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Proteste gegen den EU-Gipfel in Innsbruck

Austria, 04.03.2006 14:38

Mit heute, dem 04.03.2006 beginnen die Proteste gegen das Treffen der EU-KriegsministerInnen in Innsbruck. Der Start erfolgt mit dem Gegengipfel in der Mensa (Herzog-Sigmund-Ufer 15, von 11:00 bis 16:00 Uhr) bei dem mehrere Vortäge und Workshops eingeplant sind. Morgen, am Sonntag dem 05.03.2006 geht der Protest auf die Strassen. Die Demonstration beginnt um 13:30 am Landhausplatz und soll über die Innenstadt beim Goldenen Dach enden. Für Montag, dem Beginn des EU-Gipfels ist um 11:00 Uhr eine Kundgebung am Franziskanerplatz angemeldet und ab 16 Uhr Strassentheater bei der Annasäule. (zum Programm) Um laufende Berichterstattung zu ermöglichen wurde in den Räumlichkeiten der ÖH (Josef-Hirn-Strasse 7) das Medienzentrum eingerichtet (Tel: 512 507 49 24). Das erste Plenum findet heute (04.03.2006) um 18°° Uhr statt, an dem sich alle Interessierten beteiligen können. Mehr im Feature: Aktionen + Demonstrationen anlässlich der EU-RatspräsidentInnenschaft 2006 oder auf MOVE

Activists gather for peace conference

United Kingdom, 04.03.2006 11:38

Hundreds of people gathered on Sunday for a day of talks, information, discussion and workshops on the theme of peace.

The Nottingham Students Peace Movement's conference welcomed Sam Azad (International Federation of Iranian Refugees), author Milan Rai and Alan Simpson MP to lead a discussion on "justice not vengeance." They were followed by lecturers Richard Keeble and Beryl Aldridge and Notts Indymedia's Wietse talking about combating media bias. Both sessions welcomed extensive audience contributions. Various workshops were later held on alternative media, creative campaigning, civil rights and black activism.

Event photos
Listen to media bias debate
See full timetable

Radio subVERSIONES #0

Puerto Rico, 04.03.2006 08:10

Radio subVERSIONES #0: Audio documental sobre la policiaca brutalidad

Transsexual brasileira é brutalmente assassinada em Portugal

Brasil, 04.03.2006 06:08


Miami Film Festival Presents 4 Activist Films with Panel Discussions

Miami, 04.03.2006 02:37

Miami Film Festival Presents 4 Activist Films with Panel Discussions

SHAC 7 Convicted on all Charges

Philadelphia, 04.03.2006 01:38

On Thursday, March 2, the jury in the SHAC 7 case returned a guilty verdict on all counts as to all six defendants who had been accused of maintaining a Philadelphia-based website in order to incite threats, harassment and vandalism against Huntington Life Sciences, a company that tests drugs and household products on animals. All were convicted of conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Protection Act. U.S. District Judge Anne Thompson ordered SHAC to remove names and home addresses from its Web site by March 13; SHAC USA's main website now reads, "We apologize, but this site has been shut down for legal reasons." For more information, see the SHAC 7 support site, The First Amendment Center, and the newswire.

Paro docente

Argentina, 03.03.2006 23:09

Viernes 3 de marzo de 2006 / Docentes provinciales paran el 6 de marzo
Paro y Movilización

Students Strip for Sweat-Free UC

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.03.2006 22:12

Stripping down to their skivvies, students at UC schools protested sweatshop-made UC collegiate apparel. Bearing the slogan: “We tried to find sweat-free clothes in our bookstore and this is what we came out with” (i.e. nothing), students highlighted the widespread practice of producing collegiate apparel in factories with poor labor standards. A few dozen spirited students turned out at UC Santa Cruz, more than 50 at Berkeley, and another 50 at San Diego. Protests were also reportedly held at Santa Barbara, Irvine, and Riverside. Regardless of the school, few clothes were to be seen.

Read More On Santa Cruz Indymedia and Indybay's Education and Globaliazation Pages

Free Human Rights Film Festival at First UU of Nashville

Tennessee, 03.03.2006 21:10

Nashville Human Rights Film Festival Through out the month of March, on four consecutive Wednesday evenings, a series of free films will be shown to the public at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, located at 1808 Woodmont Blvd in Nashville. Starting on March 8th, screening at 7 pm, these four films will be shown and a discussion will be held afterward. The films raise profound human rights questions here in the US. Each viewing will have a facilitated discussion afterward. The program has been produced by Truthspeaks Media, a Truth and Reconciliation Project.


Argentina, 03.03.2006 19:39

Nuova occupazione

Italy, 03.03.2006 19:09

Occupata l'ex mensa in San Donato

South Central Farmers in LA Evicted

San Diego, 03.03.2006 19:08

Action Alert - EVICTION NOTICE POSTED at South Central Farm

An eviction notice was posted on the west gate of the South Central Farm by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at 2:00pm, yesterday March 1, 2006. According to the notice the farm needs to be vacated by Monday March 6, 2006. Until the end of that day, it will still be legal for the farmers to remain on the land.

A Demonstration is planned: Los Angeles City Hall this Friday March 3, 2006 at 9:00 am outside and inside to speak out during the City Council Meeting’s Public Comments. Demand the city intervene on the community’s behalf! Public comments commence at 10:00 am.

Background info:

Breaking news at

Hablemos de ENCE (con Antón Masa)

Uruguay, 03.03.2006 17:39

"Caramelos envenenados"

Bienvenido a Todos, Bristol!

Bristol, 03.03.2006 16:08

'All Welcome' Bristol Latin American Forum: Saturday, 11th of March 'Everyone is Welcome' Bristol Latin American Forum: Saturday, 11th of March The Bristol Latin American Forum is an exciting political and cultural event to be held on Saturday, 11th of March in conjunction with the Hispanic Society at the Department of Hispanic Studies, University of Bristol, and the Bristol Colombia Solidarity Campaign. It will focus on the political, social and economic changes now sweeping across Latin America, especially in areas such as challenges to neo-liberalism, self empowerment for the poor, environmental issues and human rights.Event features: Dr Marina Prieto-Carron of the Politics Department, University of Bristol – speaking on women workers in the ‘Free Trade Zones’ of Central America. Dr Andy Higginbottom of the Politics Department, Kingston University - reporting back from World Social Forum in Venezuela, January 2006. Workshops on Venezuela, Colombia, Chiapas, Cuba, Nicaragua and the Drug Wars: from Bogota to Bristol with Danny Kushlick, director of Transform Drug Policy Foundation plus a Mystery guest speaker yet to be announced!! The event features contributions from the Hispanic Society at the Hispanic Department of the University of Bristol, Bristol Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Bristol Indymedia, Transform, Bristol Venezuela Solidarity Group, Bristol Cuba Solidarity Campaign, KIPTIK (Chiapas Solidarity), BLINC (Bristol Link with Nicaragua) as well as music and films. Saturday 11th March 12.30pm till 6pm @ Dept. of Hispanic Studies, University of Bristol, 15 Woodland Road, University Area, Bristol (note: entry will be from the rear of No. 21) and 6.30pm till late @ University of Bristol Student Union, Queen’s Road, Clifton. Full article.| Latin American Forum Line Up & Info | Transform Drug Policy Foundation | Latin American Indymedia Newswire: | universities ban Coca-Cola due to alleged links with paramilitaries | A Bristolian writes from Venezuela | Bristol and the War on Drugs | 'Coffee for the Rich, Coffins for the Poor' |

Anti-Deportation Protest at Nottingham Magistrates Court

United Kingdom, 03.03.2006 09:39

Around 30 people protested the illegal deportation of 20-year-old Afghani refugee Ali Noori at Nottingham Magistrates Court this morning [Thursday, March 2].

Ali came to Britain as a minor, and has been awaiting the result of his appeal to remain here. He was detained at the police station on March 1 with no prior warning to him or his solicitor which, we assert, makes the deportation illegal.

It is expected Ali will be moved to the detention centre near Oxford shortly, before being deported. Legal representations are being made, however.

Event photos

Scatolanera è libera!

Switzerland, 03.03.2006 09:07

L'esperimento radiofonico Progetto Radio Scatola Nera è tornato online ascolta e continua a produrre informazione stridente e cultura cacofonica controcorrente. Il server su cui strimmiamo ha scelto di smettere di utilizzare il formato .mp3 (proprietario) ma di iniziare ad utilizzare il formato .ogg che è opensource. Questo formato, oltre ad essere libero, ha una migliore qualità di riproduzione ma, non essendo sostenuto dalle multinazionali del software, non è riproducibile sui player di case contrarie alla liberazione del sapere (leggi di più).

:: Il nuovo indirizzo è:

Inoltre le principali trasmissioni (Variabile Fahrenheit, Sbokkate radioattive, Callequerock, Report e Conferenze, ecc) stanno cominciando a mettere online i primi contenuti!

:: Visita per ulteriori informazioni
:: Leggi la politica editoriale
:: Partecipa al progetto

The Ehrlich Report

Baltimore, 03.03.2006 07:39

A monthly column of political commentary. This month a medley of topics: water, impeachment, voting and political ignorance, the rich and the Shrub, &amp; more.

Recycling Forum Asks the $17 Million Question

Philadelphia, 03.03.2006 07:39

Recycling is no mystery. Recycled material is more valuable than solid waste. Yet Philadelphia still recycles less than 6% of its rubbish costing the city approximately $17 million annually. "We are literally throwing money in the trash," chair of Recycle NOW Phila Maurice Sampson told a crowd gathered at the Friends Select School.

Minimum wage workers take McDonalds to Court

Aotearoa, 03.03.2006 06:40

The Unite Union's struggle for a $12 minimum wage, end to youth rates and job security for McDonald's workers intensified today as the multi-billion dollar company was charged with illegal practices. The company was issued a legal document charging the company with “unlawful failure to bargain” and “unlawful discrimination on grounds of union membership” [Press Release]

“McDonald’s is using their position as a powerful corporation with great financial resources to intimidate their workforce which is made up of young and vulnerable workers. They have orchestrated a systematic campaign to obstruct their employees from joining their union. The company has circulated a written proposal circulated to all stores and that an increase will only be paid to non-members. Some Unite members have been told that they will get the early increase if they resign from the union." said Unite spokesperson Simon Oosterman.

McDonalds has responded by claiming that Unite's actions so far have been damaging to their brand and that they have no intention of rewarding such behaviour in their employees.

Over 100 Unite workers and supporters are expected at a protest strike tonight. [Press Release]

Supreme Court Ends Protection Against Abortion Clinic Violence

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.03.2006 04:44

On February 28th, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that could add to the increasing difficulty women face in obtaining reproductive health services. The Court's 8-0 decision in Scheidler, et al., v. National Organization for Women (NOW), et al. and Operation Rescue v. NOW, et al. could usher in a return to clinic violence in the United States. The filing of this case and the resulting injunction, which had protected clinics nationwide, contributed to the reduction in clinic violence that has been seen in recent years. Without strong protections against clinic assaults, the legal right to abortion could become meaningless.

Read more on Indybay's Women's News and US News Pages

San Francisco Protest Against Martial Law in Philippines

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.03.2006 04:44

On Friday, March 3rd, the Gabriela Network says, it will hold an Emergency Rally in San Francisco Against the State of Emergency in the Philippines. People will gather at Sutter and Powell in San Francisco from 5pm to 7pm to demand an end to the state of emergency, the ouster of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and freedom for the six party-list congresspeople who were arrested in the last week, and all political prisoners. The Gabriela Network is an organization of women in the US and the Philippines. There will be weekly picket lines in several other US cities.

Read more on International and Women News Pages

Kaiowás Guarani pedem a volta às suas terras

Brasil, 03.03.2006 04:43


Sargento ligado a movimentos sociais será julgado novamente

Brasil, 03.03.2006 04:43


Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor slammed with federal civil rights lawsuit

LA, 03.03.2006 02:39

Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor slammed with federal civil rights lawsuit

Mainstream Media Makes a Mess

Ireland, 03.03.2006 00:40

Sunday Times Editor Prints Lie Then Attacks Indyme ...

Students Strip for Sweat-Free UC

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.03.2006 00:08

Stripping down to their skivvies, students at UC schools protested sweatshop-made UC collegiate apparel. Bearing the slogan: “We tried to find sweat-free clothes in our bookstore and this is what we came out with” (i.e. nothing), students highlighted the widespread practice of producing collegiate apparel in factories with poor labor standards.

A few dozen spirited students turned out at UC Santa Cruz ( Photos, Audio), more than 50 at Berkeley ( Corporate Press Photos) and another 50 at San Diego ( SDIMC Story, Photos, Videos). Protests were reportedly held at Santa Barbara, Irvine and Riverside as well. Regardless of the school, few clothes were to be seen.

see also: UC Students Get Naked For Justice (protest announcement) || Students and Workers Demand a Sweat-Free UC

Son del Centro y El Pinche Simón: El Enemigo Común in Santa Ana

LA, 02.03.2006 23:09

Son del Centro y El Pinche Simón: El Enemigo Común in Santa Ana

IVM het showproces tegen de DHCP

Oost-Vlaanderen, 02.03.2006 21:07

IVM het showproces tegen de DHCP

Arrestaties na betoging 25 februari in Brussel

Oost-Vlaanderen, 02.03.2006 20:38

Arrestaties na betoging 25 februari in Brussel

Friday at UCSD: 3 years is enough! End the war!

San Diego, 02.03.2006 20:09

FRIDAY, MARCH 3RD, NOON: Student Anti-war Protest at UCSD. Student leaders from UCSD are organizing a massive anti-war protest at the school on March 3 on La Jolla Village Drive, at the edge of the campus. La Jolla Village Drive and Gilman Dr.

FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 7PM: OUT OF IRAQ! Featuring Cindy Sheehan, Ann Wright and more at UCSD's Price Center Theater.


estrecho / madiaq, 02.03.2006 20:08

Los ocupantes de la vivienda de la calle Aniceto Saenz Nº 23, amenazada por una orden de desalojo, y la red de apoyoa los mismos se concentraron el jueves 2 de marzo ante la puerta del Ayuntamiento de Sevilla para denunciar el grave problema de la vivienda y exigir este derecho fundamental para todas las personas. Allí han solicitado una cita con el Alcalde para transmitirle sus demandas y exigirle que se posicione claramente entre las dos partes en conflicto; los movimientos sociales que luchan por el derecho a una vivienda digna o la propiedad especulativa que defiende sus propios intereses.

Actividades de la RED DE APOYO a las y los ocupantes de la vivienda c/ Aniceto Sáenz 23:

>>Jueves 2 de marzo a las 12 horas, concentración de protesta en el Ayuntamiento, en contra del desalojo y la especulación. Trae tu cacerola!!

>>Jueves a las 16 horas, mural reivindicativo en la fachada de la vivienda, trae tus ideas, tus sprays, tus pinceles...

>>Sábado 4 a las 17 h. en el CSOA Sin Nombre (c/ San Bernardo 42), asamblea de apoyo.

Hop naar rechts, verdwazing alom in de strijd tegen het asielbeleid

Oost-Vlaanderen, 02.03.2006 20:08

Hop naar rechts, verdwazing alom in de strijd tegen het asielbeleid


LA, 02.03.2006 19:39


solidarieta' anti WTO

Italy, 02.03.2006 19:09

I poveri non si mettono in prigione


Italy, 02.03.2006 18:39

Sassuolo chiama Ferrara...

Co-incineração - a brincar com a saúde pública

Portugal, 02.03.2006 17:09

Co-incineração - a brincar com a saúde pública


Argentina, 02.03.2006 17:09

Jueves 02 de Marzo de 2006 | Politicas de ajustes
Tarifazos al pueblo

&quot;Revitalização&quot; da Vila Itororó

Brasil, 02.03.2006 17:08


Human Rights

Perth, 02.03.2006 16:09

CODEPINK: Women Say No to War

Drittes Bochumer Sozialforum - Dokumentation

Germany, 02.03.2006 15:39

In Bochum fand am Freitag und Samstag das dritte Sozialforum unter dem Motto "Bewegung Macht Widerstand" statt. Die polititschen Ansprüche lagen zwischen bloßem Informationsaustausch und Diskussionen und engerer Zusammenarbeit der Initiativen. 80 AktivistInnen und Interessierte waren da.

Videos:Remümee | Zwangsbedarfsgemeinschaften | Gewerkschaftskritik | Überblick | Arbeitsutopie | Geschlechterverhältnisse und Hartz IV | Spaltung Erwerbslose & -tätige | Isolation durchbrechen | Medizinische Flüchtlingshilfe | Zusammen kämpfen | Ungleichheiten im Bildungssystem | Anti-Terror Gesetze

Audio: Grundeinkommen als Trojanisches Pferd

Tortured Prisoner Fights Back: Abu Ghraib, RI, USA

Boston, 02.03.2006 15:10

Providence, RI--Prison officials in Rhode Island are worried. Their crimes are being exposed. Michael Walsh, a 30 year-old construction laborer from East Providence, RI, is being held in Minimum Security at the Adult Correctional Institution (ACI) of Rhode Island. On February 18, Valentines Day, he says that prison guards preformed an anal cavity search on him. They accused him of smuggling contraband, and in a depraved act reminiscent of the crimes of Abu Ghraib, forced Walsh to eat his own feces. Walsh says they then denied him the use of the sink and a toothbrush all day. Walsh also says that ACI officers beat him on the face with a telephone book.


Uruguay, 02.03.2006 14:39

La resistencia no cesa


Uruguay, 02.03.2006 14:39

La hipocresía del VIH/SIDA

Stripping Against Sweatshops

San Diego, 02.03.2006 14:38

Around 50 students turned up this morning, in their undies, in front of the ucsd bookstore! they marched around library walk to the bookstore, chanted and gave short speeches to inform the students about the sweatshop made products sold in the bookstore. They handed out and announced Chancellor Fox's phone number, encouraging people to call and demand a sweat free bookstore! Here are some photos...


Uruguay, 02.03.2006 14:09

¡Presas políticas en la calle!

From the Newswire

Perth, 02.03.2006 13:39

Bob Brown to celebrate 10 years in Parliament

Tolleranza Zero

Italy, 02.03.2006 13:39

Repressione contro i consumatori di sostanze

Grassy Narrows First Nation warns Washington-based Weyerhaeuser “withdraw or face fierce campaign”

Portland, 02.03.2006 13:38

The Grassy Narrows First Nation today sent letters warning the chief executives of Weyerhaeuser (NYSE: WY) and Abitibi-Consolidated to "immediately cease and desist from all logging and industrial resource extraction on our territory" or face a "fierce international campaign".

The letter follows a decade of failed negotiations, lawsuits, environmental assessment requests, public protests, and a 3-year logging blockade. The letter asserts that decades of unsustainable logging has "poisoned our waters with mercury and other toxins, nearly eliminated our ability to practice our way of life, and robbed us of economic opportunities."

Pirate Radio Station Visited by FCC

Portland, 02.03.2006 13:38

After 3 years of broadcasting, the Portland Radio Authority was paid a visit by a person identifying themselves as an agent of the Federal Communications Commission at 2pm, Wednesday the 1st of March. A call was placed to the stations facilitators and an e-mail was then sent to all station dj's ordering and immediate halt to all station activities. It is unclear at this point if charges or penalties will be made, but the FCC scrutiny could have dire consequences for the long-standing pirate station.

PRA programming has consisted of music from a broad variety of genres, and featured local artists' recorded material or even live performances. The station sponsored and broadcast the Portland Pop Now Festival in 2004 and 2005 with a subsequent compilation released. In addition to broadcasting illegally on 95.1fm and later 96.7fm, the Portland Radio Authority has, and may continue to broadcast on

Black Panthers SPEAK!

Portland, 02.03.2006 13:38

Three well-known inspirational Black Panthers will be speaking this thursday, March 2nd at Portland State University. This event is sponsored by Students for Unity, a radical activist organization at PSU, dedicated to anti-oppression work.

The Black Panther Party was a black revolutionary group that created positive social change in the 1970s. The Panthers practiced militant self-defense of minority communities against the U.S. government, and fought to establish revolutionary socialism through mass organizing and community based programs. The party was one of the first organizations in U.S. history to militantly struggle for ethnic minority and working class emancipation — a party whose agenda was the revolutionary establishment of real economic, social, and political equality across gender and color lines.

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