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Portland, 14.02.2006 05:10

The Bush administration shocked Americans this week by proposing to sell of 200,000 acres of public lands to pay for rural schools in his budget. The Klamath National Forest would be the hardest hit in the national with about 50 square miles to be sold from the Klamath River. Under Bush's plan, the Forest Service would sell 200,000 acres of public lands, including 85,465 acres in California.

Shockingly, more than a third of California's acreage would come from the Klamath National Forest.

This plan calls for halving the amount of money going to rural communities under the County Payments program, and re-linking the money to logging on public lands. The Bush proposal calls for selling off approximately $800 million worth of America's forestlands-lands that were set aside as a legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Please take a few moments to write or email your Senators and tell them that you oppose the Bush administration's cynical plan which will destroy the County Payments program, create more conflict in rural communities over logging and sell off America's public lands. Also please write letters to the editors in your local area about this tragic selling of our National Heritage.

phone: 541 951-0126

a partir del 14 de febrero y hasta el 19 de marzo Ex Argentina en el Palais de Glace y en sedes descentralizadas

Argentina, 14.02.2006 04:08

Comienza la muestra Ex Argentina

População reclama do preço da tarifa única e da falta de ônibus

Brasil, 14.02.2006 04:08


Plan to Restore Streetcars in Angelino Heights

LA, 14.02.2006 04:08

Plan to Restore Streetcars in Angelino Heights

Fayetteville Plan 2025: The Hype Is Thick

Arkansas, 14.02.2006 03:39

After attending the grand opening at the Walton Arts Center of the much-advertised Fayetteville Plan 2025 week of community participation, I left a little saddened at the destiny of this little town in the hills. For all the talk of smart-growth and pedestrian friendly corridors, everyone with any sense knows that Fayetteville is going to end up a sprawled out town with a few bike lanes in the middle of an incredibly sprawled out region with little transportation and housing options besides owning a car and a house in a subdivision.

Two-Year Anniversary of SF Same Sex Marriages to Be Observed Statewide

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.02.2006 03:39

Two years ago, on February 12th, Gavin Newsom opened the doors to City Hall and over 4,000 same-sex couples were married in San Francisco. Those marriages were later overturned. Equality California (EQCA) has launched a month-long "Get Engaged Tour" to galvanize people all over California around the cause of ending marriage discrimination against same-sex couples. On Valentine's Day, couples all over the state will to go to their county clerk's office to request marriage licenses.

Read more on Indybay's LGBT/Queer, North Bay, and California News Pages

Medical Marijuana Week in the Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.02.2006 03:39

Medical Marijuana Week 2006 has begun. On Monday, February 12th, the California Marijuana Party will hold an Art Party. On Tuesday, people will gather at 2:15pm at Hippie Hill for a "Spread the Love Valentines' Seed Planting." On Wednesday night, "2/15," (Proposition) 215's 10 Year Anniversary Party will be held in San Francisco. Other events during the week will include a film fest, a comedy night, a medical cannabis town hall, and a medical marijuana university. On Thursday, February 16th, there will also be hearings in Oakland for potential Medical Cannabis Dispensaries.

Read more about these events, and others on Indybay's DrugWar and California News Pages

The end of Channel 1!!!

Portland, 14.02.2006 00:38

About 4 months ago, I wrote here that a corperation called "Channel One" had been broadcasting its ad-loaded crap in my classroom. Every day at the end of "study time", the tv in our class would automaticaly come on and play Channel 1, a corperation that makes schools, in exchange for free tv's, play a 12 min. "news" program with 2 min. of commercials.* Now, possibly only temporaraly, but still, C1 has stopped in our class, not because we have called to complain several times, but because people were talking during the broadcast. Even if this action is only temporaraly stopped in our class, my principle assures us that channel one will be removed at the end of the year. Wanna know why? because we spoke out. It has been broadcasted in that school for 15 years and will finaly be permanantly removed because we spoke out.

[ read more

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&lt;br /&gt;EUA preparam ataque a centrais iranianas

Portugal, 14.02.2006 00:08

<br />EUA preparam ataque a centrais iranianas

'They can protest, but they cannot delay it'

Ireland, 13.02.2006 23:39

A portent of all that was to follow on the discove ...

Petition coming to expand CA Assembly to 800 . . .

Santa Barbara, 13.02.2006 23:07

Santa Barbara, California resident Michael C. Warnken has filed a petition-initiative request with the California Legislative Counsel. The Counsel has six weeks to work with Mr. Warnken in drafting legally binding language for placing his "Citizens Assembly Act" before the voting public this November. Mr. Warnken believes the California Assembly needs to be expanded in size, without any increase in its costs, from its current 80 members to somewhere over 800 members.

Petrodollars and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: Understanding the Planned Assault on Iran

Portland, 13.02.2006 22:38

Since December 2005, however, there have been much firmer indications both that the planned attack will go ahead in late March 2006, and also that the Cheney-Bush administration intends it to involve the use of nuclear weapons.

It is important to understand the nature and scale of the war crimes that are being planned—and no less important to recognize that, as in the case of the Bush regime's assault on Iraq, the pretexts being advanced to legitimize this intended aggression are entirely fraudulent. Unless the lurid fantasies of people like former Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security and now Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton count as evidence—and Bolton's pronouncements on the weaponry supposedly possessed by Iraq, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela show him to be less acquainted with truth than Jean Harlow was with chastity—there is no evidence that Iran has or has ever had any nuclear weapons development program. Claims to the contrary, however loudly they may have been trumpeted by Fox News, CNN, or The New York Times, are demonstrably false.

2/09/06 Rally Against Police Brutality

Richmond, 13.02.2006 22:38

"We will not remain silent in Richmond anymore!" Community outrage over the police killing of Billy Thigpen III grows.

Richmond IndyMedia News

Richmond, 13.02.2006 22:38


Prefeitura de Rio Branco Aumenta a Passagem de Ônibus

Brasil, 13.02.2006 21:38


The pacifist strategy of Jesus - Part 1. The lost message

Portland, 13.02.2006 21:38

We know that the cross was an instrument of torture employed by the ancient Roman state. The Roman economy was arranged as an hierarchical male patriarchy, wherein a small clique of dominant male patriarchs accumulated wealth which was the product of slave labor. No Roman patriarch could get as rich as one hundred or one thousand based only upon their own labor, for this would require them to work one hundred or one thousand times more, which is not possible, which is why the Roman patriarchy relied upon slaves and forced labor in order to produce the wealth required to make the patriarch rich. Slavery is not a voluntary occupation, but rather such a system of domination requires brutish force and terrorism to maintain itself, and for this reason the cross was employed as the instrument of terror. There are many ways to murder another human being. A quick blow over the head would do the trick, but such a death did not incorporate the essential element of terror which is incorporated in such a gruesome form of execution as the crucifixion. Therefore, to be crucified is to become the victim of terrorist attack. This is obvious. We know that when Spartacus led a failed slave uprising in the Roman Empire, five thousand rebel slaves were crucified alongside all the roads leading into Rome as a demonstration of patriarchal power. According to accounts of the time, the bodies were then left to rot on the crosses, and the stench was unbearable. To be crucified was the consequence of challenging the power of the Roman state. To attack the practice of crucifixion was an attack on the economic foundations of the patriarchal order. For this reason we know that in its earliest form, what became 'Christianity' was an attack on the Roman patriarchy and was also a sword aimed at the heart of the Roman economic system.


The pacifist strategy of Jesus - Part 2 : An example

Kevin Tubbs Detention Hearing Report

Portland, 13.02.2006 21:38

Kevin Tubbs was denied release on bail pending trial (Monday, Feb. 6th) in the US District Court in Eugene.

Magistrate Judge Coffin in his ruling stated that the charges are extreme and violent and that he rejects the notion that intent to only destroy property poses no threat to human beings. He said that time-delay devices were used and that all the defendants were very lucky that no one had been killed or they would be facing homicide charges. He said, "Arson is extremely violent." He said to Friedman that he found it ironic that "your client is cooperating" and that for the released defendants he had taken into account the far out date set for trial, but that Tubbs admits committing the crimes and therefore will not be released. He said one thing he may take into account which could change his mind was any pending plea agreements offered by the government. He recessed court and asked for counsel to meet at that time in his chambers to discuss possible deals. (Any deals made today should be available in public records soon.)

St-Bonifacius kerk(Brussel) bijna 4 maanden bezet

Oost-Vlaanderen, 13.02.2006 21:37

St-Bonifacius kerk(Brussel) bijna 4 maanden bezet!

Rapport Pentagon: Oorlog op het net

Oost-Vlaanderen, 13.02.2006 21:37

Rapport Pentagon: Oorlog op het net

TROPICAL GREEN Conference at Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus Feb 9-10

Miami, 13.02.2006 21:07

TROPICAL GREEN Conference at Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus Feb 9-10

SHAC 7 Trial Has Begun

Philadelphia, 13.02.2006 20:38

The SHAC 7 trial kicked off February 6th, with a strong protest of about 80-100 people, despite attempts by Homeland Security to prevent the demonstration from happening.

Vrijheid van meningsuiting of islamofobie?

Oost-Vlaanderen, 13.02.2006 20:07

Vrijheid van meningsuiting of islamofobie?

CWD Presents The Miami Model at UCSD Friday

San Diego, 13.02.2006 19:38

Committee for World Democracy Political/Educational Film Series
Center Hall 109 Friday, Feb 17th, 7:00PM
Cost: FREE

THE MIAMI MODEL- In November, 2003, trade ministers from 34 countries met in Miami, Florida, to negotiate the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). Thousands of union members, environmentalists, feminists, anarchists, students, farm workers, media activists, and human rights activists who gathered in Miami to struggle against the FTAA were brutally attacked with rubber bullets, pepper spray, electric guns and shock batons, embedded reporters and information warfare, all coordinated by the new United States Department of Homeland Security. Against Capital's model of paramilitary oppression, information warfare, and corporate rule, we offered models of grassroots resistance, creative action and solidarity.

Indymedia Oncampus volunteer Michael Cardenas will be on hand to talk about Indymedia and the filmmaking process behind the Miami Model.

More info about the Miami Model:

Complete CWD file schedule:

Click "read more" to download flyers!

Bureaucrash Inside CPAC '06, the Conservative Political Action Conference

DC, 13.02.2006 18:10

(...they're even worse when they think they're among friends.)


Colombia, 13.02.2006 18:08

Software Libre y TLC


Argentina, 13.02.2006 17:09

Health Care Amendment Campaign Gaining Momentum; Supporters Plan Action for May 10th Constitutional Convention

Boston, 13.02.2006 17:08

BOSTON, MA - February 10, 2006 - Representatives from 30 labor and community groups have joined 50 other organizations committed to support passage of the Health Care Amendment that would guarantee every Massachusetts resident access to affordable coverage for medically necessary health and mental health care services. The amendment will be on the agenda of the Constitutional Convention slated to meet again on May 10th.

From the Newswire

Perth, 13.02.2006 15:39

ACTION: SEE YOU IN THE CITY - who's watching who?


Switzerland, 13.02.2006 15:37

Carissime e carissimi utenti,
il cambiamento di look del sito continua: PARTECIPA ANCHE TU !!!
Da oggi è ufficialmente aperto il concorso per il banner di, quello ora presente a sfondo blu é chiaramente temporaneo.
ISCRIZIONE: scrivici entro il 17 febbraio, mettendo BANNER come oggetto dell'email.
Attenderemo le tue creazioni per fine mese, ma se ritieni di avere bisogno di un pò più di tempo, faccelo sapere e aspetteremo ancora qualche giorno. Tutti i lavori inviati dovranno sottostare alla licenza CC.
Grazie e buon lavoro.


Colombia, 13.02.2006 13:08

Quo Vadis Uribe

Comienza el proceso MayDaySur 06: Asamblea preparatoria mayday sur 06 en granada

estrecho / madiaq, 13.02.2006 11:37

Este fin de semana, 14 y 15 de Enero, se celebra en Granada, en el CSO Casa de los 15 gatos, la primera asamblea preparatoria del mayday sur 06 :::
La [[Mayday Parade]] es una convocatoria que se viene celebrando en distintos lugares de europa desde el 2001, y que pretende reinterpretar la fiesta-reivindicación del primero de mayo conforme a los nuevos sujetos que poblan las distintas realidades laborales y vitales.
Trabajador*s eventuales, fij*s, discontínu*s, teleoperador*s, migrantes, trabajodor*s en negro, amas de casa, becari*s, trabajador*s cognitivos, camarer*s, intermitentes, desocupad*s, estudiantes, temporeros, artistas, traductor*s, programador*s, cuidador*s, limpiador*s, trabajador*s del sexo, operarios de la subjetividad [...]
Una constelación de precari@s, remunerd*s y no, con y sin papeles, que luchan contra y desde su condición precaria.
El año pasado, en el [[euromaydaysur05]] l@s precari@s del sur ya salieron a la calle, una auténtica mani-fiesta-acción; y esta iniciativa, que constituye un medio de visibilización de las nuevas formas de rebeldía, movimientos y prácticas, amenaza con seguir haciéndose cada vez más fuerte.
Lo mismo ocurre en distintos lugares de europa; y con estas prácticas se está tejiendo una red de movimientos, de investigación y de cooperación en contínuo proceso, que lucha por unos derechos básicos de una manera heterogénea y articulada, desde las singularidades propias que estructuran nuestras realidades cotidianas.
L@s precari@s del sur se rebelan! Mayday mayday!

::: Cajade herraminetas del precariado ::: textos y links de utilidad :::
Sobre el panorma contemporáneo:
[paradigmas sociales del posfordismo] [producción de conocimiento y valor en el posfordismo] [Diez tesis sobre la multitud y el capitalismo posfordista] [aproximación al nuevo ecosistema de la fuerza de trabajo]
[precariedad y cuidados: hacia un derecho fundamental de cuidadanía] [sobre la feminización del trabajo]
[del biopoder a la biopolítica] [producción biopolítica]
[multitudes] [multitud|imperio]
léxico precario:
[léxico precario]
planteamientos culturales:
[precarización cultural] [proyecto desacuerdos]
Varios movimientos precarios:
[varios|revista contrapoder] [investigadores precarios] [precarias a la deriva] [intermitentes del espectáculo|francia] [chainworkers|italia]
Herramientas precarias:
[Renta básica] [propuestas|debate sobre renta básica] [reclama tu renta, precariado!]
[nuestra señora de la precariedad] [san precario] [san precario en acción]
May day:
[euromayday] [maydaysur]
Arte precario:
[melodías precarias] [ritmos precarios] [arte|difusión] [fotos maydaysur 05]

Indoktrynacji religijnej w szkołach DZIĘKUJEMY!

Poland, 13.02.2006 11:09

Od początku roku Ministerstwo Edukacji i Nauki (MEiN) złożyło narodowi szereg propozycji wzmacniających pozycję religii katolickiej w powszechnej edukacji szkolnej. Propozycje opcjonalnego wyboru egzaminu z religii na maturze, utworzenia Narodowego Instytutu Wychowania oraz monitorowania mediów pod kątem treści szkodliwych dla młodzieży to tylko niektóre elementy nowego pakietu edukacyjnego rządu Kazimierza Marcinkowicza. Informacje MeiN. Na protesty nie trzeba było długo czekać.

Segregation Returning to Oklahoma County Public Library?

Oklahoma, 13.02.2006 07:38

trying to impose book segregation based on the content of books Op-Ed Why are some of the Library Commissioners so interested in supressing diversity in Oklahoma County? Why are they afraid of a minority that has never harmed them or their families? But some Commissioners are intent on fulfilling their private prejudice wherever they see it in a public place. Why are some of the Library Commissioners so interested in supressing diversity in Oklahoma County? Why are they afraid of a minority that has never harmed them or their families? But some Commissioners are intent on fulfilling their private prejudice wherever they see it in a public place. Dear of friend of equality and fellow tax-payer, Like you, I'm glad racial segregation was outlawed a generation ago. However, some members of the Metropolitan Library Commission of Oklahoma County--your public library--are trying to impose book segregation based on the content of books which they find contrary to their personal point-of-view. Specifically, age-appropriate children's books written to outline the diversity of families in Oklahoma County, including gay families, are threatened with exclusion to separate shelving with access only by adults. Don't you think a book should be cataloged and shelved by considering only it's content and not the religious and political prejudice of others? Here is the motion to be discussed and voted on at the February 16, Library Commission meeting-- Motion from Special Committee: The special committee moves that a special section be created with the children's area of all MLS locations. Materials for easy readers, readers, and tweens will be shelved in this section. The collection within this section would include all books/materials identified as: child abuse, child abuse prevention, child sexual abuse, child sexual abuse prevention, domestic/family violence, drug abuse, substance abuse, medication abuse, alcoholism, homosexuality, premarital sex, extramarital sex. Other subjects identified as useful to families based on requests, patterns of use or, in the judgment of staff, are thought to support our patron's needs in parenting may be included. ============================================= And here is the policy that will be used to help implement this motion should it pass: All Easy, Reader and Tween titles (currently owned and future additions) with the subject heading 'homosexuality' or 'homosexuality--fiction' will be permanently placed in this section. ============================================= The special committee is allowing other children's books in this special section to rotate, but gay-positive themed books will NOT. All of these segregated books will have special markings on the spines indicating they are to be kept on segregated shelves. If you're reading this you know there is nothing inherently abusive, addictive, dishonest or illegal about being a gay/lesbian parent or individual. Being gay/lesbian is not addictive, violent, or abusive. Yet the expressed direction of this motion will contradict the humanity of you and your children. Do you feel as strongly as I do that our Oklahoma County Library System should be free of homophobia and adhere to professional standards, offering all customers the same opportunities for information without editorial coloring? This topic will be on the agenda of the full Commission on February 16, Thursday, 3:30pm Village Library, 10307 N. Pennsylvania, between Britton and Heffner. There is plenty of parking. You can attend this meeting or you can send faxs, letters, and phone calls to the Metro Library Commission at these numbers and address (call the library for the proper email address): Metropolitan Library System 300 Park Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73102 The phone number is (405) 606-3726 Note: Faxes may be sent to Library Commission members at the library system's administrative offices: (405) 606-3722 For your information I've included some points you may want to consider in your response: Reinstitution of social segregation Fear of minorities Gay people involved in all aspects of American society Segregation is the wrong example for a public library to present Metro Library is in full compliance with local/state/federal laws As a public service Metro must accommodate many religious and political viewpoints without undue comment Oklahoma County has a wide diversity of viewpoints both social, religious and political Is the Commission's legacy going to be one of domination by the majority, squelching minorities they don't like? Personal dislikes have no place in a public decision-making body Bringing personal discomfort to a public commission does not serve the public interest All law-abiding, tax-payers have the right to access library services and information without artificial restrictions Professional library standards enhance the opportunities of living in Oklahoma County Call me with your comments and questions, James Nimmo 405-843-3651  

Internal Investigation Reveals SCPD Out of Control

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.02.2006 06:10

The Santa Cruz Police Department cleared themselves of any wrongdoing in infiltrating the Last Night Santa Cruz DIY parade planning meetings. The investigation was lead by Deputy Chief Kevin Vogel who made the decision to infiltrate the planning meetings. The 600-page report said that the police had every reason to monitor the group (or any group in the future) because they had public safety in mind.

Read more on Santa Cruz IMC and Indybay's Police State Page

Free The Markets!

North Carolina, 13.02.2006 05:39

Free The Markets!

The Meaning of Pie

North Carolina, 13.02.2006 05:09

The Meaning of Pie

Dresden: 13. Februar

Germany, 13.02.2006 03:38

Dresden im 800. Jahr seines Bestehens, Dresden im Februar, Dresden und der größte Naziaufmarsch der BRD. Heute versammelten sich zwischen 3.000 und 4000 Alt- und Neonazis, um den so genannten "Bombenholocaust" am 13. Februar zu "gedenken". Im letzten Jahr waren 6500 nach Dresden gekommen. Und auch wenn dieses Jahr nicht ganz zu viele Demonstranten zu erwarten waren, so ist der "Trauermarsch" in der Landeshauptstadt wohl eines der großen Events auf dem Veranstaltungskalender der Geschichtsrevisionisten. Gegen den Naziaufmarsch wurde sowohl von Seiten der BürgerInnen als auch seitens der "Antifa" mobilisiert. Etwa 1000 beteiligten sich an Versuchen, die Nazidemo zu blockieren. Von "Demokratiemeile" über einer antifaschistischen Demonstration, Dresden steht ein interessantes Wochenende bevor.

Aktuelle Berichte bei Indymedia: DD bereitet sich vor - Nazis nicht Willkommen | Naziaufmarsch gestoppt - Bericht #1 | #2 | Englische Wochen (Nazibilder) | Rückblick 11.2. | Destroy the spirit of Dresden | Fotos | Fotoreportage #1 | #2 & Bericht

Südamerikas größtes besetztes Hochhaus bedroht

Germany, 13.02.2006 03:38

São Paulo. "Prestes Maia", das bei weitem größte besetzte Hochhaus auf dem lateinamerikanischen Kontinent, ist von Räumung bedroht. Mit seinen 468 Familien, Herberge für mehr als 1.600 ehemals obdachlose Menschen, inklusive Kinder, Alte und Behinderte, wird das Gebäude in Kürze seinem "rechtmäßigen" Eigner, Mr. Hamuche & Co., überstellt, der in den letzten 15 Jahren "Eigentümerschaft" Gemeinde-Schulden im Höhe von 5 Millionen Reais (etwa 2.2 Mio $) angehäuft hat, was mehr ist als das Gebäude Wert ist. Dieser enormen Schuldenberg, zusammen mit jahrelanger Außerbetriebsetzung des Hauses, sollte (sogar nach geltemden Recht) das Anrecht auf Übergabe des Hochhauses an die Öffentlichkeit durch die lokale Gemeindeverwaltung rechtfertigen, aber trotz alledem wird es an den Eigner zurückgegeben und hunderte Menschen auf die Straße setzen.

Indymedia Brasilien | Fotos/Bericht: Protest gegen die Räumung am Rathaus | Blockade der Prestes Maia's Straße: 1 | 2 | 3


Miami, 13.02.2006 03:07


Internal Investigation Reveals SCPD Out of Control

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.02.2006 02:38

The Santa Cruz Police Department cleared themselves of any wrongdoing in infiltrating the Last Night Santa Cruz DIY parade planning meetings, of course. Given that the investigation was lead by Deputy Chief Kevin Vogel who made the decision to infiltrate the planning meetings, this is no surprise. The 600-page report said that the police had every reason to monitor the group (or any group in the future) because they had public safety in mind. Read more

Download portions of Deputy Chief Vogel's Internal Investigation (pdf): Summary | Interviews | Reports

previous SC-IMC coverage of SCPD Spying: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Fury grows over suspicious death during police raid

United Kingdom, 13.02.2006 00:39

On January 10th West Yorkshire Police raided a house in Plumstead, South East London, looking for a suspect in connection with the shooting of Pc Sharon Beshenivsky. Allegedly the robbers who shot the Pc have links to the Somali community in the Woolwich/Plumstead area. When the police raided the house, alone inside was Nuur Saeed who was unconnected to the accused but later found outside seriously injured. It seems he fell head first from a second story balcony. He died on January 22nd from a massive brain injury.

Back in August another young black man died In Bradford in unclear circumstances. Paul Coker died on the floor of a cell in Plumstead nick. His mother and sister attended a large demonstration at the police station where several hundred people gathered to express their anger over Nuur Saeed's death. "They are experiencing the same unaccountable wall of silence that the de Menezes family are so angry about. The family of Nuur Saeed have all this to come." Right now they are still coming to terms with the death of a loved one. His friends and the local community are furious.

Article with photos and report of the demonstration

Links: Police network tracks vehicles [in Beshenivsky case] | Justice for Nuur Saeed | Family wants truth about how Nuur Saeed died | Justice for Nuur Saeed Campaign launched

Other Media: Somalis protest over death during police raid | Somali community demands justice for Nuur Saeed | Scores protest at police station | Protesters demand truth after fatal fall

Bypass Hard to Swallow

United Kingdom, 13.02.2006 00:39

On Sunday 5th February, over 40 people gathered on Lumb Lane, Hollingworth, to decorate the trees and hedges overlooking the line of the proposed A628 Mottram-Tintwistle bypass. Longdendale was, until recently, an historic farming community, where ancient customs survived and were respected.

The scheme proposed in 2004 comprises the construction of a 6km by-pass for the villages of Mottram, Hollingworth and Tintwistle, and modifications to the A628 and A616 corridor between Tintwistle and junctions 35a and 36 of the M1. The road building plans, as they stand at the moment, threaten the unique landscape around this area, more specifically the beautiful Longdendale valley, the nature reserve of Swallow's Woods, open moorland, and as some have argued, ultimately the whole of the northern Peak District by laying the groundwork a future major M1/M67 link road.

Protesters meet for Tree Dressing event | Road Alert: New Road Building Proposed for the Peak District

Sociedade exige adiamento da escolha do padrão de TV digital no Brasil

Brasil, 13.02.2006 00:09


10 à 15.000 manifestants à Strasbourg contre Bolkestein

Liege, 13.02.2006 00:07

New Orleans: The American Disaster

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.02.2006 23:39

February 13th-16th at the UCSC campus will be dedicated to raising awareness about the issues surrounding New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The event, titled "New Orleans: The American Disaster," will highlight issues regarding the various levels of institutionalized inequity exemplified by the post hurricane response. Each night will focus on making connections to the day-to-day parallels of injustice in the social makeup of America.

Read More On Santa Cruz Indymedia

Aya de León Throws Her Annual Valentine's Show

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.02.2006 23:39

Local diva/artist/poet Aya de León is having her annual Alternative Valentine's show, on Tuesday, February 14th at 8pm at the La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley. Aya de León married herself in 1996 and has been throwing celebrations of love of self ever since.

Read More On Indybay's Arts and East Bay Pages

Press Conference and Rally To Protest Execution Of Michael Morales

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.02.2006 23:39

Michael Morales is scheduled to be executed by the state of California at 12:01am on February 21st. Two men were responsible for the 1981 rape and murder of a woman named Terri Winchell. Only Michael Morales, who is Latino, received a sentence of death. In the 25 years since, he has continued to accept responsibility, seek atonement for his actions, and affirm his sincere and unquestioned remorse for the anguish he caused the victim and her family. A Press Conference, Rally, and "Die-In" to protest the scheduled execution will be held on Monday, February 13th at 4:00pm at the California State Building in San Francisco.

Read More On Indybay's Police and California Pages

Oakland Educators May Strike If No Contract Agreement Reached Soon

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.02.2006 23:39

Every Saturday is now Supermarket Saturday, where Oakland Education Association (OEA) union members and allies go to supermarkets in Oakland and hand out information about their struggle. Oakland's teachers have been working without a contract for over a year and a half. 30% of Oakland's teachers leave the school system every year, leading to a destabilized learning environment for students. The OEA could hold a strike vote this month if the school district has not offered what the union considers a fair contract. The district is advertising jobs on Craig's List for strikebreaking substitute teachers (scabs).

Read more of this story on Indybay's Labor and Workers and East Bay News Pages

Pest On The Move

Cleveland, 12.02.2006 23:07

Bush Infestation To Strike Ohio


Portland, 12.02.2006 22:38

When: Tuesday, February 14, 2006; 7-9 p.m.
Where: It's a Beautiful Pizza; 3342 SE Belmont Ave., Portland

Details: Long-time Portland activist Joe Keating has dedicated his life to making Portland and Oregon a better place. On Feb. 8 a fire broke out in Joe's home, taking the life of a friend staying with Joe at the time and seriously damaging Joe's house. The house, unfortunately, was not insured and while repairable, will cost far more than Joe has.

Now is the time to pay back a little of what Joe has given for us over all these years. We are holding a community benefit for Joe Keating at It's a Beautiful Pizza 7-9 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 14. There will be music and stories from Joe's many friends. Our goal is to raise as much as we can to put towards the cost of repairing Joe's home and helping him through this difficult time.

I know Joe from way back. Joe never rests when it comes to the Ancient Forests. Joe is one of the best organizers I know and has always had the most positive of attitudes when it comes to division in the ranks. Joe got a bus together called "Cool."

Show your love this Valentine's Day by taking out a few hours to help someone who has helped so many - and don't forget to bring your check book! CONTACT: DAVE MAZZA (503-239-4991); ALAN GRAF (503-449-4388)

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