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Lessons from the Northwest Strike

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 31.03.2006 08:08

An Open Forum for Strikers, Union Members, and Actists. 6 months into the Mechanics and Cleaners' Strike, what can we learn? How can workers win in the face of corporate attacks, media complicity, and union disunity?

Help respond to Rep. Brian Baird (D)'s pro-salvage logging article in the Oregonian

Portland, 31.03.2006 04:38

Yesterday, Congressman Brian Baird (D-WA) wrote an opinion piece in the Oregonian (copied below) with the intention of defending his indefensible logging bill, H.R. 4200. We need your help in sending letters to the editor pointing out that Baird's post-disturbance logging legislation is harmful to fish, wildlife, and overall forest recovery. At the bottom of this alert is a press release about 169 scientists from across the country who have come out against this legislation.

Healthy Mind Body Planet

Maritimes, 31.03.2006 03:09

Healthy Mind, Body, Planet Multi-Media Tour

Thousands Gather for Immigrant Rights

Tennessee, 31.03.2006 01:10

Police Estimate 14,000 Gather for Civil Rights for Immigrants Nashville, TN: In a stunning display of solidarity, an estimated 13,000 to 14,000 demonstrators for civil rights for immigrants gathered in Nashville in the largest such demonstration in recent memory. Following on the large civil rights demonstrations in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, thousands gathered in Nashville, the home state of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to demand civil rights for immigrants. The assembled crowd, chanting "We can do it, yes we can!" and "We are not criminals, We are leaving, We won't Go!" marched from the Titans football stadium in East Nashville to the Legislative Plaza directly across from the State Capital building. An estimated fifty police patrolled the march but there were no reports of police misconduct or arrests. Additionally, about twenty counterprotesters gathered across the street from the rally where they were mostly ignored. The assembled crowd, which was so large that it spilled off of legislative plaza and onto surrounding streets, remained for two hours, listening to speakers and chanting, then marched back to East Nashville around 8pm. The event was organized by the Tennessee Immigrant Rights and Refugee Coalition.

Precari uniti

Italy, 30.03.2006 23:40

Contro la precarietà

Very Recent Message from Tre Arrow in Victoria, BC

Portland, 30.03.2006 23:39

Friday March 24th, 2006: Today marks day 12 and the half-way point of my hunger strike. I'm doing well, and staying strong. It's been difficult, but manageable. Please, no need for concern or worry ... no fear, only love! We can go a long time without food, but water and deep breathing are much more essential. I've been consuming these two vital forces which are keeping me well. My Dad fasted the first three days with me. A kind brother in Stumptown fasted the first day, and will be fasting on day 24 as well. My spirit sister in Winnipeg fasted on day one. A person I've yet to meet has been fasting with me...

As much as I don't like being locked up, I'm making the most of it... The FBI can use all their wealth and power to keep my body locked up, but they will never, ever, be able to cage my spirit, my heart and my words! My mission transcends these walls and reaches the hearts of the world. I take solace in the fact that no matter what may come and even long after my body leaves this plane my passion and mission will continue to reach the people on this precious Earth. May there come a day when all living beings (not just humyns) are honoured and respected, where competition is replaced with co-operation, where healthy food is a right, not a privilege; and wealth is measured not by how much one posessees, but by how much wisdom and love they share. I'm with you in spirit

MPA se mobiliza contra multinacionais do agronegócio

Brasil, 30.03.2006 23:38


Morrem duas crianças Kaiowá Guarani em Ñanderu Marangatu

Brasil, 30.03.2006 23:38


Beehive Collective Swarming Fayetteville April 5th

Arkansas, 30.03.2006 23:10

A swarm is coming! The Beehive Design Collective- a non-profit, volunteer driven, political arts organization based in eastern Maine is headed to Fayetteville. The group’s mission is to “cross pollinate the grassroots” through the creation of images as an effective medium for deconstructing and educating the public about complex geopolitical issues. They will be presenting their work at the Omni Center at 904 W. Maple on Wednesday April 5th at 7pm. They will also be doing presentations at Fayetteville High School that afternoon. Most interesting is their methodology. The bees create collaborative, hand-illustrated posters of dizzying intricacy which are patchwork “quilts” of personal stories related to them in their travels. Before setting pen to paper, the hive does extensive touring and field research. Interviewing community members about the effects of globalization on their situation is a crucial component of the collective’s investigative process. “We feel it’s extremely important to gather our information from as close to the source as possible,” an anonymous worker bee says. The imagery comprising the visual metaphors of the posters, featuring characters exclusively from the animal and plant world, are requests or edits from collaborators in Latin America. The Beehive Collective is currently touring the United States to raise funds for the printing and distribution of their trilogy finale graphic. Two years in the making, “Mesoamerica Resisté” will be an exploration of widespread community resistance to a proposed Central American mega development project known as Plan Puebla Panama. For more information visit

Bradblog Breaking News: Florida Attorney General Subpoeanas Voting Maching Companies

Miami, 30.03.2006 22:38

Bradblog Breaking News: Florida Attorney General Subpoeanas Voting Maching Companies

Como: un colpo alla nuca dalla pattuglia antigrafitti

Switzerland, 30.03.2006 22:37

Il 19enne Rumesh Achrige, è stato colpito alla testa da un colpo di pistola esploso da un vigile in via Briantea martedì a Como. L'agente, faceva parte di una speciale squadra anti sprayer, è ora indagato per lesioni personali gravissime.
Il giovane è in gravissime condizioni.

:: Sabato 1° aprile corteo a Como

[30.03]Comunicato studenti comaschi
[30.03]In centinaia al presidio

Protest at Canadian Consulate to Oppose Mass Slaughter of Harp Seal Pups

Miami, 30.03.2006 22:07

Protest at Canadian Consulate to Oppose Mass Slaughter of Harp Seal Pups

Letter from Political Prisoner Yvon Neptune to Haitian President Rene Preval

Miami, 30.03.2006 22:07

Letter from Political Prisoner Yvon Neptune to Haitian President Rene Preval

New prison books collective formed!!

North Carolina, 30.03.2006 20:38

New prison books collective formed!!

Schools Shut Down Today, Massive Walkouts Friday

San Diego, 30.03.2006 19:40

The SD Union Tribune is reporting today: "Oceanside middle and high schools were ordered closed for the rest of the week and other campuses around the region were bracing for a fourth day of student protests over proposed revisions to federal immigration laws.

The Oceanside district made the decision to close schools after 250 student protesters faced off with police officers in a melee Wednesday at Oceanside High. The closure will affect around 10,000 students.

Some students hurled food, milk cartons and plastic bottles at officers, prompting law enforcement to shoot pellets filled with pepper spray at the crowd's feet, police said.

Three boys threw chunks of concrete at officers and were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, Oceanside Sgt. Leonard Mata said...

About 2,000 San Diego students engaged in marches and demonstrations over proposed immigration reforms from about a dozen San Diego schools on Wednesday, an increase from around 1,200 on Tuesday, San Diego Police Assistant Chief Bill Maheu said."

Walkouts continued thursday in Arizona and Texas, with hundreds of students marching through El Paso and Tuscon and blocking traffic. Students continue to organize themselves using flyers and word of mouth as schools are restricting cell phone usage. 26 students were arrested in Houston this morning. At Lamar high school in Houston, students protested inside of school.

Few students walked out in LA today, but there are still huge walkouts planned tomorrow, including high schools and universities. There have been callls put out for massive student sit-ins on April 4th.

For more accounts of this beautiful nationwide uprising, involving around 3 million people, see also:
Immigrants rising! A chronology and account of events and people so far...

Revoltele din Franta si conditia salariatului

Romania, 30.03.2006 19:39

Revoltele din Franta, in ciuda receptarii lor initiale in presa centrala romana, simpliste si caricaturale, aduc in chestiune situatia problematica a salariatului si a tineretului in sistemul mondial capitalist.

Impunidad, no más

Puerto Rico, 30.03.2006 19:11

Impunidad, no más.

Impunidad, no más

Puerto Rico, 30.03.2006 18:40

Impunidad, no más.

3th April - Gender is Fake

Bristol, 30.03.2006 16:09

Thinking about Gender, Sex and Sexuality Thinking about Gender, Sex and Sexuality Gender is Fake presents a night which questions our thinking about gender, sex and sexuality. We bring you excerpts from Venus Boyz, an award-winning and original documentary about female masculinity. Also 'Politically Erect' short films about revolt in sexuality and sexuality in revolts from Montreal. And join us for our queer quiz, a piece of interactive, thought-provoking entertainment. Plus prizes, zines, and vegan food. Is gender a patriarchal invention? Is a person's sexuality as fixed as we think? Is our gender identity governed by capitalism? Come along to question barriers and boundaries, and celebrate the freedom to exist in the un-named!. Mon 3rd April @ Cube Cinema Doors Open 7:30pm - £3/£2 (though nobody turned away through lack of funds).Full article| Gender is Fake | | Cube Cinema directions |

Local Anarchist Cara Jennings wins Commission Seat for Lake Worth

Miami, 30.03.2006 16:08

Local Anarchist Cara Jennings wins Commission Seat for Lake Worth

Почему надо бороться и за что боремся мы?

Belarus, 30.03.2006 15:37

peoples and cultures vs power and states (en)

Barcelona, 30.03.2006 15:10

Prison for flag outrage??? In which century are we living???

BREAKING NEWS : Terrassa's Criminal Court #2 says it'll suspend Franki's entry into prison

Demonstration: Saturday 25th-7:00PM on the outside of Terrasa town hall

[Mar29th] Solidarity Day with Franki and Gathering 7:30 PM Sant Jaume Sq.

Manifest + calls to stop Franki's entry into prison

Fax to the court to support Franki

Action at Mataró. Let's stop Franki's imprisonment!! ::: Gathering every Friday for Catalan politic prisoners. FREEDOM FOR FRANKI FROM TERRASSA! ::: CAJEI: Against their repression, our solidarity: Franki Freedom! ::: Communique of support and autonomous action resistance in solidarity with franki

Previous News: They've summoned Franki next week and they'll give him a term to enter into prison ::: Stop franki's imprisonment ::: Pardon denied to Franki from Terrassa. Possible immediate entry into prison.

+info : >>>cultures & people

URGENTE - Desalojo

Argentina, 30.03.2006 15:09

SE Regional March &amp; Rally

North Carolina, 30.03.2006 15:08

SE Regional March & Rally

Masiva movilización por los derechos humanos

Argentina, 30.03.2006 14:09

Contra la impunidad de ayer y de hoy

barricadas, inocencias, complicidades

Argentina, 30.03.2006 14:08

A 30 años: ¿que pasa con la cultura?

Striking for Pensions

United Kingdom, 30.03.2006 12:09

Thousands of people employeed by Sheffield Council and Sheffield Hallam University and others struck on 28th March 2006 in defence of their pension agreements. There were picket lines in front of buildings across the city and there was a rally on the Town Hall steps at lunch time. The strike was supported by the Trades Council.

This one day strike was part of a national day of action and further strike are possible if the government doesn't back down. Some activists are concerned that the union leaders are prepared to sell out future employees by just looking at securing protection for the pensions of existing employees.


Austria, 30.03.2006 12:08

Students Walk Out in Massive Protest of Anti-Immigrant Legislation

United States, 30.03.2006 11:37

Tens of thousands of high school and college students have walked out of their classes this week in protest of the wave of racist anti-immigrant legislation pending in Congress. HR 4437 would make being an undocumented immigrant a felony and criminalize anyone who offered non-emergency assistance to undocumented workers and their families.

Walkouts began in Los Angeles on Monday, where according to the School District's count, 24,580 students walkout of classes in protest. Word spread quickly and similar walkouts were soon in effect from San Diego to Orange County (1 | 2), to Fresno (1 | 2 | 3); and across the western states from Houston (1 | 2) to the bay (1 | 2).

By Wednesday authorities were cracking down. Reports from San Diego, Los Angeles, and Watsonville indicate that police are dealing harshly with many of the students, and school districts, working with local police, have begun to implement lockdowns to prevent students from leaving campuses. Other authority figures have both offered support for the student's cause while simultaneously urging students to remain in school.


Democracy Now Coverage

Free Radio Santa Cruz interviews Jenn & Ramiro of the Brown Berets

Undocumented Students Tell Their Story


Westchester High Walkout

First Person Testimonies:

Stopped in Traffic in LA

Watsonville Student's Take

Latest on Immigration Legislation

Sheriffs Officers Prevented from Evicting Elderly Asylum Seeker

Scotland, 30.03.2006 10:40

Sheriff officers from the firm of Rutherford & Macpherson arrived at a tower block in Cardonald, Glasgow, Wednesday morning (29th March) expecting to take possession of Mr Bajaj's flat and if necessary "place him out on the landing". They were prevented from doing so because they were met by friends and supporters of the family including Glasgow No Borders activists and Rosie Kane MSP.

&quot;Terminator&quot; rejeitada - sementes em festa!

Portugal, 30.03.2006 10:09

"Terminator" rejeitada - sementes em festa!

The Historic Immigration March in LA-We Didn't Cross the Border, the Border Crossed Us

Portland, 30.03.2006 08:39

Don't believe the hype. I was in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday when the historic march to protest the racist anti-immigration bill HR 4437 took place. For those who don't know, this bill would make illegal immigrants felons as well as anybody, including family members who help them in any sort of way. This means that if you have a cousin living in Mexico who comes over here and his paper work ain't right, even if you didn't know, you could face jail time. This means if you unknowingly hire somebody to haul away trash you could be in trouble. This is not about giving the government the power to build a wall at the border. This is much deeper then that..

As for the march, the mainstream news media claim there were 500 thousand people on who showed up. Keep in mind, this is after they tried to hate on the march and say only a few thousand were going to show up the night before. Trust me more than a million people showed up... The vibe in the air and the overall energy was infectious as you saw everyone from church goers to gang bangers all fighting to keep this oppressive bill from passing. There was an enormous amount of young people. Many came with their families. Its been a while since I been to a rally or march where I saw Grandmas, parents, young adults and little kids all in attendance. I talked to cats who were all tatted up carrying signs that said 'Stolen Land Defeat HR 4437' and college cats carrying signs that read 'Where was George Washington's Green card' [ Read More | Liberal Hypocrisy on Immigration - Krugman and Clinton: Shut the Door | AWOL: Black Leaders and Immigration ]

Organitzem-nos contra el feixisme

Valencia, 30.03.2006 08:07


+ Suspensió de les activitats en la Universitat de València hui dijous, entre les 12 i les 14 hores, per la concentració antifeixista +
Concentració antifeixista a la Universitat de València

Schumacher Furs and a great day for a picnic, March 29

Portland, 30.03.2006 07:38

"I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do." - Edward Hale It was cold and wet on Wednesday March 29, but still a great day to stand with friendly and compassionate protesters. Nine people held signs and passed out literature for a couple of hours on Wednesday to educate the public about the cruelty of the fur trade. Protesters brought bagels and other snacks to share, and lots of supportive comments from passersby let us know that fur is dead in more ways than one.

A couple of reporters (Channel 8 and the Oregonian) came by to ask questions, as well as someone who heard about the protests on Lars Larson's show. After a long discussion, even he had to acknowledge that the protests must be successful if he was so inspired to come all the way downtown just to stand with us and discuss the issue. Even when people approach in an initially negative way, these protests encourage those who previously weren't thinking about fur at all to eventually think about the ethics of whether fur is o.k. Also, on Tuesday March 28, several protesters held a quiet vigil in front of Schumacher with a candle and a picture of an animal killed for her fur. Due to this, Schumacher locked the store doors. [ | Schumacher Furs: indymedia newsire articles ]

What does it mean to be a “boy”?

San Diego, 30.03.2006 06:38

"Daddy" Don Cherkis and his partner, boy joe, spoke about their "Daddy/boy" relationship at the March 3 meeting of the San Diego League of Gentlemen, a Gay male Leather group. They were recently chosen as U.S. Daddy and boy at a contest in Arizona, and their talk focused on the dynamics of their partnership and the joy joe gets out of serving Don.

General mosconi, provincia de salta

Argentina, 30.03.2006 06:38

Militante de la UTD asesinado por la policía

General mosconi, provincia de salta

Argentina, 30.03.2006 06:09

Militante de la UTD asesinado por la policía

From the Newswire

Perth, 30.03.2006 05:39


3/18 Free Palestine/Anti-Racism &amp; War March

San Diego, 30.03.2006 05:38

I wasnt going to go to the March 18 Peace Rally at Balboa Park marking the third anniversary of the illegal war against and occupation of Iraq. However, when i heard at the last minute that Al-Awda and supporting organizations were holding a rally and march to bring attention to the central role of Palestine and racism in the larger struggle against western imperialism, i grabbed my camera and jumped on my bike and raced down to City College, the site of the rally. A 12 minute video was the result.

Estudantes exigem arquivamento de processos políticos em SC

Brasil, 30.03.2006 04:39


Interesse sobre recursos genéticos emperra consenso na COP8

Brasil, 30.03.2006 04:38


Во Франции объявлена общенациональная забастовка

Ukraine, 30.03.2006 04:08

Teach-in on the War in Iraq - Florida International University April 5th

Miami, 30.03.2006 03:38

Teach-in on the War in Iraq - Florida International University April 5th

Video of protest at Mexican Consulate

San Diego, 30.03.2006 03:08

Protest at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego in solidarity with the Zapatistas March 20. "Let us say Already Is enough! to the constant harassment that we suffered when having to support so many police corporations that they maintain state of control, militarization, fear, anger, discrimination, impunity, great power and injustices, that affect so much to activists social, like a young and young, students, indigentes, sex traveling, working servants, salesmen, farmers, teachers etc... Digamos ¡Ya Basta! al constante hostigamiento que sufrimos al tener que soportar tantas corporaciones policiales que mantienen un estado de control, militarización, miedo, coraje, discriminación, impunidad, prepotencia e injusticias, que afectan tanto a activistas sociales, como a niños y jóvenes, estudiantes, indigentes, sexo servidoras, vendedores ambulantes, obreros, campesinos, maestros etc..."

Leslie Feinberg Lecture: brief report back

San Diego, 30.03.2006 03:08

Leslie Feinberg spoke earlier today (3/28/2006) on the SDSU campus at 2PM in Hepner Hall 221, as close to 200 students filled the seats, stairs, and floors with eager faces. Leslie talked about his experience as a lesbian/transgender/genderqueer in the struggle for gay liberation and his experience as an activist who relates to the struggles of people of color because it was the right thing to do at the time and still is. Leslie mentioned the inspiration he has received from the large turnouts in Los Angeles and other cities in opposition to the Senssenbrenner bill HR 4437. Leslie ended the speech by addressing the struggle of Pat Washington, who was fired from the Womens Studies Dept in 2002 and has is suing SDSU for discrimination. After most of the audience had gone, a couple of women from the department began their defensive attack against what they felt was Leslie's attack on them.

Cenazelerin ardından devlet terörü

Istanbul, 30.03.2006 02:40

Cenazelerin ardından devlet terörü: Diyarbakır'da 3, İstanbul'da 1 ölü

Check out Day 1 &amp; 2 Updates from The 2006 McDonald's Truth Tour - Real Rights Tour!

Miami, 30.03.2006 02:38

Check out Day 1 & 2 Updates from The 2006 McDonald's Truth Tour - Real Rights Tour!

contaminación, peligro y corrupción en mar del plata

Argentina, 30.03.2006 02:09

Un puerto lejano

contaminación, peligro y corrupción en mar del plata

Argentina, 30.03.2006 02:09

Un puerto lejano

SBCAN Second District Supervisor Candidate Forum

Santa Barbara, 30.03.2006 02:08

SBCAN/SBCORE will be hosting a debate and forum on 4/8 featuring all candidates for 2nd district county supervisor

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