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Wetsvoorstel tegen het kraken van gebouwen door het VB.

Oost-Vlaanderen, 23.02.2006 01:07

Wetsvoorstel tegen het kraken van gebouwen door het VB.

Bellinzona: casetta bruciata

Switzerland, 23.02.2006 01:07

Domenica pomeriggio ha preso fuoco lo stabile ex-zoni a Bellinzona, si tratta molto probabilmente di un incendio doloso. Il fuoco, propagatosi da una scatola di cartone, ha distrutto solaio e tetto della casetta.
Lo stabile era di proprietà del comune e veniva utilizzato per attività giovanili. Era stato inizialmente concesso all'associazione autogestita Ortika, a seguito di un periodo caldo culminato con l'occupazione e lo sgombero di Casa Cinzia nel 96.
Le attività culturali erano proseguite fino al 94 quando, con modalità che avevano fatto discutere, [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6] l'associazione Crisalide era riuscita, a farsi assegnare dal comune la gestione dello stabile. Pochi mesi dopo, senza aver proposto praticamente nulla aveva passato le responsabilità alla neocostituita "Giovani di Bellinzona" che aveva previsto di far partire le attività di un centro giovanile nella primavera di quest'anno.

Foto del rogo

Comunicati: Partito del Lavoro | SISA

Violencia de género

Argentina, 23.02.2006 00:09

Romina Tejerina: Tres años más de injusticias

Violencia de género

Argentina, 23.02.2006 00:09

Romina Tejerina: Tres años más de injusticias

Constitution Vigil

Tennessee, 22.02.2006 22:09

Residents of Tennessee Accuse President Bush of Breaking the Law Memphis/Nashville – On Wednesday, Feb. 22, residents of Tennessee will hold 2 “Constitution Vigils” to call for a thorough and independent investigation of the president’s illegal wiretapping program. The first vigil will be in Memphis at one o'clock in the afternoon at the Federal Building at 167 North Main, this will be followed by a second vigil in Nashville at five o'clock again at the Federal Building at 9th and Broadway in downtown Nashville.

Scientists Report Global Warming Already Has Foothold in Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Entire Great Lakes Region

Madison, 22.02.2006 22:08

Minnesota scientists are reporting that they are already seeing some rather dramatic changes in Minnesota's most cherished natural resources: the north woods, the moose, the walleye. "If you're a moose, and it's the middle of summer, and you're panting, you just have a lot less time for eating", said Mark Lenarz with the State Department of Natural Resources in a KARE 11 TV News Extra. "In the summer of 2005 we had dew points in the 80's. This is like Bombay, India. It's not like Minneapolis/St Paul!", said Minnesota state climatologist Mark Seeley. According to Minnesota wildlife biologist Bill Berg, "maple basswood trees are coming up at least 50 years ahead of the predicted timelines". Walleye reproduction has been falling in Lake Pepin according to state fisheries scientist Don Pereira, who claims "What we saw in those Pepin data, in those summers when they (walleye) didn't grow very well because it was really warm, the following spring there was reduced production of young walleyes".

Portland City Council To Consider Regulation of Payday Loans

Portland, 22.02.2006 21:40

Portland City Council meets tonight at 6 p.m. at the Mt. Scott Community Center, 5530 SE 72nd Ave., to consider new regulations on high-interest payday loans.

Proposed legislation includes a requirement that 25 percent of the principal of a loan be paid before it can be rolled over, a 24-hour window for a borrower to cancel the loan, requirements for payment plans to be set up, and a $1,500 annual fee for payday loan outlets.

Cascadia Policy Wines and Dines Corporate Shill John Stossel

Portland, 22.02.2006 20:39

ABC's fact-challenged antienvironmental crusader John Stossel cavorted with cronies at Portland's posh Multnomah Athletic Club earlier this month, courtesy Cascadia Policy Institute, Portland's resident procorporate "Libertarian thinktank." John Borowski crashed the party and gives us the details. [See also: I Didn't Call John Stossel a "Corporate Shill", But I Should Have!]

Migrant March Update - DC, Madison, on the way home!

San Diego, 22.02.2006 20:39

Mark Twain once said "the coldest Winter he ever spent, was a Summer in San Francisco", well I guess Mark never spent a day in Madison, Wisconsin....brrrrr can someone say below zero
February 21 Madison, Wisconsin...
The incredible journey continues as we awoke in a cooperative house here in Madison. Only 18 people share this house (21 last night) Wisconsin only a few feet from lake FREEZZZZZZING !!!
This past week has once again, has been incredible, as we spent last Wednesday through Sunday in DC where we meet with key legislators and staff as we visited the offices of Senators Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer...we knocked on several republican doors but no gracias NO HABLA DERECHOS HUMANOS...we also visited with friends in congress such as Nancy Pelosi, Bob Filner, Jose Luis Gutierrez, Hilda Solis, and we let Texan Cuellar know what we think of his funding Racist Minutelklan idea...On Saturday we held a rally and march in front of DC Capitol Building as were joined by MECHA, Mexicanos sin Fronteras, MALDEF, Lulac, SOUTHWESTERN COLLEGE, activists from Virginia, Delaware, a couple even drove from New Orleans to join us as well as our own Angeles de la Frontera and Gente many many more friends and supporters from all walks of life, all colors and all united against racist HR 4437, NO MORE DEATHS and YES to HUMAN RIGHTS.
Read More | A Report posted to DC Indymedia | Listen to the audio report from WSQT

Violência em Vale de Judeus

Portugal, 22.02.2006 19:39

Violência em Vale de Judeus

March for Peace from Tijuana to San Francisco

LA, 22.02.2006 19:39

March for Peace from Tijuana to San Francisco

Hongerstaking in de St-Bonfaciuskerk!

Oost-Vlaanderen, 22.02.2006 19:38

Hongerstaking in de St-Bonfaciuskerk!

Secret NSA surveillance and the case of Sherman Austin from

LA, 22.02.2006 19:10

Secret NSA surveillance and the case of Sherman Austin

Der Streik geht weiter, kommt nach Reconvilier!

Switzerland, 22.02.2006 19:07

Der Streik in Reconvilier wird zumindest bis und mit Montag weitergeführt. Kommt nach Reconvilier und unterstützt die ArbeiterInnen der Boillat!

Ausführlichere Infos zum Streik im Feature.

Zwitserse politie-agenten riskeren celstraf

Oost-Vlaanderen, 22.02.2006 18:37

Zwitserse politie-agenten riskeren celstraf

Dark Seedy Corners with Slimy Politicians - Read all about it

Ireland, 22.02.2006 17:42

at an ogra fianna fail convention this afternoon a ...

Bang4Change 2006 to Take Place on February 25th

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.02.2006 17:40

Bang4Change, a Human and Civil Rights Revival Fest, will be held on Saturday, February 25th, from 12pm to 5:00pm at San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza, across the street from City Hall, on the Polk St. side. The event is dedicated to poor youth of color, their families, teachers and elders. Organizers plan to educate the community about human and civil rights violations affecting their present and future. They also want to lay out clear demands and concrete solutions at local and national governments, as well as the street level.
Read More On Indybay's San Francisco Page

Counter Recruitment Presenters Training and Organizing Event

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.02.2006 17:40

On February 25th, there will be a Counter Recruitment Presenters Mobilization in San Francisco. This training/organizing event will be aimed at youth-to-youth presentation teams, veterans and non-veteran classroom presenters, and anyone else who wants to learn, share, and support counter recruitment efforts. The military recruits in most Bay Area high schools. The event will take place from 2-5pm in the War Veterans Memorial Building, Room 219, at 401 Van Ness, in San Francisco.
Read More on Indybay's Anti-War Page

Preso e demitido, fotógrafo só quer a garantia de seus direitos

Brasil, 22.02.2006 16:09


Bloco carnavalesco protesta contra tarifas

Brasil, 22.02.2006 16:09


March and Rally against VT Yankee

Western Mass, 22.02.2006 14:09

March and Rally against VT Yankee - Sunday February 26

Valerio Verbano

Italy, 22.02.2006 14:09

Ancora per le strade, ricordando Valerio

Aπεργία Ναυτεργατών: Επιστράτευση τα ξημερώματα

Athens, 22.02.2006 13:42

Τη στιγμή που συλλογικές συμβάσεις καταργούνται, όταν εργοστάσια κλείνουν καθημερινά και χιλιάδες εργαζόμενοι μένουν στους δρόμους, όταν κάποιοι άλλοι εκβιάζονται να αποδεχτούν την εθελούσια έξοδο, όταν το ασφαλιστικό νομοσχέδιο εξυπηρετεί μόνο την εργοδοτική ληστεία και ασυδοσία, όταν εργαζόμενοι που απεργούν δέχονται καταστολή, δεν μπορούμε παρά να μιλάμε για εργασιακό μεσαίωνα.

Ένα μεσαίωνα που επιβεβαιώνουν οι κυβερνητικές αποφάσεις. Από την περασμένη βδομάδα ξεκίνησαν απεργία οι ναυτεργάτες σ´όλα τα λιμάνια της χώρας. Η προσπάθεια των εφοπλιστών να κηρύξουν την απεργία παράνομη, απέτυχε παταγωδώς. Το πρωτοδικείο του Πειραιά την έκρινε νόμιμη. Η προσπάθεια να διαφυλαχτούν τα συμφέροντα των εφοπλιστών συνεχίζεται. Σήμερα τα ξημερώματα το υπουργείο ναυτιλίας κήρυξε πολιτική επιστράτευση των απεργών ναυτικών. Παρόλα αυτά, οι απεργία θα συνεχιστεί μέχρι και την Παρασκευή μετά από απόφαση της Πανελλήνιας Ναυτικής Ομοσπονδίας.

Οι εξελίξεις αυτές δραστηριοποίησαν όλα τα εργασιακά σωματεία και σήμερα στις 5 το απόγευμα καλούν σε συγκέντρωση συμπαράστασης στους απεργούς ναυτεργάτες.

Este viernes 24 y sábado 25 en Pavón 1625, Avellaneda.

Argentina, 22.02.2006 12:09

Ciclo Tierra Nómade en Libres del Sur.

South Central Farmers Continue to Pressure City Council

LA, 22.02.2006 07:40

South Central Farmers Continue to Pressure City Council

Sea Shepherd - ECO RIGHTS

Perth, 22.02.2006 06:42

Meet The Sea Shepherd's Captain Paul Watson...

Filipinler: Wowowee trajedisi

Istanbul, 22.02.2006 03:09

74 yoksul Filipinli izdihamda hayatını kaybetti

20 de febrero

Argentina, 22.02.2006 03:08

Martes 21 de Febrero de 2006 | A 10 AÑOS DE LA REPRESIÓN Y APROBACIÓN EN LA PLATA
Hecha la LES, sigue la resistencia

Antiwar Pro-Impeachment Events in Virginia

Richmond, 22.02.2006 02:39

TOTAL RECALL: END THE WAR, IMPEACH BUSH & CHENEY Events in Charlottesville, Virginia: -Town Hall Forum on the War in Iraq Monday, March 13, 7 - 10 p.m. -Film: "Occupation Dreamland" Wednesday, March 15, 7 p.m. -March for Peace and Impeachment Monday, March 20, 4 p.m. Because three years of war is enough, and another day in office for Bush and Cheney is too much.

Another Occupation in Hackney Against Gentrification

United Kingdom, 22.02.2006 01:09

On Monday 20th of February, local activists from Hackney, London, occupied three Victorian and Georgian buildings in order to stop the threat of demolition. The intention is to turn them into a community and social centre, instead of seeing the buildings sold off to private developers. The site consists of the Victorian Dalston Theatre and a pair of Georgian townhouses. Although some officials argue they are in a derelict state, members of the community are convinced that the theatre has a big potential as a cultural, social and community resource [Photos and Report]

At about 8am, council officers turned up and told the occupiers that they had to vacate the building by 9 or they would send in the police to evict them. Later in the morning, workmen from Byline (the contractors hired by Hackney Council) and police forced entry to the occupied theatre. Activists then climbed to the buidling's rooftops to defend the occupation, and are calling for help to stop the eviction.

Updates: Tuesday 21st

More info against gentrification in Hackney: Open Dalston | 34 Broadway Market Occupation

20 de febrero

Argentina, 22.02.2006 01:08

Martes 21 de Febrero de 2006 | A 10 AÑOS DE LA REPRESIÓN Y APROBACIÓN EN LA PLATA
Hecha la LES, sigue la resistencia

Söyleşi: Ossi

Istanbul, 22.02.2006 00:39

Ossi: “Tutarlı olalım, angaryayı kökten ortadan kaldıralım”

Indymedia Córdoba - Por el agua - (Banner)

Argentina, 22.02.2006 00:38

workshop allo stalker

Italy, 22.02.2006 00:09

Workshop su Indymedia a Padova

Depleted Uranium and US Veterans

Tennessee, 21.02.2006 22:10

After all the huff about Weapons of Mass Destruction, it is supremely ironic that the US Military use of Depleted Uranium in Iraq perfectly meets the definiton of WMDs. It is indiscriminate and potentially lethal to all the civilian population. In a more poignant irony, our own soldiers are subject to radioactive contamination from our own WMD weapons.

PIcket Brings Work To A Halt At Collen Site In UCD.

Ireland, 21.02.2006 21:39

60 picketers. UCDSU (and Gardai) out in force. An ...

Danny Glover, Sen. John Edwards Rally with Hotel Activists for Workers' Rights

Boston, 21.02.2006 19:09

Boston area hotel workers came out strong at the Ritz Carlton Hotel to hear Senator John Edwards, actor/activist Danny Glover and other union leaders speak on workers’ rights last Saturday. The speakers were part of the “Hotel Workers Rising,” one of several nation-wide events to support increased benefits for hotel workers, part of the nation’s fastest growing labor industry. Photography by Alexis Winter

BU Theology Students Confront Biolab Construction

Boston, 21.02.2006 19:09

Last Wednesday, February 15th, students from the BU School of Theology tied themselves to a civil rights memorial on campus in protest of the construction of the proposed BioSafety Level 4 laboratory that would test deady diseases on animals and put nearby residents at risk. Calling the lab an act of environmental racism, some students flyered and spoke to crowds passing by.

Press Conference to Expose Cover-Up by Oakland Police

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.02.2006 19:08

There will be a press conference and rally at 4:30 PM on Tuesday, February 21st at Oakland City Hall to protest the role of the police, the global shipping companies, and the US government on the attack made on April 7, 2003 against peaceful pickets and longshoremen.

Read More On Indybay's Police And East Bay Pages

Michael Steele Stem Cell Comment Is Dobsonite Cult Dogma

Baltimore, 21.02.2006 18:08

Michael Steele's likening stem cell research to "Nazi experimentation" was not an original Steele comment: it is part of the dogma of the Focus on Family cult led by the perverted James C. Dobson...the most powerful force of evil in Washington

Arab Port Deal Distorted for Political Gain

Baltimore, 21.02.2006 18:08

Recently, 8,600 U.S. companies have been taken over by foreign ownership, while 20 percent of all U.S. assets are held by foreigners. The politicians were silent. Now, a United Arab Emirates’ enterprise will soon be operating stevedoring companies in six U.S. ports, including Baltimore’s. Its Mayor, Martin O’Malley, almost broke a blood vessel complaining. However, he didn’t say a word while the preceding British outfit was doing the work. Go figure!

‘Ugly face of American Racism’

Boston, 21.02.2006 18:08

The following interview of Professor Tony Van Der Meer was conducted by Bryan G. Pfeifer over the course of December 2005 and January 2006.

Execution of Morales Postponed

LA, 21.02.2006 17:38

Execution of Morales Postponed

Geen fascisten aan de RUG!

Oost-Vlaanderen, 21.02.2006 16:07

Geen fascisten aan de RUG!

Revised Newswire Posting Policy

Saint Louis, 21.02.2006 15:38

We have recently adopted a new policy that we will be testing in the next several weeks. The new policy is not yet set in stone, but we feel it will be successful to adequately shape the newswire into a more desirable medium for the site's purposes. We enthusiastically welcome comments and responses to the revised posting policy.

Lobby against council cuts 23 Feb

United Kingdom, 21.02.2006 14:08

Notts County Council is planning £21m of budget cuts, resulting in hundreds of redundancies and cuts in services to some of the most vulnerable people in the County. Workers and community groups will lobby the Council meeting on Thurs 23 Feb at 1pm outside County Hall, West Bridgford, Nottingham.

The lobby is part of a series of actions designed to make the Council re-think its plans to make sweeping cuts to jobs and services.Up for the axe are around 500 jobs and a dramatic reduction to meals at homes for older people, home care and economic regeneration initiatives. Notinghamshire County Council is claiming that the cuts are necessary to meet budgetary pressures, but it masks a wider political agenda to privatise services.

See: for more info


Uruguay, 21.02.2006 12:08



Uruguay, 21.02.2006 12:08

La resistance ne cesse pas.

“fabrique” de cellulose.

Uruguay, 21.02.2006 12:08

La resistance ne cesse pas.

1-Euro-Jobber als Streikbrecher gegen VERDI

Germany, 21.02.2006 11:38

Osnabrück: Hartz-IV-Empfänger als 1-Euro-Streikbrecher. Unter massivem Polizeieinsatz gegen Verdi-Streikposten eingesetzt. Stadt Osnabrück droht: "Wenn ihr nicht als Streikbrecher ordentlich arbeitet, melden wir das dem Arbeitsamt." Osnabrücker Geschäfte belohnen Streikbrecher mit Warengutscheinen. Vogelgrippe und Ein-Euro-Jobs | Arbeitslose zur Kadaverarbeit

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