege, 27.01.2006 13:07

Arkansas Indymedia's Birthday Benefit Cancelled

Arkansas, 27.01.2006 12:09

We regret to inform you that our 3rd annual birthday benefit has been cancelled, due to a booking problem at Sodie's Underground, the bar where we had planned to hold the benefit. We have found an alternative location for a party/fundraiser tonight, however. It is located on Center St. on the right if you are coming from the square, just before the train tracks cross over the road, in the building with the arched roof. It will start between 9:00 and 10:00 PM, tonight, Friday, January 27th. If you have any questions, email us at

Shutting Down The Michigan Independent Media Center

Cleveland, 27.01.2006 07:38

Shutting Down The Michigan Independent Media Center

March 19th Two Year Anniversary of Iraqi Invasion and Occupation

United States, 27.01.2006 07:38

With the war raging and troops coming home daily in body bags the outrage is building. On and around March 19th, the people of the United States are making visible their resistance to their government's imperialist war(s). March 19th Action Page

Indymedia Coverage From Around the US:

PORTLAND: [Action Page I Web Radio] [number: 800-939-7973]

SAN DIEGO: [Action Info I RadioActive] [number: 619-269-4693]

CHICAGO: [Action Info I Web Radio] [number: 773-384-8544]

SF BAY AREA: [Enemy Combatant Radio number: (415) 864-1006 ]

other actions: Michigan Actions I Fort Bragg, NC I Baltimore, MD I New York City I California Actions I Philadelphia I Houston I 575 More Actions Around the Country

M19 Breaking News

United States, 27.01.2006 07:38

3/20 3:19pm EST HOUSTON: 300 people gathered at Dunleavy Park at 12:30 yesterday and marched East on Richmond Ave to Montrose and then South to Bell Park. One lane of traffic was reclaimed most of the march by a bike bloc and puppets from the anti-war profiteers bloc. At Bell Par there was a rally with a number of speakers, and a dance off competition between Protest Warrior counter-demonstrators, and anarchists with a mobile sound system (the anarchists won)

3/19 6:51 EST PITTSBURGH: Almost 3,000 protestors came out under grey skies to mark the second anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. They marched more than 2 miles from Squirrel Hill to Oakland. The crowd was peaceful and boisterous, with a marching band and a donkey (for Palm Sunday) joining the crowd.

3/19 6:30 EST PORTLAND: About 500 marched in the streets, as an unpermitted march.

3/19 5:50 EST Update from Fayettteville, North Carolina: History-making demonstration(with early estimates of 4000+ people, easily topping the last largest demonstration there during the Vietnam war) at Ft. Bragg military base a huge success. The rally was largely organized by and around the anti-war viewpoints of military families and veterans. (via ecr)

3/19 5:30 EST Update on counter-recruitment arrests in NYC

3/19 4:50 EST Intimidating police presence at Chicago rally, reports of police harassing journalists

3/19 4:30 EST Thousands of people starting to march in San Fransisco Live webcam here

3/19 4:20 EST March of about 300 people in Baltimore to a recruiting center and through downtown

3/19 3:50 EST Multiple marches underway, set to converge in San Diego protest

3/19 3:48 EST 1000 people rally in Miami

Protesters have already taken to the streets of Tokyo, Istanbul, Copenhagen, London, Bombay, Lahore, Rome, Ankara, Athens, Brasilia, Glasgow and many other cities around the world demanding an end to the US occupation of Iraq. Photos.

3/19 3:00 EST DENTON, TX: Protesters from different groups gathered at Denton Square around 11 am, to mark (and protest) the second anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. People rallied before the march with speakers and music. The march itself covered areas around Denton Square before ending back up at the Denton County Courthouse. Very light police presence, no arrests.

NYC: Hundreds Converge on Army Recruiting Center in Brooklyn --- a few dozen activists arrested

About 300 people marching in Milwaukee

Multiple marches, arrests in Chicago

"Bloodbath" at Roslindale Military Recruiting Center

BOSTON – On the second anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, a group of local activists staged a dramatic protest outside the Armed Forces Recruiting Center at 650 American Legion Highway in Roslindale. At noon, the Boston Direct Action Project dumped five gallons of fake blood and then took up positions on the doorstep. The activists portrayed a dead Iraqi woman, her grieving husband, a dead U.S. soldier and his grieving wife.

Cleveland: One Hundred and Ninety people (by actual count) marched from historic Grace Park through the streets of Akron today, stopping at the Recruiting Center and the FBI offices before ending at the Federal Building at Main and Market. Read more | Photos and story

International Day of Protest on the second anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq

United States, 27.01.2006 07:38

March 19, 2005, was an International Day of Protest on the second anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Over ten thousand people took to the streets of San Francisco. Elsewhere in California, thousands took to the streets of Los Angeles, and many people from all over the Central Valley gathered in Fresno for "the Rally in the Valley." Hundreds converged in San Diego, and in Eureka, thousands braved the rain to demand an end to the occupation of Iraq and the immediate withdrawal of US troops.

Articles, Photos, Audio and Videos from California

March 19th Action Page on

There were many other protests around the US. Outside of California, the largest protests were in New York ( Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7   Video: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ) , Chicago (Photos: 1 | 2   Video: 1 | 2 ), and Fayetteville, North Carolina (Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ) .

Thousands also took to the streets in Ann Arbor ( 1 | 2 ), Akron ( Audio:1 ). Atlanta ( Photos: 1 | 2 | 3   Video: 1 ), Baltimore (Photos: 1) , Boston (Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ), Champaign ( Photos: 1 ), Cleveland ( Photos: 1 ), Concord, NH (Photos:1), Denver (Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ), Detroit (Audio: 1), Grand Rapids ( Photos: 1 ), Fayetteville, Arkansas (Photos: 1), Houston ( Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 ), Kansas City (Photos: 1), Las Vegas ( Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 ), Madison (Photos: 1 | 2 | 3   Video: 1 ), Miami (Video: 1 ), Milwaukee (Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 ), Minneapolis (Photos: 1 | 2 ), Nashville (Photos: 1 ), towns throughout New York State (Photos: 1 Video:1 | 2 ), Pittsburgh (Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 ), Portland (Photos: 1 | 2   Video: 1 ), Smaller towns in Oregon (Photos: 1 | 2 ), Seattle (Photos: 1) , St. Paul ( Photos: 1 ) , Tucson(Photos: 1 ), and Traverse City (Photos: 1 ).

Around the world, protests took place in Ankara, Athens, Auckland, Barcelona, Brasilia, Brussels, Bombay, Dublin, Cairo, Copenhagen, Glasgow, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Lahore, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Montevideo, Rome, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Tokyo, Vancouver, Warsaw, Winnipeg and many other cities. There were also protests in Bulgaria, Sweden, Peru and Puerto Rico. Photos From Many Of These Protests

Read More Anti-War Protest News On Indybay's Anti-war News Page

Georgetown Hunger Strikers Win!

United States, 27.01.2006 07:38

After a three year campaign for living wages, which culminated in a nine-day hunger strike by 22 students, Georgetown University has accepted almost all of the 10 demands made by the living wage campaign waged by students on behalf of university workers.

Following the hospitialization of a second hunger striker on the eighth day of the hunger strike, and faced with increasingly broad support for the striker's demands from the DC labor and religious communities, the University has agreed to guarantee a living wage indexed both to inflation and the cost of living in Washington, D.C., which will represent an almost 100% wage increase from their previous commitment to a near poverty-level wage of $8.50/hr. This new commitment will apply not only to University workers, but also those employed at the University through subcontractors.

The University will also guarantee the right of University employees to organize and to access University resources and benefits like affordable health care and the use of campus libraries and ESL classes. The University even proposed an implementation timeline of two years which is shorter than that formulated by the living wage campaign. With only a few minor points of difference, and otherwise substantive agreement, between the University proposal and the demands made by the students, the proposal was accepted and the hunger strike concluded.

related links: Georgetown Living Wage Coalition | Hunger strike feature and background information | DC Indymedia

A16 Dallas Call To Action: Spank The Bank!

United States, 27.01.2006 07:38

Every year there is a national call to action in Washington, D.C., to protest the headquarters of the bastions of globalization that are the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. As activists living in Texas, we believe that the negative repurcussions of free trade are felt globally and locally alike, and should not have to travel some 1300 miles to the headquarters of these organizations to have our voices heard. Right here in Dallas we have a financial district that promotes the same kind of ruthless, profit-oriented international business model as the IMF/World Bank, yet survives each year with its inhumane business practices left unquestioned and unscathed. To quote our Zapatista brothers and sisters, "Ya basta, enough already!"

D.C. Resources: A16 DC | Mobilization for Global Justice | 50 Years Is Enough | DC Indymedia

Dallas Resources: Free Radio Dallas A16 Flyers .pdf and .jpg

IMCs North Texas | Austin | Houston Server Under Attack

United States, 27.01.2006 07:38

The FBI has recently sent two subpoenas to the website administrator of the webserver. Recently, there have been rumours circulating in anarchist circles that Dave, the flag's webmaster, had been contacted by the FBI. He released this press release to notify the wider activist community on what has been going on. The flag server hosts many of anarchism's most widely viewed websites and the removal of this sever would be a major blow to anarchist organising worldwide.

He has been ordered on two separate occasions to submit IP information of people using certain subdomains hosted on the flag server, but he is now "under court order not to speak about specifics." The charges relate to people claiming responsibility for propaganda by the deed". The moderator believes at least one of these cases are by people trying to make the flag server "vulnerable to government intrusion". Popular websites hosted on the flag server include Infoshop News and the Anarchist FAQ.

The FBI in recent years, has gone after a number of radical/revolutionary left wing websites, most notably shutting down the raise the fist website and subsequent jailing of its webmaster Sherman Austin as well as targeting many websites in the Indymedia network.

FBI investigation info: on | on nyc-imc | on milwaukee imc | Audio Press Release

Sit-In May Turn Into Lockdown At Washington University in St. Louis

United States, 27.01.2006 07:38

At Washington Universtity, in St. Louis Missouri, 14 students sat in an admissions building to demand a living wage for the food, janitorial, and service workers of the university.

DAY 10, 4/13:

A dozen students remain in the admissions building, despite repeated written warnings for violation of the Student Judicial Code. Anticipated disagreement over tactics is occuring among the folks sitting-in. Rallies will still proceed, despite increased pressure.

Ongoing Coverage: Big Muddy IMC

Anti-IMF/World Bank Banner Drop in Dallas in Preparation For A16

United States, 27.01.2006 07:38

On April 14th at approximately 9:05 a.m. a 20x30 ft banner featuring an anti-IMF/World Bank slogan (que se vayan todos; corporate corruption) was dropped in downtown Dallas. Due to the heavy police presence across the street and the happy guy in a Mercedes almost running over the banner, the local activists responsible express regret that all the words were not fully visible. This banner commenced the weekend's anti-globalization solidarity celebrations to be continued with a mass demonstration on April 16th in the financial district of Dallas.

A16 Event Coverege: DC Indy Media | North Texas Indy Media | Portland Indy Media Web Radio | Free Radio Dallas

Resources: A16 DC | Mobilization For Global Justice | Dallas A16 Flyers

CAFTA in trouble

United States, 27.01.2006 07:38

While anti-CAFTA demonstrations in Guatemala go unheeded by the oligarchy and government, the atmosphere in the U.S. surrounding this flawed trade agreement seems to have taken a bad turn. As activists take their message to the streets in New York City, Santa Cruz and elsewhere, the so-called Central America Free Trade Agreement may have a hard road ahead in the U.S. congress. Recent testimony before the Senate finance committee found that many questions were critical and represented for some analysts, a growing opposition to the agreement in Congress. Anti-corporate globalization activists, environmentalists, Labor unions and, as some polls show, a majority of most U.S. citizens oppose CAFTA. Even the extreme rightwing John Birch society opposes CAFTA! Perhaps the U.S. Congress will follow.

See also: UCSC Students Oppose CAFTA! | Sam Farr Opposes CAFTA | Stop CAFTA | | Public Citizen | ALCA CMI::FTAA IMC

Indigenous rights

Melbourne, 27.01.2006 06:10

Australia Day, Invasion Day, Aboriginal Sovereignty Day

Public Surveillance to increase

Melbourne, 27.01.2006 06:10

Police to get CCTV 'Big Brother' network

Bush Step Down

LA, 27.01.2006 05:40

Comissão formada para tratar sobre desocupação indígena chega hoje no ES

Brasil, 27.01.2006 04:39


Aboriginal Sovereignty

Perth, 27.01.2006 04:10

Pay the Rent for Invasion Day - the Black GST

Streik bei Gate Gourmet am Flughafen Ddorf

Germany, 27.01.2006 03:38

Seit Anfang Oktober 2005 streiken die Mitarbeiter der Flugzeug-Cateringfirma Gate Gourmet.
Eine Zusammenfassung.

UC Students Demand Answers about Spying Scandal

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.01.2006 03:09

On January 24th, Members of Students Against War (SAW) met with the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) Chancellor Denice Denton and other senior officials to discuss the Pentagon spying scandal and the future of free speech on the UCSC campus. In December of 2005, a 400-page document obtained by MSNBC revealed, amongst many things, that the Pentagon spied on 10 peaceful college protests.
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Haitian Prisoner Jean-Juste's Condition Worsening

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.01.2006 03:09

On January 25, Dr. Jennifer Furin of Harvard Medical School examined Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience Fr. Jean-Juste. Dr Furin reports that the condition of the activist priest, jailed since July 2005, is worsening.
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