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Welcome to Oscailt 3: A new generation of Indymedia Software

Ireland, 30.01.2006 05:41

Indymedia Ireland Launches Oscailt 3.0 Platform As...

Статус этого сайта

Ukraine, 30.01.2006 05:38

Открытая модерация

Ukraine, 30.01.2006 05:38

Сапатиста йде в народ

Ukraine, 30.01.2006 05:38

Міжгалактична зустріч сапатистів

Ukraine, 30.01.2006 05:38

Глобальний чат PGA 7 січня

Ukraine, 30.01.2006 05:38

Глобальний чат PGA - 7 січня о 18.30

Ukraine, 30.01.2006 05:38

як взяти участь у глобальному чаті PGA

Ukraine, 30.01.2006 05:38

Завершальний етап вступу до глобальної Індимедії

Ukraine, 30.01.2006 05:38


Sydney, 30.01.2006 05:12

Call on new Defence Minister Brendan Nelson


Sydney, 30.01.2006 05:12

Surgical abortion is legal, why not medical abortion?

Anti-War Protesters Confront Hillary Clinton

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.01.2006 05:11

1/29/2006: Dozens of protesters rallied last night in San Francisco to protest Senator Hillary Clinton’s continued support of the Iraq War and occupation. During Clinton’s prepared remarks inside the fundraiser, members of CODEPINK unfurled a banner from the balcony and twice interrupted the event with chants of “stop supporting war.”

Read More On Indybay's Anti-War and San Francisco Pages

Dems Eye Filibuster as Last Hope Against Alito

Philadelphia, 30.01.2006 04:38

John Kerry is scrambling around the capitol in hopes of securing last minute support for a filibuster against Judge Alito. Public gatherings, blogs and email petitions continue, giving voice to widespread opposition to the high court nominee. See Tennessee,Philly, DC, Miami, and San Fran. There is still time to call (Senator Salazar (D-CO) 202-224-5852, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) 202-224-5824, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) 202-224-3841) or fax key Senators before 4:30PM on Monday.

Após quarta semana de mobilizações o GDF anuncia perseguição ao MPL-DF

Brasil, 30.01.2006 03:08


World Social Forum--Day 4

Philadelphia, 30.01.2006 02:38

In this report Peter Funke details the proceedings of the 4th day. He also discusses the deep aesthetic and political vision of the WSF. Particularly, the ways this radical egalitarian project converges and diverges from communism and the old left.

Peace flotilla targets USS Ronald Reagan

Melbourne, 30.01.2006 01:09

Brisbane Peace Activists oppose US Naval Presence

Seven blockaders acquitted

United Kingdom, 30.01.2006 00:38

On Thursday 26th January, seven defendants were acquitted on charges of aggravated tresspass and failing to leave land when requested to do so by a police officer. The charges resulted from a blockade of the Agrexco premises in Hayes Middlesex on November 11th, 2004. Agrexco is the Israeli National exporter of fresh produce and flowers from Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories. The acquittal after submissions at the end of the prosecution case, meant that the defendants were unable to present their defence that trade with Israeli Settlements is not lawful activity.

Occupation Builds Campaign Against Cypress Mine

Aotearoa, 29.01.2006 23:39

 /></a>The planned occupation of a proposed mine site on the West Coast of Te Wai Pounamu began today with at least 75 supporters making the 5 hour hike into the valley. On Saturday 28 January about 75 supporters of the <a href=Save Happy Valley coalition began an ongoing occupation near the proposed Cypress open cast coal mine, currently Department of Conservation land. The site proposed by State-owned Solid Energy is in the Upper Waimangaroa Valley in the Ngakawau Ecological District, near Westport on the South Island's west coast. The current occupation follows on from two previous protest camps. Solid Energy told RadioNZ news that they had no problem with the sit-in although they still sent in security guards to film occupiers who responded by blocking with a banner and photographing the guards. The SHV coalition has groups in Christchurch, Dunedin, Palmerston North, Wellington and on the west coast, as well as support from members of coast-based conservation groups including Buller Conservation Group, Forest and Bird, Ngakawau Riverwatch and Te Runanga o Ngati Waewae. The Greens and Greenpeace have also expressed support for the occupation and Gregor Sieboeck is taking a detour from his planned route down the South Island to walk from Greymouth to Happy Valley as part of his around the world walk for sustainability. Read more for more details and photos

Clevelander Brutalized and Arrested for Postering &quot;Bush Step Down&quot;

Cleveland, 29.01.2006 22:37

Clevelander Brutalized and Arrested for Postering "Bush Step Down"

Massenprozess immer absurder

Germany, 29.01.2006 19:39

Der Massenprozess gegen baskische Organisationen wird immer obskurer. Am Montag musste der Nationale Gerichtshof in der spanischen Hauptstadt die dreitägige Prozesswoche nach einer kurzen Befragung des Hauptangeklagten Xabier Alegria abbrechen. Wieder einmal waren Dokumente nicht aufzufinden, auf die sich die Anklage stützt. Den Anwälten platzte schließlich der Kragen und sie verließen den Saal, weil eine Verteidigung unmöglich ist. Das Dokumente befindet sich eventuell in den 104 "geheimen Akten" deren Existenz erst kürzlich bekannt wurde.
Siehe auch: Politischer Prozess in Spanien

Schottland nach dem G8 Gipfel

Germany, 29.01.2006 19:38

Der Aktivismus in Schottland erfuhr in den Monaten nach den G8-Protesten im Juli 2005 einen erheblichen Aufschwung.

Southern Activists Plan Protest of President Bush's Visit to Nashville

Tennessee, 29.01.2006 19:09

Protest Comes on the Day After the President's State of the Union Address Nashville, TN: On the day after his state of the union address, peace activists from a diverse array of interests will gather in front of the Opryland Hotel on Wednesday, February 1st between 10am and Noon. Activists will gather to protest the presence of President Bush in Nashville. Concerned citizens intend to express their rage, discontent and desire for a better world. The Nashville Peace Coalition has issued a call to come on Wednesday to tell President Bush "We are against his illegal occupation of Iraq and extremely concerned about the suffering it has brought to the people of Iraq and the damage that it has done to our country in light of the open admission of torture and domestic spying."

Lisboa recebe Bill Gates

Portugal, 29.01.2006 19:08

Lisboa recebe Bill Gates

World Can't Wait Plans to Drown Out State of the Union Address

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.01.2006 18:39

World Can't Wait's next major day of action will be on Tuesday, January 31st during President Bush's State of the Union address. WCW is calling for people to gather in Union Square in San Francisco at 5:00pm. The organization is calling for people to "Bring the noise, and drown out Bush's lies," and demand "Bush Step Down! And take your program with you!" Two different protests have been called for Sacramento on the same day.

Read more on the San Francisco or Government and Elections News Pages

Report from World Social Forum, Venezuela

Portland, 29.01.2006 17:38

The revolution here is visible in other ways, though. In every barrio, there is a small, octagonal shaped building where people can go for free health care. At all of the big events, there are dozens of local officials there to help out (I am not used to liking police!). When people see my orange WSF badge, they often say Bienvenidos--Welcome to Venezuela.

I am part of the PCASC delegation of 20 or so people from Portland, and there are many others here from the Pacific Northwest. But the U.S. is, again, incredibly under-represented. The Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign, Global Exchange, and Grassroots Global Justice are the only organizations with any serious presence. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the debate in the U.S. is so much farther to the right than what I am seeing here. Everyone is denouncing Bush as a terrorist, advocating for socialist revolution, and organizing stuff that would seem crazy back home. Meanwhile, my email brings me depressing information about what looks to me like a renewed effort to tone down the rhetoric at Portlands upcoming peace march (titled End the War, Begin the Peace--ugh!). We have a long way to go in the belly of the beast.

Encontro lembra os 250 anos da morte de líder Guarani

Brasil, 29.01.2006 15:38


Caracol Intergalactika - Por uma nova forma de fazer política

Brasil, 29.01.2006 15:38


Workplace Picket

Melbourne, 29.01.2006 10:09

On the Picket Line Against Australia Post

Bush Step Down

Cleveland, 29.01.2006 06:07

Bring On The Noise! Bush Step Down!

Barre Incinerator

Worcester, 29.01.2006 04:39

GenPower Proposes Construction & Demolition Incinerator in Barre

Alito: Time to Take a Stand

Philadelphia, 29.01.2006 04:38

Political posturing, tactics, and considerations about the public reaction to their actions are out of line. Democrats, and principled Republicans in the Senate need to oppose Alito’s nomination to the high court as a matter of simple survival of constitutional government. Simply put, Alito thinks Congress is a vestigial irrelevance.

Stage 2 of the process of rebirth for

Oklahoma, 29.01.2006 03:38

A call for your participation in the soon to be revived Oklahoma Independent Media Center! A call for your participation in the soon to be revived Oklahoma Independent Media Center! A call for your participation in the soon to be revived Oklahoma Independent Media Center! I have now received a fair bit of response from readers and participants with (see earlier story - The consensus I've heard is that folks do want to see the IMC continue. What is not clear is how we should do it. Some have suggested that is time to pull away from the network and focus on just local stuff, others have suggested that we stay the course (and continue as a member of the global network) but get more volunteers involved and do more fundraising. So, in light of this input and the new interest that seems to be present to keep the IMC going, I've set up an email discussion group to continue this process (please do not use the old list - imc-okla(at) it is not private and everything said there can be picked up on google. I'm sending this message to that list, but will soon be cancelling that list). To subscribe to the list, please go to: Once we get folks on the new list, we can start discussing what we want to do. All Oklahomans who care about are welcome to join the list, but I'm particularly hoping to pull together a core group of folks who would be willing to be part of an editorial collective to keep this thing going. Thanks, James Branum for P.S. Also, I know that yahoogroups is a commercial service. I'm not crazy about it for that reason, but it is easy awfully easy to use and all of the other lists I run are through yahoogroups so it is just a lot less hassle to use it for this purpose.  

World Social Forum--Day 3 in Caracas

Philadelphia, 29.01.2006 01:38

Peter Funke, Philly IMC's correspondant at the WSF reports on the central messages coming out ofthe meetings on the third day. He also examines the effect Chavez and the Venezualan Governemt have had on the WSF process.


Sydney, 29.01.2006 00:39

Casual Workers Organise

Aufruf Gewaltfreier Widerstand in Basel ab Montag 30.1. früh

Switzerland, 29.01.2006 00:37

Am Fluss „Wiese“ in Riehen bei Basel und Lörrach ist ein Teil eines Naherholungsgebietes mit schönen Bäumen und (z.T. seltenen) Tieren in Gefahr. Es wird gemunkelt, dass in der Woche vom 30.1.2006 die Baumaschinen auffahren um die Bäume zu fällen. Die Gruppe „Regio ohne Zollfreistrasse“ (ROZ) ruft die Bevölkerung zum gewaltfreien Widerstand gegen die Baumfällung auf.

Ab Montag morgen, 30. Januar 2006 um 05:00 Uhr ist erhöhte Alarmbereitschaft angesagt - Baumaschinen werden erwartet.

Dringende Unterstützung ist gefragt.

Protest Against Power Plant Construction In Medicine Lake Highlands

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.01.2006 21:38

On January 27th, Native Americans and their supporters from across the country gathered at the Calpine energy company headquarters in San Jose to protest the company’s proposed plans to build power plants and drill for geothermal energy in the culturally important Medicine Lake Highlands, located in Northeastern California. The tribal members and supporters demand that Calpine immediately cease and desist from its proposed energy extraction plans as this would devastate the Native cultural and natural environmental landscape around Medicine Lake.
Read More On Indybay's Environment and South Bay Pages

Welcome to the new WMass IndyMedia web site

Western Mass, 28.01.2006 20:07

There is much to do to get critical content from the old site onto this site. I will post notes about progress and other stuff here in comments:

Taking the fight to Walmart's door

Western Mass, 28.01.2006 20:07

Perhaps the most prominent issue is the planned construction of a new Wal-Mart Super store on agricultural and wetlands east of the Hampshire Mall next door to Target

Jean Grossholtz on WTO

Western Mass, 28.01.2006 20:07

In fact this meeting of the World Trade Organization Ministers may well be a make or break deadline for the neo-liberal "Free Trade” organization

Romney puts politics before the planet

Western Mass, 28.01.2006 20:07

In essence, the governor has done just what the Bush regime did at the talks: created roadblocks and put rightwing politics before the planet

Copy of Romney puts politics before the planet

Western Mass, 28.01.2006 20:07

In essence, the governor has done just what the Bush regime did at the talks: created roadblocks and put rightwing politics before the planet

meeting romano

Italy, 28.01.2006 20:07


gestione limitrofa

Italy, 28.01.2006 20:07

Imc sicilia si autosospende

gestione limitrofa

Italy, 28.01.2006 20:07

Imc sicilia si autosospende


Italy, 28.01.2006 20:07

Sostieni supportolegale!

gestione limitrofa

Italy, 28.01.2006 20:07

Imc sicilia si autosospende

gestione limitrofa

Italy, 28.01.2006 20:07

Imc sicilia si autosospende

gestione limitrofa

Italy, 28.01.2006 20:07

Imc sicilia si autosospende


Italy, 28.01.2006 20:07

Morto a 18 anni nelle mani della polizia

gestione limitrofa

Italy, 28.01.2006 20:07

Imc sicilia si autosospende

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