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Porto Riko: Independentistas

Istanbul, 19.02.2006 21:39

Porto Riko'da Independentistas hareketine karşı FBI operasyonu

Hotel Workers Rising Campaign Kicks Off in SF

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.02.2006 20:38

Over 2000 people converged on San Francisco's Parc 55 hotel on February 15th to kick off a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about the status of hotel workers. Photos 8000 San Francisco hotel workers have been without a contract since 2004, and faced a holiday lockout that year. Events were held the same week in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston.
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February 22nd Vigils to Demand Justice for Government Spying

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.02.2006 20:38

MoveOn members from Orlando, Florida to Seattle, Washington are organizing Constitution Vigils on February 22nd to speak out against government spying. In San Francisco, people will gather at 5:30pm at Justin Herman Plaza for a "Stop Illegal Wiretapping Now!" vigil. People will also come together at 5:30pm in Frank Ogawa Plaza at 14th St and Broadway in Oakland. There will also be demonstrations in Berkeley, Kensington, Pacifica, and many other locations around the Bay Area.
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Indyradio pledge drive

Houston, 19.02.2006 18:38

IMC Radio Show Triumphs during pledge drive

Antirassismus vor Gericht

Austria, 19.02.2006 18:37

Aktuell finden in Wien zwei Prozesse gegen AktivistInnen statt, die nicht hinnehmen wollten, dass rassistische Hetze im öffentlichen Raum unwidersprochen präsent bleibt. Am 17.Feb. fand im Bezirksgericht Josefstadt eine Verhandlung gegen ein Paar statt, das eine rassistische Schmiererei übermalte - aus einem "Neger raus" wurde ein "Nazis raus". Der Frau wird Sachbeschädigung vorgeworfen, ihr Freund ist wegen Körperverletzung angeklagt. [mehr...]

Ein weiterer Prozess findet am 22.2.06 gegen eine Aktivistin statt, die während des Wiener Wahlkampfes rassistische und islamfeindliche FPÖ-Plakate entfernte. Sie ruft zur Beobachtung ihrer Verhandlung auf, um die Öffentlichkeit darauf aufmerksam zu machen, dass Menschen kriminalisiert werden sollen, die sich gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit stellen. [mehr...]
Termin: Mittwoch 22.2.06, 14.00 Uhr, BG Innere Stadt, Marxergasse 1a, Saal 224, 2.OG

Für beide Fälle wurde eine e-mail Adresse zur Unterstützung eingerichtet: | Soliaktionen, um die Prozesskosten abzudecken, sind in Planung.

From the Newswire

Perth, 19.02.2006 18:09

Foreign media ban in West Papua obstructs press freedom

Wiring up for a police state?

United Kingdom, 19.02.2006 15:09

A TIMELY warning of the current rush towards what looks like becoming a police state has been sounded by a Sussex newsletter. The Porkbolter, produced by volunteers in Worthing since 1997, brings together a frightening array of recent developments in its latest issue, which hit the streets just as ID cards and yet more "anti-terrorist" laws were passed by MPs.

Meanwhile, civil rights campaigners down the road in Brighton are holding a public meeting on civil rights.

Información actualizada Jerez en

estrecho / madiaq, 19.02.2006 10:37


Diane Freed

Houston, 19.02.2006 07:38

Diane Wilson has been freed


estrecho / madiaq, 19.02.2006 04:37


--> DÍA: 20 al 23 de Febrero.

21:00 h. Ciclo de Cine sobre Inmigración en Centro Social Ocupado Autogestionado Casas Viejas.

--> Día: Viernes, 24 de Febrero.

18:00 h. Presentación de las Jornadas.
19:00 h. Una mirada a las mujeres migrantes. Rompamos la invisibilidad.

--> Día: Sábado, 25 de Febrero.

11:00 h. Mercado de trabajo e Inmigración.
13:00 h. Tratamiento de la Inmigración en los medios de comunicación.
13:00 h. Igualdad de derechos y espacios de convivencia intercultural (Casa de la Paz).
15:00 h. Comida Popular en CSOA Casas Viejas.
17:00 h. Frontera Sur. Frontera en conflicto.
19:00 h. Taller Cronograma: Memoria de los procesos de lucha de inmigrantes y contra las fronteras.
21:30 h. Concierto en C.S.O.A. Casas Viejas.

--> Domingo, 26 de Febrero.

11:00 h. Experiencia de Autoorganización de Migrantes.Movimientos contra el régimen de fronteras.
15:00 h. Comida Popular en CSOA Casas Viejas.

Lugar: Centro Vecinal Pumarejo (Plaza del Pumarejo).

Organiza: ODS (Oficina de Derechos Sociales) y Caravana Ninguna Persona es Ilegal.

>>Más información del programa y cartel de la convocatoria

&quot;We Don't Need To Have An Eye For An Eye. We Have The Courts.&quot;

Portland, 19.02.2006 01:08

In an article from today's (February 18, 2006) Oregonian, Joseph Rose writes about Charles Porter,a man in Springfield who, frustrated by the clearing of a police officer who killed his son, allegedly hired a hit man to kill that officer. I want to say up front that I do not condone killings of any kind, and murder is murder no matter what the motivation, but this is what can come of a system that straight-arms citizens. I have witnessed the frustration and pain caused by the results of a grand jury investigation and an "internal investigation" subsequent to the killing of Fouad Kaady on September 8, 2005. There is no connection between the Kaady case and Charles Porter, except the wrongful death of a son and the unconditional clearing of the killers.

What happens when a closed system investigates itself? Victims are left in the cold, hurt and angry and unable to find answers to their anguished questions. Doors are closed to them and they are expected to accept the results of those investigations without further "bother". This is just not working. Those of us who have read the reports and seen the pictures regarding the Kaady case are still very angry, still full of questions and some of us can even understand the reasons why Charles Porter was driven to his desperate act. This is tragic. This is not necessary. There has to be a better way of investigating questionable shootings, such as those committed against unarmed citizens.

Nova lei das rendas anuncia aumentos dos despejos

Portugal, 19.02.2006 00:09

Nova lei das rendas anuncia aumentos dos despejos

Valentine's Day Protests

United Kingdom, 19.02.2006 00:09

Just before Valentine's Day on Sat 11th Feb, around 600 people took part in Reclaim Love III, providing a counter-point to the greeting card and gift frenzy of Feb 14th - partying at Eros statue in Piccadilly, London - saying 'Love not oil is the most important resource in the world' [report | Photos 1, 2, 3 | Video 1, 2, 3].

On Feb 14th itself campaigners held a mock funeral demonstration outside the Icelandic Embassy in London. They were demonstrating against the Karahnjukar Icelandic dam and the multinational aluminium invasion of the last great pristine wilderness of Europe by companies Alcoa and Alcan [report | Saving Iceland website]. Other recent actions included a protest at the offices of Impregilo, part of the company which is building the Dam [report].

The Hazards Campaign also held a Valentine's Day 'Death by Deregulation' protest in London outside the Health and Safety Commission, drawing attention to the abolition of basic safeguards for workers [report + pic]. See also '10 reasons the Health and Safety Executive top brass makes us sick' - New Hazards Report | Safety at Work: a retreat from law? | LabourStart Health + Safety News Stories.

Meanwhile over in Belfast, where an unofficial two week plus postal strike has crippled the postal service, well over a thousand workers marched through the streets including both the Catholic Falls road and Protestant Shankhill. The wildcat strike action was in response to management bullying. The strike ended on Sat 18th, when the Royal Mail agreed to an independent review of industrial employee relations and not to penalise workers for the strike action [report and pics | Libcom Strike Coverage].

Prior to Valentine's, on 12th February campaigners from Trident Ploughshares held a mock wedding at Devonport dockyard in plymouth. Dressed in red and pink and black they enacted the 'marriage' of the people and City of Plymouth to Britain's own Weapons of Mass Destruction, the Trident missile system. A marriage made seemingly without the consent of many residents in the City [report + pics].


Colombia, 18.02.2006 23:08


Preval Becomes President In &quot;Election Deal&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.02.2006 23:08

On February 16th, Rene Preval was declared the winner of the Haiti’s presidential election. It was claimed that Preval had been just shy of 50%, but some of the blank votes were subtracted from the total, giving Preval the majority. 129 seats in parliament are also up for grab and it is the legislature that will approve Haiti's prime minister. Brian Concannon writes, "In all likelihood, a correct tabulation of the votes would have given Mr. Preval a first round victory, as exit polls and unofficial tabulations had predicted ... The deal provides leverage for those seeking to delegitimize Preval's presidency and block the progressive social and economic policies that he was elected to implement."
Read More On Indybay's Haiti and International Pages

G8 blockaders acquitted amid police embarrassment

Scotland, 18.02.2006 19:39

Two G8 blockaders, Pamela Smith and Keith Malcolm, were found Not Guilty of Breach of the Peace in Perth Sheriff Court today.

Protesters Forcibly Evicted as Colin Powell Expresses No Contrition in Local Talk

Santa Barbara, 18.02.2006 19:07

Angry throngs bedecked in a dazzling array of costumes, sporting signs and guerrilla theatre regalia opposed Colin Powell on his self-serving speaking engagement where he waxed profound on general themes of leadership and barely mentioned his role in the lead up to the bloody Iraq war. Protesters were forcibly evicted by a coterie of muscle men as apparent supporters of the alleged war criminal chided them and Arlington Theatre $50 ticket price.


Argentina, 18.02.2006 16:08

“Se confunde la protesta social con el crimen del oficial Sayago”


Argentina, 18.02.2006 16:08

“Se confunde la protesta social con el crimen del oficial Sayago”

Winograd Runs Against Harman

LA, 18.02.2006 16:08

Winograd Runs Against Harman in Los Angeles

Black History Month, TV progam: genocide, reparation…

LA, 18.02.2006 16:08

Black History Month, TV progam: genocide, reparation…

low impact building technique

United Kingdom, 18.02.2006 14:38

Pictures showing the construction of a stud and mud building in Nottingham.

Volunteers working on a stud and mud construction technique at Osmanthorpe Nature Reserve. This technique is a Lincolnshire variation of the wattle and daub technique that is more widely known.

Swiss Police Acquitted in Aubonne Bridge Trial

United Kingdom, 18.02.2006 14:38

On the 13th, 14th, 15th of February 2006 a court case against two Swiss police officers took place in Nyon, Switzerland. Michael Deiss and Claude Poget were charged with causing bodily harm through negligence. They were in court after nearly killing climbers Martin Shaw and Gesine Wenzel during the protests against the G8 in Evian. On Friday 17 February the verdict of this private prosecution came through with an acquittal of the two policemen [Read verdict press release by Martin and Gesine].

In June 2003, an affinity group blockaded the Aubonne Bridge with a climbing action in order to stop a G8 delegation from reaching the summit in Evian. The police cut the climbing rope. As a result both activists were seriously injured, specially Martin Shaw who spent one month in hospital and sustained irreversible injuries. See video and a Photo strory of the event.

Other recent newswire reports: Report of day 3 of the trial | Statement by the Aubonne Support Group on the court proceedings | Activists walk out of court after verdict.

More information: Aubonne Bridge Campaign | IMC-UK Evian G8 page | PigBrother Live Show

SLM Leisure - LibDems Say: YES! LibDems Say: NO!

Bristol, 18.02.2006 14:38

Politicians in, "The Great Sports Racket" Politicians in, "The Great Sports Racket" Crash writes; Control of the city's leisure facilities is to pass to, guess what, another private company, Sports and Leisure Management Ltd. Liberal Democrat Lord Mayor Simon Cook [pictured] gushed that it heralded "an exciting new era for the city's sports centres and swimming pools". The deal is certainly likely to excite SLM directors, as Bristol LibDems could have discovered had they asked their colleagues in Fareham. According to the Hampshire LibDems, since Fareham leisure centre was put into private hands by the Tory council, "SLM Leisure, the new managers, have pushed up the price of lessons for children by nearly a third from £3 to £3.95 for a half-hour session". Lib Dem councillor Peter Davies said, "We always said a private company would put up charges but they still went ahead. Public assets owned by the council should be managed by the council so everybody can have a say when prices go up". Quite. Something they would no doubt like to discuss with their colleagues in Bristol. But what could be more natural to a politician than to criticise something that you would like to do yourself if only you could get your hands on the reins of power? Full article | The Great Sports Racket | Related Stories: Sport For All? The privitisation of Bristol's playing fields and Green Spaces gathers pace... | Bristol North Pool is occupied and reopened as a community space!!! | Bristol Dissent PFI Info Paper ( |

Tarhan'ın avukatları AİHM'e gidiyor

Istanbul, 18.02.2006 13:40

Hücre cezası verilen Mehmet Tarhan'ın avukatları AİHM'e başvuruyor

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 18.02.2006 13:09

La spekulado kaŭzas okupadon

Novaj okupadoj: Barcelono: Novaj liberigitaj lokoj en Sants, Badal, Eixample kaj Ciutat Vella + Can Punxes: nova okupado en kvartalo Sants + Kio okazas... Inoj liberigas novan lokon en kvartalo Ciutat Vella + Inaŭguro de la nova Liberacana Ateneo en Viladecans + Inaŭguro de la presejo en Terrassa + Gàlia: nova okupado en Granollers

[Urĝa] Serĉatas atestantoj: Almenaŭ 2 homoj kaptitaj pro la okazintaĵoj en Sant Pere més baix, senkulpaj :: [6an feb] 3 homoj el la 9 kaptitoj enkarcerigitaj en Model
>> Kaptitaj sabaton en Sant Pere més baix:: plilegu :: kunvoko :: komuniko

Rilataj novaĵoj: Resumo kaj kroniko de Euterpe ĝis la remalfermo de la masonfermita kinejo ::: Unu jaro post la vakigoj en la strato Comte en Taragono ::: Spekulado pri nemoveblaĵoj en Palma ::: Ĉu hipotekoj? ::: La gejunuloj emancipiĝas ::: Kiel estis la 2a Biciklumado kontraŭ la spekulado en Mataró? ::: Okupadoj kaj vakigoj dum la jaro 2005 ::: Okupado "debato de politika praktiko" ::: Debato pri loĝejoj kaj novaj infrastrukturoj (Gelida - Alt Penedès) ::: Ĉu hipotekoj? ::: La urba konsilantaro malpermesas prelegon pri loĝejoj ::: Vakigminaco kontraŭ la memmastrumata okupita socia centro Los Adokines

+infoj:: spekulado

Lightening Strikes Twice At Starbucks

Aotearoa, 18.02.2006 08:40

Two Starbucks stores in Auckland were closed today for two hours after a lightening strike by Starbucks workers.Starbucks workers at 220 Queen St and K’Rd were taking part in the next stage of industrial action in the SuperSizeMyPay.Com campaign.

Thirty minutes before the workers took industrial action, they sent out a txt calling for support and in half an hour the workers were joined by 40 supporters, customers and members of the public. Workers from Queen St McDonalds, who were also striking for the SuperSizeMyPay.Com demands of $12 minimum wage, secure hours and an end to youth rates, walked down and joined the Starbucks picket.

220 Queen St Starbucks delegate, Hayley Rawhiti, a shift supervisor who has been working at Starbucks for 6 ½ years, said that support from other workers and her regular customers who chose to buy coffee elsewhere for the day, was encouraging. “New Zealand workers have accepted low pay for so long that they don’t think they deserve better. Most of the workers in my store can’t afford to buy Starbucks overpriced coffee on their current wages,” she said.

SuperSizeMyPay.Com | Unite! | Action at KFC Whangarei | Starbucks Strike in Nov 05

Corporate Control

Perth, 18.02.2006 06:10

Obscene Tax Payer Funded Rites for Capitalist Monarch

Ted Sreickland's message to Latinos

Cleveland, 18.02.2006 05:08

Ted Strickland speaks of regret for HB 4437 vote.

Investigation Reveals More Santa Cruz Police Department Spying

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.02.2006 04:39

Police Auditor Bob Aaronson rejected the results of the Santa Cruz Police Department’s investigation of its own behavior in the Parade Spying Scandal. Aaronson, in a letter to Council circulated at Monday's Public Safety Committee meeting, said the investigation "is incomplete and flawed for a very predictable reason. It violates one of the most basic investigative precepts by having been compiled and written by the very individual whose decisions are and should be under investigative scrutiny." He went on to say, "I am surprised and disappointed that he was assigned to that task."

Read more on Santa Cruz IMC and Indybay's Police State Page

Ξυλοδαρμός Αφγανού μετανάστη

Athens, 18.02.2006 04:39

"Λίγο μετά τις 7 το απόγευμα, ενώ βρισκόμουν κοντά σε μια νταλίκα, τρεις λιμενικοί μου επιτέθηκαν και με χτύπησαν με το πόδι στο κεφάλι. Έπεσα κάτω και μετά δεν θυμάμαι απολύτως τίποτα."

Η κρατική βία και ασυδοσία σε βάρος μεταναστών εμφανίζεται αυτή τη φορά στην Πάτρα. Το απόγευμα της Δευτέρας ένα παιδί 15 χρονών από το Αφγανιστάν ξυλοκοπήθηκε άγρια από λιμενικούς και μεταφέρθηκε στο νοσοκομείο, γιατί βρίσκονταν κοντά σε μια νταλίκα. Μόνο του έγκλημα η αναζήτηση μιας καλύτερης ζωής. Την ίδια ώρα ένας συνομήλικος συμπατριώτης του ξεψύχησε λίγο παραπέρα κάτω από αδιευκρίνιστες συνθήκες, ενώ παρακολουθούσε τον ξυλοδαρμό. Η επίσημη ιατροδικαστική ανακοίνωση αναφέρει ότι ο θάνατος προήλθε από παθολογικά αίτια.

Την Πέμπτη 16 Φεβρουαρίου ομάδα Αναρχικών, αντιδρώντας στην βάρβαρη συμπεριφορά των λιμενικών, επιτέθηκε στην είσοδο του λιμανιού.

Ανακοινώσεις: Δίκτυο Κοινωνικής Υποστήριξης Προσφύγων και Μεταναστών ::: Νομαρχιακή Κίνηση Ν. Αχαΐας "Αριστερά"

Afghan immigrant walloped by coast guard officers

Athens, 18.02.2006 04:39

"A little after 7pm, as I was close to a truck, three coast-guard officers attacked me and kicked me on the head. I fell down and I can't recall anything of what hapenned later on.

The state violence and lack of restraint against immigrants, showed up in Patra, this time. On Monday afternoon, a 15-year-old boy from Afghanistan was brutally walloped by coast guard officers and was transferred to the hospital, just because he was close to a truck. His only crime was that he was looking for a better life. At the same time, an Afghan boy of the same age, died a few meters further, under unknown circumstances, while watching his compatriot being walloped. The official medical jurisprudence reports that his dead was caused by pathological reasons.

On Thursday 16th of February, a group of anarchists, attacked the entrance of the port.

Statements: Network of Social Support to Refugees and Immigrants ::: Left Movement for the Prefecture of Achaia

Protesto contra o aumento da tarifa no Recife

Brasil, 18.02.2006 04:08

Capangas que atacaram manifestantes podem ser policiais

Brasil, 18.02.2006 04:08



Colombia, 18.02.2006 04:08

Cronología de una masacre en serie en el Meta

Medio Ambiente

santiago, 18.02.2006 03:39


F18 Rally to Release Mumia Abu-Jamal at Torch of Friendship 1 PM

Miami, 18.02.2006 01:37

F18 Rally to Release Mumia Abu-Jamal at Torch of Friendship 1 PM

Pepino Fernández y la criminalización de la protesta

Argentina, 18.02.2006 01:10

Salta: La estrategia de lo Obvio

UCSD Anti-War Demo - 3/3

San Diego, 18.02.2006 01:09

FRIDAY afternoon, MARCH 3rd,
Student Anti-war Protest at UCSD

Students from UCSD are organizing an anti-war protest at the school on March 3 on La Jolla Village Drive, La Jolla Village Drive and Gilman Dr.

UCSD Planning Massive Anti-war Demonstration

Student leaders from UCSD are organizing a massive anti-war protest at the school on March 3 on La Jolla Village Drive, at the edge of the campus. The leaders are co-ordinating with, which is documenting the effort on film.

"We will make this rally a beacon of youthful mass dissent," stated Dylan Seaton, student leader in the planning. "It's time that this generation, the one that's dying every day in Iraq and Afghanistan, voice their opposition to this criminal war" Seaton added. "I am tired of UCSD's status as a portrait of student apathy."

FILM: Still We Ride!

San Diego, 18.02.2006 01:09

FILM SCREENING, Wednesday, February 22, 2006: Since when is riding your bike illegal? The Film “Still We Ride” explores why 264 people were arrested at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City during a Critical Mass Bike Ride. The film also provides a brief history of the Critical Mass movement. The San Diego Independent Media Center invites you to enjoy the film and then go for a Critical Mass Bike Ride. Film starts at 7pm. Critical Mass Ride at 8:30pm – Bring your bike and a light. $3-$5 donation. San Diego IndyMedia at Voz Alta on 1544 Broadway, downtown San Diego.

Fernando's March

San Diego, 18.02.2006 01:09

On March 12th (the 76th Anniversary of Gandhi's Salt March) Fernando Suarez Del Solar will also take on the empire that has colonized his homeland and taken the life of his son in an unjust war in Iraq. Fernando, at 50 years of age will march 241 miles for peace, from Tijuana to San Francisco (some caravaning involved as there are 600miles between TJ and SF. The 15mile a day march will culminate in a memorial ceremony on the third anniversary of his son's death March 27th in San Francisco's Mission district, as well as a blood drive to be divided equally between Iraqi's and Coalition needs.

Examining the possiblity of a US strike upon Iran

Philadelphia, 17.02.2006 23:38

Is the Bush Administration trying to launch a war on Iran? With the tight secrecy and known dishonesty that the Administration has demonstrated in the past, any conclusions are necessarily tentative. There are many reasons to believe an attack is on the agenda, but strong reasons to think that an attack will never take place.

L'auletta di Lokarno autogestita...

Switzerland, 17.02.2006 23:37

Finalmente Lokarno Autogestita dopo 4 anni di manifestazioni, eventi, okkupazioni e dialoghi con il municipio cittadino ha ottenuto il primo grande risultato: il CSA L'AULETTA.
Un'Auletta delle ex scuole comunali, dove già 34 anni fa i giovani si trovavano sui banchi di scuola e tra una poesia e un'equazione sognavano un centro autogestito.
Oggi quel sogno, in una realtà deformata e in quella stessa aula sta prendendo forma. Ma come già dice il diminutivo, vi sono ora a disposizione solamente 80 mq, inoltre lo spazio è situato al terzo piano, senza possibilità d'accesso per disabili e non c'è acqua corrente.
Uno spazio limitato però soprattutto da regolamentazioni comunali in particolare improponibili orari di chiusura (22'00) e proroghe impossibili).
I vincoli imposti dal Comune non hanno impedito a Lokarno Autogestita di presentare un primo programma. Ma si tratta comunque solamente dell'inizio, in quanto il gruppo ha comunque intenzione di non sedimentare in un'Auletta ma di continuare a lottare per ottenere la realizzazione di un Centro, dove si potrà fisicamente progettare e costruire. Costruire un sogno, un sogno di oggi, di ieri su quei banchi e di un futuro che comincia a realizzarsi in un Auletta...

:: Contatta LA
:: Programma di massima

Mel &amp; Floyd, Feb 10, 2006

Madison, 17.02.2006 23:08

The Feb 10, 2006 show.

A Day Without an Immigrant

Philadelphia, 17.02.2006 22:38

On Tuesday Feb 14th immigrants across Philly and regionally staged a walkout to protest bill HR 4437 as part of A Day Without Immigrants. The bill threatens to criminalize those assisting undocumented immigrants as "alien smugglers" and to turn undocumented status from a civil violation to a federal aggravated felony.

Video from the Rally" Editorial: Un Día Sin Inmigrantes

More: Photos | Articles | Audio (6 clips)

Davidson Challenges Briley for House District 52

Tennessee, 17.02.2006 22:09

Nashville, TN: Johnathan Davidson, 44, former treasurer of the East Nashville Green Party is challenging incumbent Rob Briley in this year’s State House campaign. Briley, who is well known in the middle Tennessee region as a liberal, is being challenged by Davidson. Davidson believes Briley has failed his constituents, “Last summer the historic Tenncare Sit-In at the State Capital originated within Briley’s home district, yet with numerous constituents within his district organizing the campaign, he remained aloof.” Davidson decided to run for office when he heard last summer that Rob Briley had decided to side with Governor Bredesen in blaming the Tenncare crisis on the Tennessee Justice Center. Additionally, he is dismayed at the lack of candidates and the lack of democratic choice in our legislative campaigns. In the 2004 elections, five out of ten districts in Davidson county were uncontested. Davidson says this is not democracy.

Ato lembra 1 ano do massacre dos sem-teto do Parque Oeste Industrial

Brasil, 17.02.2006 20:08



Oost-Vlaanderen, 17.02.2006 19:37


Rechtvaardigheid voor Nordin Benallal!

Oost-Vlaanderen, 17.02.2006 19:07

Rechtvaardigheid voor Nordin Benallal!

Kept Out Of The Ann Coulter Affair: For Having A Lousy Camera

Arkansas, 17.02.2006 18:40

Okay, I admit it. I’m a political junkie, and sometimes this instills in me a desire to hear what the opposition has to say, no matter how much I may disagree with them.

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