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Scotland, 12.02.2006 18:39

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03. - 11.02.06 2. Winterthurer Anarchietage

Switzerland, 12.02.2006 18:07

Die 2. Winterthurer Anarchietage finden vom 3. - 11. Februar 2006 statt !
Wir freuen uns auf ein zahlreiches Erscheinen ! URL:

Ricordando la comandante Ramona

Switzerland, 12.02.2006 18:07

tre diversi scritti (purtroppo in spagnolo) per ricordare la comandante Ramona dell'EZLN morta per una grave malattia qualche mese fa nella selva chiapaneca.

Yumurta ve Tayyip

Istanbul, 12.02.2006 11:40

Çiftçi; “Artistlik yapmıyorum, ben sanatçı değilim”

Schools Fail Opt Out Test

Worcester, 12.02.2006 10:39

Area Schools Fail on NCLB Recruitment Opt Out

Fouad Kaady Demo Report Back

Portland, 12.02.2006 10:38

I learned today, from Rachid Kaady, that the name "Fouad" means "heart" in Lebanese. Somehow, that seems very fitting. Because, although I never met the young man whose life was taken by the police, his presence was nevertheless everywhere today. In the passionate words of his cousins and friends, in the gentle hugs from his father, and in the people who will not let his story fade away, there was surely a lot of heart in Clackamas County this afternoon. And from the bottom of my own heart, I thank each and every one of you who came to stand together on the doorstep of the CCSO, to say we've had enough.

Alejandro Queral, from the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center, began the event by eloquently explaining why we came. "This is not about retaliation," he said. "This is about justice. This is about feeling safe in our communities. This is about holding police accountable for their actions." Alejandro expressed shock and outrage about what happened to Fouad Kaady, and demanded transparency from the police. "We can't have officers investigating themselves," he said. "I hope that you will join me in demanding that Sheriff Roberts create a mechanism by which incidents of this nature can be reviewed by the citizens of this county, and where the entire investigation is made public so that there can be scrutiny of the police department."

Immediately following Alejandro's speech, Alton McDonald of the National Action Network gave a rousing call to action. "Why did the police react in such a brutal and vicious way upon this young man, who needed medical help?" He asked. "Why didn't they call for a paramedic? Why did they do this? The question has yet to be answered." Alton pointed out that the way the police have handled this incident is the way they always handle such incidents: They spend days working on cover stories and spinning lies through the corporate media. They do not seek justice. "This facility," he said, "That was built with tax payer's dollars to protect and serve the community, has now become a place where evil prevails. A place where injustice prevails. The People's rights have been violated by people who work in that building, who are paid by our tax dollars. So I ask you, the citizens of Oregon, is this right?" The crowd answered with a resounding "No!"


COWARDLY CRAIG ROBERTS POST GUARDS OUSIDE THE CLACKAMAS COUNTY FORTRESS | Fouad Kaady well represented | Clackamas Jail Prisoners denied visitors | Fouad Kaady Rally pictures | Alligators, NO Human, OK

From the Newswire

Perth, 12.02.2006 06:39

Japan using whale meat for dog food

Corporate Democracy

Perth, 12.02.2006 05:41

Democracy For Sale at Corporate Rates

Liberdade de expressão ou intolerância religiosa?

Brasil, 12.02.2006 04:38


Assembléia reafirma luta Guarani

Brasil, 12.02.2006 04:38


Aprovado &quot;pacotão da Tarifa Única&quot;

Brasil, 12.02.2006 04:38


Video From the Last Luis Marti Home Demo

DC, 12.02.2006 03:10

FBI barges in homes of Puerto Rican activists

DC, 12.02.2006 03:10

FBI agents barged into homes of Puerto Rican activists in order to prevent a supposed "terrorist" plan. This is part of the repression that began with the FBI assassinating Filiberto Ojeda Rios this past September 2005.

SUPPORT BORF! John Tsombikos to Serve Jail Time, Write him a letter!

DC, 12.02.2006 03:10

John Tsombikos was sentenced Thursday, 2/9/06 to 18th months in prison with 17 months suspended for a felony destruction of property charge relating to BORF graffiti in NW, DC. His sentence is the latest in a months long legal battle in which the Department of Justice and DC Prosecuters have alleged that John is the mastermind behind the notorious situationist and anarchist inspired BORF graffiti, seen all over DC, several other states and as far away as Italy, and Greece.

UCSC Military Recruitment Debate Reportback

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.02.2006 01:38

On Wednesday night, Colleges 9 and 10 organized a debate on the issue of military recruitment. William Griffin, the top dog for Army recruitment in the area, faced off against Mario Ramirez Hardy, who has been helping GIs get out of the military for over a decade, in addition to a wide array of counter-recruitment activities.

The night was very tightly controlled by Colleges 9 and 10 (c9/10) staff, headed by Wendy Baxter, and moderated by Professor Paul Roth. There were fears of protests from students, possibly by Students Against War (SAW), as military recruiters are known not to be welcome. Due to these fears, c9/10 staff taped a 'do not cross' line on the ground outside the Multi-Purpose Room, where the debate was held. Protesters and leafletters were not to cross the line. Nonetheless, important flyers found their way in the hands of almost all the student attendees. No protests were planned, as no military recruitment was to take place.

While the debate was not riddled with excitement, its existence signified the growth of UCSC's counter-recruitment movement and the prominance of the issue on campus, as the event was completely organized by college officials, not activists. It offered an opportunity for a wider audience to inform themselves on some of the issues related to military recruitment, which will hopefully transfer into more solidarity with counter-recruitment actions and campaigns in the future. It should also lead to a greater ability for student attendees (many of which were from SAW) to break down the fallacious arguments widely circulated by military recruiters - or 'salesmen' as Hardy called them.

'Patriot Act' Architect John Ashcroft to Speak at Vanderbilt Monday, February 13th

Tennessee, 12.02.2006 01:09

Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft to speak at Vanderbilt University John Ashcroft, who joined the Bush administration after losing his Senate bid to a dead man, went on to oversee the undermining of American Civil Liberties. Ashcroft, who was the principal architect of the Patriot Act, also oversaw the attack on women's rights, the criminalization of Arab-Americans, the imprisonment of Americans without due process and spying on Americans without a warrant. He will speak at Vanderbilt University Monday, Feb. 13, at 8 p.m. in Ingram Hall.

forum (ca)

Barcelona, 12.02.2006 01:09

Condemnats en rebel-lia els 26 dirigents del Fotut 2004 en els EEUU

L'abril de 2004 un jutjat d'Illinois (EEUU) va dictar sentència contra el Fòrum per no pagar l'encàrrec fet a una empresa nordamericana. La sentència ha esdevingut ferma i implica pagar 3000 € diaris mentre el fòrum no indemnitzi l'empresa. L'ajuntament ha replicat denunciant per extorsió l'empresa, però aquesta denúncia ha estat arxivada. Aquest és una altre episodi ridícul (i costós) del Post-Fòrum 2004, els valors del qual (multiculturalitat, pau, diàleg) sembla que ara s'hagin transmutat en la persecució i les multes de la normativa del civisme, que ja s'està aplicant, començant per les treballadores sexuals.

:: La davallada d'en Joan Clos :: :: un logo per la nova marca barcelona :: + info: >>>fòrum2004

forum (es)

Barcelona, 12.02.2006 01:09

Condenados en rebeldía los 26 dirigentes del Fotut 2004 en EEUU

En abril de 2004 un juzgado de Illinois (EEUU) dictó sentencia contra el Forum por no pagar el encargo hecho a una empresa norteamericana. La sentencia ha devenido firme e implica pagar 3000 € diarios mientras el forum no indemnice a la empresa. El ayuntamiento ha replicado denunciando por extorsión a la empresa, pero esta denuncia ha sido archivada. Este es otro episodio ridículo (y costoso) del Post-Forum 2004, cuyos valores (multiculturalidad, paz, diálogo) parece que ahora se hayan transmutado en la persecución y las multas de la normativa del civismo, que ya se está aplicando, empezando por las trabajadoras sexuales.

:: La descenso de Joan Clos :: :: un logo para la nueva marca barcelona :: + info: >>>fòrum2004

basescu vrea invazie americana

Romania, 11.02.2006 23:37

basescu si baza militara americana de la Mihail Kogalniceanu

Reactii la hotararea de a interzice soia MG

Romania, 11.02.2006 23:37

*InfOMG - Centrul de Informare asupra Organismelor Modificate Genetic

Comunicat de presa *

Miercuri, 8 februarie, 2006

"Reactii la hotararea Ministerului Agriculturii de Interzicere a cultivarii soiei MG"*

* *In urma sedintei Guvernului Romaniei din data de 25.01.2006, s-a decis pentru prima oara necesitatea adoptarii unei pozitii clare din partea Romaniei in privinta soiei modificate genetic (MG). In data de 3 februarie Ministerul Agriculturii, Padurilor si Dezvoltarii Rurale (MAPDR) a dat publicitatii printr-un comunicat de presa - faptul ca s-a decis "interzicerea cultivareii soiei MG in Romania, incepand cu data de 1 ianuarie 2007, conform reglementarilor in vigoare in Uniunea Europeana". Textul comunicatului poate fi accesat la〈=2

Intre infanticid si libertate individuala

Romania, 11.02.2006 23:37

Indiscutabil, printre cele mai inflacarate discutii in contradictoriu se afla si debate-ul "Avortul - crima sau libertate individuala".


Romania, 11.02.2006 23:37


Racist Cartoons In Europe Spark Protests Worldwide

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.02.2006 21:38

On September 30th, 2005, the Danish newspaper Jyallands Posten published a set of cartoons depicting Muhammad. The cartoons were full of racist stereotypes associating all Muslims with violence and misogyny. The Danish media started to portray complaints by Muslims against the cartoons as a reason that they were not real Danes. A trip abroad by Danish Muslim leaders led to protests that started in the West Bank and have continued in dozens of cities around the world.

Read More On Indybay's Race and International Pages

Pro-Migrant Activists Turn the Tables

LA, 11.02.2006 18:38

Pro-Migrant Activists Turn the Tables

“How Do You Make the Invisible, Visible?”

Philadelphia, 11.02.2006 18:38

A look into what El Paro, a local immigrant-rights group, and other organizations like the ACLU and AFSC are doing to bring attention to dangerous new laws proposed in HR 4437, the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005, which has passed in the House and awaits approval from the Senate.

peoples and cultures vs power and states (en)

Barcelona, 11.02.2006 17:09

Self-determination: the right to decide whether independence is wanted or not.

25 years ago, the struggle of Assemblea de Catalunya asked for the reestablishment of the Estatuto de Autonomía (Statute of Autonomous region) as a mean to exercise the right to self-determination. As usual, an actual offensive is being build against the expression of Catalan identity and the new Statute is debated among threats and coercion when it doesn't even considers the surmounting of current economic model nor modifications in the territorial division of current Spanish state. By this, many people reaffirm that with the Statute that is being proposed is not enough and that it doesn't satisfy nor guarantees the full exercise of this self-determination. For the statute to be to us all it'd be necessary a democratic and constituent process, that allowed another model of politic, social, economic and labor relations, decided freely and, for the time being, it has not been this way.

self-determination unitary campaign's manifest and platform we're a nation and we've the right to decide: parallel campaigns?>>>>Campaign we're a nation self-determination --- manifest united campaign for self-determination --- Calls Jan 19, Feb 9, Feb 11 --- results of January 19 plenary session

[February 11] 7:00PM universitat Sq. demonstration Som una nació, autodeterminació

+info : >>>cultures

Stop Bolkestein! - protesty

Poland, 11.02.2006 15:39

Sobota 11.02. i wtorek 14.02. to europejskie dni mobilizacji przeciwko unijnej dyrektywie dotyczącej liberalizacji wewnętrznego rynku usług, zwanej „Dyrektywą Bolkesteina”. Protesty odbywają się również w Polsce: dziś (11.02) w Częstochowie, Gdańsku, Katowicach, Łodzi, Poznaniu, Warszawie i Wrocławiu. Na 14.02. planowane są protesty w Olsztynie.

Galeria zdjęć: tutaj

Centros de detenção temporária iniciam funcionamento

Portugal, 11.02.2006 13:38

Centros de detenção temporária iniciam funcionamento

devastazione in lomellina

Italy, 11.02.2006 12:39

LOMELLINA: spianare, costruire, inquinare


Italy, 11.02.2006 12:39

LOMELLINA: spianare, costruire, inquinare

3000 Signature Rail Petition Ignored

Bristol, 11.02.2006 12:38

The 3000 signatures were collected in only 10 days - But is anyone listening? The 3000 signatures were collected in only 10 days - But is anyone listening? Cat Hobbs writes; A 3000 signature petition presented on Monday 6th February in support of local rail services has been ignored by the West of England Partnership...The 3000 signatures were collected in only 10 days. Petitioners met with an overwhelmingly positive response from Bristolians who are desperate for a better public transport system....Campaigners argue that the local rail network could be a key part of an integrated public transport system for Bristol that compares to those found in London and Newcastle. Using the rail infrastructure that already exists in Bristol would be a relatively easy way to improve Bristol's public transport system, making it socially and environmentally sustainable....On Monday 13th, rail campaigners will be attending the Public Transport Consultation organised by South Gloucestershire Council, to express their support for local rail services in the greater Bristol area. This meeting will be held at Patchway Community College at 7pm. Full article | 3000 signature rail petition ignored | Rail campaigners petition to support local railways Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways | Other Transport News: Report back of buses meeting | Top Professor Demolishes Bristol Airport's Claims About Being Good For Economy |


Italy, 11.02.2006 10:38

Pulizia olimpica

Latin-Ameriko (eo)

Barcelona, 11.02.2006 10:09

Brazilo: pliaj viktimoj pro la teraj konfliktoj

La gvarania popolo, denove, la celo de la grandbienistoj. Kontraŭleĝa eldomigo kaj murdo en Mato Grosso do Sul --- la situacio de la eldomigitoj --- protestoj pro la eldomigo en Nhande Ru Marangatu --- alvoko al solidareco el Morro dos Cavalos --- gvarania rezisto en Argentino --- Argentino-Salta: transnacia kompanio kontraŭ la gvarania popolo --- Indiĝenoj tupinikenoj kaj gvaranioj protestas en Gasteiz (Eŭskio)

Lastaj novaĵoj subpremo ankaŭ kontraŭ la terenia popolo --- eldomigo de gvaranioj en Espírito Santo ---

Amazono: daŭras la senpuniteco murdita kaŭĉuko-rikoltista estro

Atakoj ankaŭ kontraŭ la senterula movado Subpremo kontraŭ MTST --- Eldomigo en San-Paŭlo --- Subpremo en la komunumo Carlos Lamarca (SP)

Unu jaron post la masakro en Sonho Real Nuna panoramo: sen rajto al loĝejo --- SCA-Barcelono jariĝas --- historio de la okazaĵoj

+ infoj:: >>>SCA-Brazilo >>>Latin-ameriko

Pending Immigration Bills in Congress

Philadelphia, 11.02.2006 05:10

A breakdown of some of the currently proposed immigration reform bills pending in the US Senate and of how this affects Philadelphians.

Film: “Why We Fight” in Los Angeles

LA, 11.02.2006 03:38

Film: “Why We Fight” in Los Angeles

World Social Forum Bamako

United Kingdom, 11.02.2006 01:08

The first Social Forum on African soil took place in January in Bamako, Mali [Photos | Video]. Around 10,000 activists from Africa and Europe mainly discussed issues of global trade justice, migration and neo-colonialism during the 4 day get-together. A large scale demonstration marked the opening the WSF. The Youth Camp and some media activists participated with a soundsystem bus. Slight troubles were caused by clashes between Moroccan and Western Saharian nationalists at the end of the ceremony [Video].

Before this the stadium witnessed the opening talks of Malian associations, remembering the quest of WSF to tackle the poverty in the world and create solidarity among the people.

"We have to talk about why our joung people dreams are all about leaving Africa, why do they want to go to Europe and prefer the risk to die?"

Migration related workshops played a major role in the WSF and several statements were published about the pressing issue.

World Social Forum 2006 opens in Bamako, Mali | World Social Forum 2006: Bamako (Mali) | Caracas (Venezuela) | Karachi (Pakistan)

Fuerza Bruta Imperialista allana hogar de compañera, militantes boricuas le dan lo suyo

Puerto Rico, 11.02.2006 00:39

Fuerza Bruta Imperialista allana hogar de compañera, militantes boricuas le dan lo suyo

DC, 11.02.2006 00:10

US Election Observer delegation to the Palestinian Legislative Council from the Council for the National Interest interviews Khalid Mashaal, political head of Hamas, February 2, 2006.

Santurce: Una Muerte Anunciada

Puerto Rico, 11.02.2006 00:09

Al final: No se apagará la luz del expropiado Barrio San Mateo

ADAPT is Coming to Nashville

Tennessee, 11.02.2006 00:09

American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today Nationally, ADAPT focuses on promoting services in the community instead of warehousing people with disabilities in institutions and nursing homes. Attendant services (help with things like eating, dressing, toileting, moving from wheelchair to bed, etc.) are the cornerstone to community based services for people with severe disabilities. ADAPT is working to get 25% of the Medicaid long term care funds redirected to pay for a national, mandated attendant services program. In Tennessee, ADAPT is making plans for its national days of action during the week of March 18th -23rd in Nashville.

EUweite Mobilisierung gegen Bolkestein-Richtlinie

Germany, 10.02.2006 23:38

Vom 14. bis 16. Februar will das Plenum des Europäischen Parlaments über die Bolkestein-Richtlinie zur Liberalisierung der Dienstleistungen beraten und beschließen. Deshalb finden am 11. und 14.2. große Proteste gegen die Bolkesteinrichtlinie in Strasbourg und Berlin statt. | verdi zur DL-Richtlinie

Costa Mesa: Council member says Guinness Beer justifies immigrant crackdown

LA, 10.02.2006 23:38

Costa Mesa: Council member says Guinness Beer justifies immigrant crackdown

Cleveland-Area Grannies to Stage Mass Enlistment in Effort to Bring the Troops Home

Cleveland, 10.02.2006 23:07

Cleveland-Area Grannies to Stage Mass Enlistment in Effort to Bring the Troops Home

LA CASA DEL AIRE, AMENAZADA. Prosigue la lucha.

estrecho / madiaq, 10.02.2006 22:38

A continuación os mandamos un texto que explica la nueva situación de la Casa del Aire y lo que exigen sus vecinos/as, os pedimos que le deís a este la máxima difusión posible pues estamos comenzando una campaña pública de presión a la Inmobiliaria Edivara y al Grupo Sol para conseguir que cesen en su hostigamiento.

Boston Groups Oppose New BU Biolab in Downtown Neighborhood

United States, 10.02.2006 20:37

The Biolab, which has recently gained federal approval for construction, could break ground as soon as this month, against the community's wishes. The joint Federal and University funded level 4 Lab is on track to be built in the South End starting this spring. The Level 4 biolab will be testing incurable diseases and bio-weapons using viruses and lethal bacteria such as ebola, anthrax, hemorrhagic fever and other “unknowns” in sometimes classified experiments.

Boston IMC coverage: BU President Robert Brown Confronted at His Home About Proposed Biolab || Racism, Classism, and the BU BioLab || Action to Stop the BU Bio Terror Lab! || BU Biolab Protest During Brown's Speech

Big Brother is here, tapping us

Athens, 10.02.2006 20:08

The Orwell society, where everything is controlled, has already got quite close to us. The addiction and the familiarization to the concept of being under surveillance, the continuous control, are more visible by the time. Beyond the surveillance video-cameras, its last instance occurred with the reveal of the tapping of mobile phones possessed by the ministers and members of the government, the prime minister himself, as well as by individuals, known to the authorities for their radical political action.

The response to the dangerous new world being prepared is immediate;

Demonstration was held on Thursday 9/2: Athens, Thessaloniki (en).

Eleições não mudarão país estruturalmente

Brasil, 10.02.2006 19:38


Critics Charge Bush's LA Terror Story is Fiction.

LA, 10.02.2006 19:08

Critics Charge Bush's LA Terror Story is Fiction.

Ο Μεγάλος Αδερφός είναι εδώ και μας ακούει...

Athens, 10.02.2006 18:38

The Orwell society, where everything is controlled, has already got quite close to us. The addiction and the familiarization to the concept of being under surveillance, the continuous control, are more visible by the time. Beyond the surveillance video-cameras, its last instance occurred with the reveal of the tapping of mobile phones possessed by the ministers and members of the government, the prime minister himself, as well as by individuals, known to the authorities for their radical political action.

The response to the dangerous new world being prepared is immediate;

Demonstration was held on Thursday 9/2: Athens, Thessaloniki.

&quot;Stand Up for a Seat Forum&quot; Promotes Participation

Philadelphia, 10.02.2006 16:38

Yesterday evening over 100 people gathered at the National Constitution Center for Young Involved Philadelphia’s (YIP) February Forum: “Stand Up for a Seat – Running for Office in 2006”. This free public event, co-sponsored by YIP, the National Constitution Center, the Committee of Seventy and the Young America PAC, featured panelists who had been elected to offices in the Greater Philadelphia area as young people. They highlighted that one need not have a huge bank account or an army of volunteers in order to run, and provided attendees with a practical guide to how the political system is structured.

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