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Prisoners for struggle

Argentina, 18.08.2004 22:55

August, Wednesday 18, 2004
Prisoners for struggle

70 gather for tour of War Profiteers in Midtown Manhattan

NYC, 18.08.2004 22:28

Fayetteville City Council Passes TIF Plan

Arkansas, 18.08.2004 21:54

In spite of assurances from some aldermen and city personnel that the plan would probably never be adopted, and despite public concern about expanded powers of eminent domain, the Fayetteville City Council passed, on Tuesday evening, the Tax Incremental Financing plan proposed by developers Mock and Alexander for the renovation of then old Mountain Inn Hotel.

Priorities, spending, and poverty: NH's share of the war budget

New Hampshire, 18.08.2004 21:46

People talk about the costs of our war on Iraq and the cost of our country's military. But hundreds of billions of dollars doesn't mean much to most people. What if those costs were translated into something like new firetrucks or additional school teachers? And how much of that money is solely New Hampshire's share?


Uruguay, 18.08.2004 20:07

Titulo titulerero releo leio

Lucca: pestaggi fascisti

Italy, 18.08.2004 20:06

Violenza a Lucca

Askatasun = Freedom! Basque activists in Dublin tell their stories...

Ireland, 18.08.2004 19:24

Downloadable audio MP3 report - 64kbps 22Mb duration 37:36 Downloadable audio MP3 report - 64kbps 22Mb duration 37:36 Four Basque activists visited Dublin last night for an evening of information & discussion in the Teachers Club, Parnell Square, on the current political climate in the Basque Country; while back in Euskal Herria, the police went about dismantling a Basque autonomous centre, with housing activists and squatters doing their best to defend the building from demolition... Download the MP3 audio report from The Basque Country is a region that ovelaps the north east corner of the Spanish and south west corner of the French states. It is comprised of seven counties. The Basque language is one of the oldest in Europe; not related to any of the major Indo-European language groups, its origins are unknown. The Basque people have been involved in political struggles for many generations, most notably during the Franco years, when the fascist regime in Spain put the population under considerable strain, suppressing their culture and autonomy. Hiart Gilde San Vicente is the first speaker in the audio report from the banned political party Batasuna. She is the party's representative in their London office. Batasuna was outlawed through newly enacted legislation by the Spanish Government for alleged links with ETA, and was not permitted to campaign in elections. Hiart talks about the last few years for Batasuna, recent developments, and elections where Batasuna called for the public to spoil their vote as a show of support. She also deals with aspects of the political fallout from the March 11th bombing in Madrid, and how moderate Basque nationalists were first to blame ETA for political gain. Eyoitz Lizundia is the second speaker in the audio report, from the Basque prisoner support network Askatasuna. The Spanish state actively places Basque prisoners in jails hundreds of miles from their families and homes. This causes undue amount of economic and mental hardship on the prisoners families, who have to make long journeys to visit them. Basque prisoners are also denied any rights of association within the prison system in Spain and France, being placed in isolation or housed in different prison wings. Loren Mendigabal is the third speaker in the audio report. She served time in a French prison and spoke of how there is a campaign of both psychological and physical torture within the prison system against Basque political prisoners. Askatasuna is calling for a repatriation of all Basque political prisoners to the Basque country. They are also working to involve the prisoners as much as possible in the peace process. During the Q+A session, Hiart told the 30 people in attendance of the current situation with an autonomous centre/squat under attack by Spanish police. The police turned up in force with riot shields to accompany the bulldozers. You can read more about this here Stop torture of Basque Prisoners Gara.Net English Version Photos from the eviction: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Uruguay, 18.08.2004 19:05

CX44: 'La radio de la gente'


Uruguay, 18.08.2004 18:18

Ola de asesinatos de dirigentes populares


Uruguay, 18.08.2004 18:15

A sólo unas horas del referendo en Venezuela


Uruguay, 18.08.2004 17:49

Sorpresiva agresión a estudiantes

EUA reconhecem Hugo Chávez como presidente da Venezuela

Portugal, 18.08.2004 16:04

EUA reconhecem Hugo Chávez como presidente da Venezuela

EUA reconhecem Hugo Chávez como presidente da Venezuela

Portugal, 18.08.2004 16:04

EUA reconhecem Hugo Chávez como presidente da Venezuela


belgrade, 18.08.2004 15:21


Crown of Thorns for the People of Portland

Portland, 18.08.2004 15:01

Nader Files for President in NY while Anti-Bush Forces Argue over the Bad or Terrible?

Hudson Mohawk, 18.08.2004 14:56

Ralph Nader filed more than 27,000 signatures yesterday to qualify for the ballot for President in New York State. Meanwhile, the debate continues among liberals and progressives about the wisdom of attacking Nader for opposing Kerry and Bush; whether Bush is a fascist; and, how best to defeat not only Bush but Bushism. There is increasing criticism of the support among liberals for the Democratic Party's effort to block Nader from the ballot. Yet some former Nader supporters still urge him not to run.

Why Hugo Chavez Won a Landslide Victory

Hudson Mohawk, 18.08.2004 14:46

Sunday’s overwhelming victory for Chavez has given him an even stronger mandate for his “revolution for the poor.” It should also give George Bush and John Kerry reason to rethink their attitude towards Hugo Chavez. Rather than demonizing him as a new Fidel Castro and stoking the opposition, US leaders should embrace Venezuela’s social transformation and the way it is empowering people like Olivia Delfino.

Nonviolent Direct Action Trainings for RNC! - Aug. 22nd and 26th

Madison, 18.08.2004 14:08

If you're planning to go to New York City for the Republican National Convention, then come find out what's afoot before you pack your bag!


Puerto Rico, 18.08.2004 13:13

VENEZUELA: Oct-12: Día de Acción Global en apoyo a Movimientos Autónomos de la Revolución Bolivariana y las Luchas Pachamericanas


Puerto Rico, 18.08.2004 13:04

VENEZUELA: Oct-12: Día de Acción Global en apoyo a Movimientos Autónomos de la Revolución Bolivariana y las Luchas Pachamericanas

Baby Blue Buttons and Code Pink

NYC, 18.08.2004 12:43

Just as Mayor Mike Bloomberg was offering “well behaved protesters” baby-blue buttons, off-Broadway discounts, and tickets to the Museum of Sex, four activists with Code Pink were arrested hanging a banner that read. “You Say Welcome, We Say Where? Let Us Protest 8/29 in Central Park."”

According to Newsday, Bloomberg and tourism officials yesterday offered a unique package of discounts to the best-behaved demonstrators. In exchange, they must promise to obey city laws and regulations and pick up their blue pledge pin, Bloomberg said during a news conference at NYC & Co., the city's tourism bureau.

“If there's anything that says this city is open and accommodative, I suspect this program is," Bloomberg told a packed and incredulous news conference. “I don't know how many anarchists will want to wear this button ... But they still would get the discounts as long as they have the button.”

As the Mayor was speaking, protesters from the city Firefighter’s Union were stuck behind interlocking metal barricades, according to the AP.

Indigenous Sovereignty

Sydney, 18.08.2004 12:15

The Silent Victory For Aboriginal Sovereignty

Colômbia: assassinatos extra-judiciais

Portugal, 18.08.2004 11:55

Colômbia: assassinatos extra-judiciais

Colômbia: assassinatos extra-judiciais

Portugal, 18.08.2004 11:55

Colômbia: assassinatos extra-judiciais

Forest Activist locks down to stump in front of Umpqua Bank downtown during mid-morning protest

Portland, 18.08.2004 11:10

Forest Activists annouce 2nd day of action - call for support

Portland, 18.08.2004 08:44

Skin Deep Study About Personal Care Products

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.08.2004 07:18

Skin Deep- Study Exposes Dangerous Chemicals in Personal Care Products

The Ongoing Trials of Tom the Nurse

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.08.2004 06:49

The Ongoing Trials of Tom the Nurse


San Francisco Bay Area, 18.08.2004 05:20

Historic Trial to Take Place in Fresno


Houston, 18.08.2004 04:27

Monday, September 27th 8 pm @ Super Happy Fun Land

Maldito incinerador

Argentina, 18.08.2004 04:04

Martes 17 de Agosto 2004 | MARCOS PAZ
Maldito Incinerador

Presas por Luchar

Argentina, 18.08.2004 03:56

Miércoles 18 de Agosto 2004 | CUANDO LA LUCHA ES CONVERTIDA EN "DELITO"
Presas por Luchar

Maldito incinerador

Argentina, 18.08.2004 03:50

Martes 17 de Julio
Maldito incinerador

Notas destacadas

Argentina, 18.08.2004 03:48

Chicago Indymedia at the Grassroots Media Festival and the Chicago Underground Film Festival

Chicago, 18.08.2004 03:11

Chicago Indymedia's "M20 - the World Still Says no to War" will screen at the Grassroots Media Festival this weekend as part of Chicago Independent Television Episode 4 and at the Chicago Underground Film Festival as part of the "Weapons of Mass Deception" program.

Chicago Indymedia's video collective will take part in a panel discussion on political filmmaking on Saturday at the Underground Film Festival.


Uruguay, 18.08.2004 01:27

Sorpresiva agresión a estudiantes

Nader Oregon campaign responds to fraud allegations

Portland, 18.08.2004 00:14

Benefit to Support the SHAC 7

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.08.2004 23:50

Come dine in support of the SHAC7! There will be a four course vegan meal on August 27, 6:00pm, at the United Methodist Church in Santa Cruz. On May 26th, three Bay Area activists, as well as four others across the country, were arrested and charged with Federal Terrorism and "Interstate Stalking" charges as a result of their involvement in the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences (a notorious animal testing lab). Make no mistake -- this is not about terrorism or animal rights. The simple fact is that these charges are nothing more than an attempt to silence activists who have utilized their First Amendment right to speak out on controversial issues and tactics. If the government can get away with charging these activists with Terrorism, every protester in the US has something to worry about! [ SHAC 7 I Inside Huntingdon Life Sciences ]

Assi Workers Seek Legal Settlement

LA, 17.08.2004 23:06

Assi Workers Seek Settlement

El maíz RR arrastrara a la Argentina a un desastre ambiental y social

Argentina, 17.08.2004 22:47

El maíz RR arrastrara a la Argentina a un desastre ambiental y social

Aboriginal Tent Embassy Attacked

Melbourne, 17.08.2004 21:58

Embassy Subjected To Third Fire Bomb In A Year

Miguel Bru

Argentina, 17.08.2004 21:41

Martes 17 de Agosto 2004 | VIGILIA EN LA 9ª DESDE LAS 19 HS
A 11 años de la desaparición física de Miguel Bru

Strong Showing as Protesters Greet Bush in Traverse City

Michigan, 17.08.2004 21:17

Over a 1000 protesters lined the streets around the Grand Traverse County Civic Center to voice their objection to the Bush administration. 3 demonstrators were arrested for crossing police lines in "sterile zones" where protests were supposedly not allowed.

What to Do if the FBI Drops By Your Home or Office

DC, 17.08.2004 21:03

US Government's COINTELPRO - Still Undead The stinking corpse of the FBI's infamous "Counter-Intelligence Program", or COINTELPRO, which was used from the 1940s through the 1970s against Communists, Anarchists, Civil Rights Activists and sundry other decent working-class militants, and which was "allegedly" discontinued in 1971, is fully risen from the grave once again.

Presas por Luchar

Argentina, 17.08.2004 21:02

Miércoles 18 de Agosto
Presas por Luchar

sciopero della fame

Italy, 17.08.2004 20:54

Prigionieri in sciopero della fame

Noticias destacadas

Argentina, 17.08.2004 20:51

Fighting Resumes in Najaf, Iraqi Troops Refuse to Fight

DC, 17.08.2004 20:49

Iraqi National Conference Delegates Walk Out; Media Threatened - Told to Leave Najaf Fighting Erupts, Shrine Wall Damaged by Explosion, Iraqis Form Shield Around Shrine The battle for Najaf resumed amid further violence throughout Iraq on Sunday, continuing on Monday and Tuesday . The renewal of fighting occurred while delegates met in Baghdad for the Iraqi National Conference, even as Iraqi soldiers refused orders to fight against the Mehdi Army in Naja and Iraqis from Baghdad and elsewhere arrived by the thousands to surround and defend the Imam Ali Mosque in the holy city. The situation grew more tense each day, and journalists were ordered to leave the city immediately.

sciopero della fame

Italy, 17.08.2004 20:46

Prigionieri in sciopero della fame

August 19, 8-12pm: Independent Media InfoShop Opening Night

NYC, 17.08.2004 19:29

Independent Media InfoShop Opening Night

August 19th, 2004 8-12 p.m.

Gigantic Art Space Gallery
59 Franklin Street, between Lafayette and Broadway
New York City

From August 19 to September 4, the Gigantic Art Space in downtown New York will serve as an Independent Media Infoshop for a public hungry for truth.

To help showcase our work, the Gigantic Art Space has generously offered independent journalists their gallery.

On August 19, we invite you to join us for the opening of GAS as an Infoshop and to celebrate the quality and tradition of independent journalism. Indymedia photographers will showcase their work on gallery walls and offer them in a silent fundraising auction; videographers will screen their footage on the five gallery monitors; you can tune into the I-pod installations to hear radio coverage of events, protests and conventions past, and browse through the archives of NYC IMC’s newspaper, The Indypendent.

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