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Naziaufmarsch in Ried

Austria, 21.03.2006 15:08

Nachdem die Stadt Ried im Innkreis durch rassistische Äußerungen von SPÖ- und ÖVP- und FPÖ- PolitikerInnen sowie einem Schwimmbad-Verbot für muslimische Frauen in die Schlagzeilen gekommen war, fand am 18. März 2006 ebendort eine Neonazidemo mit 150 TeilnehmerInnen statt. 200 AntifaschistInnen sammelten sich spontan in der Rieder Innenstadt um gegen Nazis zu demonstrieren.

Если Вы собрались отнести еду и горячее питье на Октябрьскую площадь!!!

Belarus, 21.03.2006 15:07

cyril in coma

Oost-Vlaanderen, 21.03.2006 14:37

franse demonstrant in Coma na aanval van politie


Manila, 21.03.2006 13:10

Bringing Street Protest to Cyberspace

Ferrel: 30 anos depois, a ameaça continua

Portugal, 21.03.2006 12:39

Ferrel: 30 anos depois, a ameaça continua

Olympa Peace Rally

Portland, 21.03.2006 12:39

Over 700 people gathered on Saturday here in Olympia to demand an end to the Iraq war. They lined 4th Avenue, from the bridge to Percial Landing, the major route through the city. People waved and honked their horns in support. Origami cranes with peace sayings adorned 4th avenue and the trees surrounding the fountain.

Eugene Civil Resistance activists arrested after sit-ins

Portland, 21.03.2006 12:38

We went first to the Federal Building, where Senator Smith has his office on the third floor. Neither he nor his staff were in residence, and we knew we would not be able to get to the third floor, so we had our sit-in in the downstairs lobby, and a bunch of us, including some spirited high school kids, were arrested.

We then moved on to the building that houses the offices of Senator Wyden and Rep. DeFazio. We found their doors locked, even though there were staff inside each office. There were signs posted saying they were closed for the day, on the advice of some government agency. One of us talked to people in both offices on his cell phone, asking them to come out and talk to us. They refused. [ read more ]

M20 Actions in Eugene

The day started out with a small group of coordinated individuals standing around outside the Federal building. When all of their people finally arrived (many of them high school students) they proceeded into the doorway of the building where they had a town hall meeting stating that when protests (such as the permitted marches we've all seen these past few days) fail then the American people have no choice but to commit themselves to civil disobedience to make their voices heard.

Their good (and reportedly longstanding) relationship with the Eugene police department worked out much to their benefit today; The doors were locked and everyone left inside the doorway was sited and released ( citing law: 41 CFR 102-74.390 by 10:30. [ read more ]

[ The Rest of the Pictures from Eugene M20 | M18: Rally in Eugene ]

Strikes and Protests Across Europe

Portland, 21.03.2006 11:38

FRANCE: protests in 170 cities - riots - unions call for a GENERAL STRIKE - 1.5 million people demonstrated in more than 170 cities and towns on saturday against the french government and its job market "deregulation" plans CPE. Many of the demonstartions ended in massive clashes with the police. About 70 of the 84 french universities are on strike and/or occupied by students. Also schools are occupied by teachers and pupils. The unions said if the government won't take back CPE till tomorrow they will call for a GENERAL STRIKE in France. [ read more ]

Germany: public service since 6 weeks on strike ! - The public service is on strike since 6 weeks. And this, because the german state wants its employees to work 40 hours a week - and not 38.5 hours a week like now - without paying them more money. In countless cities, towns, villages, nurses, kindergarden employees, states' office workers, street cleaners and so on did not do their job since 6 weeks... The chief of the biggest striking union VerDi, Frank Bsirske, said, if necessary they could strike 1 year long. [ read more ]

General Strike in GREECE - General Strike took place in Greece on march the 15th. 90% of all states' employees and 70% of all companies' employees were on strike. The strike was against Liberalisation and Privatisation of the public sector and the job market. Public Service in greece did not work at all. Public transport Service such as trains, metro, busses and so on... did stop. Schools, hospitals, banks, public institutions were closed - as well as most of the private owned companies. [ read more ]

related articles: [ French Unions Ask For National Strikes! | Greece: Another Two Police Surveillence Cameras Destroyed | FRANCE: pics of police brutality | French students movement | French Students occupy Universities | Virtual Sit-In in Solidarity with the Striking Students of France! | Italy again | FRANCE: 50 universities occupied/on strike, also schools; unions in solidarity! | ITALY: massive riots in Milano ]

ensenyament (ca)

Barcelona, 21.03.2006 11:11

Els estudiants fan vagues, les universitats s'ocupen... què està passant a frança?

El govern francès,sense seguir el debat tradicional dels processos legislatius, ha imposat una nova acta: “Loi sur l’égalité des chances”. Aquesta nova llei crea el contracte de responsabilitat parental que implica la pèrdua dels ajuts escolars en casos d'absentisme escolar, avança l'edat d'escolarització obligatòria de 16 a 14 anys, permet el treball nocturn a partir dels 15 anys i finalment crea nous tipus de contractes com el CPE que amplia el període de prova a dos anys i per tant permet l'acomiadament sense motiu durant un període molt més llarg. L'agost passat ja es va redactar una llei similar per a empreses amb menys de 20 treballadors amb conseqüències que ja s'han fet notar. Aquesta nova contractació redueix els drets de les persones treballadores i precaritza les seves vides. Moltes universitats estan en vaga o resten tancades encara per denunciar i demanar la retirada d'aquesta llei i, tot i que la repressió ha estat dura des dels inicis de les movilitzacions s'espera que les movilitzacions estudiantils, sindicals i d'altres col.lectius que hi ha actualment s'escampin i impliquin la resta de la societat francesa i europea.

[23mar] manifestació central a París

[28mars] jornada de mobilitzacions sindicals

notícies relacionades: estudiants assalten la sorbona i s'atrinxeren al pati ::: desallotjament de la sorbona entre gasos i cops ::: aquí no es lluita com a frança? ::: el fals argument francés: crear ocupació en els barris marginals ::: foc a frança

+info : >>>ensenyament + paris indymedia

educación (es)

Barcelona, 21.03.2006 11:11

Los estudiantes hacen vagas, se ocupan las universidades... ¿qué está pasando en francia?

El gobierno francés, sin seguir el debate tradicional de los procesos legislativos, ha impuesto una nueva acta: "Loi sur l’égalité des chances". Esta nueva ley crea el contrato de responsabilidad parental que implica la pérdida de las ayudas escolares en caso de absentismo escolar, adelanta la edad de escolarización obligatoria de 16 a 14 años, permite el trabajo nocturno a partir de los 15 años y por último crea nuevos tipos de contrato como el CPE que amplia el periodo de prueba a dos años y por tanto permite el despido sin motivo durante un periodo mucho más largo. El pasado agosto ya se redactó una ley similar para empressas con menos de 20 trabajadores con consecuencias que ya se han hecho notar. Esta nueva contratación reduce los derechos de las personas trabajadoras y precariza sus vidas. Muchas universidades están en huelga o continúan cerradas aún para denunciar y pedir la retirada de esta ley y, aunque la represión ha sido dura desde los inicios de las mobilizaciones se espera que las mobilizaciones estudiantiles, sindicales y de otros colectivos que hay actualmente se propaguen e impliquen al resto de la sociedad francesa y europea.

[23mar] manifestación central en París

[28mars] jornada de movilitzaciones sindicales

noticias relacionadas: estudiantes asaltan la sorbona y se atrincheran en el patio ::: desalojo de la sorbona entre gases y golpes ::: ¿aquí no se lucha como en francia? ::: fuego en francia

+info : >>>educación + paris indymedia

The Most Beautiful Fireworks I Have Ever Seen: Remembering M19

Portland, 21.03.2006 10:39

March 19, 2006 was a beautiful sunny day. So sunny I decided to leave for the rally early. When I reached the waterfront a little after one o'clock, I was surprised to see a crowd already around one to two thousand people. I saw some familiar faces and made my rounds. Everyone I spoke to felt the rally was not going to get us out of Iraq any sooner, but everyone seemed to be enjoying the sunshine.

After about an hour, the crowd had doubled. Someone came up and greeted everyone and there was some peace and love music. Because I was at the rally to support the end of the Iraq war and not peace I went to the back of the crowd and watched the anarchist cheerleaders (they were awesome!).

A little while later I found the "bloc" and met some of the people from the Seattle Anti-imperialist group. The bloc had a banner that read "Fuck The Troops!" complete with a yellow ribbon crossed out, a circle A, and a circle E. Personally I thought this banner was great. It did not scape-goat our "leaders"; instead it called upon those holding the weapons to realize what they are doing is wrong. ] read more [

AUDIO FILE: Rally and March, March 19, 2006

What was accomplished? Each of those who attended will have to answer that for themselves. A thousand reasons for resisting oppression, all arising from one love of freedom, one compassion for all Human Beings, one faith in the general resilience of the Human Spirit.

This was an enormous event, both physically and emotionally. While standing at Broadway and Morrison, with the orange clad and black masked "detainees," the march stretched out away out of sight in both directions, north and south, while eastward I could see the vanguard of the March working its way north up 4th Avenue. Easily 30 blocks in length, probably more.

We take so much for granted in this country. It's good to get out into the streets and demonstrate the fact that we appreciate our Civil Liberties, and when Bush comes to shove, we will stand up for them and resist their gradual disappearance. It's necessary to respond as a Community to any assaualt upon the sovereignty of the people, upon their institutions, upon their capacity to trust one another. ] read more [

pictures: [ m19 (3) photo essay | M19 Rally and March Photos, 3 of 3 | M19 Rally and March Photos, 2 of 3 | M19 Rally and March Photos, 1 of 3 | Photogs of M19 March and Rally | M19 Pics and Report | Peace Rally & March Photos, 03/19/06 | Waterfront Park Rally | Spontaneous action in the burbs ]

related: [ Report from the M19 Rally and March | breaking news for m19 | Radio Call-ins to PDX IMC Web Radio on March 19th ]

portland indymedia m19 coverage

Santa Cruz Demonstration Against War in Iraq

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.03.2006 10:39

On March 19th, somewhere between 150 and 200 people rallied at the clock tower in Santa Cruz before marching down Pacific Avenue and up Front Street. Demonstrators called for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq, the removal of George Bush from the White House and for government money to be spent on education instead of warfare. Read more and view photos

see also: An Open Letter to the SC Activist Community

Protests also took place in cities throughout California, the United States and across the world.

Global Student Revolt-From Paris to Auckland

Aotearoa, 21.03.2006 09:11

As students in Paris embarked on a massive insurgency against neo-liberal labour laws occupying buildings and rioting, thousands of students from schools across Auckland walked out of school in protest against youth rates, with a thousand turning up to an inspiring demonstartion of solidarity and direct action. Many students returned to school to be commended by their principals and teachers for taking a courageous stand against injustice. Messages of solidarity for the striking students have been released from the Unite union, Maritime Union, Green Party and the Council of Trade Unions. The walkout was organised by Aotearoa Radical Youth, a network of anticapitalist Auckland youth with support from

Halliburton in OK

Houston, 21.03.2006 07:41

Halliburton is on the run

Actividades a 30 años del Golpe

Argentina, 21.03.2006 06:09

La cultura de la resistencia

Argentina, 21.03.2006 06:09

Actividades culturales por los 30 años del golpe

Support Indigenous Rights: Sign Free Grassy Narrows Petition

Oklahoma, 21.03.2006 05:39

In Ontario, Canada, an indigenous community called the Grassy Narrows First Nation are being subjected to human rights abuses. Logging companies, Weyerhaeuser and Abitibi are clear-cut logging their land without the community’s consent. This exploitation is poisoning their waters with toxins, robbing the community of economic opportunities, and destroying their way of life. Sign the petition - REPLACE THIS TEXT WITH HTML TO APPEAR ON FRONT PAGE In Ontario, Canada, an indigenous community called the Grassy Narrows First Nation are being subjected to human rights abuses. Logging companies, Weyerhaeuser and Abitibi are clear-cut logging their land without the community’s consent. This exploitation is poisoning their waters with toxins, robbing the community of economic opportunities, and destroying their way of life. Sign the petition - Fortunately, the Grassy Narrows Community is taking a stand against this injustice. On December 2nd, 2002, Grassy Narrows established a blockade on a logging road in their territory, sparking what is now the longest standing and highest profile indigenous logging blockade in Canadian history. But, three years later, logging is still taking place on remote sections of their land as the community does not have the resources to block all of the logging roads in their territory. Weyerhaeuser and Abitibi refuse to stop the logging, leave the land and respect the community’s right to self-determiniation within their traditional territory. Please sign the petition to pledge your support to the Grassy Narrows First Nation’s struggle to stop Weyerhaeuser and Abitibi from logging without their consent on their land, and secure the right to self-determination within their traditional territory.

&quot;Γαλλικός Μάρτης&quot;

Athens, 21.03.2006 03:09

Κλιμακώνονται οι κινητοποιήσεις που ξέσπασαν σ΄ όλη την Γαλλία (1, 2 ) από τις αρχές του Μάρτη ενάντια στο Συμβόλαιο Πρώτης Εργασίας (CPE) που επιτρέπει στους εργοδότες να απολύουν νέους εργαζόμενους από 15-25 χρόνων χωρίς καμιά αιτιολόγηση και χωρίς αποζημίωση στην πρώτη διετία της πρόσληψής τους. Η κυβέρνηση υποστηρίζει οτι έτσι θα χτυπήσει την ανεργία που στην Γαλλία κυμαίνεται απο 10 έως και 50% σε ορισμένες περιοχές.

Στις 18 Μαρτίου πάνω από ένα εκατομμύριο φοιτητές μαθητές και εργαζόμενοι διαδήλωσαν σε όλη την Γαλλία που κατέληξαν σε συγκρούσεις, στο σοβαρό τραυματισμό ενος διαδηλωτή και σε πολλές συλλήψεις.

Ήδη από τις αρχές Φλεβάρη έχουν ξεκινήσει οι καταλήψεις σχολών και μέχρι σήμερα, το 70% των Πανεπιστημίων της χώρας παραμένουν κατειλημμένα. Κι ενώ όλη η νεολαία είναι στο δρόμο, τα Ματ επιτίθενται στον κόσμο μέσα κι έξω απ΄τη Σορβόνη.

Σύντομα, στο χορό μπαίνουν και η καθεστωτική αριστερά καθώς και εργατικές συνομοσπονδίες. Το ίδιο και οι φασίστες, που υποβοηθούμενοι και καλυπτόμενοι από την αστυνομία, επιτίθενται στους διαδηλωτές.

Συνεχής ενημέρωση στα Γαλλικά: >> >> >> >> >> >> >> και

Φωτογραφίες στη συλλογή πολυμέσων

Report back from Anti War Strategizing Discussion

LA, 21.03.2006 02:09

Report back from Anti War Strategizing Discussion

ADAPT Kicks Off National Days of Action in Nashville, Tennessee

Tennessee, 21.03.2006 01:10

Hundreds of Differently Abled Persons Blockading Traffic in Nashville and Getting Arrested Nashville, TN: Several differently abled persons were arrested in the first day of direct action in Nashville after a day of action with hundreds of protesters in wheelchairs blockading the streets around the State Capital demanding a meeting with the Governor of Tennessee, Phil Bredesen. The Governor has said that he refuses to meet with the protesters, who number over four hundred. The protesters have come to Nashville from all over the country because Tennessee is a focal point in the war on health care access. Governor Bredesen, who has authorized Metro Police to arrest people in wheelchairs, is also responsible for the recent Tenncare cuts, which disenrolled 330,000 poor and uninsurable Tennesseans from the state's health insurance program.

M18 Recap - Chicago Activists March Down Michigan Avenue

Chicago, 21.03.2006 01:09

In what is believed to have been one of the largest anti-war protest in the United States, upwards of ten thousand people hit the streets of the Gold Coast Saturday night for the Festival of Rights march — the culmination of a day of activities marking public opposition to the war in Iraq on the third anniversary of the U.S. invasion.

The day began with over a dozen feeder marches throughout the area staged to marshall opposition to the war in grassroots communities. Those actions converged at a mass rally in Union Park and reassembly later that evening for the push to Michigan Ave. in what activists described as the return of free speech to Chicago's most famous corridor. The march was 'legally permitted', an important victory in the battle to win back civil liberties that have been increasingly proscribed since 9/11 — and which were completely derailed after police arrested over 500 peaceful protesters three years ago after promising to allow them to return down Michigan Avenue from an emergency protest against the beginning of the war.

Video: Video on rally and march
Photos: Union Park and Michigan Avenue | Feeder March Pics | More M18 Pics | Photos from Ellen of the Tenth
Text: Honest Assessment of M18 | Early corporate coverage | Tribune coverage
Radio: Excerpt one from 3/18 Live Radio Webstream | Excerpt two

Other Resources and press coverage: M18 Coalition, and assorted corporate press coverage | Indymedia US: Other weekend actions nationwide

100+ Take to the Streets in Monterey in Oposition to HR 4437

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.03.2006 01:09

On Wednesday March 15th, over one hundred activists congregated at Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey to voice their opinion on the new HR4437 bill that had just passed in the House of Representatives and is now on its way to the Senate. The activists included students, community members, Brown Berets, veterans, and children. After a rally at the park, the demonstrators marched to Downtown Monterey (Alvarado Street) to tell the general public how they felt. As the protest moved towards downtown the number of demonstrators increased as they found more supporters to their cause. At one point the demonstration blocked one lane of the road as the demonstrators took to the street. Read more

Minutemen Take Civics Lesson From ACLU in Costa Mesa

LA, 21.03.2006 00:38

Minutemen Take Civics Lesson From ACLU in Costa Mesa

Youth Peace Summit to be held April 22

Richmond, 20.03.2006 23:09

The Richmond Peace Education Center (RPEC) will sponsor its second annual Youth Peace Summit on April 22, at Fifth Baptist Church, 1415 W. Cary Street.

Richmond IndyMedia News

Richmond, 20.03.2006 23:09

LISTEN UP! THE REVOLUTION WILL BE AIRED! Every Tuesday from 12:30PM - 1:00PM catch one of the most progressive half-hours on the radio, or check the online stream at Richmond IndyMedia News airs the news and views you post at

Champaign residents vote &quot;NO&quot; for School referendum

Urbana-Champaign, 20.03.2006 22:11

The Black Community is asking for all voters of the City of Champaign to go to the polls and vote "NO" for the school referendum Tuesday, March 21, 2006.

The Corporate Poisoner’s Handbook

Ireland, 20.03.2006 22:10

The saga of Shell's pollution into Carrowmore Lake ...


Belarus, 20.03.2006 22:07

photos and report from the OpenHack Night

San Diego, 20.03.2006 21:39

flickr stream


Overal, the openhack night was good. Around 10-12 people came. DJ Trashcandy from radioActive sanDiego spun some tunes. We ate pizza and drank wine. I did a short presentation on Electronic Civil Disobedence and Virtual Sit-Ins. Lea showed some film of antifascist protests in Berlin. Xavier from heads on fire talked a bit about community technology centers and bridging the gap between media activists and community technology activists. Jonathan showed some films from the Third World Majority foundation. We talked about a lot of projects people can get involved with if they want to use their tech skills for positive social change: indymedia, socalfreenet and their sherman heights wireless expansion, community technology centers, the borderlands hacklab...

The one overall critique of the night was that it was mostly white males, which we're really trying to go beyond. Hopefully next month we can do more outreach to more communities and get lots of different people there. In addition, it was mostly geeks and very few artists, so we'll have to call out for GEEKS AND ARTISTS to get together next month and share, connect, start a revolution.  

Next month, the 3rd wednesday of the month we're doing it again! Bring a friend! Bring something to share! Bring a question about technology or media! || || 


technorati tags: , , , , , , ,

Universidades e escolas ocupadas: estudantes lutam contra o CPE na França

Brasil, 20.03.2006 21:10



LA, 20.03.2006 20:39


Reclaim The Commons! Convergence in Chicago, April 8th - 10th!

United States, 20.03.2006 20:37

Come join a movement about reclaiming – safe and healthy food! sustainable farms! access to healthcare! our genes! the right to save and plant seeds! community garden space! science in the public interest! the forests! intact ecosystems! the genetic integrity of all life! biodiversity! human rights for Global South farmers! a world free of genetically engineered bioweapons!

The Biotech Industry Organization (BIO) is coming to Chicago this April for their annual international convention and PR Extravaganza – BIO 2006. BIO is an organization of the world’s biggest agribusiness, pharmaceutical and bioweapons corporations.

Reclaim The Commons is responding with three days of events, from Saturday April 8th to Monday April 10th, to educate, inform and link together people and movements that are working to reclaim our public space and common heritage from transnational biotech corporate interests. Please join Reclaim The Commons in Chicago -- check out the schedule of events here!

see also: BioETHICS 2006, AlterCampagne, biodev and BioTech IMC

Green Scare: Update eco-arrestanten VS

Oost-Vlaanderen, 20.03.2006 20:08

Green Scare: Update eco-arrestanten VS

241 Mile Peace March in LA

LA, 20.03.2006 19:39

241 Mile Peace March in LA

Antifa a Milano: The Day After

Switzerland, 20.03.2006 18:07

Sono in tutto 34 le persone di cui è stato confermato l'arresto con misura di custodia cautelare in carcere relativamente ai fatti di sabato 11 Marzo a Milano.
L'imputazione è di concorso in devastazione, incendio e resistenza a pubblico ufficiale sostanzialmente per tutti gli arrestati, senza tenere conto delle posizioni specifiche che invece a quanto dicono gli avvocati stanno emergendo durante gli interrogatori.
Le difese preparano le richieste di scarcerazione da presentare al tribunale del riesame.
Intanto è iniziata mercoledì 15 da parte della procura la visione di tutti i video disponibili e il tentativo dichiarato è di incriminare anche altre persone.

:: Estratti dall'ordinanza
:: Cronologia di Sabato 11-3
:: Come contattare le persone in carcere
Resoconti del presidio di sabato 18

Toward a More Equitable Housing Policy

Philadelphia, 20.03.2006 17:39

The former Director of Housing in Philly is proposing a revision of the city's taxes to help fund affordable housing. But is amending a tax loophole for high end developers the solution?

Irak: Guerra Imperialista

Puerto Rico, 20.03.2006 16:40

3ra Jornada contra la Guerra Imperialista

Commercial interests win in the MOP3

Brasil, 20.03.2006 16:39


TiensTiens 5 is uit!

Oost-Vlaanderen, 20.03.2006 16:38

TiensTiens 5 is uit!

Radio subVERSIONES #0

Puerto Rico, 20.03.2006 16:11

Radio subVERSIONES #0: Audio documental sobre la policiaca brutalidad

Ontruimingsdag Amsterdam 21 maart

Netherlands, 20.03.2006 15:40

Dinsdag 21 maart staat er een hele stapel panden op de rol om ontruimd te worden in Amsterdam. Uiteraard wordt er rechtstreeks verslag van gedaan door verschillende onafhankelijke mediagroepen.

Voor het doorgeven aan nieuws aan Indymedia kun je bellen met de dispatch telefoon: 06-44238148

Radio Patapoe zal de hele dag in de ether te beluisteren zijn op 88.3 FM, of op de webstream
Je kan ook direct bellen naar de studio om verslag te doen van wat er op straat gebeurt: 020-4122969
Neem je radio mee op straat!

De lijst met de panden die op de nominatie staan ontruimd te worden:

Nieuwedijk 89
Spuistraat 328
Amstel 4
Vijzelstraat 5
Bilderdijkstraat 82/I
v. Ostadestraat 137
v. Beuningenplein 180
Balistraat 39 hs
Recht Boomsloot 4 en 6
Sint Antonibreestraat 64


akties v. Ostadestraat|

Deaf/Blind Sit-In

Cleveland, 20.03.2006 15:38

Deaf & Deaf-Blind Protesters Stage Sit-In At Westlake Doctor's Office

March 20 Urbana City Council Resolution and Vigil

Urbana-Champaign, 20.03.2006 15:12

March 20, 2006 6:30-7:00 PM *Vigil outside: Urbana City Hall 400 S. Vine Street Urbana, Illinois

&quot;By Creating A Violent Situation, The French Government May Intend To Split The Anti-CPE Movement&quot;

Ireland, 20.03.2006 15:11

A Personal Account of French anti-CPE march and ri ...


Uruguay, 20.03.2006 15:11

"Tus restos acusan..."

Boston March 18 anti-war protest-photos

Boston, 20.03.2006 15:10

Here are a few photos of the Boston anti-war protest 3-18-06. About 2,500 protesters marched from Roxbury to downtown Boston .

Orange County Anti-war Demo

LA, 20.03.2006 15:10

Orange County Anti-war Demo

Green Scare: New Superceding and Added Indictments

Portland, 20.03.2006 14:39

On March 15th, Joyanna Zacher and Nathan Block were re-indicted under the same case number as the original Eco-11. In addition, Chelsea Gerlach has been indicted on new charges stemming from the University of Washington arson. Below is a text version of the entire new superseding indictment. The pdf version can be found on the at CLDC website

We have compared the 1/20 indictment with the superseding indictment. We listed the changes below. As you will note, most of the changes just add Block and Zacher for Romania II and Jefferson Poplar. However, Gerlach's name is added in section III of Counts 1 and 2 for the University of Washington arson.

Support Daniel McGowan [March update]

Portland, 20.03.2006 14:39

Update: Daniel is from New York, and has been an active member of the community, working on diverse projects such as demonstrations against the Republican National Convention, Really Really Free Markets, and supporting political prisoners such as Jeff "Free" Luers and others. Daniel was a graduate student earning a Master's degree in acupuncture and was working at, a nonprofit group that helps women in domestic abuse situations navigate the legal system, which is where he was arrested by federal marshals on December 7, 2005.

Daniel had originally been indicted separately, but his arrest comes in the context of a well-coordinated, multi-state sweep of numerous activists by the federal government, who has charged the individuals with practically every earth and animal liberation case left unsolved in the Northwest. Many of the charges, including Daniel's, are for cases whose statute of limitations were about to expire.

Daniel has been out on bail since February 8th and is on house arrest. He is in New York City, eagerly working on his legal defense, employed part-time at and spending time with family and friends. In order to help Daniel, his family and friends have created a support network (Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan) to assist in raising funds for Daniel's legal representation which is expected to be hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are asking his friends and supporters to donate what they can to help Daniel's family with the legal bills.

Portland Public Schools poised to approve Charter School with Apparent Links to Anti-gay Bigots.

Portland, 20.03.2006 14:39

your tax dollars to support a school for bigotry?

An alternative high school sponsored by a Portland church that was one of the primary backers of Ballot Measure 36 has received the approval of the Portland Public School Board to in the fall of 2006 with the support of public funds.

The so-called "Academy of Character and Ethics," or ACE, proposed by Mt. Olivet Baptist Church will open at Jefferson High School in North Portland in 2006 with about 50 students and grow to 200 students, according to the Oregonian .

Mt. Olivet was a major contributor to the Yes on 36 campaign, donating $15,000 to the 2004 measure that banned same-sex marriage.

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