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4 student journalists to receive Awards at SPJ meeting in OKC

Oklahoma, 14.03.2006 15:38

Four World Internet News stories were selected by the Society of Professional Journalists for the prestigious Mark of Excellence Awards. Four World Internet News stories were selected by the Society of Professional Journalists for the prestigious Mark of Excellence Awards. Three students from the UH School of Communication are to receive Mark of Excellence Awards in late April from the Society of Professional Journalists, Region 8 for stories they produced about Houston in 2005. Matt Dougherty, Curtis Delaney and Jenny Yau will be given awards for their reporting work.Dougherty, a broadcast journalism major, was selected for two pieces. “Questions Linger Over the Effectiveness of Prop. 12,” a story that investigates the effects of lawsuit reform on the medical insurance industry in Texas, was tabbed in the TV General News Reporting category. “A Day in the Life of a Male Prostitute,” a story that profiles male sex workers in the Montrose area of Houston, was chosen in the TV Feature category. Delaney, also a broadcast journalism major, was selected in the Radio In-Depth Reporting category for his investigative piece, “Houston’s Water Quality Improving.” The story examines the quality level of Houston’s main reservoir, Lake Houston. Yau, meanwhile, is a theatre major minoring in journalism, who was chosen in the Radio News Reporting category for her localized coverage of the break-away union movement in “AFL-CIO Splits Over Do-or-Die Unionizing Strategy.” “We are happy to receive the SPJ awards. It’s one thing to be recognized by the general public, but when it is by your colleagues it is especially meaningful,” said Dougherty. All the work was produced as part of World Internet News, UH SOC’s convergent newsroom that is the brainchild of professors Fred Schiff and Craig Crowe, and alumnus/managing editor Aaron Racicot. The half-hour, multi-media news shows were broadcast locally on Channel 17 WTP-TV and 90.1 FM KPFT. They can also be viewed on the Internet at “What makes us different is that we’re not covering events. We’re covering the enduring, unresolved issues in the Houston metro region,” said Schiff. “And we’re also trying to put issues in historical context. Basically, the commercial news media are flat. We have more depth than the corporate media because we have the advantage of writing the first draft of history with all the expertise that a major public research university can offer.” Racicot said he hopes the awards are a step in raising the profile of UH’s journalism program. “World Internet News is a project that is unique to the University of Houston,” said Racicot. “Other universities are attempting convergent newsrooms, but none have integrated investigative and depth reporting like we have. I’m very happy for the students that won, but I’m also proud of the people that have supported the project since it started in 2003. I think we have a good thing here. It is an enriching educational experience for the students and I hope this is just the beginning and World Internet News will continue to thrive for years to come.” Dougherty, Delaney and Yau will be presented with their awards on April 28 in Oklahoma City and will be told then if they have been chosen for the prestigious SPJ MOE National Awards to be presented in Chicago in August.  

STRIKE Support!!! Tuesday SEIU 415 Picket Lines

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.03.2006 15:10

1,800 Santa Cruz County workers have launched a one-day strike against a Board of Supervisors which they say, "so far refuses to provide wages comparable to that of comparable workers in comparable counties." Their struggle is the same struggle facing all working families in local communities, and this strike is seen as an opportunity to build solidarity across the Central Coast.

Read more on Santa Cruz Indymedia and Indybay's Labor Page

Film to be shown in Tulsa - Ecological Design: Inventing the Future

Oklahoma, 14.03.2006 15:09

Friday, March 24 at 7:00 p.m., Nightingale Theater, Tulsa Local The Film: Exploring concepts as diverse as green architecture, alternative power sources and the saving of rivers and wetlands, the film Ecological Design: Inventing the Future describes a new mandate for living in harmony, rather than in conflict with, our environment. Featured in the film are the innovative thinkers that have shaped the ecological design movement such as Buckminster Fuller, John Todd, William McDonough, and Hunter and Amory Lovins. Speaker: Architect Pam Searcy presents an example of local ecological design in action. Extras: Sample building materials including recycled plastic shakes, recycled cotton insulation, and agriboard will be on display, as well as a number of books on natural building. Friday, March 24th at 7:00pm Nightingale Theatre 1416 E. 4th St. For more information: Call (918)808-7713 Visit or The Nightingale Theatre is just east of 4th & Quincy.  

Frankreich - Proteste, Besetzungen, Streiks im ganzen Land

Austria, 14.03.2006 12:07

Was ist los in Frankreich? - Seit die Regierung das neoliberale Gesetzesprojekt CPE verabschiedet hat, kommt Frankreich nicht mehr zu Ruhe: am 7. März gingen etwa 400.000 auf die Straßen; 1 Million Menschen demonstrierten dann am 10. März; ein drittel der 80 Unis sind besetzt und/oder im Streik, die Pariser Sorbonne wurde besetzt und brutal und unter heftigem militanten Widerstand geräumt. Und das scheint erst der Anfang zu sein...

FBI names Indymedia, Food Not Bombs and “Anarchists” to Domestic Terrorist Watch List

Portland, 14.03.2006 11:39

In a guest lecture at the University of Texas School of Law on Wednesday, FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent G. Charles Rasner listed Indymedia, Food Not Bombs, and the Communist Party of Texas as "Terrorist Watch" cause groups in Austin.

Rasner gave a presentation entitled "Counter-Terrorism Efforts in Texas" to a U.S. Law and National Security class at the Law School. He used PowerPoint slides to illustrate the nature of the terrorist threat in Central Texas. The word "Unclassified" appeared prominently in bold red letters on the opening PowerPoint slide...

Rasner then placed the FBI's Central Texas "Terrorist Watch List" on the screen. On a list of approximately ten groups, Food Not Bombs was listed seventh. Indymedia was listed tenth, with a reference specifically to IndyConference 2005. The Communist Party of Texas also made the list. Rasner explained that these groups could have links to terrorist activity. He noted that peaceful-sounding group names could cover more violent extremist tactics. [ read more ]

[ FBI Charles Rasner names Austin Indymedia, Food Not Bombs Terrorist | FBI comes to Class ( | Ausin Indymedia feature with links to "the FBI's own well-documented support and perpetration of domestic terrorism" | Houston Indymedia audio interview with firsthand witness and reporter ]

Stop the War Machine!

Aotearoa, 14.03.2006 11:09

During the week of 15 to 22 March 2006, there will be protests, vigils and rallies all around the world to mark the third anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Auckland: Protest on 18th March, 12 noon, US Consulate, Citybank Building, Customs Street East. Wellington: Demonstration on 18th March, 12noon, Middland Park. Christchurch: Peace Circle, 17th March, 7pm, Cathedral Square. Peace Action Wellington | Global Peace and Justice Auckland | Peace Movement Aotearoa Listing

OMSI and the promotion of animal testing

Portland, 14.03.2006 10:38

I was lucky to chaperone a group of middle school students to OMSI on Friday. The students got this special 3pm-6pm field trip due to their extra-curricular participation in MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Academy) at school.

The first display inside the doors was an OHSU display promoting animal testing. The sole purpose of the display was to talk about the supposed benefits of animal testing. Besides a 4-panel display going on and on about the glories of animal testing, they also had an interactive display where a question would be asked and the children were to guess the answer before lifting a panel to reveal the correct answer. To provide a hint, above each panel was a small bag that said "Push" which would provide a recorded animal sound when pushed.

Still waiting for justice...

Portland, 14.03.2006 10:38

I purchases my home for Kip Schoning who lives in Corvallis OR several years ago. I learned in Aug 2004 that he had defaulted on his loan and MY HOME was being foreclosed on by his seller.

I have already written an article about this but several things came to my attention today that I feel warrant a second "update" article.

Report Back: Presentation By Capt. Yee, Former Muslim Millitary Chaplain At Guantanamo

Portland, 14.03.2006 10:38

Captain James Yee is the former Muslim military chaplain for the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Cuba, where the military is holding nearly 600 suspected al-Qaeda and Taliban operatives captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere. In December of 2005 Yee spoke at the First Unitarian Church. He had a sad story to tell concerning his treatment by the U.S. military.

After an exemplary service as chaplain, Yee was suddenly arrested when traveling to visit his family here in the U.S., held in solitary confinement for 2 1/2 months, and then released without charges. He has written a book about his life and his experiences called, "For God and Country: Faith and Patriotism Under Fire."

A program from this presentation is currently playing on Public Access television. At the end of this report, I've included audio files of his remarks.


Portland, 14.03.2006 10:38

Dear Agnes and Denis,

I miss you both and hope you have found all the answers to the questions we are all haunted with, like what and who are we?

Things here are changing so fast it takes your breath away, our country--- the United States of America has become the terror of the world. We now are in the midst of preparing for another war in Iran, will it happen? I do not know.

Our President is hated throughout the world, Americans visiting other countries use foreign passports if they can get them, our military is being slowly destroyed in Iraq and our leaders are now trying to convince the people that it is a good idea to have our ports run by a country who has traditionally hated the U.S.

Schumacher Furs Protest Report (Vanity thy name is Fur Hag), March 11

Portland, 14.03.2006 07:39

Throughout Saturday about 45 protesters arrived to hold signs, leaflet, enthusiastically chant, and eat some of the best vegan doughnuts ever made (thanks to Food Fight! Vegan Grocery and RiseUp Doughnuts).

One protester drew beautiful pictures of foxes on the pavement with sidewalk chalk. ( Others wrote about the cruelty of the fur industry. Several protesters staged impromptu street theater showing the killing, skinning, and wearing of a fox near the front entrance of Schumacher. Meanwhile Schumacher people scurried around with cameras inside the store filming us, occasionally coming out, no doubt looking for any possible reason to call on the police. But no luck - to the apparent dismay of the Schumachers, our protest was vigorous but well within the bounds of our First Amendment rights. The Schumachers seem to be desperate to get rid of us (evidenced by numerous threats to protesters) as we educate the public about fur. And they have reason to be worried:

Education will work on most anyone with a compassionate heart. Hardly an AR radical, Martha Stewart has come out against fur after her vegetarian daughter made her aware of animal issues. Martha recently publicly stated, "So much violence in the world seems beyond our control, but this is one cruelty we can stop by being informed consumers."

Photos From The Day

March 16th Grand Jury rally CANCELLED! - Rosebraugh Subpoena Postponed Until August

Portland, 14.03.2006 06:38

Craig Rosebraugh has been released from his subpoena to appear this Thursday, March 16th but he is now commanded to appear in front of the grand jury on August 17th. Because of this change, the rally scheduled for Thursday at the Eugene Federal Building has been cancelled. Let's all plan to be there on August 17th.

Help is still needed for a legal defense fund and the Tuesday, March 14th benefit @ Liberty Hall is still going to happen.

Previous Feature: UNITE! STOP THE GRAND JURY! STOP THE GREENSCARE! | Police/Legal topicpage

FBI names Austin Indymedia, Food Not Bombs and “Anarchists” to Domestic Terrorist Watch List

United States, 14.03.2006 06:37

In a guest lecture at the University of Texas School of Law on Wednesday, FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent G. Charles Rasner listed Indymedia, Food Not Bombs, and the Communist Party of Texas as “Terrorist Watch” cause groups in Austin.

Rasner gave a presentation entitled “Counter-Terrorism Efforts in Texas” to a U.S. Law and National Security class at the Law School. He used PowerPoint slides to illustrate the nature of the terrorist threat in Central Texas. The word “Unclassified” appeared prominently in bold red letters on the opening PowerPoint slide.

Audio: Interview about Texas Terror Watch list

Сайт з депортації узбецьких біженців

Ukraine, 14.03.2006 06:37

Global Women's Strike/LA Action Highlights Katrina &amp; Other Global Warming Survivors

LA, 14.03.2006 06:09

Global Women's Strike/LA Action Highlights Katrina & Other Global Warming Survivors

The Project, March 2006

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.03.2006 06:09

The Project is a monthly radical newpaper for the UCSC campus and Santa Cruz Community. It is run is a non-hierarchical fashion mainly by UCSC students, with an emphasis in anti-capitalism and local activism aimed at democratizing the university system.

The March 2006 edition of The Project features the following stories:

Derribemos Las Fronteras | UCSC Students Expose the Naked Truth about UC's Use of Sweatshops | The Struggle Continues: UCSC Custodians Demand Wage Parity | Save Our Languages | Nonviolence, Power, and Liberation | Hippies Make the Best Bureaucrats: The Realities of Recruiting at UCSC | Dying to Avoid Rape in Iraq | Civil War? Sectarian Tensions and Occupation in Iraq | EaT My RUBBER MoTHAFUCKA! | Human Sex Trafficking: Another Side of Immigration

Previous Issues : The Project: February 2006 || The Project: Spring Insurrection || Special Issue of The Project for Statewide Strikes at UC on April 14th || UC Administrators Rolling in Money - the PROJECT March 2005 || The Project has been Digitized (Feb. 2005)

STRIKE Support!!! Tuesday 3/14 Join SEIU 415 Picket Lines

Santa Cruz, CA, 14.03.2006 05:38

1,800 Santa Cruz County workers have launched a one-day strike against a Board of Supervisors which they say, "so far refuses to provide wages comparable to that of comparable workers in comparable counties." Their struggle is the same struggle facing all working families in our communities -- farm and food processing workers fighting for decent pay and basic human rights, UC workers fighting for pay parity, Ralph's employees fighting the company's scheme to de-unionize their workplace, Natividad workers fighting the privatization of the Monterey County Hospital, hotel workers rising up to fight for a living wage -- and this strike will be an opportunity to build our solidarity across the Central Coast. Read more to support the strike

see also: County Workers Appeal for Equal Treatment || SEIU 415 emergency strike solidarity alert - action requested

Human Rights

Manila, 14.03.2006 05:11

Solidarity Action for Sagada 11 held in Barcelona


Uruguay, 14.03.2006 03:08

Así funciona el país productivo

From the Newswire

Perth, 14.03.2006 02:10

Stolenwealth Games Convergence Begins!

Jornada internacional de movilizaciones en el III aniversario de la ocupación de Iraq

estrecho / madiaq, 14.03.2006 00:07

Manifestación en Sevilla

Sábado, 18 de marzo

13'00 h. Puerta Jerez (Jardines del Cristina)

Jornada Internacional de Movilizaciones en el III Aniversario de la Ocupación de Irak

La guerra continúa, la movilización también

¡Paremos el fascimo global cerremos el Guántanamo global!

Fin de la Ocupación. En apoyo a la resistencia del pueblo iraquí

Retirada de las tropas españolas de Afganistan y Haití.


Otras convocatorias en andalucía: Córdoba, Almería, Marbella y Málaga

Brutalidad Policiaca

Tijuana, 13.03.2006 23:37

Se acercan la(s) jornada(s) CONTRA la Brutalidad Policíaca

Cambridge's LISE Problem

Boston, 13.03.2006 22:38

True to form, for their new Laboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering (LISE) Harvard University has spared no expense. Award-winning Spanish architect Rafael Moneo was hired to design the building with, according to the Harvard Gazette's Steve Bradt, "an unusual pearlescent façade that changes subtly with the day's lighting... sculpted pedestals... and an underground section designed to receive natural light." (1) Local residents may live next door to a powder keg, but there's no doubt that keg will look fabulous. BioLab Was Just the Beginning

People with Disabilities Speak Out Against Lack of Community Based Services

Tennessee, 13.03.2006 22:10

Nashville, TN: In advance of four days of hearings and street-based direct action involving more than four hundred people with disabilities, the organization American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today (ADAPT) of Tennessee discussed the plight of people with disabilities confined in nursing homes, developmental disability facilities or residential hospital facilities. Some have managed to leave the institutional environment and are now living in their own homes in the community. Several Nashville residents who are currently trapped in institutional settings and waiting to rejoin the community will be among those sharing testimonies about why they want to live in the community and the many barriers they are encountering in the struggle to make that dream a reality.

OpenHack Night / Mar 15 / borderLands Hacklab

San Diego, 13.03.2006 21:08

Calling all anarchist hackers, revolutionary web designers, radical media makers and artists eager to learn more about technology!

Are you a hacker that wants to put your skills to work for social justice? Are you a person who wants to learn more about computers to create positive social change? Are you someone who wants to learn to use technology, but feels like you've been excluded from the discussion?

Bring your computer, your imagination or your latest idea for a Free
Software project or a digital art project to Voz Alta for the
borderlands Hacklab and indymedia Open Hack Night! We'll be creating a
digital playground for creating the future of resistance, tearing down
the digital divide or just discussing the latest cool gadgets and having a beer next door... We will have a dj from radioActive sanDiego coming to spin some tunes, so come and hang out!

Open Hack Night: 6:30-8:30, Voz Alta, 1544 Broadway, 15th and Broadway downtown. ||

Joint Terrorism Task Force Questions Local Professor

LA, 13.03.2006 20:08

Joint Terrorism Task Force Questions Local Professor

VA peacemaker's body found in Iraq

Richmond, 13.03.2006 20:08

A dead body found in Iraq has been identified as that of missing US hostage Tom Fox, the US State Department has said. Fox, who had been an activist with the Christian Peacemaker Teams, was abducted along with three colleagues in late 2005.

Les étudiant-e-s français-e-s s'insurgent contre le CPE

Liege, 13.03.2006 19:38

Sourd aux manifestations qui ont réuni plus de 400 000 personnes dans les plus grandes villes de France le 7 février, le gouvernement français a décidé d'accélérer la procédure pour adopter dans la nuit du 8 février le Contrat Première Embauche (CPE).

International Action Day

Italy, 13.03.2006 18:40

L'Aquila 18 - 19 marzo: Giornate Internazionali Anarchiche

Faiza Al-Araji brings the reality of Iraq to Isla Vista

Santa Barbara, 13.03.2006 18:09

Faiza Al-Araji, Iraqi blogger, civil engineer, and mother of 3 was in Isla Vista to deliver the keynote address at the Isla Vista Peace Festival on Saturday, March 11th.

Governo pretende fechar D.João de Castro

Portugal, 13.03.2006 17:40

Governo pretende fechar D.João de Castro

American Peacemaker's Body Found in Iraq

United States, 13.03.2006 17:37

A dead body found in Iraq has been identified as that of missing US hostage Tom Fox, the US State Department has said. Fox, who had been an activist with the Christian Peacemaker Teams, was abducted along with three colleagues in late 2005. A video of British citizen Norman Kember and Canadians James Loney and Harmeet Singh Sooden was shown on Al-Jazeera last week, with a superimposed date of February 28th. Although the three hostages were alive in the video, their current condition is not known. Tom Fox was 54 years old. Before his abduction, he had been blogging about his experiences in Iraq.

"Waiting in the Light," Tom Fox's blog | Free the Captives website

CPT's statement about the death of Tom Fox | CPT's Statement in Arabic | Why are we here? Tom Fox's last Iraq Diary entry | 12/12 story about the abductees | Palestine demonstrations in solidarity with the CPT four: 1 | 2 | Article questioning Iraqi death squads | UFPJ's appeal to save the CPT 4 Four | CPT article via EI

DC-IMC Reflection | Portland-IMC Reflection | TN-IMC biographical piece

No a la guerra! No a la ocupaci�n de Irak!

Euskal Herria, 13.03.2006 15:10

Remembering Rachel Corrie

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.03.2006 14:10

The ISM Support Group in Northern California will hold its third annual Rachel Corrie Memorial on Thursday, March 16th. The event will be held at the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts in Oakland, at 7:00pm. Rachel Corrie was a 23-year-old volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement. She was killed by an Israeli soldier while she was nonviolently resisting the demolition of a Palestinian home in the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

Read more on Indybay's Palestine and East Bay News Pages

&quot;¡Luces, Cámara, Cultura en Acción!&quot; 18-marzo. Málaga contra la privatización de la cultura.

estrecho / madiaq, 13.03.2006 14:07

#media_5342;left# Vecinas, ciudadanos y precari@s contra la privatización de la cultura.
El día sábado 18 de marzo a las 12hs sobre el tunel de la alcazaba se realizará la premiere estreno de la extraordinaria performance cinematográfica: "¡Luces, Cámara,Cultura en Acción". Un encuentro festivo y reivindicativo, una "ofensiva creativa por la cultura pública",un punto de encuentro para la defensa de los espacios públicos y la creación independiente.
Invitamos a todos los creadores invisibles, precari@s del espectáculo, vecinos y ciudadanos a encontrarnos y gritar,bailar y cantar juntas: ¡la cultura no se vende!

February Protests - Calls for Impeachment Rising

Portland, 13.03.2006 13:39

In Washington, DC "on the evening of Feb 4, protestors continued the offensive of home protests. With torture and exploitation as the common theme, we first visited the home of a GSK exec (a SHAC action), then moved on to the home of Paul Wolfowiz's girlfriend, where he is rumored to sleep."

In New Orleans, "anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan staged a protest at one of the city's shuttered housing projects Tuesday, a day after 12,000 families left homeless by last year's hurricanes were forced to leave their federally funded hotel rooms." [ read more ]

[ Learning to Love Impeachment and Forget About Dick | Groundswell for Impeachment ]

No Justice for Fouad Kaady-six months since his killing

Portland, 13.03.2006 13:39

Six months have passed since Fouad Kaady, a 27 year old Lebanese American man, was brutally shot and killed by agents of the Clackamas County Sheriff's office, and the Sandy "Police" department.

Much has happened since this killing of an innocent, unarmed, badly burned, injured, bleeding, and naked man. Much has not.

First, many of us, shocked at the crass "reporting' from the "Main Stream" media, upon hearing that a naked man had been shot and killed by police, and that, in usual fashion, the police were awaiting toxicology reports to explain the victim's "bizarre behavior," began the process of attempting to learn the real story before the MSM and the cops could bury it. What we learned was truly frightening:

WWeek article on BTP/PDX Press Benefit

Portland, 13.03.2006 10:38

Jason Simms, an independent reporter, has been persistent in trying to contact me about the event that happened last weekend. Simms is writing the article for the Willamette Weekly. I've refused to contact him except to tell him that I won't talk to him due to my perception of his biases based upon his questions. Simms sent me the copy of his article. I think that it will probably get cut up and rearranged significantly by the WWeek editors. Therefore, I feel that it's important to lay the entire copy out here beforehand.

salaud adds: So here's how it went in draft: "Our friends at (click here!) tried to save a charity on the verge of ruin, some activist named "Topher" gave a speech, he was heckled, thank you for your views activist, now let's move on to the music."

Se here we are in the spun-chop final version: "A innocent local band of high school punks was targeted only by activists who only work online at an event put on by the altruistic promoters (click here!), but why?"

Cedar Mill Wal-Mart Hearing Dates SET!

Portland, 13.03.2006 10:38

For nearly a year, the group Save Cedar Mill has been fighting against a proposed Wal-Mart in our community. We have held rallies, held signs to raise awareness, raised thousands of dollars to finance independant surveys of traffic and community impact, written hundreds of letters, and now, we hope to pack full the Beaverton Council Chambers to show popular opposition to the proposed store. Here is an email sent around by the group leader, Steve Kaufman. [ read more ]

[ Dont let a 14 acre community farm in South Central LA turn into a Wal-Mart warehouse! | no new sprawlmarts | ]

All the casinos to be shut down - is Michael McDowell bluffing, or does he have the Nuts?

Ireland, 13.03.2006 09:40

The end of casinos and card rooms in Ireland? ...

Minuteman Mayor's ICE Cracks In Costa Mesa Immigration War

LA, 13.03.2006 09:09

Minuteman Mayor's ICE Cracks In Costa Mesa Immigration War

Reclamo de 11.000 hectáreas en Quetrequile

Argentina, 13.03.2006 08:39

Comunidad mapuche denunció penalmente al Director de Tierras de Río Negro

Farmers Fight To Win

LA, 13.03.2006 08:09

Farmers Fight To Win

Free Markets!

North Carolina, 13.03.2006 06:38


Petroleras y sectores acomodados quieren más Gendarmería

Argentina, 13.03.2006 06:09

El lobby de la represión

Spring Issue of the Notebook Focuses on Quality Child Care

Philadelphia, 13.03.2006 05:40

Quality child care should be a no brainer. The Philadelphia Public School Notebook focuses on early education in their spring issue calling for renewed investment in Philly and the need to fight impending cuts to Head Start and other programs at the federal level.

March 13th Prayer Vigil For Tre Arrow

Portland, 13.03.2006 04:38

Tre encourages all supporters across the world to join in a prayer vigil on Monday, March 13th at 6pm, to gather strength for his upcoming 24-day hunger strike. Every person's focused intention makes an impact. If you can't make it to Victoria, feel free to gather yourselves at this time and tune into us who will be gathered outside the Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre.

Tre asks respectfully that his designated spokespeople in Canada represent the message of this vigil to the media. It is very important for all in attendance to honor this request and not engage with the media, for the purpose of not allowing our peaceful intentions to be distorted.

Over the course of the past fourteen years, Tre has lived a life dedicated to peaceful activism in social, environmental and political realms. As an extremely effective and outspoken organizer, Tre found himself at the forefront of an environmental movement, which successfully interfered with industrial powers. As a result, he has fallen victim to what appears to be a widespread campaign to silence the voices of conscience that choose to speak truth to power.

Dia Internacional das Mulheres: força para agir e motivação para mudar

Brasil, 13.03.2006 04:09


Motoristas e cobradores promovem paralisação no transporte em Curitiba

Brasil, 13.03.2006 04:09


Sob controle de igreja e bancos, PUC-SP demite em massa

Brasil, 13.03.2006 04:09


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