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Plantas celulosas en Uruguay

Argentina, 05.02.2006 02:38

Polvos ajenos nos traen estos lodos

Convenção mundial discutirá biossegurança em Curitiba

Brasil, 05.02.2006 02:38


Lincoln Place Gentrification

LA, 05.02.2006 02:38

Lincoln Place Gentrification

Petrocollapse and Food Security at the South Central Farm

LA, 05.02.2006 02:08

Petrocollapse and Food Security at the South Central Farm

Petrocollapse and Food Security at the South Central Farm

LA, 05.02.2006 02:08

Petrocollapse and Food Security at the South Central Farm

City celebrates Chinese new year

United Kingdom, 05.02.2006 01:08

Once again the popular and successful Chinese New Year celebration events took place at Beeston and at the Lakeside Arts Centre on the 28th and 29th January consecutively. The events had been organised by Broxtowe Borough Council in conjunction with Broxtowe College, Lakeside Arts Centre (Nottingham University) and Nottingham City Council. Acts included, over the two days, were contributions from local schools and Broxtowe College, acrobats, Master Lee Kam Wing's Troupe did Kung Fu demonstrations and performed the Lion Dance. Students from the Chinese Society at Nottingham University performed their now famous Dragon Dance. A really colourful and exhiberant performance.

Photos: 1 | 2 | Last year

Links: More about the Chinese New Year | The Nottingham Chinese Student Society

Auburn Eco-Defense Arrestee Eric McDavid On Hunger Strike

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.02.2006 22:09

After 3 weeks of being denied vegan meals, Eric McDavid is now on a hunger strike. Since January 13th, he has been held in the Sacramento County Main Jail and denied vegan food. His family has reported that his health is failing from three weeks of malnourishment. Eric began the hunger strike on January 31st. Supporters are asking that people call the county jail and politely but firmly request that he be given vegan food (food without animal products such as meat, dairy, or eggs) before his health deteriorates further.

Read more on Police, California, and Animal Liberation News Pages

especulació (ca)

Barcelona, 04.02.2006 22:08

L'especulació genera okupació

Noves okupacions: Barcelona: Nous espais alliberats a Sants, Badal, Eixample i Ciutat Vella + el que es cou... Les dones alliberen un nou espai a Ciutat Vella + Inauguració del nou Ateneu Llibertari de Viladecans + Innaguració de la impremta a Terrassa + Gàlia: nova ocupació a granollers

Notícies relacionades: Resum i crònica de l'Euterpe fins a destapiar el cinema ::: Un any dels desallotjaments del carrer Comte a Tarragona ::: Especulació immobiliària a Palma ::: Hipoteques? ::: Els joves ens emancipem ::: Com va anar la 2a Bicicletada contra l'Especulació de Mataró? ::: Okupacions i desallotjaments 2005 ::: Okupació "debats d'una pràctica política" ::: Debat sobre habitatge i noves infraestructures (Gelida - Alt Penedès) ::: hipoteques? ::: L'ajuntament prohibeix una xerrada sobre habitatge ::: Amenaça de desallotjament del CSOA Los Adokines

+info:: especulació

especulación (es)

Barcelona, 04.02.2006 22:08

la especulación genera okupación

Nuevas okupaciones: Barcelona: Nuevos espacios liberados en Sants, Badal, Eixample y Ciutat Vella + lo que se cuece ... Las mujeres liberan un nuevo espacio en Ciutat Vella + Inauguración del nuevo Ateneu Llibertari de Viladecans + Innaguración de la impremta a Terrassa + Gàlia: nueva ocupación en granollers

Notícias relacionadas:crónica de Euterpe, sabadell, hasta destapiar! ::: Un año de los desalojos de la calle Comte en Tarragona ::: Especulación inmobiliaria en Palma ::: Hipotecas? ::: L@s joves se emancipan ::: Como fue la 2a Bicicletada contra la Especulación de Mataró? ::: Okupaciones y desalojos 2005 ::: Okupación "debates de una práctica política" ::: Debate sobre vivienda y nuevas infraestructuras (Gelida - Alt Penedès) ::: El ayuntamiento prohibe una xarla sobre vivienda ::: Amenaza de desalojo del CSOA Los Adokines

+info:: especulación

Prisoner of Conscience in the Hole for 13 Days

Tennessee, 04.02.2006 21:09

Donald Nelson is a prisoner of conscience. On November 20, 2006 he was arrested for going underthe fence to protest U.S. foreign policy in South and Central America and maintenance of the WHINSEC [formerly known as the SOA.] It is a terrorist training camp at Fort Benning in Columbus, GA. He was sentenced to jail for 3 months. Nelson reported to the Federal Prison in Memphis and was immediately put in solitary confinement in “the hole”. His wife, Carol Nelson, could not contact him and learned that he had not been processed. She didn’t know where he was. Finally, the Warden in Memphis said that they couldn’t process him until the court in Georgia sent a criminal evaluation.

Costa Mesa City Prosecutor: Mayor Allan Mansoor &quot;under investigation&quot;

LA, 04.02.2006 18:38

Costa Mesa: Mayor Allan Mansoor "under investigation"

&quot;Do It for the Children&quot;

LA, 04.02.2006 18:08

"Do It for the Children"

Steve Kubby's Health Has Improved

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.02.2006 17:38

Steve Kubby's medical condition stabilized. Reports say that his blood pressure appears to be under control, and he is being well attended to by the medical staff at the Placer County Jail. Kubby has asked for people to stop calling the jail on his behalf. He said, "I want everyone to know that I'm alive today because of their calls." On February 3rd, his attorney withdrew his request in court to use edible forms of cannabis in jail. The next hearing in the case will be February 15th.

Read more on Indybay's Drug War and California News Pages

Locals greet Urbana Wal-Mart with protest

Urbana-Champaign, 04.02.2006 17:09

At the new Urbana Wal-Mart, pickets sponsored by the local Jobs With Justice Organizing Committee. Low wages and other poor working conditions were the focus. Wal-Mart management called the police, who spoke politely with pickets and left them to their task.

Jonathan Robert Update

Portland, 04.02.2006 16:38

Jonathan Robert was arrianged on his most serious charges recently. He is apparently charged with 18 U.S.C. ? 844(e), using mail or phone to make a threat of fire or explosive. They are charging him with making a phone threat to a hotel that was hosting the G8 summit in Sea Island GA in 2004. This charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years, and he was denied bail due to other pending charges in different districts.

Jonathan had a court appearance Feb. 2, 2006 and plead guilty to a federal misdemenor destruction of property charge, which carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison and a $100,000 fine. A dozen supporters were able to attend the hearing, and he seemed encouraged by their presence. The charge relates to him making several small slits in a tarp covering a chain link fence which was obstructing the view of people participating in the annual action to close the School of the Americas. The judge reserved sentencing until a Pre-Sentence Investigation report is completed which could be 4-6 weeks. Jonathan still has municipal charges relating to his being taking into custody.

Please write Jonathan letters and cards of support. Remember that all mail is read, so be smart. Prison is a lonely place and support is crucial. We expect Jonathan will remain at this address until sentencing which could be 4-6 weeks.

For more info / To subscribe to the email update list contact

Free all Political Prisoners!

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Auburn Arrestee Eric McDavid on Hunger Strike! Call the Jail Now!

Portland, 04.02.2006 16:38

After 3 weeks of being denied vegan meals, Eric McDavid is now on hunger strike. Please call the Jail persistently and request he be given meals he can eat. Sacramento County Main Jail
651 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
916.874.8984 fax

Sheriff Lou Blanas
916.874.5332 fax

Jail Commander Mark Iwasa

Since January 13th Eric McDavid (X reference #-2972521) has been held in the Sacramento County Main Jail and denied vegan food. His family has reported that his health is failing from three weeks of malnourishment. On January 31st Eric began a hunger strike. Eric has been vegan for years and despite the efforts of his family, friends and lawyer he has not been given food he can eat. We are asking that people please call the county jail and politely but firmly request that he be given vegan food (food without animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs) before his health deteriorates further. Let them know that being able to eat is Eric's human right and vital to his physical and mental well being. Please spread the word and call, e-mail, fax, write as much as possible. Every day that goes by Eric's health becomes worse. Please act now.

Urgent Fundraising Appeal for Auburn Arrestee Zachary Jenson | Sacramento Prisoner Support Audio Update

portland indymedia prisoners page | indybay police state page |
Eugene Civil Liberties Defense Center


Sydney, 04.02.2006 14:39

Bob Brown putting his history on sale for forest legal case

O que esconde a aliança governo-microsoft?

Portugal, 04.02.2006 14:08

O que esconde a aliança governo-microsoft?

No Blood for Bling

Philadelphia, 04.02.2006 06:38

Did someone have to die for your diamond? Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and many of you will be shopping for diamond jewelry to give to that special someone on this romantic holiday.

E timpul sa iesim in strada?

Romania, 04.02.2006 04:37

Pentru cine nu stia

La moartea arhitectului provinciei Kosovo

Romania, 04.02.2006 04:37

Ibrahim Rugova a fost pe rind un promotor al rebeliunii pasnice impotriva autoritatilor sirbe, apoi redus pentru o vreme la tacere in timpul bombardamentelor NATO impotriva Iugoslaviei, pentru a deveni apoi primul presedinte al unui stat semi-independent. Un comentariu de Tim Judah, publicat de Reteaua Balcanica de Investigatii Media (

OMG-urile sunt neconstitutionale

Romania, 04.02.2006 04:37

9 decembrie 2005, este o data istorica: este aniversarea politica pentru Carta de Mediu ce a intrat in Constitutie in februarie acelasi an. OMG-urile (Organisme Modificate Genetic) au devenit literalmente neconstitutionale. In data de 9 decembrie, cu o decizie fara precedent, sectia penala a Curtii din Orléans – urmata de Curtea din Versailles in data de 13 ianuarie pentru un alt caz al unor *seceratori voluntari *– ne-a eliberat de culpa pentru actiunea voluntara de a fi secerat in anul 2004 cultura de porumb trangenic apartinand Monsanto. Curtea a recunoscut "necesitatea" actiunii noastre. Aceasta necesitate, conform curtii, rezulta din "pericolul existent al raspandirii necontrolate a genelor OMG, diseminare care a fost autorizata contrar dreptului constitutional la un mediu sanatos".

LA City Council to Minutemen: Go Home!

LA, 04.02.2006 04:08

LA City Council to Minutemen: Go Home!

South Central Farmers picket office of developer, Ralph Horowitz

LA, 04.02.2006 04:08

South Central Farmers picket office of developer, Ralph Horowitz

No Charges In Tezcalipoca Case; Investigation of mayor starts

LA, 04.02.2006 03:38

No Charges In Tezcalipoca Case; Investigation of mayor starts


Sydney, 04.02.2006 02:39

Rally Against Captain Cook Cruises


Sydney, 04.02.2006 02:39

Venezuela and the 2006 WSF

Piqueteros denuncian recortes

Argentina, 04.02.2006 02:08

El Gobierno daría de baja 700 mil planes sociales

Guilty of opposing the arms trade

United Kingdom, 04.02.2006 01:08

Stuart Jordan, of Cambridge Campaign Against the Arms Trade, and Irene Willis, from South Essex CAAT, were in court on 23rd Jan. charged with "unlawful demonstration" for their role opposing the Dsei arms fair in September last year.

The police were at pains to state throughout the trial the significant size of the demonstration and how intimidating they found the "banners, dancing and bicycles" (!) The police were frustrated because they had set up a "pen" where they had decided protest was allowed to take place and some protesters had chosen to go elsewhere...

[Read More... | Donate to cover the fines at Wild Thyme, Feb 18th!]

Ponte d'Aubonne: finalmente a processo i poliziotti che tagliarono la corda

Switzerland, 04.02.2006 00:07

Dal 13 al 15 febbraio 06 avrà luogo a Nyon il processo contro due funzionari di polizia accusati di lesioni corporali gravi per negligenza.

Durante un’azione di protesta contro il G8 di Evian, nel 2003, l’agente Michael Deiss aveva tagliato la corda da alpinismo alla quale s’erano attaccati due militanti pacifici in modo da bloccare il ponte di Aubonne.
Il taglio aveva rischiato di causare la morte dei due attivisti ed aveva causato delle ferite gravi ad uno di esse. Il suo superiore, Claude Poget, era responsabile della situazione caotica che regnava in Svizzera romanda quel giorno e che aveva indirettamente reso possibile l’accadere di un simile atto.

[L'azione: dossier | 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 | 1 - 2 - 3 | cronologia della giornata]

Ospedalizzato in Svizzera per circa un mese, l’alpinista ferito soffre tutt’ora per le ferite riportate.

In occasione del processo del 2004, i militanti sono stati riconosciuti colpevoli di aver bloccato la circolazione e d’aver messo in pericolo la vita degli automobilisti. Pochi giorni dopo, il giudice incaricato del caso dichiarava inaccettabile la denuncia contro gli agenti di polizia. Solo dopo un ricorso, e grazie ad una forte pressione pubblica, l’Alta Corte ha annullato questa decisione e ha autorizzato questo processo.

Il processo contro gli agenti sarà diretto da Jacques Antenen, il giudice che aveva inflitto le pene di prigione con condizionale ai due militanti. Se le accuse contro gli agenti verranno confermate dal processo, questi ultimi rischiano soltanto delle pene leggere (multe o reclusione con la condizionale). Visto la lunga storia di impunità della polizia in Svizzera, sembra improbabile che la colpevolezza degli accusati venga riconosciuta dal tribunale. Sin dall’inizio, i promotori della campagna «» hanno domandato la sospensione dei due poliziotti implicati, un’inchiesta indipendente sulla repressione esercitata durante il G8 e sui danni causati, ed infine di portare dell’attenzione alle persone ferite gravemente.
Fino ad ora, il Canton Vaud ha rifiutato ogni risarcimento, ma questo dipenderà ora dal risultato del processo. Diversi testimoni e militanti presenti sul ponte, e anche dei poliziotti, verranno a testimoniare al processo che si terrà a febbraio.

:: Azioni di sostegno

Father Jean-Juste Released, Arrives in Miami

Miami, 03.02.2006 22:07

Father Jean-Juste Released, Arrives in Miami

Así lo aseguran organizaciones de desocupados

Argentina, 03.02.2006 21:08

El Gobierno quiere dar de baja 700.000 planes sociales

Empieza el carnaval

Argentina, 03.02.2006 21:08

La revancha de los pueblos

Violência e repressão em ato do MPL-DF contra o aumento das tarifas

Brasil, 03.02.2006 20:08


ANTI-Minutemen Protest in VISTA - Sat, 7AM

San Diego, 03.02.2006 19:38

Please come out and support the community of Vista.
SATURDAY @ 7:00 am

The Coalition for Justice, Peace and Dignity is sending out a call to all community members, activist, organizers and students to come and support us on Saturday as we tell the MINUTEMENSOS "TO GET OUT OF OUR COMMUNITY cause THEY ARE NOT WELCOME HERE".


Ven y apoya a la comunidad de Vista.
Protesta en contra de los MINUTEMEN
SABADO a las 7:00 AM

La Coalición por la Justicia, Paz, y Dignidad hace un llamado a los miembros de la comunidad, activistas, organizadores y estudiantes para que vengan apoyar a decirles a los MINUTEMENSON que "SE SALGAN DE NUESTRA COMUNIDAD YA QUE NO SON BIENVENIDOS".

Creating Space, Defending Space

San Diego, 03.02.2006 19:38

San Diego Indymedia would like to announce that we are entering into a space sharing agreement with the Voz Alta Project. With this agreement and with your help, the Voz Alta Project, located at 1544 Broadway, will become the new physical home of San Diego Indymedia.

Our new cooperation with Voz Alta works towards a number of our goals including supporting independent media and art in San Diego, providing a platform for underrepresented communities and creating and defending space for radical media production in San Diego. |

emergency potest

Houston, 03.02.2006 17:09

Politics of Extreme Unction: Revolutionary Rights

Arkansas, 03.02.2006 16:39

“Nos difaman y encima nos roban imágenes”

Argentina, 03.02.2006 16:38

Agencia alternativa denuncia a Ambito Financiero

Project Censored - Unterdrückte Nachrichten 2006

Germany, 03.02.2006 15:38

Seit rund 30 Jahren veröffentlicht das an der Sonoma State University in Kalifornien beheimatete Project Censored jedes Jahr eine Liste von ausgewählten Nachrichten, die von den Mainstream-Medien trotz ihrer Relevanz unterdrückt oder ignoriert werden. Die meisten Themen werden einzig von kleinen und eher alternativen Medienprojekten oder in der Bloggerszene aufgegriffen.
Ende letzter Woche erschien eine Liste mit 25 ausgewählten Nachrichten, die im Jahr 2005 untergingen.
Der deutsche Ableger "Initiative Nachrichtenaufklaerung" wird seine Liste am 14. Februar im Rahmen einer Pressekonferenz an der Universität Bonn der Öffentlichkeit vorstellen.

Links: Liste der 25 Top Stories | Das Buch "Censored 2006"

Genua-Prozesse: zum Ueberfall auf die Diaz-Schule

Germany, 03.02.2006 15:38

Während der Proteste gegen den G8-Gipfel im italienischen Genua 2001 kam es zu brutalen Übergriffen durch die Polizei. Während der Demonstration am 20.7. wurde Carlo Giuliani getötet. In der Nacht zum 22.7. stürmte die Polizei die Diaz-Schule, Übernachtungsort von zahlreichen AktivistInnen. Die AktivistInnen wurden im Schlaf überfallen und brutal zusammengeschlagen. Nun stehen in Genua erneut 28 PolizistInnen vor Gericht und ZeugInnen aus Deutschland und anderswo berichten über den blutigen Überfall. Mehr als 60 AktivistInnen mussten z.T. schwer verletzt ins Krankenhaus.

Supporto Legale | Berichte zu Genua 2001 | Gipfelsoli

What We Have We Hold

Ireland, 03.02.2006 14:39

Feature on the bin tax, 3 weeks after City Manager...

Indymedia Benefit party

Liege, 03.02.2006 14:37

molto fascisti poco onore

Italy, 03.02.2006 10:09

Elezioni in nero, chi getta benzina sul fuoco?

Bosses pay themselves more

Melbourne, 03.02.2006 08:09

CEO Wages Up : Workers Incomes Stagnate

No War for Oil - Ride a Bike

LA, 03.02.2006 08:08

No War for Oil - Ride a Bike

Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles

LA, 03.02.2006 07:38

Pilsen Community Speaks Out

Chicago, 03.02.2006 06:09

Pilsen Speaks Out="1" align="left" HSPACE=3 VSPACE=1>[permalink] On February 3, the Pilsen Alliance led a rally and march from the site of a planned condo development to the Providence of God Church on 18th St. where a community meeting was held to discuss the plans. 25th Ward Alderman Danny Solis called for the meeting but it was moderated by the developers themselves. The development, 391 condos to be located at Peoria and 18th St., has been a source of contention since plans first leaked out.

Wednesday’s marchers shouted, “Pilsen’s not for sale!” and other chants in English and Spanish before making their way to the meeting. In a statement put out before the event the Pilsen Alliance stated that, “We cannot let outsiders decide what happens in our own neighborhood.” This sentiment was echoed by 40-year resident and candidate for State Senate Oscar Torres. Talking about the University Village development just to the north Torres stated, “That’s one huge example of where there was no input from the community. No one from this neighborhood can afford to live there.” The couple of dozen marchers were received with honks and hollers of support from passing vehicles on their way to the meeting. Outside the meeting hall Pilsen resident Teresa Ceniceros voiced her opposition to the plans because “it’s not affordable housing for the people in the neighborhood. They’re gonna be displaced.” Read More

22C3: Die Haecksen

Switzerland, 03.02.2006 06:07

Schon lange gehören die Haecksen zum Chaos Computer Club (CCC) und sind auf dem Congress durch eine eigene Location präsentiert. Trotzdem ist einigen noch immer unklar, was die Hackerinnen wollen und warum sie (möglicherweise) wichtig sind. Eine kleine Reportage über die Haecksen, ihre Geschichte und ihre Pläne.


Switzerland, 03.02.2006 06:07

Kündigung einer Frau im LoRa nach ihrer Meldung eines
sex. Uebergriffes gegen sie.

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