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Film: Thirst

Oklahoma, 15.02.2006 23:07

Monday, February 20 at 7:00 p.m., Nightingale Theater, Tulsa Announcement Is water a human right or a commodity to be bought and sold in the global marketplace? For a look into this question, come join Sustainable Tulsa and Films for Thought at the Nightingale for the screening and discussion of Thirst. Is water a human right or a commodity to be bought and sold in the global marketplace? For a look into this question, come join Sustainable Tulsa and Films for Thought at the Nightingale for the screening and discussion of Thirst. Thirst Monday, February 20 at 7:00pm Nightingale Theatre 1416 E. Fourth St., Tulsa The event is free and open to the public, but donations for the use of the space will be gladly accepted. For more information call Keeshi @ 808-7713. More About the Film . . . Thirst vividly documents the global resistance to water privatization. Centered by footage from the Third World Water Forum in Kyoto, Japan, the film parallels stories from Cochabamba, Bolivia, Rajasthan, India and Stockton, California. This is the first film that deals directly with the global corporate drive to privatize water resources — a worldwide threat to public health, welfare and trust. Narratives in the film look at corporate takeovers of municipal water utilities, the perverse commercialization of bottled water, and bulk water sales and transfers. The central story in Thirst takes place in Stockton, California. Mayor Gary Podesto proposes to give control of the water system to a consortium of global water corporations. He is surprised by the reaction as Stockton residents create a new grassroots coalition to demand a say in the decision.  

Saving the Bay of La Paz &amp;amp;amp;amp; Gulf of California

Santa Barbara, 15.02.2006 20:07

This is a brief historical summary of our groups efforts and progress toward saving the Bay of La Paz &amp;amp; Gulf of California, the most bio-diverse body of water on Earth.

Kum-Kum Bhavnani's film &quot;The Shape of Water&quot; Debuts at SBIFF

Santa Barbara, 15.02.2006 20:07

KCSB reporter Heather Buchheim interviews film-maker and professor Kum-Kum Bhavnani on her film, which follows peace and social justice movements led by women in Brazil, Senegal, Jerusalem, and India.

IV Community Free Skool Kickoff

Santa Barbara, 15.02.2006 20:07

The Isla Vista Community Free Skool held its kickoff event in Estero park on Saturday.

Vincent en David (UDEP) verhindert uitwijzing opgesloten vluchteling

Oost-Vlaanderen, 15.02.2006 18:37

Vincent en David (UDEP) verhindert uitwijzing opgesloten vluchteling


Arizona, 15.02.2006 18:37

Tucson Raging Grannies Give Valentine to Senator McCain

Direct Action for Hotel Residents

New Orleans, 15.02.2006 16:09

Direct Action for Hotel Residents

Voices of the Evicted: Video documentary

New Orleans, 15.02.2006 16:09

Voices of the Evicted: Video documentary

5 million acres saved!! in Great Bear Rainforest

Portland, 15.02.2006 15:38

Thanks, to all of the thousand of activist who have over the years worked to protect the Great Bear Rainforest. Whether you stood outside a Home Depot, Lumbermens, Lowes, or one of the many timber targets of the Great Bear Campaign, with a sign, dropped a banner or raised a ruckus, thanks! You are a part of the team that just protected 5 million acres of rainforest from all logging, which is twice the size of Yellowstone National Park covering over 100 river valleys.

It's taken almost ten years of pressure, negotiation, tremendous effort and lots of help from you, but it's finally official: the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement has been approved by the government of British Columbia! Created by ForestEthics and its allies in unprecedented cooperation with First Nations (aboriginal groups), logging companies, corporations and local communities, the agreement will protect over 5 million acres of rainforest from all logging.

And as amazing as that is, it's only part of the story. The agreement also means that a new system of sustainable forestry, Ecosystem Based Management, will be put into place throughout the entire 16 million acres of the Great Bear. And it means First Nations and local communities will get $120 million in funding for initiatives like ecotourism and eco-friendly businesses?as long as the Canadian federal government meets its promise to contribute its $30 million share. To find out more about the details of the agreement, visit

Squatters united against gentrification

United Kingdom, 15.02.2006 14:08

In november last year, Franscesca’s Cafe in Broadway Market was occupied to keep it out of the hands of developers who acquired the council owned property for a bargain price in what appears to be a dodgy deal with Hackney Council. [background feature | campaign website ] Right next to London Fields park and Regents canal, the property is an area long desired by developers, and ever since Hackney began it's desperate money grabbing policy of selling off it's properties, the vultures have descended. However, it's not just communities in trendy parts of London that are being torn apart by gentrification.

In São Paulo, Brazil, major José Serra has made it his mission to 'gentrify' the city centre, expelling thousands of the low-earning families and street dwellers. In the next two weeks, he plans to evict what is probably the biggest single squat in the whole of South America. The 'Prestes Maia' is a 22 storey tower block housing 468 families, a library, workshops, and a venue for numerous autonomous educational, social and cultural activities. People of all ages and upbringings, children, elderly, disabled, artists, activists and students, have all been working together to create a new understanding of how the city should and can work. Now the 'lawful owner' wants it emptied, despite having accumulated a debt in municipal taxes of some 5 million reais (approx. 1.5 million pounds) during the last 15 years of 'ownership'. This enormous debt (more than the value of the building), together with long years of abandonment, should well justify (even according to law) a claim for the building to become public property by the local municipality, but nevertheless major José Serra plans to spend public money to mount a massive police operation and make 1,600 people homeless for his gentrification plans.

In London, a solidarity demo has been called for 1pm outside the Brazilian Embassy.

A film about the squat will be screened at the rampART on thursday night.

[Solidarity Demo London, Thursday 16th | Background | Petition | Ongoing coverage (Portuguese)]

Protesto Internacional contra indústria de peles da China

Brasil, 15.02.2006 14:08


Сетевая атака продолжается

Belarus, 15.02.2006 14:07

Aubonne: Verfahren gegen die Polizei

Austria, 15.02.2006 13:37

Im Mai 2003 blockierte eine AktivistInnengruppe die Autobahnbrücke Aubonne ("Aubonnebrücke") um einer G8 Delegation den Weg zum Gipfel in Evian zu versperren. Die Polizei durchtrennte das Kletterseil und tötete dabei beinahe zwei AktivistInnen. Nun müssen sich der Polizist, der das Seil kappte, und sein Vorgesetzter vor Gericht verantworten.

Contra la especulación, ocupación. 70 personas en la calle tras el desalojo de la Encarnación

estrecho / madiaq, 15.02.2006 11:37

Vídeo con entrevistas tras el desalojo de las casas ocupadas en Encarnación 5 y 7, lunes 13 de febrero 2006 en Sevilla. 70 personas se han quedado sin techo.

>>cobertura medios

La Haine: Desalojo de la Casa Okupada de la Encarnación

La Haine - Sevilla

Hoy (lunes 13) a la ocho de la mañana, se ha desalojado la casa ocupada de la Encarnación, tras un abordaje totalmente ilegal por parte de la policía, que sin ninguna orden judicial, ha entrando en la casa derribando a golpe de maza la puerta de entrada y sacando de sus habitaciones a la gente con lo puesto, posteriormente la han montado en una furgoneta de la policía para proceder e identificarlos en la Comisaría central de Blas Infante...

25 février : Manif Nationale pour la régularisation de tous les sans-papiers

Liege, 15.02.2006 11:37

Après le succès de la manifestation à Vottem, après 4 mois d'occupation de l'église Saint-Boniface à Bruxelles par les sans papiers, notre mobilisation ne doit pas faiblir. Les prises de position politiques se sont multipliées, si la mobilisation s'amplifie, un véritable débat polititique pourra peut-être enfin s'ouvrir sur la nécessité d'une régularisation. La régularisation des sans papiers est la seule alternative à l'enfermement et aux expulsions, à la politique restrictive qui génère la clandestinité, la précarité, l'exploitation...

&quot;Eye of the Storm&quot; Video Available Online

Portland, 15.02.2006 10:38

Eye of the Storm uses video footage shot by the police to confirm how the police target citizens engaged in constitutionally protected acts of protest for harassment, assault, and arrest. The police, by their own admission, assault law-abiding protesters without provocation then lie about being provoked. These lies were carried and repeated ad-nauseum by the corporate media without any regard for the truth. The corporate media is shown being complicit, even supportive, of flagrant police misconduct. Those perceived as "leaders" by the police are often singled out for surveillance, assault, and arrest regardless of the fact that those individuals have broken no laws and committed no crimes. The police kept this footage despite laws prohibiting the collection of information on individuals engaged in political dissent. The police stated that activist video footage only told one "side" of the story, now everyone can see the other "side".

Durban: Üniversite İşgali

Istanbul, 15.02.2006 09:39

Güney Afrika Üniversitesi şirketleşmeye karşı boykotta

Climate Refugees

Melbourne, 15.02.2006 06:40

Federal Government Gagging Climate Refugee Issue?

Governo começa a ceder, MPL-DF continua nas ruas

Brasil, 15.02.2006 05:10


Cenova: Diaz davası

Istanbul, 15.02.2006 02:09

Cenova: Tanıklıklar gerçeğe çağırıyor

Racial Profiling in East Nashville

Tennessee, 15.02.2006 01:09

Neighbors Miss the Point When They See All Young Black Males Wearing ’Hoodies' as Thugs Nashville, TN: If you see more than two young black males ages 12-18 wearing hooded sweat shirts and moving by foot, quickly, run to the phone and call the police. If this sounds like Mississippi circa 1955, it's not. This was the battle cry at a crime meeting last week in east Nashville. Unfortunately, these are the same sentiments expressed in several alarming articles appearing in local Nashville newspapers warning people of the imminent danger posed by young black males.

DSF: Mali, Bamako

Istanbul, 15.02.2006 01:09

Mali, Bamako: Dünya Sosyal Forumu

Dois em um de desporto e prostituição

Portugal, 15.02.2006 00:38

Dois em um de desporto e prostituição

agresion du president du conseil des migrants subsahariens au maroc

estrecho / madiaq, 15.02.2006 00:37

il s'agit d'une agression physique contre le president du conseil des migrants subsahariens au maroc le dimanche 5/02/2006 au moment de sa sortie de sa maison.

mobilisation contra ramsfield a rabat

estrecho / madiaq, 15.02.2006 00:37


Colombia, 15.02.2006 00:09

Uniatlantico en pie de lucha

Thousand Rally to Support Immigrant Rights

Philadelphia, 14.02.2006 22:38

"We are drawn to the light of freedom," organizer Ricardo Diaz read to over a thousand gathered at the entrance of the Constitution Center. Supporters rallied as part of "A Day Without an Immigrant", a walkout and demonstration in protest to the bill HR 4437 which has set off a state of alarm among supporters of civil and immigrant rights.


Argentina, 14.02.2006 22:09

Conflicto en Ledesma

Conflicto en Ledesma

Argentina, 14.02.2006 21:38


meeting mayday

Italy, 14.02.2006 21:09



Colombia, 14.02.2006 20:38

Para imponer fraude electoral, cascos azules reprimen al pueblo haitiano


Colombia, 14.02.2006 20:38

Pacho Cortés está en libertad

Investigation Reveals More Santa Cruz Police Department Spying

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.02.2006 20:08

Police Auditor Bob Aaronson rejected the results of the Santa Cruz Police Department’s investigation of its own behavior in the Parade Spying Scandal. Heading the investigation into police spying was Deputy Chief Kevin Vogel who, according to public records obtained by the ACLU, was the officer who ordered the undercover infiltration. Predictably, the police cleared themselves of any wrong-doing. Additionally the report attempted to make the case that the spying, while legally questionable, was expedient and useful.

Aaronson, in a letter to Council circulated at Monday's Public Safety Committee, said the investigation "is incomplete and flawed for a very predictable reason. It violates one of the most basic investigative precepts by having been compiled and written by the very individual whose decisions are and should be under investigative scrutiny." He went on to say, "I am surprised and disappointed that he was assigned to that task."

Details of the 600-page report , released to the public Friday, reveal a pattern of abuses, including spying on parade organizers, spying on other unrelated groups and first amendment activities, and profiling organizers and other unrelated people. Officers posing as parade planners gathered information about the planned peaceful protest against virgin forest destruction by Victoria’s Secret and relayed this information to Capitola Police. On the date of the protest, dozens of officers denied protesters entrance to the mall. Infiltrators also gathered information about Art & Revolution's “Anti-Corporate Christmas Caroling” on Pacific Ave. and monitored the group's activities at the event.

During the police spying, undercover officers gathered information about unrelated community groups, including Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In, Art & Revolution, Santa Cruz Indymedia, Free Skool Santa Cruz, and the Big Yellow House co-op. Questions remain about how extensive police spying is in Santa Cruz, what were the costs involved in the spy operation, and what Santa Cruz residents can do to keep police officers out of their meetings and their homes. Read more

b>see related: Internal Investigation Reveals SCPD Out of Control

Preview of new IMC Miami Newspaper and Community Internet Radio Station

Miami, 14.02.2006 19:07

Preview of new IMC Miami Newspaper and Community Internet Radio Station

A luta por moradia e a crônica de um Estado assassino

Brasil, 14.02.2006 17:39


Anti-Biolab Protesters Visit BU President Brown’s Home for a Second Time

Boston, 14.02.2006 16:08

Roughly 30 concerned citizens chanted slogans and wielded signs and banners in front of BU President Robert Brown’s house late Monday night, for the second time in one week, to protest BU’s proposed Biolab in the Roxbury / South End area which could break ground as early as this month. Activism against the Biolab, which will likely be performing illegal research on deadly pathogens such as tularemia and Ebola, has been on the rise since it recently gained Federal approval to be built against the community’s wishes.


Miami, 14.02.2006 16:07


Computer voter fraud

Miami, 14.02.2006 16:07

Computer voter fraud

Community Wireless Networking Summit, March 31-April 2, 2006

Miami, 14.02.2006 16:07

Community Wireless Networking Summit, March 31-April 2, 2006

The Bolivarian Revolution: A Movement of Hope and Threat

Miami, 14.02.2006 16:07

The Bolivarian Revolution: A Movement of Hope and Threat

FBi Attack Independistas in Puerto Rico

Scotland, 14.02.2006 15:39

quot;The only domestic terrorist attack here is the U.S. government's attack on the people of Puerto Rico." --New York State Assemblyman José Rivera (1) In a move reminiscent of a U.S. Marine invasion of a foreign country, the FBI descended in droves on Puerto Rico on February 10. (2) Without breathing a word of the invasion to either the colonial governor or the chief of police, heavily armed, militarized units of the FBI, including the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit from Miami, hit six different spots throughout the island. Their purpose, they claimed, was to execute search warrants on six independence activists they identified as suspected leaders of the clandestine independence organization, Ejercito Popular Boricua/Macheteros (3), the same organization whose legendary leader, Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, who the FBI assassinated five months earlier. Their true purpose was widely understood as other: with their show of force, to continue their long campaign to intimidate and criminalize those who support independence for Puerto Rico, particularly in this moment of the resurgence of the left throughout Latin America; and, of course, to detract from their own criminal conduct in taking Ojeda's life. "This is yet another move on the part of the FBI to control and warn those who advocate for the independence of Puerto Rico, exercising their constitutional rights. It appears they are sending a message of intimidation,"(4) said independentist activist and attorney Roxana Badillo, who added that they are sorely mistaken if they believe the movement will be intimidated. Landing in military-style helicopters, accompanied by caravans of vehicles, sometimes with the license plates obscured, FBI agents swarmed private residences and businesses in Trujillo Alto and Río Piedras (in the San Juan metropolitan area), and Mayagüez, San Germán, Aguadilla, and Isabela (in the west of the island), terrorizing entire neighborhoods. The search warrants bore the names and addresses of veteran labor leaders, community leaders, known independentists, and even a Protestant minister respected for his work promoting small projects of self-empowerment for poor people. (5) In Río Piedras, as Homeland Security helicopters hovered above and sharpshooters watched through their telescopes from neighboring buildings, FBI agents were ransacking the apartment of independentist Liliana Laboy. The Puerto Rican media arrived to cover the remarkable event. With the FBI's murder of Ojeda Ríos fresh on their minds, independence supporters quickly gathered at the closed gates of the condominium, shouting, "Asesinos!"(6) Meanwhile, the FBI had banished Laboy from her apartment, and initially ignored requests from her attorneys to allow them access to their client, grabbing and threatening to arrest the attorneys if they didn't leave the premises. In San Germán, agents assaulted the offices of the not-for-profit Ecumenical Committee for Community Economic Development [CEDECO, its Spanish acronym], where community activist and independentist William Mohler García was at work. They not only removed Mohler from his office, but they handcuffed him and left him to bake in the hot sun­ this, after searching his home, pepper spraying his dog, and subjecting his wife to much humiliation. Supporters gathered at the scene, shouting at the agents: "Get out of here, damned FBI," and "FBI, cowards, assassins, terrorists!" (7) In Aguadilla, the FBI searched the home of another CEDECO director, Presbyterian minister and independentist José Morales. Also in Aguadilla, the FBI spent four hours searching the home of independentist and elementary school teacher VilmaVélez Roldán, while she was at school. Agents threw her two sons out of their home, handcuffed them, and left them outside with no shade. (8) In Isabela, the Cabán family home was searched.(9) In Trujillo Alto, the home of Norberto Cintrón Fiallo was ransacked while he was away at his workplace. Before leaving the scene in Río Piedras, the FBI, obviously unhappy with the presence of protesters and abundant numbers of media and the prospect of having to face further public exposure, aggressing against all those gathered, including attacking the media with pepper spray. Several journalists were treated by paramedics at the scene, and some went to nearby hospitals. As the caravan of some fourteen vehicles sped from the scene, the agents had their assault weapons pointed at the press and public. Adding insult to injury, the FBI emitted a press release stating, "It appears members of the media and the general public attempted to cross the established law enforcement perimeter, and the use of non-lethal force was utilized. This was done in order to protect members of the media, the public and the law enforcement officers executing this lawful searchwarrant." Reaction from the Press "It gives us pause that in a democratic society, security forces cut off the flow of information, and even worse, attack those who work in journalism, who seek to divulge precise and reliable information," said Annette Alvarez, a television reporter who was sprayed, who spoke in her capacity as president of the Overseas Press Club chapter. (10) Oscar J. Serrano, president of the Journalists Association of Puerto Rico, declared, "The agents didn't use force and gas to defend themselves; they used them offensively to attack the press. The act of an agent emptying his spray can directly in the face of [journalist] Normando Valentín, who had his hands occupied with the instruments of his trade, cannot be excused as negligence. That, and the _expression of disdain reflected on the agent's face, are indicative of a specific intent to cause harm, and represents nothing less than a criminal act."(11) The Association of Photojournalists, the Center for the Freedom of the Press, the Organization of Independent Journalists, and the Union of Journalists, Graphic Arts and Ramas Anexas joined in condemning the FBI's use of force on their colleagues. While the Puerto Rican print, electronic media and radio provided full coverage of this extraordinary militaristic operation, the U.S. press was virtually silent,(12) with only a few newspapers reprinting slightly differing versions of an Associated Press wire story. Reaction from the Puerto Rican Government After the September assassination, the FBI lost all hope of credibility in the eyes of Puerto Rican society. Having been told on February 10 only after the FBI had begun its assault, and only that they were serving search warrants on suspected Macheteros, the chief of police, Pedro Toledo (himself a former FBI agent), as well as the head of the Department of Justice were quick to distance themselves from the operation, making public statements that they were not participants.(13) When Toledo learned­ after the operation was over­ that the FBI asserted that this "ongoing domestic terrorism investigation" averted "a potential attack, where explosives devices were to be utilized," to be "directed at privately owned interests in Puerto Rico, as well as the general public,"(14) he insisted that, "[w]ithout a doubt, I should have been informed."(15) Toledo rather resoundingly criticized the entire operation­ not just the use of force against the journalists­ as having used excessive force, listing the use of so many agents and the incorporation of helicopters. He recalled his own participation in the 1980's in executing search warrants against members of the same clandestine organization, when such incidents never took place. "It was an improper use, completely outside of the norm. This gas (pepper) is used when your life is in danger, against an attacker, not a journalist," he said.(16) However, although he expressed that the Puerto Rican Department of Justice would have jurisdiction to prosecute federal agents for their excessive use of force, he did not express any intention to conduct such a prosecution, or even investigate these FBI crimes on Puerto Rican soil. The governor was another recipient of such a "courtesy call," (17) which also took place only after the FBI had begun its assault.(18) He, too, expressed indignation at the assault on Puerto Rican journalists, calling it unjustified.(19) However he offered absolutely no criticism of the FBI's invasion of his country, let alone of the agency's failure to even notify him in advance, and failed to insist that the U.S. government be accountable for the acts of its agents committed in Puerto Rico. Reaction from the Public The very same afternoon the FBI conducted its show of force, hundreds of people gathered at the federal courthouse, which houses the FBI offices, to express their indignation. Called by the Worker's Socialist Movement [MST by its Spanish acronym], (20) people of all ages and walks of life marched and chanted, as elected officials, spokespeople from a variety of organizations, and those whose homes had been ransacked, spoke. The following day, fifteen organizations convened a press conference to condemn the FBI's aggressive presence. A spokesperson for CEDECO's support network expressed concern that the highly publicized raid could cost the organization the financial support it receives from grants and foundations and thereby undermine its ability to offer services of education and of rehabilitating homes for people with few resources. Agency spokespeople questioned why the FBI would take important documents related to one of CEDECO's urban housing projects.(21) Julio Fontanet, president of the Puerto Rican Bar Association, expressed a common theme: "To complain to the federal government or the government of Puerto Rico is an exercise in futility, and the FBI acts with total impunity in Puerto Rico."(22) Observing that this type of FBI operation in Puerto Rico has become a custom, Fontanet announced his intention to take the matter to international fora.(23) The former dean of the Eugenio María de Hostos School of Law, law professor Carlos Rivera Lugo, echoed Fontanet, censuring the Puerto Rican government "for permitting the U.S. armed forces to act with total impunity in this country."(24) The National Hostosiano Independence Movement coincided: "The governor of Puerto Rico has the obligation to stand up and defend Puerto Rico. We demand that governor Aníbal Acevedo Vilá energetically condemn the FBI's abusive actions in Puerto Rico, and that as a representative of the people he express the general indignation we all feel, and that he demand respect for our people."(25) The experience moved that organization to commit to redouble its efforts to "expel forever from our national territory the federal court and the FBI," because "the only thing the presence in Puerto Rico of these federal dependencies has caused is injury, damage, and impediments to our right as a people to self-determination."(26) Amnesty International of Puerto Rico expressed its concern for the FBI's conduct both in executing the search warrants and attacking the press, reminding the FBI that they are not above the law of civil and human rights, and that, like any other law enforcement agency, they must comply with basic human rights provided by international law.(27) Representatives of all the political parties have, however timidly, expressed preoccupation with the FBI's conduct toward the independence movement, but it was the independence party representative who expressed the sentiment strongly felt throughout the diverse independence movement: "This operation is the most crude proof that Puerto Rico is a colony," noted Juan Dalmau, secretary general of the Puerto Rican Independence Party.(28) "If the FBI thinks that with these acts it is going to intimidate the independentists, it is mistaken. In the face of these abuses, the independence movement will respond just as it has historically, with more militancy, more patriotism and a greater commitment to struggle."(29) That will be necessary, given the rumors that the FBI will return to conduct more search and destroy missions,(30) and to increase the wave of repression. Jan Susler February 12, 2006 All translations from Spanish to English are the author's. Websites where photos and videos are available: 1 Jesús Dávila, "Los allanamientos encienden la chispa en todo borinquen," El Diario/La Prensa, February 12, 2006. 2 For most Puerto Ricans, it was also reminiscent of August 30, 1985, when, in another island wide invasion, the FBI arrested a multitude of independence activists and accused them of participating in a conspiracy involving $7.6 taken from a Wells Fargo depot, an action for which the Ejercito Popular Boricua/Macheteros claimed responsibility. 3 Boricua Popular Army/Sugarcane Cutters. 4 Associated Press, "Abogada independentista acusa a federales de intimidación," El Nuevo Día, February 10, 2006. 5 Jesús Dávila, "Ofensiva FBI contra independentistas," El Diario/La Prensa, February 11, 2006. 6 Id. 7 Jackeline Del Toro Cordero, "Operativo federal buscaba documentos," El Vocero, February 11, 2006. 8 Comunicado de Prensa, Movimiento Independentista Nacional Hostosiano de Aguadilla,, February 12, 2006. 9 Carmen Edith Torres, "Irrumpe el FBI en seis puntos del País," El Nuevo Día, February 11, 2006. 10 Associated Press, "OPC censura agresión contra la prensa," El Nuevo Día, February 10, 2006. 11 Mabel M. Figueroa, "Condena al vicioso ataque a reporteros: Una sola voz de repudio al FBI," Primera Hora, February 11, 2006. 12 With the notable exception of El Diario/La Prensa. 13 See, e.g., Maritza Díaz Alcaide, "Callaron lo del 'ataque terrorista'," Primera Hora, February 11, 2006; Yanira Hernández Cabiya, "Informada la Policía tras iniciar el operativo," El Nuevo Día, February 10, 2006; José R. Ortúzar, "El Súper se lava las manos," El Vocero, February 11, 2006. The chief of police of Mayagüez, whose police were roundly criticized by the public for having cooperated with the FBI during its assassination of Ojeda Ríos, and who was also not informed by the FBI about their operation, was also quick to distance himself from this assault. Associated Press, "Jefe de la Policía Mayagüez confirma operativo," El Nuevo Día, February 10, 2006. 14 FBI Press Release, February 10, 2006. 15 Maritza Díaz Alcaide, "Callaron lo del 'ataque terrorista'," Primera Hora, February 11, 2006. 16 Daniel Rivera Vargas, "Con poder Justicia para acusar," El Nuevo Día, February 12, 2006. 17 Yanira Hernández Cabiya, "Informada la Policía tras iniciar el operativo," El Nuevo Día, February 10, 2006. 18 Maritza Díaz Alcaide, "Callaron lo del 'ataque terrorista'," Primera Hora, February 11, 2006. 19 Id. 20 EFE, "Convocan a manifestación contra FBI," El Nuevo Día, February 10, 2006. 21 Melisa Ortega Marrero, EFE, "CEDECO niega vínculos con el independentismo puertorriqueño," Primera Hora, February 11, 2006. 22 Associated Press, "Varias voces expresan rechazo a operativo del FBI y su trato a periodistas," Primera Hora, February 12, 2006. 23 EFE, "Denunciarán ante organismos internacionales actos del FBI," Primera Hora, February 11, 2006. 24 Jackeline Del Toro Cordero, "Académico critica el operativo," El Vocero, February 11, 2006. 25 "MINH [Movimiento Independentista Nacional Hostosiano] condena atropello FBI,", February 12, 2006. 26 Id. 27 Melissa Correa Velázquez, "FBI choca con periodistas," El Vocero, February 11, 2006. 28 "Dalmau: tienen la Isla en estado de sitio," El Diario/La Prensa, February 12, 2006. 29 "Dalmau asegura FBI mantiene a la Isla en estado de sitio," Primera Hora, February 11, 2006. 30 Ricardo Cortés, "Anticipados más allanamientos," El Nuevo Día, February 12, 2006.

Community Wireless Networking Summit, March 31-April 2, 2006

Miami, 14.02.2006 14:37

Community Wireless Networking Summit, March 31-April 2, 2006

Miami offices target of international solidarity campaign for Prestes Maia 911

Miami, 14.02.2006 14:37

Miami offices target of international solidarity campaign for Prestes Maia 911

EUA preparam ataque a centrais iranianas

Portugal, 14.02.2006 14:09

EUA preparam ataque a centrais iranianas

En el Palais de Glace y en sedes descentralizadas

Argentina, 14.02.2006 11:38

Comienza la muestra Ex Argentina

The Illegal Iraq War: Fairford Five Case Reaches Lords

Bristol, 14.02.2006 11:38

House Of Lords To Hear Key Test Case From Iraq War House Of Lords To Hear Key Test Case From Iraq War As former Marine Intelligence officer and UNSCOM weapons inspector predicts that the attack on Iran will come in June, the Fairford Five trial of the Iraq war comes to the House of Lords. forwarded message writes: The 'Fairford Five' seek to know what arguments they are allowed to use in their defence against charges of conspiracy and criminal damage. In March 2003, Paul Milling and Margaret Jones, Phillip Pritchard with Toby Olditch, and Josh Richards, all tried to prevent or delay the take-off of American B-52 bombers from Fairford air force base in Gloucestershire. These bombers were waiting to launch the attack on Iraq that would begin the Iraq war. ...All five say they were justified in their actions, because they aimed at preventing the commission of a far greater crime - that of 'aggression', of starting an unprovoked war against another country. Lower courts have so far denied them this defence argument, saying that the alleged crime of attacking another country is a matter for international law, which cannot be ruled on in a British court. In earlier pre-trial hearings, the Fairford Five have been told they may say in their defence that they feared individual war crimes would be committed in Iraq - but not that the Iraq War itself would be a crime. They will stand trial at Bristol Crown Court later this year. Full article | House Of Lords To Hear Key Test Case From Iraq War | Iran to Switch from Dollars to Euros! ..... Please read the Bristol-Stop-The-War message board! | Bristol Stop The War Coalition News Update - 9/2/2006 | | U.S. Bombing Watch |

Central Highlands Forest Defence

Melbourne, 14.02.2006 11:09

Saving the Habitat of Leadbeaters Possum

Sustainable City Bosses Ignores Rail Petition

Bristol, 14.02.2006 11:08

Question raised to commitment of Bristol City Council to the Joint Local Transport Plan The cutting of the subsidy calls into question the commitment of Bristol City Council to the Joint Local Transport Plan Cat Hobbs writes: A 3000 signature petition presented on Monday 6th February in support of local rail services has been ignored by the West of England Partnership (comprising Bristol City Council, South Gloucestershire Council, Bath and North East Somerset Council and North Somerset)....Also on Monday Bristol City Council cut the £134,000 subsidy to the local Severn Beach line, arguing in their defence that First (who will take over the contract in April) have promised to maintain the hourly service previously supported by the subsidy....The cutting of the subsidy calls into question the commitment of Bristol City Council to the Joint Local Transport Plan agreed by the West of England Partnership, which refers to the local rail network as being important in making Bristol's transport more sustainable....On Monday 13th, rail campaigners will be attending the Public Transport Consultation organised by South Gloucestershire Council, to express their support for local rail services in the greater Bristol area. This meeting will be held at Patchway Community College at 7pm. Full article | 3000 signature rail petition ignored | Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways | Other Transport Stories: Report back of buses me | Top Professor Demolishes Bristol Airport's Claims About Being Good For Economy | The Campaign against Climate Change in Bristol |

There's a new Borf in town

DC, 14.02.2006 06:11

Have you noticed?

Freedom Riders Reunite at Nashville Public Library

Tennessee, 14.02.2006 06:11

Nashville, TN: On the 45th Anniversary of the Freedom Rides from Nashville to New Orleans, the Freedom Riders from Nashville reunited at the Nashville Public Library to discuss the legacy of the Freedom Rides and their impact on the Civil Rights movement and on their lives personally. The panelists, which included CT Vivian, Hank Thomas, Bernard Lafayette and William Harbour among others discussed having their buses firebombed, being attacked by angry white mobs and the solidarity and affinity to the philosophy of non-violence which guided their movement. John Seigenthaler was also in attendance, and discussed his role as a go-between the Kennedy administration, the Governor of Birmingham and Diane Nash, the leader of the Freedom Riders. The panel, which was free, was held at the Nashville Public Library in honor of Black History Month.

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