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Festival Solar. Carnaval precario por los espacios públicos. Sábado 18 feb - Málaga

estrecho / madiaq, 10.02.2006 16:37

#media_5025;right#Málaga es una Ruina. Tras años de neoliberalismo salvaje,privatización y especulación urbanística, hoy nuestra ciudad se ha vuelto inhabitable.Cansados de esta situación, un grupo de vecinos, ciudadanos y precari@s ha decidido pasar a la acción e inaugurar, en uno de los solares más grandes del centro histórico, un espacio publico efimero, una zona temporalmente autonoma.

Cinco mujeres detenidas por pedir trabajo

Argentina, 10.02.2006 15:09

"Ser mujer y desocupada en una sociedad machista"

Tartagal: Cinco mujeres detenidas por pedir trabajo

Argentina, 10.02.2006 15:09

"Ser mujer y desocupada en una sociedad machista"

Un Foro Social Mundial-2006 polic�ntrico, �salida de la encrucijada?

Euskal Herria, 10.02.2006 13:40

München: Krieg ist Frieden ist Zensur ist Folter...

Germany, 10.02.2006 13:40

Wie jedes Jahr treffen sich in München im Hotel Bayerischer Hof PolitikerInnen, Waffenschmiede und Kriegs-Lobbyisten, um in ungezwungener Atmosphäre über Terror und Leid zu parlieren und die eine oder andere Planung vorzunehmen. Dagegen regt sich Protest. Das Kreisverwaltungsreferat erlässt ungesetzliche Auflagen, die Polizei geht mit Härte vor. Die bürgerlichen Medien zensieren sich mal wieder selbst. Hintergründe und Updates im Feature...

Artikel bei de.indy: Erster Pressespiegel Siko | SiKo München: "Guantanamo-Gefangene" | 3 weitere Fotos | Münchner Linie - Venezianische Verbote

Links: | | | |
viele Fotos

Egg Industry Battery Cages Exposed by Activists

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.02.2006 10:13

Ninety-five percent of eggs are produced by hens in battery cages which are packed into warehouses. A significant share these eggs come from California's Central Valley. This practice is being targeted in a number of ways. East Bay Animal Advocates released a video documenting the squalid condition of egg-laying hens and is encouraging people to see for themselves where their eggs come from. The Humane Society filed a lawsuit targeting the tax-breaks that these egg farms receive. Activists even chalked up a victory in convincing the Trader Joe's grocery chain to no longer carry such eggs as of Feb. 1st.

Read More on the East Bay or Animal Liberation news pages

This Saturday: New Documentaries on War &amp; Resistance

Chicago, 10.02.2006 10:10

Pilsen Speaks Out="1" align="right" HSPACE=3 VSPACE=1>[permalink] This Saturday, join Chicago Indymedia for the local premier of two powerful new documentaries about war and resistance: "Fallujah" and "The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium & the Children" -- plus incindiary new short films and documentaries from submedia tv, the Guerrilla News Network and Chicago Indymedia.

Saturday, February 11
Acme Artworks, 1741 N. Western Ave., Chicago
(A quarter mile south of the Western Ave. Blue Line stop)

Doors open at 6PM. Suggested donation: ten bucks (Hey! Try finding this at Loews!) Free to the unemployed. No-one will be turned away. Event includes food and beverages, tabling by some of your favorite local radical projects, cafe breakout space and plenty of filmic grist for the mill. To find out how your group can table at this event or for more info, email imc-chicago (at) or call 312-446-4939.

Richmond IndyMedia Radio News

Richmond, 10.02.2006 10:09

LISTEN UP !! The Revolution will be aired!

Every Tuesday from 12:30PM - 1:00PM, catch one of the most progressive half-hours on 97.3 FM WRIR. Richmond IndyMedia News airs the news, views and clues you post at

Or check the online stream at

Reportback: Another Kind of Politics

Richmond, 10.02.2006 10:09

Tuesday, February 7th nearly 30 people crowded into Paper Street Infoshop to take part in the participatory workshop, “Another Kind of Politics.” The center-piece of the workshop and the framing of the discussions about social transformation and grassroots politics is the recent Sixth Declaration from the Zapatistas.


Arizona, 10.02.2006 06:07

FREE Workshops, Panel Discussions, Entertainment, and Food


Arizona, 10.02.2006 06:07

FREE Workshops, Panel Discussions, Entertainment, and Food


Arizona, 10.02.2006 06:07

FREE Workshops, Panel Discussions, Entertainment, and Food

Huge Natural Gas Pipeline Proposal in Oregon

Portland, 10.02.2006 05:40

Huge Natural Gas Pipeline Proposal in Oregon author: Muddy Coquille A 250-mile natural gas pipeline has been proposed to connect the LNG (liquefied natural gas) proposal in Coos Bay to the Williams pipeline in Roseburg, and then further to the pipeline near Malin, OR (near Klamath Falls). The proposal to import LNG and pipe the gas inland will undoubtedly have major economic, public safety, and environmental impacts while deepening the region's addiction to foreign fossil fuels.

The pipeline is an essential piece of the Coos Bay LNG proposal, and it appears that extensive negotiations have been going on for some time regarding this proposal. Peter DeFazio has stated his support for the LNG scheme, and the Coos Port Commission appointed by Ted Kulongoski appears to be in favor, also.

These individuals, DeFazio and Kulongoski, should immediately be targeted for letters and phone calls of concern about the pipeline and the LNG proposal in Coos Bay. The proposal is bad for the environment; it is bad for the safety and security of Oregonians; it exacerbates our dependence on foreign fossil fuels at a time when the Democratic Party is at least mumbling about energy alternatives and reducing foreign fossil fuel dependence; and finally, it links Oregon's market to a global energy economy that lacks human rights and environmental safeguards for many communities that happen to reside near natural gas fields. This issue is not necessarily a "right" or "left" issue, with many "red" Oregonians fighting their local proposals.

Write or call and let them know you hold them responsible for allowing the State of Oregon to fund the Weyerhaeuser land purchase, a deal that has enabled the proposal of this enormous pipeline and threatens to create many of the sorts of problems described above.

Related: White House Unveils Plan to Sell Off 200,000 Forest Service Acres

Direct Action For Katrina Survivors

Portland, 10.02.2006 05:40


On Monday, February 13th, the New Orleans homeless population will skyrocket, and the survivors of Katrina will be victimized again. FEMA's short-term hotel program expires for most of the 26,000 displaced hurricane survivors and most of these evacuees have not been provided with long-term, or even transitional housing solutions. The National Guard is even on call to evict these survivors at gun point. We need anyone with the means to come down here to show up in solidarity for a day of decentralized direct action and mass demonstrations. For those unable to make it, an immediate nation-wide phone call and email campaign is needed to help keep families off the street. Don't let Katrina survivors be further victimized by the poverty-promoting plans of those with the power to correct the issues!

-FEMA Nicol Andrews, Deputy Strategic Director, 202-646-7917,
-MAYOR NAGIN ph 504-658-4900, fx 504-658-4939
-CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS ph 504-658-(1010 John Batt) (1020 Renee Pratt) (1030 Jacquelyn Clarkson) (1040 Cynthia Morrell) (1050 Cynthia Lewis) (1060 Ed Sapir) (1070 Oliver Thomas)
-GOVERNOR BLANCO ph 866-366-1121, fx 225-342-7099

For more info contact, 504-883-8225 | Katrina and the Missing Administration

Bush's lack of vision on health care

Portland, 10.02.2006 05:40

Profile of a lack of vision: Bush addresses health care in the State of the Union

Joe Mahoney and the Oregon Action Health Care committee joined together to watch the President deliver his fifth State of the Union address. Prior to the speech, aides said it would focus on health care. So the group waited, hoping to hear a plan to reduce the cost of health care and increase access. They hoped the President would announce plans to fix the troubled Medicare Prescription Drug plan. Instead, after 46 minutes they heard less than a minute on health care.

At a time when 60% of Americans disapprove of his work on health care, Bush still isn't proposing anything more than a repackaging of his Social Security reforms. While providing more tax breaks for wealthy Americans he will leave the lowest-income and chronically ill patients to wither away.

"As a nurse, I am appalled at President Bush's lack of vision in resolving our nation's health care crisis. Simply providing tax breaks to those who can already afford health care will make the problem worse. We need common-sense solutions that reduce costs and increase access to comprehensive health care services." Judy Lebens, Hillsboro.

Katrina and the Missing Administration | Cities and State Parties Pass Impeachment Resolutions | Dismantling the Justice Dept. | MoveOn asks for letters to the editor opposing new Bush budget cuts

Healthy Oregon Plan health care initiative approved to begin gathering signatures

Hello all! Good news! We have been approved to begin gathering signatures. Because this news was received more quickly than anticipated, this Saturday from 9AM-11AM you can come by an pick up your signature sheet packets (with instructions, information,etc) at: 537 NE 29th Ave Around the corner from Pambiche (NE 28th and Glisan).

We will be having a meeting more about outreach, etc. NEXT Saturday the 18th in Portland (you will be able to get sig sheets there). Meetings will follow on March 11th and April 8th in Portland. Watch the website for details We will be having an official "Kick Off" in Portland in the next few weeks - We are looking at March to open things up in other cities and begin our town hall meetings (starting with March 21 in Corvallis).

As always, we are always looking for any type of help. You may be amazed how you can be of benefit.


Philadelphia Immigrants Prepare to Strike to Protest New Law

Philadelphia, 10.02.2006 04:38

On Tuesday February 14th, immigrants across Philadelphia and regionally are going on strike to protest a recent bill which passed the the US House of Representatives and is headed for the US Senate. The bill HR 4437 criminalizes organizations and individuals assisting undocumented immigrants and turns undocumented status from a civil violation to a criminal act. The organization leading the February 14th work stoppage is A Day Without Immigrants.The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), which is one of the lead organization on immigration internationally has written a position statement.

For a recent Philly IMC article on immigration click here.

Auckland: Public Rally to stop low pay!

Aotearoa, 10.02.2006 04:09

"There comes a time in everyone’s lives, when we have to make a stand for justice. This is one of those times!"

You are invited to attend a free Public Rally to Support Low Paid Workers (Featuring Imon Star from Rhombus, Olmecha, top NZ comedians, speakers and Rosita Vai from New Zealand Idol), 2pm – 4pm, Sunday 12 February, Auckland Town Hall, Queen Street.

The purpose of the meeting is to approve Unite’s bargaining strategy for all its members in 2006 and to get the whole community to support Unite’s campaign. The campaign’s three main claims are:

  • A minimum wage set at $12 per hour (Even if workers are paid more than this, any success will help lift all wages)
  • Abolish Youth Rates (Workers under 18 who do the same work as adults should get paid the same pay)
  • Secure hours of work (Many workers never know how many hours they will get each week)

Mayor Villaraigosa Expresses Support for South Central Farm

LA, 10.02.2006 03:38

Mayor Villaraigosa Expresses Support for South Central Farm

Space War

Victoria, 10.02.2006 03:08

Space Wars: Apocalypse Soon?


Victoria, 10.02.2006 03:08

CanWest Global Accused of Changing Context of Reuters Newswire Reports


Victoria, 10.02.2006 03:08

The FBI Raids

UCSC Academic Senate Report Includes Anonymous Spy Testimony

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.02.2006 02:08

On February 7th, the UCSC Academic Senate Task Force investigating the police response to Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC) released a draft report (pdf). On October 12, 2005, a student at UCSC was invited to discuss the events surrounding TUSC with the task force investigating the issue. During the course of this private meeting, the chair of the task force noted that UCSC’s administration had sent "someone" to obtain information about TUSC's off-campus workshop. This information of administrative spying on student political activity is in stark contrast to Chancellor Denton’s claims that UCSC’s administration and police are not engaged in spying on students.

Read more on Santa Cruz IMC and Indybay's Police State Page

Indígenas bloqueiam Ferrovia Carajás, no Maranhão, em protesto contra Funasa

Brasil, 10.02.2006 01:08


UCSC Academic Senate Releases Tent University Report That Includes Anonymous Spy Testimony

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.02.2006 01:08

On February 7th, the UCSC Academic Senate Task Force investigating the police response to Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC) released a 25 page draft report (pdf). On pages 3 and 4 of the report, in summarizing the background events leading up to the confrontation on April 18, 2005, it is stated that "The administration was particularly alarmed by the presence of the author/organizer David Solnit at training sessions at the Resource Center for Non-Violence," noting his association with the Seattle WTO protests.

On October 12, 2005, Josh Sonnenfeld, a student at UCSC, was invited to discuss the events surrounding TUSC with the Task Force investigating the issue. The TUSC Task Force was chaired by Professor Carolyn Martin Shaw, and included other professors, staff members, and a couple token students. During the course of this private meeting, Professor Shaw noted that UCSC’s administration had obtained information about the internal proceedings of a planning meeting/workshop for the participants of Tent University. This meeting, located off-campus at the RCNV, was not open to administrators or police, only the event participants.

When Professor Shaw was asked how they had obtained detailed information about what occurred during this meeting, she informed Josh that the University administration sent ‘someone’ for the sole purpose of documenting the meeting and passing the information on to administrators. It is not clear who this agent of the administration may have been, but it is clear that they did not identify themselves to student organizers, and thus, acted in the capacity of a spy. This information of administrative spying on student political activity is in stark contrast to Chancellor Denton’s claims that UCSC’s administration and police are not engaged in spying on students. Read more

Community Radio on FM in Cambridge

United Kingdom, 10.02.2006 00:38

209 Radio is broadcasting on 103.5 FM for one week in Cambridge - the 10th - 19th of February. 209 Radio has been broadcasting over the internet since March 2003, building up its output - a range of specialist music programs with community and arts programmes being added all the time. And 209 Radio is hoping to hear soon about the results of its application for a long term FM community radio license.

As the Community Media Association say "Community Media is community owned and controlled, giving access to voices in the community and encouraging diversity, creativity and participation. Community media provide a vital counterbalance to the increasing globalisation and commercialisation of the media."

The shows being broadcast include local news and views on Newzone, local and global issues on So Far and Yet So Near, socially responsible technology on Brain Candy and traveller issues on Romani Radio.

[ 209 radio | Schedule | So Far and Yet So Near | Newzone | Brain Candy | Romani Radio ]

Centro de Mídia Independente na Mostra do Filme Livre

Brasil, 10.02.2006 00:08



Uruguay, 09.02.2006 22:38

La resistencia no cesa

March Against Inflamatory Proffessor

Maritimes, 09.02.2006 22:38

March Against Inflamatory Professor

Acto de solidaridad de CNT-Málaga en Plus Supermercados

estrecho / madiaq, 09.02.2006 19:37

El 11 de febrero, Sábado, la CNT de Málaga hará una concentración en el Plus Supermercados situado en la Calle Rafaela a las 11:30 de la mañana.

Marbella: Un hombre muere tras ser apaleado por policías locales

estrecho / madiaq, 09.02.2006 19:37

#media_5012;left# El juez ordena abrir una investigación a los agentes de la Policía Local de Marbella (Málaga) por apalear a un ciudadano belga que falleció cuando un policía le aplastaba la nuca con la rodilla. No es la primera vez que la policía local de Marbella se ve implicada en abusos y actuaciones brutales.

What the Earth Needs Is Less Religion and More Worship

Madison, 09.02.2006 17:08

It is hard for me to say whether I find Islamic or Christian fundamentalists more distasteful and dangerous to the Earth and prospects for post-industrial civilized society. I see little of merit in murderous and medieval Islam. And the spread of Christian thought has defiled and destroyed much in nature that is sacred and good.

Why Clean Elections Help Minority Parties

San Diego, 09.02.2006 15:38

It is often cited that the adoption of Clean Elections will do harm to minority parties. If written poorly, Clean Election legislation can hurt minority parties; however, legislation in both the state of California and San Diego account for this concern and will offer much benefit to minority parties and to the political dialogue we hear during elections. Learn how they do it...

Migrant March Carries On!

San Diego, 09.02.2006 15:38

From Agustin Martinez (brother of murdered Guillermo Martinez's) words at the historic march for migrants launch from San Ysidro to the march down Mission Steet in San Francisco today, the march has been incredible!

For more info:March for Migrants on the move!

Read also about Stopping the Minutemen in Vista: Minutemen in Vista | Minutemen and Immigrants Face Off in Vista

And don't forget about the ongoing story in Costa Mesa:No charges filed against Tezcatlipoca | Costa Mesa Mayor "under investigation"

BU President Brown Confronted at His Home About Proposed Biolab

Boston, 09.02.2006 15:08

A dozen Boston University (BU) students and other concerned citizens gathered outside of BU President Robert Brown's $4.5 million house in Brookline protesting the proposed BU Biolab in Roxbury / South End. The Biolab, which has recently gained federal approval for construction, could break ground as soon as this month, against the community's wishes.

Leaving the Dead Behind

Houston, 09.02.2006 14:39

Leaving the Dead Behind: College Memorial Park Cemetery

Bush Budget to Cut Education, Environmental Protection, Police, and Commmunity Development in PA

Philadelphia, 09.02.2006 14:38

The Bush budget request for FY2007, released on February 6th, proposes cuts that would reduce funding for education and services in PA while requesting a 7% increase in military funding. Highlights include $4.9 million less in PA's WIC funding, $8.9 million reduction for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, and a potential loss of 649 Head Start slots in PA alone.

Indy Media Maritimes - We lost control

Maritimes, 09.02.2006 14:08

Indy Media Maritimes - We lost control

A OMC quer mandar no que comemos

Portugal, 09.02.2006 13:38

A OMC quer mandar no que comemos

chieti antifà

Italy, 09.02.2006 11:08

Perchè si commemorano le vittime delle foibe a Chieti?

Белтелеком возглавляет атаку государства на домашние сети

Belarus, 09.02.2006 09:37

Torino olimpica: il rovescio della medaglia

Switzerland, 09.02.2006 09:37

Il 9 Febbraio parte, in concomitanza con l'arrivo dell' evento olimpico,una settimana di contestazione e mobilitazione contro le olimpiadi dello spreco, della devastazione e della repressione .

Si inzia giovedì alle 14.30 con la contestazione della fiaccola olimpica in piazza Sabotino mentre, venerdì una fiaccola "alternativa" alcuni dei luoghi sgomberati dalla recente percorrà pulizia olimpica.

:: Il programma completo

:: Maggiori info su Indymedia Piemunt

:: Link: nolimpiadi | link antiolimpici | askatasuna | Atene04

Atos contra o despejo da ocupação Prestes Maia

Brasil, 09.02.2006 06:09



Istanbul, 09.02.2006 03:38

G8 sonrası İskoçya

Schumacher Furs Protest Report (Be My Bloody Valentine), February 4

Portland, 09.02.2006 02:38

Schumacher Furs now has a grotesque Valentine's Day theme going on at the store, complete with colorful balloons, cupids, and little red hearts. A desperate attempt to disguise the ugliness and cruelty of the business they're in (in reality the only thing the Schumachers seem to love is money).

We made a few valentines of our own for the protest, saying things such as "Be My Bloody Valentine" and "Nothing says I Love You like Something Dead" along with heart shaped cutouts of tortured/dead animals. Animals value their lives as much as we value ours and feel pain as much as we do. No laws govern the fur trade's abuse of animals. Facts the Schumachers choose not to face. See for info and videos.

Solidarity, not charity in New Orleans: learning to build Common Ground, with Malik Rahim

Portland, 09.02.2006 02:38

Sunday, February 12, 5:30pm at Talking Drum Books/Reflections Coffeehouse: 446 NE Killingsworth St. at MLK, next to Blockbuster Video.

Join us for an evening with Malik Rahim (founder of Common Ground Relief in New Orleans, former Black Panther, long-time community organizer) and Kerul Dyer (organizer with Common Ground, Oxygen Collective)

Food and drink will be available for purchase. Please support our kind host! [ read more ]

Gentrification in New Orleans

A friend sent this to me and said a bureaucrat on the phone yesterday advised her to "worry about more important things" (than losing privacy rights as a US citizen) so here comes one more "unimportant" thing: losing your housing to a storm and then your home to the developers. Please help. This is one more heartbreaking episode in the on-going genocide wreaked by the privileged white. It isn't that we didn't know it was coming.... [ read more ]

Food Not Bombs is Back in Business after Lull in Activity

Saint Louis, 09.02.2006 02:38

Food not Bombs is currently active in St. Louis again and is serving in Lucas Park on Fridays at noon. Lucas Park is located on 14th and Locust, in an increasingly gentrified part of downtown in which the homeless population are under constant assault by the police and the arbitrary power of the capitalist housing market.

St. Louis Food not Bombs website

Noticias Destacadas

Argentina, 09.02.2006 02:08

Noticias Destacadas

Argentina, 09.02.2006 02:08

Support Community Access Tv – Submit Comments To FCC

Portland, 09.02.2006 01:38

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced a "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking" (NPRM) on telecommunications franchising. This is a very important issue for supporters of Community Access TV (Public Access, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) TV). At the moment it is local "franchises" negotiated between local communities/municipalities and the Cable TV companies which allocate the resources and channel space used by Community Access TV. However in recent months a variety of legislation has been introduced in Washington that would dismantle these local franchises and could, in the process, destroy Community Access TV. A strong ruling in support of local franchising by the FCC could play an important role in swaying Washington legislation towards supporting local franchising and supporting Community Access TV. Send your comments to the FCC NOW! (Deadline 13th Feb)

olimpiadi e coca-cola

Italy, 09.02.2006 01:08

L'importante e' partecipare

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