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UCSD Students Dying to Stop Genocide

San Diego, 06.03.2006 23:09

A speak-out and die-in focused on the current genocide in Darfur, Sudan, will be held at the UC San Diego Price Center from 11-1 pm on Wednesday, March 8.

“It is up to us to speak for the hundreds of thousands of Darfurians who go unheard every day. We need to make people realize that, even after what all of our supposed ‘leaders’ said after Rwanda, including ‘never again,’ we still let it happen again and are not doing anything about it,” says Tara Ramanathan, president of UCSD’s Students Take Action Now: Darfur. STAND is the group behind this event.

Also: Photos of UCSD Anti-War day of Action, please post your stories!

Legislation Threatens Women's Right to Choose in Tennessee

Tennessee, 06.03.2006 20:11

SJR127, the dangerous constitutional amendment which would amend the Tennessee Constitution and remove the right to abortion, is scheduled for its second reading on the Senate Floor on Monday night, March 6. Supporters of the constitutional amendment hope for the third and final reading of SJR127 on Thursday. March 9. The ACLU of Tennessee says that, "It is vital that pro-choice and pro-privacy folks begin calling their elected officials now and tell them to vote against SJR127."

Legislation Threatens Women's Right to Choose in Tennessee

Tennessee, 06.03.2006 20:11

SJR127, the dangerous constitutional amendment which would amend the Tennessee Constitution and remove the right to abortion, is scheduled for its second reading on the Senate Floor on Monday night, March 6. Supporters of the constitutional amendment hope for the third and final reading of SJR127 on Thursday. March 9. The ACLU of Tennessee says that, "It is vital that pro-choice and pro-privacy folks begin calling their elected officials now and tell them to vote against SJR127."

Preparing for Hunger Strike: Tre Arrow - behind these walls for two years

Maritimes, 06.03.2006 19:38

Preparing for Hunger Strike: Tre Arrow - behind these walls for two years

dones (ca)

Barcelona, 06.03.2006 19:09

2006:::les dones fent-se espais

abans del 8 de març... el que es cou: okupació de dones + [3mar] Acció antipatriarcat de les dones de la Costera + [4març] El 8 de març se'n va al Sants + [7mar]Costellam especial 8 de març

[8mar]19.30 h a Pça Universitat manifestació pel dia de la dona treballadora + manifest

i no n'hi ha prou! recuperem el 8 de març! manifest: allibera't dels murs que t'oprimeixen!!!construïm una societat antipatriarcal +++ [6-19mar] Vilafranca La comissió 8 de març de Vilafranca del Penedès presenta +++ [8mar] Les dones de ponent diuen: que no et robin el temps! No a la doble jornada +++ [8-10mar]Ses Illes Amb tot...som dones +++ [8-12mar]Sant Cugat jove pren consciència, trenca amb les cadenes del sexisme +++ calçotada popular d'igualada, especial dona

[9-12mar]Centre Cívic Bocanord-Horta-Bcn Enredades: allò polític, allò tecnològic, allò de dones

i el que es prepara... [juny] trobada de dones 2006 +++ [juliol] feminismes i activismes

notícies relacionades: comunicat de la CGT: la conciliació és mentida ::: 25 anys de «Treballadora». Antologia de textos reivindicatius ::: les 100 antitesis del ciberfeminisme ::: les tecnologies de la identitat ::: armes de dones per guerrer*s de la xarxa

+info :: >>>dones

mujeres (es)

Barcelona, 06.03.2006 19:09

2006:::las mujeres se hacen espacios

antes del 8 de marzo... lo que se cuece: okupación de mujeres + [3mar] Acción antipatriarcado de las mujeres de la Costera + [4març] El 8 de marzo se va al Sants + [7mar]Costellam especial 8 de marzo

[8mar]19.30 h en Pça Universitat manifestación para el dia de la mujer trabajadora + manifiesto

y no hay suficiente! recuperemos el 8 de marzo! manifiesto: libérate de los muros que te oprimen!!!construimos una sociedad antipatriarcal +++ [6-19mar] Vilafranca La comissión 8 de marzo de Vilafranca del Penedès presenta +++ [8mar] Las mujeres de ponent dicen: que no te roben el tiempo! No a la doble jornada +++ [8-10mar]Ses Illes Con todo...somos mujeres +++ [8-12mar]Sant Cugat jove n toma consciencia, rompe con las cadenas del sexismo +++ calçotada popular de igualada, especial mujer

[9-12mar]Centre Cívic Bocanord-Horta-Bcn Enredadas: lo político, lo tecnológico, lo de mujeres

y lo que se prepara... [jun] encuentro de mujeres 2006 +++ [jul] feminismos y activismos

notícias relacionadas: comunicado de la CGT: la conciliación es mentira ::: 25 años de «Treballadora». Antologia de textos reivindicatius ::: las 100 antitesis del ciberfeminismo ::: les tecnologias de la identidad ::: armes de mujeres para guerrer*s de la red

+info :: >>>mujeres

Immigrant Struggles Climax in 11.000 Strong Demonstration in Belgium

United Kingdom, 06.03.2006 18:10

A 11.000 strong demonstration took place in Brussels on Feb 25, 2006, to demand the legalisation of the 150.000 illegal migrants living in Belgium, and an end to mass arrests, detentions, and deportations [More: 1|Photos: 1|2|3|4].

The demonstration is the climax of years of struggle (since 1970) and migrant self-organisation to reclaim their rights: in early 2005 the Church of Minimes was occupied, and in October 2005 started the occupation of the Church of St Boniface in Brussels, that continues today [More: 1, 2| Video: 1]. After months of failed negotiations with the Belgian state, and under the threat of imminent deportations, about 10 members of the occupation started a hunger strike to support their demands. In early February 3000 people demonstrated in Antwerpen for legalisation and 2500 in January demanded the end of children being in detention outside the Vottem detention center. In September 2005, about 2500 people gathered to commemorate the death of Semira Adamou, killed by police during her deportation.

Coronado to Report to San Diego Court Monday

San Diego, 06.03.2006 17:39

After considering the matter all this week, Tucson Federal Magistrate Charles Pyle released Rod Coronado on bail. Coronado must report for a hearing in San Diego federal court on Monday, March 6 at 9am.

He is required to report to the courtroom of Federal Judge Jeffrey Miller in San Diego on Monday, March 6. This appearance will be for a hearing regarding a motion entered earlier this week by prosecutors for a stay of his release. Depending on Judge Miller's decision, Coronado may be taken back into custody in San Diego.

Recent interview with Coronado's lawyer:

Free Wireless Hotspot at Voz Alta/IndyMedia/Hacklab space!

San Diego, 06.03.2006 17:39

San Diego IndyMedia would like to announce the newest addition to the So Cal Free Net. Voz Alta and San Diego IndyMedia will now provide a free hotspot at the intersection of 16th and Broadway in Downtown San Diego. The hotspot originates at Voz Alta on 1544 Broadway.

UPCOMING IndyMedia EVENTS at Voz Alta, 1544 Broadway:
March 8 - New Member Orientation 6:30-7:30pm
March 11 - Hacklab Meeting 1pm
March 15 - "Open Hack Night" 6:30-8:30pm
March 22 - FILM: The Dark Side of Cancun, 7pm
March 24 - San Diego IndyMedia Fundraiser, 7pm

Photos of the wireless setup:

More about So Cal Freenet:

Short video from anti-deportation action

Ireland, 06.03.2006 17:10

Thursday Mar 2nd 2006, Dublin, Residents Against R ...

Fakkeltocht voor het behoud van het Lappersfort

Oost-Vlaanderen, 06.03.2006 17:08

Fakkeltocht voor het behoud van het Lappersfort

Вооружённое нападение на членов инициативной группы Козулина

Belarus, 06.03.2006 15:07

North Carolina Week of Action

North Carolina, 06.03.2006 14:38

North Carolina Week of Action Against the War

Nouvelle loi anti-terroriste : 4 ans ferme pour avoir traduit un tract

Liege, 06.03.2006 11:37

Un citoyen belge condamné à 4 ans de prison ferme pour avoir traduit un tract : la lutte contre le terrorisme fait perdre toute notion de logique à la justice européenne.

Processo Ipercoop

Italy, 06.03.2006 09:40

Carovita? ...e io pago!

Docudrama: BIMC Film Night - Cathy Come Home

Bristol, 06.03.2006 09:38

@ Cube Cinema, 4th March, 8pm @ Cube Cinema, 4th March, 8pm Before Big Brother, before The Office, before The Truman Show, before reailty TV and TV reality came Cathy Come Home. This is probably the most famous British television play ever. It was watched by a quarter of the population both on its first broadcast in November 1966 and on its repeat in January 1967. Its impact was enormous, provoking questions in the House and playing a large part in promoting the launch of the housing charity Shelter. Director Ken Loach and producer Tony Garnett used a new style of television drama: by taking the camera out of the studio and onto the streets, and fusing drama and documentary styles, the story is given an added sense of reality and the emotional impact is devastating. This won then the 1968 Prix Italia for Original Dramatic Program. The screening is a 'must-see' event for anyone with an interest is media, documentary, drama and society. Full article| BIMC Film Night - Cathy Come Home | BFI - Info About Film | Directions to Cube |

How To Save the Farm

LA, 06.03.2006 07:38

How To Save the Farm

Incendios Tijuana

Tijuana, 06.03.2006 05:08

ncendios azotan Colonia Chilpancingo: Residuos tóxicos representan graves peligros a la salud

March 7th Hearing is Last Chance to Save Bayview/Hunters Point

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.03.2006 04:38

On March 7th, there will be a hearing before the Redevelopment Authority, which will seal the fate of Bayview Hunter's Point. At issue will be a proposed amendment to the Redevelopment plan, in which some 1,360 acres of new land would be designated ‘Project Area B’ and added to the existing 137-acre Hunters Point Redevelopment Project Area. Willie Ratcliff explains that March 7th could be an eviction date for the residents of Bayview Hunters Point.

Read More On Indybay's Housing And San Francisco Pages

Decision by Wal-Mart to Stock Emergency Contraception Called &quot;Long Overdue&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.03.2006 04:38

On March 3rd, Wal-Mart announced that it will stock emergency contraception (EC) in all of its pharmacies, starting on March 20th. This is seen as a concession to pressure from national women's rights organizations and their supporters. Before a Massachusetts lawsuit against the national chain reached court, a state agency ruled that Wal-Mart was required by law to stock and sell emergency contraception. The company is also required to sell the product in Illinois, and pressure to introduce similar mandates is building in Connecticut and New York.

Read More On Indybay's US and Women Pages

Violencia Mujeres

Tijuana, 06.03.2006 04:38

Creciente violencia hacia mujeres en Tijuana

Protesta Secuestros

Tijuana, 06.03.2006 04:38

Tijuanenses dicen "Ya Basta" a los secuestros

pedido de desalojo asamblea almagro

Argentina, 06.03.2006 04:09

asamblea almagro

Argentina, 06.03.2006 04:09

UM Students/ Faculty March with Striking UNICCO Workers to Protest Unfair Labor Practices

Miami, 06.03.2006 03:37

UM Students/ Faculty March with Striking UNICCO Workers to Protest Unfair Labor Practices


San Diego, 06.03.2006 02:38


The Theresa Azochar Chapter of the

Annual Las Colinas Vigil Supporting our Sisters kept from their families and friends

March 4, 2006
8AM - 8PM
Las Colinas Jail at 9000 Cottonwood Street, Santee, CA

For more information, please call 619.475.8227

See also: Celebrate Women at City College March 8th

Saving Peoples' Lives: Border Angels at Work

San Diego, 06.03.2006 02:38

Saving Peoples’ Lives: Border Angels At Work’, Special Guest: Enrique Moronoes.

Since the advent of Operation Gatekeeper and the installation of the steel wall at the Border in 1994, migrant persons have been forced to move through the perilous mountain and desert areas of Imperial Valley. Since October of 1994, 2,750 migrant persons have died and thousands more are ill or missing. Enrique Morones founded the Border Angels, a non-profit organization of extraordinary individuals, to help prevent the unnecessary deaths of these migrant persons. Along with other groups, the Border Angels have set up rescue stations with water, food, and blankets in the most hazardous areas of Imperial Valley.

After the shooting of 18 year old Guillermo Martinez at the Border, Enrique Morones led the Migrants’ March for Justice from San Diego to Washington, D.C.

Mr. Morones will speak about this journey on Wednesday, March 15, 2006, at 7:00 p.m. in Bard Hall of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, 4190 Front Street, Hillcrest, San Diego. Cost: donations will be requested. The site is wheelchair accessible. Park in the church parking lot for $2.00 or there will be street parking within 2 blocks. Directions:

From Washington St., Hillcrest, north on 1st St., 3 blocks then left on Arbor, 1 block - The Church will be on your left. UCSD Medical Center will be on your right.

City College Students Confront Governor

San Diego, 06.03.2006 02:38

San Diego City College students greeted Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s surprise visit to the school on Thursday, Feb. 23 with an impromptu protest which consisted of an estimated 100 attendees.

HSBC cancela as contas de apoio do EZLN

Brasil, 06.03.2006 00:09


Governors Chastise Bush for Misuse of the National Guard

Philadelphia, 05.03.2006 23:38

All 50 governors reached a rare unanimity for this past winter meeting of the National Governors Association.  They all agreed that the Bush Administration had abused the National Guard, "stripping the National Guard of equipment and personnel needed to respond to hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, forest fires and other emergencies."

Fakkeltocht voor het behoud van het Lappersfort

West Vlaanderen, 05.03.2006 20:40

Fakkeltocht voor het behoud van het Lappersfort

South Dakota's Abortion Ban: A Discussion by Reproductive Freedom Activist Marlene Gerber Fried

Boston, 05.03.2006 20:09

On February 24th, the state of South Dakota passed a ban on nearly all abortions. The ban, which is expected to take effect this July, will shut down the state's one abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, forcing many pregnant females to travel long distances or perhaps seek underground providers. The ban is expected to challenge Roe versus Wade, the 33-year-old legislation that legalized abortion in the U.S. As co-founder of the National Network of Abortion Funds and organizer of Hampshire College's annual reproductive justice conference, Marlene Gerber Fried has a long history within the reproductive justice movement. On Tuesday, February 28th, she spoke near Boston about the meaning of South Dakota's abortion ban. This is an audio recording of her lecture. [For the whole story, please listen to the posted .mp3 audio file]

Nazi skinheads disrupt punk concert - riot ensues

LA, 05.03.2006 20:09

Nazi skinheads disrupt punk concert - riot ensues

Jornalistas protestam contra a demissão de fotógrafo

Brasil, 05.03.2006 18:09


Mass Success!

Scotland, 05.03.2006 16:41

The first Critical Mass in Aberdeen since 1997 took place on Saturday (25th Feb) with over 40 people taking part in this worldwide celebration of cycling culture. Cyclists rode together through the City Centre for nearly an hour, and were in high spirits despite the cold weather. The event was enjoyed by all the participants, and the majority of motorists and pedestrians appreciated the symbolic messages that the lively masse of cyclists embodied.

Protecting Trees from the Tescopoly: The Fight Goes On!

Bristol, 05.03.2006 15:38

200 Year Old Cedar Tree Occupied by Protesters 200 year cedar tree occupied by protesters Update 2: With two new tesco Metro's poping up int eh city centre in the last couple of months, boris writes; A digger that was going to push over a 200 year cedar tree yesterday morning was occupied by about 9 protesters, including four who locked on. At the same time, the tree which was to be felled was occupied by a another protester. It wasn't until after 5pm the tree was sadly taken down. Eventual defeat, yes, but in situations like this it's how much of a fight you put up. Full article.Update 1: Mainstream media are reporting that the site has been evicted. No confirmation from the protestors as yet...chris boris reports from the anti-Tesco tree camp in Shepton Mallet: Baliffs attempted to evict the site today (saturday) and were only stopped by the police, who apparently had not been informed. People are needed desperately, as eviction could now go ahead tommorow. Full Article | day of action at shepton mallet | Shepton Mallet Eviction Alert | Tree Protest Camp established at Shepton Mallet, Somerset. People needed | Tescopoly | Interview with Joanna Blythman, author of 'The Shocking Power of British Supermarkets' |

10 years of Howard

Melbourne, 05.03.2006 12:40

Political Amnesia and Howard's Ten Years

Yet Another Pig Riot At Schumachers

Portland, 05.03.2006 06:39

We've gone through sound wars, death threats, arrests, 50% off posters, security guards, you name it, but this is where things got incredibly serious. Today, no one expected it to happen, and we were left in aw at one of the most horrendous sites I have possibly ever seen. The cops had enough. The constant phone calls and the image of peaceful protestors were just too much for them. Today, March 4th 2006, Officer Graham successfully broke a protestors arm and slammed his face into a pole. He also arrested a totally innocent other protestor, and pepper sprayed the whole lot of us. But for what? Absolutley nothing. I feel hunted, assaulted and an all around enemy of this state of America, and goddamnit if being a protestor makes me that than I sure as hell will be one.

After the immigration protest a friend and I walked up to the Schumacher protest for our usual protest against fur. When we got there, we were shocked to see photo edited pictures of ourselves on their windows. There was one picture of a naked 16 year old girl on their window from the previous naked protest. They were trying to brag to us that they have naked pictures of us. We found this entirely repulsive, sick, and it resembled the actions of a pedophile. One of the protestors was so outraged by this that he rightfully snatched the picture from inside their door. The security guards tried to attack us and when he got the picture and a couple of fists flied from the Schumacher side. We were just standing in-between them. One of the security guards, Nick, followed this protestor to try to get a picture of him, maybe to hang his picture up on their window for the next protest. We blocked him from taking a picture knowing their satanic ways.


LA, 05.03.2006 06:10


Report Back From No Human Being Is Illegal Rally

Portland, 05.03.2006 05:39

Walking along with the crowd many questions filled my mind. Is the American Dream solely for Americans? Are the Rights guaranteed by our Constitution only for U.S. citizens? Or did our Founding Fathers produce a document for Humanity, intending to create an arena where all people could realize this Dream, because here we are all equal, we are all equal, we are all equal? Despite Guantanamo Cuba, and Abu Ghraib, and the P.A.T.R.I.O.T Act, and Sessenbrenner Bills and the daily trash passing for news, we all have it within our power to conduct ourselves according to the lofty principles given to the world in our Declaration of Independence and Constition.

This event today demonstrated that there are many Americans who believe in Equality, who will stand up and march for Justice, against short sighted profits and long range discrimination. Who will take the Founding Fathers at their word, if not their behaviour, and provide safety for those whose immigration into our country has been a mixed bag of overt illegality by law enforcement and winking acceptance by those standing to profit from cheap labor.

BIscuit actions may continue this summer

Portland, 05.03.2006 05:39

A welcoming committee is forming to prepare for continued Biscuit logging protests this summer in response to the Forest Service announcing two new logging sales. Mikes Gulch and Blackberry would log the third and largest roadless area in Oregon, in the South and North Kalmiopsis Roadless Areas. Mikes Gulch would connect with the completed Fiddler logging sale and would be visable from Redwood Hwy and the National Wild and Scenic Illinois River. The sales could be sold in a matter of several weeks. MIkes Gulch is right above the green bridge where actions had taken place last summer. There is a campout on the green bridge already scheduled for March 13th.


Portland, 05.03.2006 05:39

On Tuesday, February 14, 2006, Craig Rosebraugh received a subpoena to testify before a federal grand jury currently convened in Eugene, Oregon investigating a series of actions committed by the Earth Liberation Front. The grand jury subpoena - the eighth Rosebraugh has received in the last nine years - commands him to appear in Eugene to testify at 9:00am on March 16, 2006 in connection with ELF activity throughout the Pacific Northwest and Colorado. Rosebraugh served as an unofficial spokesperson for the ELF from 1997 through 2001.

Witnesses refusing to answer any question under the scope of the immunity usually are jailed for contempt and held for up to eighteen months or the remaining length of the grand jury. For the last nine years, Rosebraugh has consistently asserted his rights and resisted the grand jury inquisitions. JOIN YOUR NEIGHBORS AND ALLIES FROM THE REGION IN PROTESTING THE GRAND JURY AND IN SUPPORT OF CRAIG! MEET AT THE FEDERAL BLDG.

211 E. 7TH Ave. Eugene Oregon @
8 am, March 16th


Q&A From Legal Update On Greenscare Indictments

It should be illegal to profit off of war

Oklahoma, 05.03.2006 05:38

op-ed Bush does not want to listen, because peace is not profitable. The real terrorists here are war profiteers, and the solution would be to make it illegal to profit off of war - and POOF, we'll have peace. Bush does not want to listen, because peace is not profitable. The real terrorists here are war profiteers, and the solution would be to make it illegal to profit off of war - and POOF, we'll have peace. "Has the Angel of Peace passed over us? ... We've been offered a long-term truce by al Qaeda so that Iraq and Afghanistan can be rebuilt." No we haven't - these are just words without meaning said by powerful wealthy actors we call political leaders. I don't believe the angel has passed over us, I think it is there waiting for us and has been there all along. But the angle of peace has no money to offer the Bush Administration, so, it is ignored. Look at what is really happening in Iraq - look at everything and you will realize that we are not fighting a war over there. All we are doing is dodging bullets and trying to keep from running over bombs. The more you look at it, the more you ask yourself, why are we there? We call this a war against terrorists - what terrorists, where, and how are we fighting them? I hear tell that the insurgents are just waiting for us to leave. They are mostly the ones shooting at us and laying bombs to blow us up, all they want us to do is leave, and they'll stop shooting at us and trying to blow us up after we go and there will be peace. Now the terrorist on the other hand would just love for us to stay there, because they wouldn't have to shoot as far. They haven't yet developed bullets that reach the states. So us being in Iraq makes it easier for them to take us out, and that is there mission. The insurgents however don't really care, they just want us to go. There are other reasons why the terrorists want us to stay, because while we are their, they are friends with the insurgents in taking us on. But when we leave, the insurgents will turn on them. This occupation has outraged the Islamic world, so funding is available to anyone, terrorist or insurgent to remove us. And lastly - for the terrorist, recruitment has never been better. So - how do we find peace - we just go home. The sooner the better. If we go home, the terrorist loose, if we stay, they win. Bin Laden is only offering peace knowing that we won't accept it, knowing that we will think we're winning and continue on. Bush does not want to listen, because peace is not profitable. The real terrorists here are war profiteers, and the solution would be to make it illegal to profit off of war - and POOF, we'll have peace.  

The South Central Farmers Push, and City Hall Budges

LA, 05.03.2006 02:08

The South Central Farmers Push, and City Hall Budges

Channel 12 And Schumachers Team Up This Week For &quot;Fur Giveaway&quot;

Portland, 05.03.2006 01:38

This week, along with KPTV channel 12's "More" morning show, Schumachers is giving away a $27,000 mink coat as a tie in with the Academy Awards. The station and Schumachers have stated that fur is "hot" in Hollywood and you will be seeing a lot on the red carpet.

I am a self employed Nursery Broker and am home in the mornings sometimes. I caught the "More" show and the news of the fur giveaway on Monday. I have Emailed exexutive producer Seth Feldman and anchor Kimberly Maus all week, originally, telling them giving away fur was "disgusting and wrong",and I was "shocked and disappointed" in their station. They have responded by refusing to adress my concerns because they saw my words as"hurtful" and "hostile", and that I had too much "angst".

Oregon IMC volunteer surveys New Orleans

Portland, 04.03.2006 21:38

After seeing the O2collective presentation of the work they did in New Orleans, RogueIMC vounteer (Ashland) decided to see what he could do to help.

Rather than join a house gutting crew, I land a sweet gig setting up a new office for the Common Ground co-founder, former Black Panther Malik Rahim. So back to the first place I go to retrieve my computers and over the river to Algiers. My work is rewarding and appreciated, and the stories of the sixties and of what happened here just six months ago are riveting.

Saturday I take a tour of the Lower Ninth ward. Here a massive barge blasted through a levee holding back a canal that bisects the city connecting Lake Pontchartrain to the north all the way to the Mississippi River. I expect to see only traces of the devastation that occurred here six month ago, but other than streets being cleared of debris, no significant clean up has occurred. The scene of destruction in the Lower Ninth is apocalyptic, macabre. Overturned cars litter abandon lots where houses once stood, crushed houses contain their owner's precious belongings which have been untouched since the water was finally pumped back over the levee five months ago.

The devastation in the Lower Ninth is complete. It's ground zero of atomic proportions. But perhaps more disheartening is the political shenanigans at work keeping these people from their homes. While the former residents here certainly are poor, 80% own these homes. It will be interesting to visit the Lower Ninth ward five years from now and see if it's filled with luxury condos and white faces. To borrow from Buffalo Springfield: Looks like there's a 'land grab' happening here, and what we should do ain't exactly clear.

pics from: 2/23/06, 2/25/06, 2/27/06.

Con Dax nel cuore

Italy, 04.03.2006 19:39


Con Dax nel cuore

Italy, 04.03.2006 19:39


Action Alert - EVICTION NOTICE POSTED at South Central Farm

United States, 04.03.2006 18:37

An eviction notice was posted on the west gate of the South Central Farm by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at 2:00pm, yesterday March 1, 2006. According to the notice the farm needs to be vacated by Monday March 6, 2006. Until the end of that day, it will still be legal for the farmers to remain on the land.

A Demonstration is planned: Los Angeles City Hall this Friday March 3, 2006 at 9:00 am outside and inside to speak out during the City Council Meeting’s Public Comments. Demand the city intervene on the community’s behalf! Public comments commence at 10:00 am.

The South Central Farmers are asking members of the progressive community to establish phone trees to mobilize activists across the city to defend their beloved and family-sustaining 14-acre farm at 41st and Long Beach Ave. Please email me your names and phone numbers to join the phone tree. Jason Neville at

UPDATE: Deputy Mayor Frank issued his assurances that the Mayor’s office is working to prevent the eviction. They are currently working to get a contract option agreement with the developer, Ralph Horowitz. He stated that Horowitz is asking for $16.35 million for the land. To date $6 million has been raised from a private donor and the Trust for Public Land has put forth $3 million. The contract option would give 30 days for the remaining funds to be found and forestall the pending eviction.

Report with audio: South Central Farmers visit mayor's office by A

Popular Female Leader From Afghanistan to Speak in L.A.

LA, 04.03.2006 15:38

Popular Female Leader From Afghanistan to Speak in L.A.

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