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City Council Dodges Liquefied Natural Gas Vote

Philadelphia, 06.02.2006 21:38

On Thursday, Philadelphia City Council dodged the vote on a resolution to oppose plans for a Liquefied Natural Gas terminal in the city. There is still time to call City Council members, especially Darrell Clarke (215-686-3442 x5), before this resolution comes to a vote.

milito (eo)

Barcelona, 06.02.2006 19:08

Militismo: nun kiel antaŭe

La puĉema deklaro de la subĉefgeneralo Mena memorigas nin ke ekzistas la hispana armeo kaj ke la militismo viglas kaj ĉeestis, kiel ĉiujare, la lastan EDICIO [?] de la infanfestivalo kaj klopodas ekhavi novajn esploristojn pri militaj aferoj. Krome, surprizigas la magra atento kiun ricevis la perforta subpremo (eĉ mortiga) de protesto en Haitio far hispanaj soldatoj, kiu memorigas ke, malgraŭ ĝia forirakigo, la hispana armeo partoprenas la militan okupacion de Haitio kaj de Afganistano. Sed pli sovaĝa kaj cinika pruvo de tiu militismo estis la bombado de vilaĝeto en Pakistano, lando kiu teorie ne partoprenas militon nek suferas okupacion.

Pri la kontraŭmilitista lukto, reliefigendas la rifuzmanifesto kontraŭ la premoj de la hispanaj militestroj, la subskribkolekto kontraŭ la militista buĝeto aŭ la agoj favore al la kontraŭmilitistaj malliberuloj tutmondaj.

+info :: >>>historio de la kontraŭmilitistemo en Katalunio :: legia puĉemo :: La amaskomunikiloj kaj la milito kontraŭ Irako :: Kaj nun, ĉu Irano? :: >>>sekcio milito

When Freedom of Expression Becomes a Weapon

Boston, 06.02.2006 18:09

Most of us are now well aware of the caricatures of the prophet Mohammad, solicited by and published last September in the right-wing Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten. This week several publications resurrected those controversial images of Mohammad as a bomb-turbaned terrorist and another where he refuses suicide bombers entry into Heaven as “We’ve run out of Virgins.” Then our news sources informed us that due solely to these images “outrage sweeps across the Muslim world.” Such coverage has elicited miles of text and a Babel of blather denouncing those who would dare threaten OUR freedom of speech because it offends THEIR “backward” beliefs.


Arizona, 06.02.2006 18:07

Earth First! puts pressure back on Arizona Game & Fish Department

Women's Rights Activist Betty Friedan Passes Away

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.02.2006 17:38

Betty Friedan, who helped launch the contemporary women's movement, died of congestive heart failure on Saturday, February 4th at the age of 85. When she was young, she was active in Marxist and Jewish radical circles. She attended Smith College. In 1963, she wrote the groundbreaking book The Feminine Mystique. In 1966, she ahelped found the National Organization for Women.

Read More On Indybay's Women and US Pages

March for Migrants to Stop in Sacramento on February 6th

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.02.2006 17:38

The March/Caravan for Migrants will stop at the South Steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento on Monday, February 6th. There will be a Press conference at 12:00 noon and a Rally from 4:00 - 5:30 pm. The march for migrants plans to lobby senators and legislators to vote no on issues such as HR 4437 and pay homage to the 4000 migrants who have died since the inception of the failed operation gatekeeper in 1994.

Read More On Indybay's Immigrant Rights and California Pages

An American Tragedy

Madison, 06.02.2006 17:08

America's freedom, prosperity and global allure are being lost forever. Totalitarian national security powers and an absence of leadership to stop climate collapse threaten the nation's and the world's economic, social, political and ecological foundations as never before.

Mel &amp; Floyd, Feb 3, 2006

Madison, 06.02.2006 17:08

The Feb 3, 2006 show.

Government Leaders Missing in Actions in Fight Against Global Warming

Madison, 06.02.2006 17:08

Scientists abroad and at home have been sounding the alarm, calling out for major action against increasingly unstoppable global warming "urgent". Yet, with the exception of a handful of courageous individuals, politicians throughout all levels of U.S. government continue to be missing in actions while the alarms continue to sound. What is going on? Aren't our Congressional leaders charged with the responsibility to look after our future safety and well being and that of our children and grandchildren rather than just their own short term political interests? President George W. Bush talked in his State of the Union speech about Americans needing to break their oil addiction and shift to a better fuel source. It was nothing more than talk. All it is is just another ploy by the Bush Administration to mask the real problem - too much fuel consumption in America. The president's plan delays progress in fighting global warming by adding more fuel burning through ethanol production, not less. The production of ethanol simply adds more fuel to the fire, and more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. It is not a solution at all and will ultimately do more harm than good.

Año 2006

Puerto Rico, 06.02.2006 16:10

Comunicación = Libertad

Lucha piñonera

Puerto Rico, 06.02.2006 16:10

Piñones se viste de colores

Campaña por la salida de las autoridades represivas de Estados Unidos en Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 06.02.2006 16:10

Rompiendo el Perímetro del FBI

Campaña por la salida de las autoridades represivas de Estados Unidos en Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 06.02.2006 16:10

Rompiendo el Perímetro del FBI

Ecología isleña

Puerto Rico, 06.02.2006 16:10

Styrax portoricensis

McDonalización y Wal-Martización: dos tentáculos imperialistas

Puerto Rico, 06.02.2006 16:10

McDonalización y Wal-Martización: dos tentáculos imperialistas

Policías Sin Nombre Ni placas: Código de Des-orden Público, Santini

Puerto Rico, 06.02.2006 16:10

Policías Sin Nombre Ni placas: Código de Des-orden Público, Santini

Key Documents Detailing Santa Cruz Police Spying Now Available Online

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.02.2006 16:08

In response to an ACLU Public Records Act request, the Santa Cruz Police Department has produced over 200 pages relating to their undercover infiltration of a peaceful New's Year's parade group known as Last Night Santa Cruz. Though the documents produced were incomplete in relation to the Public Records Act request, they portray a department with little concern for the privacy rights of peaceful community members and a seeming disdain for the use of diplomacy as an investigation technique.

Read more on Santa Cruz IMC and Indybay's Police State Page

Report Backs from Venezuela

Rochester, 06.02.2006 15:37

Caracas, January 31, 2006 We arrived at the Poliedro de Caracas (about the size of the Broome County arena) at around 4 pm. On the way in I took a picture of Edna, a facially pierced young Mexican immigrant union member of Unite/Here, standing next to a beautiful, well dressed Venezuelan soldier. When we had to pass through security I forgot I had my pocket knife with me so when they asked if we had anything of that nature I gave it to them.

Reconville: sciopero e occupazione alla fonderia

Switzerland, 06.02.2006 14:37

Dopo molti giorni di sciopero e occupazione della fonderia Swissmetal a Reconvillier la situazione non si sblocca. Con questa misura i dipendenti intendono protestare contro la ristrutturazione decisa a fine 2005 dalla direzione del gruppo (che comporta la soppressione di 35 posti di lavoro risparmiando 5 milioni di franchi all'anno). Gli* operai* continuano lo sciopero e l'occupazione nonostante la "chiusura" decisa dal presidente della direzione Martin Hellweg, che ha come conseguenza diretta la chiusura immediata del sito di Reconvillier. Con questa strategia, a livello legale, lo sciopero si trasformerà in una violazione di domicilio (con le conseguenze del caso).

La popolazione di Reconville si mobilita: la panetteria, i bar e altri commerci vportano cibo alla fabbrica. Oltre 5000 persone hanno manifestato il 1° febbraio in sostegno degli scioperanti. ( 1)
La posizione della direzione generale diventa sempre più difficile, non intende accettare le richieste dei sindacati e minaccia i lavoratori di licenziamento in caso di contatti con la stampa.

Blog dello sciopero | Forum Unia | 7 giorno | scioperanti bloccano i camion | l'occupazione | Sciopero della Filtrona

CODE PINK makes its Southern Oregon Debut!

Portland, 06.02.2006 14:08

On February 4, 2006 seventy five Southern Oregonians assembled at Veterans Park in Medford, Oregon at a rally sponsored by Citizens for Peace & Justice. Demonstrators stood together to profess the "Real State of the Union"

The Medford Mail Tribune FAILED AGAIN to report the news, but citizen journalists were on hand to cover this event.

Was much fun, and the sun shined on our cause.

City's Hired Gun

Portland, 06.02.2006 14:08

Another great surprise. In the D.A.s haste to defend the murderers of Jahar Perez from indictment (yeh, like that's going to happen), he hired an "expert" witless from the out of state law enforcement community to razzle and dazzle the "grand Jury." Gee, that's new.

According to the Perez family attorney, Eldon Rosenthal, it actually IS new...

What is interesting here, is that the DA and the city are being defensive about the whole thing. I mean, do they really think that after all this time, anybody really believes that there is anything going on in the grand jury chamber that does not involve a big bucket, a big brush, and a lot of white pigmented liquid? I don't.

Feb 9: Multco Dems to consider Bush impeachment

Portland, 06.02.2006 14:08

A former state senator will present a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney to the Multnomah County Democratic Central Committee February 9.

The resolution passed the Committee's agenda subcomittee last month.

It charges that Bush and Cheney's (1) unprovoked and misrepresented invasion of Iraq violated the UN charter, (2) their actions contrary to acts of Congress volated their oaths of office and (3) their unlawful detention and torture of prisoners violated the US Constitution, acts of Congress and the Geneva Conventions.

Stop Cornelius Walmart!

Portland, 06.02.2006 14:08

The Cornelius City Council will decide Monday night whether or not to allow Walmart in town. People interested in stopping this Walmart are encouraged to come to this council meeting, Monday, February 6th, 7PM at the Public Service building, 1310 N. Adair St, Cornelius.

The City of Cornelius Planning Commission has already approved Walmart's design application for an 193,000 sq. ft. Supercenter next to Adair Street (TV Hwy); the only thing left now is whether the City Council will approve a ~3 acre zone change from residential to commercial. A 'no' vote on the zone change will stop Walmart's current plan. Your presence and especially your testamonies can help stop Cornelius stop Walmart.

The reasons to oppose Walmart are varied. To many, they are obvious.

ultra stampede

QC, 06.02.2006 13:40

74 poor folk crushed to death in stampede

Spooks have trouble understanding peace

Melbourne, 06.02.2006 12:40

ASIO questions Australian Peace Activist

Feb. 16th: El Enemigo Común premiers in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.02.2006 12:38

El Enemigo Común (The Common Enemy) scratches beneath the surface of neoliberalism, and looks at some of the most hidden atrocities in recent North American history. The film documents instances of paramilitary activity against indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico from 2002 through 2005, and includes footage of protests in Cancun against the World Trade Organization, and in Miami against the Free Trade Area of the America's. The three locations in isolation expose the disparities in North American resistance movements, but also bring us closer to understanding the nature of an emerging common struggle.

Bouncing back and forth from community to community, El Enemigo Común is both an introduction to some of the many ignored resistances in North America, and an urgent call to action for international civil society, to stand in solidarity against state sponsored repression and for human peace, dignity and justice, in Oaxaca, Mexico. The film provides a historical context for the current violent incarnation of capitalism and empire, and provokes action against it as a common enemy. Read more

See the Santa Cruz premier of El Enemigo Común at the RCNV (515 Broadway) on Thursday, February 16th at 7:00pm. Simon Sedillo, the director of the film, will be in attendence.

Preview: Watch the Video Trailer! || Audio PSAs: long | medium | short || El Enemigo Común website

Caracas Libertarian Declaration 01/29/2006

Romania, 06.02.2006 10:07

Between January 23 – 29, 2006, anarchist activists gathered in Caracas for the Alternative Social Forum, coming from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela. We consider it important to establish a specifically anarchist position that speaks to our experiences and exchanges. In such a spirit we declare the following:

&quot;Do It for the Children&quot; - March for Migrants in Los Angeles

San Diego, 06.02.2006 06:08

Dolores Huerta welcomes the Caravan for Migrants to Los Angeles, on its way to demanding humane immigration policies in Sacramento, Washington, and points in between.

Mother Cabrini, the patron saint of immigrants, was in the house tonight when 120 people gathered in front of La Placita Church on Olvera Street to commemorate the death of Guillermo Martínez Rodríguez and the 4000, or perhaps as many as 10,000, people who have died trying to circumvent the U.S. border wall since its construction in 1994. Prior to 1994, only a dozen or so people were killed annually by the heat or cold of the desert, or by the U.S. Border Patrol.

The Caravan for Migrants was organized by Enrique Morones of Border Angels and San Diego's gente unida to bring national focus to the deaths and to stop anti-immigrant legislation.

Full story and more photos at LA Indymedia:

More about the Historic March for Migrants:

Also, click "Read More" for photos.

Hill Street Community Garden Forms

Arkansas, 06.02.2006 02:39

The Hill Street Community Garden is a project by several Fayettevillains to create a space to produce their own food, free from chemicals, environmental destruction, and exploitation of farm workers. The site is located in Hill Street resident Larry Berry's back yard in Fayetteville. The first meeting was on Sunday, January 14th, and an inspired (and inspiring) group of people came togther to start figuring out what could be done now to get started.

One World Week

United Kingdom, 06.02.2006 00:38

This week is the annual One World Week in Cambridge University - a week of events around the themes of environment, development and social justice. It includes talks, Tibetan folk music, films, social events and a fair trade wine tasting.

One of the unique events is the Works Careers Fair - an alternative careers fair, which features organisations and businesses that have an emphasis on ethical, social and ecological criteria. This will be in the Examinations Hall of the New Museums Site from 1pm - 5:30pm.

100th British Soldier dies - Vigils around the country

United Kingdom, 06.02.2006 00:38

As 100th British soldier was killed in Iraq groups around the country held Vigils and 'Naming the Dead' Ceremonies. Some of the Announcements on the newswire sparked discussion about the tactic in the comments, as it has on the IMC UK features list. Over 100,000 Iraqis have died.

Reports: Cambridge | Swindon | Birmingham | Nottingham | Sheffield | Swansea | Aberdeen | East London | Liverpool | Bristol

Key Documents Detailing Santa Cruz Police Spying Now Available Online

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.02.2006 23:08

Key documents from the ACLU Public Records Act request are available in pdf form.

In response to an ACLU Public Records Act request, the Santa Cruz Police Department has produced over 200 pages relating to their undercover infiltration of a peaceful New's Year's parade group known as Last Night Santa Cruz. Though the documents produced were incomplete in relation to the Public Records Act request, they portray a department with little concern for the privacy rights of peaceful community members and a seeming disdain for the use of diplomacy as an investigation technique. Read more

For more information on the Santa Cruz Police Department spying on peaceful community groups, see previous SC-IMC coverage: Council votes to continue to do nothing about spying (again) || "Just Us" Action Against SCPD Spying || Police Infiltrate Peaceful Parade Organizers

Contra la cuaresma del GCBA

Argentina, 05.02.2006 22:38

El carnaval, dentro y mas allá de la General Paz

2nd SHAC-7 Trial Begins Monday

Philadelphia, 05.02.2006 22:38

On Monday, February 6th in Trenton NJ the second SHAC-7 trial will begin. The FBI has charged seven animal rights activists with running a website that advocates shutting down one of the worst animal testing facilities in the world, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).

FEMA to be &quot;Evicted&quot; from Oakland on February 7th

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.02.2006 21:38

On Tuesday, Februrary 7th, protesters will gather at the FEMA office in downtown Oakland at 1111 Broadway (at 11th St.) to “evict FEMA” for its failure to provide long term housing for Katrina survivors, and for obstructing residents' right to return to their homes in the Gulf. February 7th is the date on which FEMA plans to cut off the funding that many of the 3300 Katrina evacuees in the Bay Area rely on to pay for temporary housing. Tuesday’s action is part of a nationwide campaign to support Katrina evacuees’ right to return to their homes in the Gulf, and their right to long-term housing.

Read More On Indybay's Health & Housing And East Bay Pages

No Vat(icano)

Italy, 05.02.2006 20:39

Facciamo Breccia


Italy, 05.02.2006 20:39

Vertice della cupola guerrafondaia a Taormina


Italy, 05.02.2006 20:08

Vertice della cupola guerrafondaia a Taormina

McDonalización y Wal-Martización: dos tentáculos imperialistas

Puerto Rico, 05.02.2006 19:39

McDonalización y Wal-Martización: dos tentáculos imperialistas

Widerstand gegen Hartz IV im Alltag

Germany, 05.02.2006 19:38

Es ist einiges los hierzulande, viele Beschäftigte protestieren, zum Beispiel die ÄrztInnen. Sogar PraktikantInnen wehren sich, denn sie haben die Schnauze voll davon reguläre Beschäftigungsverhältnisse durch unbezahlte oder unterbezahlte Praktika zu verdrängen. Hartz IV- Betroffene haben massenweise Widerspruch gegen ihre Bescheide bei den Sozialgerichten eingelegt und setzen auf Selbstorganisation. Derweil werden noch mehr Menschen entlassen, die Unternehmen feiern noch mehr Rekordgewinne, und Deutschland ist immer noch Exportweltmeister. Demnächst stehen wieder Protesttermine gegen Sozialabbau an. | | | Schwarzbuch Hartz IV |

In the rain, but on the right side of history, WCW marches in DC

DC, 05.02.2006 19:09

"Black Eagle" radio host Joe Madison calls on crowd to hang tough because "the sun's gonna shine again"; election reform activist Granny D calls for tarring and feathering of any Congresscritter who won't uphold its oath of office. 09min 45sec, in streaming RealVideo.

Gregg and Sununu to clean hands of Abramoff money

New Hampshire, 05.02.2006 18:08

NH's two US Senators, Judd Gregg and John Sununu, said they will donate money to charity after it was revealed that the two received thousands of dollars from Native American tribes represented by Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Independent Journalist To Speak in Manchester, Dover about Recent Trip to Baghdad

New Hampshire, 05.02.2006 18:08

Brian Conley spent three weeks in Baghdad in late October and early November 2005 exploring the lives of ordinary Iraqis who have now been living under U.S. occupation for nearly three years. His first-hand perspective and footage from Baghdad show the continuing security, health, and infrastructure crises that continue to go unreported by the mainstream press.

On January 23 in the Manchester City Library Auditorium and on January 30 at the Dover Friends Meeting House, Conley will present In Their Own Words: Iraqi Perspectives on the Occupation, a discussion and film showing from his recent visit to Iraq.

No Vat(icano)

Italy, 05.02.2006 18:08

Facciamo Breccia

From the Newswire

Perth, 05.02.2006 14:39

RU486 issues hijacked by Anti-choice right-wing groups

Workers' power in Argentina

United Kingdom, 05.02.2006 14:08

A WORKER from the famous occupied Zanon factory in Argentina is speaking at a meeting in Brighton on Monday February 13. Jose Julian Penunuri is currently touring the UK and will be at The Brighthelm Centre in North Road from 7.30pm to 9.15pm.

In December 2001, in the midst of economic collapse, Argentia exploded as unemployed activists, impoverished savers and workers occupied the streets, attacked the banks and took over their workplaces. The Zanon tile factory in Neuquen is one of many 'recovered' factories in Argentina - factories taken over and run by the workers.

Witesses Give Evidence in Genoa Diaz Trial

United Kingdom, 05.02.2006 14:08

On 25th January the last out of eight British witnesses (and one from New Zealand) gave their testimonies about the bloody night time raid of the Genoa Social Forum and Diaz schools in Genoa during the 2001 G8 Protests. The trial of 29 police officers (including many senior ones) for various crimes of brutality and fabricating evidence has been running now since April 2005. The first witnesses gave evidence just over three months ago and it's expected that this phase of the trial will last until the early summer. In the raid on the Diaz school over 90 people were arrested. Over 60 people suffered injuries after police savagely beat people, some still in their sleeping bags - 31 people were taken to hospital, three of them in a critical state. Some are still receiving medical treatment. Running in parallel is also the trial of yet more police and others accused of beating protestors who were held at the Bolzanetto detention centre after the protests and the raid.

Reports of British Diaz Testimonies: [one | two | three | four]
Indymedia Global feature | BBC witness article | More4 News Video
Witness Video Interviews [Sam Buchanan | Mark Covell | Hamish Campbell]
Original Testimonies from Norman Blair, Sam Buchanan and Dan McQuillan
Supporto Legale (eng) | Indymedia Italy Genoa Pages

Meanwhile in Switzerland the trial of policemen accused of cutting the climbing rope of Martin Shaw during the Evian 2004 G8 protests will take place in Nyon on 13th-15th February, with several events focusing on G8 and repression taking place alongside (for more see February 4th saw an Activist Trauma Network Gathering in London. The network was formed as a positive response to repression, to provide support and advice.

Climate Change

Melbourne, 05.02.2006 12:09

Planet Collapsing Under Global Warming Stress

molto fascisti poco onore

Italy, 05.02.2006 11:39

Elezioni in nero, chi getta benzina sul fuoco?


Portland, 05.02.2006 07:41

It has become increasingly apparent that there's a conspiracy amongst capitalists across this country. Thier aim is to have the force to define how the rest of us will act. How we will live, breath, eat, sleap, procreate, and die. It is clear that they intend to do this through "cross struggle" imperialist organizing.
We intend to do somthing about it.

We've determined that they've set up cells. Capible of polarizing a diverse array of "issues" against the interests of the majority, and democratic control of our land and resources. These people have organized against public ownership of resources across the country. They've villanized indegenious people for using eminent domain laws to take back land that rightfully belongs to them. They've formed a network of local right wing lobbying organizations to disrupt and shout over the voice of the people. They've infiltrated the halls of local and state government to advance thier imperialist aims.

They stand for property rights for the rich, and against community control. They stand agianst public participation in the democratic process, and thier canvassers lie to get signitures for thier efforts. The next front in this battle is an effort to flood our local government with corperate money, convince the people that the city is "wasting our money," and end publicly funded campaigns. They want to end our chance to have a voice against corperate governance.

We intend to do our part to stop them.

January 10th we uncovered one cell. This is another action in a campaign to uncover and fight the local right.

Join us Sunday Febuary 5th at Pioneer Square 715 sw morrison st.
When: 5:30 pm
See you there!

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