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manipulació i mitjans de comunicació (ca)

Barcelona, 16.08.2004 12:35

¿¿informació ??

La manipulació dels ma$media es va evidenciar en el 11m i les promeses de canvi del psoe, encara que la situació millori una mica, queden desmentides per l'informe aideka y pel consell provisional d'informatius. És difícil que es pari aquest control, ja que els/les ciutadan*s de l'estat passem 3.30h/dia enfront del televisor i allí poden bombardejar-nos amb la semàntica del poder, els mecanismes de manipulació de masses i la cultura de la por. Al poder, com Dassault o Polanco, li interessa controlar la informació que ens arriba, utilitzant fins i tot ongs com Reporteros sin Fronteras, tancant webs de denúncia i permetent-se, com "El Pais", el luxe de no complir les sentències. En Catalunya també tenim exemples com el suposat informe intern del govern català sobre els mitjans de comunicació, l'ocultació del May Day, la utilització de l'incident a Caracas, l'acomiadament del periodista Pitu Terrasa, l'"oblit" que els agressors eren skins a gràcia o complicitat amb el Forum [1-2-3-4].

¿¿que fer per a defensar-nos?? medi@ctivisme

+info :: >>>comunicació + galeria

International solidarity with the people in Venezuela

United Kingdom, 16.08.2004 11:58

Demonstrators of groups associated with the Forest Cafe, Edinburgh Cider Punx, Rhytms of Resistance, and individuals like Sam from Circus2Iraq and other groups mingled today, the 15th of august, the International Day of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela with visitors of the Edinburgh cultural festival in Scotland to mix politics with fun. Mark Thomas and the Edinburgh Samba School borrowed out their publicity to the campaigners to attract and inform the public about the co-inciding referendum in Venezuela.

In the distributed leaflet, the activists state, that they will support a Global Day of Action on October 12th, 2004.
1 |
2 |
call | video]

Other international solidarity events happened in London during the week before the referendum in the RampArt social centre, [video], protests took place in support of the Bolivarian Revolution in front of the embassy in The Hague, Stockholm, London [pics | video].

The newly released film Venezuela Bolivariana People and Struggle of the Fourth World War by the independent Calle y Media Collective about the "Bolivarian Revolution" in Venezuela is on tour through Europe and will be screened in Edinburgh, on the 18th of august in the Forest during the global information night.

In Glasgow, the independent video making collective Camcorder Guerillas organized an informational event, premiering their self-made films about the situation in Venezuela.

Venezuela Bolivariana victoriosa

Puerto Rico, 16.08.2004 08:04


Save Rivers

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.08.2004 07:55

Save the American River!

Federal grand jury underway in Eugene

Portland, 16.08.2004 07:50

VENEZUELA: Between Empire and Revolution

Portland, 16.08.2004 07:30

Rogue IMC Dead

Portland, 16.08.2004 07:14


Puerto Rico, 16.08.2004 06:32

DOCUMENTAL- Venezuela Bolivariana: Pueblo y Lucha de la IV Guerra Mundial

2 weeks till RNC

Houston, 16.08.2004 05:55

Two weeks till the start of the RNC: a look at things in Houston

EXTRA! EXTRA! Free Papers for Citywide Distro!

NYC, 16.08.2004 05:19

The RNC is coming and the Indy has printed 200,000 copies for outreach around the city! Come & take them! Special distro days are also being organized by NYC Indymedia to ensure the whole city knows the protests are coming, what they’re about and how to get involved. Time is of the essence. The RNC will be here before you know it and if you haven’t done outreach yet — here is your chance to make history! FREE BUNDLES are available for pick-up at the following locations: THE NYC INDEPENDENT MEDIA CENTER: 34 East 29 St., 2nd Floor — 212.684.8112 RNC GRASSROOTS MEDIA CONVERGENCE: Tribeca: 40 Worth Street (@Church), 13th Floor BROOKLYN DEPOT: call 917.403.8791 Call 212.684.8112 to sign up, ask for John or Jed. -a free paper for free people


Puerto Rico, 16.08.2004 02:59

Victoria para Chávez


Puerto Rico, 16.08.2004 02:55

Victoria para Chávez


Puerto Rico, 16.08.2004 02:33

DOCUMENTAL- Venezuela Bolivariana: Pueblo y Lucha de la IV Guerra Mundial

A levantarse

Puerto Rico, 16.08.2004 01:19

VENEZUELA: ¡Si hay fraude, el pueblo a la calle!


Puerto Rico, 16.08.2004 00:25

DOCUMENTAL- Venezuela Bolivariana: Pueblo y Lucha de la IV Guerra Mundial

Alex Jones: &quot;Start challenging this corporate slave state&quot;

Portland, 15.08.2004 23:48

pResidential Visits, and Kerry Sympathizers vs. Reality

Portland, 15.08.2004 23:43


Argentina, 15.08.2004 20:44

Domingo 15 de Agosto 2004 | REFERENDUM REVOCATORIO
Venezuela: SI o NO

Police Raid NYC Indymedia Video Team Benefit

San Diego, 15.08.2004 20:26

A multi-agency task force shut down a NYC Indymedia video team benefit late Saturday night, sparking complaints that the action was politically motivated. "I don't think every single department showing up here was a coincidence," said Brandon Jourdan, a video team organizer. "But maybe it was or maybe it was not. People will have to decide for themselves."

NYC IMC Video Team:
FTAA IMC - The Miami Model:
San Diego Screening of The Miami Model:

Land Of The Free

Sydney, 15.08.2004 20:07

Vika's Story

Blood Money: The Human-Capital Equation of the U.S. Occupation of Iraq

Baltimore, 15.08.2004 18:20

When a state is determined to pursue war, and all forms of indirect symbolic protest actions have failed to sway politicians to halt their imperialist aggression, the only remaining option is direct action by the working class. One option is a general strike by workers that can effect the production and transpiration of military capital, that is the materials essential for the war machine. The other is to deprive the military of the labor it needs to fight the war. The slogan from the Vietnam War protests deliberately speaks to this, "What if they had a war, and no one came?" The U.S. military is overwhelmingly recruited from the working class, and convincing our class as a whole to refuse to work for this blood money may be our best chance for both ending the war in Iraq and limiting the imperialist ambitions of the U.S. for future decades. (This essay is published simultaneously in 'The Northeastern Anarchist', #9, Summer/Fall 2004).

A levantarse

Puerto Rico, 15.08.2004 18:03

VENEZUELA: ¡Si hay fraude, el pueblo a la calle!

Birth of A Nation Screening - Aborted!

LA, 15.08.2004 17:22

Birth of A Nation Screening – CANCELLED!

Baltimore Indymedia Open House

Baltimore, 15.08.2004 16:13

Announcing a Baltimore Indymedia Social Gathering, Discussion and Video Presentation. Wednesday, August 25, 7:30 - 10:00, 1443 Gorsuch Ave.

White Supremacist Images on the Portland Police Association Webs

Portland, 15.08.2004 16:10

Hastert Campaigning for Goli Ameri on Aug 16

Portland, 15.08.2004 15:58

Family booted from Bush Rally for Pro-choice T-shirts

Michigan, 15.08.2004 15:55

Campaign workers removed the Millers -- Marvin, Barbara and Theresa -- from Wendler Arena on Thursday minutes before the president's motorcade rolled up.

The Midland clan's offense?

Barbara Miller, a 50-year-old chemist for Dow Chemical Co., had carried in a rolled-up T-shirt emblazoned with a pro-choice slogan.

::this article was originally published in the Saginaw News::

Attend City Council Public Hearing to Fight Privitazation

Michigan, 15.08.2004 15:49

The announcement below is a follow up for the city council meeting on July 28th in which a one day strike of municipal workers was proposed and supported by at least a few of the ten or so AFSCME local presidents who attended.

This kind of action would point the way forward to fighting privatization, which is a WMD the well to do are using against our schools, utilities, mass transit systems, and social services. People should attend to let the AFSCME workers know that they have our solidarity and active support. Anti-war activists, in particular, should attend to let it be heard loud and clear that we oppose both the war and occupation in Iraq, as well as the war and occupation of the big business brief case brown shirt privatizers against Detroit's working class and poor communities.

Police Raid NYC Indymedia Video Team Benefit

NYC, 15.08.2004 13:59

A multi-agency task force shut down a NYC Indymedia video team benefit late Saturday night, sparking complaints that the action was politically motivated. "I don't think every single department showing up here was a coincidence," said Brandon Jourdan, a video team organizer. "But maybe it was or maybe it was not. People will have to decide for themselves." || NYC IMC Video Team

referendum Venezuela

Italy, 15.08.2004 11:36

Venezuela alle urne

referendum Venezuela

Italy, 15.08.2004 10:51

Venezuela alle urne

A levantarse

Puerto Rico, 15.08.2004 10:13

VENEZUELA: A levantarse

media protests

Qc, 15.08.2004 06:45

NUJP, Media Groups Protest Killings, Constriction of Democratic Space

Ojo a los bolivarianos

Puerto Rico, 15.08.2004 06:24

Disculpe Señor Presidente, pero en eso no estamos de acuerdo con usted

Imperio y Revolución

Puerto Rico, 15.08.2004 06:11

Entre Imperio y Revolución

Happily Natural Day

Richmond, 15.08.2004 04:51

The purpose of Happily Natural Day is to reaffirm our pride in our culture and ethnicity as African people locally and worldwide, and to give our brothers and sisters empowering, uplifting, and eye-opening information in regards to the importance of black culture, natural health and hair care. It is also important for us to offer positive "edutainment" that will unify our community as we celebrate our natural selves. As natural hair is making a resurgence in popularity, it is important that we dig beneath the surface, tap into the minds of the masses, and wake up the collective mental potential of our people.


Puerto Rico, 15.08.2004 02:26

¿Y si se atreven, qué?... Revolución

Ojo a los bolivarianos

Puerto Rico, 15.08.2004 02:24

Disculpe Señor Presidente, pero en eso no estamos de acuerdo con usted


Uruguay, 15.08.2004 02:06

A sólo unas horas del referendo en Venezuela

Venezuelan Referendum Vote Today

United Kingdom, 15.08.2004 01:58

Sunday 1:00 AM GMT
The Venezuelan referendum on the left-wing presidency of Hugo Chavez starts today. Indymedia UK is getting live reports from the streets of Caracas. Things have been calm so far, but tensions are expected to rise before and during the vote.

Newswire Reports
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[ 2 ]
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[ 1 ]

[ 1 ]
[ 2 ]

American “Insane Asylum” History: Giving Names To Numbered Graves

Boston, 15.08.2004 01:04

A nationwide movement to put names on the numbered gravestones in cemeteries at America's mental hospitals and abandoned "insane asylums" is underway. "It has been said that no families have come forward to claim their relatives (buried here)...WE are their family." In Massacusetts, the Danvers State Memorial Committee (DSMC) was formed in 1997, with the goal of restoring and properly memorializing the two Danvers State Hospital cemeteries. One of the first hurdles they faced was determining who was responsible for cleaning up, and then long term maintenance of, the cemeteries. A decision was made to press the state to be accountable for the cemeteries. But there were still problems, such as the Dept. of Mental Health (DMH) had the records for the closed hospital, and a private entity was soon to buy the state hospital property, and then the activists would have to get permission to clear the cemeteries from them, etc. The DSMC also reports there was considerable anger present at early meetings. Many were still very angry at past abuses they had suffered at Danvers State. They were adamant that the truth, not the sanitized version, of the hospital’s past be told. Some members of the DSMC felt the group was not the place for that anger. But the group did not shun those who were angry, and instead were able to harness their anger into a powerful force. Due to these discussions, the DSMC decided to ask for a formal apology as part of the return of dignity to those buried with only numbers on the hospital grounds.

Venezuela: Chavez wint referendum over presidentschap

Netherlands, 15.08.2004 00:37

President Hugo Chavez van Venezuela mag zijn ambtstermijn uitzitten. Op 16 augustus, iets na vier uur plaastelijke tijd maakte de voorzitter van de verkiezingsraad, Francisco Carrasquero, de uitslag bekend.

Het referendum is vrij rustig verlopen maar toch waren er een aantal incidenten waarbij kiezers in volksbuurten werden aangevallen. De oppositie kan zich maar moeilijk neerleggen bij de uitslag die de nationale verkiezingsraad rapporteerde en heeft het over "massale fraude", maar dat waren ze al van meet af aan van plan. Vreemd, aangezien de vastgestelde pogingen tot fraude van de kant van de oppositie zelf kwamen. Het Carter Center heeft de uitslagen van het referendum echter "valide" verklaard. Toch blijft de oppositie weigeren om zich bij de uitslag neer te leggen.

Over de hele wereld zijn er solidariteitsacties gehouden, waaronder in Amsterdam en Den Haag. De waarnemers in Den Haag stelden vast dat de Venezolaanse Ambassade zich niet aan de regels hield. In Amsterdam was er maandagmiddag om 15.00 uur feest op het beursplein [fotoverslagen 1 | 2 ]

[ video: 1 | 2 ] [ fotos ] [ download documentaire ]

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Venezuela: Chavez wint referendum over presidentschap

Netherlands, 15.08.2004 00:37

Venezuela: Chavez wint referendum over presidentschap

Atenas: por trás do Espectáculo Olímpico

Portugal, 15.08.2004 00:35

Atenas: por trás do Espectáculo Olímpico

Atenas: por trás do Espectáculo Olímpico

Portugal, 15.08.2004 00:35

Atenas: por trás do Espectáculo Olímpico

Aristide-Unterst�tzer demonstrieren in Haiti

Germany, 15.08.2004 00:05

Anh�nger des demokratisch gew�hlten haitianischen Pr�sidenten Jean-Bertrand Aristide demonstrieren unter Lebensgefahr vom 12. - 14.August in Milo und Cap Haitian anl�sslich des Jahrestages der haitianischen Revolution von 1791. Im Februar wurde Aristide durch einen Staatsstreich mit Unterst�zung der USA, Kanadas und Frankreichs entmachtet.
Eine Delegation internationaler Beobachter ist bereits nach Haiti gereist, um die Demonstrationen zu begleiten. Eine Karawane der Gerechtigkeit f�hrt vorbei an Orten, an denen es zu Milit�r-Attacken und Menschenrechtsverletzungen durch Aristide-Gegner und Gerard Latortue-nahe Streitkr�fte gekommen ist. F�r den 14. August sind gewaltfreie M�rsche in Port-au-Prince und Cap Haitian geplant.

Venezuela: Referendum sorgt f�r Unruhen

Germany, 15.08.2004 00:00

Das landesweites Referendum, welches entscheiden soll, ob Hugo Ch�vez an der Macht bleibt, hat begonnen. Das Referendum wurde von der rechten Opposition durchgesetzt, welche die Oberschicht des Landes vertritt und Kontrolle �ber Medien und Polizei besitzt. Chavez wird unter anderem Korruption und ein autorit�rer F�hrungsstil vorgeworfen. Die Opposition ist ein heterogenes Sammelbecken der wichtigsten Akteure des alten politischen Systems, das mit der Wahl Ch�vez 1998 und der neuen bolivarianischen Verfassung die Macht im Staat zum Teil eingeb�sst hat. Dazu z�hlen u.a. die beiden traditionellen Parteien Accion Democratica (Sozialdemokratisch) und COPEI (Christlich-konservativ), Arbeitgeberverb�nde, Gewerkschaften, Privatmedien und die Kirche. Aber auch libert�re Str�mungen kritisieren Chavez. (mehr)
Auch wenn das Ergebnis des Referendum f�r das Land von gro�er Bedeutung ist, ist es nur ein Teil der langen Geschichte sozialer Bewegungen in Venezuela, wo 80% der Bev�lkerung in Armut lebt und die oberen 20% fast alle Ressourcen kontrolliert. Im Falle eine Sieges der Opposition hat deren F�hrer und ehemalige Pr�sident Venezuelas Andr�s P�rez erkl�rt, mit Unterst�tzung der USA eine Diktatur errichten zu wollen. Journalisten gegen�ber bemerkte er: "Ch�vez muss sterben wie ein Hund, denn das ist es, was er verdient." (mehr lesen). Unterdessen gibt mehren sich die Anzeichen f�r einen m�glichen erneuten Putsch-Versuch.

Das venezuelanische Independent Media Center befindet sich noch im Aufbau, weshalb die Live-Berichterstattung aus Venezuela am Wochenende �ber Indymedia.PuertoRico [es] und Indymedia.UK [en] laufen wird. Au�erdem wird es einen Live-Radio-Stream von Radio Pacifica geben.

Update: Versuchter Wahlbetrug aufgedeckt (Sonntag abend)
Berichte �ber Versuche der Rechten, Chavez-Anh�nger beim W�hlen zu hindern. Dabei gab es mindestens einen Toten und 10 Verletzte (Indymedia-Bericht).

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Telepolis: Ruhe vor dem Sturm? | Parteipresse zur Pressepartei
Venezuela Avanza [de] | Venezuela Analysis [en] |

Sicilia e Palestina

Italy, 14.08.2004 23:47

Dalla Sicilia alla Palestina


Puerto Rico, 14.08.2004 23:35

Comunicado Movimiento Bases Populares


Puerto Rico, 14.08.2004 23:28

Venezuela Bolivariana

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