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Actualização sobre a situação de Ruben e Ignasi

Portugal, 25.03.2006 21:10

Actualização sobre a situação de Ruben e Ignasi

Activistas do Indymedia da Bielorússia pedem solidariedade

Portugal, 25.03.2006 21:10

Activistas do Indymedia da Bielorússia pedem solidariedade


Portland, 25.03.2006 20:39

I've lived through seven decades and can remember the late 1930s before WW II began. In fact, I began my formal education in kindergarten within days of when Hitler sent his Wehrmacht across the Polish border in an act of illegal aggression and began that near six year horror. I was too young to understand it then, and I can barely remember that fateful "first Pearl Harbor" on December 7, 1941. Franklin Roosevelt wanted in on that fight and did all he could to goad the Japanese to attack us. He knew with enough prodding they would, and when it came, we knew about when and where it would happen. We were ready to mobilize and join the battle, we did it, and nothing's been the same since.

FDR at least took the country to war as the Constitution says we must. On December 11,1941 he asked the Congress to make that declaration against Japan and also Nazi Germany in response to Hitler's declaring it against us. It was the last time a US Congress would ever use the constitutional authority it alone is allowed in Article I, Section 8 of that sacred document.

Fransa: Anti-CPE eylemleri

Istanbul, 25.03.2006 20:11

Fransa: 1 milyondan fazla öğrenci CPE'ye karşı mücadelede birleşti

Breaking News

Houston, 25.03.2006 18:40

Breaking News

Beyaz Rusya Indymedia'dan dayanışma çağrısı

Istanbul, 25.03.2006 18:10

Beyaz Rusya Indymedia'dan dayanışma çağrısı

Mother's Day: A Call to Peace! ...from CODE PINK women for peace

Miami, 25.03.2006 18:08

Mother's Day: A Call to Peace! ...from CODE PINK women for peace

Setting precedents in the Mississippi Historic District

Portland, 25.03.2006 17:39

I lost count on how many times I heard the developers of the Mississippi Lofts, while responding to objections and concerns voiced by Boise residents say that this development was precedent setting and that if it didn't go well - other developers would just "fly under the radar". It always sounded like a threat to me. No wonder since they also said, in response to criticism regarding the proposed height of 45 feet, "we could go 60 feet!" This is just a taste of the threats, lies, and whines we endured. Their constant reminders that they were so nice to come to Boise Neighborhood meetings on their own volition and how hurt they were by how they were treated, was the most tiresome for me. This hurt, they said, would keep them from responding, to the Boise Neighborhood Association after we voted in December 2005 to not give them a letter of support.

Several Boise residents recently sent letters to the city planner outlining their concerns and objections. I wrote a letter and a petition (a condensed version of my letter). The petition was signed by 40 residents, most of whom own property within 200 feet of the Mississippi Loft site. In spite of the rumors, running up and down Mississippi, that those of us with objections to the Lofts are just a bunch of anti-development, incompetent weirdo's we are happy to report that while some of us are certainly weird, we are neither incompetent nor anti-development and we submit:

read the full letter...related links: Boise Neighborhood Association Monthly Meeting receives huge turnout | Boise Neighborhood Association Monthly Community Meeting | Boise Neighbors Discuss Mississippi Lofts Project | Boise Neighbors Come Out to Discuss their Community | Boise Voice (neighborhood website)

pobles (ca)

Barcelona, 25.03.2006 17:09

Presó per ultratge a la bandera??? a quin segle vivim???

Manifestació: dissabte 25-19:00h davant de l'ajuntamient de Terrasa

Manifest + convocatòries pel aturar l'ingrés a presó de'n Franki

Acció a Mataró. Aturem l'empresonament de'n Franki!! ::: Concentració cada divendres pels presos polítics catalans. LLIBERTAT FRANKI DE TERRASSA! ::: CAJEI: Contra la seva repressió, la nostra solidaritat: Franki Llibertat! ::: Comunicat de suport i resistència d'acció autònoma en solidaritat amb en franki

Notícies anteriors:Han citat al franki per la setmana que ve i li donaran un plaç per ingressar a presó ::: Aturem l'empresonament d'en franki ::: Denegat indult a en franki de Terrassa. Possible ingrés a presó d'immediat.>/p>

+info : >>>pobles

pueblos (es)

Barcelona, 25.03.2006 17:09

Prisión por ultraje a la bandera??? en qué siglo vivimos???

Manifestación: sábado 25-19:00h frente al ayuntamiento de Terrasa

Manifiesto y convocatorias para detener el ingreso en presión de Franki

Acción en Mataró. Detengámos el encarcelamiento de Franki!! ::: Concentración cada viernes por los presos políticos catalanes. LLIBERTAD FRANKI DE TERRASSA! ::: CAJEI: Contra su repressión, nuestra solidaridaa: Franki Libertad! ::: Comunicado de apoyo y resistencia de acció autònoma en solidaridad con Franki

Noticias anteriores: Han citado a Franki para la semana que viene y le darán un plazo para ingresar en prisión ::: Paremos el encarcelamiento de Franki ::: Denegado el indulto a Franki. Posible ingreso en presión de immediato.

+info : >>>pueblos

Los estudiantes y precarios franceses en lucha contra un nuevo contrato basura. CPE

estrecho / madiaq, 25.03.2006 17:08

#media_5495;left# Desde la semana pasada, miles de jóvenes de institutos y universidades llevan protagonizando acciones, ocupaciones y movilizaciones para rechazar la nueva propuesta de ley del Gobierno. Una reforma laboral que propone un nuevo contrato para menores de 26 años que permitiría en los 2 primeros años de contratación despedir a los jóvenes trabajadores sin ningún motivo justificado. Un clarísimo ataque a los sectores jóvenes de la fuerza de trabajo, ya en sí precarizados que la juventud francesa no esta permitiendo. Los sindicatos también se ha sumando a la protesta. En los últimos días cientos de iniciativas por todo el país, se suman a movilizaciones masivas de estudiantes, a la ocupación de la soborna y acciones contra la precarización de la cultura y la formación. Los periódicos hablan de un nuevo 68, pero sería más apropiado de hablar de una insurgencia precaria y estudiantil. Desde Italia han partido autobuses y trenes para apoyar las protestas que están dando en los últimos días. En los últimos días tras la increíble movilización que toma París, los disturbios y la potencia de la protesta de los precarios, está tratando de dar marcha atrás suavizando el contrato CPE. Aún así las movilizaciones siguen creciendo y diversificándose con una gran riqueza. No sabemos donde llegará esto. El próximo martes hay convocada una huelga a nivel nacional para seguir arriconando al gobierno. Se espera un respuesta masiva. Últimas noticas El manifestante golpeado por la policía en Francia sigue en coma... Fracasa diálogo con sindicatos y estudiantes El falso argumento del gobierno francés: crear empleo en lo... Los estudiantes boicotean una reunión con Villepin en la qu... Graves disturbios al término de una protesta estudiantil en...

UFES discute cotas para negros, indígenas e estudantes de escolas públicas

Brasil, 25.03.2006 16:39


Joseph Wilson spoke in Olympia

Portland, 25.03.2006 14:09

Joseph Wilson spoke about his personal story, the administration and the Iraq War at South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia last night. Wilson was a career Foreign Service Officer, chargé d'affaires in Baghdad, Iraq during the Gulf War, and Ambassador to Gabon. He helped get Americans out of Baghdad just before the Gulf war started and President George Sr. acknowledged Wilson as "an American hero." In a strange twist of events, his government turned on him in 2003.

Wilson is not an anti-war guy philosophically but believes the U.S. should only risk the lives of our troops when it is necessary to defend our country. However, he said, this was not the case in Iraq. He believed the President's statement in the 2003 State of the Union speech--"The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa"-- was false. That key sentence, however, was used to justify the war in Iraq.

In Solidarity From Los Angeles

Portland, 25.03.2006 14:09

Just a few words to let you you that we here in Los Angeles want to send a shout out to all of you up there in Portland for your beautiful action, street theater and also to support those arrested in Monday's events.

We here in L.A. can only marvel at what you accomplished and you should all be proud of you efforts which produced what we are being told is the largest march nation wide. "Mad Props" to ya!

Having been part of a small affinity group here in L.A. in which 8 of us were arrested, it was a moving and deeply profound experiance which i am certain your arrestees also felt. We were held from approx. 2:00 until alsmost 9:00 that evening with one woman held until 10:p.m.


related articles: [ War Protest Portland OR 03-19-06 | Sunshine at Last? | Citizens Demand Smith, Wyden, DeFazio Vote Against War Funding - 18 Arrested | Global Nonviolent Resistance Marks Third Anniversary ]

m19 2006 coverage

From the Newswire

Perth, 25.03.2006 13:10

West Papuan Asylum Seekers get Temporary Protection Visas

laboral (es)

Barcelona, 25.03.2006 12:09

precariopolis Directiva Bolkestein, la lucha continúa

La “Directiva para la Liberalización de los Servicios en el Mercado Interior de la UE”, más conocida por el nombre del excomisario holandés que la promovió, Fritz Bolkestein, se encuentra en estos momentos substancialmente modificada tras su aprovación por el Parlamento Europeo. No hay ninguna duda de que las mobilizaciones en su contra han sido el elemento clave para forzar los cambios que ha sufrido respecto a la propuesta inicial.

Pero no podemos bajar la guardia, por que el proceso de discussión de esta Directiva no ha acabado. El siguiente paso es la Comissió Europea, donde será revisada antes de llegar al Consejo de Ministros de los estados de la UE, donde pueden aceptar o rechazar las modificaciones producidas en el trámite del Parlamento que tuvo lugar el 16 de febrero del año pasado.

A pesar de esto, la música de fondo era y sigue siendo la apuesta decidida por la liberalización de los servicios y una desregulación indirecta de las condiciones de acceso y ejercicio de las actividades económicas.

sábado[25mar] 17h Pça Universitat:manifestación por la readmisión de l*s 660 despedid*s de SEAT

Noticias relacionadas: huelga de las personas trabajadoras de mercadona ::: La CNT contra la directiva Bolkestein ::: Mobilización contra la Directiva Bolkestein el 14 de febrero ::: Concentración sábado 11-feb: Paremos La Bolkestein ::: Agora - Paremos la Bolkestein ::: Sábado 17, Revolta Global -> Jornades 2005 : "Washington, Brusel·les, la Moncloa..ROMPAMOS EL CONSENSO!" ::: Campaña contra la Directiva Bolkstein: alianza antiobrera ::: Attac apoya la Campanya contra la Directiva ::: Attac contra la aprovación de la directiva Bolkestein

Más info: >>Laboral + >>

laboral (ca)

Barcelona, 25.03.2006 11:09

precariopolis Directiva Bolkestein, la lluita continua

La “Directiva per a la Liberalització dels Serveis en el Mercat Interior de la UE”, més coneguda pel nom de l’excomissari holandès que la va promoure, Fritz Bolkestein, es troba en aquests moments substancialment modificada després de la seva aprovació pel Parlament Europeu. No hi ha cap dubte que les mobilitzacions en contra han estat l’element clau per forçar els canvis que ha sofert respecte a la proposta inicial.

Però no podem baixar la guàrdia, ja que el procés de discussió d’aquesta Directiva no ha acabat. El següent pas és a la Comissió Europea, on serà revisada abans d’arribar al Consell de Ministres del estats de la UE, on es poden acceptar o rebutjar les modificacions produïdes en el tràmit del Parlament que tingué lloc el passat 16 de febrer.

Malgrat tot, la música de fons era i segueix sent l’aposta decidida per la liberalització dels serveis i una desregulació indirecta de les condicions d’accés i exercici de les activitats econòmiques.

dissabte[25mar] 17h Pça Universitat:manifestació per la readmissió dels 660 acomiadats per SEAT

Notícies relacionades: vada de les persones treballadores de mercadona ::: CNT contra la directiva Bolkestein ::: Mobilització contra la Directiva Bolkestein el 14 de febrer ::: Concentració dissabte 11-feb: Aturem La Bolkestein ::: Agora - Aturem la Bolkestein ::: Dissabte 17, Revolta Global -> Jornades 2005 : "Washington, Brusel·les, la Moncloa..TRENQUEM EL CONSENS!" ::: Campanya contra la Directiva Bolkstein: aliança antiobrera ::: Attac recolza la Campanya contra la Directiva ::: Attac contra l’aprovació de la directiva Bolkestein

Més info: >>Laboral + >>

Gaztetxeak Martxan. Okupazioa Ez Da Delitua

Euskal Herria, 25.03.2006 09:08

La Gran Marcha 2006, Momentum Builds

San Diego, 25.03.2006 07:39

f you've been reading LA Indymedia or listening to KPFK, you've heard about the March for Immigrants' Rights that will be taking place tomorrow, starting on Olympic and Broadway. But if you're limited to English, you probably haven't heard the non-stop promotion by virtually every popular local and nationally-syndicated Spanish-language DJ in Los Angeles. Low-ball estimates from media insiders are that 200,000 people will turn up. March organizers are scrambling to accommodate three times that many and busloads of people from across the state, from Reno and Las Vegas, from Phoenix, from Texas, from New Mexico, from Denver, from Tennessee, and from Chicago. As I write this, high school students in East Los Angeles have walked out and reportedly are pummeling the police with fruit against proposed immigration "reform." Corporate media reports estimate the size of today's student walkouts in LA at over 3000 students. Tomorrow promises to be the biggest march in Los Angeles history.
The organizers have announced that they are expecting that as many as 500,000 people might attend the protest in L.A.

Editorial From the Newswire Brown Skin / Yellow Star: Why You Must Join the March 25th Demo by Juan Santos

If you've been reading LA Indymedia or listening to KPFK, you've heard about the March for Immigrants' Rights that will be taking place tomorrow, starting on Olympic and Broadway. But if you're limited to English, you probably haven't heard the non-stop promotion by virtually every popular local and nationally-syndicated Spanish-language DJ in Los Angeles. Low-ball estimates from media insiders are that 200,000 people will turn up. March organizers are scrambling to accommodate three times that many and busloads of people from across the state, from Reno and Las Vegas, from Phoenix, from Texas, from New Mexico, from Denver, from Tennessee, and from Chicago.
... Full report:

Speak Now, or Never: Stopping Sensenbrenner
by Leslie Radford

Gran Marcha 2006 by Jesse Díaz
| |

Hunger Strike to Stop Anti-Migrant Legislation
by C. Cruz
| |
Call for Reporters on Saturday
by Anonymous
| |

Update on Pro Migrant Hunger Strike by cesar a. cruz
| | 3/25: Los Angeles March for Immigrant Rights! by Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network
| | March 25-28 Nationwide Weekend of Actions to Support Immigrant Solidarity! by Lee Siu hin - National Immigrant Solidarity Network

Chicago: Feature Story, Washington DC: Feature Story

Emerge Miami Presents: Women and Mythology - March 25th Saturday 6 PM

Miami, 25.03.2006 04:07

Emerge Miami Presents: Women and Mythology - March 25th Saturday 6 PM

MPL São Paulo exige audiências públicas sobre corte de linhas

Brasil, 25.03.2006 02:39


Media makin' workshops!!

Urbana-Champaign, 25.03.2006 02:11

Come learn photoshop basics and digital photo takin' w/an activist spin. On Sunday afternoon, March 26 the UCIMC will host JJ Tiziou, a Philly photographer, on his fieldtrip tour of the USA. JJ photographed the WRFU barnraising last November. You can see many of these photos and an awesome slideshow here:

Dear STAND; UM Janitors still on strike - Liza

Miami, 24.03.2006 23:38

Dear STAND; UM Janitors still on strike - Liza

An Open Letter to the People of Nashville

Tennessee, 24.03.2006 22:10

A big thanks from Tennessee ADAPT to the people of Nashville for your patience with the inconvenience some of you may have experienced during our activities this week. We know that many of you realize that the inconvenience was worth it, because you've told us that a few minutes lost in getting home from work one-day pales in comparison when measured against the 6700 lost lives of Tennessee folks who are trapped in nursing homes and want to get out.


Colombia, 24.03.2006 19:39

30 años de la dictadura

John Lee Johnson, RIP but Remembered

Urbana-Champaign, 24.03.2006 19:10

Long-time local African-American activist John Lee Johnson has passed away. He will be missed by a community who he greatly influenced. He was said to either irritate you or agitate you -- or sometimes both at the same time. But there is no question that without his efforts our community would care less about many things he worked to bring attention and action to address. Memories of John Lee are welcome here.


Argentina, 24.03.2006 18:39

Contra el terror estatal

Делайте новости сами!

Belarus, 24.03.2006 18:37

Indymedia Needs You

United Kingdom, 24.03.2006 17:39

The global indymedia network is the work of thousands of people at many different levels, from the people who read the articles and speak to other people about what they read, the reporters who post their stories, photos or video etc, to the admins who check for breeches of open posting guidelines and the techies who maintain the servers and develop the software.

Indymedia always needs more volunteers and at the moment the IMC UK network in-particular is seeking more tech help so that it can be more active in the development of the content management program used by many IMC sites. It is really important to increase the developer pool since many proposals made for improving the site are stalling at the tech bottleneck.

If you think you could help please get in touch with your local collective or email imc-uk-tech. You could also mention this to anyone else you think might be able to help.

If you'd like to develop your own tech skills, you might be interested in the various Hacklab projects around the country which host regular training and workshops. The rampART lab for example provides a useful venue for anyone wanting to become more involved in indymedia.

On Saturday 25th the London Hacklabs Collective is putting on a benefit event to help cover the cost of the broadband both at the rampART and Freedom Book Shop. You can find more details about the event from the rampART or the Hacklabs website. The event will be a workshop about IMC tech and various IMC projects.

Related Articles : IMC Needs You, Bad time for indymedia servers, rampART hacklab report, evolution and changes to IMC UK.

Outside Links : London Hacklabs Collective, Aktivix, Sheffield Hacklab, International Hacklabs.

Rally for Immigrant Rights in Trenton

Philadelphia, 24.03.2006 17:38

On Monday thousands of immigrants and concerned citizens rallied to the cry "Si Se Puede" in protest to the bill HR 4437 which has set off a state of alarm among supporters of civil and immigrant rights across the country. HR 4437 threatens to turn undocumented workers into aggravated felons. It would also criminalize support of an undocumented worker including such simple activities as offering a ride or counseling.

To See the Video Go Here

On Monday there will be rally in Love Park in support of immigrant rights.

A 30 años del golpe

Argentina, 24.03.2006 15:39

Radios Online a 30 años del golpe

Legislature defeats anti-choice bills

New Hampshire, 24.03.2006 15:10

The NH Legislature defeated several bills in the legislature that would limit a women's right to choose. Below is a summary of the bills and votes from Planned Parenthood.

İstanbul Üniversitesi'ne Polis Saldırdı

Istanbul, 24.03.2006 15:10

İstanbul Üniversitesi'ne bu kez resmi saldırı, çok sayıda öğrenci yaralı

Tell Congress: Raise the Minimum Wage!

Portland, 24.03.2006 13:40

In the past nine years, workers making the minimum wage haven't gotten a single raise. Not one. And while the wage of $5.15 an hour has stayed the same, its value has dropped precipitously, putting workers further and further behind.

It's long past time for Congress to help the millions of workers earning the minimum wage or close to it. Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) has introduced the Fair Minimum Wage Act.

Since 1997, Congress has voted eight pay raises for itself, but not one dime for workers making the minimum wage. The annual salary for members of Congress has gone up by $31,600 in that time, while a minimum wage employee working full-time earns just $10,700 a year. It's time for Congress to stop working for itself and start working for America's families.

France, from the inside.

Portland, 24.03.2006 13:40

i've been living in a small city in france called Poitiers for the last year, and as everyone probably knows, france is doing a whole bunch of striking (greve en français). they are bothered about a new law that, as i understand it, says this: the government will start a program (called the CPE) to lessen unemployment by giving money to companies who hire young people under twenty five. after two years of government aid though, their aid gets cut. sounds good to me! the problem (according to the students) is that at the end of two years, many bosses are going to fire their youth worker and rehire another youngster, so that they can continue to recieve government aid. ok, it seems like this could be a problem. but for an american, this is hard for me to get my head around.

in the US, workers have little to no protection against random firing and "layoffs". basically, you can be fired at any given time, for any reason, unless you are the rare type that has a union job. it doesn't work that way in france. you have to mess up pretty well to get fired. the worker/boss relationship is a little more balanced. workers have a little power, as opposed to our system in which the boss has all the power. in my opinion, i would be happy for the US if we could have something like the CPE. hell, at least we'd have a guaranteed job for two years. but for the french, this is not good enough. the workers want more. and really, can you blame them?

Окрестина 24.03.2006 (хроника, обновляется)

Belarus, 24.03.2006 13:38

Belarussian Anarchists Call for Solidarity!

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 24.03.2006 10:09

In Minsk, Belarus, a tent camp was set up in the central October Square to protest against election fraud. Last night, this camp was brutally evicted with about 500 arrests. One of the evicted tents was the indymedia tent. Belarussian Anarchists are asking for solidarity.


Colombia, 24.03.2006 09:39

¿Reelección con invasión?


Minneapolis/St. Paul, 24.03.2006 09:08

The Grassroots Media Fair begins tomorrow with Tim Russo, guest speaker from Indymedia-Chiapas. Check out the updated schedule below, or visit for more info.

Срочно! Помогать арестованным !

Belarus, 24.03.2006 08:37

“Is This Really Terrorism?”-NLG/NWCRC forum on political dissent and the law

Portland, 24.03.2006 06:38

[The real terrorists have blood on their hands.] "Is This Really Terrorism?", a National Lawyers Guild/Northwest Constitutional Rights Center panel on the "terrorization" of criminal and free speech acts was held Thursday night at the First Unitarian Church downtown... Steven Wax, Oregon federal public defender, spoke on how the US government considers crimes perceived to undermine social order as the most serious type. He said this is true for all forms of government and that the difference between patriots and terrorists is in who writes the history.

Ashlee Albie, an NLG/NCRC attorney who is challenging illegal wiretapping in Oregon, described how FISA (Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act) with its checks and balances across the three branches of government has been subverted by the Bush administration. She said that the Department of Justice's white paper justifies this by insisting that Bush was granted the power through the congressional authorization of military force, because of his inherent power as commander-in chief and because wiretapping is reasonable under the fourth amendment. Legislation such as the DeWine amendment currently being debated in Congress doesn't appear to solve the problem and will actually make the situation worse with heavy fines for any leaks.

Stu Sugarman, an NLG lawyer who has defended local activists, explained how the government is using the label of terrorism to raise the penalties on some crimes formerly not considered political and to criminalize actions once regarded as free speech. This has come about, he said, primarily because of the leverage of corporate political contributions in legislatures and the perceived threat to capitalism.

The next forum in this three-part series "Crimes against the Environment vs Crimes for the Environment" will be held again at the First Unitarian Church downtown on April 5 at 7pm. [ Northwest Constitutional Rights Center | National Lawyers Guild ]

Trabalhadoras rurais sofrem repressão

Brasil, 24.03.2006 06:09


An Open Letter to the Anti-War Movement

Portland, 24.03.2006 05:39

It was heartening to see upwards of 20,000 students, union members, church people and others march through my city of Portland, Oregon this past Saturday. Anti-war activists did an amazing job organizing Portland's largest anti-war protest since the 2003 invasion. I am certainly not writing this letter to condemn large, permitted rallies. I believe that they could be an important part of a broader, campaign-based and tactically diverse anti-war movement.

Everyone on Sunday felt good being around so many other people who seemed to share the same basic rationality of opposing the war. Big permitted demonstrations provide an important space for a variety of people to see the size of their movement while at the same time demonstrate that size to the non-protesting public at large. It also provides a space for more mainstream people who oppose the war, but might not be ready for arrests, to participate in the movement. Maybe the experience will even move some people from being mere marchers to being committed activists and organizers.

But I must say that these marches mean next to nothing if they are not part of a broader and more confrontational (not violent) strategy centered on direct action. What I mean by direct action is any action taken that in and of itself accomplishes the change you want to see.

A 30 años del golpe

Argentina, 24.03.2006 04:39

Movilización unitaria y actividades

Ato defende ocupação da Syngenta e Paraná aprova lei de rotulagem

Brasil, 24.03.2006 04:39

COP 8 / MOP 3

On the Set of Walkout (a new film debuting on cable TV)

LA, 24.03.2006 04:39

On the Set of Walkout (a new film debuting on cable TV)

Grim Reaper stalks NZ embassy in London to protest Govt stand on terminator

Aotearoa, 24.03.2006 04:10

The Grim Reaper appeared in front of the New Zealand Embassy in London this morning, with a banner protesting the NZ Government's refusal to oppose Terminator technology. The protestors held a banner in front of the embassy reading "NZ: ban GE Terminator seeds now" and distributed hundreds of leaflets to passers-by in the London rush hour. The protestors are part of a world wide network of concerned citizens who care about the 1.4 billion people across the world who depend on farm-saved seed for survival. Terminator, sterile seed technology, would put an end to this practice and make farmers buy their seed every year from seed companies. Global Indymedia Feature: Biosafety: To label or not to label....

Small business interests attack Costa Mesa Mayor

LA, 24.03.2006 04:09

Small business interests attack Costa Mesa Mayor

Iraq: Untold Stories--Public forum Mar. 27

Richmond, 24.03.2006 03:08

Iraq: Untold Stories Scheduled for Monday, March 27, Siegel Center, VCU, 7 p.m.

Dexter Lee Vison, the 95th Victim

Richmond, 24.03.2006 03:08

Virginia Prepares to Execute Dexter Lee Vinson

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