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The Profits of Extermination

Ireland, 10.03.2006 23:39

Harry Browne (journalist and anti-war activist) an ...

Lady Liberty Protests Memphis

Tennessee, 10.03.2006 22:10

Memphis, TN: Political Activist, Mrs. Kelly Jacobs (47) of Hernando, MS, braved tornadoes, thunder and lightning to protest the Bush administration’s corruption, warmongering and total disregard for responsible spending at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, in front of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis on March 9th. Dressed as Lady Liberty wearing a Berka, she held a sign which said "FOR SALE –AMERICA". Her sandaled feet were weighed down with balls and chains, one for the $8.2+ TRILLION Federal Deficit, the other for the American casualties in Iraq 2305.

No se detiene la caza de brujas en Santa Cruz

Argentina, 10.03.2006 21:39

Detienen a otros 11 trabajadores por la muerte de Sagayo

No se detiene la caza de brujas en Santa Cruz

Argentina, 10.03.2006 21:39

Detienen a otros 11 trabajadores por la muerte de Sagayo


Uruguay, 10.03.2006 21:09


CSUMB Presidential Search Nearly Complete

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.03.2006 20:38

The first of California State University Monterey Bay's (CSUMB) three Presidential candidates visited the campus on March 6th. The arrival of the candidates is the culmination of a long selection process begun when Dr. Peter Smith, the University’s only President since its inception in 1994, left the job in early 2005. The three member committee to select the President is now allowing the candidates a chance to articulate their views and present themselves before a final decision is made, following final interviews on March 13.

As is the norm regarding Foundation/Student relations at CSUMB, the students have largely been kept in the dark regarding the selection process. Additionally, the building of social structures that function to disallow the free flow of information from the University to the students is a strong signal that either the decision making bodies are uninterested in facilitating community participation, or actively attempting to conceal its true motives.

As with all issues of governance at CSUMB, the process is marked by a significant debate about the direction the university will go in the future with respect to its founding vision. Founding faculty, reduced in number severely during Smith’s tenure but still retaining positions of great influence within the decision making structure, are deeply concerned with how the new President will respond to the vision statement and its devotion to multiculturalism and representation of the traditionally underprivileged. Read more

see also: CSUMB holds "Funeral for the CSU"

march 8th - day of women's activism

Romania, 10.03.2006 19:37

Internationally March 8th is a Day of Women's Activism.
The day to celebrate those women to whose activism we owe the right to vote, the right to education, health care, contraception. Those who fought so that we, as women, would have the right to own property, the right to get a divorce. The right to choose and to say No!, when we decide that it's what's needed.

Florida &quot;Culture of Peace&quot; Statewide Convocation June 2-4

Miami, 10.03.2006 17:38

Florida "Culture of Peace" Statewide Convocation June 2-4

Historic New Alliance Announced in Immokalee! First Target is McDonald's

Miami, 10.03.2006 17:38

Historic New Alliance Announced in Immokalee! First Target is McDonald's

Communities of color fight back against police invasions and terror

Boston, 10.03.2006 17:09

#media_9507;left# Boston--Police brutality has reached epidemic proportions in the communities of color in Boston and nationwide... But a network is developing to support all youth and others in the city terrorized by the police and other state agents. Police terror from Benton Harbor to Boston to Cincinnati to Houston to Los Angeles to Milwaukee to New York City, is institutionalized within this capitalist society especially in relation to youth, including lesbiain/gay/bisexual/transgendered (LGBT) youth.

Another Northwoods Mine?!

Madison, 10.03.2006 17:09

The Vice President of La Pointe Mining company provided a tour of an up and coming mine site to northern wisconsin local government officials and a few State Senators on Saturday. A few Indymedia type folks showed up to keep it real. Read on for details...

Students Rally to Prioritize Languages at UCSC

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.03.2006 15:41

On March 8th, more than 100 students held a rally outside the UC Santa Cruz Academic Senate's quarterly meeting to demand the prioritization of the language program at the university. They expressed frustration over lucrative salaries and perks for top-administrators, and excessive amounts of money going towards war in Iraq, while students and workers are told there is a 'budget crisis' that requires cuts to needed programs.

Read more on Santa Cruz IMC and Indybay's Education and Race Pages

1 año de CMI Cordoba

Argentina, 10.03.2006 15:09

VIernes 10 de marzo de 2006 / En Córdoba pasan cosas
1 año de Indymedia Cba.

raccolta antifa

Italy, 10.03.2006 14:39

Novelli Balilla

Polícia espanhola intensifica vigilância sobre La Haine

Portugal, 10.03.2006 14:39

Polícia espanhola intensifica vigilância sobre La Haine

Atak USA/Izraela na Iran: NIE!

Poland, 10.03.2006 12:39

Władze USA i Izraela planują przeprowadzenie militarnego ataku na Iran, możliwe, że przy użyciu mini-bomb jądrowych [1] [2] [3]. Atak ten mógłby zostać przeprowadzony już w marcu br. aby uniknąć przewidywanego utworzenia w Iranie Międzynarodowej Giełdy Ropy w petro-euro (zamiast petro-dollar) [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]. Drugim możliwym powodem do ataku jest uzyskanie kontroli nad ropą w prowincji Khuzestan przy granicy z Irakiem, gdzie znajduje się ok. 90% irańskiej ropy.

Mało wiarygodnym powodem do ataku jest ewentualny program tworzenia broni jądrowej w Iranie: byli agenci CIA Paul Pillar i Ellen Laipson oraz były urzędnik ONZ Hans Blix uważają, że jeśli Iran prowadzi działania w kierunku budowy broni jądrowej, to najskuteczniejszą metodą zatrzymania tych działań byłaby gwarancja ze strony USA i Izraela, że nie przeprowadzą ataku na Iran .

informacja: en.wikipedia
akcja: | | |
blogi Irańczyków:

International Womens Day celebration at a Glasgow social centre

Scotland, 10.03.2006 11:40

From 2 till 10 yesterday the Chalkboard was filled with a succession of over 40 women, a few girls and the only male - a 4 month baby. We drank tea, ate cake, and laughed together. A wide range of women, from many different walks of life, including feminists, those that were looking for more female companionship and others who had never celebrated International Womens Day before, but had been either walking past or picked up a flyer and curiosity brought them in.

[ International Women's Day Wikipedia | International Women's Day Workers Solidarity | Chalkboard | Glasgow Autonomous Project | email list updates | Chalkboard opens]

Tacoma March and Rally to Promote Peace and Human Rights Instead of Unjust Detention Policies and Militarism

Portland, 10.03.2006 08:38

War criminals are coming to Tacoma to plan future imperialist wars. Tacoma also has a detention center where a number of detainees are now being held. Saturday, March 11, 2006 11:00am

11:00 Rally at the Northwest Detention Center, 1623 East J Street
12:00 March to the Tacoma Sheraton, 1320 Broadway
1:00 Rally at the Sheraton

Join us as we call for an end to discriminatory immigration and deportation policies that target people of color and Muslims in particular. We will start at the Northwest Detention Center on the Tacoma Tideflats and then march to the Tacoma Sheraton, location of the Pacific Northwest National Security Forum, which is bringing together military commanders to chart the course of US foreign aggression "beyond Iraq and Afghanistan". We will connect the dots between unjust domestic practices and the wars being waged against the countries of the Mideast. We will call for an end to war and the planning of war, and for the inalienable rights of all members of the human family to be recognized and respected.

Carpools will be meeting up in Olympia at 9:45 in front of Rainy Day Records, at the corner of Harrison and Division. This is a permitted event and the organizers are working with the Tacoma police and volunteer peacekeepers to ensure everyone's safety.

Speakers and Musicians:
Ibrahim al-Husseini, Arab American Community Coalition, Mark Jensen, United for Peace of Pierce County, Asha Mohamed, Abu-Bakr Mosque Marion Ward, Veterans for Peace, Erin Genia, Olympia Amnesty International, Tim Smith, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Tacoma Seattle Raging Grannies, Holly Gwinn Graham, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, Rob Whitlock, Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, Rebecca Saldana, SEIU Local 6 [ read more ]

pdf flyer |

Olympia's CodePink Says No to War

On March 8, 2006, forty people of all ages stood with CodePink in Olympia Washington to say no to the war in Iraq. Despite the bitterly cold wind and some rain, more than forty people stood at Percival Landing to join CodePink's International Woomen Say No to War demonstration. Holding a wide array of signs, including a teddy bear who could no longer bear the war, the high school women stood with the white-haired elders. Members from Women in Black also were there, a solomn reminder of the violence across all the mideast. Spirits were high despite the seemingly impossible task of ending this war.

The group waved to the people in cars who were going home from work. Most waved, honked their horns, or shouted their support. You could not predict based on the cars who would support the anti-war message; people in old cars, new cars, trucks and SUVS all supported the anti-war message. Bus drivers, plumbing guys, and a few men in military uniform flashed the peace sign as they drove by. I especially enjoyed seeing the young children traveling with their parents who all waved and smiled in support.

Now, I have been on Percival Landing many times over the past three years standing for peace and I think the responses from the drivers are a barometer. I can report that only one person made a rude gesture; in the past, there have been more including a few young men who would shout obscenities. Expressions of anger toward those speaking out against the war appears to have lessened. A small thing but these days, I take hope wherever I can find it. As we begin the start of year 4 of this war, I hope that everyone finds a way to express their opposition. Whether you join the planned vigils or marches or create local ones with your neighbors, whether you flood your elected officials with demands to end the war or demands to bring the national guard home, whether you decorate your homes, neighborhoods, schools, and places of worship with signs of peace--do something. It may not feel that it makes a difference but who knows which of our actions will be the tipping point? The only thing that we know for sure is that doing nothing maintains things as they are. [ read more ]

Students Rally to Prioritize Languages at UCSC

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.03.2006 06:38

On March 8, more than 100 students held a rally outside the UC Santa Cruz Academic Senate's quarterly meeting to demand the prioritization of the language program at the university. They expressed frusteration over lucrative salaries and perks for top-administrators, and excessive amounts of money going towards war in Iraq, while students and workers are told there is a 'budget crisis' that requires cuts to needed programs.

Wednesday's 'Save Our Languages' rally marks a second consecutive year of student protests to secure funding for UCSC's language program. While students noted that the current level of funding has been secured for next year, they continue to struggle to ensure that languages are prioritized permanently and that students are not turned away from classes. They insist the UC is in the midst of a 'priorities crisis,' rather than a 'budget crisis.' Read more and view photos

La caza de brujas no se detiene en Santa Cruz

Argentina, 10.03.2006 05:39

11 trabajadores fueron detenidos en Las Heras

Lights Out Chicago: Fast Highlights Iraq Power Shortage

Chicago, 10.03.2006 05:38

From the newswire: "[Starting February 15, 2006], while most of us are dialing our thermostats up to the max, microwaving multiple cups of hot chocolate and huddling around our televisions, a few dedicated Chicagoans will give up electricity in order to draw attention to the electricity shortage in Iraq. These folks really mean it: their electricity fast, "Lights Out Chicago," will last from February 15 to March 20[, 2006]. They seek to experience some of the hardships and confront the difficulties that Iraqis are experiencing since their power has been cut short."

"The electricity fast forms a part of The Winter of Our Discontent, a 33-day food fast taking place in Washington DC, organized by the Uptown-based group Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV). These fasters will call for an end to the US-led occupation of Iraq, reparations for the damage done by the war, and full funding for the reconstruction of Iraq, among other demands, according to Jeff Leys, one of the action's coordinators." Read more

Additional resources: Report of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (PDF)

Feb 17-18: Cindy Sheehan in Chicago

Chicago, 10.03.2006 05:38

Gold Star parent and antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan joins Gold Star Families for Peace activist Juan Torres this weekend for a series of events sponsored by local peace and student groups to support counter-recruitment, the third citywide March 18th antiwar mobilization and the launch of a new antiwar majoritycampaign aimed at local elected officials -- beginning with Chicago congressman Rahm Emanuel.

Sheehan galvanized the nation last summer when she set up a 23-day encampment outside the Crawford, Texas ranch of President Bush, calling on the administration to end the war in Iraq. This January, Sheehan was arrested in the nation's capitol during the President's State of the Union address for wearing a tee shirt that said " 2,245 Have Died. How Many More?"

Sheehan's son, Army Specialist Casey Sheehan was killed in Sadr City in April 2004 -- barely three months before Chicagoan Juan Torres’ son Juan Jr. was killed in Afghanistan. Schedule of Events

Some Illinois Vaccines Still Legally Laced With Mercury

Chicago, 10.03.2006 05:38

Despite the new Illinois law that limits mercury levels in vaccines, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has permitted four vaccines with higher levels of mercury to remain on the shelves. One, the flu vaccine, contains twenty times the mercury limit. IDPH claims the high cost and scarcity of mercury-free vaccines have forced them to declare the exemptions . Critics say it isn't clear that there is a shortage and that health officials are putting Illinois' most vulnerable citizens in jeopardy. The IDPH believes thimerosal, the mercury-laden preservatives in many vaccines is safe and will cause no harm even at the higher levels found in the exempted vaccines. Read more….. Listen to an expanded version of the story…..

Infiltration Alert: FBI Spying at DePaul

Chicago, 10.03.2006 05:38

Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Jen Rettig, a member of the Chicago Terrorism Task Force, recently contacted a DePaul student, asking the student to infiltrate "animal rights groups" and report on their activities to the FBI. The Student stated that after her parents told her it would be akin to snitching, she declined. Rettig's sister is a professor at DePaul.

The FBI has declared all out war on animal rights and environmental groups, declaring such non-violent groups as the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front, "the number one domestic terrorist threat to the United States." Recently informants (such as this woman) helped the FBI raid several progressive spaces (such as the Catalyst Infoshop in Prescott, AZ) and arrest suspected activists.

We would like to remind everyone of their rights. If you are approached by an FBI agent, you do not have to talk to them. You can simply say, "I have nothing to say to you and would like to speak to a lawyer." Get their contact information if you can, but do not give them yours.

Remember, snitching is never acceptable. Read the full article here.

Additional Information:
A History of COINTELPRO | SHAC 7 | Environmental Activist Rod Coronado Arrested for "Teaching and Demonstrating" at a 2003 San Diego Lecture | 2 More Arrests and Direct Evidence of FBI Infiltration of Activist Meetings Around U.S. | FBI Raids Target Environmental Activist in NYC, Across the U.S. | Lockdown America Revisited: A Conversation with Christian Parenti | Activist Student Union at DePaul

Over 100 Grassroots Groups Build March 18 Protests to Mark War's Third Anniversary

Chicago, 10.03.2006 05:38

More than 100 area peace groups, community organizations and grassroots projects— the largest local peace coalition since the Vietnam War — are making a final push to bring out people on Saturday, March 18, for protests to mark the third anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war. Actions will include over a dozen morning and early afternoon feeder marches, a 3PM rally at Union Park, and a 7PM march south on Michigan Ave from Oak Street to the Loop. Activists have been working on the day's actions for months, with a particular effort on encouraging participation from local neighborhoods. Peace groups from throughout Illinois, as well as Indiana and Wisconsin, are also mobilizing for M18.

The real prize for many protesters is Michigan Avenue, down which antiwar activists will be allowed to legally march for the first time since March 20, 2003. On that day, Chicago cops arrested more than 800 who initially had police permission to return south on Boul Mich from a CPD-approved march on North Lake Shore Drive to oppose the beginning of the Iraq war. [Photos] That mass arrest of peaceful protesters [2] — the largest in the city's history — marked the end of free speech rights for three years on some of Chicago's most prominent traffic corridors. But lawsuits [2 | 3 | 4 | 5], public hearings and permit application battles over issues of civil liberties and constitutional rights appear to have paid off, and this year the City of Chicago grudgingly granted protesters a permit for the street. Protesters will stage a "Festival of Rights" march starting at 7PM Saturday along the route previously reserved only for an annual police march and the Disney-sponsored commercial holiday "Festival of Lights" parade every November.

Big Disappointment

Philadelphia, 10.03.2006 05:38

Moderate Republicans prove unable to resist Bush Administration agenda to spy on the American people without regard for Constitutional limits.   As Jane from firedoglake says: "Proving once again -- there is no such thing as a moderate Republican." i.e., if American citizens want liberal or Democratic policies, they must vote for either Greens or Democrats.

Immigrant Comes Forward: Jailed, Abused as &quot;Terrorist&quot; in SB

Santa Barbara, 10.03.2006 05:09

Immigrant Alleges Abuse in US Jail South-Asian American Was Labeled �Terrorist� as Iraq War Starts Held Naked, Without Blankets in Air Conditioned Jail Cell

La caza de brujas no se detiene en Santa Cruz

Argentina, 10.03.2006 03:38

11 trabajadores fueron detenidos en Las Heras


Colombia, 10.03.2006 02:08

Por la dignidad de las víctimas

SCFs, Zack de La Rocha, Julia Butterfly, and supporters at City Hall tomorrow 9am

LA, 10.03.2006 02:08

SCFs, Zack de La Rocha, Julia Butterfly, and supporters at City Hall tomorrow 9am

2 años

Argentina, 10.03.2006 00:38

The War on Abortion and Women's Health in Tennessee

Tennessee, 09.03.2006 22:09

Eleven States, Including Tennessee, Follow South Dakota's Attack on Women and Families Nashville, TN: On Thursday, March 9th Planned Parenthood supporters in Tennessee joined the Tennessee Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, Nashville Women's Political Caucus, National Council of Jewish Women - Nashville Section, Tennessee National Organization for Women (NOW), Nashville NOW, ACLU-Tennessee, Memphis Regional Planned Parenthood, Tennessee Democratic Women's Political Action Committee, Americans United for Separation of Church and State - Tennessee, and other organizations to protest legislative attacks on abortion and reproductive health care and call for increased efforts in Tennessee to help women and families prevent unintended pregnancy. All 11 states with pending outright abortion bans held simultaneous visibility events on March 9th designed to remind legislators that the majority of Americans support protecting a woman's right to choose.

Dems Eye Filibuster as Last Hope Against Alito

United States, 09.03.2006 22:07

John Kerry is scrambling around the capitol in hopes of securing last minute support for a filibuster against Judge Alito. Public gatherings, blogs and email petitions continue, giving voice to widespread opposition to the high court nominee. See events in Tennessee, Philly, DC, Miami, and San Fran. There is still time to call (Senator Salazar (D-CO) 202-224-5852, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) 202-224-5824, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) 202-224-3841) or fax key Senators before 4:30PM on Monday.

Direct Action for Hotel Residents

United States, 09.03.2006 22:07

On Monday, February 13th, the New Orleans homeless population will skyrocket, and the survivors of Katrina will be victimized again. FEMA's short-term hotel program expires for most of the 26,000 displaced hurricane survivors and most of these evacuees have not been provided with long-term, or even transitional housing solutions. The National Guard is even on call to evict these survivors at gun point.


United States, 09.03.2006 22:07

On April 1st – the fifth anniversary of the launch of the successful Taco Bell Boycott – the caravan will be joined by supporters from throughout the region for a major rally in Chicago, where they will call on the fast-food giant McDonald’s to work with the CIW and help establish real labor rights for the workers who pick tomatoes for McDonald’s suppliers. Specifically, workers and their allies will be calling for:

* The right to a fair wage, after more than 25 years of sub-poverty wages and stagnant piece rates;

* The right for farmworkers to participate in the decisions that affect their lives, after decades of sweatshop conditions and humiliating labor relations;

* The right to a real code of conduct based on modern labor standards, after McDonald’s and its suppliers unilaterally imposed a hollow code of conduct comprised of minimal labor standards and suspect monitoring.

Taco Bell Truth Tour 2005

Marcha contra la exclusi�n, �No nos quemar�n nuestros sue�os!

Euskal Herria, 09.03.2006 21:38

Santa Barbara Passes Living Wage Ordinance

Santa Barbara, 09.03.2006 20:07

The City of Santa Barbara passed a Living Wage Ordinance which applies to all workers whose work is contracted to the City in contracts over $15,000 a year. After striving for 6 years with City government and being turned down once, the second time has been charm for the coalition, Santa Barbara for a Living Wage.

indymedia sulla &quot;stampa&quot;

Italy, 09.03.2006 19:39

Massimo Numa liberation front

University presidents show lack of leadership on wage issues

Richmond, 09.03.2006 19:08

John T. Casteen, Charles W. Steger, Eugene P. Trani, Paul S. Trible, Jr., Alan G. Merten, Roseann O. Runte. What do these six people have in common? They are all presidents of universities in Virginia -- the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, Christopher Newport University, George Mason University and Old Dominion University, respectively. What else do they have in common? Their compensation packages provide them with more than $364,000 a year (with Casteen's being $690,000), and the institutions that they head are major employers in the communities in which they are located. And what else? All six have shown a lack of leadership when it comes to making sure that all their employees are paid a living wage.

Who Will Argue for the Prisoners of Virginia?

Richmond, 09.03.2006 19:08

Read the words of Rashid Qawi Al-Amin. He is a Muslim, an African American, an ex-soldier, and a prisoner in the state of Virginia. Al-Amin is a long-time prison justice activist and jail house lawyer. He writes us from Greenville Correction Center, the site of Virginia’s death chamber.

More Tax Cuts for Wealthy Virginians?

Richmond, 09.03.2006 19:08

Members of the Virginia General Assembly are trying to push through stealth tax cuts for the super-rich that will deprive the state of over $100 million annually -- shifting more of the tax burden to the middle class and the poor. The bills are now before a joint committee but could be reported out at any time. Urgent oppositional action is needed --- the General Assembly is scheduled to complete its work this week (but news reports are that it may be extended)

International Women's day is March 8th!

Richmond, 09.03.2006 19:08

Has International Women's Day crept up on you too? take the next couple of days to plan on joining the Mothsquad for a night of Crafting and constructing as we prepare for our street theatre action!

Virginia Actions for Third Anniversary of Iraq War

Richmond, 09.03.2006 19:08

Join the action as Virginia turns up the anti-war heat. The fight to stop the U.S. 's imperialist endeavors continues and won't be stopped! It's up to each and every one of us to bring out as many people to these actions to stop the outrage! Listed below are numerous events planned around the Commonwealth of Virginia in connection with the 3rd Anniversary of the US Invasion of Iraq. See also www.VAWN.ORG


Arizona, 09.03.2006 18:07

Daily Vigil in Memorial and Protest of Death on the Border


Arizona, 09.03.2006 18:07

Daily Vigil in Memorial and Protest of Death on the Border


Arizona, 09.03.2006 18:07

Daily Vigil in Memorial and Protest of Death on the Border


Arizona, 09.03.2006 18:07

Daily Vigil in Memorial and Protest of Death on the Border

From the Newswire

Perth, 09.03.2006 17:10

Who are you looking at? Perth Surface Intervention

Time to Reclaim the 1916 Commemoration - it's already been hijacked by imperialists and capitalists

Ireland, 09.03.2006 17:09

Sunday April 16th - a communique from the dead to ...

19 de Março - Concentração contra o Nuclear

Portugal, 09.03.2006 16:39

19 de Março - Concentração contra o Nuclear

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