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Imperialist Propaganda (Then and Now)

Ireland, 30.03.2006 01:39

Launch of The Origin and Organisation of British P ...

Amy Goodman in Baton Rouge

New Orleans, 30.03.2006 00:40

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! in Baton Rouge, April 7th

Meksika: Su Forumu

Istanbul, 30.03.2006 00:40

Meksika: Dördüncü Dünya Su Forumu

Police Brutality Against Students Walking Out

San Diego, 30.03.2006 00:38

UPDATE: A "Student Unity Meeting" has been called for Friday at 5pm in front of City College:

There have been numerous cases of police brutality against the students walking out. These students are acting as the conscience of a nation too scared to resist the advance of fascism, in this case embodied in racist, anti-immigrant legislation. People have a responsibility to support these students and their efforts to resist HR4437. In addition to these cases, students face the violent "lockdown" tactics from schools including refusing access to bathrooms, locking classroom doors and campus gates, endangering the students.

In Escondido, over 10 students were arrested on Monday. They were pepper sprayed and one protester was thrown to the ground and received a broken nose.

Video of police violence against students in Escondido:

In Carson [near Los Angeles] students from several area schools clashed with deputies outside Carson High School, resulting in three arrests by deputies...

At some point, students began throwing water bottles, apples, oranges and other objects at deputies, prompting deputies to shoot one student with a bean bag round and fire pepper spray into the crowd, said Zymkowitz.

In Santa Cruz, a number of students were beaten with batons.

Улётка &quot;Чорная метка для Рыгорыча&quot;

Belarus, 30.03.2006 00:37

LA School district and police enforcing crack down on student walk outs.

LA, 29.03.2006 23:08

LA School district and police enforcing crack down on student walk outs.

Mel And Floyd, March 24, 2006 -- Corrected

Madison, 29.03.2006 23:08

I was informed that the wrong file was uploaded for the Mar 24th episode, so here we go again:

Historic Immigrant Gathering in Nashville

Tennessee, 29.03.2006 22:10

Organizers Claim Largest Immigrant Rights Rally in the South Nashville, TN: In a historic show of support from Nashville's immigrant community, 2000+ community members are expected to make their voices heard in support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Over a million immigrants and their supporters have been rallying across America in the past week, including in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, and Milwaukee. The Nashville march will begin Wednesday, March 29th at 6:00pm. Protesters will gather at the Nashville Colliseum and march to War Memorial Plaza where there will be a rally beginning at 7:00pm.

Los Desaparecidos

New Hampshire, 29.03.2006 22:10

Argentina's Dirty War

Could a Congressional bill kill Indymedia?

Chicago, 29.03.2006 22:08

After a 2005 Supreme Court ruling, the question of internet service providers discriminating against controversial or unprofitable internet content is now an open one in America. In other words, can major telecom and cable companies raise fees and discriminate against certain content providers (like Indymedia)?

But that open question could close soon, as Congress has debated the future of the Internet. At stake is the principle of network neutrality — that those who handle the lanes of internet traffic don't discriminate what's on those digital roads, or why.

In the wake of collapsed negotiations in the U.S. House, one lobbyist-back bill has been announced — the Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement Act of 2006 — which could seriously blunt network neutrality and internet freedom in the U.S. The COPE Act's initial sponsors include Illinois Representatives Dennis Hastert and Bobby Rush (the only Democrat). If successful, this bill could galvanize efforts to markedly corporatize the internet.

Read more: Free Press: Net Freedom Now | Senators mull an internet with restrictions | The End of the Blogosphere? | Small World Podcast | Interview on Chicago Indymedia's From The Trenches | Common Cause's Net Neutrality Campaign | Net Neutrality Banner Ads

Call to Action: Follow-up to Wyden sit-ins!

Portland, 29.03.2006 21:38

It seems natural that in the March 19th protest rally in Portland, which was one of the largest in the nation, was followed up by two acts of civil disobedience, also the largest in the nation. But let's not stop here! On every 20th of every month, we should continue to occupy Senator Wyden's office and use the downtime to make sure every month more and more people are involved in the action. [ read more ]

ACTION ALERT: call/fax Wyden daily

To keep the pressure on Senator Wyden to end the occupation of Iraq various groups are mobilizing a phone/fax/letter campaign to his Portland office. Below is included a letter that you can use as a template to fax/mail to his office, or as a script for phone calls. This is a decentralized campaign empowering individual citizens to contact their senator with a coordinated message. [ read more ]

Related Article:Nonviolence Criteria for Wyden Protest & Invitation To Meet

Schumacher's Protest Picnic!

Portland, 29.03.2006 21:38

On Wednesday, March 29th, at 12:00 there will be a picnic in front of the Schumachers Fur store to protest their killing of innocent animals. There will be food, and delightful company of others that despise the fur industry. [ read more ]

Schumacher Furs -- Portland City Council Meeting

According to both the Oregonian and Portland Tribune, Schumacher Fur's is intending to bring the fur protests to the Portland City Council, Wednesday, April 5, 2006, at 9:30AM. Should they indeed be on the agenda, I urge any/all who can come to PLEASE attend.

Citizen Participation: Council Members welcome public testimony. As each item pulled from the Consent Agenda and all those on the Regular Agenda are read, the Mayor will ask if anyone wishes to be heard. Normally, anyone wishing to speak is given three minutes and Council Members may then ask questions. [ read more ]

Randy Leonard position on fur protests - not favorable to free speech rights

Randy Leonard is talking about effective means to stop the protests. In my opinion, neither a city commissioner, nor the police, should be involved in trying to stop legal protests! People have the right to protest and the only comment from the police or the city officials should be that it is legal and that it is their constitutional obligation to protect such rights. Such rights are the basis of freedom in society and far supercede any need to please a downtown business owner. [ read more ]

Related Article: fur protest debate on

News4Neighbors hosts local debates

Portland, 29.03.2006 21:38

The News4Neighbors website premiered the first in a series of weekly candidate debate questions. Respondents from several candidates are already up online:

Each week News4Neighbors will pose an additional question for the candidates. All readers are encouraged to share their comments with the candidates.

Next Meeting: Willamette Valley Alternative Media center

Portland, 29.03.2006 21:38

The goal of this local independent media project is to find citizen activists who want a more community-oriented and ecologically sustainable society. And, who want to capture and communicate our progress and process at creating the community and world we want to live in. We hope to work with the idea of peacemaking and localization (of culture, of economy, of decision-making) as a necessary foundation of sustainability.

The first step of our project is to create an alternative, independent media center which will be used by the group to educate, inspire, and activate the people of our community.

Saturday, April 1, 2006 - 1:30 PM
Westminster House
101 NW 23rd Street - Corvallis, OR

Fishermen Concerned About Klamath Caused Fishing Shut-down Rally in Oregon and California

Portland, 29.03.2006 21:38

Last night several hundred commercial, tribal and sports fishermen, concerned by a proposed salmon fishing shut down due to low runs on the Klamath River, convened on the meeting of the of the Pacific Fisheries Management Council in Santa Rosa, CA and a meeting with the govenor in Salem, OR. Fishermen demanded for the government to" Fix the Klamath". This comes on the heels of a major court decision that the government's plan for Coho Salmon on the Klamath, which came the year over 68,000 salmon died on the Klamath, was illegal.


Uruguay, 29.03.2006 20:39

Adiós puerto Moon ¿hola deuda?

National Call-In Day for Roadless Siskiyou Forests

Portland, 29.03.2006 19:39

Join thousands of Americans today in standing up for two of our nation's best roadless forests: the North and South Kalmiopsis Roadless Areas. These botanically-rich wildlands, which feed salmon-rich rivers in southern Oregon's Siskiyou mountains, are threatened by extreme logging.

The popular Roadless Area Conservation Rule (Roadless Rule), approved in 2001, provides protection for the last roadless forests on federal land across the nation. The Bush Administration is trying to replace the Roadless Rule with a watered-down version that puts National Forest land at the mercy of individual state politics. The Bush Administration promised that roadless forests would remain protected while state-specific guidelines are developed. Breaking that promise, the Bush Administration recently announced plans to log the North and South Kalmiopsis Roadless Areas in the Siskiyou National Forest.

Roadless forests targeted by the new logging sales, called "Mike's Gulch" and "Blackberry," could be auctioned for logging within weeks. Your help is needed to stop this destructive logging before it starts!

Take a minute to make your voice heard!

Walkouts Continue to Grow Wednesday

San Diego, 29.03.2006 19:39

The student walkout continue today. Reports are coming in that around 6,000 students have walked out in opposition to HR4437 and the marches are heading to Chicano Park. Volunteers are needed to help document what is going on and monitor the police, as there have been incidents of police brutality against students in Escondido already.

The walkouts are spreading all over the country, with reports from all over California, Houston, Utah, Michigan, Nevada. The LA Times reports that "officials vow crackdown". Tens of thousands of students have walked out of school in opposition to anti-immigrant legislation, the criminalization of migrant people and in support of amnesty.

This report from 10:20AM: The third day of students walk outs are going strong! Hoover High students were spotted walking through North Park toward Chicano Park again. Their numbers have doubled since yesterday.

Why We Took-Over The Admin Building: Statement by UM Student Org &quot;STAND&quot;

Miami, 29.03.2006 19:38

Why We Took-Over The UM Admin Building: Statement by UM Student Org "STAND"

Colectivo Trabajadores Indymedia Argentina y Agencia de Noticias RedAcción (ANRed)

Argentina, 29.03.2006 18:40

Terror de Estado en el pago chico del presidente

High Schoolers Talk to the Media

LA, 29.03.2006 18:39

BREAKING NEWS: High Schoolers Talk to the Media

UM Students Take-Over Admin Building During M28 Demonstration To Support Striking Janitors

Miami, 29.03.2006 18:38

UM Students Take-Over Admin Building During M28 Demonstration To Support Striking Janitors


santiago, 29.03.2006 18:10

En La Lucha Social esta el Recuerdo a los Combatientes

Por: Colectivo Nuevo proyecto Histórico

Argentina, 29.03.2006 18:09

"País en Serio": Niños muerto por desnutrición

Immigrant Rights Rally April 10th

Philadelphia, 29.03.2006 17:38

Immigrant rights supporters in Philly will join nine other cities on April 10th to oppose anti-immigrant enforcement-only proposals like Sensenbrenner-King (HR 4437). This is part of a mobilization that has sprung up in cities across the country including Philly, Trenton, Chicago, SF and LA.

Watch the video press conference Quicktime, WMV.

Rally set for Noon at Love Park on April 10. Latest on Immigration Legislation.

Thousands of Students Protest HR4437

San Diego, 29.03.2006 16:39

Representing schools from around the city, including: Patrick Henry, Kearny, Hoover, San Diego High, Memorial Academy, Serra High, National City and City College!

Students walked out of classes and converged in Chicano Park today to protest HR4437 - a proposal that passed the House and is now before the Senate that would make undocumented immigrants felons, would make it a crime to help undocumented immigrants in a non-emergency (such as letting undocumented students attend school!!!) and would provide incentives for local law enforcement to detain undocumented immigrants as well.

While estimates ranged from 1500 to 3000 throughout the day, one thing was perfectly clear: students, whether documented or not, are pissed.

More photos of the Hoover High walkout:

More photos from Chicano Park:

STLIMC at Community Wireless Summit

Saint Louis, 29.03.2006 16:39

St. Louis IMC will be covering the 2006 National Summit for Community Wireless Networks, taking place March 31-April 2 in Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO. CAMP and STLIMC will be participating in and covering the conference, and we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for all sorts of neat stuff this summit promises to offer. In particular, CAMP is interested in building a community wireless net right here on Cherokee St., and we hope to find lots of useful pointers at this summit.

More info: summit schedule of events, registration to participate


Perth, 29.03.2006 16:10

UK: Million worker strike!

Reproductive Rights Movie Night on March 29th

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.03.2006 16:09

Two films will be shown at 7:00pm at the Roxie Cinema in San Francisco's Mission District on Wednesday, March 29th. “Leona's Sister Gerri" is an award-winning film that tells the story of Gerri Santoro, who died from an illegal abortion. Her story illustrates why women's access to safe, legal health care is so necessary. “The Last Abortion Clinic" is a film that demonstrates how the anti-abortion movement has made access to abortion nearly impossible for poor women in some states.

Read more on Indybay's Womyn and San Francisco News Pages

Student Walkouts for Immigrant Rights

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.03.2006 16:09

On Monday March 27th, word spread fast around high schools in the Pajaro Valley School District that students would be walking out of their classes at 11:00am in protest of anti-immigrant legislation known as HR 4437. The message of the students was that the United States is nothing without Mexicans and HR 4437 is racist. Monday's local walkouts, including thousands of students, were at Watsonville HS, Pajaro Valley HS, Aptos HS, Alisal HS, and Alvarez HS. Student walkouts have erupted throughout California, but are also occuring in cities nation-wide. The actions continued on Tuesday.

Read more on Santa Cruz IMC


Colombia, 29.03.2006 16:09

Audiencia Política 1 y 2

Spegniamo la fiamma

Italy, 29.03.2006 12:40

Napoli antifascista

Spegniamo la fiamma

Italy, 29.03.2006 12:09

Napoli antifascista

Pensions Strike

United Kingdom, 29.03.2006 12:09

Tuesday 28th March 2006 saw over a million workers take part in the largest one day strike in Britain since the general strike of 1926. Every town, borough and city in the country saw workers set up multiple picket lines to defend their pension rights. This attack on pension rights is part of the global neo-liberal attack on welfare, employment rights and the environment that is provoking a wave of global resistance. On the same day just across the channel in France millions of workers were also on the streets and on strike.

This massive one-day show of strength comes after decades of defeat for the trade union movement in Britain, but on 28th March over a million trades unionists stood together and caught a glimpse of their potential power to change the world.

Strike reports — London: 1 | 2 |3 | Nottingham | Liverpool | Derby | West Yorkshire | Birmingham | Cambridge | Sheffield: 1 | 2

Almas en pena a pedal sábado 1 abril 11h carril bici junto al río Genil

estrecho / madiaq, 29.03.2006 11:38

El excelentísimo, respetado e ilustrado alcalde de Granada, don Hurtado, considera que «en Granada no hay afición a la bici para ir a trabajar».

От редакционной группы Белорусской Индимедии

Belarus, 29.03.2006 11:07


Colombia, 29.03.2006 08:09

No a la criminalización de la protesta universitaria

Almas en pena a pedal sábado 1 abril 11h carril bici junto al río Genil

estrecho / madiaq, 29.03.2006 08:08

El excelentísimo, respetado e ilustrado alcalde de Granada, don Hurtado, considera que «en Granada no hay afición a la bici para ir a trabajar».

BID 2006: um convite para ser capacho

Brasil, 29.03.2006 04:43


&quot;Daquilo que vocês jogam fora, a gente faz o nosso trabalho&quot;

Brasil, 29.03.2006 04:43


The neo-Nazi influence in Costa Mesa. Why the city is falling apart.

LA, 29.03.2006 03:38

The neo-Nazi influence in Costa Mesa. Why the city is falling apart.

BE THE MEDIA Indymedia Publishing Seminar

LA, 29.03.2006 03:38

Indymedia Publishing Seminar

Victoria's Dirty Secret; Twin Cities Actions Called For!!!

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 29.03.2006 03:08

Lets do some Spring Cleaning on Victoria's Dirty Secret!!!

30 de Marzo: Día Internacional de las Trabajadoras del Hogar

Peru, 29.03.2006 02:10

30 de Marzo: Día Internacional de las Trabajadoras del Hogar


Colombia, 29.03.2006 02:09


La Gran Walkout, to City Hall

LA, 29.03.2006 02:09

La Gran Walkout, to City Hall

Student Walkouts and Resistance to HR4437

San Diego, 29.03.2006 01:38

10:00AM, 3/28 - repost from a city college student says that she saw "all of San Diego High School", what looked like thousands of students, running from school downtown. She said that the situation was very chaotic and that there looked like a strong chance of arrests being made.

The San Diego Independent Media Center website has been experiencing
technical difficulties that we hope are resolved. Access to our websites and posting has been sporadic, but is fixed now. Thank you for your patience.


--- DJ Pepperbox of radioActive sanDiego:
This afternoon, over a thousand students from high schools and colleges
in San Diego walked out of school in protest of The Sensenbrenner-King
bill, HR4437. The students gathered at the corner of Park blvd. and
Bst, in downtown San Diego. Students then marched to Chicano park in
mass. Students from SDSU Mecha, City College's Resistencia Estudantil,
and the ISO were also present.

--- In a call placed to the LAUSD an official for the district stated
that 24,680 students walked out of classes today to protest
Anti-immigrant law H.R. 4437. The official said that students from 52
separate middle schools and high schools throughout the district
have walked out. Many students have joined a rally now taking place at
city hall and numbering in the 1000s. More walkouts are expected

--- Hundreds of San Jose high school and middle school students walked
out of their schools and gathered in front of city hall today to
protest pending immigration reforms. And in San Francisco, more than
1,000 protesters were heading into the city's main thoroughfare, Market
Street, just before noon today.

--- Hundreds of boisterous Orange County youth marched north on Harbor
Blvd. toward the Anaheim Police Department protesting the proposed

Second Day of Student Walkouts Against HR4437

San Diego, 29.03.2006 01:38

Thousands of students walked out of San Diego high schools again today, converging on Chicano Park. They walked from Hoover High, Vista, Kearny Mesa and as far as Claremont Mesa and Point Loma. Add a comment with your high school and your story!

At a massive rally at Chicano Park, the students denounced HR4437, the border, la migra and the police. Spontaneous chants of "Mexico, Mexico" and "Culeros, Culeros" broke out repeatedly. The crowd was very energetic.

Although there was tension between the police and the crowd at times, I did not see any arrests made at the Chicano Park rally.

March 30 McDonald's Protest to Support Farmworkers

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 29.03.2006 00:08

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers has hit the road for the McDonald's Truth Tour 2006 - check out their website for some great photos and descriptions of the actions so far: As part of the National Student Labor Week of Action, a group of folks here in the Twin Cities are organizing a local protest in solidarity with the CIW.

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers Urges Boycott of Nashville Area McDonald's

Tennessee, 28.03.2006 23:10

Farmworker's Launch 2006 Real Rights Tour Nashville, TN: On Monday, March 27th approximately 45 people-- Nashvillians and traveling Immokalee activists marched from the Woodbine Community Center to the Nolensville Road Mcdonalds urging the fast food restaurant chain to engage in fair labor practices. The Coalition of Immokallee workers came to Nashville and held an educational forum at Woodbine Community Center about the McDonalds Truth Tour, additionally, grassroots Latino leaders discussed local issues in the community. Then the assembled group participated in a march from the Woodbine Community Center to McDonalds at 2212 Nolensville Pike. The event was supported locally by the Grupo Comunitario Hispano de Tennessee, Vanderbilt Divinity School, Political Action Network, Middle Tennessee Jobs w/ Justice, Nashville Labor Council, the Nashville Peace and Justice Center and the Woodbine Community Organization.

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