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Cyprus Govt. Admits CIA Campaign Against Indymedia

Boston, 12.08.2004 23:31

The scandal is unfolding in gigantic proportions... and we can hardly keep up with the developments. Responding to a publicity and solidarity campaign by Indymedia, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has been forced to admit that they were acting under orders from the US Government to carry out an intelligence investigation of Cyprus Indymedia and of one of its founding members, Petros Evdokas, in order to assess whether he "constitutes a threat to US interests." Police had interrogated the family of Petros Evdokas a few weeks ago and, during the affair, inadvertently blurted out that the source of this investigation was a directive by the CIA. After a series of denials and cover-ups (chronicled below) the Police Headquarters issued an official statement on Friday admitting to everything that Indymedia had accused them of, namely that directives of the CIA and the US Embassy have priority over their own mission which, believe it or not, is to protect the tiny and independent Republic from foreign intervention. This campaigns to intimidate IndyMedia is part of a global trend, including the nation- wide "pre- emptive" raids and interrogations by the FBI of radicals in Boston and across the US in order to thwart preparations to protest at the two Republocrat party conventions.

Art in Action • Youth Power Arts Festival

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.08.2004 23:23

An evening of original music, dance, theater and spoken word for peace, democracy and justice. Wednesday • August 25 • 7pm at the Santa Cruz Veterans’ Hall. A Benefit for Art in Action Camp scholarships. Art in Action camps bring together young visionaries for 10 days to tell their stories, build community and cultivate positive alternatives to the madness of war and oppression. Through learning our histories, celebrating our cultures and linking the issues, we create a collaborative performance with giant puppets, hip-hop, dance, spoken word, and music to share with the community.

Y-12 Oak Ridge Arrest Updates: Nine Still in Jail, Rally Friday

Tennessee, 12.08.2004 22:53

Those remaining in jail: Jerry Bone Pam Beziat Ron Dale (Warren, MI) Kim Redigan (Dearborn Heights, MI) Judy Ross (Balsam, NC) Erik Johnson Libby Johnson Lissa McLeod Kip Williams You can join us Friday at 6:00 to show your support for these people who have put themselves on the line to end nuclear weapons production. If there are earlier jail support rallies or vigils scheduled, we will let people know.

Report-back from video/legal training for Aug. 13 Kerry/Bush protests

Portland, 12.08.2004 22:42

SF Mime Troupe

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.08.2004 22:10

Showdown at Crawford Gulch


Uruguay, 12.08.2004 21:45

Ola de asesinatos de dirigentes populares


Uruguay, 12.08.2004 21:42

La Comisión Pro Asilo a los Vascos


Uruguay, 12.08.2004 21:40

El movimiento estudiantil gana la calle


Uruguay, 12.08.2004 21:35

A sólo unas horas del referendo ratificatorio en Venezuela


Perth, 12.08.2004 21:25

Venezuela - Between Empire and Revolution


Uruguay, 12.08.2004 20:42

El movimiento estudiantil gana la calle

NJ Gov. McGreevey Announces He is GAY and RESIGNS!

NYC, 12.08.2004 20:41

(breaking news, from the Open Wire): New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey just announced he is gay and that he must now resign!

(from the AP): In a stunning declaration, Gov. James E. McGreevey announced his resignation Thursday and acknowledged that he had an extramarital affair with another man. "My truth is that I am a gay American," he said.

More forthcoming ...

Cal High Court Voids Weddings SD Vigil 8/12

San Diego, 12.08.2004 20:32

The California Supreme Court has ruled against the City and County of San Francisco and anulled thousands of marriages. Today's (8/12/04) ruling only addresses the issue of whether San Francisco's Mayor Newsom went beyond his authority in issuing gender neutral marriage licenses.

Please meet at the Center (3909 Centre St., Hillcrest) tonight 8/12/04 at 7pm to show your support for marriage equality.


Brasil, 12.08.2004 18:10

Estudantes da UFBA ocupam reitoria para defender a universidade pública

A Shadow Protester Speaks

NYC, 12.08.2004 17:41

(from the Open Newswire): "I am a shadow volunteer. I have made it completely through the background checks.

" This is funny as I have been involved in actions since 1993. I have been arrested once for vandelism, which resulted in a high profile slap suit by a prolife group. You would think at least SOME of this information would emerge during the "extensive back ground checks"

" Just yesterday I received an invitation to be on the "special welcoming committee" since I "impressed them so much at orientation" Basically I filled out all of the questions and told them that I was not only totally available but that I would be taking time off from work to dedicate to the convention.

" So I will have to attend about 8 hours (between this weekend and next) of training to qualify for this "special position"

" Suckers.

"So this is a message to anyone out there thinking about doing the shadow protest thing.

"I am a pretty normal looking (this is important, unfortunately) pissed off, mother of one, my greatest weapon is my brain and my ability to not show up.

SF Gay Marriage Verdict: Illegal

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.08.2004 17:35

California Court Rules SF Same-Sex Marriages are Void


San Francisco, 12.08.2004 17:28

Supreme Court Voids Same-Sex Marriages

espulsioni FIOM

Italy, 12.08.2004 16:36

Piaggio: il sindacato licenzia


Uruguay, 12.08.2004 16:03

El movimiento estudiantil gana la calle

Willamette Electric PUD hearing on August 13th

Portland, 12.08.2004 11:29

Keystone Cops at the RNC: Street Theater in the Midst of Protest

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.08.2004 07:37

There is no need for protests to be boring. With a little imagination, you can make your journey into protest zones safer and more fun. Everyone likes street theater. People like imaginative scenery to look at. Especially the media. So, think about fun ways to monkeywrench the usual, and bring about some laughs at the same time. And if you are participating in the RNC protests, and are of draft age, document your protest activities in a conscientious objector file (

Seattle’s Mayor Nickels: Slithering Sidewinder

Portland, 12.08.2004 07:29

Community Meeting on Sisterspace and Gentrification

DC, 12.08.2004 06:38

(Aug. 7, 2004, U Street, N.W.) The meeting started with a prayer. The prayer maker likened the situation of SisterSpace to being "in the river". Too much is flowing all around the community, and the longtime residents are losing their fight to stay, one by one, building by building.

Después de más de una década de lucha, aprobada Ley de Indulto que dejaría en libertad a 32 Pres@s Polític@s.

Chile, 12.08.2004 06:37

Después de más de una década de lucha, aprobada Ley de Indulto que dejaría en libertad a 32 Pres@s Polític@s.

Hundreds Gather to Commemorate Hiroshima Bombings, Nine Arrested at Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Complex

Tennessee, 12.08.2004 04:51

On Sunday, August 8th approximately 300 people attended the annual Stop the Bombs Hiroshima Commemoration in front of the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Complex and and called for an end to the nuclear nightmare and clean up of the weapons of terror. The day's events included a morning gathering, two mile peace march, afternoon gathering, and non-violent demonstration and street theater in front of the entrance to the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Complex. Nine people were arrested at this year's action for helping to create a "peace village" in violation of city ordinance. Several arrestees locked down and had to be dragged away police who also arrested an elderly woman for sitting on a couch at the peace village. Most detainees have since been released.

Jornada Venezuela

Puerto Rico, 12.08.2004 03:39

Corresponsales de IndyMedia Puerto Rico en Caracas, Venezuela


Puerto Rico, 12.08.2004 02:58


Jornada Venezuela

Puerto Rico, 12.08.2004 02:56

Corresponsales de IndyMedia Puerto Rico en Caracas, Venezuela

Pickle Pickets Proliferate

Tennessee, 12.08.2004 02:04

Today a handful of enthusiastic supporters of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee’s (FLOC’s) boycott of Mt Olive Pickle Company gathered in front of the TVA building in downtown Chattanooga to solicit support. Our efforts were well received, and we distributed over 300 flyers in less than 2 hours… The charges against Francisco Heredia and Blake Pendergrass, who were arrested during a meeting with 20 cucumber pickers at a Nash County labor camp near Whitakers, North Carolina, have been dropped. Numerous pickets and rallies have been held across the country in their support, including one in Norfolk VA on July 31st, and also a rally that coincided with their court appearance on August 3rd, in Nashville, NC. A statement from FLOC concerning the matter, follows this campaign summary…

FIOM espelle 11

Italy, 12.08.2004 00:31

Piaggio: il sindacato licenzia

Najaf and the Shrine of Ali

San Diego, 12.08.2004 00:24

Our country’s military now declares preparations to attack the Shrine of Ali in the city of Najaf in Iraq. Our country stands on the precipice of declaring war on Islam. An attack on the Shrine of Ali is an attack on the heart of Islam and must be nonviolently resisted in our country.

As the fighting and crisis intensifies in Najaf, Voices in the Wilderness calls for nonviolent acts demanding an end to the fighting. Call your Congressional Representative, US Senator and John Kerry’s campaign headquarters in your state to demand that they publicly call for an end to all US military actions in Najaf, against its citizens and at the Imam Ali Mosque. Call candidates for federal office in your state and issue the same demand.

If they don’t respond positively, initiate nonviolent direct actions at their offices. The time to act is now.

Banda Sur

Argentina, 12.08.2004 00:10

El ejército privado de la Seabord en Argentina

Cheam - Redux

Victoria, 11.08.2004 23:55

Women in the Woods and the Cheam Resistance

Cheam - Redux

Victoria, 11.08.2004 23:55

Women in the Woods and the Cheam Resistance

Palestina 2004: Marcha pela Liberdade

Portugal, 11.08.2004 23:49

Palestina 2004: Marcha pela Liberdade

Palestina 2004: Marcha pela Liberdade

Portugal, 11.08.2004 23:49

Palestina 2004: Marcha pela Liberdade


Melbourne, 11.08.2004 23:44

Indonesian Court Acquits Military and Police

Trenitalia contro Autistici

Italy, 11.08.2004 23:39

E' arrivato un vagone carico di...


Argentina, 11.08.2004 23:09

El Gran Hermano llega a La Plata (en taxi)


Argentina, 11.08.2004 22:12

Miercoles 11 de agosto | SE INCREMENTA EL CONTROL SOCIAL
El Gran Hermano llega a La Plata (en taxi)

Rebates for Driving Less: A Nonstructural Alternative to Building the Verona Road Freeway

Madison, 11.08.2004 21:41

So you think traffic in Madison and on the Beltline is bad already? Well hang on to your hat! Madison traffic is going to get worse, much worse, if highway planners, consultants and road building advocates get their way. It doesn't have to be that way. Or does it?

Police Intimidation in Kennebunkport Maine: Using Trumped Up Charges to Discourage Free Speech

New Hampshire, 11.08.2004 21:15

Is the right to Free Speech a thing of the past? We thought Boston was bad enough - what with the "protest pen," the police and military occupation of the streets, the delegate from Ohio arrested for just trying to get into the Fleet Center. But our experience this weekend in Kennebunkport Maine taught us that the police and the feds will use whatever means they have to stop dissent.

Venezuela - Between Empire and Revolution

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.08.2004 19:38

On Sunday, August 15th, a national referendum is scheduled to take place in Venezuela to decide whether democratically-elected president Hugo Chávez should remain in office. The outcome of this referendum, while significant, is only a fragment of a much larger and longer tale of class struggle in Venezuela, where 80% of the population lives in poverty and the richest 20% control the majority of country's natural and human-produced resources.

Chavez was first voted to office by an overwhelming majority after leading a coup attempt against the corrupt leader Carlos Andres Cardenas, who among other atrocities, brought the nation under the rule of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) 'austerity measures.' The popular movements of Venezuela view Chavez as a symbol of self-determination and hope, and the opposition's attempt to oust him as an attempt by the capitalist classes to reassert fascist rule over the country. This confrontation will not be decided solely by ballots, but by popular struggle in the streets and the countryside.

[ Venezuela Analysis [en] I [es] I UK-IMC [en] ]

Why DC people should protest the Republicans in New York

DC, 11.08.2004 19:32

Anti-War Organizations Say No to NYC Rally Location

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.08.2004 18:33

NYC: Anti-War Organizations Fight for the Right to Assemble in Central Park


Puerto Rico, 11.08.2004 18:14

Puerto Rico: "Venezuela NO está sola."

atenas 2004

Peru, 11.08.2004 16:58

Detrás del espectáculo olímpico!!

Food Not Bombs at Scott Park This Sunday!

Urbana-Champaign, 11.08.2004 16:50

Food not Bombs Volunteers "Serve" up Free Vegetarian Fare. For the month of August, FNB is serving in Scott Park, on the corner of 3rd St. and Springfield Ave. in Champaign. Young community members have united to fight hunger and violence with Food Not Bombs, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to nonviolence. Each week, FNB members obtain food donations and recover food that would otherwise be put to waste. Taking what they've gathered, a full course vegetarian meal is prepared. Every Sunday at 4:30 p.m. the meal is served in a local park. All hungry people are invited to eat and fellowship free of charge. FNB has experimented with several locations including West Side Park, Skelton Park, and Crystal Lake Park.

The Bush A13 Visit: Portland mainstream news outlets engaging in &quot;shameless political-news-reporting-by-press-release a go-go&quot;

Portland, 11.08.2004 16:06

CIA gathered in Chile plotting to overthrow Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez

Portland, 11.08.2004 16:01


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