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chieti antifascista

Italy, 09.02.2006 00:39

Perchè si commemorano le vittime delle foibe a Chieti?

Guerra diplomática entre Washington e Caracas

Brasil, 09.02.2006 00:38

Asamblea (reventada) de la Plataforma por la Defensa de la Salud y la Sierra

estrecho / madiaq, 09.02.2006 00:37

Aquí os pego la información que la Plataforma por la defensa de la Salud y la Sierra de Alhaurín de la Torre quería presentar a l*s ciudadan*s de Alhaurín de la Torre en la asamblea pública convocada en el centro del pueblo el pasado viernes 3 de febrero y que fue violentamente abortada por currantes de las canteras y demás camorristas (¡trabajadores, uníos!). Os pego a continuación los artículos más destacados al respecto, pero para más info actualizada os remito a la gran cobertura del conflicto que realizan en:

Fred Phelps Hate Group Comes to Clarksville/Oak Grove

Tennessee, 09.02.2006 00:09

Clarksville, TN: On a snowy February day in Oak Grove, Kentucky the Fred Phelps hate group 'God Hates Fags' came to the Clarksville area to 'protest' a funeral of a Fort Campbell soldier. The soldier, who is not gay, died while serving in Iraq. The homophobic Phelps hate group came with only a handful of protesters and was greatly outnumbered by counterprotesters who had a message of peace, tolerance and respect. The group protesting at the funeral believes that the reason soldiers are dying in Iraq is because God is punishing America for being permissive toward civil rights for gays and lesbians. Phelps says that the USA has been “turned over to the fags, now they’re coming home in body bags.” The Clarksville Freethinkers for Peace and Civil Liberties came to Oak Grove to counterprotest their hatred.

pobles (ca)

Barcelona, 08.02.2006 23:09

Autodeterminació: el dret a decidir si es vol ser independent o no.

Fa 25 anys, la lluita de l'Assemblea de Catalunya demandava el restabliment de l'Estatut d'Autonomia com a mitjà per exercir el dret a l'autodeterminació. Com de costum, s'està donant una vertadera ofensiva contra l'expressió de la identitat catalana i el nou estatut es debat entre amenaces i coaccions quan ni tan sols planteja la superació del sistema econòmic actual ni variacions en l'organització territorial de l'Estat Espanyol actual. Per això, molt*s reafirmen que amb l'estatut que se'ns planteja no n'hi ha prou i que no satisfà ni garanteix el ple exercici d'aquesta autodeterminació. Per ser l'Estatut de tot*s caldria un procés constituent popular i democràtic que permetés un altre model de relacions polítiques, socials, econòmiques i laborals decidides lliurement i, de moment, això no ha estat així.

campanya unitària per l'autodeterminació i plataforma som una nació i tenim dret a decidir: campanyes paral.leles?>>>>
Campanya som una nació autodeterminació --- manifest campanya unitària per l'autodeterminació --- Convocatòries 19gen, 9 feb, 11feb --- resultats de la plenària 19 gener

[11 febrer] 19h pça universitat manifestació Som una nació, autodeterminació

+info : >>>cultures

pueblos (es)

Barcelona, 08.02.2006 23:09

Autodeterminación: el derecho a decidir si se quiere ser independiente o no.

Hace 25 años, la lucha de la Assemblea de Catalunya pedía el restablecimiento del Estatuto de Autonomía como medio para ejercer el derecho a la autodeterminación. Como de costumbre, se está creando una verdadera ofensiva contra la expresión de la identidad catalana y el nuevo estatuto se debate entre amenazas y coacciones cuando ni tan siquiera se plantea la superación del sistema económico actual ni modificaciones en la organización territorial del estado español actual. Por esto, muchxs reafirman que con el estatuto que se nos plantea no hay suficiente y que no satisface ni garantiza el ejercicio pleno de esta autodeterminación. Para que el estatuto fuera de todos haría falta un proceso constituyente popular y democrático que permitiera otro modelo de ralaciones políticas, sociales, económicas y laborales decididas libremente y, de momento, no ha sido así.

falta el text d'aquest enllaç o potser sobra l'enllaç, no ho sé --- campaña unitaria por la autodeterminación y plataforma somos una nación y tenemos derecho a decidir: campañas paralelas?>>>>Campaña somos una nación autodeterminación --- manifiesto campaña unitaria por la autodeterminación --- Convocatorias 19ene, 9 feb, 11feb --- resultados de la plenaria 19 enero

[11 febrero] 19h pza. universitat manifestación Som una nació, autodeterminació

+info : >>>pueblos y culturas

New Orleans: The American Disaster

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.02.2006 23:08

February 13th-16th at the UCSC campus will be dedicated to raising awareness about the issues surrounding New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The event, titled "New Orleans: The American Disaster," will highlight issues regarding the various levels of institutionalized inequity exemplified by the post hurricane response. Each night will focus on making connections to the day-to-day parallels of injustice in the social makeup of America. The event will be action oriented, encouraging opportunities for community members and students to engage with activists from the Bay Area and grassroots organizers from New Orleans.

Speakers for this week-long event will include John Brown Childs, Jeremy Prickett, Malcolm Suber, Paul Ortiz, Betita Martinez, and many more. Each day will feature video footage, audio interviews, and photos from New Orleans, and discussion groups facilitated by students and activists returning from New Orleans. [Schedule of Events]

see also: FEMA "Evicted" from Oakland on February 7th || Indybay's Health and Housing Page

There once was a union maid, who never was afraid

Ireland, 08.02.2006 22:39

Report on meeting to found support group for Joann ...


DC, 08.02.2006 22:09

More than 100 people packed the basement lounge of the Kay Spiritual Center at American University, on January 31 night, to hear first-hand from workers who produce clothing for Wal-Mart.

Counterprotestors confront Minutemen, Neo-Nazis at Capitol

DC, 08.02.2006 22:09

The Wednesday,Feb8 counterprotest against the Minutemen turned into a three-ring circus as Neo-Nazis tried to take over the Minutemen sound system while couterprotestors demanded that both get the hell out of DC.


Sydney, 08.02.2006 12:40

Sydney Indymedia Upgrades

¡Ya Basta! Bristol! Update

Bristol, 08.02.2006 11:38

Next Meeting - Thursday 9th of February, 7.30-9.30 PM Next Meeting - Thursday 9th of February, 7.30-9.30 PM Latin American Forum Public Meeting Update: Bristol's Latin American Forum will now definitely be held on SATURDAY THE 11th OF MARCH....Everyone is invited to take part in building this amazing event...Any who are interested are welcome. [to meeting on the 9/2/06] We look forward to seeing you there. Kevin writes: Latin American Forum Public Meeting, [about] organising an event of workshops, speakers, food, music and film to celebrate the revolutionary social, economic and cultural changes being pursued by popular movements across Latin America. Thursday the 26th of January, 7.30-9.30pm at La Ruca health food shop/ cafe, 89 Gloucester Road, Bristol. Full article | Latin American Forum Public Meeting II | Latin American Forum Public Meeting I | Latin American Newswire: | universities ban Coca-Cola due to alleged links with paramilitaries ( | Bolivia - With 51 Percent, Evo is President-Elect ( | Zapatistas Reloaded ( | Colombia - Corrupt DEA Agents Help Paramilitaries ( | Argentina - Economic rehab ignores IMF ( |

Landmark Civil Rights Case Begins in New Jersey

Philadelphia, 08.02.2006 10:08

Jury selection began for the SHAC-7 trial yesterday in Trenton, NJ. At least seventy demonstrators rallied outside the federal courthouse to promote the case. "Whether you support animal rights or not, it's about free speech," said SHAC spokesperson Andrea Lindsay.

Get Involved with San Diego IndyMedia!

San Diego, 08.02.2006 07:38

SDIMC New Member Orientation
7pm-8pm, Wednesday, February 8, 2006
At Voz Alta on 1544 Broadway - Our new space!
(Sorry for the late notice, next new member meeting will be March 8, 2006)

Crouse Attacks Islam

Worcester, 08.02.2006 06:40

"Pastor" Crouse Attacks Islam

Support WRFU with the “Lots of Love Lunchtime” on Valentine’s Day

Urbana-Champaign, 08.02.2006 06:11

Take matters into your own hands this Valentine’s Day. Don’t let Hallmark tell your sweetie how you feel about them! WRFU, 104.5FM is offering the “Lots of Love Lunchtime” on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday February 14th, from 11am-1pm where you can profess your love for that special someone. Interested parties can submit a message to be read on the air and also have the option of playing a song to accompany the message.

Social forums

Houston, 08.02.2006 06:11

World Social Forum in Caracas: Reports from Houstonians

Workers on strike at Wellington freezing works

Aotearoa, 08.02.2006 04:40

 /></a><a href=Workers at Taylor Preston meat company have gone on a three day strike in a fight for better pay and conditions. The strike started on Wednesday morning and workers have been picketing their factory in Ngauranga gorge. 200 strikers recieved lots of support from passing traffic this morning [ Report ].

Workers published an add in the Dominion Post stating what situation they are in. Many workers at the Taylor Preston plant get $9.50 per hour – the lowest adult rate which can be paid in New Zealand. Many of the workers were harassed when the company called the police to stop the Union organisers talking to them. But in 1999 they began to hold meetings in a church hall in Porirua where the company couldn’t threaten them or take their names.

Not all workers have joined the union. Unionised workers voted to go out on strike by 297 to 16. After the picket tomorrow (Thursday) morning, workers will decide on future actions.

Links: NZ Meat Workers Union Media Release | CTU support | Labourstart |

Washington Lobbyists Descend Upon Tennessee Urging Annihilation of Tennessee's Mountains and Waters

Tennessee, 08.02.2006 04:09

The National Mining Association (NMA), a conglomeration of some of the most evil corporations on the planet, has been lobbying the Office of Surface Mining and possibly Gov. Bredesen, as well. The NMA is urging OSM and possibly Bredesen to ignore the law and the interest of Tennesseans and to allow King Coal to reduce Tennessee's mountains to heaps of rubble. It is unacceptable that out of state Washington lobbyists should even attempt to decide Tennessee's future and even more so that the Office of Surface Mining appears to be listening to them at the expense of Tennesseans.

Indymedia Presents &quot;El Enemigo Común&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.02.2006 02:39

"El enemigo común" scratches beneath the surface of neoliberalism, at some hidden atrocities in recent North American history. The film documents paramilitary activity against indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico from 2002 through 2005. It also includes scenes from an international human rights movement in 2003- in Miami against the Free Trade Area of the Americas, and in Cancun against the WTO. The film will be screening in San Francisco, Oakland and Santa Cruz in the upcoming two weeks.
Read More on Santa Cruz IMC and Indybay's Arts and Action Page


Argentina, 08.02.2006 00:08

Pueblada y un asesinato con mal olor


Argentina, 07.02.2006 23:38

Pueblada y un asesinato con mal olor


Argentina, 07.02.2006 23:38

Pueblada y un asesinato con mal olor


Argentina, 07.02.2006 23:08

Pueblada y un asesinato con mal olor


Colombia, 07.02.2006 23:08

La traquetocracia uribista

Elections Underway In Haiti

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.02.2006 22:38

2/7/2006: Elections are underway in Haiti. A CID-Gallup poll taken in Haiti last December showed Rene Preval leading with 37%. The political forces that banded together to oust Aristide in February of 2004 have been organizing to contest the expected results. February 7th will close the book on questions that will never be answered, such as how much a third consecutive peaceful transfer of power from an elected President to an elected successor would have consolidated Haiti’s fragile democracy.

Read More On Indybay's Haiti And International Pages

παρακολουθησεις τηλεφωνων

Athens, 07.02.2006 22:38

μπλα μπλα

Για πρωτη φορα γινεται επισημη παραδοχη οτι τηλεφωνα παρακολουθουνται.

Comunidades discutem tarifa única em Florianópolis

Brasil, 07.02.2006 22:08


no olimpiadi

Italy, 07.02.2006 21:08

Il rovescio della medaglia

Gonzales attempts to defend warrantless NSA spying

Philadelphia, 07.02.2006 20:38

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales began his opening statements as to why the Bush Administration directed the National Security Agency to spy on perhaps thousands of American citizens.  Republican Senator Arlen Specter expressed skepticism about the Administration's story,  Specter told Gonzales that even the Supreme Court had ruled that "the president does not have a blank check."  Lawyer and liberal blogger Glenn Greenwald explains in an interview why the NSA spying case is of bipartisan concern.  "The reality is-is that the scandal is about whether or not we live under the rule of law and that is not a conservative or a liberal debate-that is an American value..."

property speculation and squats (en)

Barcelona, 07.02.2006 20:08

speculation generates squatting

New squats: Barcelona: New freed spaces in Sants, Badal, Eixample and Ciutat Vella + what's going on... Women free a new space in Ciutat Vella + Viladecan's new Ateneu Llibertari Opening + Opening of la impremta in Terrassa + Gàlia: new occupation at granollers

>>[Urgent] Testimonies are needed: At least 2 people detained because of the facts of St.pere + baix, innocent :: [Feb 06] 3 people among the 9 detained enter in la model
>>Detained Saturday at st.pere + baix :: read more :: call :: communique

Related news: Euterpe summary and feature until unwalling the cinema ::: A year from eviction at Comte street in Tarragona ::: Property speculation at Palma ::: Mortgages? ::: The youth emancipate ourselves ::: How was the 2nd cycling against speculation in Mataró? ::: Occupations and evictions 2005 ::: Squatting "debate of a political practice" ::: Debate about housing and new infrastructures (Gelida - Alt Penedès) ::: mortgages? ::: Town Hall bans a talk about housing ::: CSOA Los Adokines threat of eviction

+info:: property speculation & squats

State Plans For Another Execution

LA, 07.02.2006 19:38

State Plans For Another Execution


Thunder Bay, 07.02.2006 17:07

Proposed land swap among Lakehead University, Lakehead School Board, Thunder Bay Country Club


Sydney, 07.02.2006 16:40

Prison Director Blocks Access to Tasmanian Prisoners

G8 2007: Infotour unterwegs

Germany, 07.02.2006 15:38

Nach Greifswald, Rostock, Hamburg und Schwerin hat die Infotour zum G8 2007 in Magdeburg und Leipzig Station gemacht. Die Magdeburger Veranstaltung war wieder von der regionalen attac-Gruppe organisiert. Dort kamen 30 Personen. In Leipzig lud die Rote Hilfe ein, hier interessierten sich 40 Leute.
In Leipzig findet Ende März das nächste bundesweite linksradikale Vorbereitungstreffen statt.

Infotour-Wiki | Infotour zu G8 2007 hat begonnen... | |


Miami, 07.02.2006 15:07

miami imc opinion page

Donations to Political Parties

Melbourne, 07.02.2006 13:09

Democracy For Sale at Corporate Rates

Extradicci�n de seis ciudadan@s vasc@s en Mexico

Euskal Herria, 07.02.2006 12:08

Portland, 07.02.2006 10:38

On September 8, 2005, Fouad Kaady, a citizen of Sandy, Oregon, Was somehow tragically involved in "multiple automobile accidents." It is unknown for certain what happened to him, whether there was a mechanical malfunction, or some other problem leading to the first impact. From that point on, it is pretty certain that he, and the car he was driving, were engulfed in flames. He continued travelling, probably in an advanced state of panic (who would not be?), striking a couple of other cars, before crashing into some trees. He bailed from the burning, totally wrecked car, probably in shock, and burned and bleeding. He was only wearing shorts, which were also on fire, and he stripped them off. What happened next is unbelievable: [read more ]

related articles: [ Meet Up for Kaady Rally In Portland | Aerial view of Fouad Kaady Demonstration site | Shooter Review, or, How CCSO justified the murder of Fouad Kaady-their version | One Week From Today-Flyer | Fouad Kaady Anti-Police Violence Demonstration | Fouad Kaady's Killer "Cleared." Surprise, surprise. ]

Let's take Indymedia to the streets

Portland, 07.02.2006 09:38

I was thinking about taking a few articles from here and getting them out into the public. One thought was to enlarge the article then use some wheat paste to distribute it where it might be read. I also thought about a soap box downtown and using a non-electronic megaphone to read the stories/opinions/articles.

Jason adds: Revolutinary ideas and radical news were distributed on Broadside papers in Colonial America. Just put together a one sheet poster of several stories and maybe a few graphics and staple it up around telephone polls and in the glass of empty "real estate magazine" boxes downtown. [ read more ]

Indymedia Poster for Distribution

This is in connection the post about spreading the message of indymedia to more people around Portland. My idea was to put up posters or pass out flyers. I made this one today. If anyone has suggestions/comments please let me know. Everybody has my permission to reprint this and modify it as they like. Pass it out at protests, at parades, or on the way to work (or school!). Post them on lamposts, street signs, and corp. media vans!. I think that spreading indymedia to everybody we can reach is a great idea. [ read more ]

Dining &amp; Dignity

Portland, 07.02.2006 09:38

While posting fliers about the Fouad Kaady rally in Estacada today, we picked up a copy of the East County Gazette. In it was an article in the 'Mountain Views' Section, regarding a program which was news to me. It is called Dining & Dignity. The first restaurant in the entire United States to join Dignity & Dining was the Harmony Bakery in Estacada. Hitching Post Pizza has also joined. Here is how it works. "When an indigent person comes to the restaurant the guest must first ask for the manager and say to the manager, 'I don't have any money but I need to eat' The manager chooses which foods are available and healthy and then gives the guest the food. No taking of orders, no restaurant checks and no record keeping."

No War Bike Rides: Bicycle Activists and the Rolling Protest.

LA, 07.02.2006 06:39

No War Bike Rides: Bicycle Activists and the Rolling Protest.

Critical Mass Movies

Houston, 07.02.2006 06:11

February 16th: Critical Mass Movie Night

Critical Mass Movies

Houston, 07.02.2006 06:11

Houston IMC Film Series: Critical Mass Movie Night Feb 16th


Sydney, 07.02.2006 03:39

Ciaron O'Reilly Questioned by ASIO After Landing at Brisbane Airport

War On Drugs

Sydney, 07.02.2006 03:39

'Call to arms' as Cannabis Wars erupt

M11: Bring The Troops Home! Anti-War March and Rally

Arkansas, 07.02.2006 03:39

Local communities members, the OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology, and several other organizations are organizing an anti-war march and rally in Fayetteville on March 11th. They are calling the event "M11: Bring The Troops Home!". Arkansas resident, Barbara Porchia, a mother whose son died in Iraq will be the featured speaker at the rally.

Noticias destacadas

Argentina, 07.02.2006 02:08

Why Wars Are Impossible to Win Anymore

Tennessee, 07.02.2006 00:09

Winning by not Losing Most of you reading this were never infantry officers in the Marines or Army. I was. In the mid-1980’s military doctrine for infantry officers stated that to successfully attack an enemy you needed to plan on having at least a 3:1 advantage. So if you could determine that 1000 soldiers were defending a position, you planned on having an attacking force of 3000. In urban areas, the ratio was doubled to 6:1. Keep that equation in mind as we perform some simple math, along with analyzing two articles published recently.

gestione limitrofa

Italy, 06.02.2006 22:08

Imc sicilia si autosospende

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