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CHAMADO - Manifestação pela visibilidade da Causa Indígena em Vitória-ES

Brasil, 13.03.2006 04:09


Brasil, 13.03.2006 04:09


Ato das Mulheres Camponesas marca o Dia Internacional da Mulher

Brasil, 13.03.2006 04:09


Ocupação de favelas provoca morte

Brasil, 13.03.2006 04:09


March public hearings on new Hanford tank waste EIS

Portland, 13.03.2006 03:38

Three years ago hundreds of citizens attended hearings and testified on the Hanford Solid Waste EIS in Portland, Hood River, Seattle and Richland. The Department of Energy (DOE) was planning to truck in thousands of loads of radioactive waste from across the nation's weapons' complex to treat, bury, or hold indefinitely at Hanford. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Washington Department of Ecology (the regulators of the DOE) agreed with the public that the data supporting these actions was flawed due to poor computer modeling and poor assumptions. The final document that was to come from these hearings has been delayed for three years because of public and regulator outcry. We have been heard.

This new document which will come together after these new scoping hearings is supposed to be based on new and hopefully adequate modeling of impacts. The public has an opportunity to give input into this new, much broader EIS, to reiterate its vision for the cleanup of Hanford and to question:

VIDEO FILE: Help Bark Stop The No Whiskey Timber Sale.

Portland, 13.03.2006 03:38

The Forest Service is accepting your comments on the enormous (nearly 3 square miles) No Whisky Timber Sale until March 17.

The No Whisky logging project lies along the banks of the North Fork of the Clackamas River about 10 miles Southeast of the City of Estacada. Covering nearly 1,700 acres (almost 3 square miles!), the No Whisky proposal adds insult to an already injured forest ecosystem. The forests of No Whisky were clearcut in the early 1920s and in 1929 the railroad used to haul the trees started a fire, burning all but 40 acres of the current logging proposal. To make matters worse, the burned forest was logged again shortly after the fire, destroying any chance of a healthy recovery.

In addition, these past logging operations opened the area up to illegal off-road vehicle use that has caused significant erosion, pollution, garbage, noise that disturbs wildlife, and unnatural alterations to area streams. Any new logging projects in this area will not help the area recover as the Forest Service suggests, it will only make matters worse in an area that is finally recovering from past abuse.


Oost-Vlaanderen, 13.03.2006 02:08

Update linke links

Campaigners gear up to save Little London from gentrification

United Kingdom, 13.03.2006 01:08

After four contested ballots, £millions of taxpayers money spent and five years of resistance to Leeds City Council's drive to demolish 435 council homes and replace them with private housing, the moment of truth has finally arrived for tenants of the Little London housing estate. The Council has just announced in a press statement that tenants have overwhelmingly backed controversial plans for an £85m regeneration scheme under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) after a highly disputed door-to-door consultation process in February. Despite consistent opposition from both the Little London Tenants and Residents Association and the Save Little London Campaign, Council officers are now expected to make their recommendation to the Council Executive in April to go ahead with the controversial 'Comprehensive Regeneration Option'.

But the PFI scheme is far from a done deal. At a community action day last Sunday (5 March), local residents and campaigners vowed ‘to fight on and win’ regardless of the Council’s decision. Possible courses of action include standing independent candidates in the May local elections, a legal challenge to the alleged irregularities and bias of the Council's consultation process, and alternative proposals for regenerating the area. As part of the fightback, this Tuesday (14 March) at midday, a lobby of tenants and campaigners will march from Little London Community Centre to Leeds Town Hall to make their voices heard outside a Stakeholders Meeting between the Council and tenants representatives.

UC Sweat-Free Coalition Crashes UC Office of the President

Santa Cruz, CA, 13.03.2006 00:38

Students from UCSD, UCR, UCSB, UCSC, UCB and UCD crashed UCOP to meet President Dynes in person and demand an end to the use of sweatshops to produce UC apparel and uniforms. Students occupied the president's hallways for one hour. They were promised a meeting with Dynes and then later chose to leave the building once they were satisfied. Read more and view photos

see also: Students Strip for Sweat-Free UC || UCSC students fight for sweatshop free apparel || Creative Activism Raises Issues at Denton's Investiture Friday || Students and Workers Demand a Sweat-Free UC

BGE Price Hike of 70-Plus Percent Stuns Maryland

Baltimore, 12.03.2006 23:09

BGE has proposed a 72 percent rate increase to begin in July 2006 for its Maryland customers. The BGE price hike comes in the wake of Maryland state's deregulation of the utility industry in 1999. At the time the legislature imposed price-hike freezes that expire this year.

Luchando por las tierras

Argentina, 12.03.2006 19:09

La Villa 31 se moviliza

Torture Memo Judge Greeted by Protests at Harvard

Boston, 12.03.2006 19:09

Cambridge, MA (9 March 2006) — Federal appellate judge Jay Bybee, who signed the infamous 2002 “torture memo,” was confronted by protesters at Harvard Law School today after speaking at a closed event. In August 2002, Bybee, then a high-ranking Justice Department official, signed the now-infamous “torture memo” establishing a legal framework for interrogation policies in the “Global War on Terror.” The Bybee memo distorted international and U.S. law to give a green light for the kinds of torture and mistreatment documented in Abu Ghrayb, Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

Affidavit: Rep Feeney (R-FL) Hires YEI in 2000 to Write Code to Alter Election Results

Miami, 12.03.2006 19:07

Affidavit: Rep Feeney (R-FL) Hires YEI in 2000 to Write Code to Alter Election Results


LA, 12.03.2006 18:38

MARCH FOR PEACE in the Los Angeles area from March 16 to 20

Affidavit: Rep Feeney (R-FL) Hires YEI in &quot;02&quot; to Write Code to Alter Elections

Miami, 12.03.2006 18:37

Affidavit: Rep Feeney (R-FL) Hires YEI in "02" to Write Code to Alter Elections


Peru, 12.03.2006 18:11

Domingo 12 de marzo 2006 | Los ejecutivos de la Doe Run... ¿beben el agua del Mantaro?.

Archdiocese of Boston Abandons Children in Need of Adoption

Boston, 12.03.2006 18:09

For over 100 years, the Catholic Charities of Boston has provided loving homes for children by finding adoptive parents for them. Because of disputes about gay parents, they have decided to stop providing adoption services at all. The social welfare organization, Catholic Charities of Boston, has decided to end its adoption program on the grounds that if they comply with Massachusetts law allowing for gay parents to adopt children that they will violate Church teachings.

Henry Kissinger protest at JFK Library

Boston, 12.03.2006 18:09

Boston--On Saturday, March 11, protesters gathered at the JFK Library in Boston to protest the appearance of war criminals Henry Kissinger and General Alexander Haig. A two-day conference was held at the JFK Library next to University of Massachusetts on the Vietnam war. Featured speakers included Henry Kissinger(secretary of state under Richard Nixon) and General Alexander Haig(one of Nixon's generals who waged the Vietnam war). About 30 spirited protesters gathered across from the library at 10am to protest the appearance of these 2 war criminals.

Indymedia terrorism

Houston, 12.03.2006 17:40

FBI says Indymedia on terrorist watch list

Packers Field: The Showdown

Bristol, 12.03.2006 17:38

Important public meeting on Tuesday 14th March Important public meeting on Tuesday 14th March Packers Field writes: This coming Tuesday, 14th March, sees a potential showdown between the City Academy and community activists over the future of Packers Field, Whitehall. This open, green space in inner-city Bristol, used freely and informally by the community for generations, is under threat of private development by the City Academy. Their plans include an 8 foot high security fence, locked gates, 80 space car park, new buildings and floodlights, on what is currently an open, green space. Although the Academy envisages a facility solely for Academy students and fee-paying sports clubs, they are required to have a Community Use Agreement (CUA) as part of the lease from Bristol City Council. To local people this means continued free access for informal recreation...Full article | Packers Field- Important public meeting on Tuesday 14th March | Feel Passionately About the Packers Field? | Packers Field - Town Green or Pay Per View? | |

Sussex students revolt!

United Kingdom, 12.03.2006 16:39

MORE than 100 students at Sussex University have staged a 'learn-in' occupation of their library in protest at the "continued degradation" of the quality of their education.

On the evening of Wednesday 8th March 2006 the Sussex University library at Falmer, Brighton, was held open past its 9:30pm closing time, until 2am.

Paris: Polícia invade Sorbonne

Portugal, 12.03.2006 14:40

Paris: Polícia invade Sorbonne

Glasgow Rebels Clown and Glasgow Clowns Rebel!

Scotland, 12.03.2006 13:41

A low key, tactical approach to the Army Recruiting Office in Glasgow was taken today by the Glasgow Kiss Brigade of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA).
The Rebel Clowns arrived to find the Army Recruiting Office closed down (tip-off) so they fished along to the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and other sundry ‘services’ shop a convenient couple of doors down, where they spent a lovely time playing games on the pavement outside, to the delight of local people and a couple of (non)local cops sent to monitor their actions

Indigenous Sovereignty Camp Established

Melbourne, 12.03.2006 13:10

Camp Sovereignty Established

off the air

QC, 12.03.2006 10:10

Critical Radio Show Now Off the Air, Listeners Try to Bring It Back

San Diego Bike Posse Rides Again! March 15th

San Diego, 12.03.2006 05:10

SDBP rides again! Wed March 15th, 7PM!
The heart of SDBP involves having a good time while doing something different in an environment of socially aware individuals. While not inherently political, SDBP has taken some lessons from critical mass bike rides---recognizing that the way we travel influences how we think and how we interact with our environment and the people/world around us.

Meet up for a casual bike ride at the Henry's on Park Blvd at 7pm, we roll out at 7:15PM on the dot!

CHICANO PARK Rally Tomorrow!

San Diego, 12.03.2006 05:10

Sunday, March 12, Chicano Park!

As Guerrero Azteca, Fernando Suarez del Solar and Pablo Paredes complete their first day of an historic Walk for Peace that will span the length of California from March 12th through March 27th. This historic Walk for Peace will focus on the Immigrant, Latino, and Spanish-speaking communities across the state which are disproportionately targeted by military recruiters

Walkers are expected to arrive in Barrio Logan’s Chicano Park at 6:00pm. You are invited to greet them and attend a rally in the park beginning at 5:00pm

Spoken Word / Music / Community


Colombia, 12.03.2006 04:09

Oscar Leonardo Periodista Poeta y Estudiante

Actividad en el Court Central

santiago, 12.03.2006 03:10


Estado de sitio de facto

Argentina, 12.03.2006 01:10

Tres nuevas detenciones en Las Heras

Estado de sitio de facto

Argentina, 12.03.2006 01:10

Tres nuevas detenciones en Las Heras

Estado de sitio de facto

Argentina, 12.03.2006 01:10

Tres nuevas detenciones en Las Heras

North Carolina Organizes Against the War

North Carolina, 11.03.2006 22:38

North Carolina Organizes Against the War

Reclamo de 11.000 hectáreas en Quetrequile

Argentina, 11.03.2006 22:10

Comunidad mapuche denunció penalmente al Director de Tierras de Río Negro

We zijn allemaal illegalen!

Oost-Vlaanderen, 11.03.2006 21:08

We zijn allemaal illegalen!

ataque contra iran

Argentina, 11.03.2006 19:39

poesia urbana

Argentina, 11.03.2006 19:39

Dood in Belgische (Antwerpse) politiecel

Oost-Vlaanderen, 11.03.2006 19:38

Dood in Belgische (Antwerpse) politiecel

Berkeley Liberation Radio Challenges Illegal Broadcasting Notice

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.03.2006 18:09

There will be a Free Speech Rally and Berkeley Liberation Radio (BLR) Press Conference on Saturday, March 11th at 2pm at the corner of Telegraph and Haste Streets in Berkeley. Read more
On February 21, 2006, two Federal Communications Commission agents demanded to search a residence in Oakland-- they were looking for the BLR station. The occupants refused to allow the FCC to enter the house without a warrant. BLR volunteers say that they feel compelled to continue to stand up and give a platform for voices from the community and beyond. FRSC's recent Interview with Gerald Smith of BLR about the FCC's visit, and BLR's history

Read more on Indybay's Media and East Bay News Pages

area video

Argentina, 11.03.2006 15:40

Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor's ICE proposal melts away under scrutiny

LA, 11.03.2006 15:09

Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor's ICE proposal melts away under scrutiny


Colombia, 11.03.2006 12:09


Update on the current situation of the South Central Farm

LA, 11.03.2006 07:42

Update on the current situation of the South Central Farm

Santa Cruz: Rige estado de sitio de facto

Argentina, 11.03.2006 06:09

Dos nuevas detenciones en Las Heras

Zack de La Rocha &amp; Julia Butterfly speak at rally for South Central Farmers

LA, 11.03.2006 05:11

Zack de La Rocha & Julia Butterfly speak at rally for South Central Farmers

Anti-war Assembly at Forest Park on March 19th

Saint Louis, 11.03.2006 05:10

Join us at the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park on the 3rd Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

* Sunday, March 19th * 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm *

Western Shoshone Victorious at United Nations

Portland, 11.03.2006 03:38

In 1973, when the U.S. Bureau of Land Management came out to two Western Shoshone sister's, Carrie and Mary Dann's cattle ranch and asked them to obtain grazing permits and pay grazing fees for their cattle, they argued that the cattle were grazing on Western Shoshone land. The Bureau of Land Management sued them for trespassing and the battle was engaged.

10 March 2006, Geneva Switzerland. Today, in an historic and strongly worded decision by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) the United States was urged to "freeze", "desist" and "stop" actions being taken or threatened to be taken against the Western Shoshone Peoples of the Western Shoshone Nation.

The decision is historic in that it is the first time a United Nations Committee has issued a full decision against the U.S. in respect to its highly controversial Federal Indian law and policy. The decision expressed particular concern that the U.S.' basis for claiming federal title to Western Shoshone land rests on a theory of "gradual encroachment" through a "compensation" process in the Indian Claims Commission. The decision highlights that this same process was found by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to violate "international human rights norms, principles and standards that govern determination of indigenous property interests." When the U.S. last appeared before the Committee in 2001, Committee members expressed alarm and concern that U.S. laws regarding indigenous peoples continue to be based on the outdated, colonial era "doctrine of discovery."

"We are Shoshone delegates speaking for a Nation threatened by extinction. The mines are polluting our waters, destroying hot springs and exploding sacred mountains—our burials along with them--attempting to erase our signature on the land. We are coerced and threatened by mining and Federal agencies when we seek to continue spiritual prayers for traditional food or medicine on Shoshone land. We have endured murder of our Newe people for centuries, as chronicled in military records, but now we are asked to endure a more painful death from the U.S. governmental agencies —a separation from land and spiritual renewal. We thank our past leaders for their persistence and courage and the CERD for this monumental step" Bernice Lalo, Western Shoshone.

Day Labor Abuse Hotline Launched in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.03.2006 03:08

Law enforcement in Santa Cruz, CA this week, launched a 24-hour, spanish language hotline for day laborers to anonymously report abusive employers. FSRN reporter Vinny Lombardo has more. To leave an anonymous report about abusive employers in Santa Cruz, call (831) 420-5997.

La Policia de Santa Cruz, CA. esta semana, empienza a funcionar una linea telefonica, para denunciar los abusos laborales. Esta linea funciona las 24 horas, es en español, y la llamada es anonima. Tu puedes llamar al (831) 420-5597. FSRN reportero Vinny Lombardo tiene mas informacion.

Audio: Download the mp3

Marcha mujeres

Tijuana, 11.03.2006 01:37

Mujeres tijuanenses Protestan en su día

stop umts

Oost-Vlaanderen, 11.03.2006 00:08

Oproep tot strijd tegen UMTS

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