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Portland, 14.08.2004 22:57

latin america (en)

Barcelona, 14.08.2004 19:33

::15/8/04 Venezuelan Referendum ::

This Sunday, August 15th, Venezuelans will vote on whether to keep their controversial president, Hugo Chávez, who already won elections in 1998 and 2000. But there seems to be more to this than simply the continuation of the Chavez presidency:

Venezuela: between empire and revolution >>>>> ::: An alternative to the nightmare of capitalism >>>>> ::: 50 reasons to say NO >>>>> ::: Venezuela versus the US >>>>> ::: Against the recall >>>>> ::: The media and the reality of Venezuela >>>>> ::: About Hugo Chávez >>>>> ::: Petras: on James Carter and the referendum >>>>>

More info : New politics, Refusniks and Latin America >>>>> ::: El Zapatismo is still building autonomy >>>>> ::: Maquilas >>>>> ::: Piqueteros in Argentina >>>>> ::: Colombia and the TLC >>>>> ::: Repsol in Latin America >>>>> ::: The transnationals of the EU >>>>>

More info: 'Latin America' section.

américa latina (es)

Barcelona, 14.08.2004 19:32

::15/8/04 Referendum en Venezuela::

El 15 de agosto se celebra un referendum en Venezuela para decidir la continuidad del presidente Hugo Chávez, que ya ganó las elecciones en 1998 y en 2000. Pero parece que lo que se decide este día no es sólo la continuidad del presidente, sino que hay en juego mucho más:

Venezuela: entre Imperio y Revolución >>>>> ::: Una alternativa a la pesadilla del capitalismo >>>>> ::: 50 razones para decir NO >>>>> ::: Venezuela frente a Estados Unidos >>>>> ::: Notas contra el revocatorio >>>>> ::: Medios de comunicación y realidad venezolana >>>>> ::: Sobre Hugo Chávez >>>>> ::: Petras: sobre el referendum y James Carter >>>>> ::: Galeano: Venezuela da al mundo una lección de esperanza >>>>>

Más infos: Nuevas prácticas políticas y sujetos insumisos en América Latina >>>>> ::: El zapatismo continúa construyendo su autonomía >>>>> ::: Las maquilas >>>>> ::: Piqueteros en Argentina >>>>> ::: Colombia y el TLC >>>>> ::: Repsol en América Latina >>>>> ::: Las transnacionales de la UE >>>>>

Más info en la sección América Latina

amèrica llatina (ca)

Barcelona, 14.08.2004 19:29

::15/8/04 Referèndum a Veneçuela::

El 15 d'agost se celebra un referèndum a Veneçuela per decidir la continuitat del president Hugo Chávez, que ja va guanyar les eleccions el 1998 i el 2000. Però sembla que el que es decideix aquest dia no és només la continuitat del president, sino que hi ha en joc molt més:

Veneçuela: entre Imperi i Revolució >>>>> ::: Una alternativa al malson del capitalisme >>>>> ::: 50 raons per dir NO >>>>> ::: Veneçuela front Estats Units >>>>> ::: Notes contra el revocatori >>>>> ::: Mitjans de comunicació i realitat veneçolana >>>>> ::: Al voltant d'Hugo Chávez >>>>> ::: Petras: sobre el referèndum i James Carter >>>>> ::: Galeano: Veneçuela dóna al món una lliçó d'esperança >>>>>

Més infos: Noves pràctiques polítiques i subjectes insubmisos a Amèrica Llatina >>>>> ::: El zapatisme continua construint la seva autonomia >>>>> ::: Les maquiles >>>>> ::: Piqueteros a Argentina >>>>> ::: Colòmbia i el TLC >>>>> ::: Repsol a Amèrica Llatina >>>>> ::: Les transnacionals de la UE >>>>>

Més info a la secció Amèrica Llatina


Brasil, 14.08.2004 17:33

Plebiscito decide permanência de Chávez

Imperio y Revolucón

Puerto Rico, 14.08.2004 15:58

Agosto 15, Entre Imperio y Revolución

Katuah Earth First!-fight mountain top removal!

Atlanta, 14.08.2004 15:42

#media_6914;right#This is an attempt to get across the strategic and tactical importance of helping us fight mountain top removal. Mountain Top Removal is the mining practice that literally blows the tops off the mountains, dumps them into the valley--then scrapes the coal underneath off. It is the final solution for our forest and mountains. It really should be called Mountain Range Removal because multiple peaks are blown off and dumped onto highland watersheds. It's the destruction of entire watersheds. Over 1000 miles of stream have been destroyed by MTR in West Virginia alone. With a clear-cut you have some hope that the trees will grow back--MTR is forever. Hardwood trees will never grow back on these sites because the soil becomes to acid. Additionally Mountain Top Removal is the death knell for deep mining and miner unions because dynamite is cheaper than people. It endangers and destroys entire Mountain communities with massive sediment dams and non stop blasting. As the demand for coal has increased so has the southern migration of MTR following the coal fields of the Cumberland Plateau. As bad as you might imagine it, MTR its much worse. Look it up on google and look at the pictures--you will see.

Hleba i igara

belgrade, 14.08.2004 15:07

Hleba i igara

war (en)

Barcelona, 14.08.2004 14:50

Palestina 2004 :: March for Liberty

The International Solidarity Movement’s civil disobedience campaign which is based on non violent strategies continues to develop in Palestine and is supported by Palestinian, Isreali and International activists. This march is to protest that the wall was declared illegal by the International Justice Tribunal. Activists from the Spanish State tell us of their experiences: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-photos. There are also other initiatives trying to change this situation such as the caravan of clowns through Palestinian land (photos), the petiticiondemanding that the Spanish State gives up the sale of arms to Israel by 30 NGOs , the dossier on the arms trade, and in Barcelona Isreali objectors to the occupation.

Other direct action against the war :: nato and clowns in Betera (Valencia) NATO splits in court proceedings against two anti-militarist clowns + Big Anti-militarist Circus function + 29J Big Function in Lliria (Valencia) + The Supreme Court depenalises ( de facto) the occupation of military instalations. + NATO brings two anti-militarist clowns to justice for 52 Euro + Betera will lead the new NATO response force + Video of the anti-militarist circus at the NATO base + Second Civilian inspection of NATO base

+info:: >>>war + gallery


Puerto Rico, 14.08.2004 12:44

Comunicado Movimiento Bases Populares

Venezuela Bolivariana

Puerto Rico, 14.08.2004 10:51

VENEZUELA: Barrio 23 de Enero

Come To The Freak Show

NYC, 14.08.2004 07:44

Carnival Sideshow Party to Represent Everything that's NOT REPUBLICAN!!! Following the Neo-Coney Island Block Party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. @ Volume, 99 North 13 Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Saturday, August 14th, 2004 Get yer Freak On starting @ 7pm ... Kiss the bearded lady for a sliding scale of $7-20 and benefit NO RNC Video Coalition,, and The FTAA IMC Starting @ 7pm SHARP - The long awaited NYC premiere of "The Miami Model" ... If you are planning on demonstrating against the RNC, YOU MUST SEE THIS FILM!!!|(NEO-CON)ey Island Block Party|RNC Not Welcome|Leftover Crack

&quot;Witnesses needed from Southridge High School. I was hit in the face by a Bush supporter.&quot;

Portland, 14.08.2004 02:26


Colombia, 14.08.2004 02:04

Los kankuamos bajaron de la Sierra al sepelio de Freddy Arias


Istanbul, 14.08.2004 01:05

Moldova'da polis şiddeti

Cerco al Awka

Argentina, 13.08.2004 23:09

Federal Judge Rules that Presidential Debate Commission is Partisan and Therefore Improper Sponsor

Hudson Mohawk, 13.08.2004 20:57

A federal judge has ruled that the Commission sponsoring the Presidential debates is partisan and reinstated a complaint filed with the FEC by Ralph Nader, the Greens and other third parties. Advocates of clean elections have long complained that the two major parties used the Debate Commission to evade the federal ban on corporate contributions. The CPD is owned and operated by the Democratic and Republican Parties, and is funded primarily by corporate sponsors, which have an interest in restricting the participants and issues promoted in the debates. A finding of partisanship would disqualify the CPD from future debate sponsorship.

Census Bureau Records Used For Profiling Ancestry... Again

DC, 13.08.2004 20:54

The information, provided by the Census Bureau to Customs includes specific data on the Arab American population in the United States, broken down by population size (1000 or more Arab Americans) as well as by zip code. Troublingly, the data are further delineated by the specific ancestry or national-origin of the Arab Americans. These actions are a violation of the public's trust in the census bureau, and a troubling reminder of one of our nation's darkest days when the sharing of similar information resulted in the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Indypendent Aug 12-25

NYC, 13.08.2004 20:07

The third in our series of issues on the RNC. Featuring articles on: the evolution of protest pens, why protest works, the connection between country music and conservatives, Bush's contingency plans to cancel the elections and how the GOP has screwed over New York. Download a full PDF We're printing 200,000 copies of this issue, believed to be the largest print run in decades by any radical grassroots newspaper in the U.S. Help us pull it off. We'll be distributing throughout the city over the next few weeks. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at indy_distro (at) or call 212-684-8112.


Uruguay, 13.08.2004 19:25

Ola de asesinatos de dirigentes populares


Puerto Rico, 13.08.2004 19:09

¿Y si se atreven, qué?... Revolución


Puerto Rico, 13.08.2004 19:05

¿Y si se atreven, qué?... Revolución


DC, 13.08.2004 18:28

Sothern Iraq Threatens Secession as Protests Errupt and Iraqi Officials Resign In Protest The week-long violence and uprisings in Iraq continued to spread across that nation over the last 72 hours. As nearly 4,000 U.S. troops and Iraqi security forces moved into Najaf amid intense battles with the Mahadi Army led by Moqtada al-Sadr, U.S. forces also engaged in heavy fighting in Kut, Ramadi, and Amara, with further battles taking place in Baghdad, Falluja, Diwaniya and Basra. Thousands of Iraqis took to the streets in protests all over Iraq, while sources at Iraqi hospitals said that hundreds of civilians had been killed and wounded in the fighting, most of them women and children according to the Health Ministry in Baghdad.


Athens, 13.08.2004 18:08

Ολα έτοιμα. Oλοι ντοπαρισμένοι!

end ww2 anniv

Qc, 13.08.2004 17:43

On 59th Anniversary of the End of World War 2: Women Reiterate Call to End the US War of Aggression

Political Performance

Sydney, 13.08.2004 17:08

Last Night in New York

&quot;Why Not to Protest&quot; the RNC?: Three Views

NYC, 13.08.2004 17:07

Tens of thousands of New Yorkers and activists around the and world are preparing to protest the RNC. Many expect it to be a week of non-stop political action.

In the last few days, however, some have started to voice their displeasure at the approaching protest confab. Here's a sample of what they're saying:

"The political repercussions will boomerang,” said Rep. Anthony Weiner, a New York Democrat. “I believe a lot of Republicans would like to point to a lot of kids with spiked hair and rings through their noses and say, ‘This is what John Kerry is about.'” [Read More]

Mickey Z argues: "In a matter of weeks, politicians, protesters,v and police will converge on my beleaguered city...and that is precisely why I'm skipping town for a few days. The police state tactics and color-coded alerts are reason enough...but I'd also rather not witness firsthand the death throes of protest as we know it." [Read More]

And the Glorious Revolutionary Federation of Fortune 500 Killers opines: "what might have happened had these protestors organized around substantive issues of actual day-to-day social meaning to the poor and non-white populations who are conspicuously absent from most of these protests and “nights of political cabaret,” “(NEO-CON)ey Island Block Parties and Fashion Shows,” and “all-out raves.” Smaller but persistent protests around the country at poorly managed county hospitals and private insurance companies might actually force the issue of national health program onto a more prominent stage." [Read More]

Campaign groups call for emergency vigil

United Kingdom, 13.08.2004 16:59

Campaign groups "Voices in the Wilderness" and "Iraq Occupation Focus" call for an emergency vigil at 10 Downing Street in Central London on Sunday, 15 th of August, Noon -2 pm to protest against the latest military attacks in Iraq.
Densely-populated Iraqi cities are under fire from US-UK forces. On Thursday, more than 75 Iraqis were killed in the US bombardment of Kut. British troops have killed at least twenty in their assault on Amara.

The attack on Najaf, led by US warplanes, has been condemned by public
opinion across Iraq. Sixteen members of Najaf's 30 member provincial council have resigned in protest at the assault.

In the last 48 hours, hundreds of civilians have been killed by occupying forces in the cities of Najaf, Kut, Sadr City, Sammara, Nasiriya, Amara, Basra, Ramadi and elsewhere.

Bush Cocooned In Via &quot;Business Folks&quot; Beaverton's Southridge Highschool

Portland, 13.08.2004 16:57

Sgomberato il Babylon

Italy, 13.08.2004 16:45

Sgomberato Il CSOA Babylon di Bra

Kerry Fever Hits the Valley

Rogue Valley, 13.08.2004 15:25

As I drove into the searing heat of Central Point yesterday, past the assorted anti-abortionists and pro-war militarists lining the streets, I predicted many people would suffer exhaustion and fever in the livestock arena-turned political stumping ground.

McNulty Makes Hall of Shame on Middle East Issues

Hudson Mohawk, 13.08.2004 14:48

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation Congressional Hall of Fame/Hall of Shame. Have you ever wondered which Members of Congress support a just peace and which support Israel's military occupation? Our local Congressman makes the Hall of Shame with a -7 score.

Report back from Kerry rally

Portland, 13.08.2004 14:45

Second-hand account from Bush protest at Terminal 6

Portland, 13.08.2004 14:42

Ansar Mahmood Deported After 31 Months; A Pizza Delivery Man from Pakistan who took a snapshot in front of reservoir

Hudson Mohawk, 13.08.2004 13:19

After thirty-one months in detention, Ansar Mahmood was deported by the United States government on the night of Thursday, August 12, 2004. Ansar Mahmood came to the US legally having won a green card in a lottery. He hoped this would be the beginning of a better life for his parents and his younger sisters who live in poverty in Pakistan. He worked as a pizza delivery man in Hudson, NY and made enough money to send home. Then on October 9, 2001 he was arrested because he asked guards at the Hudson water treatment plant to take his picture by the plant with the Catskill mountains in the background.

Chiapas: aniversário dos Caracoles

Portugal, 13.08.2004 11:50

Chiapas: aniversário dos Caracoles

Chiapas: aniversário dos Caracoles

Portugal, 13.08.2004 11:50

Chiapas: aniversário dos Caracoles

Fresno Gay Marriage

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.08.2004 07:53

“Gay marriage is a threat to the health of Fresno.”

California Court Rules SF Same-Sex Marriages are Void

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.08.2004 07:25

On August 12, the California State Supreme Court ruled that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom lacked the authority to issue same-sex marriage licenses, and therefore that the marriages that took place are void. Over 3900 same-sex couples were married at SF City Hall earlier this year. However, the court did not rule on the issue of whether or not same-sex marriages should be legal. Protests were held in cities all over the state. In Santa Cruz, people gathered at Town Clock. (announcement) Photos: 1 I 2 I Audio [ GLBT Alliance I Diversity Center I Marriage Equality California I Indybay's LGBTQI Page ]


Colombia, 13.08.2004 04:15

Sanguinario asalto de tropas de Estados Unidos en Nayaf

Auka Traun

Argentina, 13.08.2004 04:07

Comunidades mapuche en resguardo de su territorio

Awka Traun

Argentina, 13.08.2004 04:03

Comunidades mapuche en resguardo de su territorio


Argentina, 13.08.2004 03:55

El Gran Hermano llega a La Plata (en taxi)


Colombia, 13.08.2004 03:52

Gobierno títere cerró oficinas de Al Yazira en Bagdad

Support the Tejas Bloc

Houston, 13.08.2004 03:41

Two events this Saturday to get Texans in the streets of New York

Gardens of Roses and Thorns (Jardines de Rosas y Espinas)

NYC, 13.08.2004 03:34

(from the open newswire): The political campaign of City Councilman José Marco Serrano has received thousands of dollars in contributions from a firm that plans to build a building in the land that is now shared by various community gardens in the South Bronx. According to documents of the Board of Elections of the state of New York, members of the firm, Atlantic Development Group delivered the contributions in June, a few days before the Community Board meeting —where the members named by Serrano have the key vote— approved the construction of the building and consequently, the destruction of the gardens. See also: "Housing Preservation and Development Knocks Down Bronx Garden"

New York City 'Town Meeting' Passes Anti-Draft Resolution

NYC, 13.08.2004 03:12

With elected officials, activists, and experts in attendance, an assembly of New York citizens and others rejects military conscription, calls for end to Iraq War.


Puerto Rico, 13.08.2004 02:43

Venezuela: Buscan los medios independientes hacer frente a la prensa coorporativa

Latest updates on the RNC protests

Michigan, 13.08.2004 01:10

The Republican National Convention begins August 28, and there are protests, benefits, and other activities leading up to that date. Organizers in NYC have been working on this convergence for a year, so there's lots to update. Read on for the details.

VENEZUELA: Entre Imperio y Revolución

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.08.2004 23:51

Para el próximo domingo 15 de Agosto, está previsto en Venezuela la realización de un referendo nacional para decidir sobre la continuación o no del gobierno liderado por el presidente Hugo Chávez — democráticamente electo en 1998 y re-electo en 2000. Sin embargo, lo que ocurre en Venezuela, lejos de ser un mero proceso electoral que determinaría el destino de un líder, es una confrontación directa entre los movimientos populares de Venezuela y el Imperio Capitalista. Esta confrontación, sin embargo, no se decidirá en las urnas electorales, sino en la calle... [ Coverage from: I Puerto Rico Indymedia I UK Indymedia ]

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